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Full text of "Livingston's law register : a guide for every man of business, and hand-book of useful information"

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Lincoln's copy is in the Old- 
royd collection at Vfashington. 

Hill's Lincoln the Lav/yer, page 
15. (illustration). 

H. E. Barker 









Uavinsr beon published by subscription, this work will not be put into the bookstores at all ; 

anii the only way to obtain it is to send $2, by mail, direct to the publisher, or purchase of a 

canvassing agent. 
This volume v/eiglis twenty-five ounces, and the postage thereon to any part of the United States 

is twenty -Ave cents. 




Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1854, by 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern District 
of New-York. 

thj^ 5^15 



Each page of this work has cost more than ten dollars. The in- 
formation now offered to the purchaser for two dollars has been obtained 
and put in its present shape at a cost of more than six thousand ; yet 
this great expense, and the care and labor bestowed upon the work, en- 
title the editor to no consideration or patronage if he has not suc- 
ceeded in producing an useful and meritorious book. His sole motive 
has been to accomplish this result, and if successful, he has no misgiv- 
ings as to patrons. 

In preparing the work, the editor has been assisted by the secretaries 
of the several states, and has left nothing undone to insure complete- 
ness and accuracy. Its general accuracy and completeness is beyond 
question ; it wiU stand the test of the closest scrutiny. There is no 
business man who could not benefit himself by the information it con- 
tains. It is a work which every one should have on his counter or desk, 
because it contains that which should always be at hand. It is not 
only an official and legal directory, giving the name of every lawyer, 
and of the executive, legislative, and judicial officers of the federal and 
various state governments, but a manual and form book, embodying an 
array of practical information which for daily reference is invaluable. 

It is considered necessary for la^vyers, as a most effective means 
for obtaining respectable business connections, and establishing a cor- 
respondence with all points ; but it is no less useful to merchants, 
manufacturers, bankers, insurance companies — in short, to all in active 
business ; because, besides hundreds of catalogues, it contains a sTam* 
mary of such laws of the various states as they should know in the 
prosecution of their affairs. It tells every one what must be done to 
protect or secure his legal rights ; what property — household and 
homestead — of the debtor is exempt from execution and sale for debt in 
every state ; what are the laws of each state relative to collecting and 
securing debts, and the regulation of contracts generally ; the laws of 
every state relative to buying and selling lands, and drawing, executing, 
acknowledging, proving, and recording deeds, with full instructions and 
forms for certificates of acknowledgment and proof for every state ; 
the rights, privileges, and disabilities of married women in each state ; 
the laws for drawing, executing, and proving wills in every state ; full 
directions and forms for proving accounts and taking and certifying 
testimony and affidavits in accordance with the laws of every state ; a 
summary of the constitution and jurisdiction of the several state courts, 
with the times and places of holding their terms ; the legal rates of 
interest and penalties for usury ; the military bounty-land law ; the laws 
regulating pre-emptions to public lands ; the late law regarding vessels ; 
patent laws ; naturalization laws ; the rates of postage on letters and 
printed matter in the United States and to all foreign countries. 


The work also embraces an official directory for the United States 
and for every state. It contains the name of every law^yer, numbering 
about thirty thousand ; a list of the executive, judicial, and legislative 
officers of every state, including judges, justices, clerks of courts, and 
county clerks, sheriffs, prothonotaries, registers, recorders, prosecuting 
attorneys, tax collectors, judges of probate, county surveyors, notaries, 
members of state legislatures, etc., with their residences, salaries, and 
expiration of terms of office. 

It contains, also, a complete list of counties in every state ; the 
officers in the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the 
federal government, including clerks in the offices at Washington, with 
their rank and salary ; the postmasters in the chief cities and towns ; 
collectors of customs ; naval officers ; registers, receivers, surveyors, 
and geologists connected with the general land-office ; the Indian 
agents and superintendents ; the executive officers and agents in the 
territories ; army and navy pension agents ; inspectors of steamboats ; 
list of officers in the army and navy, with the pay, subsistence, forage, 
etc., of each ; arsenals, and military posts ; vessels of war in the 
navy, with their commanders and stations ; a list of judiciary of the 
United States, with their salaries and residences ; the United States 
marshals, attorneys, and clerks ; the places and times of holding 
the United States Circuit and District Courts ; a complete list of the 
ministers, diplomatic agents, consuls, and commercial agents of the 
United States, resident in foreign countries, with the places of their 
residence ; a complete list of foreign ministers, secretaries, and foreign 
consuls and vice-consuls resident in the United States, with their places 
of residence ; a list of the United States Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives ; the governors of the various states, with the expiration of 
their terms of office and salaries ; a list of the marine, fire, and life in- 
surance companies in the United States, with their location, officers, 
and capital ; a complete list of all solvent banks in the United States, 
with their locality and officers ; a table of the capitals of the several 
states, the time for meeting of state legislatures, and holding general 
elections ; list of railroad companies in the United States, with, the 
length of their roads and names of officers ; a list of packets and 
steamers, inland, foreign, and coastwise, with their agents, time of sail- 
ing, and destination ; a list of societies and institutions, literary, moral, 
benevolent, and religious, in the city of New York, with the offices 
and locality of each ; a list of officers of the city of New York, includ- 
ing aldermen, councilmen, etc. ; a list of the royal family of Great 
Britain, the British ministry, the English law and equity courts, with 
their locality, judges, and officers ; a list of officers and directors of 
the Bank of England, and other institutions and companies in Great 
Britain ; with much other information useful to all in active life. 

This new and enlarged edition of the Law Register contains 650 
closely printed octavo pages, and, at two dollars, is perhaps a cheaper 
book than any of equal merit before offered to the public — the object of 
the publisher having been to present at the cheapest rate, and in the 
best style, the largest possible amount of matter having interest and 
value for the greatest number of professional and business people. 



ACADEMY, naval 266 

ACKNOWLEDGMENT and proof of deeds, 

forms of, in Alabama 483 

Arkansas 484 

Califi>rnia 485 

Connecticut 486 

Delaware 486 

Florida 4S7 

Georgia 488 

Illinois 4S9 

Indiana 490 

Iowa 490 

Kentucky 491 

Louisiana 492 

Maine 492 

Maryland 493 

Massachusetts 494 

Michigan 494 

Mississippi 495 

Missouri 496 

New Hampshire 497 

Kew Jersey 493 

New York 498 

North Carolina 500 

Ohio 500 

Pennsylvania 501 

Khode' Island 502 

South Carolina 503 

Tennessee 504 

Texas 505 

Vermont 506 

Virginia 506 

Wisconsin 507 

execution, and recording of deeds, in- 
structions for 465 

ADMIPvALTY, board of. in England 461 

court, officers of, in England 462 

ADJUTANTrf-GENKRAL ofBce in London 462 

ALABAMA, list of banks in 293 

circuit court judges, list of, in 311 

collection of di-bts, laws for, in 580 

counties and county towns in 47 

executive government, list of, for 1S54 . 311 

execution of wills, laws for, in 617 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 483 

household and homestead exemption 

la ws in 597 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 522 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording deeds for 468 

judges of probate, list of, in 312 

judiciary, list of 311 

lawyers in, list of 65 

legislature meml)ers of 312 

railroads in, iist of 441 

rate of Interest in 621 

rights of married women in 508 

senate, memtiers of 312 

summary of stale courts of 564 

supreme court justices, list of 311 

ALDERMEN, board of, in New York city. 372 
list of, in London 463 

ALLEGHANY co., Penn., judges of district 

court in 403 

ALMS-HOUSE in New York, board of gov- 
ernors, list (.f 371 

APPEALS, court of, list of judges iu Md. . . 350 

ABKANSA3, appendix to list of counties in 58 


ARKANSAS circuit court judges, list of 314 

clerks and sheriffs, list of 314 

collection of debts, laws for 581 

counties and county-towns in 47 

execution of wills in, laws for 618 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 484 

executive government 813 

household and homestead exemption 

laws in B97 

house of representatives, list of 814 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 468 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 522 

judiciary, list of 813 

lawyers in, list of 70 

legislature, list of 814 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 508 

senate, list of members of 314 

summary of state courts of 554 

supreme court ju<lgt'8, list of, in 813 

ARMY, field officers of, m United States. . . 261 

list of the United States 260 

officers, table, pay, etc., of 264 

pensicm agents, list of . . 259 

ARSENALS, list of, in United States 262 

ARTILLERY field officers, list of, in U. 8.. 261 
ASSEMBLY, ceneral, list of members of, in 

New Jersey 867 

New York. list <jf members of 370 

ASYLUM, navy. United States 266 

ATTORNEYS, circuit, list of, in Missouri. . 360 

circuit, list of, in Kentucky 343 

county, list of, in Kentucky 344 

district, list of, in Louisiana 248 

district, list of, in Massachusetts Sa2 

district, list of, in Mississippi 359 

district, list of, in Texas 414 

prosecuting, in In<liana 333 

prosecuting, in Michigan 35S 

prosecuting, list of, in Ohio 399 

state, list of, in Maryland 351 

U. S. district, New York city, office of . 374 

United States, list of 270 

AUDITORS, list of, in Indiana 336 

list of, in Ohio 400 

BANK of England directors, list of 464 

BANKRUPTCY, judges of, in England, 

list of 464 

BANKS in Alabama, list of 293 

C(mnecticut 293 

Delaware 294 

District of Colimibia 294 

Georgia 294 

Illinois 294 

Indiana 295 

Kentucky 295 

Louisiana 296 

Maine 296 

Maryland 297 

Massachusetts 297 

Michigan 299 

Missouri 299 

Kew Hampshire 299 

New Jersey 300 

New York 30I 

North Carolina ... , 805 




BANKS in Ohio, list of 305 

in Pennsylvania 306 

in Rhode Island 307 

in South Carolina 308 

in Tennessee 308 

in IT. S., complete list of 293 

in Vermont 309 

in Virginia 309 

in Wisconsin 310 

BOAltD, canal, New York, duties of 368 

li^ht-house, members of 260 

of aldermen, list of, in New Tork city. . . 372 
of admiralty, members of, in England. . 461 
of councilmen, list of, in New Tork city 372 

of control, members of, in England 461 

of ordnance, members of, in England . . . 462 

of trade, members of, in England 461 

poor law, members of, in London 461 

BOUNTY land bill, military, provisions of. . 62 

BUILDINGS, metropolitan, office of, in Lon- 
don 463 

CABINET, members of U. S 251 

CALIFORNIA, collection of debts in, laws 

for 581 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 43 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government, list of 315 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 485 

house of representati ves, list of 316 

household and homestead exemption 

laws in 598 

Indian agents, list of 25S 

instructions for exec\iting, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 469 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 524 

land claims, commission to adjust 253 

lawyers in, list of 73 

legislature, list of members in 816 

list of commissioners for residing in the 

different states and territories 317 

list of judici.ary in 315 

list of supreme court judges in 3i5 

post-offices and postmasters in, list of. . . 319 

rate of interest in 621 

rigli ts of married women in 5U9 

senate, list of members in 316 

summary of state courts in .5.55 

CANAL board, New York, duties of 36S 

boats, liability of owners of 59 

CAPTAINS of the navy, United States, 

lisl of , 266 

CAPITALS of states, names of 46 

CHANCKLLORS in equity, list of, in South 

Carolina '. 407 

CHANCERY, masters in, list of, in Mass.. . . 355 

court of Alabama, justices of 311 

court of New Jersey, list of judges in . . . 366 

court of Tennessee, list of judges in 411 

court of Louisville. Ky., officers of 343 

CHARGES d'affaires, list of, in U. S 276 

CHIEF towns and cities, postmasters, list 

of, in 253 

CIRCUIT attorne.vs, list of, in Kentucky... . 343 

attorneys, list of, in Missouri 360 

court cFerks, list of, in Illinois 331 

court clerks, list of, in Indiana 335 

court clerks, list of, in Krntucky 346 

court clerks, list of, in Maryland 851 

court clerks, list of, in Michigan 35S 

court clerks, list of, in Missouri 361 

court clerks, list of, in Virginia 4:12 

court clerks, list of, in Wisconsin 4-'S 

court judges of Alabama, list of 311 

court judges, list of. in Arkansas 314 

court judges, list of, in Florida 326 

court judges, list of, in Georgia 328 

court judges, list of, in Illinois 880 

CIRCUIT court judges, list of, in Indiana.. 3<3 

court judges, list of. in Kentucky 343 

court judges, list of, in Maryland 350 

court judges, list of, in Missouri 860 

court judges, list of, in Tennessee 411 

court judges, list of, in Virginia i 426 

court judges, list of, in Wisconsin 427 

court, terms of, in New York 878 

CITIES, index of, showing where lawyers 

may be found '.... 29 

CITY officers, list of, in London 463 

CIVIL justices, list of. in New York city 371 

CLERKS circuit courts, list of, in Indiana.. . 335 

circuit courts, list of, in Kentucky 846 

circuit courts, list of, in Missouri 361 

circuit courts, list of, in Virginia 433 

circuit courts, list of, in Wisconsin 428 

of common pleas, list of, in Indiana 835 

of common pleas, list of, in Ohio 399 

of common pleas, list of, in Rhode Island 407 

county, list of, in California 317 

county, list of, in New York 436 

county, list of, in Texas 414 

district courts, list of, in Texas 414 

judicial courts, list of, in Maine 349 

Missouri county courts, list of 361 

New Hampshire superior court, list of. . 365 

of county, list of, in New Jersey 368 

of county courts, list of, in Kentucky .346 

of county courts, list of, in Virginia 432 

of courts, list of, in Connecticut 324 

of courts, list of, in Massachusetts 354 

of courts, list of, in South Carolina 409 

of the supreme and county courts, list of, 

in Vermont 424 

supreme, judicial, and common pleas 

courts, list <]f. in Massachusetts 353 

supreme court, list of, in Rhode Island . . 407 
U. S. district courts, list of 270 

COASTWISE, inland and foreign packets 

sailing from New York, list of 452 

COLLECTION of debts, laws of each state 

relative to 580 

COLLECTORS of customs in principal ports, 

list of 255 

COLONIAL department, officers of, in Eng- 
land, list of 461 

land and emigration commissioners of, 
in England 463 

COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF'S office in Lon- 
don 462 

COMMANDERS in the navy. United Slates, 

list of 266 

of navy yanls, U. S., list of 265 

of squadrons, U. S., list of 265 

COMMANDS, military, U. S., list of 261 

COMMISSION to adjust private land claims 

in California, members of 253 

COMMISSIONERS for California residing 
in the different states and territo- 
ries, list of 317 

in equity, list of, in South Carolina 408 

of insolvency, list of, in Massachusetts.. 354 
of the lrea.sury. list of lords in England 461 
woods and forests in England ." 463 

COMMON law and chancery court of Mem- 
phis, Tennessee, judge of 411 

COMPANIES, Are, life, and mjirine insur- 
ance, list of, in U. S 284 

COMMERCIAL agents of U. S. residing in 

foreign countries, list of 273 

COMMON pie,is clerks, list of, in Indiana. . . 335 
pleas clerks, list of, in Massachusetts . . . 3.53 

pleas clerks, list of, in Ohio 399 

pleas clerks, list of, in Rhone I.sland 407 

pleas judges, list of, in Indiana 333 

pleas judges, list of, in New Hampshire 864 

pleas judges, list of, in Ohio 896 

pleas judges, list of, in Pennsylvania .. 403 
pleas court, statistics of, in New York city 878 




COMMON pleas, special term, statistics of, 

in Xew Yorlc citv S7S 

CONNECTICUT, banks, list of, in 293 

collection of debts, laws for, in 5S2 

counties and county towns, list of, in . . . 4S 

execution of wills, laws for, in 61S 

executive government, list of 321 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 4S6 

house of representatives of 323 

household and homestead exemption 

laws in 59S 

Insurance co's. in, list of 2S4 

Instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 524 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for ... 4G9 

lawyers, list of, in 7.5 

judges, etc., in 324 

judiciary, list of 321 

legislature, list of members in 321 

list of clerks in 324 

railroa'ls, list of, in 437 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 510 

senate, list of members of 321 

list of sheriffs in 324 

state attorneys in, list of 324 

summary of state courts of 556 

supreme and superior courts, Ust of 

judges of 321 

CONSULS of U. S., list of, in foreign coun- 
tries 273 

foreign, residing in the city of New 

York, list of 276 

foreisn, residing in U. S., list of 277 

CONGRESS, thirty-third, members, list of. . 2S0 
CONTROL board', members of, in England, 

list of 461 

COPYHOLD, tithes, and inclosure, com- 
missioners of, in England 463 

COPYRIGHT, law of 60 

CORONERS, list of, in Ohio 400 

list of, in the citv of New York 371 

CORPS, marine, list of oflScers of 26S 

COUNCIL, list of. in New Hampshire 364 

COUNCILMEN, board of, in New York 

city 372 

COUNTIES and county towns in Alabama. 47 

Arkansas 47 

California 4S 

Connecticut 4S 

Delaware 48 

Florida 4S 

Georgia 48 

lUino'is 49 

Indiana 49 

Iowa 50 

Kentucky ..50, 51 

Louisiana 51 

Maine > 51 

Maryland 51 

Massachusetts 52 

Michigan 52 

Minnesota Territory 52 

Mississippi 52 

Missouri 52 

New Hampshire 53 

New Jersey 53 

New Mexico Territory 53 

New York 53 

North Carolina 54 

Ohio 54 

Oregon Territory 55 

Pennsylvani.i .55 

Rhode Island 55 

South Carolina .55, 56 

Tennessee 56 

Texas 56 

U. S., complete iisl of 47 


COUNTIES and county towns in Vermont . T5 

Virginia 5T 

"Wisconsin 58 

COUNTY chief-justices, list of, in Texas.. . . 414 

clerks, list of, in California 817 

clerks, list of, in Iowa 341 

clerks, list of, in Michigan 857 

clerks, list of, in New Jersey 36S 

clerks, list of, in New York 4-35 

clerk's office in New York city, list of 

clerks, etc 373 

clerks, list of, in Texas 414 

courts, clerks of, in Kentucky, list of. . . 845 

courts, clerks of, in Missouri,' list of 361 

courts, clerks of, in North Carolina 395 

courts, clerks, list of, in Vermont 424 

courts, clerks, list of, in Virginia 432 

courts, justices of, in Missouri 363 

judges, list of, in California 317 

judges, list of, in Iowa -341 

judges, list of, in TVisconsin 427 

officers, list of, in Illinois 331 

oflieers, list of, in Maryland 351 

officers, list of, in Michigan 357 

officers, list of. in Missouri 361 

officers, list of, in New Jersey S6S 

officers, list of, in New York 435 

officers, list of, in New York city and 

county 371 

officers, list of. in North Carolina 395 

officers, list of, in Texas 414 

officers, list of, in Virginia 432 

officers, list of, in Wisconsin 429 

solicitors, list of, in New Hampshire . . . 305 

surveyors, list of, in Ohio 401 

COURT admiralty, officers of, in England . 462 

chancery, list of judges in Tennessee. . 411 

COURTS, circuit, fist of judges in Tennessee 411 

circuit, list of judges in Virginia 426 

circuit clerks, list of, in Virginia 433 

circuit, list of clerks in Wisconsin 42S 

circuit of U. S., judges, list of, and times 

of holding 269 

clerks, list of, in Massachusetts 3.54 

clerks of circuit, list of, in Michigan 358 

COURT of common pleas, list of judges of, in 

Pennsylvania " 403 

common pleas, statistics of, in New York 

city 377 

COURTS, county, list of clerks in Virginia. 433 
COURT, Delaware chancery, judges, list 

of 323 

district, list of judges in Texas 412 

COURTS. English, judges, list of 464 

in the citv and countv of New York 373 

COURT, New York superior, judges, list of 373 

New York marine, judges, list of 374 

of appeals, list of judges of, in Ken- 
tucky 343 

of appeals, list of judges in Maryland.. 3.50 
of appeals, list of judges in New York. 369 
of bankruptcy, judges, list of, in Eng- 
land 464 

of chancery, judges, list of, in New Jer- 
sey 366 

COURTS of oyer and terminer, terms and 

circuits of, in New York 3S4 

St. Louis, judges, list of SiiO 

summary of, in Alabama 554 

Arkansas -554 

California 555 

Connecticut 5-"iC 

Delaware 556 

Florida 5.56 

Georgia 557 

Ilinois 5.57 

Indiana 560 

Iowa 562 

Kentucky 562 

L' iu>iLina 563 



COURTS, summary of, in Maine 563 

Maryland 564 

Massachusetts 565 

Michisan 565 

Mississippi 566 

Missouri 567 

New Hampshire 568 

New Jersey 568 

New York 569 

North Carolina 5T0 

Ohio 5T1 

Pennsylvania 572 

Ehode Island 573 

South Carolina 573 

Tennessee 574 

Texas 576 

Vermont 577 

Virginia 57S 

Wisconsin 579 

CRIMINAL court, Davidson co., Tenn., 

judge of. 411 

CUSTOMS collectors, list of, in the prin- 
cipal ports of United States 255 

CUSTOM-HOUSE officers, list of, in Eng- 
land 463 

DAVIDSON CO., Tenn., judge of criminal 

court in 411 

DEBTS, collection of, laws of each state 

relative to 580 

laws for collecting in Alabama 5S0 

Arkansas 581 

California 581 

Connecticut 582 

Delaware 583 

Florida 583 

Georgia 583 

Illinois 583 

Indiana 585 

Iowa 585 

Kentucky 586 

Louisiana 586 

Maine 587 

Maryland 587 

Massachusetts 5£7 

Michigan 587 

Mississippi 588 

Missouri 5SS 

New Hampshire 589 

New .Jersey 5S9 

New York 590 

North Carolina 591 

Ohio 592 

Pennsylvania 593 

Ehode Island 594 

South Carolina 594 

Tennessee 594 

Texas 595 

Vermont 595 

Virginia 595 

"Wisconsin 598 

DEEDS, instructions for executing, acknowl- 
edging, and recording in Alabama. 468 

Arkansas 468 

California 469 

Connecticut 469 

. Delaware 469 

^ Florida 470 

Georgia 471 

Illinois. , 471 

Indiana 471 

Iowa 471 

Kentucky 472 

Louisiana 47S 

Maine 473 

Maryland 473 

Massachusetts 474 

Michigan 474 

Mississippi 475 

Missouri 475 

DEEDS, instructions for executing, acknowl- 
edging, and recording in New 

Hampshire 478 

New Jersey 476 

New York 478 

North Carolina 478 

Ohio 478 

Pennsylvania 478 

Pvhode Island 479 

South Carolina .* 479 

Tennessee 479 

Texas.. 480 

Vermont 481 

Virginia 481 

Wisconsin 481 

forms for the authentication of, in every 

state 483 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording in every state.. . 46t'5 

registers, list of, in Wisconsin 423 

rfigisters, list of, in Massachusetts 355 

registers, list of, in Michigan 357 

DELAWAKE, banks in, list of. 294 

counties and county towns in, list of 48 

court of chancery, list of judges of. 325 

execution of wills in, laws for 618 

executive government, list of 325 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 48<5 

household and homestead exemption, 

laws in 598 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording deeds for 469 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 525 

judiciary, list of, -. 325 

laws for collecting debts in 5S3 

lawyers in, list of 78 

rate of interest in 621 

railroads in, list of. 440 

rights of married women in 511 

summary of state courts of. 556 

superior court judges, list of. 325 

DELEGATES, house of, members of, in 

Virginia, list of 425 

DEPARTMENT, colonial, officers of, in 

England, list of 461 

foreign, officers of, in England, list of. . . 461 

home, officers of, in England, list of 461 

Indian, superintendents and agencies, 

list of, in United States. 258 

navy, list of chief clerks, etc., in 252 

of the interior, list of chief clerks, etc., in 252 

of state, list ol^ chief clerks, etc., in 251 

post-office, list of chief clerks, etc., in. . 253 

treasury, list of chief clerks, etc., in 252 

war, list of chief clerks, etc., in 252 

DEPOSITIONS, instructions for taking and 

certifying for Alabama 523 

Arkansas 522 

Calitbrnia 524 

Connecticut 52t 

Delaware 625 

Florida 525 

Georgia ."126 

Illinois .5'.'3 

Iniliana bz.t 

Iowa Ct4\. 

Kentucky .^:U 

Louisiana 53i 

Maine !>Mi 

Maryland 534 

Massachusetts 535 

Michigan 536 

Mississippi 539 

Mi.ssouri ,540 

New Hampshire ,541 

New Jersey 541 

New York 543 

North Carolina 545 




DEPOSITIONS, instructions for taking and 

certifyina; for Ohio 546 

Pennsylvania 54S 

Rhode Island 549 

South Carolina 550 

Tennessee 550 

Texas 551 

Vermont 552 

Virginia 552 

Wisconsin 553 

instructions for taking in every state 522 

DEPOTS, recruiting, United States 2fr4 

DESIGNS, registrar of, in London 463 

DIPLOMATIC agents of United Statei in 

f ireign countries, list of 227 

DIRECTORS, bank of England, list of. ... . 464 
East India Co., list of, in England.. .. . 464 

DISTRICT attorneys, list of, in Louisiana .. 348 

attorneys, list of, in Massachusetts 352 

attorneys, list of. in Mississippi 359 

attorneys, list of, in Texas 414 

attorney's office in New York city 373 

clerks, list of. in Texas 414 

court judges, list of, in Louisiana 348 

court judges, list of, in Texas 412 

court judges, list of, in California 316 

court of Alleghany co., judges, list of. . . 403 
court of Philadelphia, list of judges of. . 403 

courts, judges, list of, in Iowa 341 

courts, judges, list of, in Mississippi 359 

courts, judges, list of, in New York city 374 
of Columbia, banks and officers of, in. . 294 

of Columbia, lawyers in 79 

courts. U. S., places and times of holding 271 

DRAGOONS, field officers, list of 261 

EAST INDIA CO. directors, list of, in Eng- 
land 4C4 

ELECTIONS, time of holding, in every state 46 

ENCLOSURES, commissioners, list of, in 

England 463 

ENGINEER field officers, list of U. S 261 

field officers, list of 261 

ENGLAND, bank of, directors and officers, 

list of 464 

colonial land commissioners, list of, in . 463 

colonial office in 461 

commissioners of woods and forests, list 

of. in 462 

copyhold, tithe, and enclosure commis- 
sioners, list of, in 463 

court of bankruptcy in 464 

emigration commissioners, list of, in ... 463 

exchequer of, list of officers of 461 

foreign office, list of clerks in 461 

her majesty's ministers in, list of 460 

home office, list of clerks, etc., in 461 

judges of admiral t}', list of, in 462 

judges of court of bankruptcy, list of, in 464 

judges of law courts in, list of 464 

lords of admiralty, list of, in 461 

members of board of control, list of, in . 461 
members of board of ordnance, list of, in 462 
members of board of trade, list of, in. . . 461 
members of poor law board in, list of. . . 461 

officers of East India Co.. list of, in 464 

privy seal, list of officers of, in 468 

queen's household, list of, in 460 

queen and royal family, list of, in 459 

treasury department, list of, in 461 

war office, list of officers, etc., of, in 462 

woods and forests rangers, list of, in . . . 462 

EQUITY, list of commissions in, for South 

Carolina 408 

EXCHEQUER officers, list of, in England . 461 

EXEMPTION laws, household and home- 
stead, in Alabama 597 

Arkansas 597 

California 598 

Connecticut 593 


EXEMPTION laws, household and home- 
stead, in Delaware 598 

Florida 599 

Georgia 599 

Illinois 600 

Indiana 60l! 

Iowa 601 

Kentucky 602' 

Louisiana 602" 

Maine 603 

Maryland 604 

Massachusetts .^ 604 

Michigan 605 

Mississippi 606 

Missouri ^. 606 

New Hampshire ^ 607 

New Jersey 608 

New York 609 

North Carolina 610 

Ohio 610 

Pennsylvania - 612 

Rhode Island 612 

South Carolina 612 

Tennessee 613 

Texas 614 

Vermont 614 

Virginia 615 

Wisconsin 615 

EXECUTION of wills, instructions for, in 

every state 616 

EXECUTIVE government of Alabama, list 

of 811 

Arkansas 313 

California 315 

Connecticut 321 

Delaware 325 

Florida 326 

Georgia 327 

Illinois 329 

Indiana 332 

Iowa 341 

Kentucky 342 

Louisiana 347 

Maine 343 

Maryland 349 

Massachusetts 352 

Michigan 355 

Minnesota 4.32 

Mississippi 359 

Missouri 360 

New Hampshire 364 

New Jersey 366 

New Mexico 431 

New York 363 

North Carolina 392 

Ohio 396 

Oregon 431 

Pennsylvania 403 

Rhode Island 406 

South Carolina 407 

Tennessee 410 

Texas 412 

United States 251 

Utah 432 

Vermont 422 

Virginia 424 

Washington Territory 432 

Wisconsin 42T 

judicial and legislative officers for every 
state, list of 311 

EXEMPTION, household and homestead 

law for, in the different states 597 

FIELD officers of the army, list of 261 

officers of artillery, list of 261 

officers of dragoons, list of 261 

officers of infantry, list of 261 

officers of mounted riflemen 261 

officers of ordnance, list of 261 

officers of topographical engineers, list of 261 



FIRE inmrance co's. in New York, list of. . 28T 

insurance co's. in U. S.. list of 284 

marine and life insurance co's., list of, in 

the United States 284 

FLOEIDA, circuit court, list of, judges in.. 326 

coUt^ction of debts in, laws for 583 

counties and county towns in, list of. . . . 48 

execution of wills in, laws for 618 

executive government, list of 826 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for ". 48T 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 599 

house of representatives, list of members 327 
instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, ami recording of deeds for. . . . 470 
instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 525 

judiciary, list of 326 

lawyers, list of 79 

legislature, members, list of 326 

railroads, list of, in 441 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 511 

senate, list of members 326 

solicitors, list of, in 326 

summary of state courts in 556 

supreme court, list of Judges of 326 

rOKElGN consuls residing in city of New 

York, list of 276 

consuls residing in the U. S., list of 277 

countries, consuls and commercial agents 

ofU. S. residing in, list of '. 273 

countries, ministers and diplomatic 

agents, list of, U. S. residing in 272 

countries, table of postages to 447 

department, officers, list of, in England . . 461 
ministers and their secretaries, list of, ac- 
credited to U. S 275 

nations, intercourse with 272 

packets, list of, sailing from New York. 452 

GENERAL assembly, list of members in 

New Jersey 367 

Registrar, office of, in London 463 

sessions and common pleas, list of judges 

in South Carolina 408 

GEOLOGIS'l'S connected with land office, 

list of 256 

GEORGIA, appendix to list of covmties in. . 58 

banks, list of 294 

circuit judges and solicitors, list of 328 

collection of debts in, lavi^s for 533 

counties and county towns in, list of. . 48, 49 

execution of wills in, laws for 618 

executive government of 327 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 4SS 

household and homestead exemption 

lawsof 599 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 526 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 471 

insurance co's. in, list of 284 

judiciijry, list of 327 

lawvers, list of 81 

legislature, list of 328 

railroails in, list of 441 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 512 

summary of state courts of 557 

supreme court judges, list of 327 

GOVEllNMENT, executive, of Alabama. . . 311 

Arkansas 313 

California 315 

Connecticut 321 

Delaware 325 

Florida 8-6 



GOVERNMENT, executive, of Illinois 329 

Indiana 832 

Iowa 341 

Kentucky 343 

Louisiana 34T 

Maine 348 

Maryland 349 

Massachusetts 352 

Michigan. 355 

Minnesota 483 

Mississippi 8.59 

Missouri 860 

New Hampshire 364 

New Jersey 366 

New Mexico 431 

New York 868 

North Carolina 892 

Ohio 896 

Oregon 431 

Pennsylvania 403 

Rhode Island 406 

South Carolina 407 

Tennessee 410 

Texas 412 

Utah 432 

Vermont 422 

Virginia 424 

Washington territory 432 

"Wisconsin 427 

New York city i 371 

of Ireland, members of 460 

of Scotland, members of 460 

GOVERNORS of states and territories, list 

of, with salaries, etc 283 

HEADS of department in New York city. . 871 
HEALTH insurance co's. in New York, 

list of 291 

HIGH court of errors and appeals, list of 

judges in Mississippi 359 

HOME department officers, list of, in Eng- 
land '. . 461 

HOSPITAL, royal, for seamen, officers, list 

of. in London 463 

HOUSEHOLD and homestead exemption 

laws of the different states 597 

members of royal 460 

HOUSE of commons of North Carolina, list 

of members of 893 

of delegates, list of members in Md 350 

of delegates, list of members in Virginia 425 
of representatives, Arkansas, list of 

members of 314 

California 316 

Connecticut 823 

Florida 327 

Illinois 330 

Indiana 323 

Kentucky 344 

Michigan 356 

Ohio : 39T 

Pennsylvania 404 

Rhode" Island 406 

Tennessee 411 

Texas 413 

United States 231 

ILLINOIS, appendix to list of counties in . . 53 

banks. Iisi of, in 294 

circuit court clerks, list of, in 331 

circuit court judges, list of, in 330 

collection of 'debts, laws for, in 583 

counties and county towns, list of, in . . . 49 

county officers, list of 331 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 329 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 489 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 6()« 




ILLINOIS house of representatives, list of 

members of 830 

instructions for exeeutin^, acknowledg- 

insr, and recoriling of deeds fir 471 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 52S 

judiciary, list of 330 

lawyers, list of, in '87 

legislaiure, list of members of 330 

senate, list of members of 830 

railroads in. list of 44^3 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 512 

sheriffs in, list of 331 

sunimary of state courts in 557 

supreme ?nurt judges 33i) 

INDIAN agents in California, list of 25S 

New Mexico 258 

Oregon 258 

Utah 258 

department, superintendents and agen- 
cies, list of 253 

INDIANA, auditors, list of, in 336 

banks, list of in 295 

circuit court judges, list of, in 333 

clerks of circuit courts, list of, in 335 

clerks of common pleas, list of, in 335 

collection of debts, laws for, in 5S5 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 49 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government in 332 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 490 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 601 

house of representatives, members of . . 334 
instraetions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 471 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in ."129 

insurance co's.. list of in 284 

judges of common pleas, list of, in 333 

lawyers, list of in 95 

list of judiciary in 8-33 

members of legislature, list of, in 3-34 

prosecuting attorneys, list of, in 3-33 

railroads, list of, in 443 

rates of interest in 621 

recorders list of, in 338 

rights of married women in 512 

senate, members, list of 3-34 

sheriffs, list of in 340 

summary of state courts of 560 

supreme court judges, list of, in 333 

treasurers, list of. in 3.37 

INFANTRY field officers. list of 261 

INLAND packets, list of, sailing from New 

York 4.52 

postage, rates of 444 

revenue officers, list of, in England .... 463 
INSOLVKNCY commissioners, list of, in 

Massachusetts 354 

INSPECTORS, supervising of steamboats, 

list of 260 

INSTITUTIONS and societies in the city of 

New York, list of 454 

literary, list of in the city of New York 454 
moral, list of, in the city of New York . 4.54 
religious, list of in the city of New York 454 
INSTRUCTIONS for taking depositions to 

be used in every state 522 

INSURANCE co's. in Connecticut, list of. . . 284 

Georgia 2S4 

Indiana 2-^4 

Kentucky 284 

Louisiana 284 

Maine 284 

Maryland 2S7 

M.assaehusetta 284 

Missouri 2S7 

■r-r-r. ?«£© 

INSURANCE co's. in New Hampshire, list 

of 287 

New Jersey 2S7 

New York '. 2S7 

Ohio 291 

Pennsylvania 291 

Tennessee 292 

South Carolina 292 

Rhode Island 292 

United Stales 284 

fire, co's. in New York, list of 2'^7 

health, co'.s in New York, list of 291 

life. co's. in New York, list of 291 

marine, co's. in New York, list of 291 

INTERCOURSE with foreign nations 272 

INTEREST, legal rates of, in every state .. 621 
INTERIOR, department of the, list of chief 

clerks, etc.. of 258 

IOWA, appendix to list of counties in 58 

collection of debts, laws for, in 585 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 50 

county judges, list of in 341 

district court judges, list of, in 841 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 341 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 490 

household and homestead exemption in 

the different states 601 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 471 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 531 

lawyers, list of, in 102 

list of county clerks in 341 

list of judiciary in 341 

list of recorders in 341 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 513 

summary of state courts of 562 

supreme court of judges, list of, in 341 

IRELAND, government of 460 

IRISH office in London 461 

JUDGE advocate-general's office in Lon- 
don 462 

JUDGES, attorneys, marshals, and clerks 

in U. S. district courts, list of 270 

court of bankniplcy, list of, in England 464 

courts of St. Louis," list of 360 

law courts in England, list of 464 

Alabama circuit courts, list of 311 

Arkansas circuit courts, list of 314 

Arkansas, list of supreme court 313 

California, list of county 317 

California, list of district court 316 

California, list of supreme court 815 

Connecticut, list of clerks, sheriffs, and. 324 
Connecticut, list of supreme and superior 

court 321 

Delaware, superior court, list of 325 

Florida, list of circuit court 326 

Florida, list of supreme court 326 

Georgia, list of supreme court 3.i7 

Illinois circuit court, list of .S3() 

Illinois supreme court, list of 830 

Indiana, list of common pleas 3-33 

Indiana, list of circuit courts 3-33 

Indiana, list of supreme court 333 

Iowa, list of district court 34t 

Iowa, list of supreme court 341 

Louisiana, district court, list of 343 

Louisiana, supreme court, list of 347 

Maine, municipal and police courts, list 

of 349 

Maine, supreme judicial court, list of. . . 348 

Maryland, circuit court, list of 3.50 

Maryland, court of appeals, list of 350 

Massachusetts, supreme judicial court, 
list of 353 




JUDGES, Michigan, supreme court, list of . 356 

Missouri, circuit courts, list of 360 

Mississippi, district courts, list of. 859 

Mississippi, hig;h court of errors and ap- 
peals, list of 359 

Mississippi, superior court of chancery, 

list of 859 

Missouri, supreme court, list of 360 

New Hampshire, common pleas, list of. 364 
New Hampshire, superior court of judi- 
cature, list of 364 

New Jersey, supreme court, list of 366 

New Torlf, court of appeals, list of 369 

New York, distriet courts, list of 374 

New York, marine court, list of 874 

New York, superior court, list of 373 

North Carolina, superior court, list of. . 393 
North Carolina, supreme court, list of. . 892 

Ohio, common pleas, list of 396 

Ohio, supreme court, list of 396 

Pennsylvania, Alleghany county district 

court, list of 403 

Pennsylvania, court of common pleas, 

list of 403 

Pennsylvania, supreme court, list of. . . 403 

Philadelphia district court, list of 403 

Rhode Island, supreme court, list of . . . 406 
South Carolina, general sessions and 

common pleas, list of 408 

Tennessee circuit courts, list of 

Tennessee, court of chancery, list of. . 

Tennessee, supreme court, list of 

Texas, district court, list of 

Texas, supreme court, list of 

U. S. district courts, list of 

"Wisconsin, circuit 

Wisconsin, county, list of. 

of probate, Alabama, list of 

of probate, Maine, list of 

of probate, Massachusetts, list of 

of probate, Michigan, list of 

of probate, Missouri, list of 

of probate, New Hampshire, list of. . . 

of probate, Ohio, list of 

of probate, Vermont, list of. 

JUDICIAL courts, Maine, list of, clerks of 

JUDICIARY, list oi; in Alabama 



















New Hampshire 

New .Jersey 

New Mexico 

New York 

North Carolina 


Oregon 431 

Pennsylvania 4i'3 

Rhode Island 4ii6 

South Carolina 407 

Tennessee 4iu 

Texas 412 

Utah 432 

Vermont 428 

Virginia 425 


JUDICIARY, "Washington territory 433 

Wisconsin 427 

United States 269 

JUSTICES, Alabama, supreme court, list of 311 

chief of counties, list of, in Texas 414 

New York city police courts, list of. 873 

of county coufits, list of, in Mijssouri 862 

KENTUCKY, appendix to list of counties 

in 5S 

banks, list of, in 295 

collection of debts, laws for, in 586 

counties and county towns, list of, in. 50-51 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 342 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 491 

household and homestead exemption, 

laws of 602 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 473 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 531 

insurance companies, list of, in 284 

judges of court of appeals, list of, in 343 

list of circuit attorneys in 343 

list of circuit court clerks in 346 

list of circuit court judges in 343 

list of clerks of county courts in 346 

list of county attorneys in 844 

list of judiciary in 343 

lawyers, list of, in 106 

list of legislature in 343 

list of senate in 343 

list of sheriffs in 346 

members of house of representatives, 

list of. in 844 

presiding judges of county courts, list 

of, in 344 

railroads, list of, in 442 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 513 

summary of state courts of. 563 

LAWYERS, index to list of 29 

Alabama 65 

Arl;ansas 70 

California 73 

Connecticut 75 

Dilavvare 78 

Dislrlet of Columbia 79 

Florida 79 

Georgia 81 

Illinois 87 

Indiana 95 

Iowa 102 

Kentucky 106 

Louisiana 113 

Mjiine 119 

Maryland 123 

Massachusetts 127 

Michigan 1.35 

Minnesota 139 

Mississippi 140 

Missouri 144 

New Hampshire 150 

New Jersey 152 

New Mexico 164 

New York 165 

North Carolina 186 

Ohio 190 

Oregon 204 

Pi-nnsvlvania 204 

Rho.le' Island 216 

South Carolina 217 

Tennessee 220 

Texas 226 

Vermont 231 

Virginia 235 

Washington 245 




LA^VTEIIS, Vnsconsin 246 

LAND office, geologists connected with, list 

of 256 

office, receivers connected with, list of.. 256 
office, registers connected with, list of-. . 256 
office, surveyors connected with, list of. 256 

LAW of copyright •. .. 60 

courts, England, list of judges of. 464 

courts. New York city, statistics of 374 

of each state relative to the collection of 
debts 5S0 

LAY judges, list of, in New Jersey 366 

judges, of the court of errrors and ap- 
peals, list cif, in New Jersey 366 

LEGISLATURES, times and places of 

meeting 46 

LEGAL rates of interest in the various 

states 621 

LEGISLATURE, Alabama, list of members 312 

Arkansas. 314 

California 316 

Connecticut 321 

Florida 326 

GenrPa 323 

Indiana 334 

Illinois 330 

Kentucky 343 

Maryland 350 

Massachusetts 352 

Michigan 356 

Mississippi 359 

New Hampshire 364 

New Jersey 366 

New York 369 

North Carolina 393 

Ohio 39T 

Pennsylvania 404 

Ehode Island 406 

South Carolina 408 

Tennessee 411 

Texas 412 

Virginia 425 

LIFE insurance companies in N. Y., list of. 291 
insurance companies in U. S., list of. . . . 284 

LIGHT-HOUSE board, list of members of.. 26ii 

LIST, army 260 

navy 265 

of railroads in United States 436 

LOUISVILLK, Ky., chancery court, list of 

officers of. 343 

LONDON, adjutant-general's office in 462 

judge advocate-general's office in 462 

general registrar's office in 463 

inland r.'venue office in 463 

Irish office in 461 

list of aldermen in 463 

list of city officers in 463 

list of sheriffs in 463 

office of metropolitan buildings in 463 

office of metropolis roads in 463 

officers of royal hospital lor seamen in.. 462 

officers of royal hospital schools in 462 

officers of royal olisi-rvalory in 462 

payina^ter-ireneral's office in 462 

quartermiister-gener;il's office in 462 

registrar of designs office in 463 

state paper office in 463 

LOUISIANA banks, list of, in 290 

collection of debts, laws for, in 5S6 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 51 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 347 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

dee.isfor 492 

housthold and homestead exemption. 

laws of 602 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of de^ds tor. . . . 473 
instructions for taking depositions to be 
used in 532 

LOUISIANA insurance companies, list of, in 2S4 

lawyers, list of, in 113 

list of district attorneys in 348 

list of district court judges in 348 

list of judiciary in 347 

list of supreme court judges in 347 

railroads, list of, in 442 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 513 

summary of state courts of 563 

MAINE, banks, list of, in 296 

collection of debts 587 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 51 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 348 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 603 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording deeds 473 

instructions for takmg depositions to be 

used in 533 

insurance companies, list of, in 284 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 492 

judiciary, list of. in 343 

lawyers, list of, in 119 

list of clerks of judicial courts in 349 

list of municipal and police judges in.. . 436 

list of probate judges in " 349 

railroads, list of, in 436 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 513 

summary of state courts of 848 

supreme judicial court judges, list of, in 348 
MARRIED women, rights of, in Alabama. . 508 

Arkansas 508 

California 509 

Connecticut 510 

Delaware 511 

Florida 511 

Georgia 512 

Illinois 512 

Indiana 512 

Iowa 612 

Kentucky 513 

Louisiana 613 

Maine 513 

Maryland 514 

Massachusetts 514 

Michigan 515 

Missi.'isippi 515 

Missouri 515 

New Hampshire 516 

New Jersey 516 

New York 517 

North Carolina 518 

Ohio 518 

Pennsvlvania 519 

Rhode" Island 519 

South Carolina 519 

Tennessee 520 

Texas 520 

Vermont 520 

Virginia 521 

Wisconsin 521 

MARYLAND, appendix to list of counties 

in 58 

banks, list of, in 297 

c<illection of debts, laws for, in 587 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 51 

county officers, laws for. in 351 

execution of wills, lawsfor,in 619 

executive government of 349 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 493 

household and exemption laws of 604 

house of del'gates. list of members in . . 850 
instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for. . . . 478 




MISSOrRI, Instructions for taking deposi- 
tions to be used in 534 

insiiranee cnrapanif s list of, in 2ST 

judges of circuit courts, list of, in 350 

judiciary, list of 350 

'l!iw\ era, list of, in 123 

legislature, list of 350 

list of circuit court clerks in 851 

list of court of appeal judges in 350 

list of registers of wills in 351 

list of state's attornevs in 351 

railroads, list of, In.' 440 

rate of interest in 621 

rights of married women in 514 

senate of 350 

state courts of 564 

MASSACHUSETTS, banks, list of, in 297 

collection of debts, laws lor, in 5S7 

counties ancl county towns, list of, in 52 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive govenunent of 352 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for .' 494 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 4T4 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 535 

insurance companies, laws of, in 284 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 601 

lawyers, list of, in 127 

list of disirict attorneys in 352 

list of clerks of courts in 354 

list of clerks of supreme, judicial, and 

common pleas courts in 853 

list of commissioners of insolvency in. . . 354 

list ol'judiciary in 352 

list <if probate judges in 853 

list of registers of deeds in 855 

list of sherlifs in 354 

list of supreme judicial court judges in.. 352 

masters in chancery, list of. in 3.55 

police court judges, list of, in 353 

police courts, special justices, list i>f, in. . 853 

railroads, list of, in 437 

rate of interest in 6J2 

registers of pr.ibate. list of, in 354 

rights of married women in 514 

senate, list of members in 352 

summary of stale courts in 565 

MAS I'KUS of chancery, list of, in Mass 855 

MARIN E corps. ofHcers, list of 208 

court, New York city, list of judges of. . 374 
court, statistics of, in New York city . . . 378 
insurance co's., list of, in New York . . . 291 
insurance co's., list of, in United States. 284 
M.\1;HIKD women, rights of, in every stale 508 

MARSHALS, United States, list of 270 

MEMPHIS, Tenn., judges of common law 

and chancery courts in, list of . . . . 411 
METROPOLITAN buildings, office of, in 

Londciu 463 

METROPOLIS roads, office of, in London . 463 
MICHIGAN, appendix to list of counties In 58 

banks in, list of 299 

circuit court clerks in, list of, in 358 

collection of debts, laws for, in 5s7 

counties ami county towns, list of, in . . . 52 

execution of wills, laws for, in 61S 

executive government 355 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

dee<is for 494 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 605 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 474 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 536 

lawyers in, list of IHS 

list of county officers in . . 857 


MICHIGAN, list of judiciary in 856 

ILst of legislature in 356 

members of house of representatives, 

list of 856 

probate judges, list of, in 35S 

prosecuting attorneys, list of, in 353 

railroads, list of, in 443 

rates of interest in 622 

registers of deed, list of, in 357 

riirhts of married women .575 

senate, list of members in 356 

sheriffs in, list of 357 

supreme court, list of judges in 356 

state courts of 565 

MILITARY bounty land biU 62 

commanders, list of 261 

posts, list of 262 

MINISTERS and diplomatic agents of the 

U. S., list of, in foreign countries. .. 272 

list of her majesty's, in England 460 

foreign, resident in U. S., list of 276 

MINNESOTA, executive government. of. . . 4.33 

lawyers, list of, in ^. . . . 139 

list of judiciary in 432 

territory, counties and county towns in, 

list of 52 

MINT, queen's, officers, list of, in London . 463 
MISSISSIPPI, collection of debts, laws for, 

in 6S8 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 52 

execution of wills, laws for, in 619 

executive government of 359 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 495 

householil and homestead exemption 

laws of 606 

instructions (or executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 475 

instructions for taking" depositions to be 

used in 5.39 

lawyers, list of, in 140 

list of district attorneys in 359 

list of district court judges in 359 

list of judges of superiot.court of chan- 
cery in 359 

list of judiciary in 859 

members of legislature, list of, in 3.59 

members of senate, list of, in 859 

railroads, list of, in 442 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women m 515 

summary f if state courts of 566 

MISSOURI, banks, list of, in 299 

clerks of circuit courts, list of, in 861 

clerks of county courts, list of, in 361 

collection of debts laws for, in 583 

counties and county towns, list of, in. .52,53 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 860 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 496 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 606 

insurance co's., list of, in 287 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 475 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 540 

justices of county courts, list of, in 362 

lawyers, list of, in 144 

list of circuit attorneys in 360 

list of circuit court judges in 860 

list of county officers in 361 

list of judiciary in 360 

list of notaries public in 361 

list of probate iu^lges in 360 

list of sheriffs in 862 

list of supreme court judges in 860 

railroads, list of, in 443 

rate of interest in 622 



MISSOURI, rights of married women in. . . 515 

summary of state courts of 567 

MOBILE, eitv court, jmlge in 311 

MOHNTKD riflemen, field officers, list of . . 261 
MUNICIPAL and police courts, list of 

judges of, in Maine 349 

NATURALIZATION, statistics of, in New 

York city : 377 

NAVAL academy 266 

officers in office, list of 256 

NAVY asylum 266 

captains in the, list of 26G 

commanders in the, list of 266 

department, list of chief clerks, etc., in . 252 

list 21)5 

officers, list of 266 

pay of, per annum 266 

pension agents, list of 259 

vessels of war. list of 267 

yards commandt-rs, list of 265 

NEW HAMPSHIRE, banks, list of, in 299 

clerks of superior courts, list of, in 365 

collection of debts, laws for, in 5S9 

council of 364 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 53 

county solicitors, list of, in 365 

execution of wills, laws for, in 619 

executive government of 364 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 497 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 607 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for ... . 475 
instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 541 

insurance co's., list of, in 287 

judges of superior court of judicature, 

list of, in 364 

lawyers, list of, in 15l1 

list of common pleas judges in 364 

list of judiciary in 364 

list ot probate judges in 365 

list of registers of pn >bate in 365 

members of legislature, list of, in 364 

members of senate, list of, in 364 

railroads, list of, in 4-37 

rights of married women in 516 

rate of interest in 622 

summary of state courts of 568 

NEW JKUSEY, banks, list of, in 300 

collection of debts, laws for, in 589 

counties and county towns, list of, in . . 53 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 366 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for " 498 

househnld and homestead exemption 

laws of 608 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for.. .. 476 
instructions for taking depositions to he 

' used in 541 

insurance co's.. list of, in 287 

lawyers, list of, in 152 

list of county clerks in 868 

list of county officers in 364 

list of judges of court of chancery in. . . 366 
list ol lay judges of court of errors and 

appeals ." 866 

list of judiciary in 366 

list of sheriffs in 868 

list of supreme court judges in 866 

list of surrogates in 36S 

members of general assembly, list of, in 367 

members of legislature, list of, in 866 

members of senate, list of, in 366 

railroads, list of, in 439 

rate of interest in 623^ 


NEW JERSEY, rights of married women 

in 516 

summary of state courts of. 5C3 

NEW MEXICO territory, counties and 

county towns, list of, in 53 

executive government of 4;?1 

Indian agents, list of 258 

lawyers, list of, in 154 

list iif iudiciary in 431 

NEW YORK, banks, list of, in 801 

collection of debts, laws for. in 590 

counties and county towns, list of, in . . . 53 

execution of wills, laws for 619 

executive government of 368 

fire insurance co's., list of, in 287 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 498 

health insurance co's., list of, in 291 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 609 

instructions for executing, acknowli'dg- 

ing, and recording of deeds, for. 7. 476 
instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 543 

lawyers, list of, in 155 

litis insurance co's., list of, in 291 

list of county clerks in 435 

list of county officers in 4.35 

list of judges of court of appeals in . . . 369 

list of judiciary in 369 

list of sheriffs in 435 

marine insurance co's., list of, in 291 

members of assembly, list of, in 370 

members of legislature, list of, in 369 

memliers of senate, hst of, in 369 

railroads, list of, in 436 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women in 517 

summary of state courts of 569 

terms of state courts in, for Jan., Feb., 

and March, 1854 835 

for April, May, and June, 1S54 3S6 

for July, Ana:.. Sept., and Oct., 1854 ... 387 

for Nov. and Dec, 1854 888 

for Jan., Feb., March, and April, 1855 . 3S9 

for May, June, and July, 18;i5 890 

for Aug., Sept., and Oct., 1855 391 

for Nov. and Dec, 1855 392 

terms of supreme, and circuit, and courts 

of oyer and terminer for 1st judicial 

district 373 

2d judicial district 379 

od 3-^0 

4th 380 

5ih 382 

6th 382 

7ih 883 

8th 883 

city alms-house, board of governors of. 371 

city, county clerk's office in 373 

city, district attorney's office in 373 

city, foreign consuls residing in, list of. 276 

city, government of 371 

city, heads of departments in 371 

district courts, list of judges of 374 

city, marine court, list of judges of 874 

city, superior court, list of judges of 373 

city, list of board of aldermenin 372 

city, list of civil justices in 871 

city, list of board of councilmen 372 

city, list of courts in 373 

city, list of county officers in 371 

city, list of police courts, justices in 373 

city, list of societies and institutions in . 4.54 

city, sherifTs office in 373 

city, statistics of court of common pleas 

in 37T 

city, statistics of common pleas, special 

terra in 378 

city, statistics of marine court in 378 



NEW YORK city, statistics of superior court, 

naturalizalioti office 877 

city, statistics of superior court in 376 

city, statistics of superior court, general 

term in 876 

dty, statistics of superior court, special 

term in 377 

city, statistics of supreme court in 376 

city, statistics of supreme court, circuit 

in 376 

city, stntistics of supreme court, special 

term in 376 

city, statistics of United Slates circuit 

courts in 375 

city, statistics of U. S. district attorneys 

in 375 

city, statistics of U. S. district courts in . 374 
ciiy. steamers, etc., sailing fnim, list of. 452 

city, V. S. commissioner's court in 375 

city, V. S. district attr>rnev's office in.. . 374 
NORTH (WROLIN.A, banks', list of, in . .. 805 

colleclion of debts, laws for, in 591 

coinuies and county towns, list of, in .. 54 

exeruiidu i)f wills, laws for, in 620 

executive government 392 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 500 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 610 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recor((ing of deeds for . . . 478 
instructiiins for taking depositions to be 

used in 545 

lawyers, list of, in 186 

list (if county court clerks in 305 

list of county officers in 395 

list of judges of superior courts in 393 

list of judges of supreme court in 392 

list of judiciary in 892 

list of registers in 395 

list of sherilTs in 395 

members of house of commons, list of, 

in 393 

members of legislature, list of, in 893 

members of sennte, list of, in 393 

railroads, list of, in 441 

rate of inleresl in 622 

rights of married women in 518 

summarv of state Cfiurts of 570 

NOTAlUES'public, list of, in Missouri 361 

OBSERVATORY royal, officers, list of, In 

London 462 

OFFICE, adjntant-gineral's. in London 462 

communder-in-oliiefs. in London 462 

judge advocate-general's, in London. .. 462 

paym;ister-g('ner:il's, in I^ondon 462 

qnarlerniaster-generars, in London . . . 462 

war, in London 469 

OFFK'KKS, county, list of, in Wiscon-sin .. 428 
of the exchequer, of, in England . . 461 

OHIO, banks, list of, in ." 3ll5 

collection of debts, laws for, in 592 

counties and county towns, list of, in. .54, 55 

execution of wills, laws for, in 620 

executive government of 896 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 500 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 610 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 546 

insurance co's., list of, in 291 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for .. . . 478 

lawyers, list of, in 190 

list of auditors in 400 

list of clerks of common pleas in 899 

list of common pleas judges in 396 

list of coroners in 400 

OHIO list of judiciary in 396 

list of probate judges in 398 

list of prosecuting attorneys in 399 

list of recorders in 401 

list of sheriffs in 398 

listof supreme court judges in 896 

list of surveyors in 401 

list of treasurers in 401 

members of house of representatives, list 

of, in 39T 

members of legislature, list of, in 397 

members of senate, list of, in 397 

rate of interest in 622 

railroads, list of, in 442 

rights of married women in 51S 

summary of state courts of 571 

ORDNANCE boards, list of, in England.... 462 
field officers, list of 261 

ORDINARIES, list of, in South Carolina.. . . 410 

OREGON, executive government of 431 

Indian agents, list of 259 

lawyers, fist of. In 204 

list of judiciary in 431 

territory, counties and county towns, list 
of, in 65 

OYER and terminer, terms and circuits of, 

in New York 884 

and terminer, terms of, in New York. . . 878 

PACKETS, coastwise, list of, sailing from 

New York 452 

foreign, list of, sailing from New York.. 452 
inland, list of, sailing from New York.. 452 
don 462 

PAY of the navy per <^nnum, table of 266 

PENALTIES for usury in the various states 621 

PENNSYLVANIA, banks, list of in 806 

collection of debts, laws for, in 593 

common pleas judges, list of, in 403 

counties and county towns, list of. In.. . . 55 

execution of wills, laws for, in 620 

executive government of 408 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 501 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 612 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 478 

insurance co's., list of, in 291 

lawyers, list of, in 204 

list of supreme court judges in 403 

members of house of representatives, list 

of, in 404 

members of judiciary, list of, in 403 

members of senate, list of, in 404 

railroads, list of, in 439 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women in 519 

summary of state courts of 572 

PENSION agents, army, list of 259 

agents, navy, list of 259 

PHILADELPHIA, judges of district court, 

list of, in 403 

PLACES and times of holding U. S. district 

courts 271 

POLICE courts, list of justices in New York 

city : 873 

courts, list of judges in Mass.ichusetts. . . 853 
courts, special justices, list of, in Massa- 
chusetts 853 

courts, list of judges in Maine 349 

POOR law board, members of, list of, in 

London 461 

POSTAGES, inland, rates of 444 

table of, in United States 444 

POSTAGE to foreign countries, table of 44T 

POSTMASTERS in chief towns and cities, 

list of 263 

POSTS, military, list of 202 


POST-OFFICE deparUneiit, chk-f clerks. 

et''., list of 253 

POST-OFFICES, index of, wheru lawyers 

may be fouiifl 29 

and postmasters in California. ILst of 319 

PP.E3IDENTS of the United Slates, list of. 251 
PRESIDING judges of coimty courts, list of, 

in Kentucky 344 

PEE^OIPAL ports, coUectnrs of customs in 255 

PIUVY seal, officers of, in England 4(>3 

PKOBATE judges, list of, in Alabama 312 

Maine 349 

Massachusetts 363 

Michigan 3oS 

Missouri 350 

New Uampshire SG5 

Ohio 393 

Vermont 423 

registers, list of, in Massachusetts 854 

registers, list of, m New Hampsliire. . . 365 
PKOOF and acknowledgment of deeds, 

forms of, for every state 4S3 

PEOSECUTING attorneys, list of, in In- 
diana 333 

attorneys, list of, in Michigan 358 

attorneys, list of, in Ohio 399 

PUBLIC lands, surveyors-general, list of. . . 257 


in London 462 

QUEEK'S household, members of, in Eng- 
land 460 

QUEEN'S mint, officers of, in London 463 

RAILROADS, list of, in Alabama 441 

Connecticut 437 

Delaware 440 

Florida 441 

Oeorgia 441 

Illinois 443 

Indiana 443 

Kentucky 442 

Louisiana 442 

Maine 436 

Maryland 440 

Massachusetts 43T 

Michigan 448 

Mississippi 442 

Missouri 443 

New Hampshire 437 

New Jersey 439 

New York 436 

North Carolina 441 

Ohio 442 

Pennsylvania 439 

Rhode Island 437 

South Carolina 441 

Tennessee 442 

Vermont 437 

Virginia 440 

Wisconsin 443 

general table of, in U. S., showing their 
length, number, cost, etc 46 

RECEIVERS, connected with land office, 

list of 256 

REVENUE, inland,- list of offices of, in 

England 463 

RECORDERS, list of, in Indiana 3-33 

list of, in Iowa 341 

list of, in Ohio 401 

RECORDING, executing, and acknowledg- 
ment of deeds, instructions for 465 

RECRUITING depots 264 

REGISTERS connected with land office, 

list of 256 

of deeds. New Hampshire probate, list of 365 

of deeds, list of, in Massachusetts 365 

of deeds, list of, in Michigan 367 

of deeds, list of, in North Carolina 895 

of deeds, list of, in Wisconsin 428 

REGISTERS of probate, list of, in Mass. ... 354 

of wills, list of, in Maryland 351 

REGISTRAR-GENERAL, office of, in Lon- 
don 463 

of designs office in London 463 

RHODE ISLAND, banks, list of. in 307 

collection of debts, laws for. In 594 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . 5.5 

execution of wills, laws for, in G\^ 

executive government of 406 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for " 502 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 612 

instnictions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 479 

instrnctions for taking depositions to be 

used in 549 

insurance co's., list of, in 292 

lawyers, list of, in 216 

list of judges of supreme court in 406 

list of sheriffs in 407 

list of supreme court clerks in 407 

list of 'common pleas clerks in 407 

members of house of representatives, list 

of, in 406 

members of judiciary, list of, in 406 

members of legislature, list of, in 406 

members of senate, list of, in 406 

railroads, list of, in 437 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women in 519 

,'ummary of state courts of 573 

RIFLEMEN, mounted, field officers, list of 261 
EIGHTS of married women in every state . 508 
R(^ADS. metropolis, office of. in London. . . 463 

ROYAL family, members of English 459 

hospital for seamen, list of officers of, in 

London 462 

hospital schools, list of officers of, in 

London 462 

observatory, list of officers of, in London 462 

SAN FRANCISCO superior court, judge of 316 

SCHOOLS, royal hospital, list of officers of, 

in London 46'i 

SCOTLAND, government of 460 

SEAMEN, royal hospital for, list r/ officers 

of, in London 462 

SECRETARIES of legation to 

U. S. government, lisl oJ 275 

SENATE, members in Alabama^ list of 312 

Arkansas 314 

California 316 

Connecticut 321 

Florida '326 

Georgia 323 

Illinois 330 

Indiana 334 

Kentucky 343 

Maryland 350 

Massachusetts 352 

Michigan 366 

Mississippi 359 

New Hampshire 364 

New Jersey 366 

New York 369 

North Carolina 393 

Ohio 397 

Pennsylvania 404 

Rhode' Island 40G 

South Carolina 403 

Tennessee 411 

I'niied States 2S0 

Virginia 425 

SHERIFFS, list of, in Arkansas 314 

Coimecticut 324 

Illinois 831 

Indiana 340 

Kentucky 346 



SHERIFFS, list of, in Massachusetts 3St 

Michigan S5T 

Missouri ofij 

North Carolina 395 

New Jersey 308 

New York 435 

Ohio 398 

Rhode Island 40T 

South Carolina 4il9 

Texas 414 

Virginia 432 

Vermont 424 

Wisconsin 428 

ofl3ce in New York city 373 

SniPS. liabilities of owners of 59 

SOCIETIES and institutions in the city of 

New York, list of ". . 454 

SOLICITORS in Florida, list of 326 

circuit in Georgia, list of 328 

New Hampshire county, list of in 365 

SOUTH CAROLINA, banks, list of, in 3n8 

chancellors in equity, list of 407 

collection of deb^s, laws for, in 594 

counties and county towns, list of, in. .55, 56 

executive government of 4(i7 

execution of wills, laws for in 618 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 503 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 612 

insurance co's., list of, in 292 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 479 

instructions for taking depositions to be 

used in 550 

judges of general sessions and common 

pleas, list of, in 408 

lawyers, list of, in 217 

list of clerks of courts in 409 

list of commissioners of equity in 4l)8 

list of judiciary in 407 

list of ordinaries in 410 

members of legislature, list of, in 408 

members of senate, list of, in 408 

railroads, list of, in .' 441 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women in 519 

list of sheriffs in 409 

summary of state courts of 573 

SQUADRONS, list of commanders of 265 

STATE attorneys, list of, in Connecticut ... 324 
courts, synopsis of the constitution and 

jurisdiction of 5.54 

department of, listof chief clerks, etc., in 251 
paper office in London, list of ofScers 
connected with 463 

STATES and territories, governors, list of. . 283 

attorneys, list of, in Maryland 351 

times of meeting of legislatures of, hold- 
ing elections in, and capitals of 46 

STEAMBOATS, liability of owners of ,59 

supervising inspectors of 200 

STEAMERS sailing from the citv of New 

York, list of ". 452 

ST. LOUIS, list of iudges of courts in 360 

SUPERINTENDENT of Indian aETairs in 

Washington territory 259 

SUPERIOR court of judicature, ofjudges 

of, in New Hampshire T. . 354 

court, statistics of, in Ni-w Ycirk city . . . 376 
court — naturalization office, statistics of, 

in New York city 377 

court — special term, statistics of, in New 

York city 377 

court— general term, statistics of, in 

New York city 377 

court. New York, list ofjudges in 373 

courts, list ofjudges in North Carolina. 893 
court of chancery, list of judges in Mis- 
sissippi 359 

SUPERIOR court, clerks in New Hamp- 
shire, list of 365 

court, judges of, San Francisco, list of. . 316 

court, judges of, Delaware, list of 325 

SUPREMK court circuit, statistics of, in New 

York city 376 

court, list of judges in Arkansas 313 

California 315 

Florida 326 

Georgia 327 

Illinois 330 

Indiana 333 

Iowa 341 

Louisiana 347 

Michigan 356 

Missouri 360 

New York 369 

New Jersey 866 

North Carolina 392 

Ohio 896 

Pennsylvania 403 

Tennessee 410 

Texas 412 

Rhode Island 406 

court, listof clerks in Rhode Island 407 

court — special term, statistics of, in New 

York city 376 

court, statistics of, in New York city . . . 375 

court, list of clerks in Vermont 424 

court, justices of Alabama, list of 311 

court, terms of, in New York 378 

and superior court in Connecticut 321 

judicial court, list ofjudges in Mass 352 

judicial court, judges of, in Maine, list of 348 
judicial court, clerks in Massachusetts, 

list of, in 353 

SUPERVISING inspectors of steamboats, 

list of 260 

SURROGATES, list of, in New Jersey. . . 368 
SURVEYORS connected with land office, 

list of 256 

county, list <>f, in Ohio 401 

general of the public lands, list of 257 

SYNOPSIS of the constitution and jurisdic- 
tion of the several state courts of all 
the states 554 

TABLE pay, etc., of army officers 264 

TENNESSEE, banks, list of, in 308 

collection of debts, laws for, in 594 

counties and county towns, list of, in .. 56 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive government of 410 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 504 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 613 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 479 

instructions for taking depositions for. . 550 

insur.ance co's., list of, in 292 

lawyers, list of, in 220 

list of circuit judges in 411 

list ofjudges of court of chancery in . . . 411 

list of judiciary in 410 

list of supreme court judges in 410 

members of house of representatives, 

list of in 411 

members of legislature, list of, in 411 

members of senate, list of, in 411 

railroads, list of, in 442 

rate of interest in 622 

rights ol' married women in 520 

summary of state courts of 574 

TERMS and circuits of the supreme court in 

New York 384 

TERRITORIES, governors, list of 283 

TEXAS, appendix to list of counties in 58 

collection of debts, laws for, in 595 

counties and county towns in 56, 57 


TEXAS, county officers, list of, in 414 

execution of wills, laws for, in 620 

executive government of 412 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 505 

household and homestead exemption 

laws of 614 

instructions for executing, aclinowledg- 

ing, and recording of deeds for 4S0 

instructions for taking depositions for. . . 551 

lawyers, list of, in 226 

list of district attorneys in 414 

list of district clerks in 414 

list of district court judges in 412 

list of county chief justices in 414 

list of county clerks in 414 

list of judiciary in 412 

list of sheriffs in 414 

list of supreme court judges in 412 

members of house of representatives. . . 413 

list of members of legislature in 412 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women in 520 

suTnmary of state courts of 576 

TITHES, commissioners of, in England . . . 403 

TOPOGEAPIIICAL engineers, field offi- 
cers, list of 261 

TOWNS and -villages, index of, showing 

where lawyers may be found 29 

TEADE, board of, "in England 461 

TREASUEEES in Indiana, list of 337 

in Ohio, list of 401 

TEEASUET department, chief clerks, etc.,. 252 
lords commissioners of, in England .... 461 

UNITED STATES attorneys, list of. 270 

charges d'affaires, accredited to, list of.. 276 
circuit courts, statistics of, in N. Y. city. 374 

commissiimers court in N. T. city 375 

consuls and commercial agents of. resid- 
ing in foreign countries, list of. 2T3 

circuit courts, list of judges of. 269 

circuit courts, times of holding 269 

district attorney's oiBce in New York . . 374 
district attorney's office, statistics of, in 

New York city 375 

district courts, list of clerks of 270 

district courts, list of judges, attorneys, 

marshals, and clerks of. 270 

district courts, statistics of, in N. Y. city 375 

executive government of 251 

flre, marine, and life insurance com- 
panies, list of, in 284 

foreign consuls residing in, list of 277 

foreign ministers and their secretaries 

accredited to, list of 275 

house of representatives, list of members 281 

Indian agents, list of 25S 

judiciary, list of. 269 

banks, list of in 293 

list of railroads in 436 

marshals, list of 270 

ministers and diplomatic agents of, in 

foreign couniries. list of. 272 

ministers foreign, resident in, list of 276 

presidents of, list of 251 

rates of postage in 444 

government officers in N. Y. city 373 

senate, list of members of 280 

ITSTJEY, penalties for, in the varlnus states. . 621 

UTAH, executive government of. 432 

list of judiciary in 432 

YEEMONT, banks. Ust in 309 

collection of debts, laws for, in 595 

counties and county towns, Ust of, in . . . 67 

execution of wills, laws for, in 620 

executive government of 422 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 
deedsfor 606 

VERMONT, household and homestead ex- 

— • emption, laws of 614 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and reconling of deeds for. ... 481 
instructions for taking depositions for. . . 552 

judges of circuit courts in, list of 42S 

judges of probate in, list of 423 

lawyers, list of, in 281 

clerks of supreme and county courts 424 

list of judiciary in 423 

list of sheriffs in 424 

railn>ads, list of, in 437 

rate of interest in C22 

rights of married women in 520 

summary of state courts of. 577 

list of judges of county courts in 423 

list of supreme court judges in 423 

VESSELS, liability of owners of 59 

of war of the'U. S. navy, list of. 267 

VIEGINI A, banks, list of, in 3u9 

circuit courts, list of judges in 426 

collection of debts, laws for. in 595 

counties and county towns, list of, in.. 57, 5S 

execution of wills, laws for, in 620 

executive government, list of 424 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for. 506 

household and homestead exemption, 

laws of 615 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 481 

instructions for taking depositions for. . . 552 

lawyers, list of in 235 

list of circuit court clerks in 43-2 

list of county court clerks in 4-32 

list of county officers in 432 

list of judiciary in 425 

list of sheriffs in 432 

members of house of delegates, list of, in 425 

members of legislature, of, in 425 

members of senate, list of, in 425 

railroads, list of, in 440 

rate of interest in 622 

rights of married women in 521 

summary of state courts of 578 

WAE department, list ofchief clerks, etc., in 252 
office in London 462 

WASHINGTON territory, executive of 432 

territory, lawyers, lis't of, in 245 

territory, list of judiciary in 4-32 

territ' iry, Indian affairs of 259 

WILLS, instructions for the execution of.. . . 616 
reofisti-rs of, in Maryland, list of 351 

WISCONSIN banks, list or. in 310 

collection of debts, laws for, in 596 

county judges, list of, in 427 

counties and county towns, list of, in. . . . 58 

county officers, list of, in 428 

execution of wills, laws for, in 618 

executive goyernment 427 

form of acknowledgment and proof of 

deeds for 507 

household and homestead exemption, 

laws of G15 

instructions for executing, acknowledg- 
ing, and recording of deeds for 481 

instructions for taking depositions for. . . 553 

lawyers, list of in 246 

list of circuit judges in 427 

list of clerks, circuit court, in 428 

list of judiciary in 427 

list of registers of deeds in 423 

railroads, list of, in 443 

rate of interest in 623 

rights of married women in 521 

sheriffs, list of, in 428 

summary of state courts of. 579 

WOOdS and forests, commissioners of, in 

England, list of 4«a 





Abbeville, Ala 

Abbeville, S. C 21 

Aberdeen, Miss 1-42 

Aberdeen, O 191 

Abingdon, Va 2-45 

Abington, Conn 78 

Abrabams Plains, N. C.-187 

Accomac, Va 235 

Adairsville, Geo 81 

Adams, C. H. Wis 246 

Adams, Mass 127 

Adams, N.Y J 162 

Addison, N. Y 162 

Adell, Iowa. 102 

Adrian, Mich 137 

iEtna, Va 239 

Agency City, Iowa 105 

Alien, S. C 217 

Aikin's Store, Ari 72 

Akron, 202 

Albany, Geo 81 

Albany, Ind 96 

Albany, Ky 107 

Albany, N. Y 155 

Albany, Oregon 204 

Albany. Wis 24^ 

Albemarle, N. C 189 

Albia, Iowa 104 

Albion, ni 89 

Albion, Ind 99 

Albion, Maine 120 

Albion, Mich 135 

Albion, N. Y 179 

Alburgh, Vt 233 

Alden, N. Y 160 

Alexandria, Ala 65 

Alexandria, Ky 107 

Alexandria, La 11 

Alexandria, Mo 145 

Alexandria, O 198 

Alexandria, Pa 208 

Alexandria, Tenn 221 

Alexandria, Va 235 

Alfred, Me 122 

Alfred, N.Y 156 

Allegan, Mich 135 

Allegany, N. Y 156 

Allendale, Mich 138 

Aliens Fresh. Md 126 

Allensville, Ind. 101 

Allentown, Pa 209 

Allenton, Ala 70 

Alligator, Fla 79 

Allisom-ille. Ind 99 

Alloway, N. Y 185 

Almond, N. Y 156 

Alton, 111 91 

Alton, N.H 150 

Alton, Tex. 227 

Alton Hill, Tenn 223 

Ambler's I^Iill, Va 241 

Amelia, C. H. Va 235 

Amelia, O 192 

Americus, Geo 86 

Amesbury, Mass 128 

Amesville, 191 

Amherst, Mass 129 

Amherst, N. H 151 

Amherst C. H., Va 235 

Amity,N.Y 156! 

67 Amsterdam, N. Y 165 

Anahuac, Tex 229 

Anamosa, Iowa 104 

Ancram, N. Y 158 

-indalusia, Ala, 66 

Anderson, Ind 98 

-Anderson, S. C 217 

Anderson, Tes 228 

Anderson's Store, N. C 18 

.Andrew, Iowa 104 

.•\ndover, 111 90 

Andover, Mass 128 

Andover, N.H 151 

.indover, N. Y 156 

Andover, 190 

.■Angelica, N.Y 156 

Angola, Ind 101 

Annapolis, Md 123 

Ann Arbor, Mich 138 

Annsville, Hiss 143 

Auniville, N. Y 17 

Anthony's Shoals, Geo 83 

Antioch, 111 9i 

Antwerp, 200 

-Antwerp, N. Y 162 

Apalachicola, Fla 79 

Apollo, Penn 20: 

Appleton, Me 122 

Appleton, Wis 248 

Appling, Geo 82 

.4ppomatox C. H., Va 235 

Aquasco, Md. 126 

Argusville, N.Y 182 

Argyle, N. Y 184 

Arkadelphia, Ark 70 

Arkansas Post, Ark 70 

Arlington, Vt 231 

Arrarat, Va 243 

Asbury, N. J 15-:; 

Ashboro, N. C 189 

Asheville, N. C 186 

Ashford, Conn 78 

Ashland, 190 

Ashtabula, 190 

Ashville, Ala 69 

Assonett Village, Mass 128 

Assumption, La 113 

Astoria, Oregon 204 

Athens, Ala 6' 

Athens, Geo 82 

Athens, 111 92 

Athens, Penn 224 

Athens, La 114 

Athens, Me 121 

Athens, Mo 146 

Athens, N. Y. 161 

Athens, O 19i 

Athens, Penn 206 

Athens, Texas 228 

Athol, Mass 134 

Atkinson. N. H 151 

-Atlanta, Geo 82 

Attica, Ind 96 

Attica, N. Y 185 

Attica, 202 

.•ittleborough, Mass 128 

Auburn, Ala 67 

Auburn, Ind. 96 

Auburn P. O., Mo 14 

Augusta. .4rk 71 

Augusta, Geo 85 

Augusta, Ky 106 

.4ug-usta, Miss 143 

Augusta, Me 120 

Augiista, Mo 148 

Augusta, N.J 153 

Aurelius, N. Y 157 

Aurora, 111 90 

Aurora, Ind 96 

Aurora, 201 

Aurora, N. Y 160 

Au Sable Forks, N. Y 161 

Austin, Texas 230 

.■Austin's Ferry, Tenn 222 

Aviston, 111 88 

Avoca, N.Y 183 

Avon, Me 119 

.4. von, P.O., Mo 148 

Avon, N. Y 163 

Ayletts, Va 241 

Babylon. N. Y 183 

Bailey's Prairie, Texas 226 

Bainbridge, Ga 82 

Bainbridge, Ky 107 

Bainbridse, N. Y 158 

Bainbridee, O 194 200 

Bakersfield, Vt 232 

Bald wins ville, N. Y 177 

Ballston Spa, N. Y ] 81 

Ballstown, Ind 100 

Ballsville, Va 243 

Baltimore, Md 122 

Bangor, Me 121 

Banckton, near Kinsale, 

P.O., Va 245 

Baraboo, Wis 214 

Barboursville, Ky 110 

Bardstown, Ky Ill 

Bamesville, Ga 85 

Barnesvills, O 191 

Barnet, Vt 232 

Barnstable. Mass 127 

Barnstead, N. H 150 

Barnwell C. H, S. C 217 

Barre, Mass 134 

Barre, Vt 234 

Barry, 111 93 

Barryton, Ala 66 

Barton, Vt 233 

Barton Landing, Vt 233 

Bastrop, La 115 

Bastrop, Tex 226 

Batai-ia, 111 90 

Batavia, N. Y 161 

Batavia, 192 

Batesville, Ark 71 

Batesville, Mo 144 

Bath, 111 9S 

Bath, Me 120 

Bath, N. H 150 

Bath, N. Y 183 

Bath C. H., Va 236 

Baton Rouge P. O.. La 113 

Baton Rouge City. La 113 

Battle Creek, Mich 136 

Bazetta, 202 

Beachland, Geo 82 

Beanstation, Tenn 222 

Auburn, N.Y I57I Bear Creek, Ark 71 



Beardstown, 111 88 

Bear Tent, Cal 75 

Beattie'sFord, N. C 188 

Beaufort, N. C 187 

Beaufort, S. C 217 

Beaumout, Tex. 229 

Beaver, Pa 205 

Beaver Creek, Va 236 

Beaver Dam, Va 239 

Beaver Dam, Wis 246 

Beaver Meadow, Pa 206 

Bedford, Ind 98 

Bedford. Ky 112 

Bedford, N. Y 185 

Bedford, Pa 205 

Bel Air, Geo 86 

Bel Air, Md 126 

Belchertown, Mass 129 

Belfast, Me 122 

Belfast, N. Y 156 

Belle Centre, O 198 

Bellefoutaine, O 198 

Bellefonte, Ala 67 

Bellefonte, Pa 206 

Belville, Fla "" 

Belville, 111 93 

Belville, N. J 153 

Belville, N.Y 162 

Belleville, Texas 226 

Bellevue, Iowa 104 

BeBeville, La 113 

Bellevue, Mich 136 

Bellevue, O 197 

Bellows Falls, Vt 234 

Belmont, Wis 247 

Beloit, Wis 249 

Belton, Texas 226 

Belvidere, 111 87 

Belvidere, N. J 153 

Bennett's Mills, Va 241 

Bennettsville, S. C 219 

Bennington, Vt 231 

Bennington Centre,Vt 231 

Benson, Vt 233 

Benton, Ala 67 

Benton, Ark 72 

Benton, 111 89 

Benton, Ky Ill 

Benton, Maine 120 

Benton, Miss 144 

Benton, Mo 148 

Benton, Tenn 224 

Benton, Wis 247 

Bentonville, Ark 70 

Berger's Store, Va 243 

Berkeley Springs, Va 24' 

Berkshire, Vt 232 

Berlin, Md 127 

Berlin, Mass 134 

Berlin, N.Y 180 

Berlin, Tenn 223 

Berlin, Wis 247 

Bern, N.Y 1.56 

Berrien Springs, Mich 135 

Berry's Ferry, Va 237 

Berry ville, Va 237 

Berwick, Pa 207 

Berzelia, Geo 82 

Bestland, Va 238 

Bethany, Mo 146 

Bethany, Va 236 

Bethel, Geo 83 

Bethel, Me 120 

Bethel, Vt 234 

Beverly, Mass 128 

Beverly, 203 

Beverly, Va 243 

Bexar, Ala 68 

Biddeford, Me 122 

Big Lick, Va 244 

Billerica, Mass 130 

Biloxi, Miss 141 

Binghampton, N. Y 156 

Birmingham, 193 

Bishopsville, S. C 219 

Bivingsville, S. C 219 

BlacktordC. H.,lnd 95 

Black Bird, Del 78 

Blacksburg, Va 242 

Blacks & Whites, Va 242 

Blackstone, Mass 134 

Black Walnut, Va 239 

Bladensburgh, Md 126 

Bladon Springs, Ala 66 

Blairsville, Geo 86 

Blairsville, Pa 208 

Black River Falls, Wis 250 

Black Wolf, Wis 247 

Black Rock, N.Y' 160 

Blakely, Geo 83 

Blancheston, 1 92 

Blandville, Ky 106 

Blissfield, Mich 137 

Bloomfield, Ind 97 

Bloomfield, Iowa 103 

Bloomtield, Me 121 

Bloomfield, Mo 149 

Bloomingburgh, N. Y 183 

Blooming Grove, Ind 97 

Bloomington, 111 92 

Bloomington, Ind 99 

Bloomington, Mo 147 

Bloomsburg, Pa 207 

Blossburg, Pa 214 

Blountsville, Ala 65 

Blountville, Tenn 225 

Bluehill, Me 120 

Blue Plumb, Tenn 225 

Blue Ridge, Va 236 

Blutfton, Ind 102 

Board's Store, Va 236 

Bolivar, Ark 72 

Bolivar, Miss 140 

Bolivar, Mo 148 

Bolivar, N. Y 156 

Bolivar, O ;^ 203 

Bolivar, Tenn 222 

Bonham, Tex 227 

Bonnet Carre, La — 117 

Booneville, Iowa 102 

Boonville, Ind 102 

Boonville, Ky 112 

Boonville, Mo 145 

Boonville, N. Y 177 

Booneville, Tex 226 

Bordentown, N. J 152 

Boston, Mass 131 

Boston, Tex 226 

Bowdoiuham, Me 120 

Bowensville, Ga 81 

Bowersville, 194 

Bowling Green, Ind 95 

Bowling Green, Ky 112 

Bowling Green, Mo 147 

Bowling Green, Va 237 

Boydtown, Va 241 

Boylston, Mass 134 

Braceville, O 202 

Bradford, N. H 151 

Bradford, Vt 233 

Brain tree. Mass 130 

Brandenberg; Ky Ill 

Brandon, Miss 143 

Brandon, Vt 233 

Brandonville, Va 243 

Brasher Fails, N. Y 182 

Brattleboro' Vt 234 

Braxton, C. H., Va 236 

Brazil, Ind 95 

Brays' Hill, N. J 153 

Brazoria, Tex 226 

Brenham, Tex 231 

Brentsville, Va 243 

Brest, Mich 137 

Brewster, Mass 127 

Bridgehampton, N. Y 183 

Bridafport, Conn 75 

Bridgeport, Pa 210 

Bridgport, Vt 231 

Bi'idgwater, Mass 131 

Bridgwater, N. Y 177 

Bridgeton, N J 152 

Bridgeton, Me 119 

Briggs Mills, Ky Ill 

Brighton, Mich 137 

Bi-istol, Conn 76 

Bristol, 111 91 

Bristol, R.1 216 

Bristol, Me 120 

Bristol, N. H 150 

Bristol, N. Y 178 

Bristol, Pa 206 216 

Bristol, Vt, 231 

Broadalbin, N.Y 161 

Brockport, N. Y 164 

Brookfield, Conn 75 

Brookfield, N. Y 164 

Brookfield, Vt 233 

Brookline, Mass 130 

Brooklyn, Conn 78 

Brooklyn, N. Y 162 

Brooksville, Ky 106 

Brooksville, Miss 143 

Brooksville, Va 235 

Brookville, Ind 97 

Brookville, Pa 209 

Brownstown, Ind 97 

Brownsville, Ark 'K 

Brownsville, Ky 108 

Brownsville, N. C 187 

Brownsville, Pa 208 

Brownsville, Tenn 222 

Browmsville, Tex 227 

Brownville, N. Y 162 

Brunswick, Geo 83 

Brunswick, Me 110 

Brunswick, Mo 145 

Bi-ulngton, Va 241 

Bryan, 203 

Bryant's Station, Mo 148 

Bryantsville, Ky 108 

Buchannon, Va 245 

Buckfield, Me 120 

Buckingham C. H., Va 236 

Buckland, Conn 76' 

Bucksport, Me 120 

Bucyrus, 192 

Buena Vista Geo 84 

Buffalo, Mo 145 

Buffalo, N. Y 160 

Buford's Bridge, S. C 217 

Bull Town, Va 236 

Bunker Hill, 111 91 

Bunker Hill, Iowa 102 

Burdett, N. Y 184 

Burke, Vt 232 

Burkeville, Texas 229 

Burksville, Ky 107 

Burlirgton, Iowa 103 

Burlington, Ky 106 

Burlington, La 114 

Burlington, N.J 152 

Burlington, N. Y 179 

Burlington, Vt 232 

Burlington, Wis 248 

Burns ville, N. C 190 

Burnt Ordinary, Va 240 

Burntville Va 236 

Burr Oak Flats, Ind 99 

Burton, 194 



Bushville, Geo 83 

Butler, Ala 66 

Butler, Geo 86 

Butler, Mo 146 

Butler, Pa 206 

Butter Nutts, N. Y 179 

Cabell C. H. Va 236 

Cabin Point, Va 244 

Cabot, Vt 232 

Cadiz, Ky 112 

Cadiz, 197 

Cahaba, Ala 

Cahokia, 111 94 

Ca Ira, Va 237 

Cairo, 111 87 

Cairo,N. Y 161 

Calais, Me 122 

Calais, Vt 234 

Caldwell, Tex 226 

Caledonia, N. Y 163 

Caledonia, Tenn 222 

Caledonia, Tex 230 

Calhoun, Geo 83 

Calhonn, Ky 107 

Calhoun. Mo 146 

Calhoun, Tenn 224 

Calitornia, Mo 147 

Callaghans, Va 235 

Caluniet, Wis 246 

Camargo, Misa 143 

Cambridge, 111 90 

Cambridge, Md 126 

Cambridge, Jlass 130 

Cambridge, Mich 13 

Cambrtdge, N. Y 184 

Cambridge, 194 

Cambidge, Vt 233 

Cambridge, Wis 246 

Cambridge City, Ind 102 

Cambridge Fort, Mass 130 

Camden, Ala 70 

Camden, Ark 72 

Camden, Mich 136 

Camden, Miss 142 

Camden, N. J 152 

Camden, N. Y 177 

Camden C. H., N. C 186 

Camden, S. C 218 

Camden, Tenn 220 

Cameron, Tex 229 

Camillue, N. Y 178 

Campbell, C. H., Va 236 

Campbell sville, Ky 112 

Campbellton, Geo 81 

Canaan, Conn 7(3 

Canaan, Me 121 

Canaan, N. H 150 

Canaan 4 Corners, N. Y. 158 

Canajoharie, N. Y 165 

Canal, Dover, 203 

Canal Fulton, 202 

Canandaigua, N. Y 178 

Canastota, N. Y 161 

Canisteo, N. Y 183 

Caneadea, N. Y 156 

Canfield, 199 

Cannelton, Ind 100 

Canton, Ala 70 

Canton, Geo 82 

Canton, 111 89 

Canton Mills, Me 121 

Canton, Miss 142 

Canton, Mo 146 

Canton, N. Y 182 

Canton, Va 231 

Canton, 202 

Cape Au Gray, Mo 147 

Canton, Penn 206 

Cape Girardeau, Mo 145 

Cape Vitu, Va 242 

Cape Vincent, >f. Y 162 

Carbondale, P 209 

Cardington, 200 

Carlinville, 111 91 

Carlilc, Ind 101 

Carlisle, Iowa 105 

Carli41e, Ky Ill 

Carlisle, 191 

Carlisle, N. Y 182 

Carlisle, Pa 207 

Carlisle, 111 88 

Carlton's Store, Va 241 

Carmel, Me 121 

Carmel, N. Y 180 

Carmi, 111 94 

Games ville, Geo 83 

Caroline, N. Y 184 

Corrollton, Ala 69 

Carrollton, Ark 70 

Carrollton, Geo 81 

Carrollton, 111 90 

Carrollton, Ky 107 

Carrollton, La. 114 

Carrollton, Miss 140 

Carrollton, Mo 145 

Carrollton, 191 

Cartersville, Geo 81 

Cartersville, Va 237 

Carthage, 111 90 

Carthage, Ky 107 

Caribage, Miss 142 

Cartharge, Mo 146 

Carthage, Tenn 225 

Carthage, N. Y 162 

Carthage, N. C 

Carthage, Tex 229 

Casco, Me 119 

Cassapolis, Mich 136 

Cassville, Geo 81 

Cassville, Mo 144 

Cassville, N. Y 177 

Castine, Me 120 

Castleton, N. Y 181 

Castleton, Vt 233 

Castroville, Tex 229 

Cathwisse, Pa 207 

Cato, N. Y 157 

Catskill, N. Y 161 

Cavendish, Vt 234 

Cave Spring, Geo 83 

Cazenovia, N. Y 164 

Cecilton, Md 125 

Cedar Bluff, Ala 65 

Cedar Bayou, Tex. 229 

Cedarburg, Wis 248 

Cedar Falls, Iowa 102 

Cedar Falls, N. C 189 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 104 

Cedar Town, Geo 85 

Celina, O 199 

Central Point, Va. 237 

Central Village, Conn 78 

Centre, Ala 65 

Centre Conway, N. H. .. 150 

Centre Cross, Va. 238 

Centre Harbor, N. H 150 

Centre\-ille, Ala 65 

Centreville, Del 78 

Centreville, Ind 102 

Centreville, Iowa 102 

Centreville, Md 127 

Centreville, Mich 138 

Centreville, Tenn 222 

Centrerille, Tex. 229 

Chagrin Falls, 192 

Chambersburgh, Penn. ..208 

Chambersia, Tex. 229 

Champlain, N. Y 158 

Chancellorsville, Va, 244 

ChapelHill, N. C.........189 

Chapel Hill, Tex 231 

Chariton, Iowa 104 

Chardoii, 194 

Charlemont, Mass 129 

Charles City Co. C. H. Va.237 

Gharleston, 111 88 

Charleston, Miss 143 

Charleston, Mo 147 

Charleston, S. C 217 

Chorlestown, Ind. 95 

Charlestown, Mass 130 

Charlestown, N. H. 152 

Charlestown, Va 240 

Charloe, 200 

Charlotte, Mich 136 

Charlotte, N. C 188 

Charlotte, Tenn 221 

Charlotte C. H. Va 237 

Charlottesville, Va 235 

Chattanooga, Tenn 222 

Chateauguay, N. Y 161 

Chatham, N. Y 158 

Chatham, Conn 77 

Chatham, Va 243 

Chatham, Four Corners, 

N. Y 159 

Chaumont, N. Y 162 

Chazy, N. Y 158 

Chelsea, N.Y 181 

Chelsea, Vt 233 

Chepachet, R. 1 216 

Cheraw, S. C 218 

Cherryfield, Me 122 

Cherry Valley, N. Y 179 

Cheshire, Mass 127 

Chesnut Bluffs, Tenn 221 

Chester, 111 93 

Chester, Mass 129 

Chester, N. H 151 

Chester, N. Y 179 184 

Chester, 199 

Chester, Pa 207 

Chester, S. C 218 

Chester, Vt 234 

Chesterfield, Mass 129 

Chesterfield, N. H 150 

Chesterfield, C. H., Va 237 

Ohesterto wn, Md 126 

Chicago, 111 88 

Chickaswatchie, Geo 84 

Chickopee, Mass 129 

Chillcothe, Mo 147 

Chillcothe,0 200 

Chilton Centre, Wis 246 

China, Me 129 

China, N. Y 185 

China Grove, Ala 69 

Chinese Camp, Cal 75 

Chittenango, N. Y 164 

Christiana, Wis 246 

Christiansburg, Va 242 

Chulahoma, Miss 142 

Church Hill, Md 126 

Cicero, N. Y 178. 

Cincinnatti, 195 

Cincinnatus, N. Y 159 

Circleville, O 201 

City of Austin, Tex. 230 

Claiborne, Ala 68 

Claremont, N. tt 152 

Clarion, Penn 207 

Clark, C. H.Oregon 204 

Clarksburg, Ky 110 

Clarksburg, Va" 159 

Clark's Factory, N. Y 159 

Clarkson, N. Y 164 

Clarkstown, N.Y 181 

Clarksville,Ark 71 

Clarksville, Geo 83 

Clarksville, N. Y 180 



Clarksville, Tenn 224 

Clarksville, Tex 230 

Clarksville, Va 242 

Claverack, N. Y. 159 

Clayton, Ala 65 

Clayton, Geo 85 

Clayton, Iowa 103 

Clearfield, Penn 207 

Cleveland, Ind 97 

Clermont, N. Y 159 

Cleveland, N. Y 179 

Cleveland, 192 

Cleveland, Tenn 220 

Clifton, N. Y 181 

Clifton, 194 

Clifton Park, N. Y 181 

Clifty, Ind. 9(3 

Clinton, Ala 66 

Clinton, Geo 84 

Clinton, 111 89 

Clinton, Ind 101 

Clinton, Ky 109 

Clinton, La 114 

Clinton, Mass 134 

Clinton, Mo 143 

Clinton, N. J 153 

Clinton, N. Y 177 

Clinton, N. C 189 

Clinton, Tenn 220 

Clinton, Tex 2r 

Clintonville. N. Y 158 

Clockville, N. Y 164 

Clyde, N. Y 185 

Clymer, N. Y 15' 

Coal Mines, Va 237 

Coeymans, N. Y 156 

Cobleskill, N. Y 182 

Coffee, Ind 95 

Coffeeville, Miss 144 

Cohocton, N. Y 183 

Cohoes, N. Y 156 

Col chestor, Conn 77 

Cold Run, Geo 83 

Cold Spring, N. Y 180 

Cold Spring, Texas 229 

Col dwater, Mich 135 

Colebrook, N. H 150 

Coleraine, Mass.: 129 

Colerain, N. C 186 

CoUegeville, Ark 72 

Collinsville, Conn '76 

Colton, N. \ 182 

Colts Neck, N. J 153 

Coloma, Cal 73 

Columbia, Ala 67 

Columbia, Ark 70 

Columbia, Cal 75 

Columbia, Conn 77 

Columbia, Ky 106 

Columbia, La. 114 

Columbia, Me 101 

Columbia, Miss 142 

Columbia, Mo 145 

Columbia, N. C 189 

Columbia, Penn 200 

Cohimbia, S. C 319 

Columbia, Tenn 223 

Columbia, Texas 226 

Columbia, Va 239 

Columbiana, Ala 69 

Columbus, Geo 85 

Columbus, Ind 95 

Columbus, Iowa 102 

Columbus, Miss 142 

Columbus, 194 

Columbus, Penn 215 

Columbus, Tex 227 

Columbus, W^is 246 

Columbus City, Iowa 104 

Colusa, Cal 73 

Comae, N. Y 183 

©oncord. Mass 130 

Concord, N. H 151 

Concord, N. C 186 

Concord, 198 

Concord, Tex 198 

Conneaut, 190 

ConneautMeadows,VVis.. .248 

Conneautville, Penn 207 

Connersville, Ind 96 

Conrad Store, Va 244 

Constantine, Mich 138 

Contoocookville, N. H 151 

Convent, La 117 

Conway, N. H 150 

Conwaj'boro, S. C 212 

Coopersburg, Pa 200 

Cooperstown, N. Y 180 

Copake, N. Y 159 

Copenhagen, N. Y 163 

Coram, N. Y 183 

Corinna, Me 121 

Corunna, Mich 138 

Coiinth, Vt 233 

Corning, N. Y 183 

Cornish, Me 122 

Coi-nish, N. H 152 

Cornwall, N. Y 179 

Corpus Christi, Texas 220 

Corsicana, Tex 229 

Cortland Village, N. Y...159 

Corydon,Ind 97 

Coshocton, 192 

Condersport, Pa 214 

Council Bluff City, Iowa... 105 

Courtland, Ala 67 

Coventry, Vt 233 

Covington, Geo 85 

Covington, Ind 96 

Covington, Ky 110 

Covington, La 118 

Covington, Pa 214 

Covington, Tenn 225 

Covington, Va 235 

Coxsackie, N. Y 162 

Craftsbury, Vt 233 

Carey, 203 

Crawford, Ala 69 

Crawfordsville, Ind 94 

Crawfordville, Geo 86 

Crescent, N. Y 181 

Crittenden, Ky 108 

Crockett, Tex 226 

Cross Plains, Ala 65 

Cross Plains, Tenn 224 

Croton Falls, N. Y 185 

Crown Point, Ind 98 

Crown Point, N. Y 161 

Croydon, N. H 151 

Cuba, 111 89 

Cuba,N. Y 156 

Culloden, Geo 85 

Cumberland, Md 123 

Culpepper, C. H., Va 237 

Cumberland, C. H. Va 237 

Cumberland Gap, Tenn....220 

Gumming, Geo 83 

Curdsville, Va 236 

Currituck, N. C 187 

Cuthbert, Geo 85 

Cayahoga Falls, 202 

Cynthian, Oregon 204 

Cynthiana, Ky 109 

Dadeville, Ala 70 

Dahlonega, Geo 

Dallas, Geo 85 

Dallas, Tex 22' 

Dallas, N. C 187 

Dallasport, Ark 71 

Dalton, Geo 87 

Dalton, Mass 127 

Damariscotta 120 

Danbury, Conn 75 

Danbury, N. C 189 

Danbury, N. H 150 

Danby, Vt 233 

Dandridge, Tenn 222 

Dangerfield, Tex 230 

Danielsville, Geo 84 

Danvers, Mass 128 

Danville, Ark 73 

Danville, Geo 86 

Canville, 111 94 

Danville, Ind 97 

Danville, Mo 147 

Danville, Penn 210 

Danville, fcx 229 

Danville, Vt 232 

Danville, Va 243 

Darien, Geo 84 

Darien, Wis 249 

Darlinsrton, Md 126 

Darlington, 8. C. 218 

Darlington, Wis 247 

Dartford, Wis 247 

Davenport, Iowa 105 

Davenport, N. Y 159 

Dayton, Ala 67 

Dayton, 200 

Deansville, N. Y 177 

Deatonville, Va 235 

Decatur, Ala 69 

Decatur, Geo 83 

Decatur,Ill 91 

Decatur, Ind 95 

Decatur, Mich 138 

Decatur, Miss 143 

Decatur, Wis 247 

Decaturville, Tenn 221 

Deckertown, N.J 154 

Decorah, Iowa 105 

Dedham, Mass 130 

Deep River, Conn 77 

Deerfield, Mass 229 

Deerfield, N. H 151 

Defiance, Ohio 193 

De Kalb, Miss 141 

De Kalb, Mo 145 

De Korra, Wis 246 

Delafield, Wis 249 

Delaware, 193 

Delavan, Ind lOO 

Delavan, Wis 239 

Delhi, Iowa 103 

Delhi, N.Y 159 

Delphi, Ind 95 

Delphos, 190 203 

Delta, Miss 140 

Delta, N. Y 177 

Delta, 194 

Delton, Wis 249 

Demopolis, Ala 68 

Dennisville, N. J 152 

Denton, Md 125 

Depere, Wis 246 

Deposit, N.Y 159 

Densontown, Miss 143 

Derby, Conn 77 

Derby Centre, Vt 233 

Derby Line, Vt 233 

Derby, N. H 151 

De Ruyter, N. Y 164 

Des Arc, Ark 72 

Detroit, Mich. 138 

Dexter, Mich 138 

Dexter, Me 121 

De Witt, Mich 136 

De Witt, Ind 103 

DeSoto, Fla 90 

Diamond Springs, Cal 73 


Dinwiddie, C. H., Va 237 

Dixfield, Me 121 

Dixon, 111 91 

Poniplian, Mo 148 

Dorchester, Mass 13] 

Dorset, Vt 232 

Dover, Ala 269 

Dover,Del 78 

Dover, Me 121 

Dover, E. H 152 

Dover, Tenn 225 

Dover Hill, Ind 99 

Dover Plains, N. Y 159 

Dcwagific, Mich 136 

Downers Giove, 111 89 

Downingsville, Ky 108 

Doylestown, Pa 206 

Dresdan, Me 120 

Dresden, N. Y 186 

Dresden, Tenn 225 

Dresser Ville, N.Y 157 

Drewrysville, Va. 244 

Dryden, N. Y 184 

Dublin, Geo 84 

Dublin, Ind 102 

Du Buque, lovca 103 

Dugdemona. La 914 

Dumfries, Va 143 

Dumbarton, N. H 151 

Duncan, P. O., Ky Ill 

Duncan, Ky 113 

Dundatf, Pa 114 

Dundarrack P. O., N. C....189 

Dundee, 111 90 

Dundee, N.Y 186 

Dunkirk, N. Y 257 

Dunnsville, Va 238 

Duquoin, 111 , . 93 

Durham, N. H 135 

Durham, N.Y" 152 

Durham, Penn 26~ 

Durham's Creek Mills, 

N.C 186 

Durhamville, N. Y 177 

Durhamville, Tenn 223 

Dushore, Penn 214 

Duxbury, Mass 131 

Dyersburg, Tenn 221 

Eagle, Mich 136 

Eagle Falls, N. C 189 

Eagle Harbor P. O., Mich.l3i 

Eagle River, Mich 136 

Eagles Merc, Pa 214 

Earlville, N. Y 164 

Earlyville,Va 235 

East Blooratield, N. Y 178 

East Bridgdvyater, Mass.. ..131 

East Cambridge, Mass 130 

East Cleveland, 193 

East Creek, N. Y 161 

East Greenwich, R. 1 262 

East Haddam, Conn 77 

East Hampton, N. Y. ....183 

East Hartford, Conn 76 

East Machias, Me 122 

East Middleborough, Ma88.13 

East Nassau, N. T 180 

East Pascagoxila, Miss 141 

East Pike Run, Pa 215 

Easton, Conn 75 

Easton, Md 127 

Easton Pa 210 

Eaptport, Me 122 

Eastport, Miss 143 

East Saginaw, Mich 1.38 

East Troy, Wis 249 

East Vassalborough, Me. .120 

Eaetville, Va 242 

East Windsor, Conn 76 

Eaton, 201 


Eaton Rapids, Mich 136 

Eatonton, Geo 85 

Ebensburg, Penn 206 

Economy, Ind 102 

Eddy ville, Iowa 105 

Eddyville, Ky 107 

Eden, Geo 81 

Eden, N. Y 160 

Eden, N. C 189 

Edenton, N. C 18' 

Edgartown, Mass 128 

Edgefield, S. C 218 

Edina, Mo .146 

Edinburg, Ind 98 

Edinburg, Tex 228 

Edinboro, Penn 208 

Edmeston, N.Y 180 

Edwardsburg, Mich 136 

Edward6ville,-'I1I 91 

EfEneham, N. H 150 

Ela, 111 91 

Elba, Ala 66 

Elberton, Geo 83 

Elbridg.,N. Y 178 

El Dorado, Ark 72 

Elgin, 111 90 

Eliza Creek, 111 92 

Elizabeth, Ark 71 

Elizabeth City, N. C 189 

Elizabethton, Tenn 220 

Elizabethtown, 111 90 

Llizabethtown, Ky 109 

Elizabethtown, N.J 153 

Elizabethtown, N. Y 161 

Elizabethtown, N.C 186 

Elk Creek, Va 235 

Elkhart, Ind 96 

Elk Horn, Wis 249 

Elkton, Ky 112 

Elkton, Md 125 

Ellejay, Geo 83 

EUenville.N. Y 184 

Ellerslie, Geo 84 

Ellicottville, N. Y 156 

Ellington, Conn 77 

Ellrods', Ind 100 

Ellington, N. Y 157 

Kllisville, 111 89 

Ellsworth, Conn 76 

Ellswoith, Me 120 

Elmira, N. Y 158 

Elon, Va 235 

Elyria, 198 

Elysian Fields, Tex 228 

Elyton, Ala 67 

Enfield, Conn 76 

Enfield, Mass 129 

Enfield, N. C 188 

Enfield, N.H 150 

Enfield, Va 241 

Enon, Ala 67 

Enosburg, Vt 232 

Enterprise, Miss 140 

Ephrata, Penn 209 

tpping, N. H 151 

Epsom, N. H 151 

Equality, 111 90 

Erie, Penn 208 

Esperance, N. Y 182 

Essex, Conn 77 

Essex, N. Y. ] 61 

EStilville, Va 244 

Eufala, Ala 65 

Eugene, Ind 101 

Eutaw, Ala 66 

pvansville, Ind 101 

pvansville, N. Y 162 

i;wington,Ill 89 

yxeter Me 121 

gxeter, N.H 151 

Fabius, N. Y 178 

Factory Point, Vt .232 

Fairfax, Vt 232 

Fairfax C. H., Va 238 

Fairfield, Conn 75 • 

Fairfield, 111 94 

Fairfield, Ind 97 

Fairfield, Iowa 104 

Fairfield, Me, 121 

Fairfield, N.Y 162 

Fairfield, Tex 227 

Fairfield, Vt 232 

Fairhaven, Conn 77 

Fairhaven, Mass. 128 

Fairhaven, Vt 233 

Fairmont, Va 241 

Fair Play, Mo 148 

Fairport, N.Y 164 

Fairview, 111 89 

Faison's Depot, N. C 187 ' 

Falkland, N. C 189 

Fall River, Mass 128 

Falls Village, Conn 76 

Falmouth, "Ky 112 

Falmouth, Mass i 127 

Falmouth, Va ....244 

Farmersville, La .'..-.118 

Farmington, Conn 76 

Farmington, Iowa 105 

Farmington, Me 119 

Farmington, Mo 148 

Farmington, N. H 152 

Farmington Falls, Me 119 

Farnham, Va 243 

Fawn River, Mich 138 

Fayette C.H., Ala 66 

Fayette, Miss 141 

Fayette, Mo 146 

Fayetteville, Ark 72 

Fayetteville, Geo 83 

Fayetteville, N. Y 178 

Fayetteville, N. C 187 

Fayetteville, 191 

Fayetteville, Tenn 223 

Fayetteville, Va 238 

Fayetteville, Vt 234 

Felchville, Vt 234 

Felicity, 192 

Fentonville, Mich 136 

Fife, Ala 69 

Fincastle, Va 236 

Findley, 197 

Fisherville, N. H 154 

Fishkill Landing, N. Y 159 

Fishkill Village, N. Y 159 

Fitchburg. Mass 134 

Fitzwilliam, N.H 150 

Flag Spring, Ky 107 

Flat Shoals, Geo 84 

Fleetwood, Va 241 

Flemingsburg, Ky 108 

Flemington, N. J 153 

Flint, Mich 136 

Flint Hill, Va 242 

Florence, Ala 67 

Florence, Ind 101 

Floyd C. H., Va 238 

Flushing, N. Y 180 

Fonda, N. Y 165 

Foni du Lac, Wis 246 

,Fi..-iham, N. Y 185 

Ford's Ferry, Ky 107 

Forest Retreat, Ky Ill 

Forrest Depot, Va 236 

Forestville, N. Y 157 

Forks ville. 111 91 

Fork Union, Va 238 

Forsyth, Geo bS 

Forsyth, Mo 149 

Fort Ann, N.Y 185 



Fort Atkinson, Wis 247 

Fort Covington, N. Y 161 

Fort Desmoines, Iowa. . . . 106 

Fort Edward, N. Y 18^ 

^Fort Fairfield, Me 119 

Fort Gaines, Geo 83 

Fort Madison, Iowa 10"! 

Fort Miller, N. Y 184 

Fort Plain, N. Y 165 

Fort Smitli, Arlc 72 

Fort Valley P. O., Geo. . . - 84 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 95 

Foster's, Ala 70 

Four Mile P.rancli, S. C. .217 

Foxboi-ougii, Mass 131 

Foxcroft, Me 1~J 

FoxP. 0.,Iowa 103 

Framingliam, Mass 1 30 

Francestown, N. H 151 

Frankfort, Ala 66 

Frankfort, Ind 95 

Frankfort, Ky 108 

Frankfort, Me 122 

Frankfort, N. Y 162 

Franklin, Geo 84 

Franklin, Ind 98 

Franklin, Ky 112 

•Franklin, La 118 

Franklin, N. Y 151 159 

Franklin, N. C 188 

Franldin, O 201 

Franklin, Pa 215 

Franklin, Tenn 225 

Franklin, Vt 232 

Franklin, Va 241' 

Franldin Furnace, N.J 154 

Franklin ville, N. Y 157 

Franklinton, La '..118 

Franktown, Va 243 

Frankville, Iowa 105 

Fredericksburg,0 203 

Fredericksburg, Tex 228 

Fredericksburg, Va 244 

Fredericksville, 111 93 

Frederick City, Md 126 

B'redericltto wn, Mo 1 47 

Fi'edonia, Ala 65 

Fredonia, N. Y 157 

Freedom, Me 123 

Freehold, N.J 154 

Freeport, 111 93 

Freeport, Me 119 

Freeport, Pa 205 

Fremont, Cal 75 

Fremont, Iowa 102 

Fremont, Micli 138 

Fremont, O 201 

Fremont, Tenn 224 

Friendship, S. C 219 

l''ront Koyal, Va 245 

Fryebxirg, Me 121 

Fulton, Ala 66 

Fulton, Miss 141 

Fulton, Mo 1 45 

Fulton, N. Y 179 

Pulton, S.C 219 

Fulton, Wis '.^49 

Fulton City, 111 94 

Fultonville, N. Y 165 

Funkstown, Md li 

Gaineeboro, Tenn 25 

Gainesville, Ala 69 

Gainesville, Ark 71 

Gainesville, Geo 

Galena, 111 90 

Gallands, Va 243 

Gallatin, Miss 140 

Gallatin, Mo 145 

Gallatin, Tenn 225 

Gallatinville, N. Y 159 

Gallipolis, 194 

Galway, N. Y 181 

Galveston City, Tex 227 

Ganges, Mich 135 

Gardenersville, N. Y 182 

Gardiner, Me 120 

Gainavillo, Iowa 101 

Garriott's Landing, Ky. ..112 

Gaston, N. C 188 

Gatesville, N. C 187 

Gaylesville, Ala 65 

Gayton, Geo 83 

Geddes, N. Y 178 

Geneseo, III 99 

Geneseo,N.Y 163 

Geneva, Ala 66 

Geneva, 111 90 

Geneva, N. Y 178 

Geneva, Wis 249 

Genito, Va 243 

Genoa, N. Y 157 

Georgetown, Del 78 

Georgetown, D. C 79 

Georgetown, Ky 112 

Georgetown, Mass 128 

Georgetown, Miss 140 

Geoi-getown, Mo 147 

Georgetown, 191 

Georgetown, S. C 218 

Georgetown, TeSc 231 

Germanton, N. C 189 

Germantown, Ky. - 106 

Gerry,N. Y K^" 

Gettysburg, Pa 204 

Ghent,N. Y 159 

Gilboa, N. Y 282 

Gilboa, O 201 

Gilchrist Bridge, S. C 219 

Giles C. H., Va 23k 

Gilford, N. H 15p 

Gillisonville, S. C 217 

Gilmanton, N H 150 

Gilmer, Tex 231 

Gilopolis, N. C 189 

Girard, Ala 69 

Girard, Pa 208 

Glade Hill, Va 238 

Glade Spring, Va 245 

Glasgow, Ky 106 

Glasgow, Mo 145 146 

Glenn, N. Y 165 

Glenn's Falls, N. Y 184 

Glenville, N. Y 182 

Glen ville, Va 239 

Glenwood, Penn 214 

Gloucester, Mass 128 

Gloucester C. H., Va 239 

Gloversville. N. Y 3 61 

Gofl's Coiner, Me 119 

GoflTstown, N. H. 151 

Golconda, 111 93 

Goldsboro, N. C 190 

Goliad, Tex 228 

Gonzales, Tex 228 

Goochland C. H., Va 239 

Gorliam, Me 119 

Gorham, N. Y 178 

Goshen, Ind 9ti 

Goshen, N. Y 179 

Goshen, 1 92 

Gosport, Ind i)9 

Gouverneur, N. Y 182 

Gowauda, N. Y 157 

Graceham, Me 126 

Grafton, Mass ]34 

Grafton, N. H 150 

Grafton, N. Y ..180 

Grafton, Wis ^ . 848 

Grafton, Vt 234 

Graliam, N. C 186 

Graham Station, Va. .... .241 

Grahamville, S. C 217 

Grahby, Conn 76 

Grand Gulf, Miss 140 

Grand Haven, Mich 137 

Grand Rapids, Mich 137 

Grantsville, Md 123 

Granville, Mass 129 

Granville, Mich 137 

Granville, N. Y 184 

Granville, O ] 98 

Grass Lake, Mich 136 

Grassy Valley, Ind 97 

Gray, Me..." 119 

Gray's Cross Roads, N. C.189 

Grayson, Ky 107 

Grayson C. H , Va 239 

Grayville, 111 94 

Great Harrington, Mass.. 127 

Great Bend, N. Y 162 

Great Bend, Pa 214 

Great Falla, N. H 152 

Green Bay, Wis S46 

Greenbush, Wis 249 

Greenbush Village, N. Y..180 

Greencastle, Ind 100 

Oreencastle, Pa 208 

Greene, N. Y 158 

Greene, 202 

Greenfield, Ark 72 

Greenfield, Ind 97 

Greenfield, Mass 129 

Greenfield, Mo 145 

Greenfield, 197 

Greenville, N. Y 162 

Greenville, 247 

Green Lake, Wis 193 

Green Plains, N. C 183 

Greenport, N. Y 183 

Greensboro, Ala 67 

Greensboro, Miss 140 

Greensboro, N. C 188 

Greensborough, Geo 83 

Greensburgh, Ind 96 

Greensburgh, Ky 108 

Greensburgh, La 117 

Greensburg, Pa 215 

Greenup, 111 89 

Greenup, Ky 108 

Greenville, Ala 65 

Greenville, Geo 84 

Greenville, 111 87 

Greenville, Ky m 

Greenville, Mich 137 

Greenville, Miss 143 

Greenville, N. C 1 89 

Greenville, O J93 

Greenville, S. C 218 

Greenville, Tenn 223 

Greenville, Tex 228 

Greenville, Va 235 

Greenwich, Conn 75 

Greenwich, Mass 129 

Greenwich, N. Y 184 

Grenada, Miss 144 

Griffin's Corners, N. Y 1.59 

Gretna, La 114 

Griffin, Geo 86 

Griggsville, III 93 

Grosae Fete, La 113 

Groton, Mass 130 

Groton, Vl 232 

Grover, Vt 233 

Grove Hill, Ala 66 

Groveland, Mass 128 

Guilderland, N. Y 156 

Guildhall, Vt 232 

Guilford, Conn 77 

Guilford, Me 121 

Guilford, N. Y 158 



Guionvilln. Ind, nfilHarwinton, Conn. 

Guntersville, Ala 68 

Gustavus, 202 

Guyandott, Va SliC 

Guiney's Depot, Va 237 

Guttenburg, Iowa 10:s 

Guynedd, Peim, 210 

ilackensack, N. J IfvJ 

Hackettstovvn, N.J 154 

Haddam, Conn 77 

Hadley, Mass 129 

Hadlyme, Conn 77 

Hagerstown, Ind 102 

Hagerstown, Md 127 

Hag\ie, Va 245 

Halifax, N. C 188 

Halifax, Vt 234 

Halifax C. H., Va 239 

Hallettsville, Tex 229 

Hallowell, Me 120 

Hamburg, Ark 70 

Hamburg, Mies ■. . . 141 

Hamburg, N. .1 154 

Hamburg, N. Y 1 Gl 

Hamburg, S. C '. 218 

Hamden, O 203 

Hamilton, Cal 73 

Hamilton, Geo ,. 84 

Hamilton, Iowa 104 

Hamilton, Mass .-. .128 

Hamilton, N. Y ](;4 

Hamilton, O 191 

Hammondfport, N. Y 183 

Hampden, Me 12] 

Hampetead, Md ,. . .125 

Hampstead, Va 240 

Hampton, Ark 70 

Hampton, Conn 78 

Hampton, Va. 238 

Hancock, N. H 151 

Hancock, Mass J27 

Hancock, N. Y •....159 

Hannibal, Mo.'.... 147 

Hannibal, N.Y 179 

Hanover, Mass 131 

Hanover, N. H 150 

Hanover, Penn 215 

Hanover C. H., Va 239 

Hanoverton, 192 

Hardin, 111 88 

Hardinsburg, Ky 107 

Harlan C. H.. Ky 109 

Harlleesville, S. C 219 

Harmar, 20:i 

Harmony, Me 124 

Harper's Ferry, Va 240 

Harpersville, N. Y 156 

llarpersfield, N. Y 1 59 

Harpersfield, O 190 

Harrisburg, Penn 207 

Harris' Lot, Md 126 

Harrisonburg, Va; 244 

Harrison, Me ^..119 

Harrison, Tenn 222 

Harrisonburg, La 114 

Harrison Valley, Penn... 214 

Harrisonville, Mo 145 

Harrodsburg, Ky Ill 

Harry Hill, Miss 142 

Hartford, Conn 76 

Hartford, Ky Ill 

Hartford, N. Y 184 

Hartford, 202 

Hartford, Pa 214 

Hartford, Wis 249 

Hartford, Vt 234 

Hartland, Me 121 

Hartsville, Ind 95 

Hartsville, Tenn 225 

Hartville, Mo 149 


Harvard, Mass 134 

Hastings, Mich 135 

Hastings, N. Y 179 

Hastings, Minn 139 

Hattield, Mass 129 

Hat Creek, Va ..236 

Havana, 111 92 

Havana. N. Y 158 

Haverhill, Mass 128 

Haverhill, N. H 150 

Haverstraw, N. Y 181 

Hawesville, Ky 109 

Hawkins Bar, Cal 7" 

Havvkins^ille, Geo. . . 85 

Hawley, Pa 215 

Hayes' Store, Va 239 

Hayneville, Ala 67 

Haywood, N. C 187 

Hazard, Ky 112 

Hazel Green, Wis..> 246 

Hazlewood, Ky 106 

Heathsville, N. C 188 

Heathsville, Va 242 

Hebron, Conn 77 

Helena, Ark 72 

Hempstead, N. Y 180 

Henderson, Ky 109 

Henderson, Tex 230 

Hendersonville, N. C 188 

Hennepin, 111 93 

Henry, 111 ' 92 

Henry, Va .......244 

Herkimer, N.Y. 162 

Herman, Mo ■ 146 

Hermitage, Geo 83 

Heimitage, Mo 146 

Hernando, Miss 140 

Hertford, N. C 189 

Hickman, Ky 108 

Hickory Fork, Va. ......239 

Hickory Plains, Ark 72 

Hicksford, Va 239 

Highgate, Vt 232 

Highland, Wis 247 

Hightstown. N.J 153 

Hilliardston, N. C 188 

Hillsboro, III...... 92 

Hillsboro, Mo 143 146 

Hillsboro, N. C 189 

Hillsborough, N. H 151 

Hillsborough, O 1 97 

Hillsdale, N.Y 159 

Hillsdale Village, Mich. ..136 

Hillsville, Va 237 

Hinesburgh, Vt 232 

Hinesville.Geo 84 

Hinsdale, N. Y 157 

Hingham, Mass 13] 

Hinnards Roads, Geo 87 

Hitchcocksville, Conn 76 

Hobart, N. Y 159 

Hoboken, N. J.^ 153 

Hodgenville, Ky 110 

Hodges Bend, Tex 227 

Holderness, N. H 150 

Holliday sburg, Penn 206 

Hollis, Me 122 

Hollis, N. H 151 

Holliston, Mass 130 

Holly, N. Y 179 

Holly Springs, Misa 142 

Hdlmcsville," Ga. 81 

Holmesville, Miss 143 

Holyoke, Mass .129 

Hom^, La 114 

Homer, N.Y 159 

Horaerville,0 1 99 

Honeoye Falls, N. Y 1 64 

Honesdale, Penn 215 

Hoooick, N. Y 160 

Hoosick Falls, N. Y 180 

Hope, N. J 154 

Hopkinsville, Ky 107 

Hopkinsville, O 203 

Hopkinton, Mass 130 

Hopkinton, N. H 151 

Horicon, Wis 246 

Horncllsville, N. Y 183 

Horse Heads, N. Y 158 

Hotel, N. C 186 

Hot Springs, Ark 71 

Houma, La 119 

Houston, Miss 140 

Houston, 'lex. ...; 228 

Howell, Mich 137 

Hubbartston, Mass 134 

Hudson, Mich 136 

Hudson, N. Y 150 

Hudson, 202 

Humboldt, Cal 73 

Hudson, Wis 249 

Hume, N. Y. ., 156 

Humphrcysvillc, O. . . 197 

Huron, O 193 

Hunters ville, Va 243 

Huntingdon, Penn 208 

Huntingdon, Tenn 220 

Huntington, Ind 97 

Hunt.'^ville, Ala ;... 67 

Huntsville, Ark 67 

Hunts ville, Ind 98 & 100 

Himtsville, Mo 148 

Huntsville, Tex 231 

Huseaw, Ark 70 

Hustonville, Ky 110 

Hutsonville, 111 89 

Hyde Park, N.Y 159 

Hyde Park, Pa 209 

Hyde Park, Vt 233 

Iberville, La 114 

Ickesburg, Penn 21 1 

Ilion, N. Y 162 

Independence, Ky. . . no 

Independence, Mo 146 

Independence, N. Y 1 56 

Independence, Tex 231 

Indiana, Pa 208 

Indianapolis, Ind 99 

Indianola, Iowa 10.5 

Ionia, Mich 136 

Iowa City, Iowa 104 

Ipswich, Mass 128 

Irasburgh, Vt 233 

Ironton, 198 

Iron Works, Geo 81 

Irvine, Ky 108 

Irving, N. Y. .... : . . .157 

Irwinton, Ga 87 

Isle La Motte, Vt 233 

Islip, N. Y. ..' 183 

Ithaca, N. Y 184 

Jacinto, Miss 143 

Jacksborough, Tenn 220 

Jackson, Geo 81 

Jackson, Ky 1O6 

Jackson, La 114 

Jackson, Mich 136 

Jackson, Miss 141 

Jackson, Mo 145 

Jackson, N. C 188 

Jackson, O 198 

Jackson, Teun 223 

Jackson, C. H., Oregon T. 204 

Jackson, C. H., Va 240 

Jackson Port, Ark 71 

Jacksonville, Ala 65 

Jacksonville, Fla 79 

Jacksonville, Ga 86 

Jacksonville, 111 oa 



Jacksonville, Texas 227 

Jamaica, N. Y 180 

Jamaica, Vt 234 

Jamestown, Cal 75 

Jamestown, Ind. — ..... 95 

Jamestown, Ky 112 

Jamestown, N. Y 157 

Jamestown, N. C lt?8 

Jamestown, Tenn 221 

Jamesville, N. Y 178 

Janesville, Wis 2-19 

Jasper, Ala 7U 

Jasper, Ark 72 

Jasper, Fla 80 

Jasper, Ind 9i) 

Jasper, N.Y 183 

Jasper Tenn 2:.;3 

Jasper, Tex 228 

Jay, C. H., Ind 08 

JetFerson, Ala 68 

Jefferson, Geo 84 

Jefferson, N. C 186 

Jefferson, N. 11 150 

Jefferson, O 190 

Jefferson, Tenu 224 

Jefferson, Tex 227 

Jefferson, Wis 247 

Jefferson City, Mo 145 

Jeffersonville, Ind 95 

Jeff'rees' .Store, Va 242 

Jericho, Vt 232 

Kinderhook, N.Y 159 

King and Queen C. H.Va. 241 

Kingfield, Me uS 

King George, C. H., Va...240 

Kings Mills, Mo . . '. 147 

Kingston, Ala 65 

Kingston, Ga 82 

Kingston, Mass 131 

Kingston, Mo 145 

Kingston, N. H 1.52 

Kinffston, N. Y 184 

Kingston, N. C 188 

Kingston, R. 1 216 

Kingston, Tenn 224 

Kingston, Wis 247 

Kingstree, S. C 290 

King Willialn C. 11., Va..241 

Kinniconick, Ky 1 

Kirksville, Mo 144 

Kittaning, Pa 205 

Kitterj-, Me 12i 

Knighlstown, Ind 97 

Knox Hill, Fla 80 

Knoxville, Ga. 

Knoxville, 111 91 

Knoxville, Iowa 104 

Knoxville, Pa 214 

Knoxville, Tenn 223 

Kokomo, Ind 97 

Kosciusko, Miss 140 

La Cote St. Marie, Wis.. 247 

Jenning's Ordinary, Va. . .242 La Crosse Village, Wis. ..24' 
Jersey City, N. J 1531 Lacy, Ark 71 

Jersey Landing, 111 - 90 

Jersey Shore, Pa 210 

Jersey ville. Ill 90 

Jerusalem. Va 244 

John's P. O.,' Tex ". . .229 

Johnson, Ga 83 

Johnson, Vt. 233 

Johnstown, N. Y ICl 

Johnstown, Penn 206 

Joliet. Ill -. 94 

Jonesboro, Ga 83 

Jonesboro, III 94 

Jonesboro, Tenn 225 

Jonesville, Mich 135 

Jonesville, 200 

Jonesville, Va 241 

Jordan, N.Y 1' 

Junction, Va 239 

Juneau, Wis 246 

Kable Town. Va 240 

Kalamazoo, Mich 136 

Kalida,0 201 

Kanawha C. H., Va 240 

Kanawha Salines, Va. 240 

Kaufman P. O., Tex 229 

Kanesville, Iowa 105 

Kansas, Mo 146 

Keene, N. H 150 

Keeseville, N. Y... 158 & 161 

Keithsburg, 111 92 

Kenansville. N. C 187 

Kenlock, Ala 67 

Kennebunk, Me 122 

Kent, Conn 76 

Kennedyville, N. Y 183 

Kenneyd's, Va 236 

Kenosha City, Wis 247 

Kenton, 197 

Keokuk, Iowa 104 

Keosauqua, Iowa 10 

Keytesville, Mo 145 

Keyport, N. J 154 

Key West, Fla 80 

Kiddvillc, Ky 10' 

Kiger, 194 

Kilmarnock, Va 241 

Kilmichael, Miss, 140 

Lacon, III. 92 

Laconia, Ind... 97 

Lafayette, Ala 65 

Lafayette, Ga 87 

La Fayette, Ind 10) 

La Fayette, Iowa 105 

La Fayette, Mich 138 

La Fayette, N.J 153 

La Fayette, N. Y 159 

La Fayette, O 191 

La Fayette, Oregon 204 

La Fayette, Tenn 223 

La Grange, Ga ' 86 

La Grange, Ind 98 

La Grange, Ky Ill 

La Grange, Mo 146 

La Grange, Tenn 22] 

La Grange, Tex 227 

La Gro, Ind 101 

La Harpe.Ill 90 

Lake Charles, La 114 

Lake Mills, Wis 247 

Lake Pleasant, N. Y 162 

Lake Providence, La 114 

Lakeville, Conn 76 

Lamar, Miss 142 

Lambertville, N.J 1.53 

Lamington, Ala 69 

Lancaster, Iowa 104 

Lancaster, Ky 108 

Lancaster, Mass 134 

Lancaster, Mo 148 

Lancaster, N. H 150 

Lancaster, N. Y 161 

Lancaster, 193 

Lancaster, S. C 218 

Lancaster C. H., Va 241 

Lancaster, Wis 247 

Lancaster Citj', Pa 209 

Landisburg, Pa 211 

Landville, Ky 106 

Lanesboro, Mass 127 

Lanesville, Va 241 

Langsburg, Ga 81 

Languelle, Ark 72 

Lanier, Ga '. 

Lapeer, Mich 137 

T/ansing, Iowa 102 

Lansing, Mich 136 

Lansins, N. Y 184 

Lansinghurg, N. Y 180 

Laporte, Ind 98 

Lapoite, Penn 214 

Larissa, Tex... 227 

La Salle, 111 91 

Laurel, Ind 97 

Laurel Hill, N. C 189 

Laurensville, S. C 219 

Lavacca, Tex 227 

Lawrence, Mass 128 

Lawrenceburg, Tenn 223 

Lawrenceburgh, Ind 96 

Lawrenceburg, Ky 106 

Lawrenceville, Ark 71 

Lawrencevillp, Ga 83 

Lawrenceville, 111 91 

Lawrenceville, N. Y 182 

Lawrenceville, Penn 214 

Lawrenceville, Va 236 

Lawsonsville, N. C 189 

Lawyersville, N.Y 182 

Leadsville. Miss 141 

Leaksville, N. C 189 

Leavenworth, Ind 96 

Lebanon, Ala 66 

Lebanon, 111 95 

Lebanon, Ind 94 

Lebanon, Ky 110 

Lebanon, Me 122 

Lebanon, N. H 150 

Lebanon, O 203 

Lebanon, Pa 209 

Lebanon, Tenn 226 

Lebanon, Va 245 

Lebanon, N. J 153 

Ledyard, N. Y 157 

Lee, Me 121 

Lee, Mass 126 

Leechville, N. C 186 

Leesburg, 197 

Leesburg, Va .'...241 

Leesville, Va 237 

Lenoir, N. C 186 

Lenox, Mass. 128 

Lenox, 190 

Leominster, Mass 134 

Leona,Tex 229 

Leonardville, N. Y 164 

Leonardtown, Md 127 

Leoti, Ala 65 

Leroy, 111 92 

Leroy, N.Y 161 

Levant, Me 121 

Lewisburg, 201 

Lewisburgh, Tenn. ......223 

Lewisbui gh. Pa 215 

Lewisburgh, Va 239 

Lewiston, Me 120 

Lewiston, N.Y 176 

Lewistown, 111 89 

Lewistown, Pa 210 

Lewisville, Ark 71 

Lcwisville, Ind. 97 

Lewisville, S. C 219 

Lexington, Ga 85 

Lexington, Ind 100 

Lexington, Ky 1 08 

Lexington, >Iasa 130 

Lexington, Mich 138 

l^exington. Miss 141 

Lexington, Mo 146 

Lexington, N. C 187 

Lexington, S. C 219 

Lexington, Tenn 222 

Lexington, Va 244 

Liberty, Ind 101 

Liberty, Ky 107 



Liberty, Mich 136 

Liberty, Miss 140 

Liberty, Mo 145 

Liberty, N. Y 183 

Liberty, O i;)8 

Libejty, Tex 2J9 

Liberty Hill, Ala 66 

Liberty ville„lll 91 

Ligonier, Pa 215 

Lima. Ind 98 

Lima, N. Y 163 

Lima, 190 

Limaville, O. 202 

Limerick, Mp 122 

Limestone Township, Pa. 215 
Limestone Springs, S. C. 219 

Limington, Me 122 

Lincoln, Me 121 

Lincolnton, Ga 84 

Lincolnton, N. C 188 

Linden, Ala 68 

Linden, Mo 144 

Linden, Tenn 224 

Line Store, Miss 140 

Linn, Mo 147 

Linneus, Mo 147 

Lisbon, Me 120 

Lisbon. N. Y 182 

Lisle, N. Y' 156 

Litchtield, Conn 76 

Litchfield, Ky 108 

Little Falls, N. Y 162 

Little Piney, Mo 148 

Littleport, 111 90 

Little Rock, Ark 72 

Little Rock, 41L 91 

Littlestown, Pa 204 

Littleton, N. H 150 

Lively Oak, Va 241 

Liverpool, N. Y"^ 178 

Livingston, Ala 69 

Louisburgh, N. C 187 

Louisiana, Mo 147 

Louisville, Ga 84 

ouisvUle, 1)1 88 

Louisville, Ky .109 

Louisville, Miss 144 

Lovell, Me 121 

Liovingston, Va 242 

Lowell, Mass 130 

t.ower Blue Lick, Ky Ill 

Lower Saginaw, Mich 138 

Lowndes, Mo -.149 

l-owndesboro, Ala 67 

owville, N. Y' 163 

Lubec, Me -122 

Ludlow, Vt 234 

Ludlowville, N. Y 184 

Lumberton, N. C 189 

Lumpkin, Ga 86 

Lunenburg C. H., Va 241 

Lunenburg, Vt 232 

Luray, Va; 243 

Lyoargus, Iowa 102 

Lyme, Conn 7" 

Lynchburg, Va 23' 

Lynchburs, O 19' 

Lyndon, Vt 232 

Lynn, Mass 128 

Lynn, Penn 214 

Lynn Camp, Ky IK 

Lyons, N. Y 185 

Lyons, Mich 136 

Machias, Me , 120 

Machias, N. Y 15' 

Mackinac. Mich 13' 

Macomb, 111 92 

Macon, Ga 81 

Macon, Sliss — 143 

Macon, Va ...24:; 

.McAfee, Ky Ill 

.McArthur.O 20:- 

Livingston, Miss 142 .McClellandtown, Penn. ..208 

Livingston, N. Y 159 

Livingston, Tenn 224 

Livingston, Tex 229 

Livonia, N. Y. ..: 163 

Lloyds, Va 2.38 

Lobdell's Store. La 113 

Lochlomond, Va 239 

Lockhart, Tex 226 

' Lockhaven, Pa 207 

Lockport, N. Y' 176 

Lock's Station, Mich 138 

Lockport, 111 94 

Locust Hill. N. C 187 

Locust Mount, Va 235 

Locustville, Va 235 

Lodi, P.O. Ill 88 

Lodi,N. Y 182 

Lodi.O 199 

Lodomillo, Iowa 103 

Lodore, Va 235 

Logan, Ind 96 

Logan, O 197 

Logan, C H. Va 241 

Logansport, Ind. 95 

London, Ky 110 

London. O". 199 

Lons Creek, Va 241 

Lons Old Fields. Md 125 

Long's Mills, N. C 189 

Long View, P. O., Ark. .. 83 

Loreto, Penn 20 

Loreth, P. O., Va. 238 

Los Anselos. Cal 73 

Lo=t River, P. O., Ind 99 

Loudon, Tenn 224 

Loudonville, O 19(1 

Louisa, Ky '. 110 

McCounellsburgh, Penn. .208 

McConnelstown. Penn 20t- 

McConnellsville', 200 

McCutchenville, O 203 

McCutclious, La 117 

McDonough, Ga 84 

McDonough, N. Y 158 

.McEwensville, Penn 210 

-McFarlands, Va 241 

.McGees, Tex. 228 

.UcGaheysville. Va 244 

.McGra%vville, N.Y' 159 

.McHenry, 111 9 

McKinley, Ala 68 

McKinney, Tex 2: 

MiLeansboro, 111 90 

Mc.Minnville, Tenn 

.Mc Nutt, Miss 143 

Madison C. H. Fia 80 

Madison, Ga 85 

Madison, Ind 9? 

Madison, N. Y 164 

Madison, N. C 189 

Madison, O 198 

Madison, Tex 229 

Madison C. H,, Va 241 

Madison, Wis 246 

Madisonville, Ky 109 

Madisonville, Tenn 224 

Madrid, N. Y 18 

Magnolia, Ark 71 

Mahala, O 190 

Maiden, Mass 130 

.Malone, N. Y 16] 

-Mamaroneck, N. Y' 185 

M anasses G ap, Va 238 

Manchester, Conn 76 

Manchester, Ky 107 

Manchester, N. H 151 

Manchester, N. Y 178. 

Manchester, Tenn 220 

Manchester, Vt 232 

Manchester, Va 237 

Manitowoc, Wis 247 

Manlius, N. Y 175 

Manly ville, Tenn 222 

Manningham, Ala 65 

Hanuy, La 117 

Mansbovo, Va 235 

.Mansfield, La 114 

.Mansfield, Mas3 128 

Mansfield, O 201 

Mansfield, Va 241 

Maplesville, Ala 65 

Maquoketa, Iowa 104 

.Marathon, N. Y 159 

Marbledale, Conn 70 

-Marblehead, Mass 128 

itfarcellus, N. Y 178 

-Marcy, N. Y 177 

.Mardisville, Ala 69 

Marengo, 111 92 

Marengo, Iowa 103 

Marianua, Fla 80 

Marietta, Ga 82 

.Marietta, O 203 

Marion,. 41a 69 

Marion, Ark 71 

Marion, Ga 86 

.Marion, 111 94 

Marion, Ind 97 

.Marion, Iowa 104 

.Marion, Ky 107 

Marion, Miss 142 

Marion, N. C 188 

Marion, O 199 

.Marion, S. C 219 

Marion, Tex .226 

-Marion, Va 244 

Mariposa Citv, Cal 73 

Markesau, W'is 247 

Marksville, La 113 

Marquette, Wis. 248 

.Marlow. N. H 150 

Marshall, 111 88 

Marshall, Iowa loa 

Marshall, Mich 136 

Marshall, Mo 148 

Marshall, Tex 228 

.Marston's Mills, Mass 127 

.Martinez, Cal 73 

Martinsburgh, Ind 102 

.Martins burgh, N. Y 16.'I 

.Martinsburgh, Va. 236 

Martinsville, Ind 99 

.Marysville, Cal 75 

-Marys-sdlle, O 203 

.Marysville, Va 2.37 

Mary\'ille, Tenn 220 

.Ma.scoutak, IlL 94 

.Mason, Mich 1 36 

.Mason, O 203 

.Mason Hall, N. C 186 

.\ta6onville. N. Y 159 

.Massillon, O 202 

.Mastick. N. Y 223 

Massies Mills, Va 242 

.Massy Creek, Tenn 183 

.Wasterton, 200 

.Matagorda Tex. 229 

Matamoras, Pa 214 

.Matanzas, 111..' 92 

.Matthews, Va 241 

-Mauch Chunk, Pa. : 206 

Maulding Mills, 111 94 

■Maumec^City, O 199 

Louisa C. H., Va. 241 1 Manchester, Ind 96|.Mayfield, Ky 103 



Mays Landing, N. J 15C 

Maysville, Ky Ill 

Maysville, Mo 14(; 

Mayelick, Ky ill 

Mayville, N. Y 157 

Mayville, Wis 246 

Meadville, Pai 207 

Meadsville, Va 239 

Mechanic FaDs, M^ 119 

Mechanicsville, S. C 219 

Mechanlcsville, Va 241 

Mecklenburg, N. Y 184 

Medford, Mass 130 

Medlied, .Mass 131 

Media, Pa 207 

Medina, N. Y 1 

Medina C. H., O 199 

Medway, Mass 131 

Meeting Creek, Ky i . 1 09 

Melrose, Ma?B .130 

Memphis, Mo 148 

Memphis, Tenn 224 

Menasha, Wis 250 

Mendon, Mass .134 

Mercer, Pa -.210 

Mercersburg, Pa 208 

Meredith Bi-idge, N. H 150 

Meredith Village, N. H...150 

Meriden, Conn 77 

Meridith, N. Y .159 

Merrimack, N. H 151 

Merry ville, Tenn 220 

Metamora, 111 94 

Metamora, Ind 97 

Metropolis City, 111 92 

Mexico, Me 121 

Mexico, Mo 144 

Mexico, N. Y 179 

ifiamiesburgh, O 200 

Michigan City,Ind 98 

Michigantown, Ind 96 

Micanopy, Fla 79 

Miccosukee, Fla 80 

Middleboro, Mass 131 

Middlebourn, Va 245 

Middleburgh, Mo 125 

Middleburgh, N. Y 182 

Middlebiirg, Va 24 

Middlebury, O 20„' 

Middlebury, Vt 231 

Middleport, N. Y. 177 

Middleport, 111 91 

Middleton, N. C 18t^ 

Middleton, O 19 

Middletown, Conn 77 

Middletown, III 92 

Middletown, N. Y 1 59 

Middletown Point, N. J.. 154 

Middletown, Vt 233 

Mifliintown, Pa 209 

Mifflin, 194 

Midway, S. C 2l7 

Milam, Tex 23( 

Milan, Ind loO 

Milan, Mo 149 

Milan, N. H i.50 

Milan, O 193 

Milford,Geo gi 

Milford, Maes 134 

Milford, Mich 1,37 

Milford, N. H 15] 

Milford, N. Y 180 

ililford. Pa 214 

Milford, Wis 247 

Millbury . Mass 1 34 

Milledgeville, Ceo 81 

Millersburg, 111 92 

Mi!lrrsburi;h, O 197 

Milleville, 197 

Millport, N. Y 158 

Millville, 111 90 

MillTf ood, Va 237 

Milo, Me 121 

Milton, Ala 65 

Milton, Fla 

Milton, Maes ...131 

Milton, N. Y 184 

Milton, N. C 187 

Milton, Pa 210 

Milton, Vt 2 

Milton ville, O.... 191 

Milwaukie, Wis.. 248 

Minden, La., 114 

Mineral Point, Wis 247 

Minerville, Pa 214 

Mishawaka, Ind 101 

Mississippi City, Miss 141 

Mitchellsville P. O., Ky...lOfi 

Mobile, Ala 68 

Mocksville, N. C 187 

Modena, N. Y 184 

Modest Town', Va 235 

Moira, N. Y 161 

Moline, 111 93 

Monmouth, 111 94 

Monroe, Geo 87 

Monroe, La 118 

Monroe, Me 122 

Monroe City, Mich 137 

Monroe, N. C 189 

Monroe, O 190 

Monroe, Wis 247 

Monroe Village. N, Y 179 

Monroe vill e, O 197 

Monroeville, Ala 68 

Monrovia. Ind 99 

Monson, Me 121 

Montague, Mass 129 

Monticello, Ark 71 

Monticello, Fla 60 

Monticello, Geo. . : 

Monticello, 111. 93 

Monticello, Ind 10 

Monticello, Ky 113 

Monticello, Miss 142 

Monticello, N. Y 183 

Monterey, N. Y 183 

Monterey, Va 240 

Montevallo, Ala 69 

Montezuma, NY 157 

Montgomery, Ala 68 

Montgomery, Ark 72 

Montgomery, N. Y 179 

Montgomery, Vt 232 

Montgomery, Tex 229 

Montpelier, Ala 68 

Montpelier, O 203 

Montpelier, Vt 234 

Montpelier, Va 239 

Montrose, Iowa 104 

Montrose, Pa 214 

Montross, Va 245 

Montville, Me 122 

Moorelield, Va 239 

Moores ville, Ind 97 

Mooers, N Y 158 

Moosop, Conn 78 

Moravia, N. Y 15' 

Moretown, Vt 234 

Morgan, O 190 

Morganfield,Ky 112 

Morgantown, Ind 99 

Morgantown, Ky 107 

Morgantown, N. C 186 

Morgantown, Va 242 

Moriah, N. Y 161 

Morocco. Ind 98 

Morris, III ; 90 

.Morris, N. Y 180 

Morrisania, N. Y 185 

Morristovm, N. J 154 

Morristown, Vt. 233 

Morrisville. N. Y 164 

Morrow, O 203 

Moscow, N. Y 163 

Moulton, Ala 67 

Moultonborough, N.H 150 

Moundsville, Va'. 241 

Mountain Shoal, S. C 219 

Mount Airy, N. C 189 

Mount Carmel, 111 94 

Mount Carmel, Ind 97 

Mount Carmel, O 192 

Mount Carroll, 111 88 

Mount Clemens, Mich 137 

Mount Enterprise, Texas. 230 

Mount Gilead, O. 200 

Mount Plawkins, 111 93 

Mount Hope, N. Y 179 

Mount Holiy, Ind 100 

-Mount Holly, N. J.. ..... . 152 

Mount Holly, Vt. 233 

Mount Jackson, Va 244 

Mount Kigco, N. Y 185 

Mount Lebanon, La 113 

Mount Morris, N. Y 1 63 

Mount Mourne, N. C 188 

Mount Pleasant, Ind. 99 

.Moim t Pleasant, Iowa 103 

Mount Pleasant. N. C.'...18G 

Mount Pleasant, Tex .-230 

Mount Pulaski, 111 91 

Mount Sidney, Va., 235 

Mount Sterling, Ala 66 

Mount Sterling, Ky Ill 

Mount Sterling. Ill 87 

Mount Sterling, Mo 146 

Mount Union, 202 

Mount Vernon, Ark 72 

Mount Vernon, 111 ". 90 . 

Mount Vernon, Ind. ."" 100 

Mount Vernon, Ky 112 

Mount Vernon, Me 120 

Mount Vernon, Mo 146 

.Mount Vernon, O 193 

Mount Vernon, N. Y 185 

Mount Vernon, Tex 230 

Mohawk, N. Y 162 

Muckwa, Wis 250 

Muckwanaso, Wis 249 

.Mulloy. Tenn 224 

Muncietown, Ind 96 

Mun.y, Pa 210 

Mud Springs, Cal 73 

Munfordviile, Kv 109 

Munnsville, N. Y. 164 

Murfree..,boro, N. C 1 88 

Murfreeshoro, Tenn 224 

Murphy, N. C 187 

Murphy sboro, 111 90 

Muscatine, Iowa 105 

Murray,Ky 107 

Mystic, Conn 77 

Nacogdoches, Tex 229 

Nanjemoy, Md 126 

Nantucket, Mass 130 

Napa Ciy, Cal 73 

Naperviile, 111 89 

Naples, Me 119 

Naples, N.Y 178 

Napoleon, Ark 71 

Napoleon,Ind 100 

Napoleon, 197 

Napoleonville, La 113 

Nashua, N. II.., 151 

Nashville, HI 94 

Nashville, Ind 95 

Nashville, 197 

Nashville, Tenn 221 

Nassau, N. Y ISO 



Natchez, Miss 140 

Natchitoches, La 115 

Natick, Mass 130 

Natural Bridae, Va 244 

Naugatuck, Conn 77 

Nauvoo, 111 90 

Near Grand Falls, Mo 147 

Neenah, Wis .' 256 

Nestorville , Va 23(i 

Neosho, Mo 1 47 

Nevada, Cal 73 

Nevada, Iowa 105 

Negrofoot, Va 239 

New Albany, Ind 9ti 

Newark, III 91 

Newark, O '.19? 

New.ark, N. J.. 153 

Newark. N. Y 185 

Newark Valley, N. Y 183 

-Nevv Bedford, Mass 128 

New Bedford, Pa 209 

New Berlin, N. Y 158 

New Berlin, Pa 215 

Newbern, N. C 187 

Newbern, Va 243 

Newberry, S.C.r 219 

New Bloomfield, Mo 145 

New Bloomfield, Pa 211 

New Boston, 111 92 

New Boston. 192 

New Braunfels, Tex 227 

New Brighton, N. Y 181 

New Brighton, Pa 205 

New Britain, Conn 76 

New Brunswick, N.J 153 

New Buffalo, Mich 135 

Newburgh, Ind 102 

Newburgh, N. Y....: 179 

Newburgh, Tenn 223 

Newburgh,0 193 

New Burlington-, O 19-' 

Newbury, Vt 233 

Newbury port. Mass 129 

New Canandaigua, Mich.. 137 

New Canton, III 93 

New Canton, Va 236 

Newcastle, Del.. -....■-..- 78 

New Castle, Ind 97 

Newcastle, Ky 109 

Newcastle, Me 120 

New Castle, N. Y 185 

Newcastle, O 193.200 

Newcastle, Pa 209 

New Comerstown, O 203 

New Cumberland, Va....239 

Newfield, N.Y 184 

New Foundland, N. J 122 

New, Frankfort, Ind 100 

New Germantown, N. J.. 153 

Few Glasgow, Va 23.''i 

New Hannony, Ind 100 

New Hartford, Conn 76 

New Haven, Conn 77 

New Hope, Pa '. 20ii 

New Hope, Mo 147 

New Ipswich, N. H 15 

New Kent, Va 242 

New Lexington, O 200 

New Liberty, Ky 112 

New Lisbon, O 192 

New London, Conn 77 

New London, Iowa 103 

New London, Mo 14h 

New London, N. H 151 

New London, O 198 

New London Cross Roads, 

Pa -. 20' 

New London, Va ...23 

NewLyme, O 191 

New Manchester, Va 239 

New Marion, Ind 100 

New Market, N. H 152 

Newmarket, Tenn 223 

New Market, Va 244 

New Marlboro, Mass 128 

New Milford, Conn 76 

Newman, Geo 80 

Newnansville, Fla 79 

New Orleans, La.' 115 

Now Petersburg, O 197 

Now Philadelphia, O 203 

Newport, Ind.. 101 & 102 

Newport, Ky 107 

Newport, Me 121 

>fewport, N. H 150 

Newport, N. Y 62 

Newpoit, Penn 211 

Newport, R. I 216 

Newport, Tenn - 220 

New Richmond, O 192 

New River, La 113 & 114 

New Rochelle, N. Y 185 

New Salem, Ind 100 

New Scotland, N.Y i56 

New Sharon, Me 119 

Now Store, Va ...236 

Newton, Ala 66 

Newton, Geo 81 

Newton, 111 90 

Newton, Iowa 1 04 

Newton, N. J 1.54 

Newton, N. C 187 

Nowton Lower Falls,Mas3 130 

New Town, Conn 75 

New Town, Miss 141 

Newtown, N. Y 180 

Newtown, Va 241 

New Trenton, Ind 97 

New York City, N. Y 165 

New Wakefield, Ala 70 

Niagara Falls, N. Y 177 

Nicholas, Va 242 

Nicholasville, Ky 110 

Niles, Mich 135 

Nine Eagles, Iowa 103 

Ninevah, N. Y 156 

Niskayuna, N. Y 181 

Noblesville, Ind 97 

Nodaway, Iowa 104 

Nodaway, Va 242 

Non Intervention, Va 241 

Norfolk, Conn 76 

Norfolk, Va 242 

Norridgewock, Me 121 

Norristown, Pa 210 

North Adams, Mass 12t 

Northampton, Mass, 129 

Northampton, N.Y 161 

North Anson, Me 121 

North Bergen, N. J 153 

North Berwick, Me 122 

North Blenheim, N. Y 182 

Northborough, Mass 134 

North Bridgewater, Mass. 131 
North Brookfield, Mass. ..135 

North Caledonia, 111 93 

North Dansville, N. Y 163 

North End, Va 241 

Northfield, N. H 151 

Northfield, Vt 23-1 

North Granville, N Y 184 

North Hampstead, N.Y...100 

North Hogan, Ind 100 

North Livermore, Me 121 

North Madison, Ind 98 

North Mt. Pleasant, Miss. .142 
North New Portland, Me.. 121 
Nox-th Parsontield, Me 122 

NewMadrid, Mo 147lNorthport, N. Y 183IOawichee, Ala.. 

North Scitunte, R. 1 216 

North Stonington, Conn.. 77 

North Troy, Vt 233 

Northumberland, Pa 2]Q 

Northville, N. Y 161 

North Wardsboro, Vt.-. .. .234. 

North Waj-ne, Me 120 

North White Creek, N. Y.1B4 

North Windham, Me 119 

Northwood, N. H 152 

Norton, Mass , 128 

Nottingham, Md 126 

Norwalk, Conn 75 

Norwalk, 0...._ ...197 

Norway, Me 121 

Norwich, Conn ' 77 

Norwich, Mass .'...130 

Norwich, N. Y 158 

Norwich, Vt 234 

Norv/ood, Va 236 

Nunda, N. Y 164 

Oak Bowery, Ala 65 

Oakfield,N. Y 161 

Oak Grove, Tenn 223 " 

Oak Grove, Va 245 

Oakfuskee, Ala 69 

Oak Hill,0 198 

Oak Hill, Va 238 

Oakland, O 198 

Oberlin, O 199 

Ocala, Fla 80 

dconomoc. Wis 249 

Ogdcusburch, N. Y 182 ■ 

Odethorp.'^Geo 84 

Ohio City, O .193 

Okalona, Miss 140 

Old Cedar Springs, S. C. .219 

Old Court House, Ga 81 

Oldtown, Mc 121 

Olean, N. Y 157 

Olive Branch, Mies 141 

01mstead,0 193 

01ney,Ill 93 

Olympin, W. T 245 

Omro, Wis ....250 

Onalaska, Wis 247 

Onancock, Va 235 

Oneida Castle, N. Y 177 

Oneida Depot, N. Y 164 

Oneonta.N. Y 180 

Ongar Grove P. O., N. C-.190 

Onondasa, N.Y 178 

Onondaga Hollow, N. Y..178 

Ontanagon, Mich 137 

Oppnnheim, N. Y 161 

Opelousap, La 117 

Oporto, Mich 138 

Oquawka, 111 90 

Orange, Mass 129' 

Orange, N.J 153 

Orange, Va 243 

Orangeburg, S. C 219 

Oregon, 111 92 

Oregon, Mo 146 

Oregon City, Oregon 204 

Orford, N. H 151 

Orion, Wis 248 

Orland, Me 120 

Orleans, Ind 99 

Orleans, Mass 127 

Oregon City, Ore. T 204 

Orono, Me 121 

0.-=ceola, Mo 148 

Oshkosh, Wis 250 

Oskaloosa, Iowa.. 104 

Ossippee, N. H 150 

Oswego, 111 91 

Oswego, Ind 98 

Oswego, N.Y 179 

.... 69 



Otego, N. Y 180 

Otis, Mass ..12d 

Ottawa,Ill 91 

OtterviHe, lud 100 

Otter Bridge, Va 230 

Ottokee, O 191 

Otsego, Mich 135 

Ottutnwa, lovva 105 

Ovid, N.Y 183 

Owego, N. Y 183 

Owensboro, Ky lOri 

Owensville, Ind. 97 

Owenton. Ky 112 

Owings ville, Ky 106 

Owosso, Mico 138 

Oxford, Ala 65 

Oxford, Ind 95 

Oxford, Mass 135 

Oxford, Me 121 

Oxford, Mich 137 

Oxford, Miss 141 

Oxford, N.Y 156 

Oxford, N. C 187 

Oxford, O 191 

Oyster Bay, N." Y 180 

Ozark, Ark 71 

Ozaukee, Wis 248 

Paducah, Ky Ill 

Painesville, O 198 

Painesville, Va 235 

Painted Post, N. Y 183 

Paintsville, Ky 110 

Palatine Bridge; N. Y 16, 

Palermo, Me 122 

Palestine, 111 89 

Palestine, Tex 226 

Palmer, Mass 129 

Palmyra, Me 12 

Palmyra, Mich 13' 

Palmyra, Mo 147 

Palmyra, N.Y 185 

Palmyra, O 201 

Palmyra, Tenn 22+ 

Palmyra, Va 238 

Palmyra, Wis 247 

Panama, N. Y 157 

Pandora, Tenn 223 

Panola, Miss 143 

Paoli, Ind 99 

Paper Mill Village, N.H...150 

Pappinville, Mo 144 

.Paraolifta, Ark 72 

Parduville, Wis 218 

Parham's Store, Va 244 

Paris, Ky 106 

Paris, 111 

Paris, Me 121 

Paris, 'Mo 1 47 

Paris, Tenn 222 

Paris, Tex 229 

Parish, N. Y 179 

Parkersburgh, Va 

Parkville, Mo.., 148 

Parksville, N. Y 183 

Parma, N. Y 164 

Pareippany N.J 154 

Parsonstield, Me 12-' 

Passadumkeag, Me 121 

Pass Chi'istian, Miss 141 

Patchogue, N. Y 183 

Paterson. N. J 154 

Patrick, Va 243 

Patriot, Ind 101 

Patten, Me 151 

Paterson, N. Y 180 

Pattonsburg, Va .236 

Pattonsville, Va 241 

Paulding, Miss 141 

Paulding, 200 

Pawlet, Vt 233 

Paw Paw, Mich 13? 

Pawtucket, Mass 12c- 

Pawtuoket, R. 1 2UI 

Paynsville, Mo 147 

Payson, 111 87 

Peacham, Vt 23-' 

Peekskill, N. Y 185 

Pekin, 111 91 

Pekin, N. Y. 177 

Pella, Iowa 104 

Pembroke, Mass 131 

Pembroke, N. H 151 

Pendleton, N. Y 177 

Pendleton, Ind 98 

Pendleton Village, S. C...217 

Penfleld,N. Y 164 

Peninsula, O.. 203 

Ponn Yan, N. Y.; 186 

Pennsyl vaniaburg, Ind. .. 100 

Pensacola, Fla 79 

Peoria, 111 92 

Pepperell, Mass ISO 

Perkins ville, Vt 234 

Perry, Geo 8) 

Perry, N. Y 185 

Perryopolis, Pa..'. 20f 

Perrysburg, O 203 

Perrysville, Ind 101 

Perryville, Ky lOil 

Perry ville, Md 120 

Peri-y ville. Mo 147 

Perrysville, O 190 

Perth Amboy, N. J 153 

Peru, 111 91 

Peru, Ind 99 

Peterborough N. H 151 

Peterboro, N. Y 164 

Petersburgh, 111 92 

Petersburgh, Ind 100 

Petersburgh, N. Y 180 

Petersburgh. Tenn 223 

Petersburg, Tex 229 

Petersburg, Va 238 

Petersburg City, Va 237 

Petersham, Mass 135 

Pheasant Branch, Wis 246 

Phelps, N. Y 178 

Philadelphia, Miss 143 

Philadelphia, N. Y 162 

Philadelphia, Pa '. 211 

Philip Ville, N. Y 156 

Phillippi, Va 236 

Phillips, Me 119 

Philllipsburg, N. J 154 

Phffinix, N.'Y 17!i 

Phrenix, Penn 207 

Pickens, S. C 219 

Pickensville, Ala 69 

Picolata, Fla 80 

Pierceton, Ind 98 

Piermont, N. Y 181 

Pierpoint, 191 

Pike, N. Y 185 

Pike Township, Ind 99 

Piketon, 201 

Pikeville, Ky 112 

Pikeville, Tenn 220 

Pilatka, Fla 80 

Pinckney ville. 111 93 

Pine Bluft; Ark 71 

Pine Bush, N. Y 184 

Pine Hill, Ala 70 

Pine Plains, N. Y 159 

Pineville, Mo 14 

Piqua, Ohio 199 

Piscataway, Md 126 

Pitcher, N. Y 15H 

Pittsburgh, Pa 204 

Pittsboro, N. C 187 

Pittsfield, 111 9: 

Pittsfield, Mass 128 

Kttsfield, N. H 151 

Pittsford, N. Y 164 

Pittsford, Vt 233 

Pittson Me 120 

Pittson Ferry, Pa 209 

Plaoerville, Gal 73 

Plainfield, N: J 153 

Plaintield, Vt 234 

Plainfield, Gonn 78 

PlaquemineG. H., La 117 

Plaquemine, La 114 

Platte Gity, Mo 147 

Platteville, Wis 247 

Plattsburg, Mo... 145 

Plattsburg, N. Y 158 

Pleasant Hill, Ala 66 

Pleasant Valley, Ala 70 

Pleasant Valley, Md 127 

Plover, Wis 248 

Pluckamin, N. J 154 

Plymouth, Gonn 76 

Plymouth, Ind 99 

Plymouth, Mass 131 

Plymouth, N. H 151 

Plymouth, N. G 190 

Pfc'mouth, O 201 

Pocahontas, Ark 72 

Pocahontas, 111 87 

Pocotaligo, S. G 217 

Poestenkill. N. Y 180 

Poindexter's Store, Va 241 

Point Goupee, La 117 

Point Friar, Miss 140 

Point Pleasant, Va 241. 

Point Isabel, Tex 227 

Polkville, Geo 82 

Poland, Me 119 

Poland,0 199 

Pomaria, S. G. 219 

Pomeroy, 199 

Pontiac, 111 91 

Pontiac, Mich 137 

Pontotoc, Miss 143 

Poolesville, Md 126 

Popes' Store, Va..-. 244' 

Poplar Bluff, Mo 145 

Portageville, N. Y 185 

Portage Gity, Wis 246 

Port Byron, N. Y • 157 

Portchester, N. Y 185 

Port Clinton, O 200 

Port Commerce, Ind 97 

Port Conway, Va 240 

Port Gibson, Miss 140 

Port Henry, N. Y 161 

Port Huron. Mich 136 

Port Jarvis, N. Y 179 

Portland, Gonn 77 

Portland, Iowa 105 

Portland, Me 119 

Portland, Mich 136 

Portland, Oresron 204 

Portlandville, N. Y.. ...... 180 

Portsmouth, N. H 152 

Portsmouth, 202 

Portsmouth, Va 242 

Port Republic, Md 125 

Port Richmond, N.Y 181 

Port Royal, Va 237 

Port Tobacco, Md 126 

Port Washington, Wis 248 

Potosi, Mo 149 

Potosi, Wis 247 

Potsdam, N. Y 182 

Pottstown, Pa 210 

Pottsville, Pa 214 

Poughkeepsie, N.Y 159 

Pouitney, Vt 234 

Powelton, Geo 84 



Powelton, Tex 228 

Powhattan, Ark 71 

Powhattan C. H., Va. 243 

Pownal, Vt 23.' 

Prairie Bluff, Ala.. 70 

Prairie du Chien, Wis 246 

Prairie du Sac, Wis 249 

Prairie Place Valley Grove 

P. O., Ark 72 

Prairie Point, Miss 14:i 

Prairieville, Mo -147 

Prattsburg, Ind 100 

Prattsburg, N. Y 1« 

Prattsville, N. Y 16,> 

Prattville, Ala 65 

Prescott, Wis 24e 

Prestonburgh, Ky lOe 

Princeton, Ark. 71 

Princeton, 111. „ 8t 

Princeton, Ind 97 

Princeton, Ky 107 

Princeton, Mo 147 

Princeton, N. J 153 

Princeton, Va 24x' 

Princeton, Wis 248 

Princess Anne, Md. 12 

Princess Anne, Va. 24:) 

Prince Edward, Va 243 

Prince Fredericktown, Mdl2.j 

Prince George, Va 243 

Proctor, Ky 11~ 

Proctor's Creek, Va 23' 

Proctorsville. Vt 234 

Providence, Fla 7H 

Prospect Hill, Wis 249 

Providence R, 1 216 

Pmntytown, Va 244 

Pulaski, N. Y 17; 

Pulaski, Tenn 22l 

Pultney, N. Y 18:i 

Pumpkintown, S. C 219 

tunxsutawney, Pa 20; 

Purdy, Tenn ........224 

Putnam, Va .24:i 

Putney, Vt 234 

Quaker Town, Penn 206 

Queen Anne, Md 126 

QueenstowB, Md 1~6 

Quincy,Fla 79 

Quincy, 111 87 

Quincy, Mass 131 

Quincy, Mich 13-5 

Quinebang, Conn 76 

Quitman. Miss, 140 

Quoarue, N. Y 183 

Raccoont'ord, Va 237 243 

Racine, Wis 24e 

Radnor, Penn 208 

Rahway, N. J 153 

Rainbow, O 19' 

Raine's Tavern, Va 237 

Rnleigh, 111 93 

Raleish, Miss 14: 

Raleigh, N. C 18; 

Raleiffh, Tenn 22. 

Raleigh, Va 243 

Randallsville, N. C 189 

Randolph, Mass 131 

Randolph, N. Y 15" 

Randolph, Vt 2.J3 

Ravenna, 20i 

Ravenswood, Va 240 

Rawlinsburg, N. C 189 

Raymond, Miss 14 1 

Raymond, Wis 24^ 

Readfield, Me 120 

Reading, Mass 131 

Reading. Penn 205 

Readsburgr, Wis 249 

Red Bank; N.J 154 

Red Bridge, Tenn 222 

Red Creek, N. Y 185 

Red Fork, Ark 71 

ItedUook, N. Y 160 

Red House, Va 237 

Red Mountain, N. C 189 

Red Rock, Texas 231 

Red Rock, Iowa 104 

Red Wood, Tenn 222 

Reedy Creek P. O., S. C..219 

Relugio, Tex 230 

Reidsville, Geo 86 

ReidsviUe, N. C 189 

Hemsen, N. Y 177 

Rensselaer, Ind. 98 

Rensselaerville, N. Y 156 

Resaca, Geo 83 

Reynoldsburgh, 194 

Rhinebeck, N. Y 160 

Riceboio', Geo 84 

Rice's Store, Va 245 

Richfield, O 202 

Richford, Vt....? 232 

Richfield Springs, N. Y'.-.18U 

Richland, Miss 141 

Kichlahd Centre, Wis 249 

Richland City, Wis 249 

Richmond, Ala 60 

Richmond, Ky 110 

Richmond, La 115 

Richmond, Me 120 

Richmond, Mo 148 

Richmond, Tex 2: 

Richmond, Vt 23i: 

Richmond, Va 239 

Richmond, Wis 249 

liichmond; City, Ind 102 

Richmond Dale, 201 

Richmond Hill, N. C 190 

Richmondville, N. Y 182 

Richwoods, Wis 249 

Ridijeway, Pa. 208 

Ridrey , Penn 2U8 

Ringgold, Ala 66 

Ringgold, Geo 

RingWood.N. C 188 

Rio "Grande City, Tax 230 

Ripley, Miss 143 

Ripley, N. Y 15' 

Ripley, 191 

Ripley, Tenn 223 

iii;ing Sun, Ind 99 

Ritchie C. H., Va 244 

Robeitsville, S. C 217 

Robinson, 111 89 

Robinson Springs, Ala 65 

Rochester, Ind 97 

Rochester, Iowa 102 

Rochester, Mich 137 

Rochester, Mo 144 

Rochester, N. H 152 

Rochester,N. Y 164 

Rochester, Vt 234 

Rockavvay, N. J 154 

itockdale, Ala 69 

Rockford, Ala 66 

Rockford, 111 94 

Rockford, N. C 189 

Rockingham, N. C 189 

Rock Island, 111 93 

Rock Island, Tex 22f. 

Rockland, Me ]2o 

Rock Port, Ark 71 

Rockport, lud. 100 

Rockport, Me 122 

ivockport, Mass 129 

Rockton, 111 94 

Rockville,Conn 77 

ockville, Ind 99 

Rock viile, Md 126 

Rocky Mount, Va 238 

Bocky Narrows, 200 

Rocky Point Va 200 

Rodman, N. Y 162 

Rogersville, Tenn 222 

RogersviUe, N. Y 183 

Rome, Geo 83 

Rome, Ind 100 

Rome,N. Y 177 

Rome,0 202 

Romeo, Mich 137 

Romney, Va 239 

Roundout, N. Y 184 

Roscoe, 111 94 - 

Roscoe, Ohio 192 

Rose Mills, Va 235 

Rosendale, N. Y 184 

Rossville, Ind 90 

Ross'S'ille, 191 

Round Top, Tex 227 

Rough Creek, Va ;237 

Rousep Point, N. Y 158 

Rowley, Mass 129 

Roxboro, N. C 187 

Roxbury, Mass 131 

Roxbury, N. Y 159 

Roy alton, Vt 234 

Buckersville, Geo 83 

Rudy vilie. Ter 228 

Rumtbrd, Me 121 

Rumney, N. H 151 

Rumsey , Ky Ill 

Rupert, Vt 232 

Rush, N. Y 165 

Rushford, N. Y 186 

Rushville, Ind 100 

Rushville, N.Y 186 

Rusk, Tex 227 

Ruskville, 111 93 

Russelville, Ala 66 

Russelville, Ky 110 

Russia, N. Y 162 

Rutland, 199 

Rutland, Pa 214 

Rutland, Vt 233 

Ruther Glenn, Va 237 

Ruthertordton, N. C 189 

Rutledge, N. Y 157 

Rutledge, Tenn 222 

Rye Cove, Va 244 

Saccarappa, Me 119 

Sackett's Harbor, N. Y 162 

Saco, Me 122 

••Sacramento, Cal 73 

Sag Harbor, N. Y 183 

Sagiaaw City. Mich 138 

Salem, Ala 69 

Salem. Ill 92 

Salem, Ind 102 

Salem, Iowa 103 

Salem, Mass 129 

Salem, N. H 152 

Salem, N. J 154 

Salem, N. Y 184 

-•alem, N. C 187 

Salem, O ,...192 

Salem, Oregon 204 

.Salem, Tenn 221 

Salem. Va 238 244 

Salem Township, O 199 

Salida, Va 242 

Saline, Mich 138 

Saline, La 113 

SaUsbury, Conn 76 

Salisbury, Md 127 

Salisbury, N. H 151 

Salisbury, N. C 189 

Salisbury, N. Y 162 

Salisbury, Vt 231 

Saltillo, Ind 98 



Salteburgh , Pa 209 

Salt Sulphur Springs, Va..242 

San Augustine, Tex 930 

San Antonio, Tex 226 

San Bernurdino, Cal 74 

Sanbornton Bridge, N. H.150 

Sandersville, Geo 87 

SanDei^o, Cal 74 

Sandsfield, Mass 128 

Sandusky, 193 

Sandwich, Mass 127 

Sandy Hill, N. Y 185 

San Elicario, Tex 227 

San Felipe, Tex 226 

Sanford, Me 122 

Saud Fort, Ala 69 

San Francisco, Cal 74 

San Gabriel, Cal 73 

Sangerville, Me 121 

San Jose, Cal 74 

San Jacinto, Tex 228 

San Luis Obispo, Cal!.-... 74 

San Marcos, Tex 228 

San Patricio, Tex 230 

San Pedro, Cal 73 

San Rafael, Tex 229 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ..181 

Santa Barbara, Cal 74 

Santa Cruz, Cal 75 

Santa Fe, New Mex 154 

Santee, Miss 140 

Sarahsville, 200 

Satartia, Miss 144 

Saugerties, N. Y 184 

Sauk Rapids, Min 139 

Sault St. Marie, Mich 136 

Savannah, Geo 82 

Savannah, Mo 144 

Savannah, Tenn 222 

Saxton's River, Vt 234 

St. Albans, Me 122 

St. Albans, Vt 232 

St. Anthony's Falls, Min.. 1.39 

St. Augustine, Fla 

St. Charles, 111.-. 90 

St. Charles, Mo 148 

St. Clair, Mich 138 

St. Clairville, 191 

St. Francisville, La 114 

St. Genevieve. Mo 148 

St. George's, Del 78 

St. Helens, W. T 245 

St. Johnsbury, Vt 232 

St. Johnsbury E., Tt 232 

St. Johnsvillc, N. Y 165 

St. Joseph, La 118 

St. Joseph, Mich 135 

St Joseph, Mo 145 

St. Louis, Mo ] 

St Paul, Min. T 139 

St Omer, Ind 96 

St. Mary's, 191 

St- Mary's, Geo 81 

St- Martinsville, La 118 

St- Stephen's, Ala 70 

St Tammany, Va 242 

Scio, N. Y 15fi 

Scranton, Penn 204 

Searcy, Ark 73 

Searsport, Me 122 

Seguin, Tex 228 

Selden, N. Y 183 

Selin'8 Grove, Pa 215 

Selina, Ala 66 

Senecaville, G 194 

Setauket, N. Y 183 

Seville. 199 

Sevierville, Tenn 224 

Seymour, Conn 77 

Sextonville, Wis 249 

Scarborough, Mc 119 

Schaghticoke, N. Y 180 

^chenectady, N. Y 181 

Schenevus, N. Y 180 

Schodach, N. Y 180 

Schoharie, N. Y 182 

Schoolcraft, Mich 137 

Schroon Lake, N. Y 161 

Schuyler's Lake, N. Y. ..180 

Schuylerville, N. Y 181 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa 214 

Scipio, Ind 98 

Scipio Ville, N. Y 157 

Scottsburgh, N. Y 164 

Scottsburgh, Or 204 

Scottsville, N. Y I6.i 

Scottsville, Va 235 

Scottville, 111 91 

Scottville, Ky 106 

Seneca Falls, N. Y 182 

Shackelford's P. O., Va...241 

Shadwell, \a 235 

Sharon, Conn 76 

Sharon, Miss 142 

Sharon, Pa 210 

Sharon, Vt 234 

Sharon, Wis 249 

Sharonville', Va 241 

.Shawangunk, N. Y 184 

Shawneetown, 111 90 

Sheakley ville, Penn 210 

Sheboygan, Wis 449 

Sheboygan Falls, Wis 249 

Sheffield, Mass 128 

.Shelby, N. C 187 

Shelbyville, 111 62 

Shelbyville, Ind '.100 

Shelbyville, Ky ..112 

Shelbyville, Mo 148 

Shelbyville, Tenn. 220 

Shelbyville, Tex. 230 

Shelburne Falls, Mass... 129 

Sheldon, Vt 232 

Shelter Island, N. Y 183 

Shepherdstown, Va 240 

Shepherdsville, Ky 107 

Sherburne, N. Y 158 

Sherman, N. Y 157 

Sherburne, N. H 150 

Sherman, Tex 228 

Sherwoode, N. Y 157 

Shieldsborough, Miss 141 

Shiloh, Ala 68 

Shirley, Mass 130 

Shirley, Me 121 

Shippenshurgh, Penn 207 

Shocco, Miss 142 

Shoken, N, Y. 184 

Shoreham, Vt 231 

Shullsburg, Wis 247 

Shusan, N. Y 185 

Shreveport, La 113 

Shrewsbury, Cuttingsville 

P.O. Vt 234 

Sidney, Iowa 103 

Sidney, 202 

Siloa, Ind 101 

Silver Creek, N. Y 1 57 

Silver Top, Tenn 224 

Simsbury, Conn 76 

Sing Sing, N. Y 185 

Skeneatales, N. Y 178 

Skowhegan, Me 122 

Slate Hill, N. Y 179 

Smethport, Pa 210 

Smithboro, N. Y 183 

Smithfield, Pa 206 

Smithfield, N. C 188 

Smithfield, Va 240 

Smithland, Ky 110 

Smith's Cross Roads, Va .243 

Smith's, O 194 

Smithtown Branch, N. Y. 183 

Smithville, Ark 71 

Sraithville, Miss 143 

Smithville, Tenn 221 

Snow Hill, Md 127 

Snow Hill, N. C 188 

Social Circle, Ga 87 

Society Hill, S. C 318 

Sodus, N. Y 185 

Solon, Me 122 

omers. Conn 77 

Somerset, Ky 112 

Somerset, Mich 136 

Somerset, U. Y 177 

-oirierset, 200 

Somerset, Pa 214 

Somervllle, Ala 69 

Sommcrville. Miss 143 

Somerville' N. J. 154 

Somerville, Tenn 221 

Sonora, Cal 75 

Sonoma, Cal 75 

^outh Abingdon, Mass.. -131 

South Bend, Ind 101 

South Berwick. Me 122 

South Biidge. Mass 135 

Southbury, Conn 77 

South Canaan, Conn 76 

South Canton, Mass 131 

South Dansville, N. Y 183 

Southfield, N. Y .....181 

South Gate, Ind 97 

South Glastenbury, Conn. 76 

South Hadley, Mass. : 130 

South Halifax, Vt 234 

South Hero, Vt 233 

Southhold, N. Y 183 

Southin.Tton, Conn 76 

South Middletown, N. Y..179 

South Mills, N. C 187 

.^outh Otselic, N. Y 158 

South Paris, Me 121 

South Reading, Mass 130 

South Royalton, Vt 234 

South Scituate, Mass 131 

South Seboe, Me 121 

South Woodstock, Conn. 78 

Sparta, Ala 66 

Sparta, Ga 84 

Sparta, 111 93 

Sparta, La 113 

Sparta, Tenn. 225 

Sparta, Va 237 

Spartanburg, S. C 219 

Speedwell, Va 345 

Spencer, Ind 99 

Spencer, Mass 135 

Spencer, N. Y 183 

Spencerport, N. Y 165 

Spencerto vvn, N. Y 159 

Spencerville, Ind 96 

Spottedville, Va 244 

Springborough, O 203 

Springfield, Ark 71 

Springfield, Ga 83 

Springfield, 111 93 

Springfield, Ky 113 

Springfield, La 115 

Springfield, Mass 129 

Springfield, Mo 146 

Springfield Centre, N. Y. 180 

Springfield, O 191 

Springfield, I'enn 206 

Spnnfield, Tenn 224 

-Springfield, Tex 229 

Springfield, Vt 234 

Spring Place, Ga 85 

Spring Vale, Me 123 



Spring Vale, N C 189 

Sprinuville, N. Y- 161 

Springvvater, N. Y 164 

Stafford, Conn TC 

Stalistown. Pa 215 

Stamford, Con 75 

Stamping Ground, Ky 112 

Stanardsville, Va 239 

Standing Stone, Pa 206 

Standish, Me Ii9 

Stanford, Ky liO 

Stanhope, N. J 154 

Stapleton, N. Y 181 

Stark, C. H., Ind 101 

Starksboroujh, Vt 231 

Starkville, Ga 

Starkville, Miss 143 

Stateburff, S. C 220 

Statesvilfe, N. C 188 

Staunton, Va 235 

Steen's Creek, Miss 143 

Steeh-llle. Mo 145 

Sterling, 111 94 

Stetson, Me.. 121 

Steubenville, O...' 198 

Stevensburg, Va 23? 

Stevens' Huint, Wis 24t 

Stevensville, Va 241 

Stilesboro, Ga 82 

Stillwater, Min. Ter L39 

Stipps HillP. O, Ind..... 9' 

Stockbvidge, Mass 12p' 

Stockbridge, Mich 13'' 

Stockbridge, Wis 246 

Stockbridge, Vt 234 

Stockton, "Ala. 6^i 

Stockson, Cal 74 

Stoneham. Mass 13O 

Stoniiigton, Conn 77 

Stone Mountain. Geo; 83 

Stone Ridse, N. Y 184 

Stony Point Mills, Va 237 

Stow, Mass 130 

Stowe, Vt... 233 

Strasburs:, Penn 209 

Stratford'; N. H 150 

Strafford, Vt 233 

Strawberry Plains, Tenn.203 

Streetsboro, O. 201 

Strong, Me 119 

Stroudstjjirg. Pa 210 

Sturbridge, Mass 135 

Sturgeonville, Va 236 

Sturgis, Mich 138 

Suffern, N. Y I81 

Subletts, Va 243 

Suffolk C. H., N. Y -..183 

Suffolk, Va 242 

Suggsville, Ala 6h 

Sullivan, 111 92 

Sullivan, Penn 214 

Sullivan C. H., Ind 101 

Sullivans Port, Texas 22." 

Summer^'ille, .41a 69 

Summerville, Geo 82 

Summersville, Ky 108 

Summit, N. Y 182 

Summit Point, Va., 240 

Sumterville, S. C. .' 219 

Sunbury, Pa 210 

Sunderland, Mass 129 

Sun Prairie, Wis 246 

Surrounded Hill, Ark 7-' 

Surry, Va 244 

Susquehanna Depot,Penn.214 

Sussex, Va 244 

Sutter Creek, Cal 73 

Sutton, Vt 232 

Swainsboro, Geo 83 

Swanton, Vt 233 

Sweden, N. Y 165 

.Swedesboro, N. J 153 

Sweet Springs, Va 235 

Swift Island, N. C ltt> 

Sycamore Alley, N. C 18t 

Sycamore, 111 b9 

Sylvania, Geo 8*' 

.Syracuse, N. Y 17^ 

Tafton, Pa 214 

Taghkanie, N. Y loi> 

Palbotton, Geo 80 

Talladega, Ala 6i> 

Tallahassee, Fla 80 

TallulaC. H., Miss 14 1 

Tampa, Fla 8li 

Tamworth, N. H 15o 

Tamaqua, Pa. 21-1 

Tappahannock, Va 23e 

Tariffville, Conn 7u 

Tarboro, N. C 187 

Tarrant, Tex 22fc 

Tarrytdwn, N.Y I80 

Taunton, Mass I2t 

Taycheida, Wis 241; 

Taylor's, La 117 

Taylor's Bridge, N. C 189 

Taylor's Falls, Min l3a 

Taylorsville, Geo 84 

Taylorsville, Ky ll- 

Taylorsville, N. C l8b 

.Taylorsville, Tenn 2~-j 

Tavlorville, 111..... 8b 

Tazewell, Tenn 2'JO 

Tazewell, Va 24 ■> 

Tecumseh, Mich 13' 

Templeton, Mass l3. 

Ten Mile, Penn 215 

Terre Hauto, Ind lOi 

Texana. Tex 2'^= 

Thebes, 111 8 

The Oaks, N. C iet> 

Theresa, N.Y Ibi 

Thetford, Vt 233 

Thibodaux, La 114 

Thomaston, Geo 86 

Thomaston, Me 12U 

Thomasville. Geo 80 

Thomas ville. Mo 14 

Thompson, Conn 7e 

Thompsonville, Conn 70 

Thompson's Cross Roads, 

Va 24I 

Thornton, N. H I51 

Thorntown, Ind ga 

Three Mile Bay, N. Y 16~' 

Ticonderoga, N. Y le^ 

Tiffin City, O 2o- 

Timber Creek, Iowa lo4 

Tioga, Pa. 21"" 

Tipton, Ind io^ 

Tipton, Iowa 10"^ 

Tiskileye, 111 8«* 

Tiverton, R. 1 2iti 

Toledo, O- 199 

Tolland, Conn 7t 

ToUesboro, Ky llO 

Tompkinsville, Ala 6" 

TompldnsWUe, Ky liJ 

Tompkinsville, N. Y 18^ 

Toms Kiver, N. J I54 

fonawanda, N.Y 16l 

Topsfield, Mass 129 

Topsham, Vt 23^ 

Tottens Wells, Tenn 224 

Toulon, 111 9i) 

Towanda, Pa.... 200 

Town Bluff, Tex 23U 

Townsend, Mass 13O 

Townshend, Vt 23i 

Traders Hill, Geo 81 

Trap Hill, N.C 190 

Travellers Rest, Geo 83 

Fremont, 111 94 

Tremont, Me 120 

Trenton, Geo 82 

Trenton, Mo 146 

Trenton, N. J 153 

Trenton, Tenn 221 

Trithena, Ohio 202 

Troupville, Geo 84 

I'rout River, Iowa 105 

Troy.AIa 69 

Troy, Ind 100 

Troy, Mo 147 

Trov, N. H 150 

Troy, N. Y.-. 180 

Troy, O 164.199 

Troy, Pa 206 

Troy, Tenn 224 

Troy, Vt 233 

Trumansburgh, N. Y 184 

Truxton, N. Y 159 

Tulip, Ark 71 

Tully , Mo .147 

Tully, N. Y 178 

Tunkhannock, Pa 215 

Tunbridge, Vt 233 

Turin, N Y 163 

Turkey Town, Ala 66 

Tumbull, Ala 63 

Turner, Me 121 

Tuscaloosa, Ala 70 

Tuscumbia, Ala 66 

Tuscumbia, Mo I47 

Tuskegee, Ala 67 

Tuthill, N. Y 184 

fye River Warehouse, Va.242 

Tyler, Tex 230 

TylervUle, ni 94 

Tynffsborough, Mass 130 

Tyrone, N.Y 183 

Uchee Anna, Fla 80 

LThricks-i'ille, O 203 

Ulysses, Penn 214 

Unadilla, N. Y 180 

Underbill, Vt 232 

Union, Ala ..-. 67 

Union, Me 120 

Union, Mo 146 

Union, N. Y 156 

Union, Va 242 

Union Grove, 111 89 

Union Springs', Ala 67 

Union Springs, N. Y 157 

nion Town, Ala 69 

Uniontown, O 202 

Uuiontown, Pa 208 

Unionville, Geo 35 

Unionville, O 198 

Unionville, S. C 220 

Unison, Va 241 

Unity, Me 122 

University of Virginia, Va.235 

Upper Alton, 111 92 

Upper Gloucester, Me 119 

Upper Marlborough, Md..i26 

Upper Sandusky, O 203 

Upperville, Va 2.38 

Urbaua, 111 88 

Urbana, 191 

Urbanna, Va 242 

Utica, Mich 137 

Utica, N.Y 177 

Utoy,Geo 83 

Uxbridse, Mass 135 

Vails M'llls, N.Y 161 

Valatie.N. Y 159 

Valparaiso, Ind 100. 

Van Buren, Ark 71 

VandaUa, 111 --- 89 



Van Wert, 203 

Varick, N. Y 18-' 

Vaughn's Valley, Tenn. . .224 

Velasco, Tex 226 

Verdiersville, Va 243 

Vergenne?, Vt 231 

Vermilionvllle, La 114 

Vernal, Miss ]41 

Vernon, Ind 98 

Vernon, La 114 

Vernon, P. O., Miss 142 

Vernon, N. Y 177 

Versailles, 111 88 

Versailles, Ind 100 

Versailles, Ky 113 

Versailles, Mo 147 

Vevay, Ind 101 

Vicksburg, Miss 143 

Vicksville, Va 244 

Victor, N. Y ..179 

Victoria, Tex 231 

Vidalia, La 114 

Vienna, Ind 100 

Vienna, 111 90 

Vienna, Geo .' 83 

Vienna, O 202 

Vilarico, Geo 81 

Vincennes, Ind 98 

Vinton, O 194 

Virginia, 111 , 

Wabash, Ind 102 

Waco Village, Tex 229 

Waddington, N. Y 182 

Wadsworth, O 199 

Wadesboro, N. C 186 

Waitstield. Vt ....234 

Wakefield, N. H 150 

Waldoboro, Me 120 

Wallingford, Conn 77 

Wallingford, Vt 234 

Walnut Hill, Va 241 

Walpole, Mass 131 

Walpole, N. H 150 

Walterboro, S. C 21 8 

Waltham, Mass, 130 

Walthourville, Geo 84 

Walton, N. Y 158 

Wampsville, N. Y 164 

Wapakoneta, O 191 

Wapello, Iowa 104 

Ware, Mass 130 

Wareham, Mass 131 

Warner, N. H 151 

Warren, Ark 70 

Warren, Mass 135 

Warren, Me 120 

Warren, N. Y 162 

Warren, O 202 

Warren, Pa 215 & 206 

Warren, R. 1 216 

Warrensburg, Mo .146 

Wai-rensburg, N. Y 184 

Warrcnton, Ala 68 

Warrenton, Geo 87 

Warrenton, N. C 190 

Warrenton, O 198 

Warrenton, Va 238 

Warren ville. 111 89 

Warsaw, Ala 69 

Warsaw, 111 90 

Warsaw, Ind 98 

Warsaw, Ky 108 

Warsaw, Mo 144 

Warsaw, N. Y 185 

Warsaw, Va 243 

Warwick, R. 1 216 

Washington, Ark 71 

Washington, Geo 87 

Washington, Ind 102 

Washington, Mo 146 

Washington, N.J 154 

Washington, N. C 186 

Washington, O 194 & 199 

Washington, Iowa 105 

Washington, Pa 215 

Washington, Tenn 224 

Washington, Tex 250 

Washineton, Vt 233 

Washington, Va 243 

Washington City, D. C... 79 
Washington Hollow, N. Y.160 
VVaterborough Centre, Mel22 

Waterbury, Conn 77 

Waterbury, Vt 234 

Waterford, Wis 248 

Waterford, Vt 232 

Waterford, Me 121 

Waterford, Miss 142 

Waterford, N. Y '..181 

Waterford, Penn 208 

Waterford, Wis 248 

Waterloo, 111 92 

Waterloo, Mo J. ..145 

Waterloo, N. Y 182 

Waterloo, Wis. . .'. 247 

Waterproof, La 118 

Watertown, Conn 76 

Watertown, Mass 130 

Watertown, Mich 136 

Watertown, N. Y 162 

Watertown, Wis 247 

Waterville,-Me 120 

Waterville, N. Y 177 

Waterville, O 233 

Waterville, Vt 199 

Watkins, N. Y 151 

Watkinsville, Geo 8' 

Watson Bridge, N. C 188 

Wauconda, 111 21 

Waukau, Wis 250 

Waukon, Iowa 250 

Waukegan, 111 91 

Waukesha, Wis 249 

Waupacca Kails, Wis 250 

Waumandee, Wis 246 

Waupun, Wis 246 

Wausau, Wis 248 

Waushara, Wis 246 

Waverley, Ind 99 

Waverly, N. Y 184 

Waverly, Tenn 222 

Wayauwega, Wis 250 

Wayland, Mass ...139 

Wayne, Va 245 

Waynesboro, Geo 81 

Waynesboro, Tenn 225 

Waynesborough, Va 236 

Waynesburgh, Pa 208 

Waynesville, Geo 87 

VVaynesville, Mo 148 

Waynesville, N. C 188 

Weavervillo, Cal 75 

Wawarsing, N. Y 184 

Webberville, Tex 230 

Webster, Mass 135 

Webster, Me 120 

Webster, N. Y ifc 

VVedowee, Ala 69 

Weedsport, N. Y 157 

Wellfleet, Mass 127 

Wellington, O 199 

Wellsborough, Pa 215 

Wellsburgh, Va^ 236 

Wells River, Vt 232 

Welkville, O 192 

Wenham, Mass 124 

Wentvvorth, N. H 151 

Wentworth, N. C 189 

West Bend, Wis 250 

Westborough, Mass 135 

West Bloomfield, N. Y .... 179 

West Boylston, Mass 135 

West Bridgewater, Mass. .131 

Westbrook, Me 119 

Westbrooks, N. C 186 

West Buxton, Me 122 

West Cambridge, Mass. . .130 

West Carlisle, O ...192 

West Charleston, Vt 233 

Westchester, Pa 207 

West Cornwall, Conn 76 

West Ely, Mo 147 

Westerlo.N.Y 156 

Westerly, R. 1 216 

WestFanns, N. Y 185 

Westfield, Ind -1. 97 

Westfield, N.Y 157 & 181 

Westfield Mass 129 

Westfield, Penn 215 

Westford, Mass 130 

Westford, Vt 232 

West Franklin. Ind 100 

West Greenville, Pa 210 

West Hartwick. N.Y 180 

West Hebron, N. Y 185 

West Killingly, Conn 78 

West Liberty, Ky Ill 

West Liberty, Va 242 

West Meriden. Conn 77 

Westminster, Md 125 

Westminster, Vt •-.234 

West Milton, Vt 232 

Westmoreland, N. H 150 

West Newton, Penn 215 

Weston, Mass 130 

Weston, Mo ,148 

Weston, Va .' 241 

West Point, Iowa 104 

West Point, -Geo 86 

West Point, Ky 109 

Westport, Conn , 76 

Westport, Ind 96 

Westport, N.Y 161 

Westport, Mo 146 

West Randolph, Vt 233 

West Sandlake, N. Y 180 

West Springfield, N. Y....180 
West Stockbridge, Mass.. 128 
West Townshond, Vt...-234 

West Troy, N. Y 156 

West Union, Iowa 103 

West Unity, O....^ 203 

West Union, 190 

West Union, Va 237 

Westville, Miss 143 

West Woodstock, Conn.. 78 

Wethersfield, Conn 76 

Wetumpka, Ala 66 

Weymouth, 131 

Wharton, Texas 231 

Wheeling, Va 242 

Wheelock, Texas 230 

Whitehall, 111 90 

Whitehall, N. Y 185 

Whitehall, Va 235 

Whitley, C. H., Ind 102 

White Lake, Mich 137 

White Oak, Texas 228 

White Pigeon, Mich 138 

White Plains, Geo 83 

White Plains, N. Y 185 

Whitestown, N. Y 177 

White Sulphur, Ky 112 

White Sulphur Springs, 

Geo 85 

Whitesburg, Ky 110 

W hites ville, N. Y 15(5 

Whites ville, N. C 187 

Whitesvillo, Tenn 222 

White Water, Wis 24a 



Whitingham, Vt 334 

Whitlockville, N. Y 185 

Wickford, R. 1 216 

Wilderness, Va 244 

Wilkesbarre, Penn 209 

WUkesboro', N. C 190 

Williamsborough, N. C...188 

Williamsburgh, Ky 113 

Williainsburgh, Mass 130 

Williamsburgh, Miss 140 

Williamsburgh, N. Y 163 

Williamsburgh, Va 240 

WilliamstieU, 191 

Williamsport, Ind 102 

Williamsport, Md 127 

Williamsport, Pa 210 

Williamsport, O 200 

Williamston, Mich 136 

Williamston, N. C 188 

WUliamstown, Ky 1C8 

Williamstown, Mass 128 

Williamstown, N. Y 179 

Willimantic, Conn 78 

Willisburgh, Ky 113 

Williston, Vt 232 

Willoughby , O 198 

Wilmington, Ark 72 

Wilmington, Del 78 

Wilmington, 111 94 

Wilmington, Ind 96 

Wilmington, N. C 188 

Wilmington, 192 

Wilmington, Vt 234 

Wilmot, Wis 246 

Wilmot, N. H 151 

Wilson, N. Y 177 

Wilson. N. C 187 

Wilton, Me 120 

Winamac, Ind 100 

Winchenden, Mass 135 

Winchester, C onn 76 

Winchester, ni 93 

Winchester, Ind 100 

Winchester, Ky 107 

Winchester, Miss 144 

Winchester, N. H 150 

Winchester, O. 190 : 194 

Winchester, Tenn 221 

Winchester, Va 231 

Windham, Conn 78 

Windham, Me 119 

Windham Centi-e, N. Y...162 

Windsor Locks, Conn 76 

Windsor, N. C 186 

Windsor, Vt 234 

Winfield, N. Y 162 

Winsborough, La 114 

Win8boro',S. C 218 

Winona, ^Hnn. T 139 

Winooski Falls, Vt 232 

Winsted, Conn 76 

Winston, N. C 187: 188 

Winthrop, Me 120 

Wlnterset, Iowa 104 

Wirt, Va 245 

Wiscasset, Me 120 

Withams ville, O 192 

Witton, Conn 76 

Wittsburgh, Ark 72 

Woburn, Mass 130 

Wolcott, N. Y 185 

Wolcottville, Conn 77 

Woltborough, N. H 150 

Wolf Laker Ind 99 

Wood, C. H., Texas 231 

Woodbury, Conn - 76 

Woodbury, N. J 153 

Woodbury, Tenn 220 

Woodhull, N. Y 183 

Woodsfield, O 200 

W' oodstock. Ill 92 

Woodstock, Vt 234 

Woodstock, Va 244 

Woodstown, N.J 154 

Woodville, Miss 144 

Woodville, Texas 230 

Woonsocket, R. 1 216 

Wooster, O.. 203 

Worcester, N. Y 180 

Worcester, Mass 135 

Worthington, 194 

Worthiugton's Point,Miss.l44 

WorthTine,Geo 81 

Wrentliam, Mass 131 

Wurtsboro, N. Y 183 

Wyocenia, Wis... 246 

Wyoming, N. Y '...-185 

Wyola,Wis 247 

Wysox, Pena 206 

Wy therille Va 245 

Xenia, O 194 

Yancey ville, N. C 187 

Yaphank, N. Y. 183 

Yarmouth, Me 119 

Yarmouth Port, Maes. ... .127 

Yazoo City, Miss 144 

Yellow Branch, Va 237 

Yellow Springs, O 194 

Ye]lville,Ark 71 

Yelrington, Ky 108 

Yonkers, N. Y 185 

York, Me 122 

York.N. Y..'. 164 

York, Pa 215 

Yorkshire, N. Y....: 157 

Yorktown, Ind 96 

YorkvOle, N. Y 177 

Yorkville, Tenn 221 

Yorkville, S. C 220 

Youngstowu, 199 

Ypsilanti, Mich 133 

Zanesfield, 198 

Zanesville, O 200 

Zebulon, Geo 85 

Zebulon, Ark 72 

Zenas, Ind 98 







Time of Meeting of Legislature. Time of holrlnig gen elections. 

1st Monday in August, 

Little Rock, 
Vallejo, Tu. after IstMon. in Sept.. 

Hartfd&NHav.lst Monday in April, 
Dover, 2d Tuesday in November, 

Tallahasse, Ist Monday in October, 
Milledgeville, " " 

2d Tuesday in October, 
Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov., 
let Monday in August, 



Iowa City, 


Baton Rouge, 



1st Monday in November," 
Ist Wednesday in Nov., 
IstMon. and Tu. in Nov., 

Jetferson City, Ist Monday in August, 

Massachusetts, Boston, 
Maine, Augusta, 

N.Hampshire, Concord, 
N. Carolina, Raleigh, 
New York, Albany, 
New Jersey, Trenton, 
Ohio, Columbus, 

Lansing, Tu. after Ist Mon. in Nov., 

2d Monday in November, 
2d Monday in September, 
2d Tuesday in March, 
1st Thursday in August, 
Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov., 

Pennsylvania, Harrisburgh, 
T>i_ J I 1 J Providence, 
Rhode Island, Newport, 


2d Tuesday in October, 

> I St Wednesday in April, 

S. Carolina, Columbia, 2d Monday in October, 

Tennessee, Nashville, let Thurs-day in August, 

Texas, Austin, 1st Monday in August^ 

Vermont, Montpelier, , 1st Tuesday in September, 

Virginia, Richmond, 4th Thursday in October, 

Wisconsin, Madison, Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov., 

2d Monday in Nov., biennially. 
1st Monday in Nov., bicnn. 
1st Monday in January. 
1st Wednesday in May. 
1st Tuesday in Jan., bienn. 
1st Monday in Nov., bienn. 

Thurs. after IstMon. in Jan. 5r. 

2d Monday in Jan., bienn. 

1st Monday in Dec, bienn. 

1st Monday in December. 

3d Monday in Jan. 

1st Wednesday in Jan. bienn. 

Ist Monday in Jan., bienn. 

Last Mon. in Dec, biennially. 

1st Wed. in Jan , biemiially. 

Ist Wednesday in January. 

2d Wednesday in January. 

1st Wednesday in June. 

3d Monday in Nov., bienn. 

1st Tuesday in January. 

2d Tuesday in January. 

1st Monday iii Jan., bienn. 

Ist Tuesday in Janxiary. 
C 1st Tuesday in May.'j 
\ Last Tuesday in October. 

4th Monday in November. 

1st Monday in Oct., bienn. 

December, bienn. 

2d Thursday in October. 

2d Monday in Jan., bienn. 

1st Monday in January. 


Showing the numbir of Railways in operation in the United States, on the first of January 
1854 with the number of miles completed, the number in course of ' construction, etc. 

Number of 

No. miles in 

No. of miles 











New Hampshire, 















Rhode Island, 









New York, 





New Jersey, 

























North Carolina, 





• South Cai-olina, 









































50 775,344 











































Autanga Kingston. 

Baldwin Blakeley. 

Barbour Clayton. 

Benton Jacksonville. 

Bibb Centre ville. 

Blount ' Blountsville. 

Butler Greenville. 

Chambers Lafayette. 

Cherokee Centre. 

Choctaw Butler. 

Clarke Grove Hill. 

'Coftee Elba. 

Conecuh Sparta. 

Coosa Kockford. 

Covington Andalusia. 

Dallas Cahawba. 

Dale Newton. 

De Kalb Portersville. 

Fayette Fayette. C. H. 

Franklin Frankfort 

Greene Eutaw. 

Hancock Hancock, C. H. 

Henry Abbeville. 

Jackson Bellefonte. 

Jefferson Ely ton. 

Lauderdale Florence. 

Lawrence ' Moulton. 

Limestone Athens, 

Lowndes Hayneville. 

Macon Tuskegee. 

Madison Huntsville. 

Marengo Linden. 

Marion Pikeville. 

Marshall Guntersville 

Mobile Mobile. 

Monroe Monroe ville. 

Montgomery Montgomery. 

Morgan .Somerville. 

Perry Marion. 

Pickens Carrollton. 

Pike Troy. 

Riindolpli Wedowee. 

Kussell Crawford. 

Shelby Columbiana. 

St. Clair Ashville. 

Sumter Livingston. 

Taladega Talladega. 

Tallapoo-a Dadeville. 

Tuskaloosa Tuskaloosa, 

Walker Jasper. 

Washington St. Stephen's. 

Wilcox Camden. 



Arkansas Arkansas Post. 

Ashley Hamliurfr. 

Benio'n Bentonvillo. 

Bradley AVarrcn. 

Carroll Carrollton. 

Chicot Columbia. 

Clarke ArkadelphLi. 

Conway Springfield. 

' Crawford Van Buren. 

C-riitenden Marion. 

Dallas Princeton. 

Deslia Napoleon. 

Drew Monticello. 

Fr.inklin Ozark. 

Fulton Salem. 

Greene Gainesville 

Hempstead AVashington. 

Hot Spring Eockport. 

Independence Batesville. 

Izard Mount Olive. 

Jackson Aue;usta. 

Joflferson Pin'e Bluff. 

Johnson Clarkesville. 

iafayette _. .Lewisville. 

Lawrence Smithville. 

Madison Ilnntsville. 

Marion Yell ville. 

Mississippi Osceola. 

MoTiroe Lawrenceville. 

Montgomery Mount Ida 

Newton Jasper. 

Ouachita Camden. 

Perry Perryvllle. 

Polk Dallas. 

Phillips Helena. 

Pike Murfreesboro. 

Poinsett Bolivar. 

Pope Dover. 

Prairie Brown ville. 

Pulaski Little Eock. 

Randolph Pocahontas. 

Saline Benton. 

Scott Waldron. 

Searcy Lebanon. 

Sebastian Fort Smith. 

Sevier Paraclifta. 

St. Francis Mount Vernon. 

Union El Dorado. Buren Clinton. 

Washington Fayetteville. 

White Searcy. 

Yell Danville. 





Butte Hamilton. 

Calaveras Jackson. 

Contra Costa. Contr.! Costa. 

Celusi Colusl. 

El Dorado Coloma. 

Los Angelos Los Angelos. 

Marin San Ealael. 

Mariposa Marioosa. 


Monterey Monterey. 

Napa Napa City. 

Sacramento Sacramento. 

San Diego. . ; San Diego. 

San Francisco San Francisco. 

San .Joaqnin Stockton. 

San Louis Obispo San Luis Obispo. 

Santa Barbara Santa Barbara. 

Santa Clara San .Jose. 

Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz. 

Shaste Shasta. 

Solano Vallejo. 

Sonoma Sonoma. 

Sutter Tuba City. 

Trinity Weaversville. 

Tuolumne Columbia. 

Tolo Yolo. 

Yuba Marysville. 



-ri . a ij f Fairfield. 

Fa'rfl«l<i iDanbury. 

Hartford Hartford. 

Litchfield Litchfield. 

,,.,,, ( Middletown. 

*^"i<"esex -JHaddam. 

New Haven New Haven. 

„ T J ( New London. 

New London -{Norwich. 

Tolland Tolland. 

Windham Brooklyn. 



Kent Dover. 

„ ., ( Wilmington. 

Newcastle \ Newcastle. 

Sussex Georgetown. 





Alachua Newnansville. 

Benton Augusta 

Calhoun St. Joseph. 

Columbia Alligator. 

Dade Miami. 

Duval Jacksonville. 

Escambia Pensacola 

Franklin Appalachicola. 

Gadsden Quincy. 

Hamilton Jasper. 

Hillsboro Tampa. 

Holmes Cerro Gordo. 

Jackson Marianna. 

Jefferson Monticello. 

Leon Tallahassee. 

Levy Wacasassa. 

Madison Madison. 

Marion Ocola. 


Monroe ; Key West 

Nassau Nassau C. H. 

Orange Moltonville. 

Putnam . ; Pil.atkL 

Santa Eosa Milton. 

St Johns St. Augustine. 

St. Lucie [not org.anized.] 

W.ikulla Newport 

Walton Uchee Anna. 

Washington Kochos Bluff. 



Appling Holmesville. 

Baker Newton 

Baldwin Milledgeville, 

Bibb Macon. 

*Bryan Eden. 

Bullock Statesborongh. 

Burke Waynesborough, 

Butts Jackson. 

Camden Jeffcrsonton. 

Campbell Campbcllton. 

Carroll Cavollton. 

Cass Cassville. 

Chatham Savannah. 

Chattooga Summerville. 

Cherokee Canton. 

Clarke Watkinsville. 

Clinch Magnolia. 

Cobb Marietta. 

Columbia Appling. 

Coweta Newnan. 

Crawford-. Knoxville. 

Dade Trenton. 

Decatur Bainbridgo. 

De Kalb Decatur. 

Dooly Vienna. 

E.irly Blakely. 

Effingham. Springfield. 

Elbert Elberton. 

Emanuel Swainsborough. 

Fayette Fayetteville. 

Floyd Rome. 

Forsyth Cumming. 

Franklin Carnesville. 

Gilmer Ellejay. 

Glynn Brunswick. 

Gordon Calhoun. 

Greene Oreensborough. 

Gwinnett Lawrencevillc. 

Habersham Clarksville. 

Hall Gainesville. 

Hancock. . , Sparta. 

Harris Hamilton. 

Heard _ Franklin. 

Henry '. McDonoagh. 

Houston Porry. 

Irwin Irwinville. 

Jackson Jefferson. 

Jasper Monticello. 

Jefterson Louisville, 

Jones Clinton. 

Laurens Dublin. 

Lee Starkeville. 

Liberty Hinesville. 

Lincoln Lincolnton. 

Lowndes Troupville. 

Lumpkin Dahlonega. 

Macon Lanier. 

Madison Danielsville. 

Marion Bucna Vistiu 

Mcintosh Darien. 

Meriwether Greenville. 

Monroe Forsyth. 

Montgomery Mount Vernon. 

Morgan . . . ." Madison. 

Murray Spring Place. 

Muscogee Cohimbii-s. 




Newton Covington. 

Oglethorp Lexington, 

Paulding Dallas. 

Pike Zebulou. 

Pulaski HawkinsviUe. 

Putnam Katonton. 

Rabun Clayton. 

Eandolph Cutlibert, 

Kichmond Augusta, 

Scriven Sylvania, 

Stewart Lumpkin, 

Sumter Ainericus. 

Talbot Talbotton. 

Talliaferro. Crawfordsville,. 

Tattnall Rei Isvil e. 

Telfair Jacksonville. 

Thomas .-.. . .Thomasville. 

Troup Lagrange. 

Twiggs Marion. 

Union Blairsville. 

Upson Thomaston. 

"Walker Lafayette. 

"Walton Monroe. 

Ware Waresboro". 

"Warren WaiTenton. 

"Washington Sanders ville. 

"Wayne "Wayneville. 

"Wilkes "Washington. 

"Wilkinson Irwinton. 



Adams Quincy. 

Ale.-tander Thebes. 

Bond Greenvilla 

Boone Belvidere. 

Brown Mount Sterling, 

Bureau Princetoa 

Calhoun Hardin. 

Carroll Mount Carroll 

Cass Beardstown. 

Champaign Urbana. 

Christian ' Taylorville. 

Clark Marshall. 

Clay Louis\'ille. 

Clinton ., Carlyle. 

Coles Charleston. 

Cook Chicago. 

Cra\vforii Robi nson, 

Cumberland . . , ; Greenup, 

De Kalb Svcamore. 

De"Witt. Clinton. 

Du Page Naperville, 

Edgar Paris. 

Edwards Albion. 

Effingham Ewington, 

Fayette Vandalia. 

Franklin Benton. 

Fulton Lewiston. 

Gallatin Shawneetown. 

'Greene CarroUton. 

Grundy Moiris. 

Hamilton McLeansboro. 

Hancock Carthage. 

Hardin Elizabethtown. 

Henry Cambridge. 

Henderson Oquawaka, 

Iroquois Middleport. 

Jackson Murphy sboro. 

Jasper Newton. 

Jefferson Mount "Vernon. 

Jersey Jersey ville. 

Jo Daviess Galena. 

Johnson Vienna. 

Kane Geneva. 

Kendall Oswego. 

Knox Knoxville, 

Lake "Waukegan, 

La Salle Ottawa. 


Lawrence Lawrenceville, 

Lee Dixon. 

Livingston Pontiac. 

Logan Mt. Pulaski 

Macon Decatur. 

Macoupin Carlin ville. 

Madison Ed wardsvilla 

Marion Salem. 

Marshall Laofm. 

Mason Bath. 

Massac Metropolis City, 

McDonough Macomb, 

McHcnry Dorr. 

McLean Bloomington, 

Menard Petersburg. 

Mercer Keithsburg, 

Monroe Waterloo. 

Montgomery Hillsboro. 

Morgan Jacksonville, 

Moultrie Sullivan. 

Marquette Clayton. 

Ogle Oregon City, 

Peoria Peoria. 

Perry Pincknevvilla. 

Piatt Monticeilo. 

Pike Pittsfleld. 

Pope Golcond.a. 

Pulaski North Caledonia. 

Putnam Hennepin. 

Randolph Cliester. 

Richland Olney. 

Rock IsKand Rock Island. 

Sangamon Springfield. 

Saline Raleigh. 

Schuyler Rush ville, 

Scott "Winchester, 

Shelby Shelby ville. 

Stark Toulon, 

Stephenson Freeport 

St Clair BelleNille. 

Tazewell Tremont 

Union Jonesboi'o, 

Vermilion .Danville. 

"Wabash Mount CarmoL 

"Warren Monmoutli. 

"Washington Nashville. 

"Wayne FairfielcL 

"NVhite Carmi. 

"Whiteside Sterling. 

Will Joliet. 

Woodford Metamora. 

Winnebago Rockford. 

Williamson Marion. 



Adams Decatur. 

Allen Fort Wayne. 

Bartholomew Columbus. 

Bentxin Oxford. 

Blackford Blackford 0. H. 

Boone Lebanon. 

Brown Nashville, 

Cai-roll.; Delphi. 

Cass Logansport 

Clarke Charlestown. 

Clay Bowling Green. 

Clinton Frankfort. 

Crawford , Leavenworth, 

Daviess Washington. 

Deai-born Lawrenct-burg. 

Decatur Greensburg. 

De Kalb Auburn. 

Delaware Munice. 

Dubois J.Tsper. 

Elkhart Goshen. 

Fayette Connersville. 

Floyd New Albany. 

Feontain ;- , . , Covington. 







Franklin Brookville. 

Fulton liochester. 

Gibson Princeton. 

Grant Marion. 

Greene Bloomfleld. 

Hamilton Noblesvillo. 

Hancock . . . ; Greenfield. 

Harrison Corydon. 

Hendricks Danville. 

Henry New Castle. 

Howard Cocomo. 

Huntington Huntington. 

Jackson lirownstown. 

Jasper Rensselear. 

.Jay Jay C. H. 

Jefferson Madison. 

Jennings Vernon. 

Johnson Franklin. 

Knox Vincennes. 

Kosciusko Warsaw. 

La Grange La Grange. 

Lake Crown Point 

La Porte La Porte. 

Lawrence Bedford. 

Madison Anderson. 

Marshall Plymouth. 

Marion Indi.<inapolis. - 

Martin Dover Hill. 

Miami Peru. 

Monroe Bloomiiigton. 

Montgomery Crawfordsville. 

Morgan Martinsville. 

Noble Albion. 

Ohio Rising Sun. 

Orange Paoli. 

Owen Spencer. 

Parke Roekville. 

Perry Rome. 

Pike Petersburg. 

Porter Valparaiso. 

Posey Mount Vernon. 

Pulaski Winnimac. 

Putnam .Green Castle. 

Randolph W incho.ster. 

Ripley Versailles. 

Rush Rushville. 

.Scott Lexington. 

Shelby Shelbyville. 

Spencer Rockport 

St Joseph South Bend. 

Stark Stark C. H. 

Steuben Angola. 

SulUvan Sullivan C. H. 

Switzerland Vevay. 

Tippecanoe Lafayette. 

Tipton Tipton C. H. 

Union Liberty. 

Vanderburg Evansville. 

Vermilion Newport 

Vigo Terre Haute. 

Wabash Wabash. 

Warren Williamsport . 

Warwick Booneville. 

Washington Salem. 

Wayne Centreville. 

Wells Bluffton. 

White V Monticello. 

Whitley Whitley C. H. 



Allamakee Postville. 

Appanoose Centreville. 

Benton Vinton. 

Blackhawk (not organized.) 

Boon (not organized.) , 

Buchanan Independence. 

Cedar Tipton. 

Clarke (iiot organized.) 


Clayton Gamavillo. 

Clinton DeWitt 

Dallas Adell. 

Davis Bloomfleld. 

Decatur Nine Eagles'. 

Delaware. Delhi. 

Des Moines Burlington. 

Du Buque Du Buque. 

Fayette West Union. 

Fremont (not organized.) 

Henry Mount Pleasant 

Iowa Marengo. 

Jackson Bellevue. 

Jasper Newton, 

Jefferson Fairfield. 

Johnson Iowa City. . 

Jones Anamosa. 

Keokuk Lancaster. 

Lee Fort Madison. 

Linn Marion. 

Louisa Wapello. 

Lucas Chariton Point. 

Madison Winterset 

Mahaska Oskaloosa. . 

Marion Kno-x^iile. 

Marshall (not organized.) 

Monroe Albia. 

Muscatine Muscatine. 

Pago Page C. H. 

Polk Fort Desmoines. 

Pottawataniie Kanesvillo. 

Powesheik .Montezuiria. 

Ringgold Ringgold, C. H. 

ScotV Davenport. 

Story (not organized.) 

Tama (not organized.) 

Taylor Taylor, C. H. 

Van Buren Keosauqua. 

Wapello Ottnmwa. 

Wairen Indianola. 

Washington Washington. 

W.ayne (not organized.) 

Winnishiek Winnishiek C. II. 



Adair Columbia. 

Allen Scottville. 

Andenson Lawrenceburg. 

Ballard Blandville. 

Barren Glasgow. 

Bath Owingsvillo. 

Boone Burlington. 

Bourbon Paris. 

Boyle Danville. 

Brackeii Brookville. 

Breathitt Jackson. 

Breckenridgo Ilardinsburg. 

Bulitt Shepherdsville. 

Butler Morgantown. 

Caldwell Princeton. 

Calloway, Murray. 

Campbell Alexandria. 

CaiToll Carrollton. 

Carter Grayson. 

Casey Liberty. 

Christian Hopkinsvillc. 

Clark Winchester. 

Clay Manchester. 

Clinton Albany. 

Crittenden Marion. 

Cumberl.and Burkesville. 

Daviess wensboro. 

Edmondson Brownsville. 

Estill Irvine. 

Fayette Lexington. 

Fleming Flemingsburg. 

Floyd Prestonburg. 

Franklin Frankfort 




Fulton Hickinan. 

Gallatin Warsaw. 

Garrard Lancaster. 

Grant Willramstown. 

Graves Mayfield. 

Grayson Litcnfleld. 

Green Greensburg. 

Greenup Gree^upsburg. 

Hancock Hawesville. 

Hardin Elizabeth town. 

Harlan Mt. Pleasant 

Harrison Cynthiana. 

Hart Munfordsville. 

Henderson Henderson. 

Henry New Castle. 

Hickman Clinton. 

Hopkins Madison ville. 

Jefferson Louisville. 

Jessamine Nicholasville. 

Johnson Paintville. 

Kenton Independence. 

Knox Barboursville. 

Larue Hodgensville. 

Laurel London. 

Lawrence Louisa 

Letcher "VVhitesburg. 

Lewis Clarksburg. 

Lincoln Stanford. 

Livingston Smithland. 

Logan Pussel ville. 

Madison Richmond. 

Marion Lebanon 

Marshall Benton 

Mason Maysville. 

McCracken Paducah. 

Meade Brandenburgh . 

Mercer HarrodsbnrgU. 

MoDi'oo Tomkinsville. 

Montgomery Mount Sterling. 

Morgan "West Liberty. 

Muhlenburg. Greenville. 

Nelson Bardstown. 

Nicholas Carlisle. 

Ohio Hartford. 

Oldham La Grange. 

Owen O wenton. 

Owsley Boonville. 

Pendleton Falmouth. 

Perry Hazard. 

Pike Piketon. 

Pulaski Somerset. 

Rockcastle Mount Vern on 

Eussell Jamestown. 

Scott Georgetown. 

Shelby Shelby ville. 

Simpson Franklin. 

Spencer Taylorsville. 

Taylor Canipbellsville. 

Todd Elkton. 

Trigg Cadiz. 

Trimble Bedford. 

Union Morganfleld. 

Warren _. Bowling Green. 

Washington *. Springfield. 

Wayne Monticello. 

Whitley AVilliamsburg. 

Woodford Versailles. 



Ascension Donaldsonville. 

Assumption Napoleonville. 

Avoyelles Marksville. 

B. Rouge East Baton Rouge. 

B. Rouge West B. Rouge C. H. 

Bienville Mount Lebanon. 

Bossier Bellevue. 

Caddo Shreveport 

Calcaaieu Marion. 


Caldwell Columbia. 

Carroll Providence. 

Catahoula Harrisonburg. 

Claiborne Minden. 

Concordia Vidalia. 

De Soto Mansfield. 

Feliciana E Chnton. 

Feliciana W SL Franclsvillo. 

Franklin Winnsborough. 

Iberville Plaquemines. 

Jackson Vernon. 

Jefferson La Fayette. 

La Fayette Vermilionville. 

Lafourche In Thibodeauxville. 

Livingston Springfield. 

Madison Richmond. 

Morehouse Bastrop. 

Natchitoches Natchitoches. 

Orleans New Orleans. 

Plaquemines Point a la Hache. 

Point Couple Morgansia. 

Rapides Alexandria. 

Sabine Many. 

St. Bernard Terre Anx Boeufi 

St Charles _.St Charles C. H. 

St Helena .'.Greensburg 

St James Bringiers. 

St John Baptist Bonnet CarrS. 

St Landry Opelousas. 

St Martin's St Martinsville. 

St Mary's Franklin. 

St Tammany Covington. 

Tensas St. Joseph. 

Terre Bonne Houma. 

Union Parmersvllle. 

Vermilion ^ Lafayette. 

Washington Franklinton. 

Washita Monroe. 



Arostook Houlton. 

Cumberland Portland. 

Franklin Farmington. 

Hancock Ellsworth. 

Kennebec Augusta. 

Lincoln Wlscasset 

Oxford Paris. 

Penobscot Bangor. 

Piscataquis Dover. 

Somerset Norridgewock 

Waldo Belfast 

Washington Machiaa 

York ...Alfred. 



Alleghany Cumberland. 

Anne Arundel Annapolis. 

Baltimore Baltimore. 

Calvert Prince Frederick. 

Caroline Denton. 

Carroll Westminster. 

Cecil Elkton. 

Charles Port Tobacco. 

Dorchester Cambridge. 

Frederick Frederick. 

Harford Bel Air. 

Kent Chestertown. 

Montgomery Rockville. 

Prince George's Upper Marlboro, 

Queen Anne's Centreville. 

Somerset Princess Anne. 

St. Mary's Leonardtown. 

Talbot Easton. 

Washington Hagerstown. 

Worcester SnowhitL 





Barnstal)lc Barnstable. 

Berkshire Lenox. 

_ . . , 1 New Bedford. 

»"**«! (Taunton. 

Dukes Kdgartown. 

I Salem. 
Essex < Niiwburyport. 

( Ipswich. 

Franklin . . .'. Grcentield. 

Hampden Springrtield. 

Hampshire Nortliampton. 

( Cambridge. 
Middlesex < Concord. 

I Lowell. 

Nantucket Nantucket. 

Norfolk Dedham. 

Plymouth Plymoutli. 

Suflfolk Boston. 

Worcester Worcester. 



Allegan Allegan. 

Barry Hastings. 

Berrien Berrien. 

Branch C!old Water. 

Calhoun Marshall. 

Cass Cassapolis. 

Chippewa Saut de St Marie. 

Clinton... De Witt. 

Eaton Charlotte. 

Genesee Flint. 

Hillsdale Hillsdale. 

Houghton Eagle Elver. 

Ingham Mason. 

Ionia Ionia. 

Jackson Jackson. 

Kalamazoo Kalamazoo. 

Kent Grand Kapids. 

Lapeer Lapeer. 

Lenawee Adrian. 

Livingston Howell. 

Mackinaw Mackinaw. 

Macomb Mount Clemens. 

Monroe Monroe. 

Montcalm Greenville. 

Oakland Pontiac. 

Ottawa Grand Haven. 

Saginaw Saginaw City. 

Shiawassee Cornnna. 

St. Clair St. Clair. 

St. Joseph Centrevllle. 

Sanilac Lexington. 

Van Buren Pawpaw. 

Washtenaw Ann Arbor. 

Wayne Detroit 














Adams Natchez. 

Amite Liberty. 

Attala Kosciusko. 

Bolivar Bolivar. 


Carroll Carrollton. 

Chickasaw Houston. 

Choctaw Greensboro. 

Clarke Quitman. 

Claiborne Fort Gibson. 

Coahoma Delta, 

Copiali Gallatin. 

Covington Williamsburg. 

De Soto Hernando. 

Franklin .• Mc.adville. 

Greene Leakville. 

Hancock Sliieldsborough. 

Harrison Mississippi City. 

Hinds Raymond. 

Holmes Lexington. 

Itawamba Fulton. 

Issaquena Tallula. 

Jackson Jackson C. H. 

Jasper Paulding. 

Jefierson Fayette. 

Jones Ellisville. 

Kemper De Kalb. 

Lafayette Oxfiird. 

Lauderdale Marion. 

Lawrence Montlcello. 

Leake Carthage. 

Lowndes Columbus. 

Madison Canton. 

Marion Columbia. 

Marshall Holly Springs. 

Monroe Aberdeen. 

Nashoba Philadelphia. 

Newton Decatur. 

Noxubee Macon. 

Octibbeha Starksville. 

Panola Panola. 

Perry Augusta. 

Pike Holmesville. 

Pontotoc Pontotoc. 

Eankin Brandon. 

Scott HillsborougL 

Simpson Westville. 

Smith Ealeigb. 

Sunflower McNutt. 

Tallahatchie Charleston. 

Tippah Eipley. 

Tishomingo Jacinto. 

Tunica Commerce. 

Warren Vicksburg. 

Washington Greenville. 

Wayne Winchester. 

Wilkinson Woodville. 

Winston Louisville. 

Yalabusha Coffeeville. 

Yazoo Benton. 



Adair Kirksville. 

Andrew Savannah. 

Atchison Linden. 

Audrain Mexico. 

Barry Ca.ssville. 

Bates Pnppinville. 

Benton Warsaw. 

Boone Columbia. 

Buchanan St. Joseph. 

Butler Cane Creek. 

Caldwell Kingston.. 

Calloway Fnlton. 

Camden Erie. 

Capo Girardeau Jackson. 

Carroll Carrollton. 

Cass Harrisonville. 

Cedar Fremont. 

Charlton Keytesville. 

■Clark A lexandrla. 

Clay Liberty. 

Clinton Plattsburg. 




Cole Jefferson City. 

Cooper Boone ville. 

Crafrford Steelville. 

Dade Greenfield. 

Dallas Buffalo. 

Daviess Gallatin. 

De Kalb Maysville. 

Dodge .^ Butler. 

Dnuklin Kennet. 

Franklin Union. 

Gasconade Herman. 

Gentry Alliens. 

Greene Springfield. 

Grundy Trenton. 

Harrison Bethany. 

Henry Clinton. 

Hickory Hermitage. 

Holt Oregon. 

Howard. Fayette. 

Jackson Independence. 

Jasper Carthase. 

Jefl'erson Hillsboro. 

Johnson "Warrensburg 

Knox Edina. 

Laclede Lebanon- 

Lafeyette Lexington. 

Lawrence Mount Vernon. 

Lewis Monticello. 

Lincoln Troy. 

Idnn Linncus. 

Ijvingston Cliilicothe. 

McDonald Eutledge. 

Macon Blooraington. 

Madison Fredericktown, 

Marion Palmyra. 

Mercer Princeton. 

Miller Tuscnmbia. 

Mississippi Charleston. 

Moniteau Californta. 

Monroe Paris. 

Montgomery Danville. 

Morgan Versailles. 

New Madrid New Madrid. 

Newton Neosho. 

Nodaway Mary ville. 

Oregon Thomasville. 

Osage Linn. 

Ozark Rockbridge. 

Perry Perry ville. 

Pettis Georgetown. 

Pike Bowling Green. 

Platte Platte Citv. 

Polk Bolivar. 

Pulaski Waynesville. 

Putnam Putnam ville. 

Rails New London. 

Eandolph Huntsville. 

Ray ."...Richmond. 

Reynolds Lesterville. 

Ripley Doniphan. 

Saline Marshall 

Schuyler Lancaster. 

Scotland Memphis 

Scott Benton. 

Shannon Jiminence. 

Shelby Shelbyville. 

6t Charles St, Charles. 

St Clair Osceola. 

St "Francois Farmington. 

St Genevieve St Genevieve. 

St Louis St Louis. 

Stoddard Bloomfleld. 

Sullivan Milan. 

Taney Forsvth. 

Texas Houstin, 

Warren Warrenton. 

Washington ...Potusi. 

Wavne Greenvilla 

Wright Hartville. . 



Belknap Gilford. 

Carroll Osipee. 

Cheshire Keene. 

Coos Lancaster. 

1 Haverhill 
Grafton ( Plymouth. 

™^^--Sh UTn^ch^ter. 

Merrimac Concord, 

■p„ . . , „„ J Portsmouth. 

Rockingham -j Exeter. 

Strafford Dover. 

Sullivan Newport 



Atlantic May's Landing. 

Bergen Hackensack. 

Burlington Mount Holly. 

Camden Camden. 

Cape May Cape May C. B. 

Cumberland Bridge ton, 

Essex Newark. 

Gloucester Woodbury. 

Hudson North Bergen. 

Hunterdon Flemington. 

Mercer Trenton. 

^Middlesex New-Brunswick. 

Monmouth Freehold. 

Morris. Morristown. 

Ocean Toms River. 

Passaic '. Paterson. 

Salem Salem. 

Somerset Somerville. Newton. 

Warren Belvidere, 




Rio Ariba 

Santa Anna 

Santa Fe 

San Miguel . 





Albany Albany. 

AUegliany Angelica. 

Broome Binghamton. 

Cattaraugus Ellicottville. 

Cayuga '. Auburn. 

Chautauque Mayville. 

Chemung Elmira. 

Chenango. Norwich. 

Clinton ' Plattsburg. 

Columbia Hudson. 

Cortland Cortlandville. 

Delaware Delhi. 

Dutcliess Poughkeepsie. 

Erie Buffalo. 

Essex '. . . .Elizabethtovm. 

Franklin Malone. 

Fulton Johnstown. ' 

Genesee Batavia. 

Greene Catskill. 

Hamilton Lake Pleasant 

Herkimer Herkimer. 

Jefferson .. Warcrtown. 

Kings Brooklyn. 

Lowis Martinsburg. 

Livingston Geneseo. 

Madison Morrisville. 




Monroe * Bochester. 

Slont^omery Fonda. 

New-York New- York. 

Niagara Lockport. 

OneMa Utica. 

♦ inonrtaga. Syracuse. 

Ontario Canandaigua. 

Or:inge Goshen. 

Orleans Albion. 

Oswego Oswego. 

< )tsego Cooperstown. 

J'utnam CarmeL 

(Queens N. Hempstead. 

Keiisseliior Troy.' 

Kicliinond Kichmond. 

llockland Clarkstown. 

Saratoga Ballston. 

Schenectady Schenectady. 

Schohajie Schoharie. 

Seneca Waterloo. 

St Lawrence Canton. 

Steuben Bath. 

Suffolk Eiverhead. 

Sullivan Monticello. 

Tioga O wego. 

Tompk'ins Ithaca. 

Ulster Kingston. 

Warren Caldwell. 

„-,-.. \ Sandy Hil!. 

W^l™gt°" Urgyle. 

Wayne Lyon's. 

■Westchester White Plains. 

Wyoming Warsaw. 

Yiites Penn Yan. 



Al.imance Graham. 

Ale.vander Taylorsville. 

Anson Wadesboro. 

jVshe Jefferson. 

Boanfort Washington. 

Bertie Windsor. 

J'.laden Elizabethtown. 

15runsvv'ick Smith ville 

Bun combo Ash ville. 

Burke . , Morganton. 

Cabarras Concord, 

(!aldwell Lenoir. 

(Jamden New Lebanon. 

Oartaret Beaufort. 

Caswell Yancey ville. 

Clatawba Newton. 

Clhathara PittsborO. 

Cherokee Murphy. 

Chowan Edenton. 

Cleveland Shelby. 

Columbus Whitesville. 

Craven Newbern. 

Cumberland Fayetteville. 

Currituck Currituck C. H. 

Davidson Lexington. 

Davie Mocksville. 

D nplin Kenansville. 

Edgecombe Tarboro. 

Franklin Louisburg. 

Forsyth. .' (not organized. 

Gaston Dallas. 

Gates Gatesville. 

Granville Oxford. 

Greene Snow Hill.- 

Guilford G reensboro. 

Halifax Halifax. 

Haywood Waynesville. 

Henderson Henderson ville. 

Hertford Murfreesboro. 

Hyde Germanton. 

Iredell Statesville. 

Johnston Smithfleld. 


Jones Trenton. 

Lenoir Kingston. 

Lincoln Lincolnton. 

McDowell Marion. 

Macon Franklin. 

Martin Williamston. 

Mecklenburg Charlotte. 

Montgomery Troy. 

Moore Carthage. 

Nash Nashville. 

New Hanover Wilmington. 

Northam|iton Jackson. 

Onslow Onslow C. H. 

Orange Hillsboro. 

Pasquotank Elizabeth City 

Perquimohs Hertford. 

Person Roxboro. 

Pitt Greenville. 

Eandolpli Ashboro. 

Bichmond Rockingham. 

liobeson Lumberton. 

Rockingham Wentworth. 

Rowan Salisbury. 

Rutherford Rutherfordton. 

Sampson Clinton. 

Stanley Albetnarle. 

Stokes Germanton. 

Surry Rockford. 

Tyrrell Columbia. 

Union Monroe. 

Wake Raleigh. 

Warren Warrenton. 

Washington Plymouth. 

Watauga (not organized.) 

Wayne Goldsboro. 

Wilkes AVilkesboro. 


Yancej' Burnsville. 



Adams West Union. 

Allen Lima. 

■ Ashland Ashland. 

Ashtabula Jefferson. 

Athens Athens. 

Auglaise Wapakoneta. 

Belmont St Clairsville. 

Brown Georgetown. 

Butler Hamilton. 

Carroll Carrollton. 

Champaign Urbana. 

Clark Springfield. 

Clermont Batavia. 

Clinton Wilmington. 

Columbiana New Lisbon. 

Coshocton Coshocton. 

Crawford Bucyrus. 

Cuyahoga Cleveland. 

Darke Greenville. 

Defiance Defiance. 

Delasvare Delaware. 

Erie Sandusky City. 

Fairfield Lancaster. 

Fayette Washington. 

Franklin Columbus. 

Fulton Ai. 

Gallia Gallipolis. 

Geauga. Chardon. 

Green Xenia. 

Guernsey Cambridge. 

Hamilton Cincinnati. 

Hancock Findlay. 

Hardin Kenton. 

Harrison Cadiz. 

Henry Napoleon. 

Highland Hillsboro. 

Hocking Logan. 

Holmes Millersburg. 




Huron Norwalk, 

Jackson Jackson C. H. 

Joffei-son Steubenville. 

Knox.... Mount Vernon. 

Lake ..PainesviUe. 

Lawrence Burlington. 

Licting Newark. 

Logan Belle Fontaine. 

Lorain Elyria. 

Lucas Maumee Cltj. 

Madison London. 

Mahoning Canfleld. 

Marion Marion. 

Medina. Medina C. H. 

Meigs Pomeroy. 

Mercer Celina. 

Miami Troy. 

Monroe Woodsfield. 

Montgomery Dayton. 

Morgan "... McOonnellsville. 

Morrow Mt. Gilead. 

Muskingum Zanesville. 

Ottawa. Port Clinton. 

Paulding Charloe. 

Perry Somerset 

Pickaway Circle ville. 

Pike Piketon. 

Portage Ravenna. 

Preble .Eaton. 

Putnam Kalida. 

Eicliland. Mansfield. 

Eoss Chilicothe. 

Sandusky Fremont. 

Scioto Portsmouth. 

Seneca Tiffin. 

Shelby Sidney. 

Stark Canton. 

Summit Akron. 

Trumbull Warren. 

Tuscarawas New Philadelphia. 

Union Marysville. 

Van Wert Van Wert. 

Vinton McArthurstowi!. 

Warren Lebanon. 

Washington Marietta. 

Wayne Wooeter. 

Williams Bryan. 

Wood Perrysburg. 

Wyandot. Upper Sandusky. 


Oregon City. 
' Pacific City. 




Adams Gettysburg. 

Alleghany Pittsburg. 

Armstrong Kittaning. 

Beaver Beaver. 

Bedford Bedford. 

Berks Eeading. 

Blair llollidaysburg. 

Bradford Towanda. 

Bucks Day lestown. 

Butler Butler. 

Cambria Edensbiirg. 

Carbon MmucIi Cliunk. 

Centre Be'.lefonte. 

Chester West Chester. 


Clearfield Clearfield. 

Clinton Lock Haven. 

CohimMa Bloomsburg. 

Orawfird Meadville. 

Cumberlantl C.-u-lisIe. ' 

Dauphin Harrisburg. 


Delaware Media. 

Elk. Eidgeway. 

Erie Erie. 

Fayette Uniontown. 

Forrest (not organized.) 

Franklin Chanibersburg. 

Fulton Ai'Connellsburg. 

Greene Wayr^esburg. 

Huntingdon Huntingdon. 

Indiana Indiana. 

Jefferson Brookville. 

Juniata Mifflintown. 

Lancaster Lancaster. 

Lawrence New Castlo. 

Lebanon Lebanon. 

Lehigh Allentown. 

Luzerne Wilkesbarre. 

Lycoming. Williamsport. 

McKean Smethport 

Mercer Mercer. 

Mifflin Lewistown. 

Monroe Stroudsburg. 

Montgomery Norristown, 

Montour Danville. 

Northamtu n Easton. 

NorthumDeriand Sunbury. 

Pen-y Bloomfield. 

Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pike Milford. 

Potter Coudersport 

Schuylkill Pottsville. 

Somerset Somerset 

Sullivan Laporte. 

Susquehanna Montrose. 

Tioga Wellsborough. 

Unibn New Berlin. 

Venango Franklin. 

Warren Warren. 

Washington Washinsrton. 

Wayne Honesdale. 

Westmoreland Greensburg. 

Wyoming Tunkhannock. 

York York. 



Bristol Bristol. 

Kent East Greenwich. 

Newv^vt Newport 

Providence Providence. 

Washington South Kingston. 



Abbeville Abbeville. 

Anderson Anderson C. H. 

Barnwell Barnwell C. H. 

Beaufort Coosowatchie. 

Charleston Charleston. 

Chester Chester C. H. 

Chesterfield Chesterfield C. H. 

Colleton Walterboro. 

DarUngton Darlington C. H. 

Edgefield Eflgefleld C. H. 

Fairfield Winnesborough. 

Georgetown ; Georgetoun. 

Greenville Greenville C. n. 

Horry Conwavsboro. 

Kershaw Camden. 

Lancaster Lancaster C. H. 

Laurens Laurensville. 

Lexington Lexinston C. H. 

Marion ^iaribn C. H. 

Marlborough Bennetts ville. 

Newberry NewbeiYv C. H. 

Orangeburg Orangebiirg C. H. 

Pickens Pickens C. II. 

Richland Columbia. • 




Spartanburg Spartanburg C. II. 

Sumter Sumterville. 

Union Unionville. 

Williamsburg Kingstree. 

York Yorkvillc. 



Anflerson Clinton. 

Bedford Shelbyville. 

Benton Camden. 

Bledsoe Pike ville. 

Blount Mary ville. . 

Bradley Cleveland. 

Gauipbell Jaeksborough. 

Cannon Woodbury. 

Carroll Huntington. 

Carter Klizabethtown. 

Claiborne TazewelL 

Cocke Newport. 

Coffee Manchester. 

Davidson Nashville. 

Decatur Deeaturrille. 

De Kalb Smith ville. 

Dickson Charlotte. 

Dyer Dycrsburg. 

Fayette Somerville. ' 

Fentress Jamestown. 

Franklin Winchester. 

Gibson.. ..;.:.. .Trenton. 

Giles. .tulaiski. 

Granger.. Kutledge. 

-Green Greenville. 

Grundy •. Altamont. ... • ; 

Hamilton Harrison. 

Hancock .". ^ ..Sneedville. 

Hardeman Bolivaa-. 

Hai-din .. .;. .Savannah. . ' 

Hawkins .' Rogers ville. 

Haywood Brownsville. 

. Henderson Lexington. 

Henry Paris. 

Hickman Centreville. 

Humphreys Waverly. 

Jackson . .■ Gainesborough. 

./elferson Danbridge. 

Johnson Taylorsville. 

Knox. Knoxville. 

Laudei'dale Ripley. 

Lawrence Lawrenceburg. 

Lewis i Hampshire, 

Lincoln Fayette ville. 

Macon Lafayette. 

Madison '. Jackson. 

Marion Jasper. 

Marshall Lewisburg. 

Maury Columbia, 

McNairy Pui dy. 

McMinn Athens. 

Xtcigs Decatur. 

Monroe. . . , Madisonville. 

Montgomery Clarksville. 

Morgan Montgomery. 

(^bion , .Troy. 

Overton Livingston. 

Perry Linden. 

Polk Benton. 

Rhea ■ Washington. 

Roane Kingston. 

Robertson Springfield. 

Rutherford Murfreesboro. 

Scott Huntsville. 

Sevier Sevierville. 

Shelby ..Raleigh. 

Smith ■ Cartilage. 

Stewart Dover. 

Sullivan BlountviUo. 

Sumn\er Gallatin. 

Tipton Covington. 


Van Buren Spencer. 

Warren McMinnville. 

Washington Tonesboro. 

Wayne Waynesboro. 

Weakley Dresden. 

White Sparta. 

Williamson Franklin. 

Wilson Lebanon. 



Anderson Palestine. 

Angelina .Marion. 

Austin San Felipe. 

Bastrop Bastrop. 

Bell Belie. H. 

Bexar San Antonio. 

Bowie Boston. 

Brazoria Brazoria. 

Brazos BooneviUe. " 

Burlison Caldwell. 

Caldwell Lockhart. 

Calhoun Port Lavaca. 

Cameron Brownsville. 

Cass Jefferson. 

Cherokee Rusk. 

Colin McKinney. 

Colorado Columbus. 

Comal New Braunfels. 

Cooke ..'.(not Organized.) 

Dallas ...... .' '..Dallas.. 

Denton Alfon. , 

Dewitt Cicero. 

Ellis... Ellis C.H. ' ' 

El Paso. . . . : El Paso C. H. 

Palls ..-, Falls C. H. 

Fannin Bonhani. 

Fayette '. La Grange. . 

Fort Bend Richmond. 

Fi'eestone Freestone C. H. 

Galveston Galveston. 

Gillespie Fredericksburg. 

Goliad Goliad. 

Gonzales Gonzales. 

Grayson Sherman. 

Grimes Anderson, 

Guadalupe Seguin. 

Harris Houston. 

Harrison Marshall. 

Hays San Marco.'?. 

Henderson Buffalo. 

Hopkins (not organized.) 

Houston Crockett. 

Hunt Greenville. 

Jackson Texana, 

Jfasper J.asper. 

Jefferson Beaumont. 

Kaufman Kaufman 

Kinney Kinney C. H. 

Lamar Paris. 

Lavaca Petersburg. 

Leon Leona. 

Liberty Liberty. 

Limestone .Springfield. 

Matagorda Matagorda. 

McLennan. McLennan C. H. 

Medina Castroville. 

Milam Cameron. 

Montgomery Montgomery. 

Nacogdoches Nacogdoches. 

Navaro Corsicano. 

Newton Burksville. 

Nueces Corpus ChristL 

Panola Carthago. 

Polk Livingston. 

Presidio Presidio O H. 

Red River Clarksvillts, 

Refugio Refugio. 

Eoberteon .• Franklin- 




Rnsk Henderson. 

babine Milan. 

San Atigastine San Angnstine. 

San Patncio San Patricio. 

blielby SholbyviUa 

fctnitli Tyler. 

Starr Rio trraiide. 

Tarrant Tarrant C. H. 

Titus. (not organized.) 

'IVavis Austin. 

Trinity Trinity C. H. 

Tyler WoodviUe. 

Upshur Gilmer. 

U valse Uvalse 0. H. 

Van Zandt Jordans Saline. 

Victoria '. Victoria. 

Walker Huntsville. 

Washington Brenham. 

Webb Webb C. a 

Wharton AVharton. 

Williamson. .. .'. Georgetown. 

Wood Wood O. H. 



Addison Middlebury. 

T, . . ( Bennington. 

Bennington j Manchester. 

Caledonia Danville. 

Chittenden . . .Bwlinston, 

Essex.. GuiUllfall. 

Franklin St. Albans. 

Grand Isle North Hero. 

Lamoille Hyde Park. 

Orange Chelsea. 

Orleans Irasburg. 

Kutland Entland. 

Washington Montpelier. 

Windham Nc^vfane. 

Windsor Woodstock. 



Accomac- Drummond Town. 

Albemarle Charlottesville. 

Al<!xandria Alexandria. 

Alleghany. Covington. 

Amelia Amelfa C. H. 

Amherst Amherst O. H. 

Appomattox .". . .. Clover Hill. 

Augusta .Staunlon. 

Barbour Philippi. 

Bath Warm Springs. 

Bed.'brd Liberty. 

Berkeley Martinsburg. 

Boone Ballardsvill'e. 

Botetourt Fincastle. 

Braxton FulionsviUe. 

Brooke Wellsburg. 

Brimswick Lawrenceville. 

)>uckingham Maygville. 

Cabell BarboursviUe. 

Campbell Campbell C. H. 

Caroline Bowling Green. 

Carroll Hilisville. 

Cliarles City Charles City. 

Charlotte MarvsvjIIe. 

Chestsrfield Chesttrfield C. H. 

Clnrke Berry ville. 

Culpepper Fairfax. 

Cumherhmd Cumberland C. H. 

D.iddridse West CJnion. 

Diiiwi-ldie .Dinwiddle C. H. 

filiz CM:y Hampton. 

Kbsex Tappahannrick. 

Fairfax Fairfax C. H. 

I'"a!iqi>.ier Warrenton. 

Fayuttu Fayetteville. 

Floyd Jacksonville. 


Fluvanna • ..Palmvr.a. 

Franklin Kooky .Mount. 

Frederick ^ Wiiichosier. 

Giles Pearisbnrg. 

Gilmer Glenville. 

Gloucester Gloucester C. H. 

Goochland Gooclilund C. U. 

Greene Stannard^ville. 

Grayson Greensville. 

Greenbrier Le\vi?burg. 

Greenville Hioksiord. 

Halifax llaiilax C. U. 

Hampshire '. . .Eom:iev. 

Hancock Hancock C. H. 

Hanover Hanover C. H. 

Hardy MO'Teiield. 

Harrison Clarksburg. 

Henrico Kichmonti. 

Henry M.irtinsviUe. 

Iliglifand .Montorev. 

Isle of Wight Smiihfieid. 

Jackson Ripley. 

James City Wdliamshurg. 

Jefferson Charlestown. 

Kanawha Charleston. 

King George King George C. H. 

King William King William C. H. 

King and Queen King and QueenC. H. 

Lancaster .' . .La/icaster C. H. 

Lee Jonesville. 

Lewis : Weston. « 

Logan Arracciraa. 

Loudoun Leesburg. 

LoniSa Melton. 

Lunenburg Lewjston. 

Madison Madison C. H. 

Marion Fairmont. 

Marshall Moundsville. 

Mason. Point Pleasant. 

Matthews Matthews C. H. 

MeckJenberg Boydtown. 

Mercer Princeton. 

Middlesex Urbanna. 

Monongalia Morgantown. 

Monroe Union. 

Montgomery Chrisliansburg. 

Morgan Bath. 

Nansemond Su ffolk. 

Nelson Lovingston. 

New Kent New Kent C. H. 

Nicholas Summersville. 

Norfolk City Norfolk. 

Norfolk Portsmouth. 

Northampton Eastville. 

Northumberland Heathsville. 

Nottaway Noitoway C. H. 

Ohio Wheeling. 

Orange Orange C. H. 

Page Luray. 

Patrick Patrick C. H. 

Pendleton Franklin. 

Petersburg Petersimrg Clly. 

Pittsylvania. Chatham." 

Pocahontas Iluntersviile. 

Powh.attan Scotlsville. 

Preston Kingwood. 

Prince Edward .PritJe Kd ward's C. H. 

Princws Anne Princ'SJ Anne C. H. 

Prince George Prince George C. H. 

Prince William Brenisville. 

Pulaski Newb 'rii. 

Putnam Putnam C. H. . 

Raleigh Beekley. 

Randolph Beverly. 

Rappahannock Washington. 

Richmond Warsaw. 

Ritchie Harnsville. 

Roanoke Salem. 

Rockbridge I.«xington. 

Rockingham Harrisonbuig. 




Eussell I^elianon. 

Scott Kslilville. 

Shenandoah Woodstock. 

Smyl h Marion. 

Southampton Teriiaalem. 

Spotsylvania Spotsylvania C. 11. , 

Stafford Falmouth. 

Surry Surry C. II. 

Susse.x Su.ssex C. II. 

Taylor Truntytown. 

Tazewfll Ti-ff>.?rsonville. 

Tyler .Middlebourne 

Upshur iJuckhannon. 

Warren Front Eoyal. 

Warwick Warwick C. II. 

Washington Abingdon. 

Wayne 'I'roul Run. 

AVestmiireland Westmoreland C. H. 

Wetzel Now Martinsville. 

Wirt Klizabeth. 

Wood Parkersburg. 

Wyomiusr Ocerma. 

Wythe. .■; Wythtjville. 

York Y<irklowu. 



Ad.ims Dell Prairie. 

Bad Axe Viroqua. 

Brown Green Bay. 

Buffalo Holme s' Lauding. 

Calumet Chiltou. 

Clark (not located.) 

Columbia Portase City. 

Crawford Prairie du Cliien. 

Chippewa Chippewa Falls. 


Bane Madison. 

Dodge , Juneau. 

Door Gibraltar. 

Fond du Luc Fond du Lac. 

Grant Lancaster. 

Green Monroe. 

Iowa Mineral Point. 

Jackson Black River Falls. 

JeffL-rson Jeffurson. 

Kenosha Kenosha. 

La Crosse Prairie La Crosse. 

Lafayette Shullsburgh. 

La Pointe La Pointe. 

Manitowoc Manitowoc. 


Marquette Marquette. 

Milwaukie Milwaukie. 

Oconto .Jones Mill. 

Outagamie Appleton. 

Ozaukee Port Washington. 

Pierce Pre.9cott. 

Polk St. Croix Falls. 

Portage Plover. 

Racine Racine. 

Eichland Richland Center. 

Rock Janesville. 

Sauk Baraboo. 

, Shawanaw (not located.) 

Sheboygan Sheboygan. 

St. Croix Hudson. 

Walworth Elk Horn. 

Waukesha Waukesha. 

Washington West Bend. 

AVinnebago Oshkosh. 

Waupaca Waukau. 

Waushara Siicramento. 


[The following new counties have been organized since the preparation of the foregoing 



Calhoun Ilamplon. 

Columbia CaUnmn. 



Polk Town. 

Spaulding Grifiin. 

Taylor Butler. 

Whitfield Dalton. 



Kankakee Kankakee. 

» IOWA. 


Bremer Waverlv. 

Butler Butler C.H. 

Cass Cass C. H. 

Chickasaw Bradfird. 

Guthrie Panula. 

Hardin ICIdora. 

Harrison Harrison C. H. 

Mills Glenwood. 

Shelby Shelby C. II. 

Union Union 0. H. 

Webster Dakota. 

Woodbury Sargent,'siBluff. 











Palo Alto. 























l'".UicOtl.<J Mills. 








Bucna Yisla. 

Clinton — Clay. 
Cerro Gordo. 


Cheboygan 1 )uncan. 

Emmet Beaver Island. 

Grand Traverse Grand Traverse City. 

Marquette .Marquette. 

Newaygo Newaygo. 

Ontonagon Ontonagon. 

Tuscola Vassar. 



Burnet llainiltoti. 

Hidalgo Edinbureh 

Hill .■; ilill.'iboroush. 

M,idison Madisonville. 

Orange Madison. 



The following act of Congress, passed in March, 1851, has made a 
great change in liabilities of common carriers, and it is of importance 
that the same should be familiar to all : 

No owner or owners of any ship or vessel shall be subject or liable 
to answer for or make good to any one or more person or persons any 
loss or damage which may happen to any goods or merchandise what- 
soever, which shall be shipped, taken in, or put on board any such ship 
or vessel, by reason or by means of any fire happening to or on board 
the said ship or vessel, unless such fire is caused by the design or 
neglect of such owner or owners : Provided, That nothing in this act 
contained shall prevent the parties from making such contract as they 
please, extending or limiting the liability of ship-owners. 

If any shipper or shippers of platina, gold, gold-dust, silver, bullion, 
or other precious metals, coins, jewelry, bills of any bank or public 
body, diamonds or other precious stones, shall lade the same on board 
any ship or vessel, without at the time of such lading giving to the 
master, agent, owner or owners of the ship or vessel receiving the 
same, a note in writing of the true character and value thereof, and 
have the same entered on the bill of" lading therefor, the master and 
owner or owners of the said vessel shall not be liable, as carriers, in 
any form of manner. Nor shall any such master or owners be liable 
for any such valuable goods beyond the value and according to the 
character thereof so notified and entered. ' 

The liability of the owner or owners of any ship or vessel for any 
embezzlement, loss or destruction, by the masters, officers, mariners, 
passengers, or any other -person or persons, of any property, goods, or 
merchandise, shipped or put on board any such ship or vessel, or for 
any loss, damage, or injury by collision, or for anv act, matter, or 
thing, loss, damage, or forfeiture, done, occasioned, or incurred, without 
the privity or knowledge of such owner or owners, shall in no case ex- 
ceed the amount or value of the interest of such owner or owners, 
respectively, in such ship or vessel, and her freights then pending. 

If any such embezzlement, loss, or destruction shall be suffered by 
freighters or owners of goods, wares, or merchandise, or any property 
whatever on the same voyage, and the whole value of the ship or ves- 
sel, and her freight for the voyage, shall not be sufficient to make com- 
pensation to each of them, they shall receive compensation from the 
owner or owners of the ship or vessel in proportion to their respective 
losses ; and for that purpose the said freighters and owners of the 
property, and the owner or owners of the ship or vessel, or any of 
them may take the appropria.te proceedings in any court for the pur- 

60 Law of Copyright. 

pose of apportioning the sura for which the owner or owners of any 
ship or vessel may be liable among the parties entitled thereto. And 
it shall be deemed a sufficient compliance with the requirements of this 
act, on the part of such owner or owners, if he or they shall transfer 
his or their interest in such vessel and freight, for the benefit of such 
claimants, to a trustee, to be appointed by any court of competent juris- 
diction, to act as such trustee for the person or persons who may prove 
to be legally entitled thereto, from and after which transfer all claims 
and proceedings against the owner or owners shall cease. 

The charterer or charterers of any ship or vessel, in case he or they 
shall man, victual, and navigate such vessel at his or their own ex- 
pense, or by his or their own procurement, shall be deemed the owner 
or owners of such vessel, within the meaning of this act ; and such 
ship or vessel when so chartered shall be liable in the same manner as 
if navigated by the owner or owners thereof. 

Nothing in, the preceding sections shall be construed to take away 
or affect the remedy to which any party may be entitled, against the 
master, officers, or mariners, for or on account of any embezzlement, 
injury, loss, or destruction of goods, wares, merchandise, or other prop- 
erty put on board any ship or vessel, or on account of any negligence, 
fraud, or other malversation of such master, officers, or mariners 
respectively, nor shall any thing herein contained lessen or take away 
any responsibility to which any master or mariner of any ship or ves- 
sel may now by law be liable, notwithstanding such master or mariner 
may be an owner or part owner of such ship or vessel. 

Any person or persons shipping oil of vitriol, unslaked lime, inflam- 
mable matches, or gunpowder, in a ship or vessel taking cargo for 
divers persons on freight, without delivering at the time of shipment, 
a note in writing, expressing the nature and character of such mer- 
chandise, to the master, mate, officer, or person in charge of the lading of 
the ship or vessel, shall forfeit to the United States one thousand dollars. 

This act shall not' apply- to the owner or owners of any canal-boat, 
harge, or lighter, or to any vessel of any description whatsoever used in 
river or inland navigation. 


Any person or persons, being a citizen or citizens of the United 
States, or resident therein, who shall be the author or authors of any 
book or books, map, chart, or musical composition, which may be now 
made or composed, and not printed and published, or shall hereafter be 
made or composed, or who shall invent, design, etch, engrave, work, or 
cause to be engraved, etched, or worked, from his own design, any 
print or engraving, and the executors, administrators, or legal assigns 
of such person or persons, shall have the sole right and liberty of print- 
ing, re-printing, publishing, and vending such book or books, map. 

Law of Copyright. 61 

chart, musical composition, print, cut, or engraving, in whole or in part, 
for the term of twenty-eight years from the time of re9ording the title 
thereof, in the manner hereinafter directed. 

No person shall be entitled to the benefit of this act, unless he shall, 
before publication, deposit a printed copy of the title of such book or 
books, map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, or engraving, in the 
clerk's office of the district court of the district wherein the author or 
proprietor shall reside ; and no person shall be entitled to the benefit 
of this act, unless he shall give information of copyright being secured, 
by causing to be inserted, in the several copies of each and every edi- 
tion published during the term, secured on the .title-page, or the page 
immediately following, if it be a book, or, if a map, chart, musical 
composition, print, cut, or engraving, by causing to be impressed on the 
face thereof, or if a volume of maps, charts, music, or engravings, upon 
the title or frontispiece thereof, the following words, viz. : " Entered 
according to Act of Congress, in the year by A. B., in the -clerk's 

office of the district court of " (naming the district in v\'hich it was 

entered). There is a fine of $100 for putting on a false copyright 

If any person from and after the recording the title of any book, 
shall print, publish, or import, or cause to be printed, published, or 
imported, any copy of such book, without the consent of the person 
legally entitled to the copyright thereof, first had and obtained in writ- 
ing, signed in presence of two or more credible witnesses, or shall, 
knowing the same to be so printed or imported, publish, sell, or expose 
to sale, or cause to be published, sold, or exposed to sale, any copy 
of such book without such consent in writing ; then such offender shall 
forfeit every copy of such book to the person legally, at the time, en- 
titled to the copyright thereof; and shall also forfeit and pay fiftycents 
for every such sheet which may be found in his possession, either 
printed, or printing, published, imported, or exposed to sale, contrary 
to the intent of this act, the one moiety thereof to such legal- owner of 
the copyright as aforesaid, and the other to the use of the United 
States, to be recovered by action of debt in any court having competent 
jurisdiction thereof. 

The penalty for violating the copyright on engravings, maps, etc., by 
copying either on the whole, or by varying, adding to,^ diminishing 
the main design with intent to evade the law, or by prinnng, importing, 
or selling, or causing either to be done, is forfeiture of the plates or 
engraving, with all the sheets copied or printed, besides a forfeit cf $1 
for every sheet of such map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, or 
engraving, which may be found printed, published, or exposed for sale, 
one half to the proprietor, and the other half to the United States. An acr 
tion must be brought withiniwo years after the cause of action shall arise. 

A copyright can be renewed for fourteen years by re-entering it six 
months before the expiration of the first term, but the renewal must be 
published four weeks in one or more newspapers printed in the United 
States, within two months from the date of the renewal. The fee for 
entering a copyright is fifty cents, and a like sum for a certified copy 
of the record. 


62 Military Bounty Land Bill. 

A copy of the book, or whatever is copyrighted, must be deposited 
in the clerk's office where it has been entered, within three months 
from the publication of the same, and also a copy delivered to the 
librarian of the Smithsonian Institution and another copy to the librarian 
of the Congress Library, at Washington. 

An assignment of copyright, to be good against a subsequent 
purchaser, must be acknowledged and recorded in the office where the 
original copyright was taken out, within sixty days after its execution. 


On the 28th September,. 1850, Congress passed the following aci, 
granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been en- 
gaged in the military service of the United States, or to their widows 
or minor children : 

Be it enacted hy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 
States of America in Congress assembled, That each of the surviving, 
or the widow or minor children of deceased commissioned and non- 
commissioned officers, musicians, or privates, whether of regulars, 
volunteers, rangers, or militia, who performed military service in any 
regiment, company, or detachment, in the service of the United States, 
in the war with Great Britain, declared by the United States on the 
eighteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and twelve, or in any of the 
Indian wars since seventeen hundred and ninety, and each of the com- 
missioned officers who was engaged in the military service of the 
United States in the late war with Mexico, shall be entitled to lands as 
follows : Those who engaged to serve twelve months, or during the 
war, and actually served nine months, shall receive one hundred and 
sixty acres ; and those who engaged to serve six months, and actually 
-: served four months, shall receive eighty acres ; and those who engaged 
t'^to serve for any, or an indefinite period, and actually served one month, 
' shall receive forty acres : Provided, That whenever any officer or 
soldier was lllihorably discharged in consequence of disability in the 
service before the expiration of his period of service, he shall receive 
the amount to which he would have been entitled if he had served the 
full period for which he had engaged to serve : Provided, The person 
so having been in service shall not receive said lands, or any part thereof, 
if it shall appear by the muster-rolls of his regiment or corps that he 
deserted, or Avas dishonorably discharged from service, or if he has 
received or is entitled to any military land-bounty under any act of 
Congress heretofore passed. 

Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, That the period during which 
any officer or soldier may have remained in captivity with the enemy 
shall be estimated and added to the period of his actual service, and 
the person so detained in captivity shall receive land under the pro- 


Military Bounty Land Bill. 63 

visions of this act in the same manner that he would be entitled in case 
he had entered the service for the whole term made up by the addition 
of the time of his captivity, and had served during such term. 

Sect. 3. And he it further enacted, That each commissioned and 
non-commissioned officer, musician, and private, for whom provision is 
made by the first section hereof, shall receive a certificate or warrant 
from the department of the interior for the quantity of land to vvhich 
he may be entitled, and which may be located by the Avarrantee, or his 
heirs-at-law, at any land-office of the United States, in one body, and 
in conformity to the legal subdivisions of the public lands, upon any of 
the public lands in such district then subject to private entry ; and upon 
the return of such certificate or warrant, with evidence of the location 
thereof having been legally made, to the general land-office, a patent 
shall be issued therefor. In the event of the death of any commissioned 
or non-commissioned officer, musician, or private, prior or subsequent 
to the passage of this act, who shall have served as aforesaid, and who 
shall not have received bounty land for said services, a like certificate 
or warrant shall be issued in favor and inure to the benefit of his widow, 
who shall receive one hundred and sixty acres of land, in case her hus- 
band was killed in battle, but not to her heirs : Provided, She is un- 
married at the date of her application : Provided further, that no land 
warrant issued imder the provisions of this act shall be laid upon any 
land of the United States to which there shall be a pre-emption right, 
or upon which there shall be an actual settlement and cultivation, ex- 
cept with the consent of such settler, to be satisfactorily proven to the 
proper land-officer. 

Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, That all sales, mortgages, letters 
of attorney, or other instruments of writing going to affect the title or 
claim to any warrant or certificate issued, or to be issued, or any land 
granted, or to be granted, under the provisions of this act, made or exe- 
cuted prior to the issue, shall be null and void to all intents and pur- 
poses whatsoever ; nor shall such certificate or warrant, or the'land ob- 
tained thereby, be in any wise affected by, or charged with, or subject 
to, the payment of any debt or claim incurred by such officer or soldier 
prior to the issuing of the patent : Provided, That the benefits of this 
act shall not accrue to any person who is a member of the present Con- 
gress : Provided further. That it shall be the duty of the commissioner 
of the general land-office, under such regulations as may be pescribed 
by the secretary of the interior, to cause to be located free of expense, 
any warrant which the holder may transmit to the general land-office 
for that purpose, in such state and land-district as the said holder or 
warrantee may designate, and upon good farming land, so far as the 
same can be ascertained from the maps, plates, and field-notes of the 
surveyor, or from any other information in the possession of the local 
office ; and upon the location being made, as aforesaid, the secretary 
shall cause a patent to be transmitted to such warrantee : And provided 
further. That no patent issued under this act shall be delivered upon 
any power of attorney or agreement dated before the passage of this 
act ; and that all such powers of attorney or agreements be considered 
and treated as null and void. 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired £ cm practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Autauga County. 

tBrown, Henley 
Jones, Jesse R. 

*Walker, Joel A. 

D aster, Charles S. G. 
De Jarnette, Jas. T. 
Northington, Wm. H. 
Smith, WUliam D. 

Robinson Springs. 
Fay, Edwin 
Hall, Boling 

Baldwin County. 

*Aikin, John G. 

Barbour County. 

Clayton, Henry D. 
Cox, Moses 
Ivey, William 
Ivey & Lary 
Lary, Washington T. 
Tompkins, Henry M. 

Baker, Alpheus, junr. 
*Buford, Jefferson 
Buford, James M. 
Buford & Pugh 
Bullock, Edward C. 
Cato & Cato 
Cato, Lewis L. 
Cato, Sterling G. 
Cochran, John 
Cochran & Bullock 
*Lomax, Tennent 
Pugh, James L. 
Shorter, Eli S. 
tShorter, John Gill 
Wellborn, M. B. 

Benton County. 

*Crook, John M. 

Cross Plains. 
Wheeler, Martin H, 

Davis, William P. 
Earle, R. G. 
Ellis, Gideon C. 
^Forney, Daniel P. 
Forney, William H. 
Foster, John 
Lewis, Jaraes L. 
Lewis, T. Hall 
McCampbell, Jas. A. 
Martin, J. B. 
Martin, William B. 
Martin & Forney 
tWalker, Thomas A. 
VVhatley, George C. 
VVhatley & Ellis 
Withers, Wm. R. 
Wright, John H. 
tWoods, Alex. 

Reid, Edwin T. 

Likens, Samuel H. 
Montgomery, Hugh 
Tilghman, A. C. 
Wilson, R H. 

Bibb County. 

Calhoun, Alexander K. 
*Hill, Pleasant 
Mcllvaine, Robert 
Loomis, John Q. 

*Davis, David E. 

Blount County. 

Gibson, A. M. 
McRae, J. W. 

Butler County. 

Carter, W. P. 
* Hampton, T. H. 
*Henderson, B. W. 
Henry, J. K. 

Parmer, D. B. 

Chrenshaw, W. H. 

Chambers County. 

Gordon, Wiley C. 
Tankesly, William B, 
Taylor, Thomas J. 

La Fayette. 
Allison, Paschall M. 
.\llison & Barnes 
Andrews, Milton 
Brock, James T. 
Brock & Presley 
Falkner, Jetferson 
Haralson, Kinnhen L, 
Haralson, Rice & Belser 
Hudson, Cicero D. 
Hooper, Johnson J. 
*Mitchell, Robert 
Parsons & Hooper 
Phillips, Matthew 
Presley, Augustus M. 
Reese, James E. 
Richards, Evan G. 
Richards & Falkner. 

Oak Bowery. 
*Chatfield, George W. 
Kennedy, James M. 

Cherokee County. 

Cedar Bluff, 
Cooper, Thomas B. 
Donegan, M. B. 
Turnly & Davis 
Turnly, Matthew J. 

Baine, David W, 
Cain &. Haynes ' 

Cooper & Baine 
Haynes, Christopher 
tMcDaniel, Wm. E. 
McSpadden, S. K. 
Pratt, John J. 
Walden & McSpadden 
Walden, George S. 

*Lawrence, John 



♦Wilson, John S. 

*Teague, Silas 

Turkey Town. 
Cain, William L. 

Choctaw County. 

Powers, Josepti D. 

Bladon Springs. 
Frisbie, Daniel 

Houston, Samuel S. 
Morse, Joshua 
Rushing, James M. 
Spear, Chai-les A. 
Williams & Houston 

Mount Sterling. 
Catterlin, Sanford E. 
Smith, George F. 

Bailey, Warner 
Goodwin, George J. 
Henly & Goodwin 

Clarke County. 

Grove Hill. 
Dickinson, James S. 
Powell, Wm. S. 
Dicltinson & Powell 
Goode, J. J. 

Goodloe, Benjamin J. 
Portis, John W. 

Coffee County. 

Simmons, W. W. 
Yelverton, Gappa T. 

Milligan, A. Lorenzo 

Conecub County. 

*Jones, A. W. 
Martin & Stallworth 
Martin, Edmund W. 
Perryman, Alexander 
Stallworth, James A. 
Stems, Henry F. 

Coosa County. 

* Rockford. 

Cox, Henry W. 
*Graham, John A. 
*Pond, Ebenezer 
Whatley, Lafayette 

Cherry, Robert M. 
Cherry & McWborter 
Graham, Malcom D. 
Graham, M. D. & N. S. 
Graham, N. Smith 
*Harris, Sampson W. 
♦Kennedy, Lewis 
Kyle, WUUam S. 

Mason, Geo. Lafayette 
McWhorter, S. G. 
*Neal, David C. 
Saxon, L. P. 
Storrs, Seth P. 
Williams, Thomas 

Covington County. 

Jones, Josiah 

Dallas County. 

Beene, William A. 
Bird, WilUam E. 
Boyd, William E. 
Boynton, Henry B. 
Brewer, John W. 
Campbell, Andrew J. 
Campbell, James H. 
Campbell & Dawson 
Craig, James D. 
Dawson, N. H. R. 
Duke, Jas. B. 
Evans, Jas. L. 
Fambro, Wm. W. 
Gayle, George W. 
Gayle, Reese D. 
Gayle & Plattenburg 
Haynes, Charles E. 
Hunter, William 
Lapsley, Hunter & Troy 
Lapsley & Norris 
Lapsley, Wm. M. 
Lenoir, Isaac W. 
Lodor, John A. 
Lodor & Duke, 
Lovett, John G. 
Pegues, Christopher C. 
Saunders, Francis A. 
Saunders & Lovett, 
Troy, Daniel S. 
*Walker, Geo. J. S. 
Walker, Thomas W. 

Norris, William H. 

Liberty Hill. 
Ellerbee, Alexander W. 

Calhoun, James M. 
McKellar, J. D. W. 
Womack, J. H. D. 
Womack, J. F. 
Womack, J. H.D. & J. F. 

Pleasant Hill. 
Crumpton, W. Franklin 
*Satfold, Benj. F. 
*Saflbld, A. J. 
*Hunter, John S. 

Beene, Benjamin Y. 
Blake, Samuel R. 
Blake & Hewitt, 
Blevins, George P. 
Bradley, 1/Ucius De Y. 
Burr, Willis S. 
Cleveland, C. H. 
Cleveland, Morgan S. 
Cleveland, C. H. & M. S 
Conolcy, John F. 
Dunkin, W. A. 
Dunkin & Haralson, 
Edwoi^s, Charles G. 

Ed words & Conoley, 
Fellows, William H. 

Gantt, Edward M. 
Goldsby, T. J. 
Hewitt, Girart 
Haralson, J. 
King, E. B. 
King & Goldsby, 
Lapsley, John W. 
Lapsley, Hunter & Troy, 
Marks, Edward W. 
Mitchell, Edward J. 
Murphy, Wm. M. 
Murphy & Blevins, 

Philips, Wm. S. 

Pickens, Ezekiel 
Plattenburg, George 
*Seawell, William 
Spaight, Ashley Wood 

Dale County. 

Hughes, A. M. 
Roach, Samuel T. 

De Kalb County. 

Harralson, William 
Walden, John B. 

Fayettte County. 

Fayette C. H, 
Baird, D. O. 
Davis, A. 
Harvey, W. P. 
Jones, E. P. 
*Smith, William R. 
Terry, Joseph H. 
Wilson, B. W. 

Franklin County. 

Townsend, John L. 

Bell, Robt. E. 
Cook, Lemuel 
Jones, Henry C. 
Moore, J. Burns 
Page, James R. 
Skinner, William 
Watkins, Richard S. 

Cooper, L. B. 
Cooper, William 
Lindsay, Robert B. 
Norman, P. G. 
Nooe, John A. 
Thornton, L. B. 
tTownes, E. D. 

Greene County. 

Randolph, Brett 

Brooke, J. W. 
Chapman, John H. 
Chapman, Simeon J, 
tClark, James B. 
Clark, Thomas C. 
Cockrell, Samuel W. 
Coleman, Wiley 



iEvans, James R. 
Fowler, Win. H. 
Friend, Win. R. 
Hale, Stephen F. 
Inge, Richard F. 
♦Jones, John R. 
Leachman, Robert 
Morgan, Enoch 
Pierce, John G. 
Pierce & Son, 
Pierce, William F. 
Taylor, Joseph W. 
Thornton. James D 
Webb, William P. 
Womaek, John W. 
Womack &, Brooke 

Benners, Augustus 
*Erwin, John 
Huckabee, Robert D. 
*Moore, James A. 
Moore, Sydenham 
Murphy A:. Whelan, 
*Waller, Robert B. 
*Watson, Henry 
Webb, James D. 
Whelan, Benj. L. 

Davis, A. R. 

Hancock Connty. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Henry Connty. 

Clendinen, James A, 
Harper & Owens, 
Lansdale, Benjamin C. 
WilliamB, George W. 

Taylor, John B. 

Jackson Connty. 

Black Samuel 
Cowan, Hugh C. 
Greene, James M. 
Greene & Stephens, 
*Hansboro, Elijah 
Robinson, Nelson 
Robinson & Cowan, 
*Scott, Robert T. 
Stephens, Joshua 

Jefferson County. 

Earnest, William S. 
Mudd, William S. 
Porter, Mitchell T. 
*Wilcox, James 

Lianderd.ale County. 

tHawkins, WUy T. 
Irvine, James B. 
Irvine, J. & J. B. 
Irvine, James 
Kennedy, John S. 
Kennedy & Simpson, 
O'Neal, "Edward A. 
Patton, R. M. 
*Posey, Sidney C. 
Simpson, John Coffee 

Walker, Richard W. 
Walker, Leroy P. 
Walker, L. P. & R. W. 
Wood, Sterling A. M 
Wood, W. B. & S. A. M. 
Wood, William B. 

lia-wrrence County. 

Graham, William C. 
*Harris, Stephen W. 
*Jones, Richard 
Ligon, Paschal L. 
McMahan, William P. 
*Sale, William F. 

*Hubbard, David 

Armstrong, James 
Gallaway, William M. 
Hansen &, Armstrong, 
Hausell, John H. 
Hodges, Asa 
Lewis, David P. 
tLigon, David G. 
Peters & Hodges 
Peters, Thomas M. 
Pickett, Richard O. 

Liimestone County. 

Allen, William B. 

Coleman, Daniel 
Hobbs, Thomas H. 
Houston, George S. 
Malone, John N. 

Peete, Samuel 
Pryor, Luke 
Richardson, William 
Walker, William H. 

liOTvndes County. 

Kelley, James G. 

Clements, James F. 
tCook, Nathan 
*Cook, Philip H. 
Cook, Walter 
*Cottrell, J. L. F. 
Cox, George S. 
*Gilchrist, Archd. 
Gilchrist & Cox 
Gilchrist, James G. 
Haraldson, John 
Harbin, D. S. 
Lang, Henry J. 
Moore, J. D. S. 
Moore & Clements 
Stone, George W. 
Stone, Isaac B. 
Thompson, E. W. 
Williams, Thomas M. 

Graham, James W. 

niacon County. 

Carter, John W. 
Leftwich, John T. 
Reese, Frank M. 
Tiimer, Warren 


Guerry, N. D. 

'Alexander, James M. 
Battle, Cullen A. 
tChilton, William P. 
Clopton, David 
Clopton & Ligon 
tDougherty, Robert 
Daniel, John W. L. 
Gachet, Charles Nicholas 
Gunn & Henderson 
Gunn, George W. 
Harris, Wm. K. 
Henderson, John 
Ligon, Robert F. 
Mclver, W. C. 
Marquis, George 
*Mason, W. W. 
Mason, William R, 
Mayes, Robert L. 
Paine, Sidney B. 
Pinckard, Thomas C. 
*Sayre, Daniel 
*Smith, James H. 
Stiange, L. B. 
Wilhs & WOliams, 
Williams, Seaborn, 
Willis, Joshua 

Union Springs. 
Hooten, Heniy C. 

Madison Connty. 


Acklen & Hale 

Acklen, William 

Beime, George P. 

Betts, Edward C. 

Bradford, Henry C. 

Bradley, Thom:is Bibb 

Brickell & Cabaniss 

Brickell, Robert C. 

Cabaniss, Septimus D. 

Clav, C. C. & H. L. 

Cla"y, C. C. & J. W. 

Clay, Clement C. 

Clay, Clement C, Jun. 

Clay, John W. 

Clay, Hugh L, 

Clemens, Jere. 

Coleman, John J. 

Dill, Isaiah 

Hale, Smith D. 

Humphreys & Bradley 

Humphreys, David C. 

Jones, Egbert J. 

King, Michael A. 
Lane, George W. 
Lewis, JohnH. 

Mills, Archibald E. 
Moore & Moore 
Moore, Benjamin T. 
Moore, William H. 
Robinson <fc Jones i 

Robertson, V. M. 
Robinson, James 
Scott, S. S. 
Steele, John F. 
Wallace, Edwin 
Wallace, Edwin R, 
*Ward, John I 
Young, Daniel B. 

Marengo County. 

Clark, WilUam E. 



*Craighead, James B. 
Sbowalter, John M. 

Campbell, R. 
*Glover, Benjamin N. 
Harwell, I. S. 
Lyon, Francis S. 
Lyon, George G. 
Lyon &. Prince 
Prince, O. H. 
Talliaferro, D. 
Torbert, Sidney M. 

*Fo8cue, F. E. 

Ferrell, William F. 
Loomia & Modawell 
Loomis, John O. 
Modawell, W. B. 
Newton, Salem T. 

*Poellnitz. Charles A. 

Byrd, William M. 
Byrd & Clarke 
Grant, Walter H. 
King, John T. 
Manning, Brooks & Woolf 
Robinson, William 
Siddons, F. W. 
Woolf, H. A. 
tYoung, James A. 

*Price, Reese 

Marion Connty. 

Barnes, S. A. 
tTerrell, John D. 

Marshall Coaiity. 

Adams, James M. 
Adams & Gilbreath 
Capshaw, C. R. 
Dickson, William S. 
Martin, William 
Nicholson, David 
Ryan, John 
Sturgus, James M. 
Wyeth, Louis 

Barclay, Thomas C, 
Irwin, John E. 

Mobile County. 

Aiken, John G. 
Anderson & Boyles 
Anderson. Daniel C. 
Armistead, Robert B 
Baldwin, Joseph G. 
Blocker, James Y. 
Blount, Frederic S. 
*Bolls, Charles E. 
Boiling, James C. 
Boyles, William 
*Bragg, John 
Breedin Berryman B. 
♦Bridges, C. E. 
Brooks, WilUam 

tCampbell, John A. 
Campbell, James H. 
Carpenter, Samuel A. 
Chamberlain & Robinson 
Chamberlain, Henry 

Chambers, John A. 
Chandler, Daniel 
Chandler, Smith Sc Herndon 
Conway, George 
Cuthbert & Cuthbert 
Cuthbert, John A. 
Cuthbert, John C. 
Delahay, M. W. 
Delahay, Hopkins &. Hall 
Dargan, Edward S. 
Dargan & Hall 

Dunn, William D. 
Easton, William C. 
Elliott, John 
*Fry, Samuel 
tGayle, John 
tGibbons, Lyman 
Gilmore, William C. 
Hall, John 
Hall, J. E. 
Hall, Origen 
Hamilton & Hamilton 
Hamilton, Peter 
Hamilton^ Thomas A. 
Hendon, F. H. 
Hitchcock, John A. 
Hopkins, Arthur F. 
Hopkins, R. D. 
Hopkins, Jones & Lomax 
Hurtell, Alphonse 
Jewett, Origen S. 
Jewett & Armistead 
Jones, William G. 
Labuzan, Earth 
Lomax, John M. 
*Lesesne, Joseph W. 
Maury, — . 
tMcKinstry, Alexr. 
Manning, Amos R. 
Manning & Brooks 

Moulton, Cleveland F. 

Overall & Moulton 

Overall, G. Y. 

Overall, John W. 

Owen, Richard 

Owen, J. B 

Perkins, Rufus L. 

Phillips & Baldwin 

Phillips, Philip 

*Platt, William H. 

Primrose, Wm. D. 

tRapier, Charles W. 

Requier, A. J. 

Robinson, Charles P. 

Ralston, John 

*Root, Chester 

tRust, Edwin 

Seawell, Joseph 

Sewall, K. B. 

Smith, Douglas 

Smith, Robert H. 

Smoot, Joseph H. 

Stanly, Wright C. 

Stewart, George N. 

Summers, Leonard F. 

Taylor, John T. 

Taylor & Hitchcock 

Walker, Percy 

Warren, Ebenezer 

Whitfield, John A. 

Monroe County. 

Agee, N. Alfred 

Barclay, James J 
Leslie, Willliam P. 
Pearson, Jacob 
Torrey, Rufus C. 

Gumming, S. J. 
Roberts, Edward W. 

Lyon, John 

Montgomery County.^ 

Bagby, Arthur P. 
Ball, George C. 
Baldwin, Marion A. 
Barritt, John H. 
Bates, John C. 
Belser, Rice & Barritt 
Belser, James E. 
*Bibb, William J. 
Bibb, Joseph B. 
Bugbee, Francis 
Bugbee, Thomas 
Bugbee &Son 
*Campbel], David 
Chisolm, George E. 
Clanton, James H. 
Cocke, N. W. 
Colclough, Richard A, 
Coleman, Walter L. 
Crawtord, Hugh N. 
*Crommelin, Charles 
Du Val, Gabriel B. 
Duncan, John 
Elmore, John A. 
Elmore, Rush 
Elmore & Du Val 
Elmore & Yancey 
Fair, E. Y. 
Fair & Whatley 
Felder, Adam C. 
Fitzpatrick, Blmore.L 
tGoldthwaite, George 
*Gunter, Charles G. 
Harris, Nathan 
Hajris & Duncan 
Hilliard, Henry W. 
Hilliard, William P. 
Hilliard & Thorington 
Holt, Thomas T. 
Jackson, Jetferson F. 
Johnson, John F. 
Judge, Thomas J. 
Kerr, Elijah M. 
Keyes, Wade 
Leonard, Thomas F. 
Martin, Baldwin & Sayre 
Martin, Abram 
*Mathews, George W. 
Mays, Thomas S. 
*Moulton, Thomas J. 
Moss, William B. 
Moss & Clanton 
Noble, Jetferson 
*Ogbome, William H, 
Rice, Samuel F. 
Satibld, Joseph P. 
Sayre, P. T. 
*Sayre, E. Sanford 
*Seibel8, J. J. 
Semple, Henry C. 
Shepherd, J. W. 
Smith, Junius W. 
Thorington, Jack 
Watts, Thomas H. 
Watts, Judge & Jackson 



Whatley, B. J. 
Williams, Thomas 
Williams &. Cocke 
Yancey, William L. 

morgan County. 

Cook, William D. S. 
*Garth, J. W. 
Garth, William W. 
Parker, Edward 
Rather, John D. 

tCampbell, WUliam H. 
Morrow, S. M. 
Philpott, Horatio V. 
*Rice, Green P. 
Scruggs, H. F. 
Wilkinson, S. J. 

Perry County. 


tBailey, James F. 

*DaTis, Hugh 

Garroct, Isham W. 

Garrott & Lee 

='Goree, Robert T. 

Graham, John P. 

Hodge, Robert C. 

Lee, Henry C. 

Lockett, Napoleon 

Lockhart, John 

Massey, George P. 
tMoore, Andrew B. 
Moore, John 
tPhelan, John D. 
Reid, John C. 
Reid, Rufus J. 
Reid & Reid 
*Walthal!, John N. 
*Walthall, Leonidas N. 

Union Town. 
Harper, J. J. R. 
*Lee, Columbus W. 
*McGeehee, John VV. 
Royston, Young L. 

Pickens County. 

Baldwin, Joseph 
Baldwin & Marston 
Clitherall, Alexander B. 
*Carpeuter, John 
Eastland, Orville 
Gilkey, Lemuel A. 
Hale, S. F. 
Hale & Stansel 
Johnston, R. T. 
Johnston & Terry 
Marston, Jeremiah 
Nabers, Z. L. 
*Perry, Thaddeus H. 
Pettus, Edmond 
Smith, Nelson 
Smith & Eastland 
Stansel, Martin L. 
Stone, Lewis N. 
Terey, John T. 
Ward, Henry L. 

Dunn, H. H. 
Johnston & Terry 


Shelton, Henry S. 

Pike County. 

China &rove. 
^Alford, Julius C. 

'Eeecher, John F. 
Cook, Richard F. 
Cunningham, C. J. 
tFitzpatrick, Bird 
Goode, H. H. 
Goode & Mclntyre 
Hamilton, Samuel S. 
Hamilton & Cunningham 
Jones, Urban L. 
McBryde, William J. 
McCraw, B. B. 
Mclntyre, Edw. L. 
Wily, J.McCaleb 
Wily & McCraw 
Worthey, Alfred N. 

Randolph County. 

Martin, James 

*Perryman, F. M. 

tBenton, Joseph 
Gwinn, James VV. 
Heflin, John T. 
*Heflin, Robert S. 
*Reaves, John 
Smith, Wm. H. 

Russell County. 

Alford, George C. 
Baker & Lewis 
Baker, Benj. H. 
Barnett, William E. 
*Burch, Thomas H. 
Duncan, Bryant 
Eiland, Allen 
Hooper & Duncan 
Hooper, George D. 
Lewis, John A. 
tTate, Thomas S. 

Horton, W. H. 

Harris, Walton B. 
*Lewis, Ulysses 
*Martin, Wm. B. 

Phillips, John M. 

*Nisbet, Franklin A. 

Sand Fort. 
Bellamy, Rich'd H. 

Ardis, John C. 
Lillie, Jehiel 
McCoy, Leander F. 
*Powers, John B. 
*Thornton, R. D. 

Hull, Elias 

Shelby County. 

Brooks, Benj. A. 
Harris, George 
Leeper, Samuel 
tMcClanahan, John M. 
tShortridge, Geo. D. 
Sterrett, Alphonso A, 

Storrs, John S. 
Watrous, Daniel E. 
Watrous & Storrs 

St. Clair County. 

Cobb & Thomason 
Coocher & Copehort 
Coocher, Abram 
Cobb, Rufus W. 
Copehort Theopilas 
Hewit, Girart 
Pope, Burwell T. 
Thomason, John J. 

Sumter County. 

Bliss, Jonathan 
Bliss & Garner 
Everett, Horace 
Garner, Burgess 
Lawrenco, Oliver J. 
Minnieco, John A. 
Meredith, R. A. 
Meredith & Lawrence 
Metcalfe Jacob R. 
tReavis, Turner 

Baldwin, Joseph G. 
Baldwin &. Wetmore 
Coleman, Augustus A, 
*Chapman, Samuel 
Doutbit. H. P. 
tGaines, Benj. J. H. 
Green William H. 
Hah-, James 
Hale, Samuel A. 
McConnico, C. S. 
Nash, Preston G. 
Pickett, Alexander C. 
Smith, Edward W. 
Shearer, W. Waldo 
Strother, Phillip S. C. 
Vary, John F. 
Vary & Colemun 
Wetmore Thomas B. 

Clanton, Jerome 

Talladega County. 

'^Bowie, Alexander 

'SimB, Henry 

Talladega. . 
Bowie, A. W. 
Bradford, Jacob T. 
Cruikshank, M. H. 
Cuny, J. L. M. 
*Eason, Bolivar 
Graham, John 
*Garrett, Thomas G. 



'Hill, Wm C. 
Jones, Bowie & Curry 
Jones, Tisnel W. 
*Knox, William W. 
*McAfee, Green T. 
*McGee, William S. 
Morgan, John T. 
Morgan & Walker 
Nicks, Alvis Q. 
Parsons, Lewis E. 
Samuels, C. G. 
Shelley, Nathan G. 
*She]ley, Nathan W. 
Walker, A. J. 
White, Alexander 
White, John 
Woodward, John J. 
Woodward, E. P. 
'Woodward; Thomas B. 
Wyche, Hubbard H. 
Wyche & Nicks 

Tallapoosa County* 

Barnes, William H. 
Culberson, David B. 
Gresham Leroy 
tLane, M. C. 
*Lyle, Matthew 
*Pear£on, James M. 
Shipp, Willis C. 
*Stone, Charles 
Sturdivant, Allen C. 

Tuscaloosa County. 

'Foster, J. Collier 
*Garvin, John S. 
'Garvin, R. M. 

Barr, John G. 
Benagb, George 
Brown, N. H. 
*Burke, J. T. 
'Clements, R. H. 
'Collier, H. W. 
Cook & Vanhoose 
Cook, C. M. 
Frierson, Gideon B. 
Frierson, Samuel G. 
Guild, J. C. 
Martin, J. L. 
Martin, Lucien V. B. 
Martin, Peter 
Martin P. &. Son 
Moody, W. 
Nicolson, Andrew S. 
Ormond & Nicolson 
Ormond, John J. 
*Owen, Thomas 
Peck & Van Hoose 
Peck, Elijah W. 
Perkins, Claudius H. 
Powell, E. A. 
Van Hoose, A. E. 
Van Hoose, James M. 
Whittield N. L. 
Williams, C. Louis 

Walker County. 

Hewlett, William A. 
Henderson, John H. 
Lane, Alfred G. 

Washington Conuty. 

New Wakefield. 
Semmes, Raphiel 

Pleasant Valley. 
Halcomb, H. L. 

St. Stephens. 
Houston, S. S. 
Sallie, George F. 

Wilcox County. 

Armstrong, W. H. 

Beck, F. K. 
'Bridges, John W. 
Burford, Charles M. 
Cochran, S. G. 
Cook, Jesse J. 
tJaokson, John A. 
Johnson & Jackson 
Johnson, James T. 
'Jones, Jeremiah 
'Jones, John C. 
McCaskill, John 
Roach, John J. 
Sterrett, D W. 
Sterrett, Cook &; Burford 
Thompson, Ben. D. 
Thompson, Jos. L. 
Tomlinson, Aug. 
Williamson, Benjamin 
Williamson, Geo. W. 
Williamson, B. & G. W. 

'Beck, Alfred J. 
'Beck, Thomas K. 
'Van de Voort, Joseph 

Prairie Bluff. 
McMillan, N. A. 

Pine Hill. 
Dear, Charles 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus ' have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Arkansas County. 

Arkansas Post. 
Brown, James T. 
Farelly, Robert C. 
Farelly, Terence 
Farelly, T. & R. C. 
Halliburton, Wm.H. 

Ashley County. 

Erwin, Alexander K. 
Moore, E. H. 
Trammell, M. C. 

Benton County. 

Bentonvi le. 
Anderson, Hugh A. 
tGreenwood, A. B. 
Hobbs, James H. 

Howard, W. J. 
McKissick, J. H. 

Bra<lley County. 

Du Bose, B. S. 
Gould & Slaughter 
Gould, Josiah 
Hamilton Wm. A. 
Slaughter, C. A. 

Calhoun County. 

Hawthorn, Alexander T. 
McCown, Geo. W. 

Carroll County. 

Haggin John 

Stroud, Laban M. 

Chicot County. 

Baker, Isaac 
Byers, Thomas N. 
Byers & Chapman 
Chapman, Johnson 
Craig, Madison T. 
Meany Edward A. 
'Ross, Nathan 

Clarke County. 

Barkman, Wm. F. S. 
Bruce, Wm. M. 
Flanagin, Harris 
Hardy & Witherspoon 
Hearn, A. G. 



Jordan, Charles T. 
*Randle, Edwin D. 
Stuart, H. B. 
'Warren, J. A. 

Columbia County. 

Askew, B. F. 
Green, Len. B. 
Hobson, J. N. 
Smoote, C. P. 
Smoote <t Hobson 

Con-way Conuty. 

Smith, Benjamin 

Crawford County. 

Van Buren. 
Brown, R. C. S. 
Clark, G. W. 
Collins, N. D. 
Green, Joseph J. 
Humphreys, J. T. 
Turner, Jesse 
Walker & Green 
WUlcox, Henry 

Crittenden C^onnty^ 

Bell, A. S. 
Lovejoy, J. A. 
Tally, R. P. 

Dallas County. 

*Coleman, Hawes H. 

Bradley, Geo. W. 
Brown, John 
Compton, Freeman W. 
Fuller, Robert T. 
Smith, Samuel G. 

*Borden, Benjamin J. 
tSomerwell, Willis L. 

Desha County. 

Brandenburg, S. J. 
Jones, Solen B. 
Moon, James A. 
Stewart, Charles A. 

Red Fork. 
Fletcher, Reed 
Fletcher, Thomas 

Drew County. 

Withers, R. F. 

Arnot, Samuel F. 
Harrison, Wm. M. 
Hudspeth, Henry S. 
Winter, John S. 

Franklin County. 

Walker, John J. 

Fulton County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Greene County. 

Lester, P. K. 
Ragsdale, James B. 
Stewart, A. L. 

Hempstead County. 

Conway, George 
Cross, Edward 
Field, John 
Gantt, Edwd. W. 
Garland, A. H. 
Handy, Levin I. 
Hempstead, Bernard F. 
Hempstead & Gantt 
Hubbard, Thomas 
Hubbard & Garland 
Jennings, Orville 
Royston, Grandison D. 

Hot Spring County. 

Hot Springs. 
Willoughby, Wm. J. 

Rock Port. 
Smith, J. M. 

Independence County. 

Ambler, A. J. 
Bevens, William C. 
Byers, John H. 
Byers, William 
Byers «fe Patterson 
Carter, John A. 
Clayborne, John C. 
Cox, Thomas 
Desha, Franklin W. 
Fairchild, Hulbert F. 
Foote, Charles 
tHiterly, B. 

Noland, Charles F. M. 
Patterson, J. H. 

Searcy, Jesse 

Izard County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Jackson County. 

A Urgusta. 
Harman, T. P. 
Owen, H. R. 
\Vhite, A. W. 

Drury, G. L. 
Jones, W. R. 

Jackson Port. 
Harris, A C. 
Witherspoon, J. G. 

Jefferson County. 

Pine Bluff. 
Bell, M. L. 
*Bocage, Joseph W. 
Burrow, Napoleon B. 
Burrow & James 

Carlton, Hermon 
Carroll, D. W. 
Fletcher, Read 
Grace, William P. 
Greenfield, W. F. 
James, Thomas S. 
Luckie, Lafayette B. 
Morehead, James T. 
tMurray, J. C. 
Roane, John S. 
Roane & Bell 
*Waters, Robert E. 
Yell, James 

Johnson County^ 

tBatson, Felix J. 
Bransford, William M. 
Connelley, Wm. H. 
Floyd, William W. 
Manley, John E. 
May, John W 
Robinson, Littlebury 
Wilson, J. M. 

liafayette County. 

Bear Creek. 
\Varren, Bird 

Burks, A. R. 
Caruthers, James H. 
Leigh, Cassius 
McCarty, Wilson S. 
Young, James K. 

lia-wrence County. 

Fisher, Wm. M. 
Nunn, Green P. 

Bowen, C. 3. 

Madison County. 

Elkins, Smith 
Foreste, G. W. 
L^we H. C. 
Polk, J. S. 
Saunders, D. L. 

Marion County. 

Tutt, Milton B. 
Wilson, James A. 

Mississippi County. 

Blackmore, Thos. J. 
Craighead, Thomas B. 
Finley, John B. 
*Fletcher, Elliot H. 
*McGavock, John H. 
Williams, John W. 

Monroe County. 

Lawrencevilie P. O. 
Convis, W. 
Johnson, Lawrence 
Dates, Oliver 



Surrounded Hill. 
*Adkins, James 

Prairie Place. 
Valley Grove P. O. 
Jonea, John T. 

Montgomery Co. 

Montgomery C. H. 
* Bowles, Andrew 

Newton Conuty. 

Han-ison, Robert W. 
Spring, Jas. Pickney 

Ouachita County. 

Bearden, John T. 
*Case, Leonard 
Daly, John N. 
Gallagher, George A. 
Huie & Case 
Rainey, John H. S. 
Rounsaville, Peter K. 
Scogin, Josiah H. 
tScott, Christopher C. 
Stith, Abner A. 
Stith & Daly 
Strain, Isaac 
Strain & Bearden 
Warren, Bird W. M. 
Warren, Edward A. 
Warren & Gallagher 
*Woodward, Thomas 

Perry County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Polk County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Phillips County. 

tAdams, Charles VV. 
Alexander, Mark W. 
Badham, Henry A. 
Barrett, Patrick H. 
Bruton, David 
Bruton «fe Ringo 
Butts, William E. 
Delany, Saml. N, 
Grant, John M. 
Hanly, Thomas B. 
Hanly & Alexander 
Jackson, James B. 
Knott, Benedict J. 
Moore, James T. 
Moore & Sutton 
Palmer, John C. 
*Polk, Allen J. 
Preston, John, Junr. 
*Preston, Walter E. 
*Rice, Dorsey 
*Rice, Jamison W. 
Ringo, W. 
Sutton, Rogal F. 
Tappan, James fJ. 
tUuderwood, A. G. 

Pike County. 

Williams, A. B. 

Poinsett County. 

Mack, L. L. 


Stoddard, Z. 

Pope County. 

BailisB, A. J. 
*Brown, Isaac 
Hayden, J. S. 
Pavatt, A. 8. 
*Petray, D. D. 
West, David 
Young, W. D. 

Prairie County. 

Allen, A. T. 
Turner, T. B. 
Totten, Ben. 0. 
Totten & Allen 
Williams, S. W. 

Des Arc, 
Dalrymple, Virgil B. 
Turner & Dalrymple. 

Hickory Plains. 
Embry, Ben T. 

Pulaski County. 

Little Rock.. 
Baldwin, David J. 
Bertrand, Charles P. 
Clendenin, John T. 
Crutchfield, Peter T. 
Cummins, Ebenezer 
Curran, James M. 
English, Elbert H. 
tFdild, William H. 
Fowler, Absalom 
Hempstead, Saml. H. 
Johnson, James B. 
Jordan, Pleasant 
Knight, John E. 
Pike, Albert 
Pike & Cummins 
tRingo, Daniel 
Stillwell, Joseph 
Trapnall, Philip 
Trigg, John T. 
tWatkins, George C. 

Randolph County. 

Cain, William R. 
McCoy, John 

Saline County. 

Akin's Store. 
Bean, Leonidas H. 

Inglish, William K. 
Leech, Jacob W. 

Rector, Henry M. 

Scott County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Searcy County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Sebastian County. 

Fort Smith. 
Clark, Solomon F. 
Clark & Spring 
Duval & Rutherford 
Duval, Benj. F. 
Edmondson, Samuel 
Hinckley, Chas. A. 
Pulliam, Richd. P. 
Rutherford, A. H. 
Spring, James P. 
Sparks, James H. 
Vandever, Jos. W. 
Vandever & Sparks 
Wheeler, John F. 

Sevier County. 

Hawkins, A. D. 
Jackson, Isaac N. 
Penney, James 

St. Francis County. 

tLittell, Philander 

Mount Vernon. 
Beasly, Ceorge W. 
McCurdy, Samuel M. 
*McCurdy, \. M. 

Austell, Samuel L. 

Union County. 

El Dorado. 
Abbott, Ben F. 
Askew, John H. 
t Brown, E. R. 
Carleton, John H. 

Davis, William 
Hardy, Robt. M. 
Hardy & Carleton 
*Lacy, W. A. 
Lee, William D. 
Locke, Cons. W. 
Lyon, Richard 
Marr, Hugh D. 
Marr & Rainey 

Quarles, Hamilton G. 
Quillin, John 
Rainey, Alexis T. 
tWatson, Shelton 

Cook, Samuel J. 
Johnson, James H. 

Van Buren County. 

[See Sebastian and Crawford 

Washington Co. 


Anderson, Hugh A. 
Boone, Benjamin F. 
Brownlee, Alexander W. 

Davis, Hiram 
Gregg, Lafayette 
*Leeper, Matthew 
*Murphy, Isaac 
Neal, James P. 



Neal & Walker 
Reagan, W. D. 
*Smith8on, Bryan H. 
Thomason, Hugh F. 
Tebbetts, Jonas March 
Van Hoose, Peter P. 
tWalker, David 
Walker, James D. 
Wilson, Alfred M. 

White County. 


Batte, James F. 
Bell, Robert S. 
Cypert, John N. 
McConaughey, J. W. 
Scott, William C. 

Yell County. 

*Field, Wm. H., jun. 
Pound, Thos. W. 

Hollowell, J. L. 
Lemoyne, C. W. 
Waker, E. G. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on tlie Bench. 

Butte County. 

Bean, Moses 
Baker, Reuel C. 
Burt, James M. 
Barker, J.B. 
Cralle, Lewis J. 
BIwer, Seneca 
Earll, Warner 
Harris, Pati-ick H. 
Lott, Charles F. 
Lewis, Jos. E. N. 
Maurice, A. 
Scott, John W. 
Sexton, William T. 
tSherwood, W. S. 
tSmith, George Adams 
*Smith, H. P. A. 
■Baylor, Henry W. 

Calaveras County. 

Sutter Creek. 
Southwell, O. P. 

Colusa County. 

Bowie, G. W. 
Buckner, A. T. 


Scrapie, C. D. 
Semple, R. 
Weaver, A. J. 

Contra Costa Co. 

Brocklebemk, A. M. 
Carpentier, H. W. 
Chipman, William W. 
Clark, Samuel J. 
*Coles, Charles H. 
McNair, William 
Reynolds, James R. 
tWarmcastle, F. M. 
Williams, I. Franklin 
Wood, R. N. 

El Dorado County. 

tHowell, John M. 
Hewes, Thomas H. 

Manfin, R. A. 
Rackcliff, C. T. 
Robertson, Thomas 
Sanderson, S. W. 
Stewart, John H. 
Stewart &. Johnson 
Williams, Thos. H. 

Diamond Springes. 
Patterson, C. B. 
Ralston, V. Y. 

Mud Springs. 
Meredith, Charles 
Tibbs, Moses 

Anderson, Robt. N. 
Carr, L. T. 
Hall, Gavin D. 
Hall & Anderson 
Hume, John 
Uohnson, James 
Johnston, S. M. 
Newell, D. K. 
Newell & Williams 
Robertson, Sanderson (feUume 
Robertson, Thos. 
Sanderson, S. W. 
Tevis, Robert 

Humboldt County. 

tWyman, J. E. 

lios Angelos Countj', 

Los Angelas. 
Brent, J. Lancaster 
Brooks, E. L. B. 
Burrill, G T. 
Carr, Charles E. 
Dryden, Wm. G. 
Dimmick, Kimball H. 
Eaton, Benjamin S. 
Granger, Lewis 
Hancock, Henry 
tHaycs, Benjamin 
Norton, Myron 
Ogier, Isaac S. K. 
Pico, Don Pio 
Scott & Granger 
Scott; Jonathan R. 
Rojo, Manuel Clemente 

San Gabriel. 
Dennison, B. F. 

Mallard, J. S. 

San Pedro. 
*Dominguez, Manuel 

3Iariposa County. 

Mariposa City. 
Alison, S. B. 
*Bell, E. C. 
tBrondurant, J. M. 
Burke, E. 
Daly, Richard H. 
Daly & Merritt 
Harries, B. B. 
Harriss & Alison 
Mellard, Wesley 
Merritt, James H. 
Wade, James H. 

Napa County. 

Napa City. 
Bristol, Joseph D. 
Culver, Wm. W. 
Harston, Chancellor 
tHorrell, Johnson 
McKinstry, E. W. 

Nevada County. 

Anderson & Smith 
Buckner, Stanton 
Buckner & Hill 
Hill, C. Wilson 

Sacramento County. 

Beatty, H. O. 
Boynton, Charles 
Crocker, E. 3. 

C rocker, Mc Kune &. Robinson 
Haggin, J. B. 
Hardy, James H. 
Long, W. S. 
McKune, J. H. 
Morrison, Murray 
Reed & Ankcny 
Robinson, R. 
Robinson, Tod 
Robinson, Beatty & Haggin 



Smith, Horace 
Smith & Hardy- 
Thayer, F. W. 
Tulcey, Francis 
Zabriskie, James C. 

San Bernai'dino County. 

San Bernardino. 
Sparks, Quarters S. 
tThomas, D. M. 

San Diego County. 

San Diego. 
Farrell, W. C. 
fHayee, John 
Robinson, J. W. 
Wetherby, O. S. 

San Francisco County, 

San Francisco. 
Austin, E. G. 
Bagley, Davd T. 
Baker, E. D. 

Baker, G. W. (Recorder) 
Baker & Stanly 
Barber, William 
Bartlett, Earl 
Bates, Geo. M. 
Bates, Geo. C. 
Bates, Lewis C. 
Beckh, J. W. 
Benham, Calhoun 
Billings, Fredk. 
Blair, James D. 
Blair & Bowlin 
Blanding, Louis 
Hooraem, H. Toler 
Booraem & Hughes 
Bowlin, R. 
Boyd, James T. 
Brooks, B. S. 

Brooks, Martin & McCracken 
Brown, H. 

Brown, Pratt & Tracy 
Calhoun, J. E. 
Calhoun & Blanding 
Campbell, Taylor & Beckh 
Campbell, Alexander 
Champlin, D. D. 
Chipman & Freelon 
Chittenden, N. VV. 
Clark, Hiram C. 
Clyde, R. S. 
Cowles, Samuel 
tCreigh, J. D. 
Crittenden, Inge & Martin 
Crockett, J. B. 
Crockett & Baker 
Dodge, H. L. 
Dwindle, Samuel H. 
Edwards, Jonathan 
Ely, Alexander 
Fenning, Channing G. 
Finley, J. W. 
Flowers, Samuel 
tFreelon, T. W. 
Furman, Matthew H. 
Gary, Joseph H. 
Gillman, Chas. H. 
Grant, Gilbert A. 
Groat, R. V. 
Gunnison, A. J. 
Hackett, John K. 
Hackett & Judah 
Haight, Henry H. 
Halietk, H. VV. 

Hambly, Thos. C. 
Hammond, A. A. 
Hammond, C. D. 
Hanna, James 
Hanna & Groat 
Hart, J. B. 

Hastings, Thomas & Morse 
Hawks, VV. W. 
tHeydenfeldt, S. 
Higgms, William L. 
tHotiman, Ogden, Jr. 
Hoge, Jos. P. 
Hoge & Wilson 
Howard, Volney E. 
Hudson, George 
Hughes, C. J. 
Hyam, B. D. 
Inge, S. W. 
Irving, J. K. 
James, Geo. F. 
Janes, H. P. 
Janes, Noyes & Barber 
Johnson, C. A. 
Johnston, Geo. P. 
Jones, Simon L. 
Kewer, Edwd. J. C. 
Kewer & Morrison 
Kewen, L. J. C. 
tLake, Delos 
Lockwood, R. A. 
Lockwood & Hammond 
Loucks, Henry W. 
Martin, Wm. H. 
Mott, H. A. 


Magraw & Tilford 

Mackinley, Edward 

Marriott, T. & Co. 

Mastick, E. B. 

McAllister, Hall 

McAllister, Edwards &. Rose 

McCright, Robert 

McDougal, Haight & Sharp 

Mcllvaine, Chas. J. 

McCracken, John 

Merrill, Annis 

Morrison, R. F. 

Mudd, J. H. Clay 

tMurray, Hugh C. 

Musson, Eugene 

Norton, Edward 

Noyes, G. F. 

Parsons, Cook & Tyler 

Parker, Samuel H. 

Parker, Wm. C. 

Park, T. W. 

Perly, D. W. 

Pixley, P. N. 

Piatt, (ieo. K. 

Pratt, James 

Randolph, Edmund 

Randall, A. G. 

Read, N. C. 

Read, Weller & Champlin 

Rogers, Rob. H. 

abodes, W. H. 

Richardson, Henry 

Ryan, R. F. 

Ryan & Gunnison 

Russell, Wm. H. 

Sanford, James 

tSatterlee, John 

Saunders, G. J. H. 

Saunders & Hepburn 

Saunders & Parker 

Sawyer, E. D. 

Sawyer, L. 

Sawyer, Johnson & Pixley 

Shaw, Wm. J. 

Simson, Robert 

tSheppeard, P. W. 
Shepperd, S. A. 
Sloane, E. W. F. 
Sloat, Lewis W. 
Shannon, Joseph 
Sloan & Rates 
Sloane, Bates & Mudd 
Sharpe, S. A. 
Smith, Geo. Alexander 
Smith, Sidney V. 
Smith, Wm. Fowle 
Stanley, Edward 
Taylor, E. W. 
Thomas, O. H. 
Tracy, F. P. 
Townsend, James B. 
Van Buren, C. B. 
Waller, R. H. 
Waller & Dodge • 

Webb, Steph. P. 
Weller, John B. 
Wells, Joseph B. 
Wells, Haiirht & Gary 
Wheeler, AltVed 
Wilson, Samuel M. 
Wilson, James 
Wilson, John & Co. 
Williams, Chas. H. 
Winants, A. 
Yale, Gregory 
Yale & Perley 

San Joaquin County* 

Baggs, Isaac 
Baine, A. C. 
Bookpr, S. A. 
Bouldin, T. T. 
Bridges, O. L. 
Crabb, H. A. 
Crabb & Porter 
Hall, J. B. 
Hall & Hugans 
Perly, D. VV. 
Porter, W. W. 
Robinson, Wm. 
Terry, D. S. 
Terry & Perly 

San liuis Obispo Connty. 

San Luis Obispo. 
Brown, C. M. 
tCarillo, Joaquim 
French, Parker H. 
Graves, William J. 

Santa Barbara County. 

Santa Barbara. 
tFemald, Charles 
Hinchman, Augustus F. 
Hoar, Edward S. 
Heath, Russell 
Lies, Eugene 

Santa Clara County. 

San Jose. 
tAllen, O. H. 
Archer, L. 
tBucknef, R. B. 
Campbell, Alvin C. 
tDivine, Davis 
Gitchell, Joseph R. 
Hall, Frederick 
tHester, Craven P. 
*K.incaid, Wm. M. 


Kottinger, J. W. 
McKiimey, Freeman S. 
*Mmor, Peter O. 
Moore, John H. 
Moore & Campbell 
tMurdoch, J. B. 
tRedman, Joshua W. 
Richardson, John T. 
Ryland, C. Tacitus 
■-Stafford, William JL 
Talbott, L. H. 
Wallace Sc Ryland 
Wallace, Wm. T. 
Williams, J. Milton 
Yates, A. J. 
Yoell, James Alex. 

Santa Cruz Connty. 

Santa Cruz. 
Crane, Geo. W. 
Gregory, Durill S. 
tPer Lee, Theron R. 
Stowe, W. VV. 
Watson, J. H. 
Whiting, B. C. 

Sonoma Connty. 

Boggs, Thomas J. 
Clark, Ashael 
Cooke, Martin E. 
Frisbie, John B. 
Hopkins, Robert 
Maupin, Richard A. 
Maupin ifc Boggs 
McNair, John E. 
Pierpont, Robert R. 
Ross, Wm. 
Shattuck, D. O. 

Shattuck, F. 
Shattuck & Shattuck 
Wilkins, Chas. P. 

Trinity County. 

Peters, J. M. 
tMcCorkle, J. W. 

Tnolumne Connty. 

Bear Tent. 
Hoyt, James S. 

Chinese Camp. 
Cogswell, W. S. 
Putnam, G. F. 

Fish, Jesse 
Gillespie, C. K. 
Taylor, T. R. 
*Williams, T. G. 
Wolcott, Oliver 

Hawkins Bar. 
McLean, Samuel 

Scott, Charles 

Barber, Henry P. 
Baldwin, Drury P. 
Bull, Horace 
Collins, P. McD. 
Culver, W. H. 
Culver ic Greenwood 
Greenwood, Otis 
Hunter, Edward F. 

Martin, Green T. 
Moore, B. F. 
McNeil, H. B. 
tPIatt, H. G. 
tQuint, Leander 
tTuttle, A.A.H. 
Worthington, H. G. 

Yolo County. 

*Caldwell, W. 
tHartley, H. H. 
Keen, J. M. 
xMarquiem, P. A. 

Yuba County. 

tBarbour, William T. 
Bery, John V. 
Bery Sc Mulford 
Bryan, Charles H. 
Dunn, John 
Felkins, Charles E. 
Field, S. J. 
Goodwin, Jesse O. 
tHaun, H. P. 
*Lindley, Charles 
McCarty, J. T. 
Mott, Gordon N. 
Mulford, S. B. 
.Mesick, R. S. 
Reardon, T. B. 
Rowe. George 
Sweezey, G. W. 
Sweezey & McCarty 
Walker, William 
Watkins, H. P. 
Wheeler, E. D. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t ai-e on the Bench. 

Fairfield Connty. 


Abemathy, Elisha S. 
Beardslee, Sydney B. 
Beardslee & Seely, 
*Bishop, E. Ferris 
Blake, H. T. 
*Burrall, Wm. P. 
Chambers, Francis 
Gould, James L. 
Ives, Francis 
Lockwood, D. B. 
Loomis, James C. 
Loomis & Warner, 
Middlebrook, L. N. 
Morris D wight. 
Noble, Wm. H. 
Seely, Wm. K. 
Sturges, Isaac M. 
Warner, George W. 

*Blackman, Ebenezer 
Smith, Bryant 

Averill, Roger 
Booth, David B. 
tTaylor, Edward 
Taylor, William F. 
White, Nelson >L 

*Wakeman, Daniel 

Osborne, Arthur D. 
Osborne, Thomas B. 
Perry, Oliver H. 

Ctirtis, Julius B. 

New Town. 
Beers, David B. 
*Beer6, H. C. 
Belden, David H. 
Treat, Amos S. 

*Bissell, Clark 
*Bissell, George A. 
Butler & Carter, 
Butler, Thomas B. 
Carter, Josiah M. 
Cowles, George R. 
Feri-y, Orris S. 
Foote, Joseph F. 
Robinson Thomas. 

Ferris, Joshua B. 
Minor, Wm. F. 
Hawley, Charles 



Kellogg, Theodore 
Lyon, Wesley 
Mason, Myron I. 
♦Swift, Eiiphalet 
Wilson, Moses W. 

Davenport, Geo. A. 

Hartford County. 

'Goodwin, Edward O. 
Mitchell, Henry A. 
Newell, Samuel P. 

Sherman, Henry 

Case, Orrin S. 

East Hartford. 
Brownell, Chas. D. W. 

JEast Windsor. 
Barnes, William 

Johnson, Aholiab 

Cowles, Thomas 

Bates, Anson 
Holcomb, Ardon B. 
Holcomb, Edmund B. 

Barbour, Heman H. 
* Barnard, Henry, 2d 
Bradley, Levi B. 
Brown, Jerome B. 
Brownell, Chas. D W. 
♦Bulkely, Eiiphalet A. 
Chapman, Charles 
Chapman, Charles R. 
Case, Seymour N. 
Collier, Goodwin 
Cone, William R. 
Cornwall, Horace 
*Day, Thomas 
*Day, Thomas M. 
Deming, Henry C. 
*Dixon. James 
Drake, Richard G. 
Eaton, William W. 
Ely, William D. 
Ellsworth. Wm. W. 
Fellowes, Francis 
Giddings, Geo. W. 
Gilman, George S. 
Goodman, Edward 
■^Goodrich, Elizur 
Hawley, Joseph R. 
*Huntington, Samuel H. 
Holcomb, James H. 
Hooker &. Hawley, 
Howard, Chauncey 
Hubbard, Richard D. 
Hungerford, William 
Hungerford & Cone 
Hooker, John 
Jones, Samuel F. 
Mann, Benning 
Matson, William N. 
*Nile8, John M. 
Pardee, D wight W. 

*Parson8, Francis 
Perkins, Henry ■ 

Perkins, Thomas C. 
Philleo, Calvin W. 
Robinson. Lucius F. 
*Russ, Charles J. 
Seymour, John W. 
Sherman, Henry 
Shipman, Nathaniel 
tStorrs, Wm. L. 
Strong, J. L. 
*Shepard, Charles 
'Smith, Alfred 
Smith, Erastus 
Terry, Seth H. 
Terry, Seth 
Toucey, Isaac 
*Trumbull, Joseph 
Walkley, James C. 
Warner, Samuel L. 
Welch, Henry K. W. 
Welles, Martin 
Welles & Strong, 
Williams, Oliver E. 
*Williams, Thomas S. 

New Britain. 
^Andrews, Ethan A. 
Atwood, John M. 
Case, Seth E. 
Case & Coe, 
Coe, William G. 
Nash, Henry 
*North, Hubert F. 

Calhoun, David S. 
Griswold, George W. 
Phelps, Ralph R. 

*Pettibone, Giles 
tPhelps, Jeflery O. 

Lowrey, Romeo 

South Glasttiibury. 
Merrick, George 

Woodniff, Samuel H. 

Hawley, Wait N. 

Wells, Martin 

Windsor Lodes. 
Sayles, Geo. W. 

liitchfield County. 

Cowles, Walter S. 
Elmore, John 
Granger, Miles T. 

Parsons, Daniel 

Falls Village, 
Peet, George W. 

Catlin, Abijah 

Goodwin, Hiram 

Fuller, Rufus 
Treat, William 

Russell, John H. 

Beeman, F. D. 
*BFcrs, Seth P. 
Belden, Charles O. 
tChurch, Samuel 
Graves, Henry B. 
HolUster & Beeman, 
Hollister, G. H. 
Seymour, O. S. 
Seymour & WoodruB, 
Todd, Oliver A. G. 
Woodruff', George C. 

Chittenden, Frederick 

NeiD Hartford 
Foster, Jared B. 
Mills, Roger H. 

New Milford. 
Harrison, Julius B. 
Orton, Samuel D. 
Sanford, David C. 
Turrell, John S. 

Mills, Michael F. 
Peck, William K. 

Giddings, A. 
Johnson, Elisha 

Hollister, D. F. 
Hubbard, J. H. 
'Mitchell, John G. 
Warner, Donald J. 
Wheeler, Benj. G. 
*Wheeler, Philander 

Orr, James 
Sedgwick, Chas. F. 
Smith, Richard 
Sterling, Ansel 

South Canaan^ 
*Burrall, William M. 
Ensign, James 

Curtis, Holbrook 

West Cornwall, 
Baldwin, Birdsey 
Norton, Jonathan T. 
Wheaton, George 

Case, Lyman W. 

Hall, Gideon 
Hitchcock, Roland 
Holabird & Hitchcock 
Holabird, W. S. 
Kelsey, William H. 

Cothren, William 
Keese, James D. 



tPhelpg, Charles B. 

Barbour, Henry 3. 

Aliddlesex Conntj. 

Parmelee, Linus 

-Eosf Haddam. 
Culver, Moses 
Shipman, William D. 

Dtep River. 
Vinal, Waldo P. 

fingham, Samuel 
Phelps, James 
Starkey, Stephen W. 

Clark, Smith 

♦Alsop, Charles R 
Barnes, Jonathan 
Bramerd. Norman L 
Calef, Arthur B. 
*Hubbard, Samuel D 
"■Jackson, Kbenezer ' 
*Mather, Thomas G 
Newton, John H 
Palmer, Gideon, Jr 
tPhelps, Noah A. 
'Spencer, Elihu 
*Tylor, Charles C. 
Whittlesey, Charles 

*Hall, Alfred 

>ew HaTen County. 

Downs, William E 
Wooster, William B. 

Fair Haven. 
luttle, Dennis 

Landon, Edward R 
Smith, Ralph D. 

Andrews, Benajah 
Wright, Dexter R. 

Kellogg, Stephen W. 
Peters, Nathan C. 

New Haven. 
Andrews, Horace 
Baldwin, Roger S 
tBeach, John 
Beach, John S. 
tBennett, Thomas 
Blackman, Alfred 
*Boardman, William W 
Bristol, William B. 
Candee, John D. 
Clark, Wilson H. 
Cowdery, Nathaniel A. 
Dutton, Henry 
Foster, Eleazer K. 
Harrison, Henry B. 

tHinman, Joel 
Hollister, John C. 
Hubbell, George E, 
tlngersoU, Charles A. 
Ingersoll, Charles R. 
*Ingersoll, Colin M. 
Ingersoll, Ralph I. 
IngersoU, R. I. & C. R. 
Ives, Charles 
*Jacocks, Abel B. 
*Kimberly, Dennis 
Larned, Joseph G. K. 
Lewis, Henry G. 
Lindley, George 
*Mix, Silas 
Monson, L. E. 
Osborn, Robert H. 
Peck, David J. 
Peck & Harrison 
Peck, Lucius G. 
Rice. John S. 
Robinson, Charles 
Sanford, Edward J. 
*Skinner, Aaron N. 
Stoddard, Jonathan 
Stoddard, William 
Terry, Alfred 
Terry, Alfred H. 
White, Henry 
Whitney, Henry 
Wood, Joseph 
Wood, Lorin 
Woodward James M. 

tMunson, Harris B. 
Shelton, George P. 

Hinman, Edward 
Johnson, A. M. 

Ives, Eli S. 

Buel, Norton J. 
Buel, Theodore S. 
Buel & Brother 
Kendrick, John 
Kingsbury, Fred. J. 
Mosb, Charles E. 
Webster, John W. 

West Meriden. 
Doolittle. Tiltou E 
Starkey, N. H. 
Piatt, O. H. 
Wright, Dexter R. 

New liondon Co. 

Crocker, J. F. 
Peters, Samuel A. 
Smith, S. 

Wallis, John S. 

Brown, Elias 
Sabin, Charles 

Brockway, John G. 
Chadwick, Daniel, Jr. 
Comstock, John C. 

McCurdy, Charles J. 
*McCurdy, Richd. 
tWaite, Henry M. 

NeiD London, 

*Belcher, Nathan 

Bolle.s, John R. 

Brandagee, Aujustua 

Bristol, Louis 

Chapman, Nath. A 

Coit, Robt. Jr. 

Convers, Abiel 
Crump, William C. 
*DanieIs, Constance F. 
Goddard, Geo. W. 

Gurley, Jacob B. 

Learned, Ebenezer 
Lippitt, Andrew C. 
Lippitt & Brandagee 
Mather, John P. C. 
Merriam, J. R. 
Stone, Aaron E. 
Willey, Hiram 


Adams, John T. 

Avery, Chas. W. 

Bond, William 

Brewer, William L 

Foster, Lafayette S. 

Goddard, Levi H. 

Halse3', Jeremiah 

Harland, Thomas 
fHovey, James A. 

Lathrop, Fredrick M 

■Law, Wm. H. 

Lanman. Chas. J. 
Learned, Ebenezer Jr 
Morgan & Halsey 
Morgan, Samuel C. 
Park, J. Duane 
Perkins, George 
Perkins, Edmund 
*Ripley, George B. 
Rockwell, John A 
Rogers, E. Frank ' 
Starkweather, H. H. 
■Stedman, James 
Wait, John T. 
Wattles, Oliver P. 
* Williams, Joseph 
Young, David 

North Stonington 
*Brown, Matbew 
*Maine, Amos C. 

Pomeroy, Benjamin 

Tolland County. 

*Clark, Asahel 

Brockway, John H. 


fGilbert, Ralph 

Brockway & Lootnis 
Loomis, Dwiirht 
Perry, Frank" W. 

Fuller, Solomon, Jr 
Kibbe, Walter R. 



West, Mahlon R. 
Willey, Asa 

Hyde, Alvan P. 
*Parish, Jeremiah 
Sumner, Wm. 
* Willey, Calvin 

Windbam County. 

Holbrook. John 

tRichmond, Jared D. 

Fuller, Uriel 
Tyler, Daniel P. 
Welch, Jonathan A. 

Central Village, 
Dyer, William 

Burnham, Alford A. 
Cleavland, Chancy F. 
Hovey Si, Burnham 

Moosop Village. 
Penrose, John J. 

'■Eaton, Joseph 

Johnson, Harrison 

South Woodstock. 
McClellen, John 
Stoddard, George F. S. 

Graves, Thomas E, 
Hovey, Frederick 

*Larned, George 
Stoddard & Hovey 

Arnold, Joel R. 
Carpenter, Jarius H. 

Clark, Edwards 
Gray, Thomas 
Hibbard, Calvin 
Keeney, S. A. 

West Killinghj. 
*Backus, Thomas 
Carpenter, Elisha 
Convei-se, Abiel 
Martin, Earl 

West Woodstock. 
Lyon, Judson 
Phillips, Gilbert W. 
Williams, John F. 
Williams, J. F. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Kent County* 

♦Bates, Martin W. 
Comegys, Joseph P. 
Fisher, Geo. P. 
tHarrington, Sam'l M. 
Ingram, Thomas R. 
*Kimmey, Charles 
Laws, Saxe Gotha 
Lofland, James R. 
*Marim. Charles 
Nicholson, John A. 
Ridgely, Edward 
Ridgely & Ingram 
Smithers, Nath'l B. 

Newcastle County. 

Black Bird. 
*Barr, Joseph M. 

♦Banning, John A. 

tBooth, James 
Booth, James R. 
Caulk, William G. 
Clayton, John M, 

*Clayton, Thomas 
Gray, Andrew C. 
Guthrie, Samuel 
*Holcomb, Chauncy P. 
Janvier, VVilliam 
Johns, James M. 
tJohns, Kensey 
*Ocheltree, Wm. D. 
Piatt, Samuel 
Read, William T. 
Rodney, George B. 
Rogers, Daniel 
*Rogers, James 
Smithers, E. J. 
Whiteley, Wm. G. 
Wolfe, Daniel R. 

St. Georges. 
'■Osborne, John W. 

Allderdice, John A. 
Bates, Danl. M. 
Bayard, James A. 
Bayard, Thomas F. 
Bradford, Edward G. 
•*Chandler, Wm. Penn 
Crawford, T. W. 
Du Pont, Victor 
Gilpin, Edward W. 
Gordon, George C. 

tHall, Willard 
Harman, Hanson 
Huiiington, William 
Johnson, P. Sheward 
■*Jones, Wm. Hemphill 
McCaulley, Wm. S. 
tMilligan, John J. 
Patterson, John C. 
Riddle, George Read 
Rogers, William H. 
Stotseuburgh, J. H. 
Waite, Robt. N. 
Wales, John 
Wales, Leonard E. 

Sussex County. 

Blocksom, David 
Cullen, Charles M. 
CuUen Elisha D. 
Houston, John W. 
■^Johnson, William 
Layton, Caleb S. 
Layton, Caleb Rodney 
McFee, John R. 
Moore, Jacob 
Robinson, Alfred P. 
Saulsbury, Willard 
tWootten, Edward 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thnst are on the Bench. 

Caperton, Hugh, Jr. 
Cox, Walter S. 
Crawford, Richard R, 
*Dunlop, Robt. 
tDunlop, James 
fMorsell, James S. 
Marbury, John 
Ould, Robert 
Redin, William 
Woodward, Wm. R. 

Wasldngton City. 
Baxter, S. A 
Bennett, C. W. 
*Bibb, Geo. M. 
Bradley, Joseph H. 
Brent, J. Carroll 
Carlisle, James M. 
Carrington, E. C. 
Clarke, Richard H. 
Clements, J Francis 
tCranch, William 
Colston, Pendleton 
Coxe, Richard S. 
tCrawford, T. Hartley 
Cross, Wm. B. B. 
Davidge, Walter D. 
Davidson, Samuel G. 
*Decker, John, Jr. 
De Selding, Charles 
•Donoho, ThoB. S. 

Eaton, John H. 
Ennis, John F. 
Fendall, P. R. 
Fitzgerald, John 
*French, Benjamin B. 
Green, Ben. E. 
Giberson, Gilbert L. 
Hall, D. A. 
Hayes, John L. 
Henderson, Richd. H. 
Hellen, Johnson 
Ingle, Christopher 
Jones, Charles Lee 
Jones, Walter 
Key, Philip Barton 
Knight, S. M. 
Laskey, Richard H. 
*Latham, J. McN. 
Lawrence, A. H. 
Lenox, Walter 
Linton, John A. 
Martin, Uobt. M. 
Merrick, A. D. 
McCalla, Andrew J. 
McCalla, J. M. 
McCulloh, J. W. 
McCutcheon, J. H. G. 
McKim, John W. 
Morfit, H. M. 
Morgan, Edwin C. 
Morsell, Richard T. 

Nourse, Henry M. 
Parker, John C. 
Peck, O. S. X. 
Phelps, Oliver. Jr. 
tPnrcell, W. F. 
PLatclitfe, Daniel 
Risque, F. W. 
'■Shannon, W. A. 
Sherman, Charles E. 
Shehan, Jas. W. 
Smith, A. Austin 
Smith, J . B. H. 
Smith, John L. 
Snethen, WorthingtonG. 
Swnnn, Edward 
Swann, Wm. T. 
Stickney, William 
Stone, William J. 
Thompson, M. 
Tochman, Gaspard 
Walker, Joseph T. 
Walker, Robert J. 
Wallach, Charles S. 
*Wallach, Richard 
*Watkins, Louis 
Webb, William B. 
Williams, Samuel S. 
Wilson, E. H. 
Wise, Tully R. 
VVylie, Andrew, Jr. 
Young, McClintock 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thust are on the Bench. 

Alachua County. 

Means, Geo. W. 

Bradford, Henry 

Calhoun County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Columbia County. 

Baker, James M. 
Smith, M. Whit 

Ires, Washington M. 

Dade County. 

[[No resident Lawyers.] 

Duval County. 

Baker, J. McR. 
Bryant, James W. 
Call, Geo. W. 
Dorman, R. 
tDouglass, Thomas 
Frazer, Philip 
Hart, Oscar 
Hately, J. C 
tForward, Wm. A. 
tLivingston, Felix 
Mcintosh, McQueen 
Pearson, Bird M. 
Peden, J. A. 
Sanderson, J. P. 

Escambia County. 

Anderson, Walker 

Jordan, Dillon 
Leonard, Samuel A. 
Wright, Benjamin D. 

Franklin County. 

Epps, Tliomas J. 
Floyd, Robert J. 
tHawkins, George S. 

Gadsden County. 

Allison Abraham K. 
Baker, Boiling 
Davidson, William L. 
Dupont, C. H. & J. H. 
tDupont, Charles H. 
Erskine, John 
Erskine & Dilworth 
Holland, Daniel P. 



Love, Edward C. 
*McElvie, Lawson G. 
Mitchell, William H. 
tSemmes, Albert G. 
Stephens, Samuel B. 
White, Pleasant W. 

Hamilton County. 

PoUhill, James J. 

Hately, John C. 
Stewart, Henry I. 
Underwood, John J. 

Hernando County. 

De Soto. 
Taylor, Joseph M. 

Hillsboro County. 

*De Launay, Alphonso 
Gettia, James 
Kendrick, H. D. 
Lancaster, Joseph B. 
Magbee, James T. 

Holmes County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Jackson County 

Anderson, William E. 
Alexander, Thomas B. 
*Baltzell, George F. 
Bush, Allen H. 
Campbell, Richard L. 
tFinley, J. J. 
Hawkins, George S. 
Kilbee, E. H. 
*Long, Richard H. 
Lowrie, John L. 
McClellan, James F. 
Milton, John 
Milton, William H. 
Milton & Milton 
Mooring, E. W. 
Tanner, John 
Yonge, Chandler C. 

Jefferson County. 

Baker, Sumner W. 
Dilworth &, Erskine 
Dilworth William S. 
Doby, Martin P. 
Erskine, John 
McCants, Joseph 
Scott, William 
Shackleford, R. H. 
Smith, J. Caraway 

Smith & Doby 
Smith J6hn M. 
Sturgis, D. D. 

licon County. 

*Sturgis, Daniel T. 

Allen, Benjamin F. 
Amaker, A. Perry 
Archer, James T. 
Archer & Papy 
tBaker, J. Wayles 
tBaltzell, Thomas 
Beard & Brevard 
Beard, John 
Brevard, Theodore W. 
*Burroughs, VVm. H. 
Cabell, Edward C. 
*Call, Richard K. 
Call, Wilkinson 
Corley, Hugh A. 
Davis, Wm. G. M. 
*Duval, John P. 
Fisher, Augustine L. 
tGalbraith, John 
Gwynn, D. Walker 
*Houstoun, Edward 
Hogue, David P. 
Long, Medicus A. 
Mclvor, Abner M. 
Maxwell, Augustus E. 
Papy, Mariano D. 
Randall, Thomas 
Savage, John P. K. 
Thompson, Leslie A. 
Towle, Simon 
Walker, David S. 
Walker, George K. 
*Ward, George T. 
Walker & Gwynn 
Woodward, Alfred L. 

Iicvy County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Madison County. 

Madison, C. H. 
Lee, O. M. 

McDonald, Alexander 
McGehee, John C. 
Maya, D. H. 
Pope, B. C. 
Pope & Mays 
Wheaton, Francis J. 

Marion County. 

McCrimmon, D. A. 
Mitchell, C. A. M. 
Provence, David 
Rogers, S. St. George 
Wright, Arthur P. 

Monroe County. 

Key West. 
Bethel, Winer 
Douglass, Samuel J. 
Gordon, Adam 
Hackley, William R. 
Hart, Ossian B. 
King, Thomas F. 
tLancaster, Joseph B. 
McCall, William W. 
Mallory, Stephen R. 
tMarvin, William 

Nassau County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 
Orange County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Putnam County. 

tBronson, J. H. 
Braham, A. F. 
Price, Chas. Augustus 

Santa Rosa County. 

Landrum, James M. 
Milton & Milton 
Pattison, Henry 

St. John's County. 

* Williams, John Lee 

St. Augustine. 
Fairbanks, George R. 
Gould, Ellas B. 
Putnam, Benjamin A. 
Washington, George 

St. liucie County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Wakulla County. 

(No resident Lawyers.] 

Walton County. 

Knox Hill. 
McPherson, Neill 

Uchee Anna. 
Tervin, George F. 

Washington County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Appling Couuty. 

Sessions, William M. 

Baker Coimty. 

Alexander, Henry C. 
Andrews, Garnett 
Buford. Homer M. 
Clark, Richard H. 
Davis, John A. 
Hines, R. R. 
Lawton, W. J. 
Lawton & Buford 
Lyon ifc Claik 
Lyon. Richard F. 
Morgan, Henry 
^"laughter, Wm. M. 
Smith, William E. 
Spicer, Thomas C. 
Strozer, Peter J. 
tjtrozer & Slaughter. 
Vason & Davis. 
Vason, David A. 
Warren, Lott 
Warren, Lewis P. D. 
Warren & Warren. 

Bower, Isaac E. 

Colquitt, Alfred H. 
Lyon, John 

Baldwin County. 

•Campbell, D. C. 
Campbell, Charles G. 
Duncan, John W. 
*Fannin, C. D. 
*Grieve, M 
Harris, I. L. 
*Horne, J. U. 
*Huson, C. B. 
Johnson, H. V. 
Kenan, A. H. 
McKinley, William 
*Napier, W. T. W. 
*Park, John G. 
Paine, Wm. W. 
Rockwell, Wilham S. 

Bibb County. 

Anderson, Clifford 
Bailey, Samuel T. 
*Burch, Morton N. 
Carey, John J. 
"Chappell, Absalom H. 
Cole. Carlton B. 
De Gralienreid, W. K. 
Gresham, John J. 
Hall, Robert P. 
Hall & Carey. 


Hammond, A. D. 

Harcieman, Thos., Jr. 
Hill, Barnard 

Holt, Pulaski .S. 

Holt, Thaddeus G. 
Lamar & Lochrane 
Lamar, Henry G. 
Lanier & Anderson 
Lanier, Robert S. 
Lochrane, Osborne A. 
Nisbct. Eugenius A. 
Ni.sbet, James A. 

Nisbet, James T. 
Poe, Washington 
Poe, Nisbet (t Poe 
Poe, William 
tPowers, Abner P. 
Ruthertord, John 

^mitb, Thomas P. 

?mith, Robert A. 
^peer, Alexander M. 
.Speer & Hammond. 

?tubbs, Thomas P. 

rtubbs & Hill 
Tracy, P. & E. D. 
Whittle, Lewis N. 

Bryan County. 

5mith, A. H. 

Old Court HotiSi. 
Law, W. F. 
McAllister, J. L. 
Starr, Chas. H. 

Bullock County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Burke County. 

Bennett, William 
Berrien, Thomas Jl. 
Berrien & Jones. 
Jones, John J. 

Jones, Joseph B. 
Jones, Malcom D. 

lones & Sturges 
McKenzie, Alexander 
Montgomery, Wm. 
rfhewmake, John T. 
Shewmake & Montgomery 
Sturges, John R. 

Butts County. 

Bailey, David G. 


Hendrick, Henry 
Lyons, James R. 
*Ward; Benjamin F. 

Walthale, Turman 

Cainden County. 

.Atkinson, A. S. 
'Atkinson, Edmund 

St. Marys. 
De Lyon, Leonoreon D. 

Traders Hill. 
*Bessent, A. J. 

Campbell County. 

Butt, William M. 
Butt, Jesse M. 
Camp, Joseph B. 
Latham, Thomas A. 
Silvey, Martin D. 
Tuggle, Robert J. 
Tuggle & Butt 

Carroll County. 

Burke, A. T. 
Chandler, Thomas 
Merrell, W. W. & H. F. 
Merrell, Henry F. 
Merrell, William W. 
Powell, John W. 
Wright & Burke 
Wright, GUbert J. 

Head, William J. 

*Jones, John 
Wick, John B. 

Cass County. 

*Hainilton, Charles A. 

*Glenn, John E. 
Parrott, Josiah B, 
*Simpson, Fouche 
Wikle, Jesse R. 

Akin, Warren 
*Barron, Thomas G. 
Crawford, John A. 
Higgs, Marcus A. 
Johnson, Abda 
Milner, James 
Rice, John H. 
Trippe, Turner H. 
Wofford, William . 
Word, John J. 
Wright, A. R. 

Iron Works 
*Cooper, Mark A. 



Land, Nathan 

'Canon, Russell H. 

Chatham Conntr. 


Bacon, E. H. 
Bartow, Fr;incis S. 
Basenger, William S. 
Ben ien, Jolui M. 
Bilbo, John 
•Bulloch, William H. 
"BuUocli, William J. 
Charlton, Robert M. 
Charlton, Ward & Owens 
Clark, James O. A. 
Clark, John M. 
* Cohen, Solomon 
I'ooper, Charles P. 
Couper, Hamilton 
*Cuyler, George A. 
*Cuyler, Richaid R. 
Daniels, Benjamin R. 
Baniels, Thomas 
*De La Motta, Jacob 
D'Lyon, Levi S. 
tDrysdale, Alexander 
tFleming, William B. 
Ganahl, Joseph 
(jordon, George A. 
(iriftin, Robert H. 
(friffin & Gordon 
Cuerard, John M. 
*Guerard, Robert G. 
■'(luilmartin, John F. 
Hamilton, S. P. 
Harden, Edward J. 
Harden & Lawton 
Harris, Columbus S. 
Harti'idge, Charles 
Hartridge, Julian 
Henry, Charles S. 
*Hiltou, Robert B. 
Howard, George Troup 
Jackson, Joseph W. 
Law, Henry M. 
Law, William 
Law &, Bartow 
LawtoD, Alexander K. 
Levy, S. Y. 
Lloyd, Thomas E. 
Lloyd & Owens 
Long, Thomas T. 
Lovell, J. M B. 
Marsh, Isaac M. 
Marsh, Mulford 
Jlarsh & Guerurd 
Millen, John M. 
iNicol, John C. 

Norwood, Thomas W. 
Norwood C&. Wilson 
Nott, W. S. 

Owens, George S. 

'Owens, George W. 

Owens, John W. 

Pooler, Robert W. 

Preston, Henry K. 

Robertson, George, jr. 

♦Shettall, Mordecai 

"Stuait, 0. IL 

Ward, John Elliot 

i Wayne, James M. 

^ White, William Parker 

Williams, Henry 

Wilson, C. I '. 

Chattooga County. 

Merrell, Lemuel 
'Johnson, James T. G. 

Crook, Leander W. 
Glenn, Jesse A. 
Kirby, Francis A. 
Kirby & Taylor 
•■Newton, William 
Rosser, ElL-rha L. 
Taylor, John 
Taylor, Jackson Troup 

Cherokee County. 

Brown, Joseph E. 
Cowart, Robert J. 
Davis, Ephraim L. 
Jordan, James 
Lawhon, Allen 
Waters, Henry H. 

Clarke County. 

*Billups, John 
*Camak. Thomas 
Cobb, Thomas R. R. 
Dougherty, Charles 
*Franklin, L. 
*Harrif, Jeptha V. 
•■•Harris, Y. L. G. 
*Holsey, Hopkins 
*Hull, Henry, Jr. 
Hull, William H. 
rLumpkin, Joseph H. 
*Lumpkin, W. 
Mitchell, William L. 
Peoples, Cincinnatus 
*Thomas, Stevens 

Jackson, Asa M. 
*Morton, John 
*Paine, Courtney 

Clinch County. 

*Mattox, Elijah 

Cobb County. 

Burch, Robert 
Cain, Elisha 
Edge, John M. 
Edge & Robert 
GaiUt, Joseph 
(iartrell, John O. 
Hansen, William Y. 
Hansel! & Simpson 
Heath, M. D. 
*Hunt, William H. 
Hunt, J.M. 
tirwin, David 
Knight, Noel B. 
Lawrence. Samuel 
McDonald, Charles J. 
*Myers, Moidecai 
Phillip^, William 
Rice, George D. 
Simpson, Archibald N. 
Skelton, James E. 
Winn, William T. 
Walker, Tandy 

Columbia County. 

Benton, N. E. 
Colvard, Alpheus 
Shockley, Curtis H. 
Wooding, Robert E. 

'Jackson, Samuel M. 

Coweta -County. 

Bowen, Frtincis D. 
Buchanan, Hugh 
Buchanan & jfcKinly 
Dougherty, Wni. J. 
FCdmundsou, Joseph B. 
Hammond, Dennis F. 
*Harri.^on, H. R. 
Long, Young J. 
*McCain, Alexander M. 
McKinly, E. D. 
McKinley, Charles G. 
*Ray, John 
Simnis, Robert W. 
Simms & Hammond 
Smith, Thos. Jetterson 
Smith & Edmondson 
•■Thomas, John M. 
Thomas, W.W. 
Willcoxon, John B. 

Crawfoi'd County. 

Culverhouse, Green P. 
■^Howard, Thos. C. 
Hunter, George R. 
■*Ingraham, William 
Norman, George W. 

Dade County. 

McBee, J. W. 
Tatum, Robert Haley 

Decatur County. 

Allen, Alexander A. 
*Gaulden, John P. 
Law, Joseph 
La.w & Sims 
■^Mitchell, William G. 
Sims, Richard 

De Italb County. 

Bell, Marcus A. 
Bleckley, L. E. 
Calhoun, Jas. M. 
Calhoun & Martin 
Collier, John 
I'ooper, Thos. L. 
Cox, Thomas N. 
Daniell, B. R. 
Danicll & Cooper 
Daniell, Thos. S. 
Elam, Samuel C. 
Harri.-*, John L. 
Haygood, O. B. 
"Hatch, Walter M. 
Haygood & Whitaker 
Hoyt. Samuel B. 
Howell, Clement C. 
Jones, Adam W. 



^Kellam, A. R. 

Mangum, N. 
Mannins, J. W. 
Overbj-rBasil H. 
Overby, John B. E. 
Overby & Overby 
Puckett, J. A. 
Reneau, Jesse 
Simpson, Leonard C. 
Simpson ifc Harris 
♦Thurmond. W. H. 
Wells. Hezekiah 
Wells & Bell 
Whitaker, J. I. 
Wilson, J. T. 
Wilson & Hoyt 

Calhoun & Martin 
Bzzard, William 
Hill, Thomas J. W. 
Martin, Benj. Y. 
.Murphcy, Charles 

Stone Mountain. 
Diamond, James J. 
rfmith, George K. 

'Harris, Benj. F. 

Dooly County. 

Travellers^ Rest. 
Morgan, Arthur A. 

Adams, Peter 
Brown, John C. 
Brown, William 
Cc4ding, John B. 
Daw.son, Thomas H. 
Dawson & Wilson 
Fitzgerald, Reuben 
Hines, E. L. 
Mounger, John C. 
Mounger & Colding 
Wilson, John W. 

Early County. 

Cook, William C. 
*Crawford, Joel 
Cullins, Francis T. 
t'taft'ord, Samuel S. 

Fort Gaines. 
Gainer, Samuel 
Jones, John H. 

JBffingham County. 

Cassidy, Hugh Emmet 
D'Lyon, Levi S. 

Clarke, John M. 
Clark, Osgood 

Elbert County. 

Anthony's Shoals. 
*Watkins, John D. 

Hester, Robert 
Mcintosh, Wm. M. 
McMillan & Vanduzer 

McMillan, Robert 
-Mills, iMoses E. 
Thomas, Thomas W. 
Vanduzer, William T. 

Long Street. 
Heard, Thomas J. 

Arnold, McAlpin A. 
White, William B. 

Emanuel County. 

Clark, Sterling 

Fayette County. 

Blalock, Jesse L. 
Connor, Edward 
Fuller, William B. 
Gaskill, Varney A. 
Hull & Connor 
Hull, John 
Stone, Amheist W. 
Stone & Gaskill 
Tidwell & Fuller 
Tidwell, Mial M. 

Jones, Francis M. 
Thrasher, D. H. 

Floyd County. 

Cave Spring. 
Johnson, Seaborn J. 

Pope, Solomon L. 

Colquitt, John T. 

.Alexander, John R. 
Alexander, Thos. W. 
Alexander & Alexander 
Berrien, James W. M. 
Coulter, Alfred B. 
Harvey, Robert D. 
Lawton, W. Jones 
tLumpkin, John H. 
Mitchell, Daniel R. 
Pa'tton, A. K. 
Patton, F. 
Patton & Patton 
Printup, Daniel S. 
Piintup & Smith 
*Rambo, Kinchen 
Richardson, Robt. R. 
Shropshire, F. W. 
.Smith, Charles H. 
Trammell, Wm. T. 
Terhune, Wm. B. 
Underwood, Wm. H. 
Underwood, John W. H. 
Underwood & Mitchell 
Ware, George M. T. 

Forsyth County. 

Bell, Hiram P. 
Lester, George N. 
Lewis, William A. 
^'Montgomery, R. C. 

Franklin County. 

Candler, D. G. 

Cooper, Temple F. 
Glenn, J. N. 
Morris, Thomas 
Overby & Glenn 

Gilmer County. 

Chastaiu, Elijah W. 
Chastain & Young 
Foot, H. R. 
Freeman, Beverly A. 
Hunt, Robt R. 
Inlow, James G. 
Reid, J. L. 
Young, Robert W. 

Glynn County. 

Bethel. ■ 
*Hazelhurst, Robert 

Williams, William 
Miller, John B. 

Gordon County. 

Crawford, Belton O. 
Dabney, William H. 
Hargrove, Augustus N. 
Hargrove, De Witt C. 
Jones, Richard W. 
Longstreet, James C. 
♦Phillips, J. D. 

Cold Run. 
*Shackelford, Arch. D. 

Zachry, Bertrand 

Greene County. 

Gretnsborough. » 
Brown, James L. 
Cone, Francis H. 
Cone, Theodore C. 
Dawson, George O. 
Dawson, William C. 
Fuller, Simon P. 
Fuller, F. C. 
King, Yelverton P. 
Saunders, Dickinson H. 

U kite Plains. 
Lewis & Ware 
Lewis, Miles W. 
Ware, Henry C. 

Gvi'innett County. 

Alexander, Thomas W. 
Hutchins, Nathan L. 
Simmons, James P. 
*Thomas, Henry P. 
Thompson, Allan 
Young, J. -M. 

Habersham County. 

Ackerman, Amos T. 



♦McMillan, Robt. 
Stanford, John R. 
Sutton, Cicero H. 
Van Buren, Jarvis 
Wyly, John H. 

Hall County. 

Gray, John 
Johnson, Ephraim M. 
Peeples, C. &. W. J. 

Hancock County. 

Auas, Thos. C. 
'Baxter, Eli H. 
Du Bose, Chai-les W. 
*Gonder, Joseph B. 
Johnston, Richard M. 
Johnston, M. & R. M. 
Lewis, David \V. 
Stephens, Linton 
*Thomas, James 
Wilds, David G. 

Pendleton, Philip C. 

Harris County. 

*Cruise, R. J. 

Hill, D. P. 
Mobley & Hill 
Mobley, J. M. 
Ramsey, J. N. 
Read, David 

Heard County. 

Featherston, Lucius H. 
HarwfelL R. P. 
Mabry, Charles W. 
Oliver, Benjamin 
Stricklin, S. T. 
Thomasson, Beverly D. 
Wright, William F. 

Henry County. 

Doyal «fe Nolan 
Doyal, Leonard T. 
Glenn & Thrasher 
Glenn, Luther J. 
Nolan, Quinces R. 
Pettit, Bushrod 
Stell, R. M. 
Thrasher, Joseph A. 
Watkins, E. P. 

Houston County. 

*Cobb, Howell 
^Franks, William L. 
Giles, John M. 
Humphries, Peter S. 
Killen, Samuel D. 
Powers, John H. 
Pringle, James A. 
Riley, George S. 
Rogers, Shepard 
Warren, Eli 
Warren & Humphries 

Fort Valley P. O. 
Scarborough, James J. 

Irwin County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Jackson County. 

Burns, David M., jr. 
Millican, Robert J. 
Millican, Wm. T. 
Millican, R. J. & Wm. T. 
Mitchell, Giles 
Thurmond, Samuel P. 

Jasper County. 

Anderson, William W. 
Bartlett, George T. 
Boynton, James S. 
*Burney, John W. 
*Burney, J. W. Jr. 
*Dyer, John R. 
Kirkpatrick, Wm. N. 
Lofton, Wm. A. 

Jefferson County. 

Polhill, Thomas H 
Wells, Thomas F. 
Wright, Ambrose R. 

Jones County. 

*Bonner, Richard W. 
*Gray, James M. 
Hardeman, Robert V. 

liaurens County. 

*Guyton, Charles B. 
Sheftall, Edward T. 

Liee County. 

Crawford, William H. 
Lennard, L. M. 

*Butler, Greenlee 
Hawkins & Hawkins 
Hawkins, Willis A. 
Hawkins, William H. 
Warren, R. J. 
Williams & Warren 
Williams, Matthew 

Liberty County. 

Bradwell, James S. 
Bradwell & Norman 
Gaulden, W. B. 
Norman, William S. 

*Stevens, William C. 
*WilkinB, Joseph C. 

* Jones, Charles B. 

Lincoln County. 

'■Henley, Micajah 
Lamar, Lafayette 
Moore, B. B. 
Strother, C. R. 

Lowndes County. 

Dasher, William H. 
Hines, Thomas H. 
Morgan, William L, 

Lumpkin County. 

Dorsey, Jasper N. 
Lawhon, James R. 
Martin, William 
Russell, Augustus M. 
Walker, Malcolm J. 

Macon County. 

*Corbitt, W. W. 
Hudson, Tillman 
Robinson, W. H. 

*Arrington, P. G. 
Cook, Philip 
Cook & Monfort 
Fish, George W. 
Hall, Samuel 
Hansen, William Y. 
Miller, Stephen F. 
Miller & Hall 
Monfort, T. W. 
Patterson, William J. 

Madison County. 

Noyes, James S. 

Nash, Gabriel 

Marion County. 

Buena Vista. 
Blandford, Mark H. 
Blandford & Crawford 
Brown, Jack 
Colquitt, T. J. 
Crawford, Samuel H. 
Davis, Gazaway O. 
Elam, William D. 
Millei, E. W. 
*Mizzel, William 
Oliver, Thadius 
Williams, Wm. F. 
Williams, Oliver Sc Brown 

Mcintosh County. 

*Bond, Samuel M. 
"Dun woody, Wm. J. 

Meriwetlier County. 

Flat S/ioaU. 
*Underwood, Gaston M. 

Adams, Levi M. 

• 9 



*Kctor, Wiley B. 
Grant, George W. 
Hall, George A. 
Hall & Hall 
Hall, Wm. H. F. 
Kniffhr^ John 
McMath, John H. 
Warner, Hiram 
Warner, Obadiah 

White Sulphur Springs. 
'Holt, Milton 

Monroe County. 

Hammond, Amos W. 
Hammond, N. J. 

Cabaniss, E. G. 
Flint, T. 

Harman, Zachariah E. 
Patterson, J. W. 
Finckard, James S. 
Stephens, J. T. 
Trippe, Robert P. 

Gunn, W. H. 

Montgomery Co. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Morgan County. 

Bamett, Joel C. 
*Bumey, Thomas J. 
Fannin & Wingfleld 
Fannin, Isham S. 
Foster, N. G. & A. (J. 
Foster, Albert G. 
Foster, Nathaniel G. 
Hill, Joshua 
Kimbrough, George 
Neisbit, Charles E. 
Rees, Augustus 
Saft'old, Thomas P. 
Wingfield, August. S. 

Murray County. 

Spring' Place. 
Buchanan, R. H. L. 
Farnsworth, Anderson 
Hanks, James A. R. 
Johnson, James A. W. 
Johnson & Johnson 
Walker, Dawson A. 

Muskogee County. 

*Banks, John 
tBenning, Henry L. 
*Bethune, James N. 
Clark, Michael N. 
Colquitt, Walter T. 
Colquitt. Holt & Dixon 
Cooper, Alexander H. 
Crawford. Martin J. 
*Davidson, Larkin 
Dawson, Edgar 
Denton, R. Watson 
Devon, Henry J. 
Dixon, Robert E. 
Dougherty, William 
Downing, Lemuel T. 

Echols, Josephus 
*Flewellen, Abner H. 
*Flewenen, James T. 
*Forsj-th, John 
Foster, Adam G. 
*Harper, Wm. H. 
Holt, Hines 
*Howard, John H. 
Howard, Nicholas L. 
Howard, Robert R. 
*Howard, T. B. 
Hull, Ellas 
Ingram, Porter 
Ingram & Crawford 
tlverson, Alfred 
*Iverson, Benjamin V. 
Johnson, James 
Johnsou & Patterson 
Jones, Benning & Jones 
Jones, John A. 
Jones, Seaborn 
Lamar, James S. 
McDougald, Alexander 
Moses, Raphael J. 
Nuckols, Thos. J. 
Patteison, Madison L. 
*Rutherford, A. 
Schley, Philip T. 
Sloan, Thomas 
Stokes, William B. 
*Siurgis, Joseph 
Thornas, Grigsby E. 
Thornton, Beverly A. 
*Wales, Saml. A. 
Warren, James W. 
Wellborn, Marshall J. 
Williams, W. 
Williams, Wiley 
Williams, Charles J. 
Williams & Howard 

Newton County. 

Clark, William W. 
Floyd, John J. 
Harper, Robert Goodloe 
*Heuderson, Robert J. 
Jones, Thomas F. 
Lee, Augustus H. 
Manning, Jethro W. 
Rakestraw, James H. 
*Simm8, Richard L. 
Williamson, John N. 

Oglethorpe County. 

*Gilmer, George R. 
Hardeman, Benjamin F. 
Hardeman & Landrum 
Landrum, George T. 
Lumpkin, Joseph Henry, Jr. 
Shackelford, Edmund C. 
*Upsou, Francis L. 
*Upson. Stephen 

Paulding County. 

Ballenger, J. H. 
Chastain, W. J. 
Jones, John A. 
Weaver, J. H. 

Pike County. 

Brazel, Saml. 
Gibson, Obidiah C. 

King, Tliomas D. i 

Arnold, William W. 
Green, H. & G. J. & Martin, 
Green, Hartford 
Harris, West 
Jordan, Willis P. 
Prior, Allen W. 

Folk County. 

Cedar Town. 
Bonner, T. C. 
Broyles, E. N. 
Cbisholm, E. D. 
Fielder, Herbert 
Higge, M. A. 
WilTkins, W. P. 

Pulaski County. 

Scarborough, P. F. D. 
Whittield. Henry H. 

Jordan, Geo. W. 

Putnam County. 

Adams, Jeflerson 
*Branham, I. H. 
Cobb, Thomas W. 
Davis, Richard T. 
Diomitari, John D. 
Hudson, John W. 
Reid, William A. 
Singleton, D. T. 
'l\ii-ner, Joseph A. 
*Turner, William W. 
Wingfield, Junius 

Rabun County. 

Blackley, Logan E. 

Randolpli County. 

Barry, Geo. L. ^ 

Carithers, Robert G. 
Douglass, Eugenius L. 
DouiflaFS, Marcellus 
Dou::lass & Douglass 
Dunii, Thos. J. 
Goneke, Lewis A. 
Kiddoo, David 
Perkins, William C. 
Robinson, Geo. S. 
tTaylor, William 
VVUson, John W. 

Richmoud County. 

♦Campbell, E. F., Sen. 
Campbell, E. F., Jr. 
Collier, James G. 
*Clark, Robert 
Gumming, Henry H. 
Gumming, Julian 
*CumQiins, WUliam 
Dawson, A. H. H. 
Dawson &, Dougherty 
*Davies, James W. 
Delaigle, Lewis 
♦Dickinson, David F. 



Dougherty, Wm. J. 
Flournoy, John J. R. 
*Flournoy, Thomas 
Gardner, James, Jr. 
Gould, James Gardner 
tGould, William T. 
fHolt, William W. 
Jackson, John K. 
Jenkins & Walton 
*Jenkins, Charles J. 
Kerr, Samuel Elbert 
*King, John P. 
*Lamar, George W. 
*Lallerstedt, L. D. 
*McHenry. James G. 
McLaws, VV. Raymond 
McWhorter, Geo. G. 
Martin, B. Y. 

Miller, A. J. & T. W, 

Miller, Andrew J. 

Miller, Thomas W. 

Milledge, John 

Milledge & Rogers 

Montgomery, Wm. W. 

Olin, W. Milo 

Phinizy, John, jr. 

*Ram8ay, W. A. 

Reilly, John D. 

Roath, David L. 

Rogers, A. M. 

Schley, George 

Schley, John 

Schley, Wm. jr. 

Schley, G., J. & W. 

*Schley, Wm. 

*Smythe, James M. 

Snead, Garland A. 

Snead, John C. 

Snead, J. C. & G. A. 

tStarnes, Ebenezer 

*Thomas, Edward E. 

Upson, Stephen 

Walton, William A. 

Bel Air. 
♦Crawford, George W. 

Scrivcn County. 

Buford & Singellton 
Buford, Homer H. 
Maiper, William J. 
Prescott, Benjamin 
Roberts, Daniel 
Sinsellton, J. Lawton 
Youngs, Cuylor W. 

Spalding County. 

Alford, John Q. A. 
Alford & Moore 
Borders, A. L. 
Borders & McCune 
Cooper, Leroy W. 
Cooper & Norton 
Daniel, Liinsford R. 
Gauldinsr, A. A. 
Green, Grihben J. 
Green &, Martin 
Gordon, William L. 
Martin, David N. 
McCune, Rufus W. 
Moore, Henry 
Norton, Zachariah 
tStark, James H. 
'Wiggins, Wm. W. 

Stewart County. 

Beall, E. H. 
Bennett, William B. 

Clark, James 
Clark, James M. 

Fort. William A. 
Gaulden, Charles S. 
Gaulden & Wimberly 
Harrell, David B. 
Harrison, B. K. 
Tucker, John A. 
f Walker, Calvin J. 
Wimberly, James L. 
Worrill, Bedford S. 

Sumter County. 

Brown, J. C. 
Brown, Adam R. 
Brown, Edwin R. 
Brown & Brown 
Dudley, George M. 
*Gibson, Augustus H. 
"Gurry, William B. 
Hawkins, W. A. 
Hawkins & Wallace 
Loraar, Albert 
McKay, H. K. 
McKay & Lamar 
Moore, Hugh M. 
Robinson, Adam A. 
Sullivan, Thomas C. 
Sullivan & Moore 
Worrill, John R. 
Worrill & Brown 

Byrd, Benton 

Talbot County. 

Beall, Thomas N. 
Bethune, Marion 
Hill, Barnard 
Leonard, James D. 
Perryman, Anthony G. 
Reese, Benj. F. 
Smith, Levi B. 
Worrill, Edmund H. 

Taliaferro County. 

Bell, William 
Bird, John L. 
Moore, Felix C. 
Stephens, Alex. H. 

Tattnall County. 

Sheftall, De La Motta. 

Taylor County. 

Miller, Daniel W. 
*Riley, A. H. 

Telfair County. 

Paine, William W. 

Thomas County. 

Brown, Fredk. B. 
Davies, T. B. 
Hansen, A. H. 
tLove, P. E. 
Mclntyre, A. T. 
Mclntyre & Young 
McMillan, Geo. 
McGuire, Jacob B. 
McLendon, Wm. 
Miller, John 
Seward, J. L. 
Seward, Hansell & Daviee 
Winn, John S. 
Young, Wm. J. 

Troup County. 

La Grange. 
Bacon, T. J. & R. L 
Bacon, Thomas J. 
Bacon, Robt. 1. 
Bigham, Benjamin H. 
Hull & Ferrell 
Bull, Orville A. 
Colquitt, James A. 
Culberson, John B. 
Culberson & Swanson 
Douglass, John F. 
*Edwards, J. W. B. 
Ferrell, Blount C. 
*HaraIson, H. A. 
Hill, Benjamin H. 
tHill, Edward Young 
Hill, Edw. Y. jun. 
*Hodge8, Henry 
^Montgomery, J. T. 
Morgan, Robt. J. 
Rachel, Milton H. 
Roberts, Alexander A. 
Russell, Jas. A. 
Stephens, John L. 
' wanson, Nathan G. 
Tatum, Seth 
Wilkes, Benjamin M. 
Willcox, Lyman F. 
Wilkes & Rachel 

West Point. 
Danner, J. L. C. 
Dauner & Hall 
Hall, R. C. 

Harper, Philoman O. 
Phillips, James R. 

Twiggs County. 

Crocker, Evans E. 
Crocker, William H. 
Crocker, E. E. & W. H. 

Union County, 

Barclay, Elihu S. 

Upson County. 

Boall, Thomas 
Evans, Davenport 
Goode, Thomas W. 
Greene, James W. 
Green & Bmoot 
Horsley, William G. 
*Reshess, John R. 
Smith, James M. 
Smoot, Hiram F. 



Walker County. 

Hinnards Cross Roadf. 
Earp, Thomas 

*Aj-cock, Richard M. 
Black, Lawson 
Culbei-son, Augustus B. 
Johnston, Hugh B. 
McCutcheon, Cicero D. 
Sprayberry, Harvey J. 

Harden, Edward K, 
Harwell, Vines 
Head, John C. 
Sims, Henry L. 

Walton County. 

Briscoe, L. H. 
Davis, Charles D. 
Hillyer, Junius 
tJackson, James 
Walker, Dickerson H. 

Social Circle. 
Hawkins, Wui. H. 

Ware County. 

[No resident Lawyers/ 

Warren County. 

Gibson, William 
Huff, Isnac B. 
Jones, J. M. 
Neal, George V. 
Pottle, Edward H. 
Wright, James K. 

Washington County. 

Crafton, S. B. 
Field, Samuel 
Flournoy, R. \V. 
Flournoy & Langmade 
Hook, James S. 
Langmade. E. S. 
audisell, John VV. 
*Satibld, I. H. 
Saffold, I. H., Jr. 
Warthen, R. L. 
Wells, T. F. 

Wayne County. 

Atkinson, A. S. 
'Fort, Elias 

Whitfield County. 

Fornerdon, William H. 

Gordon, Thomas 
Gordon, \Villiam 
Gordon, W & T. 

Ivennan, Owen H. 
•Moore, William K. 
Roberts, G. W. 

-tansell, Wesley H. 

;tansell & Martin. 

jwift, Theodore S. 

Wilkes County. 


Andrews, Garnett 
l?arnet, Samuel 
Rurdett, James D. 
Gartrell, Lucius J. 
irvin, L T., Jr. 
Irvin & Barnett 
Pope, Alexander 
*i^ope, -Alexander, Jr. 
Keese, William M. 
Toombs, Robert 
\Veems, John B. 

Wilkinson County. 

Bower, James C. 
Carswell, N. A. 
Cochran, Arthur E. 
-Cummings, E. 
liMurphey, M. N. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retized from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Adams County. 

Pay son. 
Shinn, -Isaac 

Asbnry, Henry 
Browning ifc Bushnell 
Browniui;, Orville H. 
Buckley, "Edward H. 
Bushnell, Nehemiah 
*Cox, John C. 
Davis, Hope .S. 
Edmunds. George, Jr 
Gilpin, Joseph B. 
tOoodwin, Philo A. 
Grover, Isaac M. 
Jonas, Abraham 
*Kingraan, Lucius 
Lawrence, Charles B. 
Lee. Wellina'ton S. 
Lutkins, Clinton C. 
Moore, Ebenezer 
Morris. Isaac N. 
Palmer, M. Gray 
Prince, Edward 
Richardson, William A. 
*Savage, Charles A. 
*Sherman, Seth C. 

tc^kinner, Onias C. 
.-^now, Henry H. 
■Tillson, John 
'\Varren, Calvin A. 
Warren & Edmunds, 
Wheat. Almeron 
Wheat & Grover 
Williams, Archibald 
Williams & Lawrence 
*Wood3 Carlo M. 

Alexander County. 

.Ashton. Samuel 
McCrillis, Layfayette 
Kawlings, Francis M. 
Ruwlings & Southard 
.Southard, James D. 

Vest, Robert E. 

Bond County. 

Greathouse, Tevis 
Kingsbury, A. N. 
Moore, S. M. 

*Morse, Stephen 
Rust, Elam 


Phelps, S. A. 
Stevenson, Samuel 

Boone Co. 

Boyce, Millard M. 
*Curtis, John L. 
Fuller, Allen C. 
*Gilman, William H. 
-Hamlin, F. B. 
Hurlbut, Stephen A. 
*Miller, Hiram C, 
*Pray, Lewis W. 
*Tanner, Andrew J. 
*Terwilliger, James S. 

Brown County. 

Mount Sterling. 
Bailey, John S. 
Bailey & Moses 
Black & Irwin 
Black, Samuel S. 
Irwin, James S. 



Moore, James B. 
Moses, John C. 
.-Jingleton, James VV. 
Singleton & Wheat 
Wheat, Lysander B. 

'Grove, John M. 

Bureau County. 

Ballou, Martin 
Johnson, Jacques W. 
Kelsey. Charles L. 
Kendall, Milo 
* North, Levi 
Peters, M. T. 
Porter, J. Jr. 
Taylor, Joseph I. 
Zearing, William M. 

Kinney, Simon 

Calhoun County. 

Matthews, Robert 
Miller, West M. 
Ross, Mahlon, 

Can-oil County. 

Mount Carroll. 
Armour, Volney 
Amour & Johnson 
Johnson, Hiram A. 
Miller, Wm. T. 
Wilson, John 

Cass County. 

Carter, T. J. 
Dummer, Henry E. 
*Emmon8, Sylvester 
Havekluft, C. H. C. 
Shaw, John B. 
rihaw, J. Heni-y 
Van Vleck, Carter 

Thomas, Richard S. 

Champaign County. 

Coler, William N. 
Somers, William D. 

Christian Couniy. 

Hinton, Jonn 
Mason, Benjamin 
Shoemaker, Thomsis C. 
Vandeveer, H. M. 

Clark County. 

Lodi P. O. 
Gibson, Geo. R. 

Constable, Charles H. 
Constable & Dulauey 
Cooper, Joshua P. 
Dulaney, Robert L. 
fHarlan, Justin 

Harlan, Isaac Newton 
Janney, E. S. 
Manly, Uri 
Manly & Linder 
Young, Timothy R. 
Willard, Nathan 

Clay County. 

Howett. E. [, 
Stoker, William 

Clinton County. 

Lester, John L. 
Twiss, Moses N. 

Bond, Benjamin 
Bond, Richard S. 
Breese, Sidney 
■Case, Zophar 
Gray, William H. 
While, Daniel 

Coles County. 

Dunbar, Alexander P. 
Ficklin, Orlando B. 
Jones, Albert G. 
Linder, Usher F. 
Marshall, Thomas A. 

Cook County. 

Allen, Nathan 
Andrick, L. 
Anthony, Elliott 
Arnold, Isaac N. 
Arnold & Lay 
Ashton, Samuel 
Brackett, William 
Brackett & Waite 
Bacon, Edward 
Burnett, Wellington C. 
Braynian, Mason 
Buruham, D. N. 
Bryan, Thomas B. 
Beckworth, Corydon 
Blackwell, R. S. 
Blackwell & Beckworth 
Burgess, William T. 
Baker, Samuel L. 
Ballingall, Patrick 
Barker, Joseph N. 
Barron, William T. 
Beattie, David C. 
Bentley, Cyrus 
Breck, James, Jr. 
Bross, John A. 
Brown & Hurd 
Brown, Andrew J. 
*Brown, Wm. H. 
Burt, Calvin C. 
*Butteifield, Justin 
Cameron, Charles S. 
Chase, Samuel B. 
Clark & Turner 
Clark, Geo. R. 
Clapp, James, Jr. 
Clark, Henry A. 
Clark, Henry W. 
Chickering & James 
Chickering, John W. 
Clarkson, Josesh P. 
Coit, Daniel R. 

Colby, Eben F. 
Collins & Williams 
Collms, James H. 
Cone, John E. 
Cornell & Barron, 
Cornell, Paul 
Cullen, Matthew R. 

Curtiss, Charles B. 

Curtiss, James 
Daniels, Ellas 
Davenport, Gideon Wm. 
Davis & Martin, 
Davis, William H. 
Dickey, Hugh T. 
Uorman, Orloft' M. 
*Douglas, Stephen A. 
D'Wolf, Calvin 
D'Wolf, Lyman E. 
*D'Wolf, Wm. F. 
*Eddy, Devotion C. 
Farnsworth, John F. 
Farnsworth & Burgess 
Fowler, Charles A. 
Freer & Ingalls, 
Freer, Lemuel C. P. 
Frink, Henry 
*Fullerton. Alex. N. 
Gallup, Benjamin E. 
Goodrich & Scovill 
Goodrich, Grant 
Groves, William A. 
*Hamilton, Richard J. 

Hayes, Samuel S. 
Haven, Carlos 
Hervie, Andrew 
Hervey & Clarkson 
Hervey, Robert 

Hibbard, Homer N. 
Higgins, Van H. 

Higgins & Strother 
Hoffman, Fredk. A. 

*Howe, Fredk. A. 

Hosmer, Chas. B. 

Hoyne & Miller. 

Hoyne, Thomas 

Hull, Charles J. 

Huntington, Alonzo 

Hurd, Harvey B. 

Ingalls, George A. 

James, Benj. F. 

Jameson, John A. 

Jenks, Chancellor L. 

Jennings, Henry S. 

Jernegan, Joseph L. 

Jones, D. R. 

Judd, Frink & Stebbings 

Judd, Norman B. 

Kedzie, John H. 

Kedzie & Burt 

Kelley, Henry C. 

King, William H. 

King &. Scott 

Knott, Elam L. 

Larned, Edwin C. 

*Lavinia, Wm. T. S. 

Lay, George W. jr. 

Lee, David S. 

Le Moyne, John V. 

Lowe, James M. 

Lull, Oliver R. W. 

*Mackubin, Charles N. 

Manierre & Meeker 

Manierre, George 

Marsh, J. Leonard 

.Martin, Edward 

Mason, John 

Mather, Hiram F. 

Mather, Taft & Bryan 

McCagg, Ezra B. 

McCarthy, John 



McGirr, John E. 
McGilvra, John J. 
Mcllroy, Daniel 
McMunay, F. G. 
Meeker, George W. 
Meech, George A. 
Miller, Henry G. 
Miller, John C. 
Miller & Fowler 
Monroe, Henry S. 
Moore, T. C. 
Morgan, Jamea 
Hervey & Clarkson 
tMorris, Buckner S. 
Mueller, Adolphe F. C. 
Newcomb, George W. 
Nicholas, Geo. W. 
Nicholes, D. C. 
Nicholes, Ira J. 
Nicholes, D. C. & I. J. 
Norton, Charles A. 
O'Meara, Daniel W. 
*Og(len, Mahlou D. 
*Ogden, William B. 
Owen, F. D. 
Parker, J. Mason 
Parsons, — 
Payton, John L. 
Pearson, Geo. T. 
Pearson, John 
Peck, Ebenezer 
Peck, Hosmer & Wright 
Phelps, Pallas 
Phelps & McGirr 
Phillips, Charles B. 
Prentiss, Alexander S. 
Reading, James N. 
Rich, Arthur D. 
Rucker, Edward A. 
tRucker. Henry L. 
Scammon, J. Young 
Scammon &• McCagg 
Sedgwick, George 
Sedgwick & Walker 
Scott, Ira 
Scoville, George 
*Scripps, John L. 
*Sears, John, jr. 
Seeley, Henry E. 
Sherman, Benj. F. 
Shreve, S. Henry 
Shreve & Vernon 
Shirley, Thos. 
Shumway, Horatio G. 
fSkinner, Mark 
*Smith, S. Liste 
Stebbings, Horace R. 
Stewart, W. Wallace 
Stickuey, William H. 
Strother, B. F. 
*Swift, Richard K. 
Starr, Charles R. 
Taft, Levi B. 
Taylor, Geo. L. 
Thompson, George W. 
Thompson, John A. 
Thompson, G W. & J. A. 
Town, Edward P. 
Tracy, Elisha W. 
Turner, Voluntine C. 
Van Court, Benj. P. 
Vernon, S. Brown 
VosB, Arno 
Wadsworth, Strong 
Waite, Chas. B. 
Waite, Horace F. 
Walker, James M. 
Ward, E., jr. 
Ward, J. D. 
Waughop, John W. 

Wells, Chas. B. 
nVells, Joseph B. 
*Went\vorth, John 
Wheeler, John J. 
*Wight, J. Ambrose 
Williams, Erastus S. 
tWilson, John M. 
tWilson, Robert S. 
Windett, Arthur W. 
Winston, Fredk. H. 
VVoodbridge, John, jr. 
Woodward, Pascal 
Wright, Edward 
*Wright, Walter 

Crawford County. 

Buckingham, J. 
Sterrett, Wm. H. 

Allen, James C. 

Peck, G. W. 
Robb, Franklin 

Cumberland County. 

Starkweather, Elisha H. 
Temple ton, Lewis W. 

De Kalb County. 

Allen, Aaron C. 
Beveridge, John L. 
Beveridge & Simons 
Fordham, William 
Hunt, William J. 
James, D. B. 
Kretsinger, George W. 
Mayo & James 
tMayo, Edward L. 
Mayo, Zelotes B. 
Simons, J. Anderson 
Swartwood, James 

Union Grove. 
Hopkins, Thomas 

De Witt County. 

'Lewis, R. 
McKinley, James B. 
Moore, Clifton H. 
Lewis, Solomon F. 

Du Page County. 

Downers Grove. 
Blanchard, Walter 
Daniels, Seth F. 

Cody, Hiram H. 
Lonng, Hairieon 
Murray, R. N. 
Vallette & Cody 
Vallette, Henry F. 
*Wright, James F. 

Brayman, Mason 
Waldron, J. C. 

Edgar County. 

Benedict, Kirby 
Blackburn, John W. 
Dill, Milton M. 
Dill & Linder 
Emerson & Steele 
*Hardiug, Jacob 
■Jaquith, James D. 
Steele, James 

Edwards County. 

Hinde, James B. 

Effingham County. 

Burford, Kendall H. 
Hankins, William J. 
Philbrook, Eli 

Fayette County. 

Da%'is, James M. 
Davis & Gallagher 
Gallagher, Arthur J. 
Gregory, Daniel 

Franklin County. 

Crawford, M. C. 
tDenning, William A. 
Dull, Andrew D. 
Logan, John A. 
Parrish, William K. 
Parrish <t I ogan 
Pierce, Edward V. 

Fulton County. 

*Corbin, Lewis 
Haskell, William H. 
tKellogg, William 
Little, Thomas J. 
McClung, Sidney V. 
Sterns, P. C. 
Sterns & Haskell 
Walker, Henry • 

Walker & McClung 

Miller, Harry L. 

Nesley, Daniel 
•■Vandivier, Wm. T. 
Wyckoff, John S. 

Wariner, Jos. T. 

Boice, John P. 
Boice & Dilworth 
Elliott, William, jr. 
*Evans, Henry B. 
Farwell, Robert 
Goudy, William C. 
Goudy & Farwell 
McHath, David 
Ross, Leonard F. 
Ross, Lewis W. 
Ross & Stipp 
Stipp, George W. 



*Viets, James 
tWead, HezekiiUi M. 

Gallatin County. 

(Jibson, S. K. 
White, Benjamin F. 

Bartley, Milton 
()asey, Thomas S. 
Cauey & Montgomery 
Crenshaw, Wm. T. 
Freeman, N. L. 
Hardin, John J. 
Hays, Henry 
*LKwlRr, M. K. 
McCallin, Andrew 
McCaig, George W. 
Marshall, Sam. D. 
Olney, John 
Posey, L. T. 
*Ilowan, S. R. 

Greene County. 

Cavarly, Alfred W. 
Hodges, Charles D. 
Pursley, James M. 
Ross, Mahlon 
Turner, Giles H. 
tWoodson, David M. 
Wyatt, W. D. 

Delahay, Mark W. 
Wyatt, John 

Grundy County. 

Atherton, B. M. 
Bennitt, Albon 
Hopkins, William T. 
Reeder, Chester 
Seeley, E. P. 
Storbuck, Charles L. 

Hamilton County. 

McElvaine, John 
IMarslmll, Samuel S. 
Sisson, Hudson 

Hancock County. 

F(<rris, John M. 
Ferris & Manier 
Mack, David 
Manier, Wesley H. 
Marsh, John W. 
Rogers, George J. 
Scofield, Bryant T. 
Scofiol.l, Charles R. 
Scofield, B. T. & C. R. 
*Shennan, Jason A. 

La Harpc, 
Romane, Isaac 

McKinney, R. W. 

Morrill, Milton M. 

Davis, Jacob C. 

Rosecrans, A. S. 
Sibley, Joseph 
.Stephens, Henry 
.-Stephens & VVagley 
True, J. M. 
VVagley, VV. C. 

Hardin County. 

Warren, James M. 

Henry County. 

Mackinson, George 

*Brainard, William H. 
*Graham, Ben 
Uinman, Julius Saul 

Allen, J. M. 
•Sanford, Whitefield 

Henderson County. 

Harris, Charles M. 
fRice, William C. 
Saunders, Joseph T. 
Stewart, James H. 
Williamson, Myron 

Iroquois County. 

tChamberlin, John 
Fletcher, James 
Graham, James H. 
Joiner, George B. 
Masters, Benjamin F. 
Washington, S. A. 
VVhiteman, Jacob A. 

Jackson County. 

Jenkins & Logan 
Jenkins, Alexander M. 
Ivean, Leonard 
Logan, John A. 
Sparks, John G. 
Thomas, Cyrus 

Jasper County. 

Hoare, George E. 
McBane, Andrew J. 

JefTerson County. 

Mount Vernon. 
Baugh, Downing 
Hicks, S. G. 
Nelson, R. S. 
Tanner, T. B. 

Jersey County. 

McCrilles, Lafayette 

Hinton, Abner C. 
Knapp, Anthony L. 
Miner, Martin B. 

Roberts, Charles H. 
fWarren, George E. 

Jersey Landing. 
*Semple, James 

Jo Daviess County. 

Bostwick, Wm. C. 
Bostwick & Higgins 
*Brown, Thomas C. 
Douglass, John M. 
Douglass & McClellan 
tDrummond, Thomas 
*Hempstead, C. S. 
Hooper & Campbell 
Hooper, E. R. 
^Howard, B. B. 
Jackson, Richard H. 
Jackson, B. D. 
Jackson, B. D. & R. H. 
Jewitt, J. N. 
Johnson, M. Y. 
Maginnis, H. B. 
tSheldon, Benjamin R. 
.-^tevens, Isaac P. 
*Tomlin, Allan 
VVashburne, E. B. 
Weigley, Wellington 

Karr, M. P. 

Johnson County. 

*Fearon, L. Williams 
.lack, Jedediah 
Kuykendall, A. J. 

Kane County. 

Barr, James G. 
Day, Orsamus D. 
Eastman, Daniel 
Fuller, Alljert B. 
Fuller & Nickols 
Montauy, Richard G. 
Nickols, Henry 
Parks, B. F. 
Parker, William R. 

Moore, Thomas C. 

Vining, E. W. 
Young, James 

Gilford, Edmond 
Joslin, Edward S. 
Morgan, Charles H. 
Waldron.'Andrew J. 
Wilcox, Sylvanus 
Wright, Paul R. 

Harrington, Augustus M. 
Mayborne J. H. 
Plato, William E. 
Wells, Charles B. 
tWilson, Isaac G. 

St. Charles. 
Barry, Alonzo 
tBarry, William D. 
Eastman, D. L. 



Karnsworth, J. F. 
Famsworth & Ferguson 
Ferguson, J. H. 
Jones & Eastman 
Jones, S. S. 

Kankakee County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Kendall CountXt 

Hunt, Reuben 

Little Rock. 
Matthews, Robert N. 

♦Smith, GritJin 

Boyd, William F. 
Crothers, John M. 
Fridley, Benjamin F. 
tHelme, Joseph \V. 
Ives, Almon B. 
Mudget, Edwin S. 
Murphey, Wright 
Smith, Alonzo B. 

Knox Connty. 

Gale, Selden W. 
fLanphere, George C. 

Douglass, Leander 
Hanaman, Robert L. 
Hale, I. Judson 
Hannaman & Hale 
Keightley, H. Nelson 
*Knox, James 
Manning & Douglass 
Manning. Julius 
*Morey, Oiram T. 
Reynolds, Hamian G. 
Reynolds & Sandford 
Sandford, Patrick H. 
Tyler, A. Jr. 

Lake County. 

Ingalls, Eleazer S. 

Ott, Oren 

Hamilton, S. S. 

Butler, Horace 

Blodgett & Upton 
Blodgett, Henry W. 
Boardman, William A. 
*Carberry, Patrick 
Clarke, Isaac L. 
Cotes, Augustus B. 
Dowst, Nathaniel P. 
Ferry & Clarke 
Ferry, Elisha P. 
Freeman, James 
Haines, Elijah M. 
Hawley, Cyrus M. 
Hibbard, Enoch 
*Hutchinson, K. M. 
Parks, Calvin C. 

Parks & Haines 
■Porter, Ira 
.-^earlcs, William S. 
Smith, Harlow P. 
.^niith & Williams 
tTurner, John L. 
Upton, Clark W. 
Van Rensselaer, R. C. 
Williams, Joseph L. 

Hamilton, Sylvester S. 

La Salle County. 

La Salic. 
Cannon, N. C. 
Cannon <fc Putnam 
Evans, Daniel 
Jenkins, D. P. 
Putnam, Altbrd, Jr. 
Strain, James 

tCaton. John Dean 
Champlin, J. C. 
tCotton, Henry G. 
Cook, B. C. 
Dickey, Theophilus L. 
Fisher, George S. 
Glover, J. O. 
Glover & Cook 
Hollister, Madison E. 
Hoes, A. 

Hoes & Hollister 
*HoeE, John V. A. 
Jones, Da\'id P. 
tLeland, E. S. 
*Leland. Lorenzo • 

Leland, P. K. 
[.eland & Jones 
Nash, John F. 
Norris, George H. 
Norris Si. Fisher 
Seybold, T. S. 
.Switt, M. H. 
Wallace, W. H. L. 
Wallace, Dickey J. 

Chumasero, William 
•Coffing, Churchill 
Heinrich, Julius 
Holbrook, E. S. 
Hulett, D. M. 
Taylor, J. D. 

La^vrence County. 

Bowman, Joseph G. 
Bowman & Roberts 
Crews, William J. 
Harrow, William 
Shaw, Aaron 
Riley, John C. 
Robert, James H. 

Lee County. 

Atherton, L. W. 
Dana, F. R. 
Eustace, John V. 
Heaton, William W. 
Heaton & Atherton 
Mackay, J. D. 
Noble, Silas 
Patrick, Shepard G. 
Smith, D. T. 

Smith &; Lervauway 
Southwit k, Edward 
tVVelry, David 
Wood, Lorenzo 

Livingston County. 

Tandy, James E. 

Lognu County. 

Cuniraings, John E. 

Mount Pulaski. 
Ballou, Horace G. 
Lacy, L. P. 
I'arks, Samuel C. 
Young, William H. 

]>Iacon County. 

Boyd, James P. 
Bunn, A. B. 
tEmi.'r.=on, Charles 
Oglesby, Richard J. 
Oglesby & Wait 
Post, Joel Seth 
Thorpe, Elizer 
Wait, Sheridan 

Macoupin County. 

Bunker Hill. 
Tappan, H. V. A. 

Chesnut & Gilbert 
Ckesnut, John A. 
*Dugger, J. L. 
^Foster, Robert 
Gilbert, Samuel S. 
Palmer, John M. 
VVeer, William, Jr. 
* Winchester, P. H. 

*Baiubridge, John W. 
Jayne, Thomas 

Madison Connty. 

Baker David J. 
Baker, Edward L. 
Raker, Henry S. 
Baker, D. J. & H. S. 
Billings, Henry W. 
Brown, George T. 
Davis, Levi 
Keating, Edward 
.Martinj" Willi:im 
Sawyer, Seth T. 
Trumbull, Lyman 

Dale, Michael G. 
Gillespie, David 
Gillespie, J. & D. 
Gillespie. Joseph 
.Metcalf, A. W. 
Rutherlord, F. S. 

loss, Joseph H. 
Sloss & Rutherford, 

parks, W. A. J. 



Upper Alton. 
'Edwards, Cyrus 

I>[arioii County. 

Bryan, Silas L. 
Haynie, Isham N. 
Houts, Thomas F. 
'Mills, Urial 

I^IarMliall County. 

Gallagher, William 
Hazard, E. W. 
'Powell, Charles L. 

Bangs, Mark 
Fenn, Ira J. 
Fcim & Bangs 
Fleming, S. L. 
'Fort, G. L. 
Ramsey & Fleming, 
Ramsey, Silas 
Richmond, Samuel L. 

>Iason County. 

'Campbell, George H. 
Holmes, W. Conrad 
Marshall, F. S. D. 
Turner, Smith 

Conwell, Samuel C. 
Dicks, William E. 
Dilworth, Caleb I. 
Fullerton, Hugh 
'Krebaum, Frederick 
'Powell, Nathan 
Walker & Conwell 
Walker, William 
Wright, O. H. 

Hopkins, Horace 

Massac County. 

Metropolis City. 
Davis, Thomas G. C. 
Hicks, Theodoro R. 
Nelson, Richard S. 

McDonough County. 

Jackson, J. £. 

Brannan, Thos. E. 
Buchanan, J. II. M. 
Franklin, Wm. II. 
Franklin & Urannan 
Hampton & Waters 
Hampton, B. R. 
Walker, Cyrus 
Waters, L. H. 

McHenry County. 


Austin, George A. • 
Enos, Parcel B. 
Bush, Derrick C. 
Cburch, Lawrence S. 

Church & Willard 
*Johneon, Joel H. 
Joslyn, M. L. 
McClure, Charles 
Murphy, T. D. 
*Snaith, Enos W. 
Strode, James M. 
Sloan, William 
Van Wickle, Freeman 
Willard, Chas. M. 

Ml Henry. 
Nixon, A. H. 

Coon, Amos B. 
'Deitz, Peter W. 
*Pulver, Charles D. 
Sperry, Anson 

McLiean County. 

Birch, Jesse 
tDavis, David 
Fell, Kersey H. 
*Fell, Jesse W. 
Gridley, Asahel 
Gridley & Wickizer 
Hanna, William H. 
Holmes, William H. 
Ives, A. B. 
Mc Williams, Amzi 
Mc Williams •& Smett, 
Orme, William Ward 
fScott, John M. 
Smett,, Leonard 
Walker, J. C. 
Wickizer, John H. 
Wright, Washington W. 

Lincoln, James 

Menard County. 

Boyd, J. J. R. 
Hart, John M. 


jrown, David A. 
Calvin, L. A. 
Colier, John H. 
Evans, B,. M. 
Harris, Thomas L. 
*Riggin, A. K. 

Wright, Asa D. 

Mercer County. 

Eliza Creek. 
Noble, D. W. 

Pepper, John C. 
Talliaferro, B. C. 
Talliaferro & Pepper. 
Thompson, Lewis W. 
Thompson, John S. 

Howe, Lucian B. 
Thornton, Hiram W. 

New Boston. 
Willitts, Eliaa 

Monroe Coanty. 

Abbott, George 
Henckler, Charles 
O'Melveny, E. & H. K. S. 
O'Melveny, Edward 
O'Melveny, H. K. S. 
O'Melveny, William W. 
Quick, Thomas 
'Trail, Xerxes F. 

Montgomery Co. 

Christian, Robert R. 
Davis, Robert W. 
Rice, Edward Y. 
Rountree, Hiram 

Morgan County. 

tBerden, James 
Brown, William 
Brown & Warfield, 
English, James W. 
Epler, Cyrus. 
McClure, William B. 
McConnel & English 
McConnel, John L. 
McConnel. Murray 
Morrison, Isaac L. 
Smith,- David A. 
Thomas, William 
Warfield, Elisha N. 
Yates, Richard 

MouUrie County. 

Barber, Thomas M. 
*Porter, Francis M. 
Ross, James Wilson 
Tandy, James E. 

Marquette County, 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Ogle County. 

Burchell, R. C. 
Dutcher, E. F. 
Irvin, S. A. 
King, A. J. 
Light, M. B. 
Mix, H. A. 
Pride, D. S. 
Scars, Joseph 
Smith, M. W. 

Peoria County. 

Austin, Henry S. 
Austin & Binney, 
Ballance, Charles 
Binney, C. C. 
Blakeley, George S. 
Bryan & Pratt 
Bryan, William F. 
tBryant, Thomas 

Cockle, Washington 
Cooper, Jonathan K. 
Cooper & Reynolds 

Cunningham, James M. 

Gale, Jacob 
Grove & McCoy 



Grove, H. 
Johnson, E. G. 
Johnson & Blakely 
Kerr, — 

Lindsey, John T. 
Lindsey & Lander 
Lander, Henry 
McCoy, Alexander 
Manning, Julius 
Merriman, H. O. & A. L. 
tPeters, Onslow 
Powell, Elihu N. 
Purple, Norman H. 
Pratt, Lorin G. 
Purple & Sanger 
Reynolds, H. W. 
Sanger, Ezra G. 
Schnebley, John C. 
♦Washburn, C. H. 

Perry County. 

Adams, Sylvester 

Mt. Hawkins. 
Roots, Benajah G. 

Edwards, William 
Hammack, Levvds 
Jones, Humphrey B. 

Fiatt County. 

Boyer, Alexander G. 
Longnecker, David 

Pike County. 

Grub, Alfred 

Baylies, Nicholas 
Coffey, D. F. 
Crow, John 
Parsons, Solomon 

New Canton. 
Griggsby, Sti'other 

Archer, William R. 
Atkinson, J. 
Bash, Daniel B. 
Grimshaw, W. A. & J. 
Gilmer, D. H. 
Gilmer & Atkinson 
Hay, Milton 
Hays, S. M. 
Higbee, C. L. 
Higbee & Hays 
*Quinby, N. E. 
Scanland, R. W. 
tWard, James 

Pope County. 

Sloan, AVesley 
Smith, Thomas H. 

Pulaski County. 

North Caledonia. 
Davidge, James M. 

Putnam County. 

Ames, Eli Bradford 
Blanchard Charles 

Randolph County. 

Hamilton, P. P. 
Holbrook, J. C. 
Jones, W. C. 
Starbird, C. N. 

Anderson, F. B. 

Richland County. 

Beck, William M. 
Constable & Preston 
*Hayward, Albert 
Hayward, Horace 
Kitchel, Alfred 
Preston, F. D. 
Wilson, John M. 

Rock Island Co. 

Chapman, James 

Rock Island. 
Andrews, Robert H. 
Bsan. Elbridge R. 
Beardsley, J. J. 
Beardsley & Andrews 
ChurcLill, J. W. 
Drury, J. Wilson 
Henderson, H. C. 
Knox & Drury 
Knox, Jeseph 
Pleasants, George W. 
Pleasants & Henderson 
Smith, Robert W. 
t Wilkinson, Ira O. 
Wilkinson, Robert 

Sanganion Couuty. 

Adams, Lucien B. 
Black, William J. 
Campbell, David B. 
Campbell, Antrim 
Conkling, James C. 
*Edwards, Ninian W. 
Edwards, Benjamin F. 
Gregg, David L. 
Herndon, Elliot B. 
Herndon, William H. 
Lincoln & Uerndon 
Lincoln, Abraham 
Logan, Stephen T. 
Matheny, James II. 
tMotiett, Thomas 
Robbins, Silas W. 
Stuart & Edwards 
Stuart, John T. 
Taylor, Tnomas G. 
tTreat, Samuel H. 
Welles, Charles R. 

Saline County. 

Gaston, James 
Parish, William H. 
Stuart, James 

Schuyler County. 

*Glenn, Robert A. 

Anderson, James I>. 
Baiiby & Sweeney 
Biigby, John C. 
*Clark, Edward M. M. 
Hinman, William A. 
Johnson, Dcwitt C. 
Johnson & Montgomrry 
Montgomery, Joseph 
Sweeney, Joseph W. 
Warren, Charles C. 
t Walker, Pinkney H. 

Scott County. 

Case, Henry 
*Chapman, W. W. 
Knapp, N. M. 
tMoses, John 
Smith, Alexander 

Shelby County. 

*Chew, Morris R. 
*Evey, Edward 
Moulton, Samuel W. 
Thornton, Anthony 
Walker, J. W. 

Stark County. 

Clifford, G. A. 
Drummond, Hugh J. 
Drummond, William W. 
Henderson, Thomas J. 
Rhodes, Harvey J. 
Shallenberger, Martin 

Stephenson County. 

Betts, Charles 
Brawley, Francis W. S. 
Bronson, S. G. 
Bright, Hiram 
Burke, Edmund 
Clark, Charles A. 
Coates, John 
Farwell, S. B. 
Goodhue, Thomas F. 
Green, A. T- 
flind;», Andrew 
Kean, Jolm C. 
Meaclinm, U. D. 
Ordwav. Georufe 
Peters,"j. H. 
fPurinton, George 
*Sweet, Martin P. 
Taylor, Oscar 
Taylor & Bronson 
Turner Thomas J. 
Turner & Meachum 

St. Clair County. 

■Abend, Edward 
'Bissell, William H. 
t;ngelmau, Theod 
Fouke & Orr 
Fouke, Philip B. 
Hay, John 


Kinney, Win. C. 
Kinney & Hay 
Koerner, Gustavus P. 
Koeruer & Engelman 
*Kratt"t, Theodore J. 
^Morrison, J. L. D. 
tNiles, Nathaniel 
Orr, William 
^Reynolds, John 
-Shields, James 
Snyder, William H. 
Underwood, Joseph B. 
Underwood & Snyder 
fUnderwood, Wm. H. 
Trumbull, George 

Walsh, Theodore M. 

Homer, H. H. 

Cox, P. M. 

Tazewell County. 

Bailey, Samuel P. 
tHush, John M. 
Fuller, S. W. 
Haines, James 
Harriott, James 
Jones, Edward 
Mclntyre, J. S. 
Parker, William B. 
Prettyman, Benjamin S. 
*Staubury, William 
♦Thompson, J. C. 
Turner, C. 

Saltonstall, Alex. H. 

Unioa County. 

Davidson, Wesley 
Dougherty, John 
*Naiile, John E. 
♦Reynolds, Robert S. 
Simons, Cyrus G. 
Webb, H. Watson 

Vermilion County. 

Allen, William J. 
Davis, Oliver L. 
Lamon, Ward H. 
Pearson, John 
Peters, Joseph 

Wabash County. 

Mount Carmcl. 
Bell, V. B. & Robert 
*Farnsworth, H. W. 
Harmon, William M. 
McDowell. James 
Orth, Joseph C. 




Warren County. 

Davidson, J. W. 
*Gibson, Robert A. 
Harding & Quinby 
Harding Geo. F. 
Harding, A. C. 
*Holloway, R. T. JM. 
Madden, James G. 
Paine, E. A. 
tQuinby, Ivory 

Quinby, Rodney 

Rise, Erastus 
Savage, George 

Miles. John 

Washington Co. 

Hosmer, P. E. 
Le Compte, T. J. 

Wayne County. 

Beecher, Edwin 
Trousdale, John 
Turney, L. J. S. 
Warmoth, Isaac S. 

Matdding Mills. 
Hopkins, C. C. 

White County. 

Crebs, John M. 
Grimes, John M. 
Hunter, Philip P. 
Robinson, James S. 
♦Shannon, Albert 
tVories, Solomon 
Whiting, John E. 
♦Wilson, William H. 
♦Webb, Edwin B. 

Charles, William 

tWTiiteside Co. 

Fulton City. 
McCoy, James 

Henry, M. S. 
Stillman, H. B. 
Wallace, H. 
Wilson, R. L. 

Will County. 

Barber, R. E. 
Bowen, S. W. 
Elwood, N. D. 
Evans, Albert S. 
Fellows, E. C. 
Goodspeed, F. 
Goodspeed & Haven 
Haven, O. H. 
tHendereon, H. 

McRoberta, J. 
Norton, J. O. 
Norton & McRobertS 
Osgood, Uri 
Osgood & Streeter 
Parks & Elwood 
tParks, G. D. A. 
Patrick, A. F. 
Randall & Snapp 
'Smith, William 
.Snapp, Henry 
Sti'eeter, J. E. 
Van Home, C. C. 

Gooding, G. A. 
Hawley, N. L. 
*Weeks, Charles H. 

Suber, John A. ' 

Woodford Co. 

tBrown, Welcome P. 
Clark, John 
Haskell, Henry L. S. 
Shope, Simon P. 

Winnebago Co« 

Baker, Edward C. 
♦Bebb, William 
Brown & Warner 
Brown, William 
Burnap, Francis 
Farwell, John K. 
Holland, John A. 
Lathrop, William 
Leavitt, Edward S. 
Loop, James L. 
Loop & Lathrop 
.Manlovp, James G. 
Marsh, Jason 
Marsh & Baker 
Miller, Anson S. 
Miller, Cyrus F. 
Miller, Orin, Jr. 
Miller & Miller 
Phelps, John A. 
♦Rcynoldst John P. 
Robertson, Thomas D 
Robertson, Holland (fr Wright 
Sheldon, C. W. 
Warner, Lyman F. 
Wight, James M. 

Hadley, Rufus S. 

Bently, Caleb 
Le Roy, James 

Williamson Co. 

Allen, W. J. 
Allen, Willis 
Corder, A. P. 
Ensrainger, M. S. 
Loudon, John T. 
McHaney, R. T. 




Those not marked are practisina; Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Adams Coanty. 

Donahoe, James VV. 
Mickle, S. S. 
Simcoke, .lames B. 
Spencer, William G. 
Studabaker, David 
Tinker, A. M. 

Allen Coanty. 

Fort Wayne. 
tBorden, James W. 
Bracken ridge, Joseph 
Brackenridge, Rob. Jr. 
Carson, William W. 
Case, Charles 
Colerick, David H. 
Colerick, Edward F. 
Colerick & Withers 
Conger, John, Jr. 
Dawson, John W. 
Dubois, John B. 
Edgerton, Joseph K. 
Hoagland, Wilson S. 
Hough, John, Jr. 
Hough & Jones 
Jacoby, Lysander C. 
Jacoby & Ninde 
JenkinsoD, Moses 
Jenkinson, Isaac 
Jenkinson, M. & I. 
Jones, William H. 
tiMcMahon. Elza A. 
*Morgan. Oliver P. 
Ninde, Lindley M. 
Randall, Franklin P. 
Stevens, Wm. W. 
Withers, Warren H. 
Worden, James L. 
Worden & Case 

BartboIomeTT Co. 

Hauser, Nathaniel T. 
Herod. William 
Hill, R, 

Herod & .Stansifer 
Mack, W. 
Mack & Hill 
Marshall, Jos. G. 
Marshall & Hauser 
Pidgeon, William 
Singleton, William 
Stansifer, S. 

Morledge, John R. 

Benton Coanty. 

Benedict, Jacob 
Daily, John 
tMills, Dan 
Parker, J. F. 
Smith, E. A. 

Blackford Coanty. 

Blackford P. O. 
Adams, Thomas 
Bailey, Lewis 
Howell, George S. 
Howell fc March 
Net}', Andrew J. 
Netf & Sample 
Stewart. Wellington 

Boone Coanty. 

Galvin, Christopher C. 

Angle & Dougherty 
-■ingle, Jacob 
Boon, Andrew J. 
Cason, Thomas J. 
tDougbeity, Lorenzo C. 
HamDtou, Orvill S. 
*Hocker, Joseph E. 
'■Neal, Stephen 
Shannon, Henry 

Gordon, William JL 
Griffin, Washington 
*Hague, James C. 

Broin-u Coanty. 

Chandler, Shadrach 
Matheny, Francis A. 
'Turner, Eli A. 

Carroll Coanty. 

-■illen, Hiram 
Allen & Sims 
Benham. A. L. 
Black, Washington L. 
Black, Nath. 
Cowan, John W. 
Dale, Levi S. 
Evans, Andrew H. 
Frazer, James H. 
Hubbard, E. W. 
-Milroy, Robert H. 
Potter, William 
.•^ims, Joseph A. 
Sims, Lewis B. 
Suns ifc Wakefield 
Suit, James F. 
Suit <fe Cowan 
Wakefield, James B. 

Cass Coanty. 

Baldwin, Sidney 
Biddle, Horace P. 
Biddle & Peters 
Blakemore George W. 
Chamberlin, Lewis 

*Dodds, John F. 
*Dunn, David M. 
*Dunn, James W. 
Lasselle, Charles B. 
McFadin, .Saml. L. 
Peters, Benjamin W. 
Pratt, Daniel D. 
Pratt & Taber 
Sellers, Joseph 
tStuart, William Z. 
Taber. Stephen C. 
Walker, Edward 
* Wright, John \V. 
*Wright, Williamson 

Clarke Coanty. 

Dewey, Charles, Sr. 
Dewey, Charles, Jr. 
Dewey & Son 
*Ferguson, C. P. 
Ferguson. John D. 
Gibson, T. Ware 

Borden, John 
Buchanan. William 
Howard, Jonas G. 
Howard & Ferguson 
'Hurst, Heniy " 
Hurst, William 
tLoverin?, &mo3 
Moore, Charles 
Read, John F. 
Smith. H. F. 

Clay County. 

Bowling' Green. 
Ash, Oliver P. 
*Fuiler, Jesse 
Hanna, James M. 
Hanna & Ash 
*Houston, W. Jv, 
Osborn, John 
Wallace, John T. 

Kirtley, Samuel K. 
Lowdermilk, A. W. 

*Hooker, Geo. L. 

Clinton County. 

fBlake, John W. 
Cowan, John M. 
Davidson, R. P. 
McClerg, Leander 
*Maxwell, Samuel D. 
Pentecost, A. F. 
Sims, James N. 
Smith, Nelson R. 
Suit & Cowan 



Purdum, Nelson 

Perrin, John Q. A. 

Crawford CoBinty. 

Clark, Marcus 
Pepper, Samuel 

Daviess County. 

l!\irke, Michael F. 
Burton, .1. W. 
Clements, R. A., Sr. 
tClements, R. A. 
M'Connell, James H. 
Turner, William S. 
Van Trees, John M. 

Dearborn County. 

Carbaugh, Isaac H. 
Haynes, John D. 
Holman, J. L. 
tHolman, William S. 
Johnson, J. W. 
Miles, Isaac 

Conaway, Hamilton 

BlB£dell, Jacob S. 
Brower, Abram 
Brown, James T. 
Brown & Haynes 
Cheek, John F. 
Detweiler, John S. 
Dumont,, Ebenezer 
*Dunn, George H. 
Dunn, S S. 
Evans, R. S. 
Gazlay, 'I'heodore 
Lane & Detweiler 
Major, Daniel S. 
Patterson, William 
Ryman, John 
Ryman & Blasdell 
Spooner, Benjamin J. 
'Spooner, Philip L. 
Hchwartz, John 
Vail, John B. 

(jloud, Mason J. 

Murdock, Ezekiel 
Lane, James H. 

Brown, Robert D. 

Decatur County. 

Fugit, Hugh F. 
Fugit, Isaac W. 

Greensb iirgh. 
Bemusdati'er, Joseph V. 
Bonner, Samuel A, 
tCobb, Royal P. 
Coverdill, JohnR. 
Covcrdill & Parish 

Crumback, Will 
tDavidson, Andrew 
Gavin, James 
Hord, Oscar B. 
McCoy, Angus C. 
Parrish, Charles S. 
Robinson, Joseph 
Roszee, Green B. 
Scobey & Crumback 
Scobey, John S. 
Williams, Morris J. 
Wilson, Barton W. 
Wilson &, Bonner 

St. Omer. 
Madison, Erwin W. 
Preston, J. T. 
Todd, Samuel 

Patterson, Daniel 
Underwood, Joshua 

De Halb County. 

Biinkerhoft', James 
Dickinson, Samuel W. 
Dickinson, Timothy R. 
Griswold, W. W. 
tMorris, John 
Mott & Brinkerhoff 
Mott, Egbert B. 
Stoughton, Sandford J. 

Dawson, Reuben J. 

Delaware County. 

Krohn, W. J. F. 

Andrews, William 
tAnthony, Joseph 
Brotherton, William 
Buckles, Joseph S. 
Buckles, John 
Harlan, Samuel W. 
Hutf, Henry 
*Hunter, Levi L. 
tMarch, Walter 
*Marshall, John 
Nation, Sampson 
Orr, James 
Sample, Thomas J. 
*Stuart, Warren 
Swarr, James H. 

Kilgore, Alfred 
Kilgore, David 
*Smith, M. C. 

Dubois County. 

Martin, John S. 
Moore, Isaac S. 

Elkhart County. 

Heath, Albert 
Main, O. S. 

Chamberlain, E. M. 
Chamberlain, E. G. 
Harris, Thomas G. 

Irwin, John W. 
Lowry, Robert 
tMather, Joseph H. 

Fayette County. 


Chitwood, G. R. 
Claypool, B. F. 
Fay. James A. 
Fay & Ti-usler 
Griffith, A. W. 
Heron, Sam. 

Justice, Joseph 
Maker, Sol. . 
Marshall, Joseph 
Mcintosh, James C. 
Parker, Samuel W. 
Parker & Mcintosh 
Rariden & Claypool 
tReid, John S. 
Reid & Heron 
Trusler, Gilbert 
Ti-usler. Nelson 
Vance, E. Milton 
Vance, EliBha 

Watton, William 


New Albany. 

Akin, Isaac N. 

Anderson, John B. 
Anthony, D. C. 
tBicknell, George A. 
Bullitt, Willett 
Collins, James 
Collins, T. 
Collins & Son 
Cravrfbrd, Randall 
Crawford & Moody 
Davis, John S. 
Dewey & Howk 
*Gilliland, William W. 
Hillyer, William S. 
Howk, George V. 
*Kent. PhineasM. 
Kerr, M. C. 
McDonald, Nathaniel 
*McDonald, John S. 
Moodey, James C. 
Moodey, Gideon C. 
Moodey & Hillyer 
Otto, William T. 
Otto & Davis 
Sabin, Elijah 
Smith, Thomas L. 
Smith & Kerr 
Thornton, Henry P. 
Willard, Ashbel P. 
Wilson, John M. 
Weir, Robert M. 

Fountain County. 

iMillbrd, M. M. 
Rice, Isaac A. 
Taylor, J. J. 

Brier, David 
Bi-ier & McGiflert 
Clayyool, S. 
Claypool, H. R. 
Hannegan, E. A. 
Hannegan & Voorhees 
Mallory, William H. 
Mallory & Claypool 
McGiflert, John N. 

Tyler, Charles 
Tyler & Claypool 
Voorhees, Daniel W, 

Franklin County. 

Blooming Grove. 
Chambers, Richard 
Hubbard, William W. 
Lee, Isaac 

Berry, Henry 
Brady, Joseph 
Byram, George M. 
Byram, Norman 
Crookshank, N. Mc. 
Farquhar, John H. 
Haymond, Edgar 
Hilt, John W. 
Holland, George 
Howland, John D. 
*Johnston, John M, 
Jones, Daniel D. 
Killgore, Cyrus 
Matson &, Farquhar 
Matson, John A. 
tMcCany, Wm. M. 
McCleery, Andrew R. 
McClui'e, James R. 
Mewhinney, Benjamin 
Morrow, Wilson 
Ryman, John 
Ryman & Haymond 
Sparks, Nathan B. 
Ward, Alfred 
West, John 

Harrell, Stephen 
McManus, James N. 

*Fouts, Lewis C. 
Kelly, Moses J. 

Cooley, Timothy C. 

Mount Carmel. 
Cumback, William 

New Trenton. 
Campbell, John B. 

South Gate. 
Howe, Thornton E. 

Slips Hill. P. O. 
Simpson, John S. 

Falton County. 

Iloleman, Isaac W. 
Shryock & Keith 

Gibson County. 

Brownlee, W. H. 
Byers, J. C. 
Chandler & Byers 
Donald, A. C. 
Embree, Elisha 
Embree, E. & J. T. 
Embree, J. T. 
*Hall, Samuel 
Hall, William P. 
Kiger, Harrison F. 



Simouson, C. B. 
Willard, W. W. 


Grant County. 


Brownlee, James 
Brownlee, John 

Goldthrait, Cimon 
Harlan, Andrew J. 
Harlan. Isaiah M. 
Jones, Jonathan B. 
Jones, Robert B. 
Kelley. Henry 
''Lomax, Joseph 
Steel, Asberry 
:^treach, James A. 
Thompson, Howell D. 
Vandevanter, Isaac 
'Wallace, Benjamin F. 
Wallace, John M. 

Greene County. 

Cairns, A. G. 
Gavins, Elijah H. C. 
Livingston, Hugh L. 
Livingston & Gavins 
Rhodes, A. L. 

Crockett, Robert E. 

Pt. Commerce. 
Throop, H. H. 

Hamilton County. 

Chipman, D. C. 
Garver, William 
Moss, David 
O'Brien, James 
tStone, Earl S. 
Stone & Moss 
Voss, Gustavus H. 

White, George 

Hancock County. 

McCorkhill, Robert 
Myers, John M. 

Crane, George 
tGooding, David S. 
Riley, R. A. 
Rutherford, James 
Walpole, Thomas D. 
West, William R. 

Harrison County. 

Keen, Samuel H. 
LafoUett, David W. 
Love, Isaac W. 
*Leonard, L. S. 
Payne, Jonathan 
Porter, William A. 
Slaughter, Thomas C. 
Wolte, Simeon K. 

Grassy Valley, 
Lopp, John W. 

Hyer, Jackson 

Hendrick's County. 

Clark, Edmund 
Darnall, William U. 
Gregg, James M. 
Hadley, Suuou T. 
Hamlin, Vincent 
Kennedy, F. S. 
Marvin, Henry H. 
Miller, Joseph S. 
Nave, Christian C. 
Neft", Francis L. 
Nichols, Thomas 
Witherow, John 
VVitherow & Miller 

Henry Coun'y.. 

New Castle. 
Berkshire, Ralph 
Brown, James 
tBundy, Martin L. 
Elliott, J. T. 
EOiott & Mellett 
Grose, William 
Grose & Brown 
Hoover, Samuel 
Johnson, Edmund 
Johnson & Martindale 
Martindale, Elijah B. 
Martindale, Simeon 
Mellett, Joshua Hj 
*Murphey, Eli 
Nation, Daniel 
Reed, M. L. 
Rice, Stephen G 

Alspan, Jacob B. 
Bigler, Henry 
Campbell, Z. J. 
Morgan, Charles D. 

Howe, J. C. 

Ho-ward County- 

Armstrong, Thomas A. 
Brown, William 
*Gordon, George A. 
Harrison, T. J. 
Lindsay, N. K. 
Markland, R. D. 
Murray, C. D. 
*Shepard, Thomas S. 

Huntington County. 

Biglow, James 
Cotfroth, J. Randolph 
Delong, Isaac 
tLaughridge, W. B. 
Mahan, Samuel 
Milligan, L. P. 
Slack, James R. 

Jackson County^ 

Christy, Samuel K. 
Cummings, John J. 
Dunham, Curtis 
Emmerson, Frank 



Long, Daniel H. 
*Mar8hall, William 
*Scott, Rawley 
■Smith, Sanmel W. 

Jasper Connty. 

Barker, Thomas 
Darrash, John 
Test, John 
Whitson, Elijah 

Farrie, James 
*Flick, Wm. 
*Hinkle, B. 
Lee, Wm. D. 
Odell, Elijah 
Snyder, David S. 
Strode, R. 
Wilcox, E. 

Nichols, Georgs W. 
*Harvey, Oliver S. 

Jay County. 

Jay C. H. 
tHawltins, Nathan B. 
Haynes, Jacob M. 
Shanks, John P. C. 

Jeffl'erson County. 

Allison, James Y. 
Bright, Chapman & Meri 

Bright Jesse D. 
Bright, Michael G. 
Bright, Michael S. 
Chapman, Joseph W. 
Crittenden, Thomas T. 
*Dailey, Samuel G. 
Deputy, Henry 
Dunn & Hendricks 
Dunn, William M. 
Hendricks &. Crittanden 
Hendricks Abram W. 
Hendricks, John A. 
Hills, William C. 
King, John L. 
*Markley, John A. 
Marshall & Walker 
Marshall, Joseph G. 
Meriwether, James B. 
Pitcher, Oliver S. 
*8haw, George W. 
iStapp, Howard 
Stapp, Milton 
Stevens & King 
Stevens, Stephen C. 
Sullivan, Jeremiah 
Thom, James C. 
fWalker, Charles E. 
Woollen, ThoB W. 

North Madison. 
Bridges, Dillon 

Jennings County. 

Draper, Joseph F. 
Spriggs, William 

Andrews Alaneon 

Andrews & Bingham 
Arnold, Henry L. 
Arnold & Bundy 
Bingham, Lucius 
Bullock, William A. 
Bxiody, Jeremiah 
Hagins William B. 
Hill, James M. 
Jones, David C. 
Prather, Hiram 
Strickland, Silas A. 
Vawter, James H. 

Myers, James 

Johnson Connty. 

King, Jasper M. 
Hatch, H. H. 

Douthit, William P. 
Finch & Slater 
Finch, Fabius M. 
Hicks, Duane 
Hicks, Guilderoy 
Hunter, Anderson B. 
McKenny, Daniel 
Overstreet, Grabriel M. 
Overstreet & Hunter 
Oyler, Samuel P. 
Shafler, Daniel W. 
Slater, John 
Williams, Jonathan H. 

Knox County. 

Allen Cyrus M. 
Allen &"UBher 
Bowman. Joseph G. 
Carnan, Robert N. 
Carnan & P,tcher 
Cauthorn, Henry S. 
*Clark John M. 
Denny, James C. 
*Ellis, Abner T. 
Jones, John R. 
Jones, John R. & W. A. 
Jones, Wiliam A. 
Judah, Samuel 
Judah & Usher 
Roberts &. Bowman 
Roberts, James H. 
Stowell, Levi 
Stowell & Denny 
Usher, Nathaniel 
Wise, Henry D. 

Koscni^^ko County. 

Horton, Elijah 

*Chapman, Jno. B. 

Blair, Andrew J. 
Culberteon, Chae. H. 
Dougherty, Michael C. 
Frazer, Jaines S. 
Frazer & Power 
*Graves, William C. 
Power, Andrew J. 
Williams, William 

La Grange Connty. 

La Grange. 
Ellison, Andrew 
Frazier, George W. 
Parrett, Robert 

Douglass, Robert L. 
Flagg, James M. 
Howe, John B. 
Howe, James B. 
-■J( wett, Francis F. 

linke County.. 

Crown Point. 
Cape, Nathan P. 
McDonald, Alexander 
Petlilione, David K. 
Wood, Martin 

I>a Forte County. 

La Porte. 
Bradley, James 
Farrand, Mulford K. 
Farrand <t Holcombe 
Hannah & Bradley 
Hannah, William C. 
Holcombe, John W. 
Hathaway, Gilbert 
Niles, John B. 
Niles & Noyes 
Noyes, Daniel 
Osborn, Andrew L. 
Osborn & Woodward 
Seymour, George S. 
* Walker, Benjamin P- 
Williams, Samuel E. 
Woodward, D. J. 

Michigan City. 
Bowes, William R. 
fLawson, Herman 
Weir, Morgan H. 
Woodbridge, William 

La-\vrence County 

Cobb, Thomas R. 
Dunn, George G. 
Dunn & Monson 
'■Foote, Winthrop, 
tGoodloe, James R. E. 
Malott, New.ton F. 
Monson, George H. 
Pearson, EliphaletD. 
Short, Samuel W. 
Thornton, George A. 

Madison County. 

Davis, John 
Lake, Richard 
Lemen, P. H. 
Robinson, Milton S, 
Stilwell, T. N. 
Sansberry, James W. 
Thompson, J. C. 
*Williams, A. D. 
*Williams, R. N. 

Cook, T. W. 

Craven, Hervy 




Pieree, Wm. R. 

Marion County » 

Deford, Vfilliam R. 


Barbour, Lucien 

Barbour & Porter 

*Bassett, H. 

Blackford, fsaac 
' Bradley, John H. 

Brown, Ignatius 

Brown, John F. 

Brown, Stephen S. 

*Brown, William J. 

Brown & Sale 

Buell, George P. 

'Butler, Ovid 

Cavin, John 

Carin & Sulgrove 

Cally, Sims A. 

Coburn, Edwin 

Coburn, John 

'Coburn, H. P. 

'Defrees, John D. 

Duncan, Robert B. 

•*Fletcher, Calvin 

Hammond, Abram A. 

Hannah, VVilliam H. 

Harvey, Jonathan S. 

Henderson, William 

Hicks, Royal S. 

Ketcham, John L. 

Listou, Jonathan A. 

McDonald, David G. 

McDonald, McKinzie & Hea 

Macey, David 

Mc Kenzie, W. A. 

tMajor, Stephen 

*Mayhew, Royal 
*MerriIl, Samuel 
^Morris, B. F. 
Morrison, James 
Morrison, John T. 
New, John C. 
Newcomb, Horatio C. 
Newcomb & Harvey 
tPerkins, Samuel E. 
Porter, Albert G. 
Quarles, William 
*Ray, M. M. 
Roberts, Joseph T. 
Sale, Thomas C.'W. 
*Scott, W. McK. 
*Sheets, William 
*Smith, Charles C. 
Smith, John 
'Smith, Oliver H. 
*Stewart, William 
Sulgrove, Berry R. 
Taylor, George 
Taylor & Coburn 
Taylor, N. B. 
*Thompson, John H. 
tTodd. Levi L. 
*Todd, Thomas J. . 
Wallace, David 
Wallace & Coburn 
Wallace, William 
Walpole, R, L. 
*Wick, W. W. 
"^Wingate, William L. 
*Wright, Joseph A. 

Pike Township. 
Ham, Lossen 

Marshall County. 

Burr Oak Flats, 
*Kendall, B. F. 

Corbin, Horace 
Osborne, John G. 
Pomeroy & Osborn 
Pomeroy, William G, 
Reeve, Charles H. 

Martin County. 

Dover Hill. 
Niblack, William E. 

Motmt Pleasant. 
Sherman, Mason J. 

Miami Couuty. 

Beal, John A. 
Cole, Alphonso A. 
Dickey, Edward T. 
Effinger, R. P, 
Farrer, John L. 
Farrer, Josiah 
Farrer, J. L. & J. 
Loveland, Ebenezer P. 
Loveland & Beal 
McGuire, Nathaniel 
Ross, Nathan O. 
Ross & Effinger 
ShirK, Hervey J. 
Willson, J. M. 

Monroe County. 

Butler, Frederick T. 
Byers, Barton R. 
Buskirk, George A. 
Buskirk, Samuel H. 
Carlton, Ambrose B. 
Dunning, Pai-is C. 
Hughes & Carlton 
t Hughes, James 
Hunter, Morton C. 
Lowe, Jacob B. 
McClelland, Alex 
McDonald, David 
Woodward, James 

Montgomery Co. 

Carter, Horace E. 
Lane, Henry S. 
Lane & Wilson 
May, Allen 
May <fc Stover 
MSDonold, Joseph E. 
tNaylor, Isaac 
Ristine, Benjamin T. 
Stover, Daniel C. 
Thomson, Alexander 
Thomson & Ristine 
Vancleave, J. S. M. 
Willson, Samuel C. 
Wilson, James 

Morgan Couuty. 

Hubbard, John S. 

Burrows, Barclay 
Manker, William J. 
Ray, William H. 

Griffitt, Ruben 

Barwick, Joshua J. 
*Dougherty, Oliver R, 
Griggs, Algernon S. 
Harrison, William R. 
Jackson, James 
Mathews, Hiram 
McClure, Daniel 
tQuick, William G. 
Quick &. Griggs 
Reynolds, Larkin 

Perry, Thomas L. 

Noble County. 

Clapp, William M. 
Denny, James McF 
Tousley, Hiram S. 
tWildman, Stephen 

Wolf Lake. 
Trask, Wyraan 

Ohio County. 

Rising Sun. 
tDowney, Alexander C. 
Downey, Henry A. 
Hayden, John J. 
Jelley, James S. 
Kelso, Isaac 
Moore, Robert P. 
Patterson, Abram S. 
Spencer, John W. 
Ricketts, J. C. 
Works, James A. 

Orange County. 

Lost River P. O. 
*Ginum, John W. 

Baker, John 

Collins.& Cox 
Cox, Joseph 
tMorrow, William 
Payne, Jonathan 
Simpson, Arthur J. 

Owen County. 

^Alexander, J. E. 

Brown, F. Theodore 
tFranklin, WilKam M, 
Richards, Harlan 

Parke Couuty. 

Allen & Cornelius 
Allen, James M. 
tBryant, William P. 
Cornelius, Pembroke S 
Crain, John G. 
Crain & Allen 
Jones, J. VVilliam 
Magill. Samuel 
Maxwell, David H. 
tMaxwell, Samuel F. 



Noel, William M. 
Potts, Joseph 
Rice, Thomas F. 
tRoache, Addison L. 
Slavens, Henry 
Terry, E. S. 

Perry Comity. 

tHuntington, Elisha M. 
Jones, J, Lewis, jr. 
Lea, Burrel B. 
Mason, Charles H. 
Smith, Ballard 
Wandell, AVilliam A. 

Frishie, Samuel 
Thompson, George B, 

Barkwell, H. G. 
Laird, David T. 

Pike Connty. 

Anthony, Clark M. 
Barr, VVilliam 
Evans, John N. 
*Glezen, Joseph P. 

Porter County* 

Anthony, Samuel l.\ 
Dixon, Alfred 
Harris, Alexander 
Turner, George W. 

Posey County. 

Movnt Vernon. 
Davis, James 
Green, George S. 
Holt, Thomas B. 
tHovey, Alvin P. 
*Leavenworth, Seth M. 
McClanahan, R. P. 
Wingate, R. Fox. 

New Harmony. 
Cooper, Horatio G. C. 
Prichard, Horace 
Twigg, William Augustus 

West Franklin, 
Campbell, James B. 

Pulaski County. 

Dye, Cons. W. 
Eldridge, James W. 
Hathaway, Carter D. 
Hedges, Robert T. 

Putnam (bounty. 

Blake, William M. C. 
Conwell, William H. 
Cowgill & Daggy 
Cowgill, John 
Daggy, Addison 
Daniels, Henry W. 
Darnal, Chilton A. 
Donnohue, D. C. 
Eckels, Delana R. 

Eckles & Williamson 
*Farley, Joseph F. 
Gildewen, Robert 
Hanna, John 
Hathaway, Russell L. 
Matson, John A. 
Matson & Hanna 
Nye, Henry W. 
Ragan, Ruben S. 
Secrest, Henry 
Secrest & Darnell 
Sellers, Columbus D. 
Sigler, Daniel 
Turk, John 
Williamson, D. E. 

Randolph County. 

Hunt, Miles 

Mount Holly. 
Debolt, William 

Brown, James 
Browne, Thomas N. 
Cheeny, John J. 
Colgrove & Cheeny 
Colgrove, Silas 
Eltzroth, Jacob 
Goodrich, Carey S. 
McClelland, Beattie 
Monks, George W. 
Moorman, William 
Peelle, William A. 
Peelle & Browne 
Pucbett, Zachariah 
Smith, Jeremiah 
Way, Moorman 

Ripley County. 

Ball, Samuel 

Barr, James 
Ewing, John 

JEll Rods'. 
Platter, Peter 

Harding, Stephen^S. 

Mullen, Mark H. 

New Marion. 
Cravens, James H. 
Hill, Jonathan 
Sands, John B. 

North Hogan. 
Hawley, Ebenezer S. 

Munday, Manning 

Budner, John A. 

Mayhew, Horace A. 

Cass, C. H. 
Cravens & Kelso 
Christian, Henry S. 

■^Cornett, William T. g. 
Duncan, James 
Gray, Henry L. 
Kelto, Daniel 
I^IcCulough, Joseph H. 
Roberts, George An. 
Robinson, Isaiah W.. 
Robinson, James W. 
Shook, Charles N. 
Talbott, Richard C. 
Wilson, Obed 

Rush County,. 

Bigger, Finley 
Bigger <fc Logan 
Clark, George C. 
Cox, Robert S. 
Cox & Clarke 
Hackelman, P. A. 
Hubbard, Asahel W. 
Hubbard & Sexton 
Johnson, Benjamin F. 
Logan, Reuben D. 
Robinson, J. & S. W. 
Robinson, Squire W. 
Sexton, Leonidas W. 

New Salem. 
*McKee, David 

Scott County. 

Crowe, Samuel S. 
*English, William H. 
Halloweil, Edmund G. 
Jewett Patrick H. 
Jewett & Hollowell 
Marshall, William K. 

New Frankfort. 
Montgomery, William C 

Hougland, Isaac 

Shelby County. 

Bainbridge, William 
*Cole, Abel 
Davis, Eden H. 
Davis & Major 
Harrison, James 
Hendricks, Thomas A. 
McFarland, Thomas A. 
Major, Alfred 
Ray, Martin M. 
Peasley, William 
tSleeth, James M. 
Wright, Cyrus 
"Wright, Mathias 

Spencer County. 

De Bruler, T. F. & L. Q. 
De Bruler, Thomas F. 
tDe Bruler, L. Q. 
Fairfield, S. W. 
Langdon, Thomas J. 
Pitcher & Veatch 
Smith, John H. 
Smith & Veatch 
Smith, Thomas M. 
Veatch, James C. 



Stark Coaniy. 

Stork C. H. 
McCormick. W. M. 
McCracken, S. A. 
Porter, A. W. 

Steuben Countj-. 

Gale. J. M. 
Hendry, Alanson W. 
Hendry & Gale 
May, Edward R. 
Palmer, Daniel E. 

St. Joseph Coiiuty. 

(Bowles, Theodore S. 

South Bend. 
Davis, James 
Deavitt & Foster 
Deavitt, Albert G. 
Dunbar, Alvin S. 
Eddy, Norman 
Eddy & Dibble 
tEgbert, Elisha 
Foster, J. L. 
Famsworth, R. L. 
Jacoby & Egbert 
Jacoby, L. C. 
Meek, James G. 
NUes, J. B. 
Niles & Famsworth 
*Sample, Samuel C 
tStantield, Thomas S. 
Tutt, Francis P^ 
Woodard, Albert G. 

SuUiTan County. 

Briggs, Joseph W. 
Marks, Thomas 
Rose, Hugh S. 

Allen, Isam 
Sexton, Isaac 

Sullivan, C. H. 
Gunn, John 
Hamill, Samuel R, 
Hanchett & Gunn 
Hanchett, H. S. 
Moore, Robert H. 

S^vitzerland Co. 

Works, James A. 

*Froman, Jonathan W. 
Kelso, Daniel 

Gazlay, Carter 

Beal, John A. 
Carter, Scott 
Duraont, John 
IDrummond, Robert 
*Jones, Charles T. 
Lamb, Robert N. 
McCallum, John G. 
"Overturt", Silas 

Tippecanoe County. 

La ffaijcite. 
Baird, Zebulon 
*Ball, Cyrus 
Behm, G. O. 
Behm & Dame 
Brackett, Edward H. 
Chase, Hiram W. 
Chase & Wilstach 
Cox, Sanford C. 
Dame, Timothy 
Deming, B. O. • 
*Ellsworth, H. L. 
Greenlee, E. A. 
Gregory &, Jones 
Gregory, Robert C. 
tHuSj Samuel A. 

Ingram, Andrew 

Jenners, William M. 
Jones, Robert 
Lane, William F. 
Larue & Deniing 
Larue, John i\L 
Mace, Daniel 
Mace & Wilson 

Marvin, Chai-les 
Miller, John L. 
Naylor, Isaac 
Naylor, Charles A. 
Naylors & Miller 
Nearing, James E. 
Newell, Davis 
Newell & Greenlee 
O' Brian, James 
Orth & Brackett 
Orth, G. S. 
Pettit, John 
Reilly, Luke 
*Scott, Gustavus 

Semans, William 
Smith, Roswell C. 

pencer, James M. 
Stein, John A. 
Telford, Samuel W. 
Vinton, David P. 
Weakley, Otho K. 
White, Albert S. 
Wilstach, John A. 
Wilson, William C. 
Wood, G. A. 

Tipton County. 

easier, A. P. 
Green, John 
Lewis, Joseph A. 
McElhaney, A. M. 
*Nelson, William H. 
Shipley. C. E. 

Union County. 

Gardner, Jonathan F. 
Reid & Gardner 
Varyan, John 

Yanderburg Co. 

tBaker, Conrad 
*Battell, Charles J. 
Blythe, James E: 
Chandler, John J. 
Oar\"ln, Thomas E. 
Garvin, John R. 
Harlan, James, Jr. 
Igleheart, Asa C. 

Inele, John, Jr. 
Ingle, Wheeler &. Igleheart 
Jones, James G. 
Jones & Blythe 
.Tohn?on, Morris S. 
Law, John 
Law ifc Johnson 
ILockhart, James 
McGrew, W. H. 
Plumer, Horace 
Robinson, A. L. 
Stinson, Benoni, Jr. 
Todd, George H. 
Walker, James T. 
Wheeler, Horatio Q. 

Vermillion County. 

Smith, Lyman G. 
Seeds, James 

Collett, John 
Waterman, Richard JL 

Davis, Oliver P. 
Jones, David M. 
Jordan, James 
Lowry, Malvin P. 
Malone, Samuel G. 
Sale, Thomas C. W. 
Shelby, David 
Washburn, Henry D. 

Brier, G. A. 
Lawlyes, William A. 

Vigo County. 

Terre Haute. 
Baird, John P- 

Barbour, C. W. 
Bassett, Edward E. 

Conard, Jesse 
Cookerly, Grafton F 
Cookerly <fc McLean 
Cruft, Charles 

Dodge, Stephen G. 
Durham, M. S. 
Edwards, William K. 
*Farrington, James 
Gookins, Samuel B. 
Gookins & Bassett 
Gri^wold, William D. 
Griswold & Baird 
Hudson, Robert N. 
tKinney, Amory 
McLean, William E. 
Motfatt, Blackford B. 
Nelson, Thomas H. 
Noble, Charles T. 
Patterson, Chambers Y. 
Scott, Harvey D. 
Thompson, R. W. 
Thompson &, Scolt 
Usner, John P. 
Usher & Patterson 

Van Buren, Thomas G. 

Wright, Salmon 

Wabash Connty. 

Pierce, S. L. 
St. John, R. Thomas 



Kranaon, Lewis 
Connor, James D, 
Conner & Ells 
Connell, John M. 
Cowffill, Calvin 
Cox,"Daniel M. 
Cox & Connell 
Ells, C. S. 
Ferry, Alanson P. 
Gordon, George E. 
tKnight, John L. 
Matlock, J. H. 
Miller, Robert 
Miller & Pierce 
fPettit, John W. 
Wallace, James 
Wheeler, John M 

Warren County. 

Clark, George W 
Bryant, James R. M. 
Chandler, Robert A. 
Gregory, Benjamin F. 

Warwick County. 

De Bruler & Johnson 
Handy, John B. 
Johnson, Alvah 
Moore, Joel W. B. 

Brunei-, Thomas H. 

Washington Co. 

Blay, George, Jr. 

Butler, John H. 
Garriott, Z. S. 
Hetlren, Horace 
Kingsbury, John 
Lord, John M. 

« Wayne County. 

Burchenal, Charles H. 
Julian, George W. 
Julian, Isaac H. 
Julian, G. W. & L H. 
Julian, Jacob B. 
tJohnson, N. H. 
Kibbey, John F. 
Means, Thomas 
Morton, Oliver P. 
Morton & Kibbey 
Newman, John S. 
Newman &. Siddall 
Siddall, Jesse P. 
Stitt, John B. 
Test, Charles H. 
Test & Wilson 
Tilley, William Wirt 
Wilson, Jeremiah M. 
Wilson, Michael 

Cambridge City. 
Develin, George 
Develin, Late 
Rariden, James 
Rariden, Henry C. 
Rariden, J. & H. C. 

Minor, Noah W. 

Williams, John M. 

\ Hagerstovm, 

Davidson, William 
Reed, D. W. 

Jones, D. M. 
Tomlinson, William R. 

Richmond City. 
Benton, .William P. 
Bickle, William A. 
Butler. Oliver 
Dormor, R. O. 
Payne, H. B. 
Perry, James 

Kelso, William F. 

Wells County, 

Burns, B. 
Eaton, T. A. R. 
Greer, John P. 
Greer & Porter 
Porter, Will. 
Upton, Samuel G. 
Willson, E. R. 

White County, 

Thompson, T. M. 
Turpie, David 

Whitley County. 

Whitley C. U. 
Collins, James S. 
Hooper, Ad,am Y. 
Jones, C. W. 
McDonald, Isaiah Bw 


Those not marked are practising Lavi^yers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Ailainakec County. 

Bunker Hill. 
Goodridge, Sewel 


Cam]), Geo. W. 
Camp & Ottman 
Ottmnn, Reuben 


Remine, John W. 
Remine &, Shaw 
Shaw, John J. 

Wakefield, John A. 

Wawkon . 
Remine &. Shaw 

Appanoose County. 

Harris, Amos 
Manson, T. G. 
Riggs, Reuben 
Tannehill & Riggs, 
Tannehill, H. 

Benton County.. 

Alexander, John 

Blackhaivk County. 

Cedar Falls. 
Poor, B. W. 

Boone County. 

*Hull, Wesley C. 

*Kenney, Lewis 
Lee, Daniel S. 

Bremer Connty. 

[No resident Lawyers. [ 
Buchanan County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 
Butler Connty. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Cass County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Cedar County. 

Brown, A. F. 



Bissell & Spicer 
tBissell, Samuel A. 
Daniels, ri. S. 
Huber, John 
Piatt, H. C. 
.Spicer, Wells 
Tutliill, William H. 

Chickasa^v Count}'. 

(No resident Lawyers.] 

Clarke County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Clayton County. 

Clay to n. 
Douglass, Gilbert 

Granger, Henry 8. 
Murdock, Samuel 
Noble, Reuben 
Feck, Sandford L 
.Stevens, Orlando F. 
tWilUams Elias H. 

Price, Eliphalet 

Peat, Schuyler R. 

Clinton County. 

Ds TVUt. 
Briscoe, T. S. 
Blodgett, George G. 
Cotton, Aylett R. 
Dyer, Thomas C. 
Graliam, Edward 
Konkel, Philip 
tLeffingwell, William E. 
Long, T. W. J. 
Millard, R. B. 
Samuels, S H. 
*Stowe8, John S. 

Dallas County. 

(jreene, Benjamin 

Davis County. 

'Carpenter, Stiles ti. 
Dunlery, Harvy 
Dunlery & Jones 
Ficklin, William S. 
Horn, Hosea B. 
Jones, Maston H. 
Kister, Israel 
Kister & Ficklin 
McAchran, Samuel G. 
Palmer &. Trimble 
Pabuer, David P. 
Trimble, Henry H. 

Fox P. O. 

Phelps, Alpheus 

Decatur County. 

iVJTie Eagles. 
Notson, H. B. 
'Ihicker, Horace 
Walker, G. P. 

Delaw^are County. 

Eaton, Ariel K. 
Wellman, Zina A. 

Desnioines County. 

Browniuir, M. D. 
Browning & Tracy 
Calkins, Leman 
Crocker, D. J. 
Crocker &. Brother 
Crocker, T. D. 
Darwin. C. B. 
Darwin & Calkins 
*Fayerweather, J. R. 
Frazee, Geora;e 
Graft; William S. 
Green, A. D. 
*Grimes, James W. 
Hall, J. C. 
Hall & Thompson 
*Harris, D. TC. 

Huston, Nathan 

Lahee, John 

*Leffler, .Shepherd 
Lertier, Lsaac 

Magoun, George F. 
Morgan, J. M. 

Newman, Thomas W. 

Pendleton, V. M. 

Phelps, C. H. 

Rorer, David 

Snyder, George 

Starr, Henry W. 

Starr & Phelps 

Starr, William H. 

Stockton, L. D. 

Thompson, William 

Tracy, J. 

Trulock, S. M. 

Woods, James W. 

nvhite, William W. 

Wilson, P. K. 

Du Bnque Couuty. 

Du Buque. 
Barney, William J. 
Bissell, F. E. 
Blatchley, Joel 
Burt, James 
Clark, Lincoln 
Clark & Bissell 
Clarke, Albert 
Covel, John S. 
Crawford, P. W. 
tDyer, T. J. 
Hamilton, W. W. 
Hempstead, Stephen 
Hempstead & Burt 
Jennings, J. D. 
Lovell, \Villiani Y. 
Lovell & Covel 
McCrea, Cole 
McKinlay, James M. 
Nightingale, George L. 


Robinson, Lucius 
Rogei-s, Thomas 
Samuels, Ben. M. 
Samuels & Vandever 
Sawyer, .Silas 
See, Abraham H. 
Smith, McKinley & Poor 
Smith, Piatt 
Thomas, L. A. 
Vandever, William 

Wilson, David S. 
Wilson, T. S. 
Wiltse & Blatchley 
Wiltse, Henry A. 

Fayette County. 

West Union. 
Burdick, Martin V. 
McClintock, William 
Roirers, Jacob W. 
Skelton, Francis 
Tift, John 
Woodle, Thomas 

Fremont County.- 

tBradford, Allen A. 
Dawson, Jacob 
English, William R. 
Gordon, Thomas W. 
tGreenwood, Thomas 
Lingentelter, L. 
Kelsey, William 
Kelsey & .Skidmore 
McCrackiu, Samuel E. 
Pierce, Charles W. 
Rector, Benjamin 
Skidmore, Al. K. 

Gntbrie County.- 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Hardin County. 
[No resident Lawyers.] 
Harrison County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Henry County. 

*LotBpeich, Alfred 

Mount Pleasant. 
Beers, Reuben 
Bereman, A. H. 
Bowen, Thomas 
Clarke, R. L. B. 
Craig, James 
*Howe, Sanxuel L. 
Killpatrick, E. 
McFarland, Samuel 
*McMillan, H. H. 
Nash, Chauncey 
Palmer, L. G. 
Rorer, Claiborne 
Rorer, D. &. C. 

New London. 
Cook, N. R. 
Forgey, James A. 
Hobbs, Warren C. 

Button, Albert 
North, William T. 

lo^va County. 

Dillon, WilUam H. 
Groff, Richard B. 
|*McConnell, James-C. 



Jackson County. 

• Andrew. 
Bradley, P. B. 

Bangs, Frederick 
Booth, John B. 
Kelso, Joseph 
Mafrinnis, William A. 
tSpurr, D. F. 

Jenkins, J. W. 

Jasper County. 

Cooney, George W. 
Edzar, Johnston M. 
Skiff, H. J. 

. Jefferson County. 

Achcson, George 
Baldwin, Caleb 
Clinton & Baldwin 
Clinton, Samuel 
Dravo, A. A. 
Groff, William Enness 
*Henn, Bernhart 
Negus, Charles 
Negns &f Dravo 
Ratcliff, R. F. 
Slagle, Christian W. 
Slagle & Acheson 
*Springer, Francis 
Wilson, J. F. 

Johnson County. 

Iowa City. 
fCarleton, James P. 
Clarke, William Penn 
Culbertson, John C. 
*Downey, Hugh D. 
*Folsora, Gilman 
Hampton, George S. 
Harlan, James 
*Lathrop, Henry W. 
*Lee, Fernando H. 
Miller, William C. 
♦Morris, Eastin 
Patterson, Lemuel B. 
Reno, Morgan 
Sylvester, Richard H. 
Templin, James D. 

Jones County. 

Haddock, William 
Henry, W. J. 
Mann, Joseph 
Pierce, Sylvester 

Ii.eokuk County. 

Casey, Jeseph M. 
Crocker, M. M. 
Crocker & Johnston 
Harned, Sandford 
Hill, A. J. 
Johnston, J. A. 
MePhei-son, H. H. 

liCe County. 

Fort Madison. 
*Dunlap, D. C. 
*Espy, Thomas S. 
tJohnston, Edward 
*Kilbourne, D. W. 
Kitchell. Wicklifle 
Miller, D. F. 
Roid, J. M. 
Thurston, Wm. A. 
*Viele, Philip 
Walker, John M. 

Beck, Joseph M. 
Belknap, W. W. 
Belding, H. H. 
Chandler, A. E. 
Clagett & Dixon 
Clagett, T. W. 
Cox & Houghton 
Day, D. A. 
Day & Lynch 
Dixon, Geo. C. 
Edwards, W. 
Hornish, J. P. 
Houghton, L. E. H. 
*Uowell, James B. 
Love, J. M. 
tLowe, R. P. 
Lynch, Wm. F. B. 
Marshall, S. T. 
Matthews, Joel 
Miller, Samuel F. 
Rankin & Love 
Rankin, J. W. 
Reeves, Levds R. 
Reeves & Miller 
*Reid, Hugh T. 
■'Stone, C. E. 
*Van Antwerp, V. P. 

Boyles, Samuel 

West Point. 
Hollman, Joseph 
*Kinney, John F. 
Newcomb, J. M. 
Perdew, E. 

Liinu County. 

Cedar Rapids. 
Child, James J. 
Cook, Isaac 
Graff, W. S. 
tGreene, Georire 
Mcintosh, Donald M. 
Vanmeter, E. 
Welister, L. H. 

Isbell, Norman W. 
Pre.'ton, Isaac M. 
Smyth, William 
Young, J. B. 

liouisa County. 

Cohimhus City. 
*Moore, Henry R. 

Bird, John 
Nottsinger, James 
*Springer, Francis 
Thomas, ICdward H. 
Wright, B. F. 


Chandler, Shadrick 
Hall, James 
Palmer, Oliver L. 
Sheller, John S. 
.Siggins, B. B. 

Madison County. 

Winter set. 
Guibereon, Israel D. 
aouk, Isaac G. 
*Jones, Thomas D. 
McPherson, M. L. 
Oberne, Thomas F. 

Mills County. 

[No re.sident Lawyers.] 

Mahaska County. 

*Ballard, Wm. 
Cassiday, A. M. 
tCrookham, John A. L. 
Eastman, Enoch W. 
Eastman & Rice 
Greer, Allen 
Loughndge, Wm. 
Loughridge & Cassiday 
*Needham, John R. 
Pollock, J. D. 
Rice, S. A. 
Seevers, J. A. 
tSeevers, William H. 
Smith, William T. 
Temple, Henry 
Williams, M. T. 

Marion County. 

Glenn, Hugh 

Black, Absolem 
*Curtis, A. W. 
*Miller, A. B. 
Neal, J. E. 
Stanfield, E. G. 
Walters, J. M. 

Scholte, H. P. 

Red Rock. 
Alley, John W. 

Marshall County. 

Timber Creek. 
Gordan, Thomas 

Monroe County. 

♦Allison, William 
Anderson, Daniel 
Davis, William P. 
Teas, Joseph B. 
tTownsend, John S. 

Page County. 

Gregg, David P. 



Muscatine County. 

Butler, Jacob 
Carskaddan, J. 
Cloud, David C. 
Cloud & O'Connor 
McAuley, Auley 
O'Connor, Henry 
Patterson, A. Oliphant 
Richman, J. Scott 
Thayer, E. H. 
Whicher, Stephen 
tWilliams, Joseph 
Williams, Thos. M. 
Woodwaid, Wm. G. 

Folk County. 

Church, Jeremiah 

Fort Desmomes. 
Barnard, John M. 
Cassady, Jefferson P. 
Cassady & Tidrick 
Granger, Barlow 
Howes, John F. 
Jewett, Joseph E. 
Jones, Oliver R. 
McCall, John D. 
McKay, Charles 
tMcKay, William 
Periy & Bates 
IRice, Byron 
Sherman, Hoyt 
Williamson. Wm. D. 
Winchester, Lorenzo D. 
Young, Madison 

Hull, Andrew Y. 
Todhunter, Lewis 

Pottawatamie County. 

KanesviUe,or Council Bluff City 

Babbitt, Lysander W. 
Casady, J. P. 
Ford, A. C. 
Hanscom, A. J. 
Humphreys, Richard 
James, W. C. 
Johnson & Cassady 
Johnson, H. D. 
Kline, L. M. 
Price, Daniel 
tRiddle, Samuel H. 
Robison, G. A. 
tStreet, Franklin 
Street & Hanscom 
Stiles, George P. 
Turley, Marshall 

Poweshiek County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Shelby County. 

[No resident Lavryers.] 

Scott County. 

Claussen, H. R. 
Cook, Ebenezer 
Cook, John P. 
Cook & Brother 
Corbin, Austin 
Corbin & Claussen 
Dillon, John F. 
Davison, Abner 
Grant, James 
McGregor, Alexander W. 
*Millar, Samuel R. 
Mitchell, G. C. R. 
Parker, Lafayette 
Sennet, J. W. 
Stewart, J. 
.•Rennet & Stewart 
*Thorington, James 
True, D. S. 
*Weston, Charles 

Story County. 

Burge, William L. 

Tama County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 
Taylor County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 
Union County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Van Buren County. 

Craig, James 
Scott, Lawrence 

Caldwell, Henry C. 
Hall, Augustus 
Hall & Shelby 
tKnapp, Joseph C. 
Nurse, C. C. 
Shelby, Henry M. 
Wright, Georee G. 
Wright, Knap'p & Caldwell 

Doub, Eliab 

Wapello County. 

Agency City, 
Lewis, M. R. 

Ives, H. D. 
*Norris, James W. 

• Ottiimwa, 
Baker, James 
*Bigham, Thomas 
Devin, John D. 
Hendershott, K. B. 
Hendershott & May 
May, George 
Summers, S. W. 

Warren County. 

Brinkerhoof, Geortre 
Brinkerhoof &- Todhunter 
Brinkerhoof, Williimi 11. 
Bryan & Williamson 
Bryan, Peter Gnd 
Henderson, Paris P. 
Monohon, J. F. 
Steele, Robert W. 
Todhunter, Lewis 
Williamson, James E. 

Washington County. 

Everson, Norman 
Parker, David L. 
Patterson, Antes H. 
tRoss, Enoch 

Wayne County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Webster County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Wiunishiek County. 

busline, John B. 
Oustme & Porter 
Porter, Henry F. 
Webber, A. B. 

Frink, A.B. 

Trout River. 
Atkins, Jeremiiih T. 
McKay, James D. 
McKay, John 

Woodbury County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Adair County. 

Bramlette, Thomas E. 
Cravens & Suddarth 
Caldwell, Junius 
Cravens, Timoleon 
Gaither, Ed^ar B. 
Hardin, Parker C. 
Johnston, Stephen D. 
Mourning, Samuel 
Russell, William E. 
Stewart, William 
Suddarth, Samuel G. 
tWheat Zacariah 

Alien County. 

Barlow, Joseph H. 
Evans, W. F. 
Forde, Richard S. 
Mulligan, Gilbert M. 

Anderson County. 

*Draffin, John 
Fenwick, C. H. 
*Gaines, K. C. 
Kavanaugh, U. W. 
Kavanaugh, George W. 
I.ittlepage, James S. 
Littlepage & Hardin 
McBrayer, James A. 
Penney, W. W. 
Wills, John F. 

Ballard County. 

Corbett, Thomas H. 
tJenkins, Samuel H. 
Marshall, C. S. 
Marshall &, Corbett 
Wickliffe, Charles 

Turner, Oscar 

Barren County. 

Bates & Garnett 
Bates, James P. 
Cockrill, Travis 
tCrenshaw, B. M. 
Garuett, James P. 
Gorin &, Lewis 
Gorin, Franklin 
Gorin, James W. 
Johnson, James B. 
Johnson & Lawless 
Lawless, Burwell 
Lewis, Joseph H. 
McFerrin & Gorin 
McFerrin, Wm. R. 
Ritter & Sampson 
Ritter, John W. 

Rogers, John G. 
Sampson, William 
'Tompkins, Christopher 
Walters, Lewis 

Bath County. 

Apperson & Ragland 
Apperson, Wm. W. 
Conner, R. H. 
Coulthard, Robert 
Gordon, T. B. 
Hood, James F. 
Hurt, L S. 
lones, D. C. 
Lacy, B. D. 
*McNary, S. P. 
Nesbitt, James M. 
Rand, F. 

Ragland, William M. 
*Sudduth, W M. 
Sudduth & Coulthard 
Trumbo & Lacy 
Trumbo, Andrew 

Boone County. 

Armstrong, Edward S. 
Brooking, J. H. 
Calvert, James W. 
Chambers, Charles 
Vawter, Edward F. 

Coi'bin, James 

Bourbon County. 

Alexander, Wm. W. 
^Bedford, A. V. 
Brown, Alexander M. 
Brown & Simnis 
Davis, Garrett 
Davis, Robert T. 
Davis, G. & R. T. 
Grimes, Thomas A. 
Hanson, S. & R. H. 
Hanson, Richard H. 
tlpwes, Richard 
Hawes & Kennedy 
Kennedy, Franklin 
Martin, Thomas S. 
Martin, William S. 
Simms, William E. 
Smith, Thomas P. 
Tliornton, A. R. 
Thornton, John R. 
Thornton, J. R. & A. R. 
Williams, Benjamin F. 
Williams, George W. 
Williams, G. W. & B. F. 

Boyle County. 

Akin, John Brent, 

*Albridge, A. A. 
* Anderson, A. A. 
Anderson, W. C. 
Bell, JoshuaF. 
Bell & Cowan 
Boyle & Anderson 
Boyle, J. T. 
tBridges, John L. 
Christman, M. T. 
Cowan, John 
Durham, M. J. 
Fox, Fountain T. 
Fox, Thomas H. 
Fox, F. T. & T. H. 
fFry, Speed S. 
*Hopkins, James G. 
'Jacobs, John A. 
Kincaid, John Sen. 
Kincaid, William G. 
Mitchell &. Durham 
Mitchell, Charles W. 
Mitchell, J. P. 
Nichols, Thomas C. 
Sneed, Alexander H. 
Williams, Beverly D. 
Wallace, Caleb B. 
Young, Thomas Paine 

Boiling, John L. 
Davenport, James H. 
May, Charles H . 

MitckelUvilU P. O. 
Mitchell, James P. 

Bracken County. 

A ugusta. 

Doniphan, Joseph 
*Marshall, Martin 
Marshall & Marshall 
Marshall, Thornton F. 
Marshall, William C. 
Schooltield, Joseph 

Boude, John H. 
Boudc & Payne 
Furber, J. N. 
Gill, William W. 
Green, Amos 
Hamilton, George W. 
"Murray, Alfred 
Payne, John 
tWillis, Benjamin G. 

Fitzpatrick, Harden A. 
McDougle, Albert D. 

Breathitt County. 

Cardwell, Isaac N. 
Hannah, James W. 
Hargis, John 



Breckenridge Co. 

Allen & Williams 
Allen, Alfred 
♦Allen, Jo. 
Bruner, John B. 
Chalfant, Samuel C. 
Jennings, Jefferson 
tKincheloe. Jesse W. 
Williams, J. H. 

Bnlitt County. 

Field. Abram H. 
Field, Richard H 
Kalfus, C. C. 
I,ee, Phil. 

Saunders, Nathaniel P. 
Thompson, William R. 
Wilson, William 

Butler Coiiuty. 

Evans, William A. 
Evans & Grider 
Hay, Vincent S. 
Shields, Thomas H. 

Caldwell Co. 

*Machon, W. B. 
Marshall, James F. 
*0'Hara, Reuben R. 
Tyler, Marcus M. 

Barbour, George W. 
Bradly & Miller 
Calvert, William H. 
tCook, George B. 
*Davidge, Rezin 
Ervin, Robert 
Edmonds, William H. 
Lindsay, Levingston 
Lindsay & Edmonds 
Miller, William H. 
McGoodvrin, D. W. 
McGoodwin, D. W. & J. D. 

Calloway Co. 

Beckham, Pleasant H. 
Culver, James C. 
Irvan, Burwell B. 
Scruggs & Coleman 
Waddiugton, A. W. 

Campbell Co. 

Baker, R. T. 
Decourcy, James A. 
Sherwin, James H. 

Carter, James G. 

Flag Springs. 
Ball, E. P. 

Luke, William H. W. 
Nelson, John H. 

Barry, A. J. 
Berry, Jonathan 

Berry, W. J. 
Boyd, F. A. 
DeCourcy, T. W. W. 
Hallam & Berry 
Hallam, James R. 
*Harris, H. T. 
Hodffe, George B. 
Jane's, T. L. 
Root, Ira 
Root & Webster 
■Southgate, Richard 
*Taylor, James 
Webster, F. M. 

Carroll County. 

*Butler, William O. 
Guthrie, Samuel 
Hinklc, George D. 
*Mason, Lewis L. 
Masterson, R. W. 
tPryor, James 
*Vanpelt, William H. 
Winslow, William B. 

Carter County. 

Botts, J. R. 
Frizell, A. H. 
Park, John J. 
Weis, D. K. 

Casey County. 

*Gibbins, George B. 
Thomas, Hiram 
Wolford, Franklin L. 
Wolford & Fox 

Christian County. 

Orver, W. A. 

Bernard, Samuel M. 
Bernard, William V. 
*Berry, Benjamin 
Buckner, James F. 
■Buckner, Robert W. 
Buckner, William T. 
Buckner, J. F. 6l W. T. 
Caldwell, Isaac H. 
Crockett, John W. 
Crockett & Johnson 
Gray, Ninian E. 
Gray & Knight 
*Gray, Benjamin E. 
Hays, Daniel S. 
Hays, John W. 
Hemingray, J. C. 
'Jackson, James 


Knight, John B. 
Lansden, R. Rufus 
McKee, Robert 
Moriis, John D. 
Owen, William A. 
Petree, R. T. 
Phelps, Hiram A. 
Phelps & Wallace 
Rogers, A, D. 
Shackelford, B. & R. 
Shackelford, Benjamin 
Shackelford, Richard 
*Starling Sa'uuel M. 
tStites, Henry, jun. 

Stites, John 
Waddill, Joseph W. 
Wallace, William W. 
*Wartield, Walter E. 
Wooldridue, Edmund 
Wooldridge, Samuel L. 

Clark County. 

Oil Springs 
Kiddvillc P. O. 
Eastin, Thomas 

Allan, Chilton 
*Buckner, A. PI. 
Downey, William S. 
Eginton, Charles 
Eginton & Tucker 
Hanson, R. W. & C. S. 
Hanson, Charles S. 
Hanson, Roger W. 
Hanson, Samuel 
*Hart, Thomas 
Houston <k Downey 
Houston, John B. 
Jones, Cad. 
Preston, C. A. 
tSimpson, James 
Smith, George 
Tucker, Joseph T. 
*Taylor, Hub. 
*Wheeler, S. D. 
*Williams, John S. 

Clay County. 

Ensworth, Samuel 
Haynes, Robert Y. 

Clinton County. 

Bramlette, Thomas E 
Cross, Joel Homer 
Dabney, William J. 
Maxey, Rice 
Maxey, S. B. 

Crittenden County. 

Ford's Ferry. 
Ford, Francis 

Bigham, Robert L. 
Black, Nathan R. 
Black & Wagar 
Cole, Chester C. 
Gibson, Schuyler 
^Gilliam, John S. 
Wagar, Warren 

Cumberland Co. 

Alexander & Winfrey 
Alexander, Thomas T. 
Cheek, William 
Emerson, Thomas M. 
King, John Q. A. 
King, Alfred 
Winfrey, Thomas C: 

Daviess County. 

Calhoun, Mitchell 
Singleton, Stanley 



Anthony, William 
Botts, Albert G. 
Devereux, John P. 
Fogle, McDowell 
Johnson, AUred B. 
Johnson, James L. 
Pegram, William B. 
Smith, Henry E. 
Stirman, Oscar F. 
Watkins, Thomas W. 
Wilson, Thomas G. 
Weir, James 
Yearaau, George H. 

*Hawes, Hugh W. 
*McCreery, Thomas C. 

l<^(liuonson Co. 

Poynter, William L. 

SIstill County. 

Barnes, Sidney M. 
Carson, Thomas H. 
*Chile8, William P. 
Daniel, Dillard C. 
Price, John M. 
tQuinn, Abner W. 
Riddell, John H. 
Riddell, Robert 
Rice ii Noland. 
Rice, Benjamin F. 
Smith, Robert W. 
'Wilbur, Thomas 

Fayette County. 

Abernathy, G. W. 
Allen, J. L. 
A they, Robert A. 
Beck, J. B. 
Boswell, W. D. 
Brand, W. H. 
Breckinridge, J. C. 
Buckner, Richard A, 
Buckner & Dudley 
Bullock, T. W. 
Carr, Charles D. 
*Clay, James B. 
Combs, Leslie 
Cooper. R. W. 
Dudley, W. A. 
Eginton, Charles 
tGraves, B. F. 
Harrison, J. O. 
Harrison &, Hunt 
Hansbro, John C. 
Hogan, James C. 
Hogan, John T. 
Hunt, E. W. 
Hunt, F. K. 
Johnson, M. C. 
Kinkead, G. B. 
McClelland, G.M. ■ 
McCoy, John 
Monroe, T. B. 
Payne, Daniel M. 
Payne, John B. jun. 
Payne, Daniel M. & J. B. 
Pindell, H. C. 
Pindell, Richard 
Pindell & Caulfield 
'Redd, Samuel J. 
Robertson, G. & A. H. 

Robinson & Johnson 
Rogers, C. C. 
Shy & Beck 
Shy, Samuel 
Smith, L. B. 
Taylor, B. B. 
tThomas, C. B. 
VVickliflfe. R. N. 
■ Wicklifte, R. 
Wooley, R. VV. 

Fleming County. 

Alexander, Joseph M. 
Andrews, Landatf W. 
tBotts, William S. 
Boyd, Wilson P. 
Bruce, Horatio 
Burgess, G. D. H. 
Cassiday, Michael 
Cavan, John A. 
Cord, William H. 
Cox, Leander M. 
*Fitch, Elisha S. 
*Marshall, Martin P. 

Floyd County. 

Burns, John M. 
Elliott, John M. 
Harkins, Hugh 
Martin, Daniel D. 
*Trimble, Edwin 

Franklin County. 

Brown, Mafon 
Callender, William L. 
Craddock, George W. 
Harlan, JohnM. 
Harlan, J as. and Wm. L. 
Herndon, John C. 
Hewitt, John M. 
Hord, Lysander 
Major, P. V. 
McKee, Robert C. 
Monroe, Benjamin 
Monroe, James 
Monroe, J. A. 
Monroe, B. & J. 
Morehead, C. S. 
Morehead & Brown 
Rodman, John 
Todd, Samuel 

Fulton County. 

Breast, J. R. 
Bullock, J. M. 
Bullock & Son 
Ford, W. C. 
Gibson, James W. 
Kingman. Albert D, 
*Morris, George S. 
Parker, J. G. 
jRiley, David T. 
Roulhac, Francis 
Stoner, George W. 

Gallatin County. 

Abbett, Henry J. 
Hawkins, Edmund W. 
I Hawkins & Kelsey 

Garrard County. 

Bryantsville . 
*Bowman, C. E. 

Bell & Salter 
*Bruce, Horatio 
Burdett, Joshua 
Burton, Alkn A. 
Dunlap, George W. 
Landram, Lewis 
Lusk, Alexander 
Lusk, Robert D. 
Lusk, Samuel 
Lusk, S. & A. 
Mason, William B. 
Salter, R. Allen 

Grant County. 

O'Hara, James, jr. 

Scroggin, John G. 

Burnett, Matthew 
Green, Amos 
McManama, O. D. 
O'Hara, Charles 
O'Hara, James 
Rankin, William S. 

Graves County. 

May ield. 
Anderson, Lucian 
Boon, A. R. 
Bradley, W. R. 
Blount, W. G. 
Kimble, A. W. 
Mayes, R. L. 
Mayes & Boon 
tWilliams, R. K. 
Wortham, John 

Grayson County. 

Bozorth, J. W. 
Conklin, William L. 
*Green, Willis 
Thurman, John J. 

Green County. 

Adair, John A. 
*Allen, William B. 
Barnett, Andrew 
Goalder, James T. 
Harding, Aaron 
Lisle, Thomas W. 
McCorkle, John M. S. 
Montague, Robert S. 
■'Shreve, Joshua M. V. 
Spencer, Samuel A. 
Ward, William T. 

Summer sville. 
Towles, Eli O. 
Towles, George W. 

Greenup County. 

Corum, Jesse 
Davidson, Jeremiah 



Dulin, Edward F. 
Evans, Thos. Jefferson 
King, Jotin B. 
Kin^ & Roe 
McConnell, Charles L. 
*Robb, Joseph M. 
Roe, George E. 
Ross, Lewis D. 

Hancock Connty. 

Adair, Daviess L. 
Bush, R. Y. 

Bush, W, P. D. & R. Y. 
Bush. William P. D. 
*Mayhall, William D. 
•Sterrett, WUliam 
Williams, George W. 

Hardin Conntyi 

Brown, A. Frank 
Brown, Thomas D. 
*Churchill, A. H. 
Eliot, Stephen 
Harris, Sylvester 
Haycraft, Samuel 
Hays, James W. 
Hays, Randall G. 
Helm, John L. 
Helm & Johnson 
Jewett, Joshua H. 
Johnson, Nat. W. 
Samuels, Wm. T. 
Stone, Eli H. 
Stone, James W. 
Stone <fc Stone 
Thomas, Owen R. 
Vertrees, William D. 
Wintersmith, Charles G. 
Wintersmith & Vertress 
Yeaman, Stephen M. 

Meeting Creek. 
Sampson, A. H. J. 

West Point. 
Shean, Charlton D. 

Harlan County. 

Harlan C. H. 
Brittain, Cawood & Lyttle 
Crump, Abner 
"Crump, John G. 
Lyttle, David Y. 

Harrison County. 

Boyd, John S. 
Cleary, W. W. 
Curran, Thomas A. 
*Currie, James C. 
Curry, James R. 
*Finley, John S. 
Forrester, Robert H. 
Hodges, John O. 
Morrison, John L. 
Morrison & Clearv 
Rankin, O. F. 
Trimble, William W. 
Trimble, William W. & J. 
Ward, Andrew H. 

Hart County. 

Bohannon, John S. 

F.rown, J. Thompson 
Donau, John 
fKerr, B. L. 
Kerr, J. S. 
Murray. Robert D. 
Rush, James C. 
Thompson, W. B. 

Henderson Connty4 

.411ison, W. D. 
"'Atkinson, John C. 
*Bell, James 
Brackinridge, James P. 
Bunch, John T. 
Dallam, F. H. 
Delano, Ira 
Delano, William H. 
Dixon, Archibald 
Dixon & Delano 
*Eastln, Achilles 
Hopkins, Edmund H. 
Hopkins & Bunch 
Hughes &i Dallam 
Lambert, R. B. 
*Penuell, C. M. 
Powell, Lazams ^y. 
Stone, William L. 
Turner, Henry F. 
Walker, Frank 

Henry County. 

New Castle. 
Bashaw, J. W. 
Drane, G. C. 
Losan. R. A. 
xMathews, C. M. 
Marshall. H. 
Nuttall, E. F. 
Nuttall & Logan 
Pryor, W. S. 
tTaylor, John G. 
Webb, Isaac N. 
Webb & Pryor 

Hickman County, 

Bullock, E. I. 
Bullock, John M. 
Crossland Edward 
Crossland it Lannoni 
Husbands, W. H. 
Lannom. W. D. 
Oldham, G. W. 
Ray. E. R. 
Silvertooth. G. W. 
Walker, Robert W. 

Hopkius County. 

Arnold, John E. 
Barret, John 
Bishop, Olean 
Clarke, W. B. 
Clarke & Greenfield 
Cook, John P. 
Cook & Lynn 
Earle, John B. 
Frost, John B. 
*Gordon, Ambrose G. 
Gordon, Lysander G. 
Greentield, S. B. 
Lynn. Valentine M. 
Waddill, Otway 
Woodson, Samuel 
Woodson vt Hopkins 

Jeflersou Couuty. 

Armstrong, George T. 
Armstrong & Spear 
Atchison, S. A. 
Atwood, WilUam 
Baird, Robert F. 
Ballard, Andrew J. 
Ballard & Ballard 
Barret, John G. 
Barret & Wood 
Beattie, James A. 
Bodley, W. S. 
Bodley & Locke 
Boone & Peuebaker 
Bridges, Matthew 
Bridges >!c Meng 
Bullut & Smith 
Bullock, John O. 
fBullock, William F. 
Caldwell k. Caldwel 
Gates & Reed 
Chambers, George W, 
Chambei-s, James P. 
Clemmons, J. L. 
Clemmons & Taylor 
Cotton, C. B. 
Craig, Edwin S. 
Crenshaw, L. P. 
Elliott & Woodnifi 
Field, William H. 
Flusser, Charles 
Flusser &. Flusser 
Fry & Field 
Furniss, Joseph A. B. 
Galbreth, — 
Graves, E. A. 
Green, Isaac E, 
Haggin & Harris 
Harrison, James 
Harrison, John O. 
Hite & Tydings 
Jarvis, — 
Johnson, G. W. 
tJoyes, John 
Joyes, Patrick 
Lancaster, Joseph B. 
McKinley, Andrew 
-Morris, Walker 
-Murphy, M. 
Nichelas, S. S. 
Pilcher & Hauser 
rirtle, Heniy 
Pollard, Benjamin W. 
Pope, E. P. 
Pope, Hamilton 
Preston, William 
Reasor. William H. 
[;iley & Muir 
Ripley, Charles 
Ripley & Logan 
Rousseau. — 
Sharp, J. W. 
Smith, Thomas M. 
Spear, David D. 
Speed, James 
Speed <Sc Worthington 
tewart, Joseph B. 
tout, A. M. 
Taylor, Joseph 
Thomasson, William P. 
Thomasson Sc Gibson 
Tilford, Thomas D. 
Thruston, Charles M. 
Tyler, J. W. 
Williams, Sherrod 
Wolfe, Nathaniel 
Wolfe & Poindexter 
Wood, William C 


Worthington, E. S. 

Jessamine County. 

Bronaugh, John S. 
Clarke & Scott 
■*McAtee, Allen L. 
*Ridgly, Richard H. 
Scott, William S. 
Shanklin, George S. 
Shanklin & Bronaugh 
tWake, Alexander 
Welch, William B> 
Woodson, Robert E. 
Woodson & Welch 

Johnson County. 

Friend, Samuel K. 
Look, George H. 
Mayo, Winston 

Kenton County. 

Apperson, Richard, jr. 
Arnold, Thomas A. 
Arthur, W. E. 
*Barllett, E. B. 
Benton, M. M. 
Benton & Kinkead 
Bibb, T. P. A. 
Cambron, S. H. 
Cambron & Fisk 
Carpenter, R. B. 
Chambers, V. T. 
Dudley, M. J. 
Fennell, John W. 
Fisk, John F. 
Foley, B. W. 
French, Richard 
French & Moore 
Hale, P. W. 
Harris, Henry C. 
Hereford, 3. P. 
Hutchinson, Robert 

Kennedy, W. A. 

Kinkhead, W. B. 

Levi, Joel A. 

Livingston, A. F. 

Madeira, A. D. 

McGill, J. D. 

McGill & Phelps 

Menzies, J. W. 

Menzies & Spilnian 

Mooar, Charles H. 

Mooar, D. 

Mooar & Dudley 

Moore, S. M. 

Morehead, James, jr. 

Morehead & Stephenson 

Phelps, E. H. 

Porter, Bruce 

Preston, J. M. 

Richardson, Robert 

Simmons, Robert 

Southgate, James 

Spillraan, J. E. 

Stevenson, John W. 

Timberlake, H. C. 

Wall, S. T. 

Wall & Finnell 

Wise, Frederick 

Riley, Edward 


Knox County. 

tAdams, Green 
Anderson, James Wallace 
Dishman, John 
Eve, J. G. 

Herndou, Richardson 
Rice, Milton L. 
Rice & Eve 

Sawyers, Thomas L-. W. 
Tuggle, Benjamin 
Woodson, Silas 

Lynn Camp. 
Bruce, John P. 

Liarue County. 

Howell, William 
* Morris, William L. 
McCandlass, William V. 
Read, William B. 
Read, George T. 
Read, Henry E. 
Robertson, William 
Thumian & McCandlass 
Yeaman, W. Pope 

taurel County. 

Buford, Thomas J. 
Pearl, Granville 
Ramsay, William B. 
Randall, William H. 
Sparks, James 
Wilson, William H. 

liawrence County. 

Canterbury, R. F> 
Goble, Green V. 
Moore, Laban T. 
Rice, Jacob 
Rice, James M. 

liCtchcr County. 

Maddocks, J. H. N. 

liCwis County. 

Halbert, George T. 
Holbrook, Socrates 
Thomas, George Morgan 
Procter, Larkin J. 

King, John 

Trussell, Mandley 

Iiincoln County. 

Blain, Robert, Jr. 

Ballinger, John S. 
Ballinger & Ousley 
Baily, Winford G. 
Blain, Robert 
Boyle & Tevis 
Bell & Blain 

Fox & Vaugha , 
Higgins, JohnF. 
Hill, Thomas P. 
Huston, Thales 
Ousley, Joseph H. 
Smith, Jeremiah M. 
Stone, Francis P. 
Tevis, Robert M. 
Varnon, Thomas W. 
Vaughn, James B. 

liivingston County. 

Bigham, Newton H. 
Oouner, William 
Fowler, Wilie P. 
Kingman, Samuel A. 
Patterson, David W. 

TjOgan Connty. 

Bowling, R. C. 
Breedlove, G. W. 
*Broadnox, H. P. 
Edwards & Harvey 
tEdwards, G. T. 
Ewing, G. W. 
*Ewing, Presley 
*Ewin2, E. M. 
*Ewing, H. a 
Frazer, Thomas A. 
Frazer & Rhea 
Harvey, Frank G> 
tHise, E. 
Malone, John W. 
McCleland, John A, 
Morton, William J, 
Rhea, A. G. 

Madison County. 

Allison, Henry T. 
Breck, Daniel 
Breck, Daniel Jr. 
Breck & Son 
Burnam, Curtis F. 
Caperton, James W. 
Capertou, William H. 
Caperton, W. H. & J. W. 
*Capcrton, Woods 
Embry, James Howard 
Field, Curtis Jr. 
tGoodloe, William C. 
Harris, Robert R. 
Noland, Stephen 
Runyon, Richard 
*Shackelford, E. L. 
Shackelford, J. M. 
Smith, Junius B. 
Smith, J. S. 
Smith, G. C. 
Smith, G. C. & J. B. 
*Slone, James C. 
*Stone, R. R. 
Turner, Squire 
Turner, Edward W. 
Turner & Son 
Turner, Thomas, Jr. 

Marion County* 

*Bickett, William G. 
Fogle, James M. 
Gibbs, William E. 
Uaskin, Joseph 
Hill, C. S. 



Hill &. Ray 
Purdy, Edward C. 
Ray, Nicholas S. 
Rountree, R, H. 
Rountree & Fogle 
Shuck, John 
f'huck & Woods 
Thurman, George 
Thurman &, Gibbs 
'Tucker, John H. 
Woods, Thomas C. 

Marshall Connty. 

Barnett, L. T. 
Boden, James 
Palmer, Philander 
Stone, R. F. 

Mason County. 

Adams, John C. 
Campbell, T. C. 
Casto, W. T. 
Clarke, John R. 
Collins, RicHard H. 
Conwell. William P. 
Hickman, John G. 
Hord, Francis T. 
Herd & Clarke 
Jefferson, John N. 
McCutcheon, James 
Payne, John S. 
Payne, Thomas Y. 
Payne & Son 
Phister, Elijah C. 
Rea, S. J. 
*Reider, Henry R. 
Respess, Thomas A. 
Scott, John L. 
Stanton, Richard H. 
Stanton & Respess 
*Stevenson, Thomas B. 
Taylor, Harrison 
Taylor, John D. 
Waller, Henry 
Waller & Hickman 
Wads worth, Wm. Henry 
Whitaker, Emery 

Sumrall, Daniel C. 

McCracken County. 

Beckham, Plpivsant H. 
Beckham & Millikin 
Bisijer. Joseph 
Campbell, James 
*Floumoy, L. M. 
Gainer, E. P. 
Husbands, J. B. 
Husbands, L. D. 
Jones, J. W. 
Jones, W. H. 
King, Henry C. 
Langstaff, George 
Millikin, John 
Morrow, G. H. 
Quigley, Quintus Q. 
Quigley, Lawrence W. 
Ratclitt'e, Richard S. 
Trimble, L. S. 
Trimble & Bigger 
Turner & Jones 
Turner, Oscar 

3Ieade County. 

Alexander, AVilliam 
Coale, William T. 
Percefull, James D. 
Stuart, James 
Taylor, Jesse S. 
Walker, John C. 

Mercer County. 

Buncun, P. O. 
McAfee, Robert 

Ballinger, Frank 
tDaveiss, Samuel 
*Daveis8, William 
Hagsin, John P. 
Hagl'in. Terah T. 
Hardin, James D. 
Hardin & Thompson 
Hooe, William A. 
Magoffin, Beriah 
Posten, O. S. 

medley, Charles C. 
Taylor, James 
Thompson, John B. 
Thompson, Phillip B. 
Trapuall, Benjamin C. 
Trapnall & Poston 

McAfee P. O. 
Burrus, William P. 
Jones, John J. 

Monroe County. 

Jobson, William S. 
Kellie, Augustus G. 
Leslie, Preston H. 

Montgomery Connty. 

Mount Sterling. 
Apperson, Richard 
Apperson & Mitchell 
Chiles, Walter 
Chiles &. Tenney 
Crawford, James M. 
Daniel, Henry 
Everett, John 
Farrow, Kenaz 
Farrow, Peters <fc Farrow 
Farrow, Stephen F. 
Gist, George W. 
*Hamilton^ A. W. 
Uazlerigg, Thomas F. 
Hood, Thomas J. 
*Mitchell, Warren 
Mitchell, Strother D. 
tMoore, James W. 
Peters, Belvard J. 
Tenney, O. S. 

3Iorgan County. 

West Liberty. 
Bures, William H. 
Eastley, James J. 
Hazelrigg, Aston W. 
Hazelri-rsr, T. F. 
Hazelrigg, A. W. & T. F. 
Hutchison, John N. 

Muhlenburg Connty. 

Chapeze, John 

Eaves, Charles C. 
Pittman, Burrus E. 

Ricketts, Joseph 

Rumtey, Edward 

?hort, Jonathan 

Weir, Edward R. 

Dyer, Dillis 
Gooch, Gideon 

Nelson Connt>'. 

Carpenter, Samuel, Sr. 
Carpenter, Samuel, Jr. 
Carpenter & Son 
Grigsby & Newman 
Grigsby, William R. 
Hite, George W. 
Hile, Thomas 
Hite & Son 
Johnson, William 
Linthicum, T. P. 
Xewman, John E. 
laughter, Daniel S. 
Wicklitie, C. A. 
Wickliffe, J. C. 
Wickliffe, Nathaniel 
Wicklitie, Robert L. 
Wickliffe. C. A. & J. C. 
Wickliffe, N. & R. L. 
Young, Stanley 

Nicholas County. 

Alexander, Jesse P. 
*Chappell, Edward F. 
Hall, Robert C. 
^Holliday, James H. 
Metcalfe, James P. 
Metcalfe & Ross 
.Munger, Fitch 
N'orvell, William 
QuisenbeiTy, Thomas E. 
i-Ross, William P. 

Forest Retreat. 
Victor, WilUam B. 

Lower Bhie Lick. 
*Tanner, Jonathan M. 

Ohio Connty. 

Briggs Mills. 
Harrison, John J. 

■ Fitzhugh, James 
Kinney, William R. 
McCallister, Theodore 
Mc Henry, Henry D. 
McHenry, John H. 
McHenry, J. H. & Son 
Mosely, Robert 
Taylor, H. D. 
Townserd, John C. 
Walker, E. Dudley 

Oldham County. 

La Grange. 
Clayton, John W. 
De Haven, S. E. 
English, S. S. 
Gazlav, A. M. 
Price," W. C. 
Rodman & De Haven 
*Waide, £. F. 



Ovrcn County, 

Neic Liberty. 
Kelsey, Hiram 
Nelson, A. O. 

Berfynian, Thomas A. 
Duval, John 
(rrovei-, Asa P. 
Revill, Rankin R. 
Roberts, William B. 
Roberts, W. B. 

Owsley County. 

Allison, William H. 
Chasteen, Samuel D. 
Cornelison, Jetferson 
Eve, Joseph N. 
Hen&lcy, Harvey 
Rice, Charles 

Faulcner, John C. 
Fulkerson, James M. 

Pendleton County. 

Hauser, Samuel Thomas 
Records, John E. 
SvTope, Samuel F. 

Perry County. 

Crooks, H. G. 

Pike County. 

Brown, George N. 

Powell County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Pulaski County. 

Bradley, Robert M. 
Bacheller, Carlton B. 
Denton, Dudley H. 
Haley, Walker W. 
Hill, Thomas P. 
James, Andrew J. 
*Lair, John G. 
McKay, John 
Moore, William B. 
Rousseau, James A. 
Wood, Loffan A. 
Wood & Fox 

Kockcastle Co. 

Mount Vernon. 
Eastham, James 
Guthrie, L. T. 
Jones, James C. 
>=Kirtley, Charles 
Merryman, Joseph E. 
Moore, John A. 
*Newcum. Jonathan 
Smith, Elisha 

Russell County. 

Bryan, George 

Hayes, Joseph E. 
Rowe, Joseph T. 
Skinner, O. J. 
Stone, N. B. 
Stone, Shelby 

Scott County. 

Cable & Bradley 
Cable, Philander L. 
Bradley, Benjamin F. 
Darnaby, William S. 
Dickerson, Lucien B. 
tDuvall, Alvin 
*FIournoy, Thomas C. 
Green, S. N. 
*Johnson, John T. 
'Johnson, George W. 
Polk, Marcellus 
Robinson, James F. 
Robinson & Johnson 
Shepard. James M. 
Smith, D. Howard 
*Viley, George W. 

Stamping Ground. 
Leach, James G. 

White Sulphur, 
*Shepherd, Philip B. 

Shelby County. 

Brown, Thomas W 
Bullock, J. M. & W. C. 
Caldwell, James L. 
Cochran, T. B. 
Jarvis, William P. 
Johnston & Throop 
McHenry, Martin D. 
McHenry & Cochran 
Parker, Thomas 
*Payne, Edward C. 
Taylor, M. C. 
Tevis, Joshua 
Throop, Thomas J. 
Whittaker, Walter C. 
Whittaker, James S. 
Whittaker, W. C. & J. S. 

Simpson County. 

*Boisseau, Patrick H. 
Clarke, Beverley L. 
Clarke & Finn 
Finn, John A. 
Green, Charles 
Jones, William B. 
Milliken, Charles W. 

Spencer County. 

Burnett, Theodore L. 
Oain, V/illiam R. 
Huston, Mark E. 

Taylor County. 

Adair. A. Monroe 
Barbee, Ellas L. 
Gowdy, Alfred F. 
Hardmg & Barbee 
Robinson, John R. 
Robinson & Bramlette 
Shuck & Gowdy 

Todd County. 

Bibb, H. G. 
Bristow, B. H. 
Bristow, F. M. 
Bristow & Petree 
Harrison, W. B. 
Harrison & Wooldridge 
Hollingsworth, J. G. 
Kennedy, S. W. 
*McLean, F. E. 
■McReynolds, R. B. 
"McReynolds, J. A. 
Perkins, B. T. 
Petree, H. (t. 
Pendleton, C. N. 
Russell, James A. 
^Taylor, T. W. 
Terry, Gobrias 
Wells, W. H. 

Trigg County. 

Bradley, Collins D. 
Burnett, Henry C. 
Burnett, James M. 
Dabney, Albert S. 
fDabney, Thomas C. 
Hammond, T. W. 
Henry, Lafayette 
Mayes, Matthew 
Thompson, J. E. 
Thomas, W. M. 

Trimble County. 

Guthrie, Lenoval T. 
Roberts, John, Jr. 
Winn, Minor 

Garriott's Landing. 
Abbott, M. T. 

Union Co. 

Blue, John W. 
Brown, Jetferson 
Cissell, Benjamin 
Huston, George W. 
Huston & Towles 
Hughes, W. G. 
M'Elroy, Hiram 
Towles, Thomas 

Warren Co. 

Boioling Green'm 
Adams, George B. 
*Blewett, Charles E. 
Briggs, Charles M. 
Calvert, Thomas C. 
Gorin & Briggs 
IGraham, Asher W. 
Grider, Henry 
Grider, Henry J. 
Grider, Benjamin C. 
Grider & Rodes 
■Halsell, John 
*Hawkins, P. Butler 
Hobson, Atwood G. 
Loving & Grider 
Loving, William V. 
Patilow, Davis J. 
fPayne, William H, 
*Piilsbury, Josiah 
Rodes, Robert 
Rogers, George C. 



Underwood, Joseph R. 
Underwood & Grider 
Undenvood, Warner L. 
Underwood & Rogers 
VVilkins, Jeremiah C. 
Wilkins, James H. 

Washington Co. 


Alfred, G. C. 


•Booker, Paul J. 
Booker, William B. 
Browne, R. J. 
Cox, L. B. 
Hardin, M. R. 
tHayes, W. H. 
'Jackson, John 

Riley, W. E. 
Thurman & Hardin 
Thurman, G. C. 

Yocum, John 

Wayne County. 

Christman, James S. 
ColTey, Shelby 
Hisginbotham, C. L. 
Phillips, H. L. 
Stone, Shelby 
Vanwinkle, Ephriam L. 
Vanwinkle, John S. 

Whitley County. 

Williamshurg . 
Cook, William S. 

Woodford County. 


Barr, John Watson 
Barr & Prall 
Bowmar, Herman, Jr. 
Goodloe, John K. 
Hoskins, Jesse E. 
Marshall, Thomas F. 
Porter, Thomas P. 
Porter & Smith 
Prall, J. A. 
Smith, William R. 
Turner & Hoskins 
Turner, Ulysses 
*Twyman, Broaddus W. 
Vaughan, Thomas M. 
*Wilhams, Daniel J. Jr. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers, 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Ascension Parish. 

t Duffel, Albert 
Duffel, Henry L. 
lleley, John H. 
Johnson, Charles Andrew 
Lawes, William C> 

New River. 
'Kenner, Duncan F. 

Assumption Parish. 

Barrilleau, Cyprien A. 
Gentile, A. 
Maurin, Edmund 


Malhoit, E. E. 
Malhoit <fe Mills 
Mills, WUUam Reed 

Avoyelles Parish. 


iCuehman, Ralph 
Generes, John L. 
Hitchborn, Freeman P. 
Taylor, Henderson 
Taylor, S. L. 
Taylor, H. & S. L. 
Waddill, John P. 
Waddill, William, 
Waddill, J, P. & W. 

Baton Ronge, East 

Baton Rouge City, 
Adams, Amos 
Avery, Daniel D. 
Beale, Robert G. 
Bninot, James M. 
Burk, John J. 
*Carrigan, John N. 
*Conrad, Frederick D. 
Davidson, Thomas G. 
Davidson & McHatton 
Dunn Alexander M. 
Elam, James M. 
Elam, James E. 
Elam, J. M. & J. E. 
Gayle James C. 
Gil, VViUiam, 
Graves, Samuel P. 
Herron, Andrew S. 
Jones, John W. 
Joor, Joseph, 
Lacy, George S. 
.Matthews, Samuel 
McCutcheon, James M. 
McHatton, Robert. E. 
McWhorter, George C. 
Morgan, T. G & P. H. 
Morgan, Philip H. 
iMorgan, Thomas G. 
.Seymour, John W. 
Sherbnrne, Henry W. 
Welsh, James 
White, Humphrey B. 

Baton Ronge West 

Baton Rouge P. O. 
*Barrow. Alexander 

Barrow, David N. 
Edwards & Barrow 
Favrot, H. M. 

Grosse Fete. 
*Barrow John 

LobdelVs Store P. O. 
Lobdell, John Little 
tRobertson, William B. 

Bienville Parish. 

Mount Lebanon. 
Turner, W. G. 

Paxton, W. E. 

*Gray, Henry 

Bossier Parish. 

Belle Vue. 
Lawson & Fort 
Looney, Robert J. 

Caddo Parish. 

Beall, Joseph 0. 
Buckner, R. T. 
Burton, John W. 
Cooke, Robert 
Grain, L. P. 
Grain & Nutt 
Flournoy, James 
Ford, Samuel 
Ford & Slaughter 
Gilbert, John 3. ' 



Harper, Robert G. 
Hodge, B. L. 
Jones, John W. 
Jones, Roland 
Kilpatrick, J. H. 
Kilpatrick &, Marks 
Land & Cook 
Land, Thomas T. 
Landrum, John M. 
Landrnm & Williamson 
*Murray, William F. 
Nutt, L. M. 
Slaughter, Atticus 


tSpoftbrd, H. M. 
Terrell & Hodge 
Terrell, William J. 
Trabue, Robert P. 
Wynans, William T. 

Calcasieu Parish. 

Lake Charles. 
Kirby, Samuel A. 

Caldwell Parisb. 

Boatner, Mark 
Crawibrd, Thomas S. 

Carroll Parish. 

Lake Providence. 
Bonner, Hiram R. 
Caldwell, Aquilla B. 
Du Bose, Malachi 
^Goodrich, Ferdinand M. 
Graham, Robert 
Selby, Louis 
Short, Hugh 
*Willson, George G. 

Catahoula Parish. 

Alexander, James 
tBarry, Edward 
Cuny, Richard H. 
Evans, David 
Henry, Alexander R. 
Mayo, Orren 
Taliaferro, James G. 

Claiborne Parish. 

1 Graves, David L. 

Egan, James C. 
Egan, William B. G. 
Jones, E. J. H. 
Scott, N. J. 
Tfaomai-son, J. M. 
Vaughn, Tillinghast 
Young, John 

Drew, H. A. 

Concordia Parish. 

Alexander, Peter 
*Hunter, A. C. 
Shaw, Henry B. 
Sparrow, Edward 
Stacy, David S. 
gtacy & Sparrow 

Veazie, James H. 
Veazie & Wales 
Wales, G . B. N. 
York, Zebulon 

De Soto Pariah. 

Bums, Robert 

Bennett, William L. T. 
Criswell, David 
Elam, Joseph B. 
Elam & Hamilton 
Flower, Andrew S. 
Graves, Harris B. 
Hodge &L Bennett 
*Lewis, William G. 
Mitchell, A. Russell 
Mundy, Reuben 
JIundy & Smith 
Scales, Thaddeus C. 
Smith, Hinton 
Wemple, Jacob D. 

Feliciana, E. Parish. 

Bowman, Robert J. 
Bowman & Delee 
Delee, Augustus W. 
Ellis, E. P. 
Ellis & Haynes 
Fuqua, I. O. 
Hardee, D. C. 
Haynes, Bythell 
Kernan, William F. 
Kernan & Pond 
Lewis, A. S. 
McVea, Charles 
Merrick, Edwin T. 
Morgan, John 
Muse, James H. 
Muse & Hardee 
Pond, Preston, Jr. 
Roberts, B. D. 
Roberts, John M. 
Roberts, J. M. & B. D. 
*Smith, C. M. 
Smith, James B. 
Winter, WilUam D. 
Winter & Fuqua 

Heath, John T. 
McVea, John 

Feliciana, W. Parish. 

St. Francisville. 
Brewer, L. D. 
Brewer & Collins 
Collins, John H. 
Griffin, William 
*Haile. Calhoun 
*Haralson, Bertrand 
*Harbour, Ewell T. 
Hudson, H. C. 
Mayo, Frederick E. 
Paterson, Joseph A. 
PhilUpe, Uriah B. 
Powell, Samuel J. 
Ratlitf, Cyrus 
*Rhea, David 
tStirling, James L. 
Wederstraudt, J. B. 
Wickliffe, R. C. 

Franklin Parish. 

Bonner, Allen 
Bradstreet, Wm. S. 
Norris, Samuel 
Ramage, Charles E. 

Iberville Parish. 

Watson, R. L. 

Blake, Eugene W. 
Deblieux, H. F. 
Edwards, William E. 
Lebauve, Zenon 
Petit, Adonis 
Petit, Amede 
[(.obertson, Edward W. 
Talbot, Augustus 

New River. 
Upton, Rufus A. 

Jackson Parish. 

Collingsworth & Tarver 

Defreese & Thompson 
Delreese, B. L. 
McLean & Rives 
Stell, J. W. 
Thompson, D. Rankin 
Weeks, James C. 

Jeflerson Parish. 

Robertson, Windham 
Scott, Walter T. 

Thompeon, Flavins 

Liafayette Parish. 

*Cormier, Valery 
Crow, Basil C. 
Crow & Girard 
Girard, Michel E. 
Mouton, Charles H. 
*Mouton, Eraste 
Mouton, C. H. 
*Neven, Jean Jacques 

Liafourehe In. Parish . 

'Allen, James G. 
Beatty, Adam 
Beatty, J. C. 
Beatty, J. C. & A. 
Belcher, Cliflbrd 
Cole, James L. 
Hall, Winchester 
Harding, Winthrop S. 
Jordan, Richard D. 
tRandall, David A. 
Roman, Jean Jacques 

Xiivingston Parish. 

Davidson, Thomas G. 



Bartlette, T. A. 
Duncan, Henry 
Walker, E. W. 
tVVatteretoti, George W. 

Madison Parisb. 

Amonette, James J. 
Garland. Robert 
Harrison, W. T. 
H>Ties, A. R. 
Moore J. M. 
Noland, James 
Owen, Isaac 
Parham, William S. 

*Philip9, J. Walter 
Perkins. William & John 
Perkins, William 
.•^hort Sz. Parham 
.Snyder, Alonzo 

Morehouse Parish. 

Boatner, James W. 
Bussey, James 
Compton, W. H. 
Hunter, A. J. 
McFee, William 
Newton, Daniel 
Parsons & Newton 
Parsons, Sylvester G. 

Orleans Parish. 

Matthews, J. B. 
Robertson, John V. 
Robertson <k Todd 
Todd, Robert B 
VVeaks, J. C. 

Xatchitoches Parish. 

fBullard, Charles Adams 
Boyce, ^lichael 
Campbell, James G. 
*Hertzog, Henry 
Pierson, Aaron H. 
Sherburne & Smith 
Sherburne, Felix B. 
Smith, John Blair 
Tucker. James M. B. 

Abbott, Robert, Commercial Place 

AUis & Fellows, 38 St. Charles st' 

Andry, William 

Ardrey, L. F. 95 Common st 

tAugustin, D. 20 Exchanje Alley 

Allis, Lorenzo, 38 St Charles st 

Auchmuty, S. P. Royal cor. Hospital 

Bartlette, T. A. 22 Natchez st 

Barton, Seth, 71 Bienrille st 

Barker. Jacob, 84 Gravier st 

Barker, R. H. 

Bayne, T. L. firm Clarke & Bayne, 11 Ex- 
change Place 

Beauregard, B. 51 St. Ann st 

Beecher, D. L. Rosseau n. Court House 

Bemiss, John B. Jl St. Charles st 

Benjamin, Micon & Finney, 51 CaJial st 

Benjamin, J. P. of above firm, 51 Canal st 

Bermudez, J. 180 Royal st 

Bermudez, Edward, Genrilly Road 

Bernhard, P. A. 24 Exchange AJlej' 

Bertin, P. M. 15 Pontable Buildings 

Bienvenue, Charles, 71 Bien^olle st 

Biron, P. S. 51 SL Ann st 

Blache, Martin, 45 Exchanee Alley 

Blair, H. P. 70 Exchange Allev 

Bonford, P. E. 89 Gravier st 

Bradford, E. A. firm of Hunton & Bradford, 
50 Camp st 

Bradford, J. Q. 77 Common st 

Breaux, G. A. 25 Commercial Place 

Brewer, James, Jackson bet Levee & Tchou- 

Brickell, J. N. 45 Camp st 

Briffffs, Edward. 69 Canal st 

Brittbn, J. B. 

Bright, G. L. 3 St. Chsrles st 

tBuchanan, A. M. 132 Levee 

Buisson, Fk, i81 Royal st 

Bouny, j. E. firm of St Paul & Bouny, 69 
Royal st 

Burthe,"V. 87 Royal st 

*Buscail, F. 45 Frenchmen st 

Budd, \V. C. cor. Orleans st. <fe Exchange 

Bare, A. 21 Orleans st 

Barthe, E. 268 St Phillip st 


Bedlock, W. P. (Clerk of C't), 222 Camp st 

Bryon, D. S. 77 Common st 

tCalongne, F. .50 St Peter st 

Canougef A. 21 Royal st 

*Canonge, L. P. 

Carrell, E. J. 37 Gravier st 

Carter, R. M. Magazine n. Race 

Castera, Louis, Exchange Alley 

Christy, W. 21 St. Charles st 

Christy, G. W. 6 Banks Arcade 


Claiborne, John, 28 Camp st 

Coudrain, P. 63 Greatmen st 

Culbertson, John, .53 Exchange Alley 

Cuvillier, C. P. 174 Royal st 

Clarke, J. C. 

Clarke & Heistand 

Clarke & Bayne, 11 Exchange Place 

Clarke, Thos. A. of above firm, 11 Ex. Place 

ChUton, J. M. 

Castellanos, H. C. 47 Exchange Place 

Cohen, M. M. 22 Exchange Place 

Collins, Thomas W. 

Commandeur, N. Bosseau n. Court House 

Conrad, C. M. 11 Exchange Place 

Cotton, V. F. Jackson bt Tchoupitoulas 

Cotton & Dorsej', Jackson bet Tchoupitoulas 

fCotton, J. B. Jackson bt. Tchoupitoulas 

Currell, J. R. 50 Camp st 

Clack, F. H. 

Coleman, J. C. Pacanier bet St. James Sl 

Charvet, Lucien 
Caire, J. E. 

Crane, W. R. Market cor. Annunciation 
Crawford, T. F. 75 Common st 
Chamberlain, C. M. 50 Camp st 
Curie, Dudley, 45 Camp st 
Curry, Thomas, 11 St Charles st 
*Daunoy, Charles F. 137 Casacalvo st 
David, J. C. .54 Conde st 
*De Armas, C. 293 Esplanade st 
Denis, H. R. Exchange Alley 
Denis, Henry, 22 Exchanga Place 
Denis, Arthur, L15 Bourbon st 
*Derbigny, Charles, 145 Conde st 
Dorsey, O. Jackson bt. Tchoupitoulas 
Downs, S. W. (Coll. of Port) 
Dufour, C. D. 55 Conte st 
Dufour, Numa, 83 Chartres st 
Duncan, L. C. ?L. C. & G. B. ( Duncan's 
Duncan, G. B. 3 Duncan 5 Buildings, 

Exchange Place 
Durell, E. H. 3 St Charles st 
Duvigneau, L 57 Toulouse st 
tDunbar, W. 

Denegre, W. O. 89 Gravier st 
Durant & Hornor, 31 Camp si 
Durant T. J. of above firm, 31 Camp st 
De Blanc, C. Jr. 92 Custom House bt 
De Choiseul, Charles, 20 Exchange Place 
Dixon, J. K. 

Duncan, J. W. 6 Duncaa's Buildings 
Durand, J. M. 2:39 Baron st 
*Dreux, A. 319 St Peter st 
Dreux, Charles 

*Duval, A Sixth cor. Carondelet Walk 
'Deranco, Charles, 162 Toulouse st 
DucrosB, P. A. 43 Custom House -t 



Bugn6, H. Rosseau n. Jackson 

Dunlap, James, 136 Common st 

Duncan, Garnett, 3 St. Charlos et 

Davig, Joseph A. 109 Poydras st 

Dunn, M. C. 99 Gravier st 

Drouet, T. 15 Craps st 

Deslonde, Edmund, 11 Exchange Phice 

I)e Fiance, Charles A. tirm Walker & De 

France, 328 Camp st 
Eggleston, H. B. 75 Common st 
Elliott, B. C. cor. Rosseau & Phillips 
Elmore cfe King, 20 Exchange Place 
Elmore, W. A. above tirm, 20 Exch. Place 
Emerson, Charles M. 6 Exchange Place 


tEustis, George, 55 Victory st 

Eustis, George, Jr. 18 Exchange Place 

Edwards, M. C. 110 Common st 

Eyma, L. 20 Bourbon st 

Finney, Joht.. 89 Gravier st 

Fitz, Charles, 30 Camp st 

Fileul, Ed. 60 Toulouse st 

Forstall, H. J. 4 Carondelet st 

Fraser, A. A. firm Mott «fc Eraser, 32 Camp st 

Field, A. P. 27 Royal st 

Field & Olcott, 27 Royal st 

Foster, W. H. firm of Race & Foster, 14 

Exchange Place 
'Fourchy, A. 68 Victory 
Foulhouse, James, 81 St. Louis st 
Foute, M. A. 45 Csmp st 
Foulon, Charles V. 81 St. Louis st 
tGaiennig, L. U. 

Gedge & Hagan, 18 Exchange Place 
Gedge, John, of above firm, 18 Exch. Place 
Goold, E. L. Banks Arcade 
Goold & Stansbury, Banks Arcade 
Graithe, Alexander, 58 Toulouse st 
Gramont, H. R. 60 Toulouse 
Griftbn, H. 186 St. Peter st 
Grivot, M. 9 Camp st 
Grymes, John R. 49 Custom House st 
Gaither, H. 57 Camp st 
*Grima, Fehx, 83 Royal st 
Gilmore, Thos. Clerk of Ct. Erato n. Nayades 
Gilmore, Jesse, Nayades n. Jackson 
Haynes, Frank 
Haynes, W. S. 
Hall, W. 35 Camp st 
Hamer & Hays, 13 St. Charles st 
Hamer, W. C. 13 St. Charles st 
Hart, T. B. 45 Camp st 
Heistand, E. 

Henderson, John, 19 St. Charles et 
Henderson, John, Jr. 16 St. Charles st 
Henderson J. & ,1. Jr. 16 St. Charles st 
Hennen, Alfred, 38 Royal st 
Ilennen, D. N. 69 Canal st 
Hennen, W. D. 38 Royal st 
Holland, John H. Commercial Place 
Homor, C. VV. firm of Durant & Hornor, 31 

Camp st 
Hunt, Randell, 36 St. Charles st 
Hunt, T. G. 36 St. Charles et 
Hunt, William H. 15 Camp st 
Huntington, E. W. 
Howard, Thomas H. 11 Camp st 
Hunton & Bradford, .50 Camp st 
Hunton, Logan of above firm, 5U Camp gt 
Hunton, Thomas, 50 Camp st 
Hunley, H. cor. JIagazine & Estelle 
Howell, R. K. 21 Commercial Place 
Hemdon, Thomas N. 
Hyler, L. 

Haahn, Michael, 43 Custom House st 
Ivey &- Preston, 22 E.xchange Plaee 
Ivey, V. H., of the above firm, 22 Ex. Place 
Janin, Louie, 44 Custom House st 
Janin, Charles, 47 Conte st 
Jennings, N. R. Cattispe n. Nayades 

Johnson, S. L. 19 Commercial Place 

Josephs, A. K. 82 Canal et 

Jourdan, A. 

Jourdan. A. W. cor. Jersey & Saraparue 

tKennedy, Thomas H. 127 Moreau st 

King, W. W., of the tirm of Elmore & King, 
20 Exchange Place 

*Kerr, R. J. 

Koontz, \V . B. of the fii-m of Magne & Koontz, 
14 Exchamre Place 

Kelly, A. B 57 Gravier et 

*Kendall, W. G. 50 Camp st 

Lambert, Jules, 57 Toulouse st 

tLanie, .lohn C. Verandah Hotel 

Latour, Z. 50 St. Peter st 

Lavergne, Jules, 55 Conte st 

Laville, F. C. 47 Exchange Alley 

tLea, James N. 4 Melierte st 

LeGardeur, G. 83 Royal st 

Yegendre, E. 

Lewis, E. L. 27 Camp st 

Livingston, J. 40 Camp st 

*Lombard, Joseph, 32 Exchange Alley 

Leovy, H. J. Commercial Place 

Levy, L. L. 51 Canal st 

Lothrop, A. 19 Commercial Place 

LaBatt, D. C. 1 Duncan's Buildings 

Lugenbuhl, J. J. 43 Moreau st 

Leary, A. G. 15 Camp st 

Lisbony. Joseph, 81 St. Louis st 

Marks, A. Jackson n. Levee 

McCarty, Alfred, 217 Tchoupitoulas st 

McConjiell, James, 15 Camjj st 

McPheeters, G. P. 

McKay, Thomas S. Jackson n. Rosseau 

Maurian, Charles, 150 Royal st 

Maybin, J. A. 88 Common st 

*Mace, Abram 

Manning, J. A. 13 St. (/harles st 

*Marsoudet, P. 

Maureau, J. M. 44 St. Ann st 

Maureau Paul, 101 Conde st 

Micou, W. C. 51 Canal st 

Michel, J. J. Jackson n. Levee 

Michel & Gilmore, Jackson n. Levee 

Mix, E. C. 11 Camp st 

Mix, J. D. 11 Camp st 

Moise & Randolphe, 19 Commercial Place 

Moise, E. W. of the above firm, 19 Commer- 
cial Place 

Malloy, J. 35 Royal st 

Matthewson, J. L. 

Morel, C. 62 Toulouse st 

Morse, Isaac E. 

Mott & Fraser, 32 Camp st 

Mott, Robert, ot the above firm, 32 Camp st 

Miller, H. C. 152 Royal st 

Murphy, William E. 24 Orleans st 

May, W. R. 109 Poydras st 

Marr & Roberts, 27 Camp st 

Marr, R. H. of above firm, 27 Camp 8t 

Meunier, Jerome, 32 Exchange Alley 

Magne &. Koontz, 14 Exchange Place 

Magne, J. of above firm, 14 Exchange Place 

Mellaerts, A. 

Mayes, D. 50 Camp st 

*Morphy, Alonzo, 109 Royal st 

Mathews, Samuel, 25 Commercial Place 

Meunier, Edmund 

Morris, T. H. 6 Duncan's Buildings 

McCright, R. C. 77 Common st 

Nicholson, E. P. 

Ogden, R. N. 3 St. Charles st 

Ogden & Levoy "* 

tOgden, A. N. 21 Camp st 

Ogden, H. D. 16 Exchange Place 

Olcott, E. R. 13 St. Charles st 

O'Neil, P. H. 95 Common st 

Oliver, E. S. 6 Exchange Place 

Parker, E. T. 45 Camp st 



Pecquet, Paul, 16 Exchange Place 

Peirce, Levy, 80 Canal st 

"■Peyton, Bailie 

tPillie, A. 

Pilot, Armand, Jr. Citizen's Bank 

Pitot, Armand, Sr. Citizen's Bank 

Preaux, Robert, 81 St. Louis st 

Preston, F. firm of Ivey & Preston, 2'2 Ex- 
change Place 

Pitts, W. L. 19 Commercial Place 

Preval, G. 23 Orleans st 

*Pedesclaux, H. 

Percy, Felix, 23 Exchange Alley 

Price, J. W. 45 Camp st 

Perin, F. 

Purvis <fc Dugne, Rosseau n. Jaekson 

Rand, E. D. 15 Camp st 

Randolph, A. A. 

Randolphe, W. M. firm of Moise &. Ran- 
dolphe, 19 Commercial Place 

Race & Foster, 14 Exchange Place 

Race, G. \V. of above firm,"'l4 Exch. Place 

Rawie, Ed. 80 Camp st 

Reid, Samuel C. 

tReynolds, M. M. 40 Camp st 

Robert, Alexis, Exchange Alley 

Roberts. W. J. A. Arm of Marr & Roberts, 

27 Camp st 

Roselius, Christian, 43 Custom House st 

tRost, P. A. Victory cor. Mandeville 

Rousseau, R. 68 Exchange Alley 

Rozier, J. A. 13 St. Charles st 

Redmond, C. 19 Orleans st 

Robertson, J. B. 99 Gravier st 

Reese, C. S. 45 Camp st 

Sage, B. I. 3 St. Charles st 

Schmidt, A. 

Seghers, Julien, 190 Bourbon st 

Sever, J. G. 

Sheafe, J. L. 

Singleton, C. B. firm of Wolfe & Singleton 

28 Camp st 

Semmes. Thomas J. 110 Common st 
Semmes & EdvFards, 110 Common st 

Slidell, John, 189 Esplanade st U. S. Son. 
ISlidell, Thomas, Camp st 
Spring, L. 50 Camp st 
St. Paul & Bouny, 69 Royal st 
.•!-t. Pa\il, Henry, of above firm, 69 Royal st 
.Stockton &. Steele, 13 St. Charles st 
Stockton, R. C. of the above firm, 13 St. 

Charles st 

Steele, A. T. of above firm, 13 St. Charles st 
Strawbridge, George, :,'2 Exchange Place 
Sti-awbridge, H. H. 22 Exchange Place 
~imonds, L. E. 3 St Charles st 
Saucier, Arthur 
Sundstrom, J. C. 
Soule N. 

Tappan, Benjamin S. Jr. 30 Camp st 
Taylor Miles. 40 Custom House st 
Taylor, H. H. 
Taylor, \V. 

Train, Henry, 62 Conde st 
Trudeau, A. Z. 

Thielen, John L. 
Upton, W. S. 3 Carondelet 
\'an Dalson, James H. Commercial Place 
Van Mater, J. 12 Exchange Place 
Vason, W. J. 3 St. Charles st 
*Viavant, A. Gentilly Road 

■Walker, Alexander, 112 Poydras st 
Walker, S. R.-firm of Walker & De France, 

328 Camp st 
Walker & De France, 328 Camp st 
Whitaker, J. S. 6 Exchange Place 
Wilde, J, P. 

Winthrop, John, 16 Exchange Place 
Wolfe & Singleton, 28 Camp st 
Wolfe, Thomas R. of the above firm, 28 

Camp st 
Wood, W. W. W. 81 Gravier st 

Waul, T. N. 

Wright, P. C. 87 Gravier st 

Plaqiiemines Parish. 

Plaquemines, C. H. 
Deblieux, H. F. 
Lombard, Louis 
Morgan, William H. 
Villeri, Charles J. 
Wilkinson, Joseph B. 

Point Coupee Parish. 

Point Coupee. 
Beatty, William 
*Cooley. Ebenzer 
tCooley, Thomas J. 
Farrar, Frederick, H. 
Haralson, Archibald D. M. 
*Lacoste, Sidney A. 
Mahoudeau, Amy L. 
*Miller, Griffin B. 
Phillips, Edward 
*Poydras, Charles 
Provosty <fc Farrar 
Provosyt, Auguste 
Roy, Pierre A. 
Weems, James J. 

Rapides Parish. 

Ariail, M. R. 
Barlow, James H. C. 
tBoyce, Henrv 
Caldwell, R. R. 
Elgee &, Hyams 
Eleee, John K. 
Go'rdon, J'. W. 
Harris, Gwinn 
Hyams, Henry M. 

Hyman, W. B. 
Isaacs, A. J. 
Kelly, Henry B. 
Kelly Sz. Isaacs 
Leckie, Edwin C. 

Mc Waters, James A. 
Ogden it Scott 
Ogden, O. N. 
Orsborn, John 
Ryan, Michael 

?cott, Thomas F. 

Texada, Lewis A. 

Whittinaton, W. W. 

.Sabine Parish. 

tChaplin, Chicester C. 
Davidson, Edward C. 

St. Bernard Parish. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

St. Charles Parish. 

tRost, Pierre Adolphe 

*Lauve, Theodore 

Ste. Helena Parish. 

Smith, M. M. 

Thomson, L F. 
WUeon, Julius E. 

St. James Parish. 

Bayon, Charles A. 
Berauli, St. Maurice 
Berault Sc Legendre 
Legendre, Emile 
Remy, H. 
Roman, Alfred 
Roman, Euphemon S. 
Gaudet, Michael A. 
Gaudet, Jerome K. 

St. John Baptist Parish. 

Bonnet Carre. 
Bossier, Joseph 
Forcelle, Darneuville 
Reine, Jules 

St. Lianndry Parish. 

Cullom, F^ &E. N. 
CuUom, Francis 
Cullom, Edward N. 
Dejean, Albert 
*Dejean, Felix 
Dupre, Lucius J. 
Gailand, Henry L. 
Garland & Lastrapes 
*Garriques, Adolphe 
Hardy, Pliny D. 
*King, George R. 



King, John E. 
Lastrapes, Louis 
Lewis, Thomas H. 
Lewis & Porter 
Lewis, William B. 
],inton, Benjamin F. 
Martel, B. A. 
Martin, E. U. 
Moore, Joseph M. 
* Murdoch, John P. 
*Overton, J. H. 
'Parrott, William H. 
Porter, James M. 
llobin, Theodore H. 
Hwaj'ze, Caleb L. 
Swayze & Moore 

St. Martin's Parisli. 

St. Martinsville. 
Deblanc, Alcibiade 
Gates, F. L. 
Heard, Henry J. 
Monge, Edniond 
tNicholls, Thomas C. 
Simon, Edward, Jr. 
Simon, Edward, Sr. 
*Thomas, F. M. 
Voorhies, Albert 
tVoorhies, Cornelius 

St. Mary's Parish. 

Baker, Anthony W. 
*Baker, Joshua 
Brent Sz. Baker 
Brent, Edward L. 
Gibbon, Henry 
Lea, John B. 
Maskell, Thomas 
McGill, Stephen H. 
McClarty, Joseph A. 
McMillan, R. N. 
Olivier, Jules G. 
Tesser, L. A. 
Thcail, R. B. 

Tucker, A. L. 
Tucker & McGill 
Wilson, Henry C. 
Walker, Joseph W. 

St. Tammany Parish. 

Childress, Paris 
Jones, John D. 
Jones, Jesse R. 
Jones, J. R. & J. D. 
Mortoe. John J. 
Penn, George H. 
Penn, Martin G. 
Penn, M. G. & G. H. 

Tensas Parish. 

St. Joseph. 

Alexander, Peter 
Armat, Thomas 
Clark, William 
*Clark, J. T. 
Farrar, Thomas P. 
Reeves, L. Vincent 


"Harper, F. A. F. 
*McAlpine, Wm. H. 
*Montgomery, J. W. 

Terre Bonne Parish. 


Connely, G. F. 
Connely & Rightor 
Goode, F. S. 
^Jordan, R. D. 
Ker, John 

Mercer, William M. 
''•Pelton, John M. 
Rightor, N. H. 
*Thibodaux, Ban. G. 

Union Parish. 


Caldwell, J. R. 
Carr & Caldwell 
Carr, Allen 
Essick, Hiram B. 
Essick & Reganburg 
Henderson, C. C. 
Henderson & Lewis 
Lewis, Alonzo S. 
Reganburg, Henry 
■Underwood, James M. 

Vermillion Parish. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Washington Parish. 

Wadsworth, John 

Washita Parish. 


Baker, W. J. Q. 
Fenner, John F. 
Garrett, Isaiah 
Lanny, L. F. 
Ludeling, John T. 
McEmry, John 
McEmry, J. D. 
McEmry, J. D. & J. 
McGuire, Robert F. 
McGuire ife Ray 
Morrison, C. H. 
Ray, John 

Richardson, James N. T. 
t Richardson, R. W. 
Stillman, O. D. 
Stubbs, Francis P. 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Aroostook County. 

Barnes, Phineas 

True, Llewellen 

*Bradford, Freeman 

tWare, Ashur 

Fort Fairfield. 

*Boyd, John P. 

Webb, Nathan 

Trafton, John B. 

Boyd, William 

tWells, Samuel 

Butler. Moses M. 

Williams, John H. 


*Barrett, Charles E. 

Wright, George A. 

Hodgdon, John 

Came, Charles C. 

Willis & Fessenden 

Madigan, James C. 

*Carter, Henry 

Willis, William 

Eemi, Cyr. 

Cliftbrd, Nathan 

Woodman, Jabez C. 

Tabor, Isaac W. 

Cliflbrd, Charles E. 

Van Buren, P. 

Clifford & Appleton 


Wentworth, Zenas P. 

Codman, R, A. L. 

Chadbourne, Wm. G. 

Cummings, Enoch L. 

Hayes, David 

Cumberland Co. 

'Curomings, Benjamin C. 

*Cummings, Nathan 



Dana, John W. 

*3torer, Seth 

Littlefield, Natnaniel S. 

Davies, Charles S. 

Strout, Sewall C. 

Davies, Edward H. 


Deane, Henry P. 

Hwasey, Horatio J. 


Deane, Llewellyn 

Barrows, William G. 

Deane, H. P. & L. 

Upper Gloucester. 

*Dunlap, Robert P. 

Deblois, Thomas A. 

Bradbury. William 

Everett, Ebenezer 

*Deering, Nathaniel 

Orr, Henry 

Emerj% George F. 


Robbins, Augustus C, 

Emery, Nicholas 

*Lunt, John S. 

Himmons, James D 

Fessenden, Samuel 
Fessenden & Deblois 

*Quimby, Moses 


Fessenden, William Pitt 


Cook, Obabiah G. 

tFitch, Luther 

Eveleth, John 

Holden, Aaron B. 

Gerry, Elbridge 

Goodenow, William 



Haines, Allen 

Freeman, Barnabas 

Belcher, Richard 

Harmon, Charles G. 

Jlithell, Daniel L. 

Mitchell, Ezekiel N. 

fHoward, Joseph 
Jackson, George E. B. 

Gaff's Corner. 

Jackson & Came 

Frauklin Counr 

Fessenden, T. A. D. 

Kinssbury, Benjamin Jr. 

'Little, Edward T. 

'Litde, Josiah S. 


Morrill, Nahum 

McCobb, James T 

*Pope, Elnathan 

Morrill & Fessenden 

McDonald, Moses 

*Martin. John 



Merrill, Charles B. 

Belcher, Hiram 

tPierce, Josiah 

Merrill, James 

Belcher, H. & H. 

Waterman, John A. 

Morgan, Jonathan 

Belcher, Hannibal 

Munger, John W. 

tBelcher, Samuel 


*Mussey, John 

Cutler, John L. 

Vinton, Warren H. 

Neal, John 

*Cutler, Nathan 

O'Donnell, James 

Goodenow, Robert 


Pierce, Josiah, Jr, 

Linscott, Joseph A. 

Blake, Harrison 

Poor ifc Adams 

Poor, John A. 

Farmington Falls. 

Mechanic Falls. 

*Potter, Barrett 

Chase, Thomas 

Bennett, William B. 

*Preble, William Pitt 
Preble, W. Pitt, Jr. 

Farewell, A. B. 


Rand, John 


Davis, John P. 

Shepley &. Dana 
Shepley, George F. 

Pillsbury, Eben F. 

North Wyndham. 

tShepley, Ether 

Neto Sharoiu 

Baker, David P. 

Sherwood, Edward P. 

Currier, Oliver L. 

Smith, Francis, O. J. 

Dyer, Henry E. 


*Smith, William T. 

Dunn, David 

*Storer, Woodbury 


*3outhgate, Horatio 

Bennett, William B. 


Sweat, Lorenzo DeM. 

Goodenow, N. C. 

Adams, John M. 

Talbot, Thomas H. 

Whitcomb, H. L. 

Appleton, John 

Thorp, Stillman 

Anderson, Samuel J. 

*Trask, Samuel 


Anderson & Harmon 

True, A. W. 

Stubbs, Phillip M. 



Cram, Sewall 
Gray, Columbus 
Tripp, William 

Hancock Comity. 

Hinckley, BuBhrod VV. 

tTuck, Parker 
Woodman, Theo. C. 

Abbott, Charles J. 
Williams, Hezekiah 

Chaney, W. H. 
Deane, Joseph A. 
Drinkwaler, Arthur F. 
Herbert, George 
Lowell, Charles 
Peters, George S. 
Robinson, Thomas 
Rice, Joseph S. 
Waterhouse, Samuel 
Wiswell, Aruo 

Shaw, Frederic E. 

Heath, Adoniram J. 

Kennebec County,. 

Libby, Artemas 

Baker, Joseph 
Bradbury, James W.. 
Bradbury & Morrill 
Child, James L. 
Edwards, Newton 
Fales, David 
Fuller & Edwards 
iFuUer, Benjamia A. G. 
Lancaster & Baker 
Lancaster, Sewall 
Mills, Richard M. 
Morrill, Lot M. 
Mulliken, George S. 
Nichols, Asaph R. 
North & Mills 
North, James W. 
*Pike, Daniel T. 
Potter, John 
*Redington, Asa 
tRice, Richard D. 
Titcomb, Samuel 
*Vose, Richard H. 
* Weston, Nathan 
*Williams, Reuel 
tWilliams, Daniel 
Williams, Joseph H,. 

Hinds, Crosby 

Fletcher, Alfred 
Washburn, Zebah 

E. Vassalhora. 
Bowman, Joseph 

Allen, Frederick 
Benjamin, Washburn 
Chadwick. Edmund A. 
Clay, Lorenzo 
Danlbrth & Woods 
Danforth, Charles 
Evans, George 
Meserve, Joseph M. 
Robinson, George H. 
Whilmore, N. M. 
Woods, Noah 

Baker, Henry K. 
*Butler, Edward K. 
*Clark, William 
Emmons, Williains 
*Gillman, Samuel K. 
*Oris, John 
Paine, Henry W. 
Stinchfield, A. G. 

Mount Vernon. 
Kempton, Ezra, Jr. 

N. Wayne. 
Dunn, J. E. F. 

Lewis, Ward L. 

Bean, Emery O. 
Fuller, Edward 
Gile, Asa 

*Boutell, Tunothy 
Chandler, Paul L. 
Di-umniond, Josiah H. 
Getchell, Eldridge L. 
Heath, Solyman 
*Redington, Isaac 
Shaw, Samuel P. 
Smith, Harrison A. 
Stackpole, James 
Stark, Stephen 

Belcher, Alexander 
Benson, Samuel P. 
Burgess, Thomas J. 
*May, John 
May, Seth. 

Lincoln Connty. 

Baker, John S. 
Booker, John C. L. 
Bronson & Sewall 
Clap, Ebenezer 
Clap & Baker 
Gilbert, Washington 
Kmiball, John H. 
Merrill, Albert 
Porter & Smith 
Randall & Booker 
Tallman, Henry 

Gray, Samuel 
Russell, Joseph W. 

Wells, P. M. 

Coffin, Jon R, 

French, Ezra B. 
Hubbard, Wales 
Pike, Nathaniel M. 

Call, Hamilton 

Cilley, Horatio G. 
Goddard, Charles W. 
Goodenow, John 
Record, Calvin 

Moody & Record 

Converse, John C, 
Ingalls, Henry 
Ingalls & Stinson 
Stinson, Samuel M. 

■ Richmond. 
Abbott, Ezra 
Cox, H. B. 
Hagar, J. M. 
Hagar, M. S. 

Beattie, William 
Cochran, John C. 
Frye & Kame 
Lowell & Foster 
Meserve, John A. 
Stevens, Hermon 

Thomaston . 
Gould, Albert P. 
Ruggles, John 
Ruggles & Goiild 

^Harden, Daniel F. 
Vose, Elijah 

*Smith, Edwin 
Smith, M. H. 
Smith, S. E. 

Hill, Stetson 

Bulfinch, John 
Kennedy, John H. 
Marble & Cakes 
Reed, Edward A. 
Seiders, David 

Foote, Erastus 
Hubbard, Wales 
Ingalls, Henry 
*Smith, Samuel E. 
Wood & Foote 

Oxford Countt. 


Frye, William 
Frye, William, Jr. 
Frye, W. & W. 
Robinson, O'Neil, W., Jr.. 

Andrews, C. Sullivan 
Browne, Jacob W^ 



Canton Mills. 
Harlow, Elbridge B. 

Bolster, Wm. W. 
Randall, Isaac 

Bradley, Alexander R. 
Osgood, Edward L. 

Walton, Charles W. 

North Livermore. 
Washburn, Reuel 

Virgin, William Wirt 
Whitman, Levi 

Keith, J. S. 
Perry, John J. 

Hastines, David R. 

Black, Alvah 
Emery, Stephen 
Goodenow, R. K. 
Kimball, W. K. 

Raweon, Lyman 
Virgin, Peter C. 

South Paris. 
*Stowell, David P. 

Ludden, Timothy 

Bartlett, Moses B. 

Penobscot County. 

fAppleton, John 
Appleton. Moses L. 
Bartlett, Ichabod D. 
Bradbury, A P. 
Brown, Charles P 
Blake, Samuel H. 
*Brown, Theodore S. 
Carr, Joseph 
Crosby, Charles S. 
Crosby, William C. 
Cushman, Gustavus G. 
Cutting, Jonas 
Davis, Charles 
Dinsmore, Samuel P. 
Fessenden, William 
Flagg, Edmund W. 
*Garu8ey, Samuel 
Godtrey, John 
Godfrey, John E. 
Hamlin, Elijah L. 
tHathaway, J. W. 
Haynes, Henry P. 
Hill, John B. 
*Hill, Thomas A. 
*Hilliard, William T. 
Hobbs & Fessenden 
Hobbs, Frederick 
*Uodgson, John L. 
Ingersoll, George W. 
Jewett, Daniel T. 

Knowles, Abner 
Knowles &, Briggs 
Mace, B. H. 

*McCrillis, Willliam H. 
*McGavv, Jacob 
*McGaw, Thornton 
McDonald, John 
*Moor, VVyman B. S. 
Morison, H. G. O. 
Mudsett, Benjamin F. 
Paine, Albert W. 
Peters, John A. 
Pratt, Spencer A. 
Prentiss, Henry E. 
tRawson, E. Gilman 
Rawson, James F. 
Roberts, Charles P. 
Rowe Si Bartlett 
Rovre, James S. 
Sanborn, Abraham 
Simpson, Aaron L. 
Smith, Aueustus C. 
^Stetson, Charles 
Wakefield, Albert G. 
Waterhouse, Asa 
Weston, George M. 

Bell, John, Jr. 

Sprague, Volney A. 
Walker, Elliot 

Crosby, Josiah 
McClellan, Samuel 

Barker, David 

Briggs, A. H. 
Hamlin, Hannibal 
Hill, Joshua 

Field, Henry C. 

Sanborn, Daniel 


Burnham, John 
Randall, Augustus G. 

Waterhouse, Isaiah 

Brett, E. C. 
Hillard, John H. 
Sewall, George P. 

Washburn, Israel, Jr. 
Weeks, Mathias 
* Weston, Nathan jr. 
Wilson, Nathaniel 

Cleveland, James B. 

Benjamin, S. E. 

Barker, Lewis 

Piscataquis Co. 

Brown, Joseph D. 
*Flint, Ephraim 
Waymouth, James M. 
Wiley, James S. 

Chandler, Charles P. 
Holmes, James S. 

Hudson, Henry 
Straw, David R. 

*Everett, Jonathan C. 
Everett, Charles A. 

Bell, James 
Rice, John H. 

Clark, William G. 

MerrOl, Paul 3. 

South Seboe. 
Robinson, Alex. M. 

Somerset County. 

Greene, Charles F. H. 
Hutchinson, Ebenezer 
Palmer, Gilbert L. 

*MeClellan, Judah 

Hobbs, George A. 
Johnson, Levi 
Mason, George M. 

Purrington, Jonathan 
Snell, W. B. 

Boyd Cleopas 
Merrill, James W. 

Brown, Enoch E. 
FoUom, William 

North Anson. 
Foster, Paulinus M. 
Getchell, George C. 
Ware, A. H. 

Abbott, John S. 
Lindscy, Stephen D. 
Sawtelle, Cullen 
*Selden, Calvin 
tTenney, John S. 
Webster, John H. 

North New Portland. 
Adams, Benjamin, jr. 
Marshall, William S. 

Merrick, Oromandel D. 


5ft. Alhans. 
Stewart, David D. 

L'obuTO, Stephen 
Coburn & Wyman 
Kidder David 
Kidder, Llewellyn. 
Leavitt, James T. 
Wyman, Henry A. 

Brovyn, William M. E. 
Batcheller, Oliver R. 
* Foster, Benjamin 

Waldo' County. 

llanly, John 
ilanley, Michael F. 

Abbott, Nehemi^ih 
*Alden, Hiram O. 
Alden, Walter B. 
■^AUyne, Rufus B. 
*Angier, John F. H. 
*Burrill, William H. 
*Orosby, William G. 
Davis, Woodbury 
Dickerson, Jonathan G. 
Felch, Isaac N. 
Field, Bohan P. 
Hov?es, Lewis W. 
Johnson, Alfred W. 
LewiP, F. A. 
*Lowney, Nathaniel M. 
Palmer, Andrew T. 
*Patter6on, Nathaniel 
*Smart, E. K. 
White, James 
White & Palmer 
tWilliamson, Joseph jiin. 
Williamson, Joseph 

Hubbard, Nathaniel H. 
* Jones, Archibald 
Kelly, Albert L. 
Pierce, Charles H. 

Hall, James 
Keene, O. H. 

Talbot, Nathaniel T. 

*Enierson, John 

Monroe. | 
Flanders, David S. 

Keene, Rueben S. 

Fernald, J. W. 
Murch, James B. 


iNickerson, Franklin S. 

Washington Co. 

liriggs, S. P. 


Cooper, James S. 
Downes & Cooper 
Downes, George 
tDyer, George 
Fuller, T. J. D. 
Granger, Joseph 
Harvey, E. B. 

Hke, Ftederick A. 

■mith, Robert N. 
Tyler, Paniel 
Whidden, Charles E. 

Burbank, Caleb 
Freeman, William 
Freeman, Charles S. 
Freeman, William, jr. 

Lippincott, Jotham 

Bradbury, Biou 
*Chadbourne, J. R. 
Granger, Daniel T. 
Hayden, Aaron 

East Machias. 
Lowell, J. A. & S. H. 
Talbot, George F. 

Talbot, John C. 

O'Brien, Joseph 
Pilsbury, Albert 
Porter, R. K. & C. W. 
Thacher, Peter 
Walker, George 

York County. 

t Allen, William C. 
Appleton, Nathan D. 
Goodenow, Daniel 
Mclntire, James O. 

Bixby, A. 


*Goodwin, Thdmas J. 
Goodwin, John M. 
* Haines, WilUam P. 
*Haines, Augustine 
Shillaber, Ebenezer 
Luques, Samuel W. 

Ayer, Caleb R. 
Hammons, David 
Jameson, John 
Lincoln, Joshua T. 
Wadsworth, Eli 
Wedgewood, Edwin W. 

Bradbury, Henry K. 


I Bourne, Edward E. jr. 
Bourne, Edward E. 
Bourne, E. E. & Son 
*Dane, Joseph 
Dane, Joseph, jr. 
|*Sewall, William B. 

Allen, Stillman 

Emery, William, jr. 
Lindsey, Charles R. 

Lord, Caleb B. 
Moore, Luther S. 

McArthur, Arthur 

Morris, Edward S. 

North Berwick. 
Herrick, Horatio G. 

North Parsonsfield. 
Blazo, Robert T. 

I Mclntire, Rufus 


Chisholm, Alexander F. 
Eastman & Leland 
Eastman Philip 
Emery, Moses 
Emery & Loring 
Greene, Frederick 
Hayes. Thomas M. 
Leland, Joseph W. 
Loring, Samuel B. 
Nye, Joseph T. 
riheplcy, J. 
Shepley & Hayes 
Tapley, Rufiis T. 
Wiggin, Edwin R. 
Wilkinson, L. D. 

San ford. 
Kimball, Increase S. 
Tompson, Samuel 

South Berwick. 
I Goodwin, John N. 
Hobbs, Pliram H. 
|Oakcs, Abner 

Spring Vale. 
Low, Asa 
I Wiggin, William H. 

Waterborough Centre. 
Drew, IraT. 

West Buxton. 
Weld, Charles E. ■ 

Emerson, Charles O. 
*Moody, Isaiah P. 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Alleghany Co. 

*Beall, Ezra 
Blocher, Daniel 
Brewer, John At. 
Bruce, Henry 
Devicman, Thomas 
Billy & Blocher 
Dilly, John Franklin 
Gordon, Josiah H. 
Hebb, Hopen-ell 
Hoffman, Henry W. 
Kercheval, Henry 
McKaig &: McKaig 
McKaig, Thnmas J. 
McKaig, William \V. 
Pearre, Georne A. 
tPerry, Thonias 
Price, George B. M. 
Price & Roman 
Price, William 
Roman, O. Philip 
Schley, James M. 
Semmes, Samuel M. 

Smith, James 
Thruston, G. A. & C. B. 
Thruston, George A. 
Thruston, Charles B. 
WaX&h, William 

Brown, Jacob 

Anne Arundel Co. 

Basil, John, Jr. 
*Boyle, Edwin 
Boyle, James 
Boyle, James, Jr. 
Boyle, Llewellyn 
Brewer, Nicholas, Jr. 
tBrewer, Nicholas 
Brewer, Nicholas, of James 
Causin, John M. S. 
Claude, William Tell 
Claude, Dennis, 3rd 
Franklin, James Shaw 
Gambrill, A. Hamilton 

Hagner, Alexander B. 
Hall, William Henry 
Hammond, Nicholas 
*Harwood, Spriirg 
*Harwood, AVilJiam 
[glehart, Harwood 
fjohnson, John 
Mackubin, James 
Mackubin & Iglehart 
*Mackubin, Charles N. 
McParlin, William H. 
McParlin & Sellman 
Miller, Oliver 
Murray, Heni-y M. 
*Murray, James 
-Nicholson, Joseph H. 
Pinknev, Jonathan 
Pratt, Thomas G. 
Randall, Alexander 
Sel Iman, Richard D. 
Spence, William A. 
Stockett, Frank H. 
■Watkins, John N. 
•Wells, George 
VVorthintrton, BiiceT. B. 

Baltimore County. 


Addison, William M. 15 St. Paul st 
Alexander, Thomas S. 55 Lexington st 
Alexander, William, 51 W. Fayette st 
*Allison, Richard T. 
Alricks, Thomas P. under Masonic Hall 
Archer, James J. 16 Law Buildings 
*Arclier, James Phillips, 202 Baltimore st 
Armstrong, John A. 8 Com. Buildings, St. 

Paul 6t 
Arnold, George 34 St. Paul st 
*Baird, Thomas D. 

Baker, W. G. 2 Spurrier's Ct. Lexington st 
Barnitz, Alexander H. 
Barnitz, Covington D. 24 N. Charles st 
Barroll, Benjamin C. 34 St. Paul st 
"Barry, Edward T. 
Bari-y, Llewellyn F. 70 Fayette st 
Barry, Robert C. 

Bartol, James L. 4 Spurrier's Court 
Battee & Griffith. 4 Marshall's Buildings, St. 

Paul st 
Battee, R. R. 4 Marshall's Bldgs, St. Paul st 
Benzinger, Fredeiick F. 8 Law Buildings, St. 

Paul st 
Bevans, James H. 
Bixler, David 

Blackburn, J ohn C. 5 Court House Lane 
Blanchard, E. W. 3 Counsellors' Hall, Lex- 
ington st 
Bond, Hugh L. 44 St. Paul st. 
Bouldin, Randolph J. 96 Second st 
Bowie, Hyde Ray, Court House Lane 
Boyd, Joseph C. 1 Court House Lane 
*Bradtbrd, Augustus W. 128 Park st 
Brent, C. Vivian 
Brent, Robert J. 13 Fayette st 
Brent & May, 13 Barnum's Buildings 
Brice, George H. 9 Court House Lane 

Brooks, Henry P. 1 Law Buildings, Lexing- 
ton st 
Brown, Albert M. 3 Counsellors' Hall, Lex- 
ington st 
Brown, George William, 40 St. Paul st 
Brown & Brune, 40 St. Paul st 
Brune, Frederick W. Jr. 40 St. Paul st 
*Bruner, Davies E. 
Bryan, William S. 31 W. Fayette st 
*Bucbanan, Charles A. 
Buchanan, James A. 33 St. Paul st 
Buchanan, James M. 19 North st 
Campbell, J. Mason, 25 Lexington st 
* Carey, W. M. 

*Carr, Dabney S. 182 N. Calvert st 
*Carr, Wilson C. N. 

Carrere, John 6 Law Buildings, St. Paul st 
Ctirroll, John L. 

Carson, John, 9 Court House Lane 
Carter, Chas. S. 3 Law Buildings St. Paul st 
"''Carter, James H. 37 N. Calvert St. 
Cassin, William ^D. 

Cinnamond, George R. 41 W Fayette st 
Clark, Robert B. 70 W Fayette st 
Clark, William B. 

Cochran, S. M. 4t Court House Lane 
*Cole, William H. 230 N Eutaw st 
Cole, William J. 57 W Fayette st 
Collins, William H. 5 Court House Lane 
Collins & Blackljurn, 5 Court House Lane 
*Conn, William D. 8 Law Buildings 
Conway, Martin F. 24 N Charles st 
Cowan, William H. 8 Court House Lane 
Cox, Nathaniel, 9 Court House Lane 
Crocker, Chas. W. Lexington c. of Charles st 
'■"Croxall, Carroll 

Commiesky, Eugene, 9 Counsellors Hall 
Dallam, H. C. 2 Counsellors Hall 
Dauels, Bolivar D. 37 W. Fayette st 
*Danels, Louis D. 



Davis, George L. L. 
Davis, Henry W. 45 St. Paul st 
Dobbin, Georfre \V. 42 St. Paul st 
Dobbin & Talbot, 42 St. Paul st 
Docwra Edwin H. 64 VV. Fayette st 
-'Donald.'son, .lolm J. 34 Franklin st 
Donaldson, Samuel J. 39 St. Paul et 
Donaldson, Thoma.s, 31 St. Paul st 
Dorsey, W. H. G. 31 W Fayette st 
Dorsey, Vernon, 
Duffy, Edward, 26 St. Paul st 
*Dugan, Frederick J. 
Dulany, Grafton L. 36 St. Paul st 
* Duncan, John M. 8 Court House lane 
•'Dunkel, George B. Woodly lane 
*Dunkel, John L. 
Edgar, John M. 31 St. Paul st 
Emory, D. C. Hopper 15 St. Paul st 
Emory, William H. 15 St. Paul st 
Emory, W. H. & D. C. H. 15 St. Paul st 
Evans, Hugh Davey, 70 E. Fayette st 
Falconar, John H. 10 Counsellor's Hall 
Farnandis, Walter, Jr. 1 Spurrier's court 
■'Freeman, Edward D. 
Freeman, William H. 
Frick, William F. 7 Marshall's Buildings 
tKrick, William, 132 N. Charles st 
Friese, Philip C. 14 Mansion House 
Gale, Levin, 5 Court House lane 
Gallagher, Francis, 223 W. Fayette st 
Gatchell, William H. 3 Court House Lane 
*Gegan, Joseph 

tGiles, William F. 2 Law Buildings 
Gill, D. D. 

Gill, George M. 36 St. Paul st 
Gilmore, Robert, Jr. 3 Court Hoxise Lane 
Gittings, R. J. 

*Gordon, Alexander B. 7 Calvert st 
*Gordon, John M. 97 Monument st 
Grafl, E. Beatty, 29 W. Fayette st 
Griffith, Jeffery M..24 N. Charles st 
Griffith, J. H. 4 Marshall's Buildings 
*Griffitli, Samuel C. 
Gwinn, Charles J. M. 33 St. Paul st 
*Gwynn, V/illiam, 7 Hanover st 
Hack, Oliver F. Lexington st cor. Davis st 
Hall, Washhigton, 2 Spurrier's Court 
Hamillon W. Jr. 
Hanan, John 

Handy, John H. 7 Court House Lane 
Handy, S. J. K. 

Harris, J. Morrison, 40 Lexington st 
*Harris, H. Wilson 
*Harwood, J. Kemp 
Hays, D. Purdy 
Heighe, B. M. 22 St. Paul st 
Hickman, George H. Mansion House 
Hill, W. B. cor. "Fayette and St. Paul st 
*Hillen, Solomon, Jr. 
Hinkley, Edward, 22 N.Charles st 
Hinkley, Edward O. 22 N. Charles st 
• Hinkley, Edward & Son, 22 N. Charles st 
Hobbs, Alexander H. 4 Law Buildings 
*Hodges, T. Harris St. Paul, cor. Mulbeny st 
Holloway, E. 4 Court House Lane 
Hoopes, Davis H. 69 Lexington st 
Horvvitz, B. F. 43 W. Fayette st 
Horwitz, Orville, 19 North st 
*Howard, Benjamin G. 
*Howard, Charles, 41 Mt. Vernon Place 
Howard, Francis K. 40 Lexington st 
Hull, John R. 
Ilungerford, James, 
*Hunt, William H. 59 Ann st 
Hutchins, Thomas T. 59 W. Fayette st 
Ing, John H. 20 W. Fayette st 
*lrvin, George C. 
Israel, Edward, N. W. corner of Fayette and 

St. Paul st 
Jackson, Frederick D. 17 Law Buildings 

Jenkins, M. C. 3 Spurrier's Court 

Johnson, Reverdy, N. W. cor. of Calvert and 

Fayette st 
Johnson, Reverdy, Jr. 40 Lexington st 
Johns, Henry V. D. Jr. 
Jones, Morris J. 4 Law Buildings 
Kalkman, Von H. Biddle st between Grun- 

dey and Bolton sts 
Keerl, Thomas M. 6 Marshall Buildings, St 

Paul st 

Kemp, Edward D. 5 Marshall's Buildings 
Kenly, John R. 35 Fayette st 
Kennedy, John P. 29 N. Calvert st 
Kerney, M. J. 30 W. Fayette st 
Key, Charles H. 43 Lexington st 
Kil bourn, E. G. 59 Fayette st 
King, John C. 9 Law Buildings, St. Paul Bt 
Kirk, Edward W. 
Kraft, Charles L. 
Krebs, William G. N. E. corner Fayette and 

St. Paul sts 
Lanahan, T. M. 12 Barnum's Buildings 
Latrobe, Benjainin H. 
Latrobe, Henry B. N. E. cor. of Lexington 

and St. Paul sts 
Latrobe, John H. B. corner of Lexington and 

St. Paul sts 
Lavender, Benjamin A. 115 Fayette st 
Leakin, Sheppard A. S. E. cor. of Lexington 

and Calvert sts 
Leary, C. L. L. Eastern Hall, Broadway 
Lee, Z. Collins, 3 Marshall's Buildings 
tLe Grand, John C. Eutaw House 
Leloup, Charles A. 60 W. Fayette st 
Lucas, C. Z. 45 St. Paul st 
McCeney, Edward A. 8 Law Buildings 
McCormick, J. P. 

McHenry, William R. Gibson n. Hoffman st 
McLane, R. M. cor. of North and Fayette sts 
McLaughlin, Patrick, 34 Fayette st 
McLean, Cornelius, Franklin Square 
McLean & Williams, Franklin Square 
McMahon, J. V. L. 27 Lexington st 
Machen, A. W. 

Malcolm, James, 27 Lexington st 
*Manning, Samuel, W. end Fayette, Franklin 


tMarshall, W. L. 7 Law Buildings 
Marshall, Charles, 
Mason, N. Carroll, 
Maund, George C. 13 Law Buildings 
May, Henry, 13 Barnum's Buildings 
*Mayer Brantz, 16 McColloch st 
Mayer, Charles F. 2 Courtland st 
Meredith, Jonathan, 26 N. Calvert st 
Merrick, R. T. 31 St. Paul st 
*Miles, George H. 
Milligan, George B. 45 St. Paul st 
Mills, John J. 26 St. Paul st 
*Mills, William D. 70 N. Green st] 
Moale, Francis V. 
Moale, Samuel, 60 W Fayette st 
*Morris, John B. 23 Mulberry st 
Morris, John Thomas, 22 N Charles st 
Neilson, Albert B. 13 St. Paul st 
Nelson, John, 35 St. Paul st 
Nelson, William B. 62 VV Fayette st 
Nicholas, John S. 6 Court House Lane 
Ninde, James C. 26 St. Paul st 
*Nisbet, Alexander 
Norris, William H. 63 Fayette st 
Norwood, Charles C. 
*Partridge, James R. 78 N Charles st 
Pennington, C. J. Marshalls Building, St. 

Paul's st 
Pennington, Josias, Marshalls Buildings 
Pennington, Wm. C. 7 Marshalls Buildings 
Perine, Thomas H. 3 Court House Lane 
Ferine, William B. 3 Court House Lane 
*Philpot, John, 15 St. Paul st 



Pinkney, Frederick, 8 Court Hoiise Lane 
Pitts, Charles H. 33 W Fayette st 
Poe, Neilson, 2 Law Buildina:s 
Presstinan, B. C. 4 Counsellors Hall, Lex- 

inarton st 
Preston, W. P. 51 Fayette et 
*Proui, J. G. Jr. cor Lombard and Gay sts 
tPur^'iance, John, 12 S. Frederick st 
Purviance, Robert. Jr. 12 S. Frederick st 
Reynolds, Luther M. 61 W Fayette st 
Ridgely, A. S. 24 St. Paul st 
•^Ridgely, Charles G. 3 Eutaw st 
Ridgely, Charles W. 5 Court House Lane 
*Ridgely, James L. 72 Exchange place 
*Rogers, Alexander M. 57 N Charles st 
Rogers, Edmund L. 
*Rogers, Lloyd N. 

Rogers, Robert L. 2 Spurriers Covirt 
Robinson, Matthew 
Root, Henry R. 25 Hanover st 
Ropes, Archer, Calvert n. Lexington st 
*Rutter, 1). McL. 
Salmon, Edward W. 
Schley, William, 65 W. La Fayette st 
Scott, Henry C. 16 St. Paul st 
Scott, T. Parkin, 16 St. Paul st 
Shipley, J. S. 
Slater, William J. 
Small, John, Jr. 13 St. Paul st 
Small, Josiah, Jr. 8 Law Buildings, Lexing 

ton st 
Smith, J. Dean, s. e. cor. Charles and Balti 

more ets 
*Smith, J. Donnell 
■^Smith, J. Lewis 
Snyder, .lohn J. n. w. cor. Fayette and St. 

Paul sts 
*Spence, Charles S. 72 Spear's wharf 
Spencer, Jervis, 18 Fayette st 
Sprague, E. R. 9 Carey st 
Sprague & Root, 9 Carey st 
*Steele, J. Nevitt 
Stewart, David, 33 St. Paul st 
*Stewart, George H. Maryland Square 
Stewart, John, 33 St. Paul st 
Stewart, William A. 37 W. Fayette st 
Stewart, David & John, 33 St. Paul et 
Stockett. J. S. Marshall's b'lding, St. Paul st 
Stockbridge, Henry, 4^ Court House L^ne 
*Stokes, George C. 
Stout, Henry, G6 W. Fayette st 
Stump, Henry, Court House 

Sutton, Andrew J. 34 St. Paul st 
Taggart, Samuel H. 3 St. Paul et 
Talbott, William A. 42 St. Paul st 
tTaney, R. B. 31 Lexington st 
Teackle, St. George WT, N. W. c. Lexington 

and Courtland sts 
Thomas, D. M. 14 Law Buildings 
Thomas, John H. 41 St. Paul st 
Thomas, Josrpli A. 36 St. Paul st 
Thomas, Philip F. 47 N. Calvert st 
Tonney, F. D. 68 E. Fayette st 
Travers, William H. 40 Lexington st 
*Tufts, William, 217 Franklin st 
Umbaugh, M. Herbert, Fovmtain Inn, Light 


Veazey, George Ross, 7 N. Calvert st 
Wallis, S. Teackle, 41 St. Paul st 
Wallis & Thomas, 41 St. Paul st 
Walsh, T. Yeates, 4 Court House Lane 
Warrington, Thomas J. 12 Law Buildingis 
Ward, William J. 48 Lexington st 
Warner, George, Jr. 45 W. Fayette st 
* Waters, John T. 

Waterman, William J. 69 W. Fayette st 
Webster, Henry, 61 Second st 
Whelan, Thomas, Jr. 61 Second st 
Whitney, Milton, 5 Spurrier's Court 
Whyte, William Pinkney, 14 Barnum's 

Wilkins, Henry, 2 Spurrier's Court 
Williams, G. G. 

Williams, George H. over Chesapeake Bank 
Williams, S. T. 63 W. Fayette st 
Williams. L. W. & G. G. 10 Counsellor's 

Williams, Lloyd W. 10 Counsellor's Hall 
WUliams, Nathaniel, N. W. c. Calvert and 

Lexington sts 
*Wilson, Robert E. Lombard st 
Wilson, E. S. 11 Counsellor's Hall 
Willson, John B. 
Wolfe, Alcceus B. 91 St. Paul st 
Wolft', Alexander 
Wood, A. R. 1 Counsellor's Hall 
*Worthington, W. G. D. 
Wysham, Henry C. 70 W. Fayette st 
Yellott, Coleman, 5 & 6 Counsellor's Hall 
Yellott, C. & W. 5 & 6 Counsellor's Hail 
Yellott, Washington, 5 and 6 Counsellor's 

*Yoe, Benjamin F. 330 W. Pratt st 
Young, William H. 8 Court House Lane 

Calvert County. 

Port Republic. 
'Broome, N. W. 

Prince Fredericktown. 
Briscoe & Mackall 
Dalrymple, Jesse J. 
Parran, Charles S. 
Sollers, Augustus R. 
tWilkinson, Thoiiias H. 
Wilson, Joseph A. 

Caroline County. 

Goldsborough, Allen M. 

Rochester, Joseph E. 

*Steel, James 

Tarr, Joseph Hopkins 

Carroll County. 

Hoover, Daniel L. 

Davis, Joseph 

Baumgardner, John J. 
Crout, Elijah F. 
Hayden, William N. 
Hayden & Baumgardner 

Mathias, William G. 
Neal, Abner 
*Parke, Joseph M. 
Raymond, James 
Smith, John E. 

Cecil County, 

*McLane, Louis 
'Potter, Zabdiel W. 
*Richardsou, E. De K. 

Elk ton. 
Creswell, John A. 
Earle, George 
Ellis, Francis A. 



Evans, Alexander 
Grason, Richard 
Groome, John C. 
*Jamar, James H. 
Mackall, Henry C. 
McCullough, Hiram 
McCullough, James T. 
Miller, John M. 

tCouatable, Albert 

Charles Connty. 

Allen'. '< Fresh. 
*Merrick, William D. 

Harris' Lot. 
tCrain, Peter W. 
^Matthews, William 
*Stoddart, John T. 
*Turner, Zepheuiah 

Brown, Frederick S. 

Port Tobacco. 
*Bames, Richard 
Barnes, William C. 
Brady, J. T. 
Brawner, Pembroke A. 
Brent, George 
*Chapman, John G. 
Grain, Gerard W. 
*Ferguseon, James 
Hughes, John J. 
tJenkins, George P. 
Mitchell, John W. 
*Mitchell, Walter 
Reeder, Robert S. 
Shackelford, William B. 
Stone, Frederick 
Stone, Thomas D. 
*Stone, William B. 
Stonestreet, Nicholas 

Dorcliester County. 

*Bayly, Josiah 
*Fra&ior, John M. 
Goldsborough, B. J. 
Goldsboroiigh, Charles F. 
*Gold8borough, W. T. 
Goldtborough & Henry 
Griswold, Ellas 
*Handy, Thomas H., Jr. 
Henry, Daniel M. 
Jeft'erson, Thomas 
Le Compte, Samuel D. 
Muse, Joseph E. 
Muse &, Jeti'erson 
Spenco, Thomas A. 
Stewart & Griswold 
Stewart, James A. 
Tubman, Benjamin Gaither 
Wallace, James 

Frederick County. 

Frederick City. 
Baugher, John F. 
Baughman, John W. 
Coale, James i\I. 
Coppersmith, L. F. 
Eichelburger, Grayson 
(Jalligher, Michael P. 
Harding, John L. 
Hausin, George A. 
♦Johnson, Ross 

Johnson, Bradley T. 
Lowe, Enoch Louis 
Luckett, Mountjoy B. 
Lvnch, John A. 
McSherry, James 
*Markell, Thomas M. 
Marshall, Richard H. 
Maulsby, William P. 
Maulsby & Nelson 
Merrick, William M. 
Nelson, Frederick J. 
fNelson, Madison 
Palmer, Joseph M. 
Palmer, William T. 
*Potts, Richard 
Ross, William J. & W. 
Ross, William J. 
Roes, Woithington 
Sappington, William C. 
Schley & Shellman 
Schley, Frederick A. 
Shellman, George K. 
*Shriver, Edward 
Thomas, Francis 
Trail, Charles E. 
Tyler, Samuel 
*Williams, John H. 
Wilson, Robert, Jr. 

Carmack, Ephraim 

Harford County. 

Bel Air. 
Archer, Henry W. 
Archer, Stevenson 
Batement, Altred 
Bond, William B. 
Coale, Samuel C. 
Dallam, Joseph W. 
Dallam, William H. 
Fernandis, Henry D. 
Galloway, William 
■Hays, Thomas A., Jr. 
Scott, Daniel 
Scott, Otho 
Webster, Edwin H. 
*Whaland, Robert W. 
*Yellott| George 

Price, John H. 

Kent County. 

Barroll, J. Leeds 
Barroll, James E. 
Chambers, Ezekiel F. 
tEccleston, John B. 
Hynson, Richard 
Moore, Edward A. 
Pearce, James A. 
Perkins, Ebenezer F. 
Ricaud, James B. 
*Ringgold, Richard W. 
Vickers, George 
Wickes, Ben. Chambers 
*Wickes, Joseph 
Wickes, Joseph A. 

Montgomery County. 

Dawson, George W. 

Anderson, James W. 
owie, Richard J. 

Bowie, William V. 
Brewer, John 
Carter, Robert W. 
Dawson, George W. 
Dawson, Lawrence A. 
England, John G. 
Forrest, Uriah 

Kilgour, John M. 

PriuceGeorge's County. 


*Martin, Thomas 

Decker, John W. 
Sheriti, Dionysius 
Stephen, Nicholas C. 

Long Old Fields. 
fMagruder, Alexander C. 
*Magruder, John H. T. 

tKey, Edmund 

*Gwynn, Benedict J. 

Queen Anne. 
Bowie, Walter W. W. 

Upper Marlborough. 
Berry, Samuel H. 
Bowie, Tliomas F. 
*Bi-ooke, John B. 
Brooke, John B., Jr. 
Chew, Richard B. B. 
Clark, Shelby 
Digges, Daniel C. 
Hance, Samuel B. 
Magruder, C C. 
Mullikin, J. Contee 
*Shipiey, Nichoias H. 
Tuck, William H. 
Tyler, Trueman 

Queen Anue's County. 


Brown, Madison 
Carmichael & Brown 
Carmichacl, Richard B. 
■> Clayton, J. Walter 
Cook, Clinton 
Cook & Hopper 
*David60n, T. Philip 
Emory, Albert T. 
Emory, Blanchard 
Harper, K. James 
tHopper, B. Philemon 
Hopper, B. Phil., Jr. 
Keating, J. Thomas 
Robinson, John M. 
Stone, William J. 
*Tilghnian, Edward 
Tilghman, Lloyd 

Wright, Henry 

Wright Thomas, 2d 

Wright, Thomas, 3d 

Church Hill. 
Brown, John 

Carmichael, William 
Tilghman, C. C. 


Somerset County. 

Princess Anne, 
Byrd, William J. 
*Cotnnan, J. t?. 
Crisfield, John VV. 
Dani^, William 
Dennis, James V. 
* Dennis, John 
Dougherty, R. W. 
*Handy, George 
*Handy, Lewis 
Handy, William VV. 
Irving, L. T. H. 
Jones, Isaac D. 
*Jones, Samuel W. 
Long, Edward 
Long, Sidney C. 
Abaters, William S. 
*White, Henry A. 
*Woolford, Levin 

*DashiIl, John J. 
Hooper, James 

St. Mary's CoKnty. 

*Blackistone, James T. 
Blackistone, Wm. J. 
*Blackistone, Z. D. 
Coad, George D. 
*Coad, J. Edwin 
*Dent, John F. 
Ford, Robert 
Harris, Benjamin G. 
*Key, Henry G. S. 
King, George S. 
Maddos, George F. 
*Miles, Oscar 
Miltimore, James W. 

Morgan, George C. 
.■Spalding George J. 

Talbot County. 

Clark, William B. 
Goldsborough, Henry Holli- 

Hambleton, Samuel 
Hollyday, Richard C. 
Hollyday, William M. 
Hollyday, R. C. & W. M. 
Martin, James Lloyd 
*Owens, Kennadv R. 
Powell, Isaac C. W. 
*Skuiner, Gustavus A. 

Washington County. 

Funkstown . 
Cheney, Edward E. 

Alvey, Richard H. 
Brannan, William F. 
Claggett, Zachariah S. 
Freaner, George 
French, George 
Gaither, Henry H. 
Hamilton Sc Alvey 
Hamilton, Wm. 1". 
Harbine, Thomas 
Heard, John W. 
Hollingsworth, G. H. 
Lawrence, Richard H. 
Macgill, Richard 
fMason, John Thomson 
Motter, William 
Xealey, Peter 
Neill, Alexander, Jr. 
Roman, James D. 

Roman & Claggett 
.~chley, George 
Smith, George W. 
Spencer & Harbine 
:^yester, Andrew K. 
*\Vason, James 
Weisel, Daniel 
Weisel &. French 

Pleasant Valley. 
♦Miller, John 

Melown, A. H. 

Worcester Connty. 

Bowen, S. W. 
Dirickson, L. L. 
Franklin, L. P. 
Mitchell, E. J. 
'Purnell, John S. 

S lisbury. 
Collier, G. R. 
Hoopei, James 

Snow Hill. 
Franklin, John R. 
Hammond, Thomas E.- 
I'urnell, L. R, 
Purnell, William H. 
"Purnell, William U. 
■^mith, G. W. P. 
-now, W. P. 
r.'~pence, Ara 
.■?pence, Irving 
Tingle, William 
Tingle, William S. W. 
Wilson, E. K. 
Williams, Denard 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Barnstable County. 

Day, Joseph M. 
Marston, George 
Scudder, Zeno 
Scudder & Day 

Copeland, George 

Lewis, James D. 

Marston's Mills. 
tMarston, Nymphas 

Doane, John 

Fessenden, Charles B. H. 
Nye, Seth F. 

Davis, John W. 

Yarmouth Port. 
Small, Simeon N. 

Berkshire County. 

Briggs, Daniel P. 
Bliss, Henry J. 
Bowerman, Samuel W. 
Sayles, Franklin O. 

Wolcott, John C. 

Bennett, Charles F. 
Morse, A. C. 

Great Barrington . 

rCmcrson, Charles N. 
Price, John 
-SuQiner, Increase 
.Sumner, Samuel B. 
.Sumner, I. &. Son 
*Whiting, Francis 

Gardner, Silas H. 

Filley, William T. 


Bratining, John 
Brown, Lorenzo D. 
*Cook. Jonathan F. 
Sturgis, Franklin 
Wilcox, Marshall 



tBishop, ilenry W. 
Tucker, George J. 
*Tucker, William S. 
Twining, Thomas 
*Walker, William P. 

New Marlboro. 
Turner, Augustus 

North Adams. 
Dawes, Henry L. 
Duncan, O'Connor B. 
*Hodge, Nehemiah 
Robinson, James T. 
Robinson, Thomas 
Robinson, T. & Son 
Richmond, A. A. 
Thayer, Lyman C. 
Thayer, Shephard 

Filley, Lester 

Adam, Robert W. 
tBriggs, George N. 
Briggs, Henry S. 
Colt, James D. 
Gamwell & Adam 
Gamwell, Lorenzo H. 
Gold, T. A. & Son 
Gold, Thomas A. 
Gold, T. Gardiner 
*Hubbard, Henry 
*Kellogg, Ensign H. 
Lanckton, Matthias R. 
*Martin, Calvin 
Page, Joel S. 
Page, Phineas L. 
Page, P. L. & J. S. 
Pi,ockwell Julius 
Rockwell & Colt 
Walker, John A. 

Stricklaud, Lemuel K. 

Bradford. James 
Palmer, Billings 
Ensign, Edward F. 
Ensign & Bradford 

fByington, Horatio 
Field, Jonathan E. 
* Goodrich, John Z. 

West Stockhridgc. 
Fitch, Henry E. 
Taft & Fitch 

Danforth, Keyes, jr. 
tDewey, Daniel N. 

Bristol County. 

Assonett Village. 
Hathaway, E. P. 
Hathaway, Joseph 
Hathaway, Nicholas 

Brown, James 
Daggett, John 

Fall River. 
Alden, Cyrus 

Battelle & Williams 
Battelle, Hezekiah 
Blaisdell, Josiah C. 
Borden, Simeon 
Ford, James 
Holmes, Charles J. 
tLapham, Lewis 
Lawton, George J. 
Lawton, Job G. 
Williams, Eliab 

Spooner, Nathaniel S. 

Sanford, Joseph B. 

New Bedford. 
Barney, E. L. 
Brigham, Lincoln F. 
Bordon, Alanson 
Clifford, John H. 
Clifford & Bi-igham 
Coffin, Timothy G. 
Congdon, Charles T. 
Dearborn, Joseph F. 
Eliot, Thomas D. 
Eliot & Pittman 
Mackie, Adam 
Mitchell, Walter 
Page, John H. W. 
Page & Stone 
Pittman, Robert C. 
Porter, Francis L. 
tPrescott, Oliver 
Robinson, Thomas D. 
Stone, Joshua C. 
West, Augustus L. 

*Wheaton, Laban M. 

Blodget, William W. 
Cushman, Apollos 
Farnsworth, C. B. 

Austin, John D. 
Bassett, Anselm 
Bassett & Reed 
Bennett, Edmund H. 
Bennett & Williams 
Dean, Joseph P. 
*Morton, Marcus 
Morton, Nathaniel 
Morton & Sanford 
Pratt, Horatio 
Pratt & Austin 
tReed, Chester J. 
Sanford, B. 
Sproat, William A. F. 
Townsend, Samuel B. 
Williams, Henry 
Williams, Sidney 

Dukes County. 

tMayhew, Theodore G. 
Thaxter, Leavitt 

S;s8ex County. 
Binney, William C. 

*Clark, Hobart 
*Farrar, Samuel 
Foster, Moses, jr. 

Greenleaf, Simon 
Hazen, Nathan W. 
Merrill, Samuel 

Choate, F. W. 
Dexter, Franklin • 
Stephens, Thomas 

Abbott, Alfred A. 
Perkins, Benjamin C. 
Proctor, John W. 
Putnam, Samuel 

Jones, J. P. 
Russell, Jeremiah 

Nash, Lonson 
Pierce, N. 

Reed, Jacob W. 

*Dodge, Allen W. 
Safford, Daniel E. 

Ames, Issac 
Duncan, James H. 
*How, Isaac R. 
*How^ Nathaniel S. 
Kittredge, Alfred 
Marsh, John J. 
*Minot, Stephen 
Taggart, William 

*Andrews, Asa 
Haskell, George 
Lord, George R. 


Bartlett, Enoch 

Benson & Blanchard 

Benson, George W. 

Blanchard, A. A. 
Boardman, Benjamin 
5rigg3, George P. 

Chase, Perley S. 

Clark, Joseph F. 

Couch, Joseph 

Cross, Robert 

Cross & White 

Harmon, N. W. 

Newell, Charles S. 

Nevsrton, C. G. 

Parsons, Thomas A. 

Saunders, Daniel, Jr. 

Saunders & Watson 

Stevens, Ivan 

tStevens, William 

Watson, B, Fg 

Weed, Dan 
White, N. G. 

Wright, Thomas 

Wright, William H. P. 

Fabens, William 

Brown, Isaac 
Howland, William 
Mudge. Benjamins F. 
Newhall, James R. 
tNewhall, Thomas B. 



Peabody, Dean 
Stickney, Jeremiah C 

Bickfoi-d, Horace 
Gerrish, Joseph G. 
HUls, Nathaniel 
Kinsmaj, Henry W. 
Lainson, Caleb 
tMarston, Stephen W. 
*MoolEey, Ebenezer 
Phillips, Samuel 
Sparhawk, George 
Stone, Ebenezer P. 
'Wildes, A8a W. 

Manning, Joseph B. 

Payson, Thomas E. 


Andrews, George 

Bancroft, S. C. 

Baretow, Benjamin 

Brown, Ammi 

Brown, Nehemiah, Jr. 

Cheever, Geo. F. 

Choate, George F. 

Connolly, Horace L. 

Devereux, George H. 

Endicott, William C. 

*French, Ralph H. 

Gillis, James A. 

*Howes, Frederick 

Huntington, Ashael 

Ives, Stephen B. Jr. 

Kimball, E. W. 

Kimball, Daniel 

King, John G. 

Lord, Nathaniel J. 

Lord, Otis P. 

Wilier, Ephraim F. 

Northend & Choate 
Northend, William D. 

Osgood, Joseph B. F. 

■■Palfrey, Charles W. 
tPerkins Jonathan C. 
Perry J. W. 
Phillips, Stephen H 
Phillips & Gillis 
Prescott, William C. 
Roberts, Da\-id 
Roberts & Kimball 
Rogers, Augustus D. 
Story, Augustus 
tWaters, Joseph G. 
Webb, Stephen P. 
'West, Richard 
Wheatland, Benjamin 
Wheatland, George 
Wheatland, Stephen G. 
'White, Daniel A. 

'Holmes, Charles H. 

•Kimball, Edmund 

Franklin Conntr. 

'Maxwell, Sylvester 

'Dniry John 
Lanfair, WUliam 

Arms, Pliney 
Saxton, Jonath-en 

Aiken, David 
Allen, Charles 
Alvord. Daniel W. 
Alvord & Wells 
Brainard, Almon 
*Chapman, Henry 
Davis, Aiken & Allen 
Davis, George T. 
Davis, W. T. 
*Grennel], George 
Griswold, Whiting 
Griswold & Lamb 
Lamb, S. O. 
Mattoon, Charles 
Newcomb, H. G. 
tParker, H. G. 
*Rip]ey, Frankhn 
Wells, George D. 
*Willard, David 

Hartwell, Jonathan 

Chase, R. D. 
Emery, Stephen 

SMhurn Fallf. 
Field, Samuel F. 
Maxwell, Arthnr 

Taft, H. W. 

Hampden County. 

Hinsdale, J. C. 
Ladd, Charles R. 
Severance, M. J 
Stearns, George AL 
W^ells, John 
Wells &. Stearns 
Whitaker, M. D. 

Loring, Thomas G. 

Bates, C. F. 
Richards, Almon 

Branscomb, Charles H. 
Newell, Lester 
tPearsons, William B. C. 

Barlow, M. 
Torrey, Calvin 
Torrey & Barlow 
Wallace, Frederick T. 

Arthur, C. T. 
Ashmun, George 
Ashmun <fe Leonard 
Ball, C. D. 
Beach & Bond 
Beach, E. D. 
Bliss, George 
*Bliss, Richard 
Bond, Ephraim W. 
Chapman, R. A. 
Crooks, James W. 

Hildreth, R. B. 
*Hooker, John 
*Hooker, Josiah 
Leonard, N A. 
*Morris, George B. 
Morris, Henry 
tMorris, Oliver B. 
*Morri3, Richard D. 
tMorton, James 
Norton, Lorenzo 
Pelton, T. Dwight 
Pelton & Soule 
Phelps, Ansel 
Seamans, Otis A. 
Senter, O. S. 
Senter & Ball 
Soule. Augustus 
Stebbins, John M. 
Thompson, Wellington 
Vose, Henry 
V'ose & Norton 
Walker, George 
Winchester, Charles A. 

Bates, W. G. 
*Boise, Patrick 
Fuller, Henry 
Gillett, E. B. 
Leonard, Norman T. 

Hampshire Vpnnty. 

Bowdoin, Eldridge G. 
*Boltwood, Lucius 
*Boyden, James M. 
*Conkey, Ithamar 
Conkey, Ithamar F. 
Dickinson, Edward 
*Dickinson, John 

Doolittle, Mark 
Goddard, S. W. E. 
Shaw, Mason 

Bancroft, Dyar 

Clark, Epaphras 

Marcy, Laban 

*Kenogg, Giles C. 

Billings, Israel 

Allen, William 
Baker, Osmyn 
Kates. Samuel H 
Bhker & Delano 
Ohilson, Haynes H. 
*Dudley, Lewis I. 
Delano, Charles 
tDewey, Charles A. 
Forbes, Charles E. 
Forbes & Huntington 
Gorham, William O. 
Hodges, Horace 
Huntington, Charles P 
'Hinckley, S. L. 
"Stoddard, Solomon 
'.Strong, Lewis 
'Wells, Samuel 



Granger, Daniel 

South Hadley. 
Bowdoin, William 
Miller, Ezekiel L. 

-Devens, Arthur L. 
Greene, William C. 
*Hyde, William 
Spaulding, Samuel T. 

White, Addison H. 

Middlesex Coiinty. 

*Whitman, George W. 

Cambridge Port. 
Chamberlain & Jacobs 
Chamberlain, H. M. 
Jacobs, Bela 
Lawrence, Aea F. 
Livermore, George W. 

Edwards, Abraham 
tFay, Samuel P. P. 
*HiUiard, Abraham 
Whitney, R. W. 

Allen, Macon B. 
Cobb, Moses G. 
Dana, James 
Dana & Cobb 
Griffin J. Q. A. 
Neal, George B. 
Warren, G. Washington 
Willard, Paul 
Willard, Paul, Jr. 

*Brooks, Nathan 
Brooks, George M. 
Goodnow, Cbarles W. 
Haywood, George 
tHoar, E. Rockwood 
*Hoar. Samuel 
Keyes, John S. 

East Cambridge. 
Buttrick, Ephraim 
Buttrick & Marrett 
*Fiske, Isaac 
Ladd, John S. 
Marrett, Lorenzo 
Ripley, Ezra 

Esty, C. C. 
Heard, F. F. 
Train, Charles R. 

Farley, George E. 
Needham, Daniel 
Russell, Bradford 
Russell & Needham 
Spalding, John 

BuUard, Ellias 

Wakefield, L. H. 

Plummer, William 
*Preston, Marshall 


Abbott, Josiah G. 
Abbott, James C. 
Abbott, Julian 
Abbott & Brown 
Adams, Joel 
Adams, J. T. K. 
Adams, Shubael B. 
Alger, E. A. 
Alger, H. A. 
Andrews, W. H. 
*Bartlett, Homer 
Beard, Ithamer W. 
Beard & Howe 
Blaisdell, H. G. 
Blaisdell & Abbott 
Bonney, A. P. 
Brown, S. A. 
Brown, A. R. 
Brown & Alger 
Butler, Benjamin F. 
Butler & Webster 
Cass, A. J. 
Caverly, R. B. 
Caverly, Z. B. 
Caverly &. Adams 
*Child, L. 
Corliss, H. G. F. 
tCrosby, Nathan 
Dean & Dinsmore 
Dean, Benjamin 
Dinsmore, R. 
Dinsmore, James 
Howe, Moses G. 
Jackson, B. F. 
*Knowles, John A. 
Ladd, Jonathan 
Loughran, James 
*Locke, Joseph 
Morse & Caverly 
Morse, Isaac S. 
Parker, Frederick 
Pearson, Timothy 
Pearson & Andrews 
Poole, Benjamin 
Poole & Sweetser 
Richardson, Daniel S. 
Richardson, William A. 
Richardson, D. S. & W. A. 
Robinson, John P. 
Sherman, E. F. 
mith, William 
Sweetzser, T. H. 
Waldron, George P. 
Webster, Wilham P. 
Wen^worth, Tappan 
* Wright, Nathaniel 

Lewis, Charles 
Steams, W. S. 

Perry, S. B. 

Sewall, S. E. 

Bacon, J. W. 
Plam, B. F. 

Newton Lowell Falls. 
*Allen, Amos 
*Partridge, N. S. 

Lewis, Samuel P. 

Judd, Chauncey P. 
Prescott, A. A. 

Gerrish, James * 

Parker, Leonard M. 

Sozith Reading. 
Potter, O. B. 

Lynde, Alonzo V. 

Whitney, Edwin 

Worcester, F. A. 

''Butterfield, Charles 


Banks, N. P., Jr. 
Moore, Arad 
Rutter, Josiah 
Somerby, G. A. 
Somerby & Rutter 

Bemis, Charles 
Bemis, Iseac V. 
*Bigelow, Tyler 
Keyes, Joseph B. 
*Thaxter, Levi 


tMellen, Edward 

West Cambridge. 
Russell, James 

Abbott, John W. P. 
*Abbott, John 
Thacker, George 

*Bigelow, Alpheus 

Converse, J. P. 
Nelson, Albert H. 
Nelson «fe Converse 
Randall, James M. 

Nantucket County. 

*Bunke!', James M. 
Gardner, Edward M. 

Norfolk Connty. 

Walker, William M. 
White, N. L. 

Aspinwall, William 
Griggs, George 

Cleveland, Jra 



Cobb, Jonathan H. 
Colburn, Waldo 
Richardson, James 
*Sampson, Ezra W. 
Wilkinson, Ezra 

Churchill, Asaph 
Churchill, Charles, M. G. 
*Cuinming8, David 
Loud, S. P. 

Warren, Samuel S. 

*Adams, Daniel 
Bishop, John P. 

Lovering, Warren 

*Reed, Jason 
Safford, N. F. 

Gourgas, J. M. 
Morton, William S. 

Berry, N. C. 
Gushing, A. Loring 

Clarke, John J. 
Crafts, William A. 
Gaston, William 
Harrington, Joseph 
Hilliard, Francis 
Leland, William S. 
May, John W. 

Simmons, David S. 
Woodside, Jonathan F. 

South Canton. 
Ames, Ellis 
Noyes, Samuel B. 

*Gannett, James >L 

Hall, E- F. 
Kingsbury, F. A. 

''"Everett, M. 
Warner, Samuel, Jr. 

Plymouth County. 

Breck, Samuel 
Latham, Williama 

Stetson, Samuel 

East Bridgewater. 
HaiTis, Benjamin D. 
tHobart, Aaron 
Young, Welcome 

East Middleboro. 
Eddy, Zechariah 

Simmons, Perez 
*Wood, Alexander 

*Lincoln, Solomon 
Gay, Ebenezer 

Beal, Joseph S. 

Rob'nson, Everett 
Ward, Eliab 
Wood, William H. 

North Bridgacater, 
Perkins, J. R. 
White, Jonathan 
Whitman, Eliab 

Whitman, James H. 


Gilbert, Gustavus 
Loud, Jacob H. 
Russell, John J. 
*Sever, William R. 
Spear, William H. 
'^Thomas, William 
*Whitman, W. H. 

South Abington. 
*Hobart, Benjamin 
Keith, J. E. 
Whitman, Jared 
King, John 

South Scituate. 
Fogg, Ebenezer T. 

Miller, Seth, Jr. 

West Bridgewater. 
Baylies, William 
Packard, Austin 

Snfiblk Coanty. 


-Abbott, James A. 27 Court st 

-Adams, Charles F. 57 Mt. Vernon st 

Adams, Colman S. 1 Joy's Buildings 

Adams, George W. 8 Court Square 

Adams, John C. 15 Scollay's Building 

Allen, A. O. 27 Court st 

Allen, C. E. 27 Court st 

Allen, F. H. 27 Court st 

Allen, F. H. & J. B. 27 Court st 

Allen, James B. 27 Court st 

Allen, Macon B. 34 Tremont Row 

Almon, A. B. 47 Court st 

Ames, Isaac.20 Court st 

Ames, Samuel, 46 Court^t 

Andrew, John A. 4 Court st 

Andrews, C. C. 35 Court st 

Andros, M. 15 Mass Block 

Angell, George T. 46 Washington st 

*.A.pthorp, Robert E. 18 Joy's "Building 

Asbinwall, William, 76 State st 

Atkinson, Jacob, 63 Court st 

Atwood, Charles, 39 Court st 

Austin, A. \V. 10 Court st 

Austin, H. D. 10 Court st 

Austin, J. D. 

Austin, I vers J. 30 Court st 

* Austin, James T. 152 Tremont st 

Austin, Jumes W. 

Austin & Young, 30 Court st 

Avery, Edward," 27 Court st 

»3all, Joshua D. 27 State st 

Ballard, James M. 9 State st 

Bancroft, George, 19 Court st 
Banfield, E. C. 
Bangs, Edward, 30 Court st 
Banks, N. P., Jr. 34 Mass Block 
Barnes, Isaac O. 11 Court House 
Barrett, J. F. 76 State st 
Bartlett, Sidney, 16 Court st 
hiartlett, Sidney, Jr. 16 Court st 
Bassett, Elisha, 12 Court House 
Batchelder, F. L. 39 Court st 
Bates, William, 17 Mass Block 
Bates, Samuel W. 46 Washington st 
Bell, Joseph M. 7k Tremont Row 
Bemis, George, 5 Court st 
Benjamin, James, 39 Court st 
Benjamin & Minot, 39 Court st 
Bennett, Edmund H. 46 Washington st 
Bennett & Smith, 46 Washington st 
Berry, N. C. 20 Court st 
Betton, George E. 27 Court st 
Betton, N. C. 27 Court st 
tBigelow, George T. 126 Ti-emont st 
Eigelow, E. M. 10 Court st 
Bigelow, Horatio, 41 State st 
Bigelow, Timothy, 7 Court Square 
Bishop, Joel P. 46 Washington st 
Bishop, Jonathan P. 27 Mass Block 
Bishop & Wakefield, 46 Washington st 
Blake, Edward, 39 Court st 
Bliss, William D. 
Boit, Edward D. 16 Court st 
Bolles, John A. 10 Court et 



Bowditch, N. I. 60 State st 

Bowditch, William I. 8 R. R. Exchange 

Bradley, Joseph H. 19 Court st 

Brigham, William, 35 Court st 

Brinley Francis, 46 Court st 

"Brooks, Edward, 10 Court st 

Brooks, B. F. 27 State st 

Brooks, Francis A. 5 Congress st 

Brooks & Ball, 27 State st 

Brown, Jeremiah, 47 Court st 

Brown, W. Lock 17 Joy's Building 

Browne, Causten, 1 Devonshire st 

Browne, John W. 19 Court st 

Browne, George M. 16 Old State House 

Buck, Edward, 11 Court st 

Buckineliam. J. H. 23 R. R. Exchange 

Burbank, R. I. 46 Court st 

Butler, Franklin J. 20 Court st 

Butler, John F. 

Butler, John H. 10 Court st 

Butler, Benjamin, 18 Mass Block 

Burlingame, Anson, 18 Old State House 

Chase, William M. 46 Washington st 

Chamberlain M. 17 State st 

Chandler, P. W. 4 Court st 

Chandler, T. P. 4 Court st 

Chapman, O. G. 41 State st 

Cheever, Tracy P. 39 Court st 

Choate & Bell, 7^ Tremont Row 

Choate, F. W. 23 Court st 

Choate, Rufus, 7i Tremont Row 

Churchill, J. M. 46 Washington st 

Clarke, J. J. 27 State st 

Clarke & Merwin, 1 6 Court st 

Cobb, M. G. 24 Old State House 

Codman Charles R. 

Codman John, 4 Court st 

*Codman, Henry, Amory Hall 

Codman, Robert, 46 Court st 

CoUamore, George W. 4 Court st 

Converse, J. P. 19 Court st 

Cooley, George W. 

Coolidge, Austin J. 39 Court st 

Cooke, B. F. 63 Court st 

Cooke, J. P. 9 State st 

Cragin, Lorenzo S. 52 Washington st 

Crockett, G. K. 27 State st 

Crowninshield, F. B. 4 Court st 

tCurtis, Benjamin R. 16 Court st 

Curtis Charles P. 16 Court st 

Curtis, Charles P., Jr. 16 Court st 
Curtis, George T. 19 Court st 
Currier, B. H. Merchants Exchange 

tCushing, Abel, 51 Court st 

Cushing, Luther S. 30 Court st 

Gushing, Martin G. 

Cutler, '^Joseph, 47 Court st 

Dame, A. A. 26 Mass Block 

Dame, Theodore S. 9 State st 

Dana & Cobb, 24 Old State House 

Dana, E. A. 19 Court st 

Dana, James, 24 Old State House 

Dana & Parker 

Dana, R. H., Jr. 30 Court st 

Danforth, John C. 51 Court st 

Davis, Augustus B. 9 ScoUay's Buildings 

Davis, Charles G. 7 Court Square 

Davis &W'bb, 7 Court Square 

Davis, A. B & J. 9 Scollay's Buildings 

D^vis, Jerome, 9 Scollay's Buildings 

Davis, William T. 11 Court st 

Dean, Benjamin, 6 State st 

Dean & Dinsmoor, 6 State st 

Denton, William Pitt, 51 Court st 

Derby & Holmes, Court c. Tremont 

Derby, E. H. " " 

Dehon, William, 12 Scollay's Building 

*Dexter, Franklin, 9 Court Square 

Dexter, Edward, 9 Court Square 

*Dexter, Thomas A. 28 State st 

Dexter, William S. 11 Court st 
Demond, Charle.?, 52 Washington st 
Devens, Charles, Junior Court House 
Dickinson, F. W. 7 Court Square 
Dinsmoor, James, 6 State st 
Dodge, John C. 39 State st 
Dorr, William B. Turnpike c. Fourth 
Dow, Nathan T. 20 Court st 
Dow & Prince, 30 Court st 
Draper, J. W. 25 Mass Block 
Draper, Moses, 25 Mass Block 
Dudley, E. G. 20 Court st 
Durant, Henry F. 22 Old State House 

Dutton, Warren 
Duncklee, Mark F. 17 State st 
Dyer, M. Jr. 20 Court st 
Dyer & Smith, 20 Court st 
Eastman, J. 20 Court st 
Egan, James, 19 Old State House 
Eldridge, Samuel, 35 Court st 
Eldridge. John S. 35 Court st 
Eldridge, S. & J. S. 35 Court st 
Ellis, Charles M. 21 Old State House 
Ely, A. B. 52 Washington st 
Emerson, J. W. 21 State st 
End, William, 63 Court st 
English, James L. 9 Court Square 
Everett, William A. 16 Scollay's Buildings. 

Farrar, Timothy, 9 Doane st 
Farley, George F. 
Field, Justin. 28 Mass Block 
Fiske, A. H. 5 Court st 
Fabens, Francis A. 16 Mass Block 
Fabens, William 
Fletcher, Richard 
French, J, J. 3 Congress st 
French, Ebenezer, 9 State st 
Fuller, H. Weld, 35 Court st 
Gardiner, W. H. 9 Court Square 
Gay, William T. 
Gay, E. 1 Devonshire st 
Gilchrist, D. S. 20 R. R. Exchange 
Giles, Joel, 4 Coiirt st 
Giles, Alfred E. 46 Washington st 
Gleason, Horace, 23 Scollay's Buildings 
Goldsbury, John, 8 It. R. Exchange 
*Gorham, Benjamin. 19 Court st 

Green, O. H. P. 4i> Washington st 

Gooch, D. W. 15 Mass Block 

Goodrich, Charies B. 30 Court st 

Gordon, S. J. 56 Washington st 

*Gray, Francis C. 

Gray, Horace, Jr. 30 Court st 

*Gray, John C. 30 Court st 

*Gray, WilUam, 30 Court st 

*Gregg, Washington P City Hall 

Greenough, D. S. 

Griggs, George 4 Court st 

Griswold, Almond W. 1 Devonshire st 

*Guild, Benjamin 4 Court st 

Guild, George D. 4 Court st 

Guild, S. E. 4 Court st 

Hahn, S. B. Maverick Square 

Hale, George S. 4 Court st 

Hale, N., jr. 8 Congress st 

Hall, Franklin, 39 State st 

Hall, Thomas B. 30 Court st 

Hallett, Benjamin F. 20 Court st 

Hallett & Hallett, 20 Court st 

Hallett, Henry L. 20 Court st 

Hancock, C. L. 10 Court st 

Hariow, T. S. 27 State st 

Haskell, Benjamin, 17 Mass Block 

Haskell, William E P. 52 Washington st 

Hastmgs, George H. 22 State st 

Hayes, F. B. 1 Devonshire st 

Hazelton, H. L. 1 Joy's Buildings 

Head, Edward F. 30 Court st 

Healey, John P. 46 Court st 

Hildreth, Roger B. 



Hillard, George S. 4 Court st 

Hilliard, Wiljiam 9 State st 

Hinds, Cah-ia P. 46 Court st 

Hinds &. Tilton. 46 Court st 

Hodges, K. F. 46 Court st 

Holmes, John S. 46 Court st 

Holmes, John, 11 Court st 

Homer, George F. 4 Court st 

Howes, William B. 30 Court st 

Hubbard, G. G. 5 Consress st 

Hubbard, J. W. 46 Washington st 

Hubbard, N. D. 5 Niles' Building 

Hubbard, William J. 30 Court st 

Hubbard & Pinkerton 

Hudson, Charles H. 63 Couit st 

Hutchins, H. G. 5 Court Square 

Hutchins, H. C. 20 Court st 

Hutchins & Wheeler, 20 Court st 

Jackson, A., jr. 47 Court st 

Jackson, John G. 

Jacobs, B. F. 4 Court st 

Jacobs, B. F. & J. A. 4 Couit st 

Jacobs, J. A. 4 Court st 

James, John W. 10 Court st 

Jennison, Samuel, Jr. 27 State st 

Jewell, Harvey, 20 Court st 

Johnson, Daniel U. 

Johnson, H. A. 46 Court st 

Josselyn, L. E. 27 Mass Block 

Joy, A. K. P. 27 Court st 

Judd, C. P. 

Judson, W. H. 27 State st 

Keith, J. M. 18 State st 

Kelly, Webster, 30 Mass Block 

Ketelle, Jacob Q.. 9 State st 

King, John G. 27 State st 

King & Wells, 

Kingsbury, George H. 46 Court st 

Knapp, William, 6 Court House 

Leland, W. S. 27 Court st 

Lewis, Samuel P. 

List, Charles, 60 Washington st 

Lord, Joseph L. 12 Mass Block 

Loring, Charles G. 39 Court st 

Loring, C. G., F. C. & C. W. 

Conrt st 
Loring, C. W. 39 Court st 
tLoring, Edward G. 16 Court st 
Loring, Ellis G. 27 State st 
Loring, F. C. 39 Court st 
Loring. John A. 3.5 Court st 
Lothrop, T. K. 
Lovell, Michael 

Lovis, F. A. 98 Turnpike n. Fourth st 
Low, Obed B. 11 Court st 
Lowell, John, 40 State st 
Lunt, George, 4 Court st 
Lynde, A. V. 1 Devonshire st 
Maine, S. C. State st c. Devonshire 
Mason, D. H. 20 Court st 
Mason, Lyman, 20 Court st 
Mayo, Charlei. 81 Piuckney st 
'McCleary, S. F. 18 Mass Block 
*McCleary, S. F., Jr. City Hall 
Merrill, Amos B. 10 Court st 
Merrill, J. C. jr. 39 Court st 
Merwin, E. 16 Court st 
Miller, Thompson, 13 Mass Block 
Minot, George, 4 Court st 
Minot, William, 39 Couit st 
Minot, William, jr. 39 Court st 
Minns, George W. 23 Court st 
Moore, A. 10 & 12 Mass Block 
Moore, A. <fc E. N. 10 & 12 Mass Block 
Moore, E. N. 10 & 12 Mass Block 
Morey, George, 20 Old State House 
Morgan, David, 3 Sxminer st, E. B. 
Morse, Nathan, 10 Court st 
Morrell, Edward, 
Morrell, George, 1 Devonshire st 


Morris, Robert, jr. 27 State st 
Morton, Marcus, jr. 30 Court st 
Montgomery, Hugh, 98 Turnpike n. 4th st 
Meyer, Joseph, 12 ScoUay's Building 
Nash, Stephen G. 20 Court st T: ■ 

Nelson, A. H. 19 Court st 
Nelson & Converse, 19 Court st 
^Nichols, Benjamin W. 60 State st 
Nutter, T. F. 10 Court st 
Nutter, Charles C. 10 Court st 
Natter. C. C. & T. F. 10 Court st 
Oliver, Peter, 16 Court st 
Osgood, I. P. 5 Court st 
Otis, Edmund B. 9 State st 
Otis, Theodore, 11 Court st 
*Paine Robert Treat, 15 Beach st 
*Paine, Charles C. 5 Bedford st 
Paine, John T. 17 Joy's Buildings 
Park, J. C. .51 Court st 
Parker, Aurelius D. 20 Court st 
Parker, Charles H. 
Parker, Edward G. 4 Court st 
Parker, Francis E. 30 Court st 
Parker, Henry M. 46 Washington st 
Parker, Henry T. 4 Court st 
Parker, J. M. 16 Court st 
Parker, Joel, 46 Washington st 
Parker, S. D. 16 Court st 
Parker, S. D. & J. M. 16 Court st 
Parker &. Pope. 16 Court st 
Pai-menter, William E. 19 Court st 
Peabody, O. G. 30 Court st 
Pike, Charles E. 10 State st 
Pearson, Eliphalet, 24 Old Stata House 
Perkins, D. 27 Court st 
Perkins, H. N. 20 Court st 
Peirce, R. N. 1 Devonshire st 
Perrin, William H. 39 Court st 
Phillips, George W. 9 Court Square 
*Phillips, T. W. Court House 
Phillips, Greenville T. 
Phillips, Wendell, 11 Court st 
*Phillip8, Willard, 28 State st 
*Plckering, Edward, 20 Merchants' Ex- 
Plinkerton, J. M 5 Congress st 
Plumer & Blgelow, 7 Court Square 
Plnmer, William, 7 Court Square 
Plympton, S. F. 5 Court st 
Pope, T. B. 16 Court st 
Pond, Benjamin, 23 Old State House 
Power, T. 7 Court Square 
*Prescott, William G. 
Preston, George H. 81 Washington st 
Prince, F. O. 30 Court st 
Prince, J. Hardy, 9 Court Square 
Putnam, John P. 19 Court st 
*Quincey, Josiah, jr. 27 State st 
Rand. Edward S. 30 Court st 
Ranney. Ambrose A. 10 Court st 
Rannpy & Morse, 10 Court st 
Robb, James B. 1 Devonshire st 
Robb &. Morrell, 1 Devonshire st 
Roelker, Bernard, 39 Court st 
Ripley, C. G. 9 Court Square 
Ritchie, Harrison, 19 Court st 
Riley, Patrick. 1 Court House 
Rice, George Edward, 30 Court st 
Richardson, I. W. 9 Court Square 
Richardson & Moore, 9 Court Square 
Richardson, N. 9 Court Square 
Richardson, William, 46 Washington st 
Robinson, G. JI 
Rogers, J. G. 19 Court st 
Rogers, William, AC uii st 
Rollins, J. W. 1 Devonshire st 
Russell, C. T. & T. H. 27 State st 
Russell, Charles T. 27 State st 
Russell, T. H. 27 State st 
Russell, B. F. 63 Court st 



Russell, William G. 35 Court st 
tRussell, Thomas, 35 Court st 
*Rus8ell, J. D. 
Saltonstall, L. 46 Court st 
Sanger, George P. 4 Court st 
Sargent, Henry 

Sargent, Henry J. U Joy's Building 
Sargent, Horace B. 44 Mass Block 
*Sargent, L. M. Araory Hall 
*Savage, James, 1 Temple Place 
Sawyer, F. W. 20 Court st 
Scudder, H. A. 17 State st 
Scudder & Sears, 17 State st 
Searle, G. W. 17 State st 
Sears, Philip H. 17 State st 
Sewall, Samuel E. 46 Washington st 
Sawall & Angell, 46 Washington st 
Shaw, Lemuel, jr. 49 Mount Vernon 
Sheppard, John H. 20 Court st 
Shipley, Horatio, Dix Place 
Shimmin, C. F. 30 Court st 
Simmons, David A. 20 Court st 
Simmons, C. F. 46 Washington et 

Simmons & Jewell, 20 Court st 

Smith, Charles W. 18 Scoolay's Building 

Smith, Chauncey, 46 Washington st 

Smith, H. E. 10 Court st 

Smith, H. F. 20 Court st 

Smith. M. H. 23 Scollay's Building 

Smith, William, 22 Old State House 

Smith, William H. L. 47 Court st 

Smith & Wakefield, 10 Court st 

Sohier, E. D. 19 Court st 

Sohier, William, 40 State st 

Sohier, William D. 40 State st 

Sohier & Welch, 19 Court st 

Sohier & Lowell, 40 State st 

Sparhawk, George, 46 Washington st 

Steele, T. L. 19 Court st 

Stevens, Oliver, 19 Court st 

Stevens, W. P. 

tSprague, Peleg, 171 Tremont st 

Story, Charles W. 11 Court st 

Story, Isaac, jr. 46 Washington st 

Strong, William C. 

Sumner, Bradford, 20 Court st 

Sumner, Charles, U. S. Sen. 4 Court st 

Suter, H. W. 5 Avon Place 

Thaxter, David, 16 Court st 

Thaxter & Bartlett, 16 Court st 

Thorndike, Larkin, 

Thorndike, J. S. 

Thornton, J. W. 20 Court st 
Thomas, Charles G. 20 Court st 
Thomas, Seth J.46 Court st 
Tighe, John, 4 Water st 
Tilton, Warren, 46 Court st 
Tolman, Thomas, 11 Court st 
Tuxbury, George W. 30 Court st 
Tyler, J. K. 39 State st 
Vinton, Warren H. 
*Walley, S. H. jr. 21 R. R. Exchange 
Wakefield, John H. 46 Washington st 
Wakefield, Thomas L. 10 Court st 
Walcott, S. B. 47 Court st 
Ware, Henry, 18 Scollay's Building 
Walker, W. L. 30 Mass Block 
Warren, Henry, 27 Court st 
Warner, H. J. 11 Court st 
Ward, Samuel D. 10 Court st 
Washburn, F.L. 19 Court st 
Washburn, W. R. P. 46 Washington st 
Washburn, A. C. 60 State st 
Watts, Francis O. 30 Court st 
Webb, Seth, jr. 7 Court Square 
*Webster. F. 2 West Cedar st 
Welch, Charles A. 19 Court st 
*Welch, W. J. 1 Devonshire st 
Wellington, Hiram, 10 Court st 
Wells, George D. 

Wentworth, Samuel, 10 Scollay's Build- 
Wheaton, Robert 
Wheeler, A. S. 20 Court st 
Wheeler, S. G., jr. 3 Joy's Buildings 
Wheelock, P. S. 35 Court st 
White, George, 24 Mass Block 
Whiting. William, 35 Court st 
Whiting & Russell, 35 Court st 
Willey, Tolman, 20 Court Square 
Willard, Joseph, 20 Court st 
Willard, Paul. jr. 19 Court st 
Williams, J. M. 30 Court st 
Williams, J. O. 30 Court st 
Willis. H. M. Probate Buildings 
Wilson, Archelaus, 19 Scollay's Buildings 
Wiuthrop, R. C. 1 Pemberton Square 
Woodbury, Charles L. 20 Mass Block 
Woodman, Horatio, 26 R. R. Exchange 
Wright, Edwin, 81 Washington st 
Wyman, Isaac C. 20 Court st 
Yearly, Sylvanus M. 251 State st 
Young, Edward, 30 Court st 

Worcester County. 

Field, Charles 
Stevens, Isaac 

Aldrich, Emery 
Brimblecom, Charles C. 
Bryant, Nahuiu F. 

Goddard, S. W. R. 

Southwick, William L. 
Todd, Paul P. 

Davenport, James 

Dame, John T. 
Stevens, Charles G. 

Baily, G. F. 
Mason, Charles 
Mirriam, D. H. 
Norcross & Snow 
Norcross, Amasa 
Snow, Charles H. B. 
Todd, John 
Torrey, Ebenezer 
Torrey & Wood 
Ware, Thornton K. 
Wood, Nathaniel 

Graf ion. 
Allen, Samuel H. 
Slocum, William F. 

■^Pearson, Henry B. 
Whitney, Abel 

Swan, George 
Swan, Samuel 


*Whiting, Solon 
Withington, G. R. M. 


Fletcher, Joel W. 
Merriam, C. H. 

*George, Nathan 

Holbrook, Leander 
Scammell, John S. 

Abbott, Thomas 
Miles, Clough R. 
Randall, Abraham G. 

Clarke, Samuel 



North Brookfield. 
•^Gilbert, Daniel 
Hill, JameB H. 

Bowman, Charles D. 

Weed, Jared 
Wetherell, Charles K. 

Barlow, Merrill 
Botham, Frederick W. 
*Bottom, Frederick A\'. 

Smith, N. J. 

*Davis, George 
Hyde, Benjamin D. 

Whitney, GDes H. 

Boynton, Lucius C. 
Deane, Francis, Jr. 
Tat't, George S. 
*Thayer, Joseph 

Squier, George L. 

Rogers, Edward 

EoutcUe, Lewis H. 

West Boyleston. 
Hinds, Ephraim 

Burgess, S. A. 
Morrill, David L. 
Tyler, Benjamin O. 


Allen, Charles 
Bacon, Peter C. 
Barton, Ira M. 
Barton, William S. 
*Bigelow, Abijah 
Brewer, J. H. 
Brooks, Calvin M. 
*Bullock, Alexander II. 
Chapin Henry 
Cogswell, J, D. B. 
Couant. Edwin 
Dana, John A. 
Davis, John 
Davis, Isaac 
Davis & Stoddard 
Dewey, Francis H. 
Dewey & Williams 
Estabrook, James E. 
Foster, Dwight 
Fuller, Elisha 
Gale, Frederick W. 
Goddard, Samuel B, I. 
Goodrich, Jesse W. 
*Green, William E. 
Green, William N. 
Grout, William 
Hall, Franklin 
Harlow, W. T. 
Hartshorn, Charles W. 
IHill, Jonathan H. 

Hoar, George F. 

Hooper, William R. 

Howe, William H. 

tlCinnicutt, Thomas 

♦Lincoln, Daniel W. 

*Lincoln, Edward W. 

♦Lincoln, Levi 

♦Lincoln, William S. 

Mason, Joseph 

Matthews, John H. 

Maxwell, William B. 

Maynard, Lewis A. 

tMerrick. Pliny 

Newton, Rejoice 

Pratt, Calvin F. 

Prentiss, Addison 
Prentiss, Charles G. 

Richardson, George W 

Rice, Henry C. 
Salisbury, Stephen 
Smith, William A. 

Stoddard, E. B. 

Stone, Henry D. 

Stone & Verry 

tThomas, Benjamin F. 

Trumbull, Joseph 
Verry, Geergs F. 

Washburn, Emory 
Washburn <fc Hoar 
Wayland, F. junior 
Wheaton, Charles 
Wetherell, John W. 
Wetherall, G. A. 
Wetherall & Co. 
Williams, Hartley 
Williams, James O. 
Williams, Lemuel 
Williams, William A. 
♦Willard Calvin 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus* have retired from practice. 
Tnose marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Allegan County. 


^Bassett, Elisha B. 
Chapin, De Witt 
Littlejohn, Flavius J. 
♦Warner, George Y. 

Haile, Amos A. 

Belcher, Elisha 
Stoughton, Henry C. 

Barry Connty. 

Buryher, William 
'Greenfield, Hiram 
Holbrook, Isaac A. 
Holbrook &. Sweesey. 
Palmer, Norton L. 

I Sweesey, James A. 
White, Oren 

Berrien Connty. 

BerrUn Springs. 
Mcllvaine, Ebenezer 

Neu> Buffalo. 
"Bennett, Alonzo 


Bacon, Edward 
Bacon Nathaniel 
Brown, James 
tFitzgerald, Thomas 
Jewett, Charles 
Muzzy, Franklin 
tWhipple, Charles W. 

St. Joseph 
,Winslow, D. A. 

Branch County. 

Coe & Parkhurst 
Coe, George A. 
Fuller, Ezbon, G. 
Gilbert, Daniel 
Gilbert, James W. 
Goodwin. Justus 
Goodwin & Fuller 
Parkhurst, John G. 
Turner. John W. 
Turner, E. B. 
Turner, J. W. & E. B. 
Wilson, Louis T. N. 

♦Berry, Ezra 

Calhoun County. 

Ferguson, Fenner 
iMunroe, George 



Peck, Alvan 
Pray, Thomas G. 

Battle Creek. 
Campbell, Abner E. 
Campbell & Stewart 
Graves, Benjamin F. 
Joy, Myron H. 
May, Charles S. 
Stewart, Leonard H. 
*Stillson, Eli L. 

Brown & Van Annan 
Brown, William H. 
Crary & Hughes 
Crary, Isaac D. 
Gibbs, George C. 
Hill, James G. 
Hughes, D. Darwin 
'Hewitt, Prentiss S. 
tNoyes, Horace A. 
Noyes, Lucius G. 
t Pratt, Abner 
*Preston, Stephen H. 
*Shearnian, Francis W. 
Van Arm an, John 
Van Horn, John A. 
Way, James A. 
Woodruff, George 

Cass County. 

Blackman, Daniel 
fShannahan, Clifford 
Sullivan, James 
'Turner, George B. 

Hollister, N. Byron 

Coolidge, Henry H. 

Smith, A. J. 

Cliippe^va Coasity . 

Sault St. Marie. 
Backup, Andrew 
Chipman, John Logan 
I'ratt, William A. 

Cheboygan County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Clinton County. 

Dc Wilt. 
Baker, Joab 
Baker & Ransom 
Hollister, Joseph 
Leffingwell, C. W. 
Ransom, Jamc'S W. 
Strickland, Randolph 

• Eagle. 
'Burtch, Milion P. 

Daniells, David L 

E^niinet County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Elaton County. 

Brackett, Martin S. 

Munson, Henry M. 
Spencer, John C. 

Eaton Rapids. 
Chatfield, Chester C. 
Kimball, John H. 
tPratt, Abner 
Shaw, Henry A. 

(irencsaiee County. 

Miles, Loren C. 
Wood, Alvah U. 

Birdsall, James 
Blades, J. Henry C. 
Bump, Anderson 
Curamings, George R. 
Davis, Alexander P. 
Fenton, William M. 
tGreen, Sanford M. 
Newton, William 
*Page, Robert J. S. 
*Rugg, Joseph K. 
Seeley, Mark D. 
Thayer, Artemas 
*Thomson, Edward H. 
Walker, Levi 
■Walkley, Ellsworth 

Cri-and Traverse Co. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Hillsdale County. 

*Montgomery, William R. 

Hillsdale Village, 
Allen, Robert 
Dickinson, C. J. 
Dresser, C. B. 
Manross, John 
Mead, Henry S. 
Pratt, Daniel L. 
Wilson, E. H. C. 
Wisner, Charles M. 

Baxter, Witter J. 
Blois, John T. 
Ferry, Lorenzo 
Hogarth, Andrew P. 
flowell, William T. 
Howell & Ferry 
Kinman, James K. 
Murphy & Baxter 
Murphy, William W. 

Richards, William P. 

Ilougtiton County. 

Eagle Harbour P. O. 
Hanchett, A. M. 

Eagle River. 
Campbell, Lyman VV. 

Ingham County. 

Butler, Orange 
Butler & Pinckney 
tChapman, William H. 
Longyear, Ephriam 
Longyear, John W. 
Longyear, J. W. & E. 
Parsons, George L 
Pinckney, William H. 
Reddick, John I. 
*Thompson, J. Palmer 

Ba:"nes, O. M. 
Myres, James H. 
Paddock, Griffin 

Martin, William 

Williams, Horace B. 

Ionia County. 

Bell, Alexander F. 
Blanchard & Bell 
Blanchard, John C. 
Brown, W. S. 
Lovell, Cyrus 
Lovell & Brown 
* Lovell, Louis S. 
Jones, L. E. 
Williams, Albert 

Roof, Adam L. 

Bartow, Harvey 

Jackson County. 

Grass Lake. 
Burnett, Benjamin F. 

*Selden, Samuel 

Bennett, Orson W. 
Bennett Sz. Blair 
Blair, Austin 
Chapman, Leandar 
*Ferrand, Fairchild 
Farrand, Phineas 
Foote, Guy 

Gridley, G. Thompson 
Haire, Joshua 
Higby, Edward 
Higby, Samuel 
Higbyk & Foote 
tJohn?on, David 
Knickerbocker, George A. 
Livermore, Fidus 
Livermore & Wood 
McGee, Melville 
Pringle, Eugene 
Treadwell, Jerome M. 
Videto, Jonathan L. 
Wood, J. C. 

Kalamazoo Co. 

Balch & De Yoe 
Balch, Nathaniel A. 



Breese, John W. 
Clark & Edwards 
Clark, Samuel 
ne Yoe, William H. 
Edwards, John M. 
Giddings, Marsh 
Giddings & May 
Hawes, Josiah L. 
*HoEkins, Ebcnezer 
May, Dwight 
Miller, Joseph, Jr. 
Mower, Horace 
*Ranson, E. 
Sherwood, Thomas R. 
Sherwood & Hawes, 
Stuart, Charles E. 
Stuart & Miller 

Wells, Hezekiah G, 

Kent County. 

Grand Rapids. 
*Abel, Julius C. 
*Almy, John 
Ashley, William, Jr. 
Ball, John 
Bement, Leonard 
Boardman, F. D. 
Boardman & Cole 
Calkins, Charles P. 
Champlin, Stephen G. 
Church, Thomas B. 
Cole, Ralph W. 
*Davi8, James A. 
Eggleston, IC. Seymour 
Foote, Thaddeus, Jr. 
Holmes, John T. 
McKee, James H. 
tMa.ttin, George 
Miller, James 
Moore, Lovell 
Patterson, Lucius 
Patterson & Champlain 
Rathbone, Alfred D. 
Rathbone & Ashley 
Rood, Charles C. 
Sargeant, Edward E. 
Seely, Jonas 
Sinclair, Robert P. 
Withey, Solomon L. 
Withey & Eggleston, 
Yale, Harvey P. 

*Scoville, D. W. 

Iiapeer Cosanty. 

McKeen, S. D. 
Hart, Noah H. 
Maxwell, Andrew C. 
Redmond, Nathaniel H, 
Wattles, John M. 
White, J. R. 

Lena^vee Co. 

Baker, Albert M. 
Baker & Millerd 
Bearaan, Fernando C. 
Beaman & Beecher 
Beecher, Robert R. 
Bixby, Alonzo F. 
Bowen, Lucien B. 
Eastman, Ahira G. 
Greenly, William L. 

Halsey, Milton N. 
Morey, Peter 
Millerd, Alfred L. 
Perkins, L. Preston 
Tabor, Lorenzo 
VVUkinson, Smith S. 

Powers, Isaac 

Johnson, William H. 
Webb, Martin H. 

Tiffany, Alexander A. 

*Adams, Peter R. 
Backus, Andrew 
Baxter, Benjamin L. 
Bills, Perley 
Bills & Baxter 
tStacy, Consider A. 
Stacy &. Wood 
Wood, Edwin B. 

Carpenter, Joel 

Livingston Co. 

*Marsh, Daniel C. 

Clark, William A. 
Dillingham, John B. 
Gay, Mylo L. 
Harmon, Henry H. 
Hewett, Laui'en K. 
*Turner, Josiah 
Whipple, Frederick C. 

Marquette County. 

[No resident Lawers.] 

IVIichiliinackinac Co. 

Irvine, John D. 
*Johnson, Wm. Moore 
tlving, Jonathan P. 
McMatte, John W. 
McLeod, W. Norman 

Macomb Cousity. 

Mount Clemens. 
Cartter, ilarleigh 
Eldridge. Robert P. 
Eldridge & Hubbard 
Hubbard, Giles 
Robertson. Andrew S. 
tSniith, Abner C. 
Thurston, Prescott B. 

Walker, De Witt C. 

Shetterly, Seth K. 

Slojaroe County. 

Morri?, Gouverneur 
Whelpley, Thomaa 

Monroe City. 
♦Anderson, Alexander D. 
*Babcock, Titus 
Baldwin, Ephraim 
Chrisiancy, Isaac P. 
Grosvenor & Wing 
Grosvenor, Ira R. 
Johnson, Franklin 
Man, Harry V. 
*Noble, Charles 
Noble, David A. 
Thurber, Jefferson G. 
Tilden, Junius 
Wing, Talcott E. 
tWing, Warner 

Montcalm Couuty. 

Green eille. 
Ellsworth, Charles C. 
Lewie, John 

Newaygo County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Oa.kland County. 

' Milford. 
Hubbell, Sardis F. 

New Canandaigua. 
Treat, Loren L. 
Webb, W. W. 

Bell, E. J. 

Baldwin. Augustus C. 
Baldwin & Draper 
Crolbot, M. E. 
Crofoot & Parish 
tCopeland, J. T. 
Drake, Morgan L. 
Drake, Thomas J. 
Draper, Charles 
Draper, William 
Hanscon, Alfred H. 
Hunt, James B. 
Knight, Z. B. 
Manning, Randolph 
Parrish, Isaac H. 
Phelps, William W. 
Raynor, John T. 
Richardson, John P. 
Richardson, 0-D. 
Stevens, H. L. 
Ten Eyck, Junius 
Thatcher, E. 
*Wittemore, G. O. 
Wisner, M. 

Cudworth, A. B. 
Harris, Edward P. 

TVhite Lake. 
Van Valkenburgh J. 

Ontauagan Co. 

Shennan, Abner 

Otta^ra County. 

Grand Haven. 
Duncan, Robert W. 
Hopkins, Moses B. 



Reed, Grosvenor 

Saginaw County. 

East Saginaw. 
Fox, James L . "T. 
Webber, W. L. 

Lower Saginaw. 
'Birney, James G. 

Saginaw City. 
Hall, Richard B. 
Little, Charles D. 
Moore, John 
Moore & Penoyer 
Penoyer, Hiram S. 
Sutherland & Hall 
Sutherland, Jabez G. 

Sanilac County. 

Divine, John 

Shiawassee County. 

Bachman, George O. 
Parsons, L. H. & A. 
Parsons, Andrew 
Parsons, Luke H. 


Mosley, William F. 
Gould, Amos 
Gould, Ebenezer 

St. Clair County. 

Port Huron. 
Bancroft, William M. 
Conger, Omar D. 
Conger & Bancroft 
*Farrand, B. C. 
Miles, Cyrus 
Mitchell, Wiljiam T. 
Mitchell & Miles 
Tucker, True P. 

St. Clair. 
Falkenbury, John J. 
Falkenbury, Smith 
Falkenbury & McNeil 
Grace, William 
McNeil, John 
Miles, M. H. 
*Ripley, Volney A. 
Van Buren, Augustus 

St. Joseph County. 

Bishop, John C. 
■*Bonham, Asher 
Coffinberry, Salathiel C. 
Gurney & Bishop 
Gurney, Chester 
'Osbom, Nathan 
Smith & Upson 
Smith, Perrin M. 
Upson, Charles 

Milllngton, C. L. 
Riley, Henry H. 
Steele, Henry T. 

Fawn River. 
Flanders, J. W. 

Lock's Station. 
Tyler, Hiram S. 

Draper, Hiram 

Stoughton, William L. 
Wyllis, J. C. 

White Pigeon, 
tSavier, William 

Tuscola County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Van Buren County. 

Pardee, William N. 

*Lord, Frederick 

Paw Paw. 
Baker, John R. 
*Broughton, Aaron W. 
Durkee, Elisha 

Washtenaw Co. 

.^7171 Arbor. 
Abel, Sylvester 
Beeks, Hiram J. 
Beahan, Richard 
*Clark, Caleb 
*Clark, Edwin E. 
Chase, Edward R. 
Colman. Charles D. 
Colman & Root 
Cutler, Thomas C. 
Danforth, George 
Finley, William 
Gott, James B. 
Gott, John N. 
Hawkins, Olney 
Kingsley, James 
Kingsley & Morgan 
Lawrence, Edwin A. 
Lawrence, Edwin 
Mann, Solomon, Jr. 
Mclntyre, Donald 
Morgan, Elijah W. 
Mosher, Nelson 
Parker, Franklin L. 
Root, Tracy W. 
Tappan, John L. 
Thomson, Edwin 
tVancleve, C. H. 
*VVilcoxson, James M. 
Wood, John Q. A. 

Crane, Alexander D. 

Grunger, Bradley F. 

Marsh, Thomas H. 
Humphreyville, T. L. 

Blodget, Amos C. 
Green, D. B. 
tJoslin, Chauncey 

Skinner, Elias M. 
Skinner & Green 
Spencer, Grove 

IVayne County. 

Backiis & Harbaugh 
Backus, H. T. 
Barstow & Lockwood 
Barstow, Samuel 
tBagg, B. Rush 
Bishop, Levi 
Brown, James 
Brown, Robert H. 
*Buel, Alexander W. 
Bull, George G. 
Campbell, James V. 
Cargill, Poppleton &. Chase 
Chase, M. A. 
Chipman, Henry 
Chipman, J. L. 
Cochran, Lyman 
Cook, William A. 
Clark, Hovey K. 
Davidson & Holbrook 
Davidson, Alexander 
tDouglass, S. T. 
Duffield, D. B. 
Emmons, H. H. 
Emmons, J. P. C. 
tEusworth, D. A. A. 
*Farnsworth, E. 
Frazer, A. J. 
Frazer, A. D. 
Gardner, Charles R. 
Gavin, J. K. 
tGoodwin, Daniel 
Griswold, G. R. 
Gray, William 
Hale, William 
Hand, George E. 
Harbaugh, D. E. 
Hartwell, Thomas H. 
Hayermann, P. R. 
Hayermann &, Witherell 
Hewitt, L. H. 
tHiggins, P. C. 
Holbrook, D. C. 
*Hosmer, Rutus 
Howard & Mandell 
Hoyt, William C. 
Howard & Tpms 
Howard, Jacob M. 
Howard, William A. 
Hunt & Newberry 
Hunt, Horace 
Hyde, B. F. 
Jennison, W. Jr. 
Jerome, George 
Jones, L. L. 
Joy & Porter 
Joy, James F. 
Knight, H. C. 
Earned, Ward & Clark 
Earned, Sylvester 
Leonard, John J. 
Leonard & Knight 
Lockwood, Thomas W. 
Lothrop & Duffield 
Lothrop, George V. N. 
*Lee, E. Smith 
Mandell, A. 
McGibbon, David 
McReynolds, A. T. 
McReynoIds & Emmons 
Miller, Sidney D. 
Morell, George W. 
Mizner, L. B. 
Morrow, H. A. 



Moore, W. A. 
Newberry, J. S. 
O'Flynn, Cornelius 
0-Riley, M. J. 
Poppleton, A. J. 
Porter, F. B. 
Porter, George F. 
Porter & Gardner 
Kogers, E. H. 
Russell, Alfred 
Seaman, Ezra C. 
Sheldon, G. T. 
Sheldon, T. P. 
Spaftbrd, H. G. 

Steevens, Sears 
Stuart, David 
Taylor, Elisha 
Terry, H. D. 
Throop, Enos T. 
Toms, R. P. 
Ti-yon, Charles 
Van Dyke, J. A. 
Van Rensselaer, J. 
Walker, Charles I. 
Walker, E. C. 
*Walker, Henry N. 
Walker, C. I. & E. C. 
Ward, H. D. A. 

Waterman, J. W. 
Watson, T. P. 
tWilkins, Ross 
Wilcox & Gray 
Wilcox, E. N. 
Witherell, B. F. H. 
Witherell, J. B. 
*Woodbridge, William 
tYoung, William T. 


Noyes, Bethuel 
Yerkes, William P. 


Those not maiked are practicing Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Benton County. 

Sauk Rapids. 
Hurd, William C. 
Wood, William Henry 

Dakota. Connty. 

Parker, W. H. 

Fillmore County. 

Buck, C. F. 
Cole, Andrew 
Willis, G. W. 

Ramsey County. 

St. Anthony's Falls. 
Atwater, Isaac 
Bristol, Warren 
Dodge, A. R. 
Hall, Edward L. 
Meeker, B. B. 
North & Prescott 
North, J. W. 
Prescott, G. W. 
Secombe, David A. 
tSherburne, Mosea 

Trader, J. H. 
Tracy, Samuel M. 

St. Paul. 

Ames & Nelson 
Babcock, L. A. 
Babcock & Wilkinson 
Becker, George L. 
tChattield, A. G. 
Cooley & McCarty 
Cooley, D. C. 
Dustin, D. H. 
Emmett, L. 
Emmett &. Moss 
Goodrich, A. 
Gorman, W. A. 
HoUinshead, W. 
Henniss, C. J. 
Humphrey, James K. 
Lambert, H. A, 
McCarty, J. J. 
Masterson, H. F. 
Masterson & Simons 
Murray, William P. 
Nelson, R. R. 
Noah, J. J. 
Parker, Charles H. 
PhilUps, William D. 
Pierse, Allen 
Ramsey, Alexander 

Rosser & Olds 

Rice, Edmund 

Rice, HoUinshead & Becker, 

Simons, O. 

Smith & Dow 

Van Etten Isaac 

Warren, .John E. 

Wakefield, Joseph 

Warren & Wakefield 

Welch, W. H. 

White, W. B. 

Wilkin, Alexander 

Wilkin & Van Etten 

Williams, A. L. 

Wilkmson, M. S. 

Willes, C. F. 

Washington County. 

Ames, M. E. 
Bartlett, Fred. K. 
GilfiUan, Charles D. 
McMillen, J. G. F. 
Parker, Theodore E. 
Van Vorhis, Abram 
Wilcox, N. G. 

Taylor's Falls. 
Smith, Ansel 

*Corrected up to the Ist January, 1854, by J. J. Noah, Esq., of the St. Paul Bar. 




Those not marked are practising Lawyeff. 
Tliose marked tlius * cave retired from Ftactice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. ' 

Adams Connty. 

Boyd, S. S. 
Boyd & Davis 
tBuUock, Reuben 
Carson, James, Jr. 
Carson & Sliields 
Davis, George Malin 
Dubuisson, C. L. 
Eustis. H. S. 
Gaines & Martin 
Gaines, R. M. 
Guice, S. L. 
Hev(rett, Josephus 
McMurran, John T. 
Martin, William T. 
Mellen, William P. 
Midderhott, J. A. T. 
North, Ralph 
*Quitman, John A. 
Shields, Joseph D. 
Thacher, J. S. B. 
Winchester, Josiah 

Amite County. 

Cain, Christopher C. 
*Galtney, James R. 
Hurst, David Wiley 
tLowry, James F. 
McKnight, Hamilton 
Neilson, Richard M. 
Robinson, William T. 
tSmiley, James Malcolm 
*Street, Henry Goodall 
Webb, George Franklin 
*Webb, Kinchen R. 

Attala County. 

Campbell, Josiah A. P. 
Campbell & Godfrey 
Comfort, David S. 
*Dunn, William W. 
Ellis, John J. 
*GilUland, John G. 
Godfrey, Samuel W. 
Groves, James A. 
*Hemphill, James R. 
Hemphill, John B. 
*Henry, Richard 
Niles, Jason 
*01ive, Frank 
Perkin & Hemphill 
Thompson, Theodore L. 

Bolivar County. 

Cooke, W. S. 

Carroll County. 

Clarke, Thomas 
Cothran &. George 

Cothran, William 
Drake, Joseph 
George, James Z. 
*Gould, Walter 
Helm, W. B. 
Johnson, James S. 
Jones, S. B. 
Jones & Somerville 
Nelson, Richard 
*Neill, F. 
*Newell, C. P. 
Saunders, William R. 
Scales, C. Pinkney 
Sheppard, Charles P. 
Somerville, James 
*WellonE, Jfames , 

tWhitehead, W. W. / 

Chickasaw County. 

Aycock, Thomas P. 
Baldwin, Cyrus B. 
Baldvcin & Thompson 
Davis, I. N. V. 
Evans, Toiler S. 
Evans & Inge 
Featherston & Orr 
Featherston, W. S. 
Inge, William M. 
Lindsay, David H. 
McDov?ell, Henry 
Orr, F. A. 

Thompson, John M. 
tThornton, George W. 

Hill, L. E. 
Ivy, John 
Shavr, William A. 
Shaw & Hill 

Chocta-w County. 

*Archer, George H. 
Brantley, William F. 
Huie, George 
Huie & Liddell 
Irving, F. M. 
Liddell, P. F. 
Woodruff, A. W. 

Barfield, Willis 

Claiborne County. 

Grand Gulf. 
tMaxwell, James A. 

Port Gibson. 
Baldwin, Lemuel N. 
Berry, Thomas Y. 
Bridewell, Lemuel O. 
Bruner E. 
Coleman, John B. 
EUett, Henry T. 
*Martin, William H, 

Maury, James H. 
Moody, George V. 
Sillers, William 
*Stamps, Volney 
Thrasher, John B. 
Wilson, W. Sidney 

Clarke Coutaty. 

Dawson, Annistead B. 
McRae, John J. 

Chapman, Samuel 
Moody, Ishara 
Steele, S. A. D. 
Trotter, Wilham B. 

Coahoma County. 

Alcorn, James L. 
*Brown, William M. 
*Grant, P. M. 

Point Friar. 
tMoiton, George K. 
Mitchell, George H. 
Nash, Thomas M. 

Copiah County. 

BrovTO, Albert C. 
Cochran, Robert C. 
Harris, Merry B. 
Johnson, Stephen H. 
King, Benjamin 
Mayes, Herman B. 
tMillsaps, Jackson 
Morehead, Samuel J. 
*Neal, Benjamin R. 
Peyton, E. G. 
*Stagg, James M. 
Sturges, Frank 

*Catching, Philip S. 

Line Store. 
*Willis, Abram B. 

Covington County. 

Hargroves, J. L. 
Sharp, J. F. 

Patterson, G. D. 

De Soto County. 

Brown, R. B. 
Brown & Frazer 
Cobbs, James 
Connelly. James K. 



Davis, James, R. 
Davis & Cobbs 
Frazer. C. W. 
May, William D. 
McKissack, John W. 
Moseley, John T. 
Moseley & Thompson 
Stokes, A. W. 
Thompson, John C. 
Unthank. J. H. 
tVance, John W. 
White, Thomas W. 
Yerger & Orville 
Yerger & Unthank 

Olive Branch. 
Harris, Addison 
*MiIler, William L. 

Frankliu County. 

'Turner, Edward 

Cassidy, H. & W. S. 
tGraham, De Witt C. 
*Marshall, Josiah 
Sellers, George H. 

Greeu County. 

*McInnes, Daniel F. 

White, Thomas 

Hancock County. 

Monet, Julius C. 
Monet & Champlin 
Pierce, Seth B. 

Harrison Connty. 

Pumell William T. 
Seal, R. 

Mississippi City. 
Champlin, William A. 

Pass Christian. 
Foumiquet, E. P. 
Henderson, John 

Hinds Connty. 

Adams, D. W. 
Adams & Dixon 
Anderson, Fulton 
Baker, Gratton 
Bell, Joseph 
Burwell, A. 
Clark, R. A. 
*Clark, William 
Dixon, L. V. 
Dotson, J. 
Elliott, J. D. 
*Foote, H. S. 
Foute, G. P. 

Foute, J. F. & A. M. &. G. P. 
Freeman, J. D. 
French, H. L. 
Gillespie, William 
Glenn, D. C. 
Guion, John J. 

Hooker, C. E. 
Josselyn, R. E. 
Mayes, Daniel 
Mayson, C. C. 
Miles, W. R. 
Moore, John M, 
Potter, G. L. 
Rticks, James T. 
tScott, Charles 
Sharkey, W. L. 
Shclton, David 
Smith, Marshall 
Swann, George T. 
Tarplev, C. S. 
Tift, Solomon 
Waie, T. P. 
Whiirton. T. J. 
Withers, William T. 
Work, George 
Yerger, George S. 
tYerger, William 

New Town. 
Green, A. R. 

Dabney, A. L. 
Hawkins, J. M. 
Johnson, A. R. 
Johnson &Sheltoii 
Robb, John 
Shelton, John 
Wharton, T.J. &F. A. R. 

Holmes Connty. 

Anderson, Robert A. 
Anderson & Brooke 
Betters, Thomas 
Brooke, Walker 
Brown, Henry W. 
Brovra, Richmond J. 
^Courts, W. Tyler 
*Donelson, William A. 
Dyer, J. M. 
Fitch, M. L. 
*Fultz, H. H. 
Hooker, J. J. 
Hooker, Nathan B. 

Olive, James 
Owen, Benjamin T. 
tPerry, Robert C. 
Povall, John P. 
Purdom, Wilson A. 
*Reedy, Matthew G. 
Red, David J. 

Saffold, William C. 
tWilson, Alvah 
Wood, John W. 

Allen, Henry S. 
Tackett, Jeptha S. 

Ita^vamba County. 

Bullard, A. B. 
Bullard & Beene 
Beene, R. O. 
Downs, J. W. 
Gather, W. W, 
Hinds, J. C. 
Maupin, R. O. 
Owen, B. L. 
Robins, J. 
Robinson, C. H. 

Issaquena Connty. 

TaUula C. H. 
Bonham, De Witt Clinton 
Fitz, Robert J. 
tLeigh, Thomas J. 

Jackson Connty. 

East Fascagoula. 
Barett, Doniinick 
Files, David 
McRae, M. J. 
McRae & Barrett 
Rhodes, Rutus R, 

Jasper County. 

Calhoon, Heniy 
Calhoon &Dantzler 

Collins, Gabriel F. 
Dantzler, A. F. 
Dozier, David F. 
Dozier, William S. 

Gray, Joseph P. 
*Heidelberg, John C. 
Kidd, Leroy A. 
Martin, Henry L. 
McDugald, James 
Murphy, John S. 
Powe, William T. 
Sliannon, James J. 
Shannon & Street 
Street, Solomon T. 

Jefferson County. 

Alderson, Abel 
*Clark, Charles 
Duncan, John H., jr. 
Ellis. James M. 
tDuncan, Robert 
Hicks, Edward H. 
Miles, Charles T. 
Morris, Joshua S. 
Reed, Thomas 
Wilcox, Gustavus H. 

Jones County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 
Kemper County. 

Dc Kalb. 
Evans, Moses 
Hanim, James S. 
Jarnagin, Bynum 
Jarnagin & Jones 
Jones, Martin P. 
*Love, Robert J. 
Love, William A. 
McAllum, Duncan P. 
McAllum & Watts 
Oppelt, Benjamin C. 
Watts, James 
Welch & Hamm 
Welch, Israel V. 

Lafayette County. 

Barr, H. A. 
Belcher, E. R. 
*Bledsoc, A. T. 
*Butbrd, A. J. 
Cushman, John F. 
Cushman & Taylor 


*Delay, William 
Davidson, Robert B. 
Hayes, Joel A. 
Howry, James M. 
Howry & Hayes 
*Longstreet, A. B. 
Stockard, J. P. 
Taylor, N. C. 
♦Thompson, Jacob 
Thompson, William 

Lauderdale County. 

*Brown, Henry 
Chandler, Green C. 
Daniel, William J. 
Evans, Sylvanus 
Evans, William P. 
Evans & Daniel 
Hancock, William M. 
Hussey, Shields L. 
McEh-oy, Ransom 
Ray, Constantine 
*VVarden, Welling W. 
Wood, George 
Wood &. Chandler 

Liawrence County. 

Bowen, Edward L. 
Bowen & Freeman 
Buckley, B. C. 
Goode, E. J. 
tHarris, W. P. 
Stone, William A. 
Sturgis, Henry 
Vannerson, William 

licake County. 

Eads, Joseph D. 
Edmonds, R. J. 
tEUison, James T. 
*H\intington, Robert 
*Leflore, Campbell 
McCarty, Calwin 
Reed, Robert R. 

Lowndes County. 

Baldwin, Francis G. 
Barksdale, William 
Boneall, C. D. 
Bondsall & Irion 
*Brown, Stephen A. 
Carrington, W. H. D. 
CarrinKton & Christian 
*Chandler, Gray A. 
Chandler, John W. 
Chriitian, Thomas 
*Cla7ton, George R. 
"Cobb, Joseph B. 
Crufoe, Charles R. 
fOicltinson, Henry 
Evans, Richard 
* Harris, George H. 
tHaixis, William L. 
Har,-ison, Isham 
Hanison, James T. 
Har,-ison & Matthews 
Irion, McKinney 
Jack:, W. P. & J- F- 
Jonfis, J. S. 
Matthews, Beverly 
McCiain, Nathaniel M. 
Mill I, W. C. 


Morse, Charles H. 
Pickett, J W. 
Sharp, Thomas J. 
Sykes, A. J. 
Topp, John S. 
■Young, Alexander F. 

Jones, Joseph Seawall 

Madison County. 

McWillie, W. 

'Bailey, WilUam S. 
Calhoon, George 
Calhoon & Fly 
Davis, Joseph R, 
Davis & Hill 
Drane, Wesley 
Fly, E. M. 
*Fulton, David M. 
Handy, Alexander H. 
*Handy, John 
Henry, Eli Giles 
Hill, A. P. 
Lawson, H. A. H. 
Lawson & Henry 
*McBride, William 
*Mitchell, Jacob L. 
*Reid, James S. 
Scott, Samuel 
Shackleford, Charles C. 
Shackleford, Thomas 
*3immons, Isaiah M. 
Singleton, O.R.&T.T. 
Smith, Franklin 
*Thompson, Charles 
Tupper, T. C. 

Crowell, B. F. 

*Luckett, Oliver A. 

Vernoii P. O. 
*Thomas, John H. 

Marion County. 

Blackburn, G. F. 
Safford, E. 

Marshall County. 

Spinks, William B. 

Harry Hill. 
*Boren, William A. 

Holly Springs. 
Anderson, John H. 
Anderson & Stith 
Autrey, James L. 
Barton, Mott & Chalmers 
Barton, Roger 
Benton, Samuel 
Bradford, Alexander B. 
Chalmers, James R. 
Clapp, Jeremiah W. 
Clapp & Strickland 
*Clayton, Alexander M. 
*Cole, Andrew J. 
Craft, Henry 
*Crump, William 

'inley, William 
'ort, James 
.'reeman, George R. 
Groodrich, Archibald H. 
Govan, William H. 
Hackelton, James H. 
Harris, Thomas W. 
Lucas, Peter W. 
Lumpkin, William B. 
Martin, John D. 
McCampbell, Isaac N. 
Mott, Christopher H. 
■Nelms, Charles G. 
Scruggs, Phineas T. 
Scruggs & Walter 
Stearns & Harris 
Stearns, William F. 
Stith, Henry 
Stith, Richard S; 
Strickland, William M. 
Taylor, James H. R. 
*Totten, James L. 
Trotter, James F. 
Upshaw, Edward W. 
Walter, Harvey W. 
Watson, John W. C. 
Watson & Craft 
Whitmore, Joshua 
Williams, James W. 
Williams, Nathaniel W. 
Williamson, Henry E. 
Word & Freeman 
Word, Thomas J. 
Yancey, Tryon M. 

*Bogard, James A. 
Leech, Jacob W. 
'Thomas, Charles L. 

North Mount Pleasant. 
Barrett, John C. 
tLawrence, Basset G. 

Atkinson, John C. 

Monroe County. 

Acker, Joel M. 
Adams, Stephen 
Adams & Houston 
Burnett, N. B. 
Bumpass, O. C. 
'Coopwood, T. 
Coop wood, B. F. 
*Copp, William J. 
Davis, Iteuben 
Davis & Acker 
Dowd & Murphy 
Dowd, William F. 
tGholson, Samuel J. 
Goodwin, John 
Goodwin & Sale 
Herbert & Coopwood 
Herbert, James L. 
Houston, Lockhart E. 
Ligon, Woodson L. 
'Lindsay, Matthew W. 
Murphy, Macon 
Phelan, James 
tRogers, Francis M. 
*Rogers, William P. 
Sadler, D. W. 
Sale, John B. 
*Smith, John W. 
Speight, Joseph W. 
Sullivan, C. J. 
Walton, Jesse L. 

:\nssissipPT lawyers. 


Walton & Sullivan 
Whitfield, O. Holmes 
Wilcox, John A. 

'Trice, T. W. 

Coopwood, John 

Nashoba County. 

Comfort, Benjamin F. 
Enloe, Isaac 
Slaughter, William H. 
Slaughter &. Comfort 
tWatts, John 

Newton County. 

Mann, John W. 
Monroe, James J. 

>'oxubee County. 

^oby, A. H. 

'Allen, Charles W. 
*Ames, Charles B. 
Beauchamp, John J. 
Dabney, Anderson W. 
Dabney & Dismukes 
Dismukes, Elisha 
Foote, George H. 
Foote & Ruff 
Foote, H. W. 
Foote & Hopkins 
Gray, Ceorge JL 
Gray, James L. 
Gray & Gray 
Hopkins, T. A. 
Jarnagin, Hampton L. 
"Murray, James 
RutF, Reuben 
*Sherman, David G. 
Williams, James H. 

Prairie Point. 
*Macon, Jacob M. 
Pierce, Jacob H. 
*Smith, William H. 

Reeves, James H. 

Octibbeha County. 

Ames, David 
HoUinshead, Samuel B. 
Hudson &. Miller 
Miller, C. F. 
*Na8h, S. E. 
Sullivan, Charles J. 
Sullivan &■ Hollingshead 

Panola County. 

*Burbridge, J. T. M. 
tHarrison, Orville 
Harrison & Vance 
'McGehee, Edward F. 
Miller, Calvin 
*Nel3on, Garland G. 
Rockett, F. Y. 

Vance, Calvin F. 
Ward, Matthew S. 

Perry County. 

Barrett, Dominick 

Pike County. 

Lamkin, John T. 
Lamkin, John S. 
Matthews, Samuel A. 

Pontotoc County. 

*Fisher, John 

Bradford, WilUam D. 
*Edmon3on, Robert W. 
Fontaine & Bradford 
Fontaine, Charles D. 
Jones, James C. 
Kilpatrick, William H. 
*Orne, Henry A. 
Weatherall, John T. 
Weatherall it Wilson 
Wilson, Jeff. 

Kankin County. 

Clark, William H. 
*Duffield, W. C. 
Harper, William C. 
Lombard, Ephraim H. 
Mayers, Alonzo G. 
McGowan, Terence 
Shelby, Winchester B. 
Shelton, George Wm. 
Ware & Shelby 
Ware, Thompson P. 

*McDowell, Joseph 

Steens Creek. 
*Stanley, John W. 

Scott Connty. 

Buckner, E. Rush 
*Chambers, William 
Smith, Seaborn J. 
Wofford, John W. 

Simpson Connty. 

Johnson, H. F. 
King, Thadeus W. 
McNair, John E. 
harp, John F. 

Smith Connty. 

*Coleman, T. J. 
Cooper, Richard 
Harper & Cooper 
xMcMillan, G. S. 
Smith. A. B. 

Sunflower County. 

*Bledsoe, Oscar F. 
Scales, James Pinckney 

Tallahatchie County. 

Bailey, Jaines S. 
Clement, Ralph A. 
rDavis, A W. 
Foree, Joseph P. 
Garnett, H. T. 

Tiypah County. 

Brouglier, Charles A. 
Cook, H. A. 
Davia, Orlando 
Falkner, William C. ifc Thompson 
Hindman, Thomas C, Jr. 
Jackf on, Alexander M. 
*Keenan, James 
Maclin, William J. 
*Moirison, H. F. 
*Pegram, William 
Price & Jackson 
Price, Nathaniel S. 
Thompson, John W. 
Wiight, Daniel B. 

Tisheiningo Connty. 

Arnold. John F. 
Kenyon, B. N. 
Rej-nolds, A. E. 
Reynolds & Kenyon 
Rives, B. C. 
Rives & Arnold 

East Port. 
Bri< kell, Richard B. 
Mui e, W. A. 

*Suratt, M. 

Tunica County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Warren County. 

Arthur, Rufus K. 
tBarnett, Richards 
*Blake, i?enEon 
*Bryson, Nathan G. 
Buck, Charles L. 
Ccleman, Nicholas D. 
tCook, Henry F. 
Hhrris, Horatio J. 
Hiirris, J. W. M. 
Johnson, Ben 
Lake, William A. 
Miirshall, Thomas A. 
Mason, Eilbeck 
*Paxton, Alexander M. 
*Sharkey, James E. 
Shirley, James 
Sloan, William B. 
Smedes, Abraham K. 
Smedes, W. C. & A. K. 

Washington Connty. 

tDison, Richard L. 



Megginson & Robardftj 
Robards, Gharles L. 
*Smith, A. F. 
Strother, J. R. | 

*Yerger, Alexander j 
Yerger, Jacob S. 

Worthington's Point. 
Cox, Seth C. ' 

Wayne Coantf . 

Moody, Martin L. 

Wilkinson County. 

Barber, Leonard K. 
*Cage, William L. 
Cage, Charles C. i 

Cage & Stamps 
Dillingham, J. P. 
*Dillingham, William H. 
Farish, Claiborne 
Feltus, William J. 
tGildart, Francis 
Gildart, Isaac D. 
Gordon, George H. 
Gordon & Posey 
* Harrison, Samuel R. 
♦Johnson, William 
Kellogg, C. S. 
Lewis, William T., Jr. 
*Moore, Alfred I 
Merwin, Daniel O. 
Posey, Carnot 
tPosey, Stanhope 
*Pro8er, Daniel H. 
Simrall, H. F. 
tSraith, C. Piukney 

Winston County. 

Boiling, William S. 
Dickerson, John M. 
Gi-ay, Henry 
Gray & Hudson 
Hudson, Robert S. 
*Snedicor, George G. 
Washington, Robert 

Yalabtislia County. 

Aldridge, F. M. 
Aldridge & Herron 
Armistead, Charles G 
tCheves, Thomas A. 
Eskridge, W. S. 
tFisher, E. S. 
Fitzgerald, William H, 
Fly, A. 

Fly, William ^L 
Fly, A. & W. M. 
Garnett, H. T. 
Garnett & Walthall 
Herron, David L. 
Martin, George Q, 
Martin & Eskridge 
Snider, N. C. 
Thomas, David E. 
Walthall, E. C. 

Acee, Erasmus L. 
Davis, Jerry 
Golladay, George S. 
GoUaday, Robert H. 
Gray, Joseph C. 
McLean, R. D. 
Snider, J. A. 
*William8, Joseph E. 

Yazoo County. 

*Bank8, Winston 
*Calliham, J. D. 
*Grayson, William S. 
Perkins, Robert S. G. 
*Pyles, Milton 

*Ewing, Martin W. 

Yazoo City. 
Battaile, William 
Bowman, Edward 
Bowman, Robert 
Burrus, James R. 
Burrus & Dougherty 
Clark, J. M. 
Dougherty, G. W. 
Gibbs & Bowman 
Gib lis, Quesney D. 
*Hamer, Charles F. 
•« Harris, W. C. 
*Hill, W. R. 
Jones, Daniel 
Jones <fc Bowman 
Lawrence, Jonathan IT. 
Mayes, R. B. 
*Michie, John J. 
Miles & Mayes 
Nye, Nathaniel G. 
Nye, Shadrach E. 
Nye, N. G. & S. E. 
*Patt.erson, Andrew 
*Phillips, S. M. 
Pugh, William E. 
Pugh, Nathaniel T. 
*Richards, J. H. 
White, J. J. B. 
Wilkinson, Edward C. 
tWilkinson, George B. 
Wilkinson & Battaille 
tWright, Seldeu S. 


Those K 

marked are practising Lawyers, 
njarked thus * have retired from Practice, 
arked thus t are on the Bench. 

Adair County. 


Barrow, B. G. 
*Landsdale, W. F. G. 
♦Under, W. P. 

Andrew County. 


Robinson, James S. 


Giddings, Napoleon B. 
Hudgens, Prince L. 
Locke, P. B. 
Locke & Locke 

Atchison County. 


Dews, James M. 
Puyear, Silas 
Thompson, J. D. N. 

Audrain County. 

Craddock, Samuel A. 
Ricketts, Charles C. 

Barry County. 

Barker, Jarvis M. 
McConnell, William S. 

Bates County. 

tBartlett, Edmond 
♦Douglas, George 
♦Myers, Thomas 
tNelson, Albert F. 
fOversti-eet, James 
♦llequa, James II. 

Baughn, Richard A. 

Benton County. 

Ballou, DeWitt C. 
Hicks, Henry L. 
Hunton, Felix 
Major, Edward T, 
Means, Mark L. 



Winston, Janies 
Wright, Foster P. 

Boone County, 

Davis, E. Curtis 
*Forshey, Asbury O. 
Garey, Henry F. 
Gordon, Boyle 
Gordon, James M. 
Gordon, Robert E. 
Guitar, Odon 
*Harri3, Benjamin F. 
Robinson, Lewis W. 
Rollins, James S. 
*Russell, Francis T. 
*Todd, David 
*Todd, Robert L. 
*Turner, Archibald W. 
Young, Samuel A. 
Young & Gordon 

Buchanan County. 

De Kalb. 
Tutt, Henry 
tTool, William C. 

St. Joseph. 
Bassett & Cunningham 
Bassett, Jonathan M. 
Craig, James A. 
Craig & Jones 
Cunningham, W. A. 
Hall, George H. 
Hall, Willard P. 
Hall & Hall 
Hughes, Bela M. 
Hughes & Leonard 
Johnston, David M. 
Jones, Washington 
Leonard, Solomon L. 
Loan, Benjamin F. 
Owen, James A. 
Scott, John 
Slack, Henry 
Vories, Allen H. 
Vories, Henry M. 
Vories & Vories 
Winston, James 
Wilson, John 
tWyatt, Joseph J. 

Butler County. 

Poplar Bluff. 
Jennings, Daniel L. 
Waugh, George L. 

Caldwell County. 

Hughes, Chai-les J. 
Locke, J. A. 
Locke, P.B. 
Locke & Locke 

Calla-way Costuty. 

Ansell, Thomas 
Boulware, J. W. 
Hardin, Charles 
Jamieson, John 
Jones, Jefferson F. 
Reed, Preston B. 

New Bloomjield. 
Cave, Henry 


Camden County. 

[No ranliiit Lavvyjrs.J 

Cape Girardeau Co. 

Cape Qirardeau. 
Hill, Samuel A. 
Jackson, Albert 
Kenedy, John 
Moore, M. H. 
*Parr, Homer 
tRanney, W. C. 

Brown, Robert 
Davis, Greer VV. 
English, Thomas B. 
Watkins, Nathaniel W. 
Williams, H. H. M. 

Carroll County. 

Hale, John B. 
Harris, A. S. 
Paynter, Reece 
Ray, Robert D. 

Cass County, 

'Cannon, Alexander 
Christian, James 
tHawkins, H. B. 
Peyton, R. L. Y. 
Sims, Charles 
Sims & West 
Snyder, Joel 
West, Elias P. 

Cedar County. 

Bullock, Charles P. 
Grant, Sebastian M. 
Roberts, Richard G. 

Chariton County. 

Abell & Stringt'ellow , 
Abell, Peter T. 
Bell, Caspar W. 
Bell & Tarr 
*Douglass, James M. 
Moherly, William E. 
Stringt'ellow, Benjamin F. 
Switzler, William H. 
Switzler & Moherly 
Tarr, B. F. 

*Duncan, John M. 
Hyde, William S. 
Murphy, John S. 
Turner, John V. 

tClark, James A. 

Clarke County. 

Cowgill, J. 

Bush, William D. 
*Childress, John M. 
Givens, N. F. 
*Lewis, Isaac N. 

Clay County. 

*Doniphan, Alexander W. 
Gwinner, Frederick 
Moss, James H. 
Rout, Hfnry L. 
Shafer, Abraham 

Clinton County. 

Birch, Cliarles C. 
Birch, James H., Jr. 
*Birch, James H. 
Tarney, Thomas E. 
*Turner, Winslow 

Cole County. 

Jefferson City. 
Edwards, Edward L. 
Ewing, Ephraim B. 
*Ewing, R. A. 
King, Austin A. 
Medley, Granville C. 
Miller, George W. 
*Minor, James L. 
Parsons, Moseby M. 
Robards, William A. 
*Scott, William 
l-Wells, Robert W. 
White, George T. 

Cooper County, 

Adams, Washington 
Douglass, William 
DratJen, J. W. 
* Harrison, R. C. 
Hayden, Peyton R. 
Hayden, Emmett R, 
Hutchison, H. A. 
Miller, John G. 
*Muir, William D. 
Muir, Howard P. 
Stephens, Joseph L. 
*Tompkins, Benjamin 
Torbert, James W. 

Crawford County. 

Arnold, James R. 
Davis, John E. 
Emory, Azaro 
tLeet, Daniel M. 
Vanwormer, Aaron 

Dade County. 

Coffee, John T. 
McCulloch, C. W. 
Price, John C. 
Samsel, Isaac 

Dallas County. 

Jones, Burrel T. 
*VVilliams, Caleb 

Daviess County. 

Frarne, Thomas T. 
Leopard, John A. 
McFerran, Jamea 



*Peniston, Theodore 
Poage, George W. 

I)e Kalb County. 

Doherty, John F. 
Shambaugh, Isaac N. 

Dunklin County. 

I'aiis, Absalom 

Franklin County. 

Dickinson, John Q. 
Halhsan, James 
Jettnes, Elisha B. 
Jeffries, Achilles W. 
Jones, Charles 
Kennett, Samuel L. 
Stevenson, John D. 

Gale, Daniel Q. 

Gasconade County. 

*Arrott, James 
Matthews, James A. 
Stewart, P. P. 

Mount Sterling. 
Bump ass, William 

tientry County. 

Abbion, William M. 
Hardy, James 
Lewis, George W. 
Lewis, William G. 

Green County. 

Edwards, Patrick H. 
Hendrick, Littlebury 
"Phelps, John S. 
Price, William C. 
Waddill, John S. 
tYancy, Charles S. 

CJrunrty County. 

*Hubbell, George H. 
Lyday, H. W. 
t.shanklin, J. H. 
Smith, Benjamin H 
Tindall, J. T. 

Harrison County. 

Allen, William R. 
brown, John W. 
tCasebolt, John 
''Gray, Jonas II. 
Macy, David 
"■Oatman, Hardin 

Henry County. 

Dingle, William B. 
Steele, William 


*Holden, N. B. 
Marvin, A. C. H. 
*Schroeder, W. 
*Tutt, Andrew M. 

Hiekory County. 

Emerson, Burr H. 

Holt County. 

Crow, G. W. 
*Ellmore, G. W. 
Foster, James 
Kelly, John W. 
Zook, Daniel 

Howard County, 

Clark, John b. 
Clark & Herndon 
Davis, Joseph 
Henry, John W. 
Henry & Williams 
Herndon, Andrew, J. 
Leonard, Abril 
Prewitt, Robert T. 
Sattenstall, J. R. 
Twombley, Benjamin H. 
Williams, John F. 

Shackelford, Thomas 

Jackson County. 

Bone, William L. 
Bouton, S. W. 
Buchanan, George W. 
Comingo, Abram 
Chrisman, William 
*Gilpin, VVilliam 
*Hall, Jacob 
Hereford & Bone 
Hereford, Francis H. 
Hicks, Russell 
Hovey, Jacob B. 
Hovey & Buchanan 
Jones, W. Claude 
Reid & Hicks 
Reid, John W. 
Smart & Sheely 


Smart, Robert G. ' 

Thornton, Charles H. 
Washburn, John M. 
Woodson, Chrisman &, Co- 
Woodson, Samuel H. 

Bouton, H. B. 

Lea, William P. 

Jasper County. 

*Chenault, William M. 
McCoy, Archibald 

Jefferson County. 

Beal, James A. 
Green, Abner 
Pipkin, Philip 

Johnson County. 

Latham, John M. 
Silliman, Charles O. 
*Turner, Marcus A. 
Welch, Aikman 

Knox County. 

Pratt, Warner 

Iiaclede County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Liafayette County. 

Anderson, Joseph C. 
Anderson, W. & J. C. 
Anderson, William 
* Burden, Eldridge 
Caldwell, John J. 
*Ewing, Robert 
Field, VViUiam S. 
Field & Troxell 
French, Charles 
French & Sawyer 
Kownelar, F. A. 
McGirk, David 
*Musgrove, William 
Reese, John J. 
Royel, John 
tRyland, John F. 
Sfiwyer, Samuel L. 
Sharp, Fidelio C. 
Sharp, Lee J. 
Smalwood, L. 
Smalwood, W. M. 
Troxell, Joseph R. 
Wallace, Henry C. 
Wood, William T. 
Wood & Royel 
Yerbey, Thomas J. 
tYoung, Henderson 

Lawrence County. 

Mount Vernon. 
Crawford, Robert W. 
Crawford & Grant 
Grant, Sebastian M. 
Hendrick, Benjamin L. 
Payne, John W. 
Price, John C. 

liC^vis County. 

Carnegy, S. W. B. 
*Hawkins, M. C. 
tReese, Addison 

La Grange. 
Wagner, David 

Anderson, John C. 
Lindley, James J. 
*MitcheU, James P. 
Sayre, Emilius K. 




Ellison, James 
Woodyard, H. M. 

liiucoln County. 

Auburn, P. O. 
Minor, N. P. 

Cap All Gray, 
Cornick, Tully R. 

Elennerhasset, Joseph L. 
Callaway, James \V. 
Hall, Olirer C. 
Huston, George W. 
McKee, A. V. 
Jlerriwether, N T. 
t Wells, Carty 
Wheeler, Charles 
'Young, William 

New Hitpe. 
Harvey, L. P. D. 
.•^itton, J. Winston 

Liinn County. 

Boardman, Carlos 
Halliburton & Smith 
Hoyle, John 
."^mith, Jacob 

liivingston County. 

Hell, Elijah 
Bell &. Manning 
CoUier, L. B 
Manning, J. H. B. 
."^amuels, William C. 
Slack, William Y. 

31cDonald County. 

King, John B. 

3Iacon County. 

Brown, Jabez Norton 
Buchannan, Walter 
Gilstrap. A. L. 
tHall, William A. 
"f^harp, Thomas G. 

^ladison County. 

Caruthers, Samuel 
Fox, David M. 
Xewberry, W. M. 

Marion County. 

Allen, S. S. 
Green, M. P. 
Harrison & Hawkins 
Harrison, William P. 
Hawkins, L. L. 
I Helm, J. B. 
Lakecan. Robert F. 
Lamb, Alfred W. 
McDonald, Thomas 
Porter, G. 

Richmond, R. F. 
Richmond, Joel 

*.Ule'n, Charles H. 
Anderson, Thomas L. & Son 
Davies, Benjamin 
Dryden, John D. 8. 
Harrison, William P. 
*Hollingsworth, H. W. 
Lipscomb. Henry S. 
McCabe, E. 
Pratt & Redd 
Pratt, Edwin G. 
Redd, John T. 
Rush. Alexander W. 

TTest Ely. 
Vansearangen, Thomas 

Mercer Connty. 

Newlin, Jesse 
Prichard, George T. 

Miller Connty. 

Gibson, Edward H. 
Harrison, William N. 
tMiller, George W. 

Mississippi County, 

Bedford, Alfred JL 
Bigger, E. D. 
tHough, Harrison 
Thomas, John C. 
Walde, Robert 
Whitcomb, George 

Moniteau County. 

*Houx, J. F. 
tKelsey, John 

Monroe County. 

Abemathy, J. R. 
Carr, James 
Hollingsworth, F, 
Howell, W. J. 
McCan, John W. 
RawUngs, S. A. 
Vanarsdal, William K. 
Williams, Philip 

Montgomery County. 

Sharp, Ben 
Moore, J. C. 

King's Mills. 
Nolan, David W. 

Ray, James H. 

Morgan County. 

Ross, James P. 
tTutt, John A. S. 

New Madrid County. 

New Madrid. 
Hatcher, Robert A. 
*Maulsby, Return W. 
'Moseley, William S. 
Scott, John T. 
Underwood, John C. 

Ne^vton County. 

Near Grand Falls. 
McCoy, Archibald 

*Chenault, William M. 
Jennings, John J. 
Randolph, George W. 

Oregon Connty. 

.Martin, G. F. 
Woodside, J. Rowlett 

Osage County. 

McCord, Peter B. 

Ozark County. 

[No resident Lawyers*] 

Perry Connty. 

McArthur, Henry L. 
Noell, John W. 
Stewart, Thomas S. 

Pettis County. 

Barrett, A. M. 
Glasscock, A. A. 
Heard, George 
Hughes, R. 
Smith, George R. 
Vest, G. G. 

Pike County. 

Howling Green. 
Broadhead, James O. 
Fagg, Thomas J. C. 
Gatewood, VVilllam 
Hunt, Ezra 
Murray, Samuel F. 

; Anderson, George W 
: Allen, Hugh 
! Henderson, John B. 
iHoy, — 
'Minor, N. P. 

Prewitt, George E. 

Carr, Peter 

Platte County 

Platte City 
Almond. W. B. 
Baker, William C. 
Baldwin, James H, 
Clark, Robert P. 


(Jockerill, H. C. 
Conley, J. H. 
Headley, Jaines A. 
Herndon, Thomas 
Holingsworth, L. F. 
Holingsworth & Conley 
Norton, E. II. 
Pitt, J. E. 
Rees, Amos 
Sheatt, James G. 
Wilson, John 
Wilson & Clark 

Abell, Pfiter S 
Abell & Stringfello\T 
tBird, Lorenzo P. 
Biro, L. D. 
Boyd, A. G. 
Boyd &Haydcn 
Burns, J. N. & C. F. 
Doniphan, John 
Doniphan, James 
*Dietfendort", O 
Hardin, John R. 
Hayden, H. C. 
tMcCurdy, Solomon P. 

McDaniel, Robert VV. 

Moore, H. M. 

Ramage, Lewis 

llamage & McDaniel 

Stringfellow, Benjamin t. 

AVard, Thomson 

Wilkinson, E. S. 


Polk County. 

Miller, William H. 
Starns, T. H. 

Bevier, Robert S. 
Davis, Israel W. 
Otto;-, William H. 

Pulaski Comity. 

Horrell, Edward H. 

LUtle Piney. 
lludgens, Robert 

Putnam County. 

BrijanVs Station. 
Duboys, Robert H. 

tClark, James A. 

Ralls County. 

New London. 
iDismukes, L. D. 
Lancaster Jeremiah V. 
Lancaster, Albeit G. 
Ralls, John 
Southworth, Eh W. 
Watkins, Luke W. 

Randolpb County. 

Buckhnrt, George Hi 
tHall, William A. 
Porter, H. M. 
Reed, Thomas B. 

Ray County. 

Black, James W. 
Conrow, Aaron H. 
tDunn, George W. 
Garner, Christopher T. 
Oliver, Mordecai 
Oliver & Conrow 
Parsons Elizur D- 
Richardson, Samuel A. 

Reynolds County. 

[No resident Lawyers.; 

Ripley County. 

Snider, William 
White, Josephs. 

Saline County. 

I^Brown, John 
Bryant, J. W. 
*Davis, William 
Kelley, William T. 
Letcher, William H. 
*Maupin, William O. 
Napton, WiUiamB. 
*0'Bannon, M. W. 
0'K.ean, John W. 
|Vaughan, Richard C. 

Schuyler County. 

Caywood, Richard 
Hall, Francis P. 
Hendron, William 
McGoldrick, John 
Minor, John W. 

Scotland County. 

I Knott, James P. 
Richardson, Thomas 1 . 
Waener, Levi D. 
*Willson, Joseph 

Scott County. 

Cook, Charles D. 
I Green, Levi S. 

Shannon County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Shelby County. 

Irwin, Joseph M. 
McAfee, John 

St. Charles County. 

A ugusta. 
^McDearmon, Thomas H. 

St. Charles. 
Alexander, Joseph H. 
Cunningham, Thomas W. 
Cunningham & Edwards 
Edwards, William W. 
King, Andrew 

l*King, Robert A. 
Kiekel, Arnold 
* Lackland, H. C. 
McDearmon, John K. 
lorear, Nelson C. 
Overall. Asa N. 
Parks, Robert H. 
Parks & Alexander 
'Rood, Oliver C. 
I Shelton, James R. 

St. Clair County. 

l*Carter, William F. 

tJohnson, Waldo P. 

Mayo, William J. 
JMcClain, William A. 

St. Francois County. 

Beal, Ignatius G. 
Brady, Walter K. 
McCrackin, William D. 

Ste. Genevieve Co. 

Avon P. O. 
Blackledg, Hiram 

Ste. Genevieve 
itBogy, Lewis V. 
'Robbins& St. James 

Robbins, Jesse B. 

Rozier, Firman A. 
jtlozier, E. A. 

Scott, John 

Scott & Young 

St. James, J. Fehx 

Young, George E. 

*Ziegler, Conrad C. 

St. liouis County. 

St. Lotus. 
Appleton, E. t). 
Anderson, Kirk 
Bacon, James H. 
Barret, J. R- 
Barret, R. T. 
Bay, S. M. 
Bay & Haven 
fBatea, Edward 
Bates, Barton 
Bennett, Samuel A. 
Biddlecome, William B. 
Bierne, Thomas J. 
Blackburn, E. C. 
Blackburn & McLean 
Blackwood, Wilham G. 
Bland, P. E. 
Blennerhasset, ^- ^■ 
Blennerhassett & Shreve 
*Bogy, L. V. 
*Bowlin, James B. 
Rreckenridge, Samuel M. 
Brown, B. G. 
Buckuer, A. II. 
Burke, P. E. 
Burton, W. D. 
Carroll, Charles C. 
Castleberry, Evans 
Chester, Thomas C. 
♦Chambers, A. B. 
dine, George W. 
Cline & Thompson 
Clover, Henry A. 
*Cobb, Henry 
Colman, N. J. 



Comfort, James H. 
Comfort & Manter 
Conyngbam, J. B. 
Cooke, Lyttleton 
Cooke, W. M. 
Dayton, Benjamin B. 
Dedman, Henry 
Uai-by, John F. (In Congress 
Delatield, J.. Jr. 
Denny, A. F. 
*Dent, Josiah 
Dick. F. A. 
Daugherty, James 
Drake, Charles D. 
Dubruiel. E. H. 
Duke, Basil W. 
Dusenbury, Henrv 
'Elliott, Richard S. 
Field, R. M. 
Freemon, Du BouSay 
Frceraon & Reber 
tGamble, H. R. 
Gantt, Thomas T. 
Garesche, A. J. P. & P. B. 
Gardner, A. M. 
Gardner, S. H. 
Gardner, A. M. & S. 11. 
Garland, Hugh A. 
Geyer & Dayton 
Geyer, Henry S. 
Gibson. Charles 
Giles, T. P. 
Glover, Samuel T. 
Glover & Richardson 
Goft', James B. 
Goodlet, J. A. 
Graham, James 
'Goode, George W. 
Grace, Pierce C. 
Grover, William N. 
Greene, ITieodore P. 
Haight. F. M. 
Haight & Shepley 
Haven, C. H. 
tHamilton, Alexander 
Harding, Chester, Jr. 
Harney, Thomas 
Hart, Henry N. 
Haven, Charles H. 
Henning, Robert 
Hitchcock, Henry 
Hickman, Benjamin F. 
Hill. Brittain A. &. David W 
Hill, David VV. 
Hockaday, P. B. 
Holmes, Nathaniel 
Holmes, S. A. 
Hudson, Thomas B. 
Hudson iS: Thomas 
'Hughes, James M. 
Hurst, William H. 
Jaeger, J. F. 
Jamison, William C. 
Jecko, J. 

Johnson, Thomas G. 
Jones, A. S. 
Kasson, John A. 
Kasson &. Brown 
Keim, J. H. 
Kellogg, S. B. 
Keyser, Alexander 
*King, John B. 
Kinsey, L. K. 
Knox & Kellogg 
Knox, Samuel 
Kribben, Christian 
Krum, John M. 
Krxim &. Harding 
Labeaume, C. E. 
Lackland & Jamieson 

Lackland, James R. 
Ladue, Peter A. 

Langton, J. 
Lewis, Auffustus 
Linton, William 
Loughborough, John 
Leslie, Myron 
Leslie & "Barretts 
*Linn, William A. 
Lord, Charles B. 
*Lucas, James H. 
Manter, Francis IL 
McClure, C. C. 
McKee, William S. 
McLean, Milton N. 
McMartin, James 
.McPherson, WUliam M. 
Mauro, Charles G. 
Mauro, Phillip C. 
Marshall, George 
■Miltenberger, E. 
Minor, Francis 
Morehead. P. C. 
Morgan, Wilham T. 
Morrison, D. S. 
Morrow, J. W. 
Munford, James E. 
Nelson, James M. 
Nelson, Thomas S. 
Norris, Lyman D. 
*0'Gorman, Richard 
Page, John Y. 
Papin, Leon J. 
*Pliimps, E. J. 
Picot, L. G. 
Polk, Truiten 
Pratte, Bernard, Jr. 
*Pi-imm, Wilson 
Rankin, John H. 
'Rannells, Charles S. 
Rcber, Samuel 
Reed, J. H. 
Reynolds, T. C. 
Richardson, J, C. 
*Risk, Thomas F. 
Romyn. William J, 
*Ryland, E. M. 
.Saunders, Rufus K. 
Shands, Edward W. 
.Simmons, C. C. 
Simmons & Colman 
.Simmons, Samuel 
*Sharp, Benjamin W. 
.Shepley, John R. 
.Shreve, Luther M. 
-^kinner, John W. 
Sloss, WilUam L. 
Smith, J. Sidney 
.Smith, Sol. 
Smith, L Z. 
Snead, Thomas L. 
Spies, Frederick 
Stickney, William 
Strong, N. D. 
*Sturgcon, Isaac H. 

I'arver, M. 
Taussig, J. 
*Tayior, George R. 
Thomas, Benjamin F. 
Thomas, J. S. 
Thompson, A. M. 
Thompson, J. B. 

Thompson, WilUam B. 

nilson, Charles H. 

Todd, Albert 

fTreat, Samuel 

futtle, D. C. 

Tuttle & Saunders 

Vanwagner, G. S. 

iVoorhees, J. H. 

Voorhees it Cooke 

Voorhis, U. S. 
Warder, William 
* Wash, Robert 
*Watson, John H. 
Whittlesey, Charles C. 
VVickham, John 
Williams, Henry W. 
Williams. Willis L. 
Wills, J. W. 
VVingate, R. F. 
Winsor, Clark 
Wise, Isaac T. 
Woodruft; A. D. 
Woods, D. C. 
Wright, Uriel 
Yeatman, Thomas 

Stoiitlard County. 

Bedford. Henry H, 
Kitchen, Solomon G. 
Phelen, WilUam G. 
Wall, Richard 

Siillivou Coant7. 

Halliburton, Wesley 
Morrison, Robert D. 
tWatkins, Stephen G. 
Witter, Marshall B. 

Tauey County. 

Caldwell, John D. 
Huadleston, John L. C. 
Wheeler, Alpheua 

Texas County. 

Houston, C. H. 
Frost, C. H. 

Warren County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

\Vashington County. 

Brady. William Emmett 
*Brickcey, John S. 
■*Cole, Philip 
Frissell, Maeon 
McGready, Israel 
Perryman, Dai-id E. 
tStone, JohnH. 

Wayne County. 

Barnhart, Henry B. 
Johnston, Richard M. 

Wright County. 

''McClurg, Joseph W. 
Morehouse, D. A. W. 
1 Riley, H.W. 




Those not m.iiked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Belknap County* 

Hottins, Samuel W. 

Leavett, H. B. 

Centre Harbor. 
Thompson, John 

Bell, James 
Folsom, Ira F. 
Walker, Lyman B. 

Vaughan, O. A. J. 

Meredith Bridge. 
Elkins & Stevens 
Elkins Jeremiah 
Hibbard, Ellery A. 
Hutchinson, J. P. 
Lovell, Wai-ren 
Lyford, Stephen C. 
Morgan, Benjamin 
Stevens, G. W. 

Meredith Village. 
Moulton, Edmund C 

Sanhornton Bridge. 
Cate, Asa P. 
Gate & Rogers 
Colby, Benjamin M. 
Rogers, Benjamin A. 

Cnrroll CoJiMty, 

Centre Conway. 
Eastman, Joel 

Barns, Nathan F. 
Cutler, Zara 

Dearborn, Josiah 

Emerson, Samuel 

Carter, Sandborn B. 
Sawyer, Luther D. 

Folsom, Levi W. 
Hall, Obed 

Copp, Amasa 
Hobbs, Josiah H. 
'Sawyer, William 

Batcheldcr, Zachariah 

Hill, Charles F. 
*Orne, Henry H. 

Cheshire County. 

Carleton, Harvey 

Parker, Amos A. 

Chamberlain, Levi 
*Din6more, Samuel 
*Edwards, Thomas M. 
Elliott, John Henry 
Farrar, Edward 
Faulkner, Francis A. 
Fiskc, Frank S. 
*Hale, Salma 
Lane, Farnum F. 
*Parker, Elijah 
Webster, Charles C. 
Wheeler & Faulkner 
Wheeler, William P. 
Wheelock, George A. 

Pierce, Lucius D. 

Paper Mill Village. 
Lovell., Aldis 
Lovell & Wait 
Wait, Albert S. 

Chapman, Luther 

ff alpolc. 
Vose, Fredericlt 

fBabbitt, Nathan G. 

Bennett, Asaliel H. 

Coos County. 

Burt, Charles W. 
Flint, Lyman T. 
Rogers, D. Allen 

*West, Presbury, Jr. 

Benton, Jacob 
Burns & Fletcher 
Burns, William 
Cooper, Saunders W. 
''Cossitt, Georgr A. 
Fletcher, Hiram A. 
*Roby, John S. 
Stephenson, Turner 
Whidden, Benjamin F. 
Williams, George Canning 

fWilliams, Jared W. 
Williams, J. W. & G. C. 

Barker, Albert 

Odell, Fleteher 

Mahurin. Ephriam H. 

Grafton Cosmty. 

Carleton, John L. 
Goodall, I. &. S. H. 
Goodall, Ira 
Goodall, Samuel H. 
Hibbard, Harry 
Hutchins, William W. 
Ijivermore, Arthur 
Patterson, Isaac 
f Woods, Andrew S. 

*Bartlett, Frederick 
Bryant, Napoleon B. 
Tenney, George 

Kittredge, J. 
Weeks, VViiliam P. 

Norris, W. T. 

Westgate, Nathaniel W. 

Cass, Jesse 

Bryant, John S. 
Chapman, G'porge W. 
Dickey, David 
Feltoii, Nathan E. 
rMorrifon, Charles R. 
Page, David 
*Sleeper, Jonas D. 
Sioan, David 
riiompson, Charles E. 
Thompson & Chapman 

Blaisdell, Daniel 
Duncan, William 11. 

Burrows, Joscplr 

Blasdell, Elijah 
Cragin, A. H. 
Towle, George S. 

Bi'llows, W. J. 
Bingham, Georse A. 



Pinghain, H. & George A. 
Bingham, Harry 
Carlton, Edmund 
Farr, John 
Rand, Charles W. 
Rand & Farr 

Mann, Thomas B. 
*Britton, A. G. 

Hibbard. A. E. 
Leverett, William 
Thompson, W. C. 

Herbert, Samuel 
Quincy, Josiah 

'Dowe, Joseph E. 

Fling, Lewis 
Sargent, J. E. 
Sargent & Fling 

Hillsborough County. 

Dodge, Perley 
Wallace, Andrew 

Wilcox, Samuel M. 

Steele, David Jr. 

Fuller, Timothy P. 

Blood, Francis N. 
Briggs, James F. 
Steele, David 

Farley, Benjamin Mark 

Ayer, B. F. 
Ayer, Samuel H. 
Ayer, S. H. & B. F. 
*Bell, Samuel Dana 
tBell, Samuel N. 
Bowman, Jonas B. 
Cheney, Charles G. 
Cilley, B. P. 
Clark, Daniel 
Clark, David J. 
Clark, D. & D. J. 
Clarke, William C. 
Clarke, John B. 
Clarke & Bell 
Cross, David 
*Currier, Moody 
Fitch, John L. 
Flanders, George M. 
Flandei-s, Charles 
Foster, Hermon 
French, George A. 
Morrison, George W. 
Morrison & Fitch 
Norris & Perkins 
N orris, Moses 
'Parker, John 
Perkins, David P. 
tP otter. Chandler E. 

'Smith. Isaac W. 
jWilkins J. McK. 

I Merrimack. 

Parker, James U. 
Parker, Edward P. 

Livermore, S. K. 
Lull, Oliver W. 
Wadleigh, B. 
Wadleigh, Gilbert 
Wadleigh, G. &. B. 

Eldridge, M. F. 
Sawyer, A. W. 
tSawyer, George Y. 
Smith, Lewis 
Stevens, A. F. 
Whittemore, B. B. 

Abbott, Daniel 
Emerson, Benjamin F. 

Gove, Charles F. 
Hughes, A. P. 
Hughes & Eldridge 

New Ipswich. 
Preston, John 

Cutter, Edward S. 
^Steele, Stephen P. 
*Walker, James 

Merrimack County. 

Butterfield, Samuel 
Bultertield & Hamlin 
Hamlin, Wolcott 

Tappan, Mason W. 
Tappan, Weare 

Concord. . 
A ins worth, Calvin 
Badger, Stephen C. 
Baker &. Pcabody 
Baker, Nathaniel B. 
Bartlett, W. H. 
Bellows, A. H. 
Bellows, Henry A. 
Bellows, H. A. & A. H. 
Butler, Nehemiah 
*Butterfield, William 
Dana, Sylvester 
Fletcher, Arthur 
Fletcher, Samuel 
*Fogg, George G. 
Foster, William L. 
Fowler, Asa 
George, John H. 
George & Foster 
Gove, Jesse A. 
Hadley. Amos 
tHarvey, Matthew 
* Kimball, Samuel A. 
Marshall, A. S. 
*Minot, George 
tMinot, Josiah 
PeaboJy, F. B. 
Peaslce, Charles H. 
Perley, Ira 
Rolf'e, Henry P. 
Rolfe & Marshall 
Stevens, H. B. 
Stevens, Lyman D. 
Whipple, John 

Perkins, Hamilton E. 

Stark, Caleb 

Steele, Jonathan 

Alexander, A. S. 
Wheeler, Samuel M. 
Wheeler & Alexander 

Goodwin, M. B. 
Nesmith, George W. 
Nesmith & Pike 
Pike, Austin F. 

tChase, Horace 

New London. 
Everatt, George W. 

Gate, Asa P. 

*Kent, Moody 

Butters, Charles H. 
Clark, L. W. 
Emerson, Benjamin 
Hayes, Archibald M. 
Hayes, Richard 
Merrill, George L. 

Pettingill, Thomas H. 

Chase, Henry B. 

Harris, Harrison G. 
West, Edward B. 

Flanders, W. W. 

Rockingham County. 

*Kelly, John 

Pillsbury, David 

Bxitler, Josiah 
Cilley, Horatio C. 
tSt. Clair, Ira 

Gregg, David A. 
Gregg, Joseph A. 
Porter, John 

McMurpliy, James 
*Plumer, William 

Bacon, Horace C. 
French, Henry F. 
Gordon, Nathaniel 
*Ke!ley, John 
*Lawreuce, Jotham 
Marston, Gilmau 



*Pearey, Georgre C. 
Perry, Nathaniel G. 
Shapley, J. Hamilton 
*Steven8, Samuel H. 
Stickney & Tuck 
Stickney, William W, 
Sullivan, John 
*Tilton, Joseph 
Tuck, Amos 
Tucke, E. Frank 
Wells, John S. 
Wood, Alva 

Stanyan, John E. 

New Market. 
Chapman, James M, 
Small, William B. 
Stevens, H. B. 

Dearborn, Nathaniel 
'Cogswell, Pearson 

Bartlett, Ichabod 
Claggett, Ichabod B. 
Claggett, William 
*Elwyn, John L. 
Emery, James W. 
*Freaman, Peyton R. 
Hackett, William H. 
Hackett, \V. H. Y. 
Hatch, Albert R. 
*Haven, Alfred W. 
*Haven, George W. 
*Long, Samuel P. 
'Odell, Lory 
Rollins, William H. 
Storer, Samuel 
*Smith, James 
Webster, Horace 

Bartlett, Greenleaf C. 
*Clendenin, John L. 

Straflbrd County. 

Christie, Daniel M. 
Christie & Kingman 
*Durell, J. S. H. 
Freeman, Asa 
Guppy, Benjamin F. 
Kimball, Richard 
Kingman, John W. 
Roberts, Amasa 
Sawyer, Thomas E. 
*Steele, David 
Wentworth, George 
White, John H. 
Wiggins,, John H. 
Wiswall, H. T. 
Woodman, Charles W. 

Richardson, John A. 

Eastman, G. N. 
Eastman, Nehemiah 
Eastman, N. & G. N. 

*Kimball, William A. 
Parsons, Daniel J. 
Sanborn, Cyrus H. 
*Woodman, Jeremiah H. 

Qreat Falls. 
Bell, Charles H. 
*Burleigh, John A. 
Clark, Samuel 
Eastman, Royal 
James, William H. 

Jones, Cyrus 
Jordan, Ichabod G. 
Jordan & McCrillis 
Wells, Nathaniel 
Wells & Bell 

SuIIiTan County. 


Gushing, Edmund L. 
tGilchrist, John James 
Hubbard, Henry 
Hubbard, Henry, Jr. 
*01cott, George 

Freeman & McChire 
Freeman, P. C. 
Gates, James M. 
McClure, Milan C. 
*Prentice, Jodn J. 
Snow, Alpheus F. 
*Tappan, John W. 
Ticknor, George 
Williamson, A. B. 

Baker, E. L. 
Chase, Harvey 

Morse, Samuel 

Barton, Levi VV. 
Burke, Edmund 
Edes, Amasa 
Edes, Samuel H. 
Edes, A. & Samuel H. 
Metcalt; Ralph 
*Newton, William F. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked tlius * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Atlantic County. 

May's Landing. 
'■ Hover, Robert B. 
Totts, Joseph ¥,. 
Tliompson, William W. 
Woodhull, George S. 

Bergen County. 

Banta, William S. 
Knapp, Manning M. 
Paulison, Richard R. 

Burlington County. 

Cannon, Garrit S. 
Hutchinson, Mahlon 
Middleton, Thomas W. 

Rodgers, John 
Wall, James W. 

*BIack, Edgar N. 
*Browu, William 
*Burr, Joseph F. 
Hollinshead, Charles B. 
Merritt, Ewan 
Oliphant, Joseph B. 
Read, Stacy B. 
Slack. John R. 
Slack, Philip F. 
Spencer, Robert D. 
Stratton, John L. N. 
Ten Eyck, John C. 

Camden County. 

Browning, Abraham 

Carpenter, Thomas P. 
Clark, R. Graham 
Cooper, William D. 
Dayton, James B. 
Dudley, Thomas H. 
Howell, Richard W. 
Hogg, Alfred 
Mickle, Isaac 
Mickle, Isaac W. 
Mulford, Philip H. 
MuUord, Thomas W. 
Voorhees, Peter L. 

Cape May County. 

*Leaming, Joseph F. 

Cumberland County. 

*Davis, Charles O. 



Elmer, Charles E. 
Elmer, C. E. & J. T. Nixon 
tElmer, Luciu8 Q. C. 
Hampton, James G. 
Nixon, John T. 
Stratton, Chartes P. 

Essex County. 

Perry, George VV. 

Elizabeth Town. 
Chetwood, Francis B. 
Chetwood, John J. 
*Chetwood, William 
Crane, John R. 
Day, William F. 
Meeker, James R. 
Meeker, William B. 
t Williamson, Benjamin 
Williamson, Isaac H. 

*Andruss, Caleb H. 
Boylan, David K. 
Boylan, James H. 
Bradley, Joseph P. 
Carr, William N. 
*Congar, Horace N. 
Cory, Jonathan 
Dodd, Amzi 
Dodd, Daniel, Jr. 
Frelinghuysen, Frederick T. 
Frelinghuysen, T. Jr. 
Giflbrd, Archer 
GiSbrd, Charles L. C. 
Goble, L. Spencer 
Grover, Lewis C. 
*Grover. Stephen R. 
Haines, James 
Halsted, Oliver S. 
Halsted, George B. 
Halsted, Oliver S. Jr. 
Hayes, David A. 
Higgins, Newell F. 
Hillyer, Edward T. 
Hornblower, Joseph C. 
Hubbell, Algernon S. 
Jackson, John P. 
Johnson, John W. 
Keasley, A. Q. 
*Kinney, Thomas T. 
McDonald, William K. 
Meeker, John H. 
Miller, Archer G. 
Miller, William P. 
Mills, Henry J. 
*Mockridge, A. N. 
Moore, D. h. M. 
Moore, George D. G. 
Morris, Staats 3. 
Parker, Cortlandt 
Pennington, A. C. M. 
Pennington, Jabez P. 
Pennington, William 
*Pennington, William S. 
Righter, William A. 
Robeson, George M. 
Runyon, Theodore 
Sherman, Abraham H. 
Smith, Jacob S. 
Teese, Frederic H. 
Thompson, Elias J. 
Turtle, Georee F. 
Tuttle, Joseph N. 
Van Arsdale, Elias 
Van Arsdale, Robert 
Van Arsdale, Jacob 
Waugh, C. a. 

Webster, And. M. 
Weeks, John R. 
Williams, S. K. 
Whitehead, Asa 
Whitehead, John 
Whitehead, William S. 

*Babbitt, William M. 
Blake, John L. Jr. 
Day, Charles R. 

Annin, Joseph 
Boice, Cornelius 

Gloucester County. 

Swedeshoro' . 
Thompson, Joshua S. 

Armstrong, Robert L. 
Harrison, John B. 
Matlock, Robert K. 
*VVhite, John Moore 

Hudson County. 

Boyd, A. S. 
Carey, Samuel W. 
Littell, J. Dunn 

Jersey City. 
Bcntley, Peter 
Cassedy, George W. 
Cassedy, Samuel 
Chapman, James M. 
Gilchiist, Robert, Ji'. 
Gould, David 
Hardenbergh, L. D. 
*Jame3, Thomas W. 
Jelitte, William H. 
McClelland, Richard D. 
Miller, Jonathan D. 
Nevins, James S. 
Rutherford, Walter 
Scudder, Isaac VV. 
Scudder & Gilchrist 
Wakeman, Edgar B. 
Weart, Jacob 
Wortendyke, Jacob R. 
Zabriskie, Abraham O. 

Nortfi Bergen. 
Wright, Edwin R. V. 

Hunterdon County. 

Brays Hill. 
Huffman, David 

Van Pelt, Peter 

Allen, George A. 
Bartles, Charles 
Clark, Peter I. 
Dumont, J. F. 
Perry, Edmund 
Vantieet, Abraham V. 
Vansyckel, Bennet 
Wurts, Alexander 

Holcombe, Alexander H. 
Skillman, Charles A. 
*Van Horn, James 

Trefren, Marston D. 

New Gcrmantown. 
Rafferty, John C. 

Mercer County. 

Bowne, William A. 

Alexander, William C. 
Field, Richard S. 
Green, James S. 
*Gulick, John S. 
Hageman, John F. 
Lytle, T G. 
Stockton, John P. 
*Stockton, Richard 

Allen, Samuel A. 
Beasley, Mercer 
Dayton, William L. 
*Dippolt, James L. 
Dutcher, Andrew R. 
Ewing, James 
Green, Caleb S. 
*Green Henry W. 
Grandin, Egbert H. 
Gummere, Barker 
Halsted, WilUam 
Halsted, William, Jr. 
Hamilton, Samuel R. 
Johnson, Alexander M. 
Kingman, Frederick 
Lanning, Isaac W. 
Perrine, Lewis 
tPotts, Stacy G. 
Randolph, Joseph F. 
Scudder, Edward W. 
Sherman, William P. 
Wilson, James 

Middlesex County. 

New Brunswick. 
Adrain, Garnet B. 
.^.drain, Robert 
Blauvelt, John S. 
Cannon, James S. 
Elmendorf, John C. 
Hardenbergh, C. L. 
Har.lenbergh, Warren 
Hartough, William 
*Kirkpatrick, L. 
Leupp, William H. 
McDowell, James G. 
Nevius, James S. 
Schenok, Abraham V. 
Scott, Charles 
Scott, Joseph W. 
Speer, Henry V. ' 
Strong, B. W. R. 
Van Dyke, John 
Vroom, George A. 

Perth Amhoy. 
Patterson, William 

Rogers, Edward Y. 
Shafer, Thomas H. 

Monmouth County. 

Colt's Neck 
Haight, William 


Bennett, Charles A. 
Combs, Gilbert 
Combs, Joseph 
Parker, Joel 
Patterson, Jehu, Jr. 
Randolph, B. F. 
Ryall, Daniel B. 
Throckmorton, A. R. 
Vredenburgh, Peter 

Key Port 
Van Vranken, Nicholas 

Middletown Point. 
Bedle, Joseph D. 
Little, Henry 8. 
Terhune, William L. 

Red Bank. 
Allen, Robert, Jr. 

Throckmorton, E. M. 

Morris County. 


Bell, Augustus W. 
Bush, L. C. 
Cutler, Augustus W 
Dalrimple, Vancleve 
Ford, Henry A. 
Little, Theodore 
Miller, Jacob W. 
Mills, Alfred 
Pitney, Henry C. 
Sayre, Aram G. 
Scofield, Charles E. 
Scofield, James J. 
Seward, Nathan A. C. 
Vanatta, Jacob 
Whelpley, Edward W. 
*Whitehead, Ira C. 
Wood, William N. 

Evans, James 

*Smith, Andrew J. 

Chandler, Lyman A. 

Ocean County. 

Tom's River. 
McLean, Amzi C. 
Speer, Francis J. 

Passaic County. 

Pater son. 
Barkalow, Daniel 
Canfield, A. 
Canfield, Silas D. 
fDickerson, Philemon 
Dickerson, Philemon, Jr. 
Gledhill, William 
Gould, John M, 
Hopper, John 
Hoxsey, Thomas D. 
*Leazer, E. B. 
tOgden, Elias B. D. 
Ogdeu, Frederick B. 
■Ogdon, Matthias 
Pennington, Aaron S. 
*Ridgway, Charles D. 
Rogers, Charles R. 
Speer, James 
Tuttle, Socrates 
Vandervoort, B. W. 
Van Wagoner, Isaac 
Williams, Henry A. 
Woodruff, Absalom B. 

i^alein County. 

Dickison, Isaac O. 
Eakin, Alphonso L. 
* Hannah, James M. 
Harrison, Josiali 
McCulloch, Francis L. 
Sinnickson, Andrew 
Smith, Thomas S. 
Thompson, Richard P. 

Clawson, William S. 
Dickinson, Isaac V. 
*Keed, William H. 

Somerset County. 

*Brown, John M. 

Brown, George H. 
Dilts, N. Isaiah 
-Farrington, Barcalow 
Frelinghuysen, D. 
Frelinghuysen, F. J. 
Gaston, Hugh M. 
Uartwell, Samuel S. 
Hartwell, John 
Hartwell, Thomas A. 
*Hunt, Stephen R. 
Mann, John M. 
Ransom, Stephen B. 

Thompson, William 
Voorhees, John V. 

Sussex County. 

Gustin, Alpheus 

Beemer, John. Jr. 
Potter, S. Henry 
Shepherd, Levi 

Franklin Furnace. 
Kimble, Michael R. 

tHaines, Daniel 
Hamilton, Benjamin, Jr. 

Rogers, Andrew J 

Anderson, Daniel S. 
Hamilton, Robert 
Johnson, Whitfield S 
Linn, John 
McCarter, Thomas N 
Ryerson, George M. 
Shiner, Robert T. 
Thompson, David 

Leport, Cyrus S. 

Warren County. 

Richey, Augustus G. 

Depue, David A. 
Kennedy, Phineas B. 
Norton, Isaac H. 
Robeson, James M. 
Sherrerd, John M. 
Shipman, Jehiel G. 

Hacketts Tovm. 
Rea, George M. 
TValentine, Caleb B. 

*Swayze, Edward H. 

Sitgreaves, Charles 
Sitgreaves, Edwin 

Vliet, Joseph 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired trom practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Sante Fe. 
Ashurst, Merrill 
Baird, Scipio M. 
tBaker, Grafton 

iMower, Horace 
Quinn & Smith 
Quinn, James H. 
Reed, J. W. 

Smith, Hugh N. 
Tuley, M. F. 
tVVatts, John S. 
Wheaton, Theodore T. 





Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Albany County. 

Adams, M. S. 
Allen, Otis 
Austin, Charles L. 
Bancroft. R. L. G. 
Barber, Hiram 
Barnes. William 
Beardslee, R. G. 
Beck, T. Romeyn, jr. 
Benedict, Kingsley & Weed 
Beneilict, Lewis, jr. 
Bingham. Reuben H. 
Blanchard, Anthony 
Blanchard it Mannini; 
Bloodffood, Francis W. 
Bloomingdale, Jacob A. 
Boies & Sears 
Brice, James 
Brinsmade, James, jr. 
Brown. James 
Burton, John I. 
Burwell, Dudley 
Cagger, Peter 
Callanan, James, jr. 
'Cassidy, William 
Cassidy, Clinton 
Chittenden, O. H. 
Clark, Edward 
Clute, J. H. 
Cole, John J. 
*Cole, John O. 
Colt, Joseph S. 
Colvin, Andrew J. 
Cooper, Paul Fennimore 
Costigan, John 
Courtney, Joel 
Courtney, Samuel G. 
"Cuyler, Jacob C. 
Daniels, Spencer 
Dean, Amo.'? 
Dean & Newland 
De Forest, De Witt C. 
Dsnniston, Garret V. 
'De Witt, Richard V. 
*Dexter, James 
Downing, George W. 
Edwards, Alfred 
Edwards. Isaac 
Edwards, James 
Fondey, Theodore 
Fondcv i: Wendell 
Ford, John W. 
-Forsyth, William W. 
Frothingham, Lansing &. 

Frothingham, William W. 
Frothingham, W. jr. 
Gatfney, Dennis B. 
Cansevoort, Peter 
Gibbs, T. W. 
Gould, Anthony 
Greene, J. W. 
Greene, William H. 
*GroesbPck, Stephen 
Hadley, William J. 
Hammond, Samuel H. 
Hammond & King 

tHaiTis, Ira 
Harris, Hamilton 
*Hawley, Gideon 
*Hawley, H. Q. 
Hawley, Nathan 
Hawe, John A. 
Hevenor, Winfield S. 
Hisgins, Solomon F. 
Hill, John J. 
Hill, Nicholas, jr. 
Hill, Cagger & Porter 
Hilton, Robert J. 
Hilton, J. D. W. 
Hogeboom, Henry 
Hogeboom & Porter 
Hofstein, Lafayette D. 
Hosford, David 
Howard, Nathan, jr. 
Huns:erford, O. M. 
Jenkins, Charles M. 
Jenkins, Lemuel 
Jenkins & Cooper 
Johnson, Benjamin P. 
*Johnson, Henry W. 
Kane, William J. 
Kelly, Warren S. 
Kenny. Arthur 
Kimball, John M. 
King, J. Howard 
King, Nathan G. 
Kingsley, Hale 
Kip, Leonard 
Lagrange, George 
L'Amoreaux, James 
Lansing, Charles B. 
Lansing, Christopher Y. 
*Lansir!5', G. Y. 
Lansing, Henry Q. 
Lansing, Jacob 
Lawrence, S. 
Lawson, Isaac 
Learned, William L. 
Learned & Wilson 
Lee, C. R. 
Livingston, J. D. 
McCall, Henry S. 
.McHarg, William C. 
McMahon, Mathew 
McMahon & Sturtcvant 
Manning, S. L. 
■■Martin, Henry H. 
.Meads, Orlando 
Meads & Edwards 
Miller, Joachim 
Mink, Charles W. 
'Morrell, Abraham 
Morrow, T. Brown 
Morange, William D. 
Newland, John 
Nichols, M. C. G. 
Nichols & Lawson 
*Nusent, Henry P. 
Olcott, John J. 
Oxey, Ira A. 
I'addock, Stephen, jr. 
Paddock, William S. 
Paddock, W. & S. jr. 
*Paige, Joseph C. Y. 
tParker, Amassa J. 

iParmelee, William 
*Parsons. Sylvanus H. H. 
*Patten, Moses 
Patterson, John 
Peckham, Rufus W. 
Peckham & Colt 
Pepper, Calvin 
Percy, John 
Pruyn, John V. L. 
Pruyn, Ptobert H. 
Pruyn & Reynolds 
Porter, John K. 
Porter, William 
*Radclifr, D. V. N. 
Reynolds, Dexter 
Reynolds, John H. 
Reynolds, Marcus T. 
Reynolds & Olcott 
Rice, De Witt C. 
tRobinson, Albert D. 
Robinson & Bloodgood 
Robertson, William D. 
Rose, L. Stuart 
Sanders, James B. 
Schoonmaker. Samuel O. 
*Schuyler, William C. 
Sears, T. C. 
Settle, Jacob M. 
Shepard, S. O. 
Shephard & Bancroft 
Sherman, Epaphras J. 
Smith, Jasper 
Smith, Thomas 
Spencer, John C. 
Sternbergh, Jacob 
Stevens, Cyiias 
Stephens, Samuel 
Stocker, B., jr. 
*Street, Alfred B. 
Sti-ong, JosepJi 
Sturtevaut, John B. 
St. John, Noah 
Taber, Azor 
Tator, H. H. 
Ten Broeck, Cornelius 
Ten Eyck, Anthony 
*Tallraan, Charles M. 
Terry, Franklin K. 
*Tibbitts, Benjamm 
Townsend, John F. 
Van Alstyne, Thomas J. 
Van Bergen, H. C. 
Van Derzee, Cornelius 
Vanderpoel, Isaac 
Van Epps, H. V. D. 
Van Hoveuburgh, T. S. 
Van Olinda, Peter 
Van Olinda & Wilkins 
Van Rensselaer, B. S. 
*Van Rensselaer, Richard 
*Van Vechten, Tennis 
Van Vetchen, Abraham 
Van Vetchen, Cuyler 
Van Vranker, Nicholas 
Van Wie, Lansing 
Voorhies, Alonzo B. 
Wade, Edward 
Weed, William G. 
Wells, Robert H. 




Wendell, John G. 
Werner, Jacob J. 
Werner & De Forest 
Wheaton, Henry G. 
Wheaton & Hadley 
'Wheeler, Alexander F. 
Whelpley, James M. 
Whipple, Abraham D. L. 
White, William D. 
Wickes, H. N. 
Willett, Edward S. 
Williams, A. E. 
*Wilson, John Q,. 
Wilson, Gilbert L. 
Wood, Bradford R. 
Woodward, J. 
VVoolford, George 
VVright, Deodatus 
Wright, Holstein & 

Wyman, Horace 
Yates, Frederick L. 
tYoung, William A. 

Filkins, E. V. 
Patten, James 

Crawford, J. Francis 
Foster, Samuel H. 
Hubbard, Mm'ray 
McElwain, Daniel 
Miller, Jacob W. 
*Miller, Stephen C. 
Phelps, Alfred 
Younglove, Truman G. 

Carman, W. V. 
Harris, J. M. 
Wetbeck, Gerritt 

Shafer, Ira 

New Scotland. 
Staats, B. H. 

Falk, J. 

Falk, Lawrence 
Fero, Valentine 
Heindman, Charles 
Mattice, John 
Miles, John 
Pierce, P. D. 
Spaulding, — 

Lay, R. S. 

West Troy. 
Alexander, Andrew 
Brigham, H. A. 
Brigham & Alexander 
Brisbin, James H. 
Hastings, H. J. 
Houghtnling, J. B. 
Houghtaling, J. 
Hubbard, Murray 
Johnson, Peter 
McKernon, M. 

Allegany County. 

Collins, Amos B. 

Town, Ruel 
Wygant, Milo H, 

Denroche, Charles 
Hewitt, Oliver H. 
*Norton, Emery E. 

Brundage, B. C. 
Maston, Peter 

Angel, Wilkes 
Angel, William G. 
Angel & Staunton 
■Burr, Alvin 
*Collins, John 
Collins, John G. 
Green, James S. 
Grover, Martin 
Grover & Simons 
Hull, Andrew J. 
Lloyd, Ransom 
Simons, Lewis 
Stanton, R. D. 
Wetherby, Lucien P. 

Tillotson, Wellington 
Wilson, Samuel C. 
Windsor, William 
Snow, Robert 

Curtiss, James M. 
Prindle, F. W. 

Champlin & Davison 
Champlin, Marshall B. 
Davison, Augustus L. 
*Haight, Samuel S. 
Hatch, Wolcott 
Loveridge, N. P. 
Russell, Samuel M. 
Russell & Loveridge 

Harding, E. E. 
Smith & Soule 
Smith, S. T. 
Soule, L. B. 

Caneadea, Oramel P. O. 
Lanmg, Albert P. 
Leavens, Grover 
Leavens & Laning 

Ward, Hamilton 

Laning, R. B. 
Stewart & Woodwortli 
Stewart, William A. 
Woodworth, Charles 

Scio, Wcllsville P. O. 
Conable, Samuel C. 
Collins, Charles 
Foster, Lewis 
Jones, William F. 
.Jones, Zcnas H. 
Morrell, Daniel S. 
Peebles & Morrell 
Peebles, William M. 
Stevens & Sweet 
Stevens, Moses 
Sweet, Cyrus 

Independence, WhiCesville P. 
Butler, Marcus L. 

Broome County. 

Badger, Luther 
Balcom, Ransom 
Bartlett, George 
Bates, Hiram R. 
Barrett, William 
Barrett, McDowell ct Stilson 
Belden, Laurel O. 
Birdsall & Hough 
Hirdsall, Aueburn 
Bishop, F. G. 
Clapp, John 
Collier, John A. 
Crombie, James 
Crombie & Judd 
Dickinson, Daniel S. 
Dickinson & Wright 
tDickinson, John R. 
Durkee, P. A. 
Gray, Brazillia 
Griswold, Horace S. 
Griswold & Northrup 

Hall, Charles S. 

Hotchkiss, Seymour&Balcom 

Hotchkiss, Giles W. 

Hough, M, C. 
Judd, Solomon 

Rattle, Edward C. 

LaGrange, James B. 

Lewis, Edward Z. 

Loomis, Benjamin N. 

Morris, Jacob 

McDowell, A. 

NorthiTip, George A. 

Reade, Robert 

Seymour, Lewis 

Stilson, P. B. 

Stilson, A. G. 

Tall ant, F. 

Tompkins, Edward 

Tompkins, Phineas E. 

Tyler, Corydon 

*Waterman, Thomas G. 

*Waterman, William M. 

Wright, Thomas D. 

Barlow, J. A. 

McDowell, A. C. 

Faulk, John C. 

Smith, F. 


Wheeler, F. G. 

Cattaraugus County. 

*Mead, Andrew 
Shaw, Edgar 

Angel, William P. 
Angel & BoUes 
Binsrham, Daniel G. 
Bolfes, David H. 
Bunn, Romanzo 
Caiitield. George W. 
Cobb, Nelson 
Crosby, James O. 
*Fox, Chauncey J. 



Gibbs, Alison 
Harrington, Henry \V. 
Hxmtley, Williams B. 
*Harmon, Eleazer 
*Hazen, Asa 
tHowe, Chester 
Rice, Addison G. 
Rice & Huntley 
Wheeler, Daniel Reed 
Wood, William H. 
Wood & Jiunn 

McCluer, David 
Spring, Samuel S. 

Deuel, Wasson J. 
Torrance, Cyrenius C. 
Woodbury, William 

Storrs, Alexander 
Lockwood, Seth 

Lamb, Rensselaer 

Brooks, E. C. 
Gary, Charles L. 
White, Roderick 

Henderson, William H. 
Owen, Robert, Jr. 
Sheldon, Alexander 
Weeden, Joseph E. 
Weeden & Henderson 

Crooker, George A. S. 



Caynga County. 

Seward, Clarence A. 
Seward, Wm. H. [U. S. Sen.; 
Sheldon, Rufus 
Smith, Charles H. 
Snow, Benjamin B. 
Sisson, Isaac 
Sittser, Calvin N. 
Underwood, Charles 
Underwood, George 
Underwood & Avery 
Worden, Warren T. 
Wright, David 

Aurelius, Cayuga P. O. 
*Hutchinson, Mosely 

Cornwell, William I. 
Giles, Solomon 
*Van Dusen, Martm 

Cooper, Stephen V. R. 
Rich, George R. 

Rhodes, Jeriah G. 

Hewitt, Lendall B. 
Smith, Worthington 
Williams, David D. 

Ledyard, Aurora P. O. 
Arms, Ebenezer W. 
'■Bogart, WiUiam H. 
Burnham, Eleazer 

Budlong, Samuel W. 

Aikin, Leonard O. 
Pai-ker, John L. 
Price, William H. 
Stephens, Nelson T. 

Allen &. Poraeroy 
Allen, William 
Andnis, Daniel 
Avery, Edward H. 
Beach, Burrell F. 
Beanisley, Alonzo G. 
Beardsley, Nelson 
*Beardslcy, William C. 
Blatchibrd, Samuel 
Bronson, p'arliament 
Cook, Horace T. 
Cox, James R. 
Day, Fayette G. 
Fosgate, William 
Goodwin, Stephen A. 
Hall, Benjamin F. 
Hopkins, Peter W. 
How, Jacob R. 
How, Thomas Y. Jr. 

Hulbert, Charles J. 
Hulbert, John P. 

tHumphreys, George 

Hunter, James. Jr. 

Morgan, Christopher 

Morgan, Blachford &. Seward 

Myers, Michael S. 

Pomeroy, Theodore M. 

Porter & Beardsley 

Porter, John 

Rathbun, George 

Rathbun, George O. 

Port Byron. 
Haynes, Campbell W. 
Howland. H. V. 
King, Finlay M. 
Weils, Count D. A. 

Wood, Amzi 
Wood, Oliver 

Woodin, William B. 

Union Springs, 
Winegar, Caleb 

Chautauqiie County. 

Bookstaver, D. 
Brown, Lysander B. 
Brown & Bookstaver 
Grosvenor, Thomas P. 
Mattison, Charles F. 
Mullett, Ernest 
Risley, Hanson A. 
Risley, Grosvenor & Mattison 
Stevens, William O. 

Green, Charles B. 

Shei-man, Daniel 

Spencer, Ellis S. 
Spencer & Wilson 
Wilson, Thomas W. 

Barker, George 
Barker & Glisson 
Cottle & Edwards 
Cottle, Philip S. 
Crane, John 
Edwards, Francis S. 
Glissan. Thomas 
"Houghton, Jacob 
Johnson, Oscar W. 
Morris, Lorenzo 
Mullett, John C. 
tMullett, James 
Snow, Stephen 

Edson, Obed 
Peck, Elizur ftL 
Richmond, Albert 
Sears, Epenetus H. 
Wait, Henry C. 
Warren, Emory F. 
Warren & Edson. 


Orson, Stiles 

Brown, Samuel A. 
Brown, Theodore 
Brown, Sam'l A. & Theodore 
Burnell, Madison 
Burnell & Smith 
Cook, Orsell 
Hazeitine, Abner 

ockwoed. Clark R. 
tMarvin, Richard P. 
Nichols, H. Brayton 
Smith, John F- 
■Waite, Joseph 

Green, George A 
Green, William 
Osborne, Thomas A. 

ILewis, Abner 
Lakin, H. O. 
*Pray, John A. 
Sessions, Walter L. 
Sessions, Lorin B. 


Marvin, Selden 

Kingsbury, H. C. 

Silver Creek, 
Tew, George W. 
Ward, Elisha 

Chadwick, Charles 
Clary, Joseph H. 
Dixon, Abraham 
Dixon & Clary 
Hinckley, John G, 
Hinckley, Watson S. 
Mann, David 
Smith, Austin 
Smith <t Chadvrick 
Young, Zenas C. 

Ross, Artema? -, 



Chemung County. 

Benn, E. H. 
Benn <fe Roe. 
Brooks, Elijah P; 
*Bi-owTi, Civiliau 
Brush, Geonre A. 
Collins, H. W. 

Diven, Hathaway & Woods 
Diven, Alexander S. 
*Dunn, James 
Ford, C. R. 
Fassett, Newton P. 
Gale, William H. 
Gibbs, Levi 
Gibbs & Overton 
Gillett, D. W. 
tGray, Hiram 
Gresg, Isaac B. 
Gregg & Waters 
Gregg, Andrew K. 
Hart, Eraetus P. 
Hart & Van Derlyn 
Hathaway, S. G., 
Hulse, G. O. 
Hiilse & Van Voorhis 
Konkle, Aaron 
Konkle & Ford 
Konkle, William P. 
Lowe, Uriah S. 
Maxwell, Thomas 
Maxwell, William 
Murdoch, John 
North, Theodore 
North & Lowe 
Overton, D. Y. 
Palmer & Collins 
Patterson, William H. 
Palmer. Orson W. 
Quin, Edward 
Roe, W. F. 
Rogers, Frederick O. 
Rogers, H. B. 
Robertson, Archibald 
Robertf'on & Fassett 
Smitn, H. Boardman 
Smith & Murdoch 
Spaulding, Thomas S. 
Tomllnson, S. B. 
t'l'hi-ushton, Ariel P. 
Van Derlyn, Peter G. 
Van Voorhis, J. Junion. 
Waters, E. G. 
Ward, J. R. 
Woods, James L. 
Yates, Octavius 

Crawford, Marcus 
*Fay, Artemus 
Franklin, Benjamin W. 
Franklin & Meguire, 
Meguire, Jeremiah 
Jackson, Hiram W, 
Lyon, Luther P. 

Christie, James A. 

Babcock, Abert F. 
Dailey, Walter L. 
Dailey & Smith 
Phelps, Frederick 
Smith, Gabriel L. 

Baskin, Clark J. 
Baskin & Hunt 

*Freer, George G. 
Gibbs, WiUiani H. 
Hunt, John C. 
Van Allen, John J. 

Chenango County. 

Banks, James M. 
Clarke, Henry A. 
Sayre & Banks 
Sayre, William S. 

Chase, Lester 
Chase & Cunningham 
Cunningham, Erank 
Johnson, Alonzo 
Monell, Robert 
Monell &. Squires 
Squires, Selah 

Daniels, Landon 
Fenno, Francis U. 

Ackley. William J. 

Nem Berlin. 
Bennett, Henry 
*Ely, Noah 
*Hyde, John 
PritcharJ, Albert S. 
Southworth, Henry O. 
Sumner, George W. 

Berry, Gage B. 
*Butolph, David 
Carr, James, M. D. 
*Cook, Abial 
Cook, Waiter 
Davidson, Henry 
Guernsey, William B. 
Hubbard, Harvey 
tJudson, RoEwell 
Mason, William N. 
Merritt & Hyde 
Merritt, Sherwood S. 
Newton, I.saac S. 
Newton, Warren 
Newton, W. & L S. 
Phelps, Hamilton 
Prindle & Phelps 
Prindle, Horace G. 
*Prindlc, Philander B. 
■*Purdy, Smith M. 
Rexlord, Benjamin F. 
t^mith. George M. 
Wait & Hubbard 
Wait, John 

Baldwin, Rutus J. 
*Clapp, James 
Clark, Dwight H. 
Clark & Glover 
Glover, James W. 
Mygatt, Henry R. 
Packer Horace 

Perkins, Garret H. 

Tracy, John 
Vanderlyn, Henry 

Bourne, Roswell K. 

Avery, George P. 

Baker, Charles B. 
BaVnes, Ira P. 

Soutk Otselic, 
Johnson, Enos, jr. 
Wilkmson, O. C. 

Clinton County; 

Averill, James 
Everst' Charles E. 
Hubbell, Silas 
Robbins, Horatio G. 

Hubbell, Julius C. 

Gay, Jesse D. 

Keesc,. James 
*McLeau, Campbell 

Allen, Horace 
Armstrong, Thomas 

*Averill, Henry K. 
Beckwith, George M. 
Beckwith & Johnson 
Beckwith, Samuel B. M. 
Brock, Lorenzo D. 
Carver, Albert G. 
Clarke, George L. 
Desmond, Matthev? 
Ellsworth, Perry G. 
Foote, Henry C. 
Haile, William F. 
Johnsou, Daniel B. 
Johnson, Henry S. 
Jones, William R. 
McMasters, Daniel S. 
tMcNeill, David B. 
Moore, Amasa C. 
Moore, George 
*Morgan, John P. 
tNichols, Caleb 
*Pahner, George W. 
Palmer, Peter S. 
Patchin, Meivin B. 
*Sanborn, John H. 
Skinner, St. John B. L. 
Standish, George A. 
fStetsou, Lemuel 
Swetland, William 
.Swetland & Foote 
tWatson, Thomas B. 
Woodward, J. D. 

Rouse's Point. 
Averill, Calvin K. 
Hungerford, John 
Wright, Charles B. 

Columbia Counly. 

Palen, Joseph G. 
.Synder, John 

Canaan Four Corner). 
Beale, Chester 
Irvin, John 

Wright, Horatio N. 



Chatham Four Coi-ners 
Bifhop, Philetus W. 
Cadman, John 
McClelland, Hugh W. 
McClcllan & Cadman 
Roo, Alva D. 

Clarke, Wheeler H. 
Van Rensselaer, V. 

Gallup, Wesley R. 

Bonesteel, Peter 

iloysradt, William W. 

Gilbert, Martin 
triogeboom, JohnT. 

Baker, Thomas K. 
Dorr, Rnssell G. 


Barnard, Henry B. 

Boies, William 

Butler, Fayette M. 

Collier, Ca.-;per P. 

Cowles, David f-. 

Fairtield, Josiah W. 

Gaul, John, Jr. 

Ilogeboom & Boies 

Hogebooni, Henry 

Longley, John B 

McClellan, Itobert 

Jlagoim, Stephen L. 

Jliller, Henry 

Miller, Killian 
Miller, Theodore 
Miller, De Witt 
Monell, Joseph D. 
Monell, Robert B. 
Mulford, James 
Newkirk, John C. 
Payn, Elijah 
Peck, Darius 
Porter, William A. 
Porter, Curtis H. 
Rowley, Alexander S. 
■Sanford, Mitchell 
Skinner, Rodolphus P. 
Stebbins, Seymour L. 
Storm, Robert B. 
Storm, James 
*Storm, Stephen 
Whitbeck, Harmon B. 

Beale, Charles L. 
Bramhall, Charles H. 
Tobey, William H. 
Van Schaack & Beale 
Van Schaack, David 

Andrews, Robert K. 
Ksselstyne, Charles 
Esselstyne & Welch 
Welch, John M. 

Babcock, Rufus W. 
Holdridge, Abraham P. 

Bonesteel, Philip H. 

Bulkley, George W. 
Hoes, Edwin 

Cortland County, 

Beebe, F. 
Warren, J. D. 

Cortland Village 

Ballard, H. & A. L. 

Ballard, Horatio 

Ballard, Aug-ustus L. 

*Conger, Harmon S. 

Crandell, Hiram 

Davis P. Bacon 

Duel], R. Holland 

Foster, Chailes 

Gould, Edwin F. 
tKingsley, I^ewis 
"■"Randall, Henry S. 

^Randall, Roswell 
Reynolds & Crandall 
Reynolds, Lyman 
Reynolds, Robert O. 
Schemerhorn, James A. 
Stephens, Henry 

Gates, Isaac A. 
Reed, Edward C. 
Sanders, R. D. 

Green, Horace L. 

Jones, George B. 
White, George A. 

*Kenney, Amos L. 

Delaware County. 

Clark's Factory. 
Clark, George W. 

King, R. 


Allaben, James R 
Bell, C. H. 
Carpenter, Albert S. 
Edgerton, Albert 
tGleason, William, Jr. 
Gordon & Carpenter 
Gordon, Samuel 
Griswold, Walter H. 
Hathaway, Charles 
Hughfton. Jonas A. 
Johnson, Barna R. 
Johnson, Stephen C 
Jlurray, William, Jr. 
Palmei-, Jesse 
Parker, A. & R. 
Pai-ker, Amasa 
Parker, Robert 
Smith, Orrin W. 
Wakeman, William 
Wheeler, Truman H. 
White, Seth H. 
Wi-ight, Peter P. 
Yeomans, William, Jr. 

I Freeman, Levi T, 

Moses, A. C. 
Moses & Freeman 
More, Taylor 
*Palmer, Fletcher 
Wheebr, Nelson K. 
Wheeler, Milton R. 
Wheeler & More 

'Douglass, Amos 
Miller, Sanmel 
Mitchell, Henry L. 

1^ ._ GriMn's Comers. 
Griffin, Matthew 
I Ten Broeck, WilUam A. 

Fraser, S. J. 
Wheeler, E. F. 

Champlin, William B 
tMonson, Levinus 
Taylor, Andrew 
Monson & Champlin 

Givens, Sheldoii A. 
Lament, William C. 

Grant, John 

Foster, E. W. 

Law, Samuel A. 

Cowles, A. C. 

Sheffield, William E. 

Dutchess County. 

Dover Plains 
Swift, E. M. 

Fishkill Village 
'Jackson, Joseph I 
Oppie, J. W. 

Fishkill Landing. 
George, Thomas 
George & Hustis 
Hustis, H. H. 

Hyde Park. 
Manning, Charles J. 
Stoutenburgh, J. D. C. 

Kowman, o. E. 
Brewer, VVilliam 

Pine Plain/. 
Eno, W. S. 
Eno, William 
Peck, R. 

Angevinc, H. 
tBarculo, Seward 
Barnard, J. F. 
Bonesteel, V. D. 
*Brush, John 
Buttolph, Edward A 



Campbell, T. C. 
Cole, U. 
Cole & Swan 
Corliss, C. K. 
*Davis, R. D. 
Dean & Reynolds 
Deau, Gilbert 
Dodge & Campbell 
Dodge, L. G. 
Doty, J. V. W. 
Doty & Stoors 
tEldridge, E. a 
Emott, J. 

Forbus, Alexander 
Hale, Henry 
Hale, Matthew- 
Hale, H. & M. 
*Hoolier, James 
Jackson, J. H. 
Jackson & Wilkinson 
Jewett, J. B. 
Mason, L. 
Nelson, H. A. 
Nelson & Pultz 
Northrop, L. M. 
Palmer, Robert N. 
Powers, Charles 
Pultz, H. F. 
Reynolds, George G. 
tRuggles, C. H. 
Sackett, L. B. 
Stoors, J Z. 
Swan, C. 
Swift, C. W. 
Swift & Emott 
*Swift, H. 
Tallman, J, P. H. 
Tallman & Powers 
Thomson J. 
Thompson & Weeks 
Varick & Eldridge 
Varick, H. D. 
Weeks, J. H. 
Wilkinson, William 
Wodell, Silas 

Red Hook. 
Rowley, John 
Lyle, J. V, A. 

Conger, M. 
McCarty, James C. 
Wager, A. 

Washington Hollow. 
Payne, G. W. 

Eric County. 

Howe, Orlando C. 

> Aurora. 
Graves, Lewis 
Humphrey, James M. 
Johnson, William C. 
Paul, James C. 

Ulack Rock. 
Bull, Absalom 

Andrews, William H. 
Austin &. Scroggs 
Austin, Benjamin H. 
*Au6lin, Stephen G. 
Babcock, George R. 
Baker, A. L. 
Baldwin, E. J. 

Barton, Hiram 
Benedict & Hull 
Benedict, George B. 
Bliss, John H. 
Bowen, Dennis 
Broadhead, Wm. W. 
Broolis, Augustus S. 
Brooks, Wells 
Brown, John F. 
Brown, Lyman 
*Burroughs, Daniel 
Burrows, Roswell !•. 
Burwell, Theodotus 
Cameron, Hugh 
Chamberiin, S. M. 
Chapin, Roswell 
Clarke, Charles E. 
Clarke, Lemuel B. 
Clinton, George W. 
Coe, Spencer S. 
Coit, George, Jr. 
Colegrove, Bela H. 
Cook, Eli 
Cottle, Phillip S. 
Crocker, James 
Curtenius, John L. 
Cutler, William H. 
Cutting, H. S. 
Daniels, Charles 
Davis, Cyrus E. 
Davis, William 
Day, Hiram C. 
Day, David F. 
Dudley, Thomas J., Jr. 
Ferris, Jacob 
Forbush, Eliakim R. 
Ford, Elijah 
*Fillmore, Millard 
Fillmore, Millard P. 
Fillmore & Andrews 
Ganson, John 
Germain, Rollin 
Gibbs, Asgill 
Gibbs, James S. 
Goodrich, H. A. 
Gould, Sylvanus O. 
Graham, James H. 
Green, B. F. 
Green & Baldwin 
Greene, William H. 
Guffin, Cyrus 
Haddock, Lorenzo K. 
Hall, Townsend 
Halbert, N. A. 
IHall, Nathan K. 
Hard, Samuel B. 
Harvey, Alexander W. 
Haven, Solomon G. 
Haven & Smith 
*Hawley, E. S. 
Hawley, Lucien 
Hawley, Seth C. 
Hecox, William H. 
Hibbard, George B. 
Hoft'man, Phocion 
Hopkins & Hntfman 
Hopkins, Nelson K. 
Hopkins, Neleon 
Houghton, George W. 
Howard, Austin A. 
Hubbell, John 
Hudson & Smith 
Hudson, John T. 
Jonson, George W. 
Kingsley Vine W. 
Krause, Alexander L. 
Lapp, Christian 
Le Clear, Lodowic 
Lewis, L. L. 
*Lockwood, Daniel 

Lockwood, Stephen 
McComber, Charles S, 
McComber, Orlando 
McNett, A. James 
Mann, W. W. 
Marshall, O. H. 
Marshall & Harvey 
Marvin, George L. 
Marvin, L. G. & G. L. 
Marvin, Le Grand 
Mason, Amasa 
Masten, Joseph G. 
Masten & Miller 
Metz, Christian 
Miller, Willii.m F. 
Mullett, John 
Nichols, Ashur P. 
Norton, Charles D. 
Parker, Perry G. 
Peacock, William W. 
Pool, Cyrus O. 
Potter & Howard 
Potter, Heman B. 
Putnam, James O. 
Reyburn, Thomas C. 
Robertson, William 
Rogers, Henry W. 
Pogers, Perry P. 
Rogers & Bowen 
Saunders, Riley 
Sawin & Lockwood 
Sawin, Albert 
Seymour, Horatio, Jr. 
tSheldon, James 
Shepard, C. E. 
Shumway, Horatio 
Shumway & Curtenius 
Sizer, Thomas J. 
Smith, James M. 
Smith, Lyman B. 
.-^mith, Henry K. 
*Smith, W. L. G. 
*Spaulding, E.G. 
Stevens, A. G. 
Stevens, Frederick P. 
Stevens, F. P. & A. G. 
Stewart, E. W. 
Storrs, Emory A. 
.Strong, John C. 
Talcott, John L. 
Tanner, Alonzo 
Thayer, E. & W. W. 
Thayer, Edwin 
Thayer, W. Wallace 
Thompson, Isaac W. 
Tillinghast, Dyre 
Tillinghast, Henry D. 
Tillinghast, D. & H. D. 
Torrence, Jnred S. 
*Tracy, Albert H. 
Tyrell, M. H. L. 
Vanderpoel, Isaac V. 
Vedder, Edmund B. 
Vide & Chamberiin 
Viele, Henry K. 
Wadsvvorth «S: Cameron 
Wild-worth, James 
tWalden, lObcnezer 
Walker, 11. N. 
Walker, J. L. 
Welch & Hibbard 
Welch, Thomas C. 
Whiting, William P. C. 
Wilcox, H. N. 
Young, William H. 


Redfield, Homer J. 
Welch, Nelson 



Hunt, Alexander 
Irish, Ira E. 
Lake. David 
Thoiu, Abram 

■*Green, Alonzo 
Parsons, Galusha 

Clark, Sydenham S. 
Kocdick, Morris 
Severance, Chai'les C. 

Judd, G. I. 

Essex Conntf. 

Au Sable Forks. 
Chase, R. C. fl. 
•i>umbuU,T. D. 

Crown Point. 
Fenton, Chauncey 
Havens, Henry H. 

Abell, O. 

Dwyer, Samuel C. 
ttiaud, A. C. 
Hand, C. A. 
Hale, Robert S. 
Kellogg & Hale 
Kellogg, Orlando 
Lee, A. A. 

Livingston, Robert S- 
tMc Vine, John E. 
Nicholson, M. F. 
Pond & Hand 
Pond, Byron 

Havens, Palmer E. 
Ross, Heniy H. 
Ross, William D. 
Ross, James B. 

Ames, Samuel 
Chase, H. M. 
Cheney, Charles 
Finch ic Harwood 
p^nch, Martin 
Harwood, G. M. 
Keese, James 
M'Klroy, John 
Simmons & Ames 
Simmons, (i. A. 
Smith, Ira S. 
Tarbell, Jonathan 
•Tomlinson, T. A. 

Butler, James P. 
Butler, Philander 
Havens, John F. 

Port Henry. 
Waldo, A. B. 

Schroon Lake. 
lUanchard, C. L. 

Andrevrs, George R. 
Burnett, Jonathan 
Calkins, William 
Clough, Moses T. 


Cloush & Sheldon 
Flint, Charles N. 
Sheldon, M. A. 
Wicker, J. CoUina 
Weed, Alfred 

*Aikens, Asa 

Franklin Count;'. 

Chateausruay . 
Fisk, P. B. 
Keeler, E. A. 
Smith, E. B. 

Fort Covington. 
Paddock, Henry A. 
*Parkhurst, Jabez 
Payne, Walter H. 
Spencer, James C. 
Spencer &. Payne 
VVallace, Jonathan 
Wallace & Paddock 

*Conant, Marshall 
Flanders, Joseph R. 
Flanders, Wheeler & Tayior 
Fitch, Edward 
Foote, Richard G. 
Hubbs, Albert 
'Horton, William Loyal 
fHutton, John 
Jackson <fc Hobbs 
Jackson, Joseph H. 
Man, Albin 

*Mc Vicar, William C. 
Parmelee & Fitch 
Parmelee, Ashbell 
*Seaver, Joel J. 
Taylor, Horace A. 
Wheeler, William A, 

*Lawrence, Sidney 

Fulton Countr. 

Carroll, John M. 
Kennedy, William J. 
McFarlan, William 
* Weston, Marcellua 

Copeland, L. H. 

Akin, Ethan 
tCady, Uaniel 
Cady, John W. 
Cameron, Daniel 
Cuyler, Joseph 
Enos. Summerfield J. 
Fraser, Mclntyre 
Frothingham, John 
Haring, Aaron 
tJohnson, N. J. 
McMartin & Akin 
.McMartin, Duncan 
McMartin, Martin 
McMartin, M. & J. 
McMartin, Joha 
■Stevyart, John 
Wells, John 

Gleason, Wesley 
Grinnelli Clark S. 

Baker, Edwin D. 

Dudley, James M, 
Yost, Horatio 

Vail's MiUs. 
Stewart, Duncan Mel. 
Wait, William 
Wait & Stewart 

Genesee County. 

Bowen, G. 
Brown 6c Glowacki 
Brown, Joshua L. 
Bryan, William G. 
tDibble, Edgar C. 
Glowacki, Henry J, 
Hewitt, M. Wells 
Hurty, E. 
Hurty & Bowen 
fvimberly, John H. 
Kimberly & Tyrrell 
Lay, John F. 
*Lay, George W. 
*Prmgle, Benjamin 
Robertson, Martin F. 
Soper, Horace U. 
ITaggart, Moses 
'Tracy, Phineas L. 
Tyrrell, William 
VVakeman, Seth 
Wakeniau & Bryan 
Wilber, Harry 
Woodward, N. A. 

*Bacon, D. R. 
Ballard, R. 
Bangs, Luciua N. 
Bartow, A. F. 
Bartow, Charlee 
Bissell, C. titch 
Danforth, Charles 
Hascall, Augustus P. 
Hascall & Bangs 
Hascall, H. W. 
Olmsted, J. R. 
*Suiumeifield, J. 

Brown, George \V. 
Pratt, W. 

Greene County. . 

Dorman, Altamont J. 
Greene, Alonzo 

Bennett, Lemuel C. 
Hill, Lucius D. 
iVIattoon, Peleg C. 

Adams & King 
Adam.^, John 
fBailey, Alexander H. 

Day, Caleb 

Day, Edgar B. 
Dorlon, Robert 
Griswold, John A.. 
King. Rulus W. 
*Powers, James 
Van Orden, William H. 
IWatson, Malbone 



Bronk, John B. 
Leete, William E. 
* Sylvester, Peter H. 
Vac Dyck, Jacob C. 

Watson, RufuB W. 

Windham Centre. 
Olney, D. K. 
Olney, John 
Osborn, Watson 

Mattice, Manly B. 
Tremaine, Lyman 
Winans, Frank D. 

Edsall, James K. 
Fitch, F. J. 
More, Ezekiel P. 
Winans, Herman 
Winans & Edsall 

Ilaniilton Coiiiaty. 

Lake Pleasant. 
Vanderwerker, Isaac J. 

Herkimer County. 

East Creek 
Beardslee, Augustus 

♦Holmes, Israel 

Judd. George B. 
Judd & Sheldon 
Macauley, James 
Marsh, P'ly T. 
Sheldon, Hazard H. 

Burton, Charles A. 
Earl, Robert 
Earl, Samuel 
Earl, S. & R. 
tGraves, Ezra 
Gray, Charles 
*Smith, \Villiam 

Hamilton, Ira E. L. 
Rasbach, John A. 

Owen & Prescott 
Owen, Volncy 
Prescott, Amos P. 
Sherman, Bartholomew 
• Wightman, Joseph N. 

I Harris, John C. 

Woster, John H. 

Little Falls. 
Benton, Nathaniel S. 
Capron, Elisha S. 
Capron & Link 
Ford, Lauren 
Ford & Maxon 
Hart, James 
Higbie, William 
Lake, Jarvis N. 
Link, Henry 
Loomis, Arphaxad 
Mason, B. Frank 
Nolton, Hiram 
Nolton & Lake 
Waterman, Alexander H. 
Young, Lewis J. 

Gramer, John G. 

Salisbury Centre P. O. 
Smith, Elias W. 

Van Hornesville. 
Buckingham, Charles 

Grain, Rufus W. 

Morgan, S. S. 

Jeflersoii County. 

Chittenden, T. C, 2d 
Ingereoll, E. J. 
Gilbert, A. B. 
tSaunders, T. P. 
Sherman, William L. 
Skinner, Calvin 
Wardwell, Samuel 
* Wright, Benjamin 

Foster, Publius D. 

Hawes, E. B. 
Hawet, Bradford K. 

*How, Thomas Y. 
Priest, D. C. 
Wagar, W. W. 

Cape Vincent. 
Ainsworth, L. H. 
*Rogers, Charles W. 
Saunders, William R. 
Saunders & Skinner 
Skinner, C. Bronson 

Bickford, Marcus 
Uummond, T. S. 

*Lathrop, A. 

Gri^wold, L. W. 
Griswold, Luther 

Nims, Allen 

Great Paid. 
* Clarke, C. E. 

Philadelphia. ' 
Wager, D. J. 

*Gates, George A. 

Sackett's Harbor. 
*Camp, Elisha 
*Camp, G. H, 
Ford, Augustus 
*Stow, M. K. 
Van VIeck, Isaac 

Three Mile Bay. 
Webb, S. A. 

Lewis, E. W. 

*Andrus, M. 
Bagley, Bernard 
Bagley, George A. 
Barnes, R. 
Beach, Allen C. 
Bennett, David M. 
*Brown, Lyeander H. 
Brnwn, Levi H. 
Calvin, D. C. 
Chittenden, T. C. 
Clarke & Calvin 
Clarka, John 
Dorwin, L. J. 
Button, J. H. 
Emerson, Frederick 
Farwell, William B. 
Fowler, Edward 
tllubbard, F. W. 
Ingalls, L. 
■'Keyes, P. G. 
Lansing, Robert 
Merwin, M. H. 
Moore, Joshua, Jr. 
Moore & Brown 
Munson, Isaac 
Mullin, Joseph 
*Patridge, Joseph C. 
Perkins, J. R. A. 
SeweU, E. Q.. 
Sherman G. C. 
Sherman, Wooster 
Starbuck, J. F. 
Tamblin, J. W. 
tThompson, Willinm C. 
Wright, Charles U. 
Wynn, E. B. 

King's County. 

Bennem, Alexander W. 
Blauke, George C. Smith st. near Penny 

Browne, B. Frank 142 Atlantic st 
Burch, Robert A. 
Cady, H. C. 166 Henry st. 
CalUcott, .T. C. 157 Sands st 

Campbell, James L. 355 Fulron st 
Church, Rodney S. 193 Washington st 
Condit, Charles 142 Atlantic st 
Cooper, George II. 1 Montague Hall 
Cogswell, William J. 341 Fulton st 
Cogswell & Vanderverg, 341 Fulton st 
Crooke, Philip S. 365 Fulton st 
Curtis, Henry P. 22 Court st 



Dawson, Rodman B. City Hall 

Dikemau, John 275 Fulton st 

Dikeman, Frank H. 126 Pierrepont st 

Durvea, H. B. .'i:)? Fulton st 

Davis, Charles E. 39 Prince st 

Fogarty, John B. 

Garrison, Samuel Court st 

Greene, Wm. A. Montague Place, c. Court st 

tGreenwood, J. City Hall 

Greenwood. Joseph M. 3 Front st. 

Hadden, Alexander Clermont, n. Myrtle av. 

Hagner. Henry 9 Court st 

Hammond, A"G. 9 Court st 

Hammond, Wm. G. Jr. 9 Court st 

Hess, John 343 Fulton st 

Howard. James 2 Montague Place 

Ingraham, Richard 9 Court fit 

Ingraham, W. M. 3 Front st 

Ingraham & Underhill 9 Court st 

Jack, Charles J. 345 Fulton st 

Jenks, Grenville T. 

Johnson, S. E. June. Washington &, Ful- 
ton sts 

Johnson & Hammond June. Washington & 
Fulton sts 

King, John B. Court c. Joralemon 

Klssara, Seabury 128 Atlantic at 

Letferts, John L. 3 Front st 

Lewis, Sylvanus D. 1 42 Atlantic 6t 

Lewis & Browne 142 Atlantic st 

Lott, John A. 3 Front st 

Lomas, John 1 Front st 

Lowery, Charles 57 Fulton st 

Lowery, Charles J. 57 Fulton st 

Lynde, Charles R. 9 Court st 

tMoore, Henry A. City Hall 

.Morris, Samuel D. 2i Court st, 

Morse, N. B. 48 Livingston st 

Morehouse, Benjamin S. 278 Pearl et 

Murphy, Henry C. 3 Front st 

McCloskey, Edward Conit c. JoralemoD. 

McCue, Alexander 9 Court st 

.Miller, Livingston K. 135 Livinsston et 

Northall, Thomas J. 1 Montaffue Place 

Pray, Joseph M. 134 Duffield st. 

Rockwell, William 57 Fulton et. 

Rolfe, J. P. 341 Fulton st 

Sidell. Ausxistus H. 343 Fulton st 

*Smith, Cyrus P. 57 Fulton st 

Seymour, Edward 144 Li^Tnston st 

Smith, Jesse C. City Hall 

Smith, John C. 9 Court st 

Stanton, P. V. R. 337 Fulton st 

Stevens; Gerard M. 9 Court st 

Spooner, A. J. 3 Front st 

Thomas, Charles W. City Hall 

Trembly, Daniel 341 Fulton st 

Topping, D. H. 22 Court st 

Underhill, Richard C. 9 Court st 

Van Brunt, Nicholas 43 Fulton st 

Van Cott, J. M. City Hall 

Van Nostrand, J. W. 57 Fulton st 

Vanderverg, George, Jr. 341 Fulton st 

Vanderbilt, John 3 Front st 

Voorhees, Jeremiah I Front st 

Waring, Charles M. 

Waring, N. F. 343 Fulton st 

Winslow, D. C. 9 Court st. 

VVinslow, John 9 Court st 

Atwater, C. R. 
Atwater & Vanderhorst 
Berry, .Tohn 
Birdsell, Henry D. 
Boughton, Joseph 
Briggs, Charles M. 
Cockroft, Samuel 
Cook, John 
Culver, E. D. 
Dean, James J. 
Dunn, J. 
Dvgert, k\o\s J. 
Fi'sh, Paul J. 
Fish it Jackson 
Hamilton. Philip 
Hodges, William H. 
Jackson, Theodore F. 
Jenninss, Ebenezer, Jr. 
Marx, M. 
Maurice, James 
Meeker, Da\-id E. 
Meeker, Samuel M. 
O'Brien, Nicholson P. 
Palmer, Joseph E. 
Pert, L. B. 
Reeve, Isaac T. 
Remseu, Peter V. 
Rhees, B. Rush 
Richards, William 
Robinson, John O. 
Sackett, J. T. 
Stearns, John M. 
Sparks, Jared 
Soper, Abraham D. 
Thompson, George 
Vandeverg, George 
Vanderhorst, J. W. 
WUlmarth, Abell C. 

Lie-wis County. 

Merrell, Eliada S. 

Stephens, W. Hudson 

Adams, Charles D. 
*Bostwick, Isaac W. 
Brown, Edward A. 
Brown, George L. 
Collins, William 
Davenport, Leonard C. 
■Dayan. Charles 
Knox, Ziba 
Parrish, Russel 
Sylvester, N. B. 

Barnes, Alanson H. 
Kilham, Leonard C. 
*ScovilIe, Carlos P. 
tSeger, Francis 

Muscott, John M. 

Liivingston County. 

Dann, Amos 
*Hosmer, George 
Knowles, Calvin 

*Smith, Willard H. 

*Bryan, Calvin H. 

Chamberlin & Wood 

Chamberlin, Henry 

Collins, William A. 

Collins & Willson 

*Colt, Henry V. 

Davis, George J. 

Hamilton. William J. 
[Heudee, Amos A. 
' Kelsey &. Davis 

Kelsey, William H. 
tLord", Scott 
Tracy, Felix 
Willson, CharleB C. 
Wood James, Jr. 

Bai-nard, Henry M, 
Johnson, A. 
Wood, Harvey J. 

Northrop, Samuel 'B, 
Smith, Lewis E. 

Mount Morris. 
Adams, Clark B. 
Bingham. C. L. 
*Bond, Enoch T. 
Hastings, George 
Hastings &, Bingham 
Miller, Anthony G. 
Seymour, McNeil 
Wisner, O. F. 
Wisner, Reuben P. 

Bingham, Albert M. 
Wicker, Frederick G. 

North Dansville. 
Abbott, A. J. 
Bennett, .lames W. 
Bulkley, G. 
Cook, "Benjamin C. 
*Day, Russel 
Dorr, Robert L. 
Dorr & Spooner 
Endress, Isaac L. 
Faulkner, Endress 
Fraser & Abbott 
Fraser, Alexander 
Harwood & Wilkinson 
Harwood, Benjamin F. 



Hubbard, Solomon 
Hubbard & Faulkner 
Noyee, D. W. 
O'Brien, Edward 
Proctor, L. B. 
Smith, Joseph W. 
Spooner, A. M. 
Vanderlip, John A. 
Wilkinson, John 

Bagley, Benedict 
Bishop, Geoi'ge 
Gbalker, Henry 
Crooks, Samuel 8. 
Peck, Linus Jones 
Peck, Luther C. 

Woodrufl; Philip 

Robinson, William A. 

Long, Moses 

madison Connty. 

Gray, George W. 
Yaw, T. J. 

Barlow, Thomas 
Beecher, Hezekiah 
Fowler, Loring 
Goodell, William W. 
'Roberts, Albert B. 
♦Roberts, Dewitt C. 
*Spencer, Ichabod S. 

Fairchild, S. T. 
♦Lincklain, Ledyard 
Paddock, H. G. 
tstebbins, Charles, Jr. 
Stebbins, Charles 
Htcbbins & Fairchild 
Thomas, Richard 
'Wendell, B.Rush 

Kennedy. Chai-les L. 
Lansing, William K. 
Lansing & Kennedy 
Walrath, Daniel D. 

Chapman, B. F. 
Chapman, Stephen 

De Ruyter. 
* Armour, L. B. 
Bentley &. Head 
Bentley, A. V. 
Head, J. C. 
Miner, Harris C. 
Miner & Sloan 
.-loan, A. Scott 

Nichols, Alfred 

Abbott, Samuel S. 
Abbott & Church 
Church, S. E. 
JOldridge, George S. 
Eldridge, James B. 

Eldridge, J. B. & G. S. 
Foote, John 
Goodwin & Mitchell 
Goodwin, H. C. 
tMason, Charles 
Mason, Joseph 
Mitchell, David J. 

heldon, A. N. 
Whittemore, Joseph P. 

Hinckley, George W. 

'Rogers, Edward 

tAllen, Charles 
Bentley, Zadock T. 
Bentley & Farwell 
Brown, Duane 
Cramplin, Alexander 
*Dana, Lorenzo D. 
Farwell, William W. 
Foote, Nathaniel 
*Granger. Otis P. 
tHolnies, Sidney T. 
Holmes, Epenetiis 
Kinney, William H. 

Temple, Marsena 

Oneida Depot. 
Jenkins, James E. 
Loomis, Thomas T. 
*Messinger, I. N. 
Shoecraft, M. J. 
Snow, John 
Thompson, D. W. 

Huntington, Nehemiah 
'Smith, Gerrit 
Stone, A. C. 

De Ferriere, C. J. 

nioiiroe County. 

Bowman, William 

Downes, William T. 
Fuller, Jerome 
Holmes, Elias B. 
Norton, Henry P. 
Norton & Bowman 

Palmer, Isaac 
Thomas, Horace J. 
Wilkin, A. J. 

Bowman, John 
Bowman, John M. 

'Bull, W. H. 

Clark, James L. 

Jewett, Simeon B. 

Jewntt & Selden 

Selden, Henry R. 

Hall, Nathan L. 

Honeoyc Falls. 
Davison C. C. 
Shuart, Denton G. 

Patterson, John E. 

Fellows, Henry 
Upton, Charles 
Wilson, John W. 

'Boughton, Seymour 
Bellows, Ira 
Goss, Ephraim 
Vosburg, J. B. 

Rochester. ^ 

Abrams, James 
Adams, Leonard 
Angle, James L. 
Beach, Daniel B. 
Benedict & Martindale 
Benedict, Oliver M. 
Bennett, Joel B., William S. 
Bishop & Rawson 
'Boughton, Selleck 
Bowen, John J. 
Breck, William 
Brock, William L. 
Buchan, Patrick G. 
Campbell & Sargent 
Campbell, James C. 
Chapin, Moses 
Chumasero, John C. 
Clark, Charles H. 

Clark, George H. 
Chun, P. I. 
Cochrane, James C, 
Cogswell, William F. 
Crandall, Philander M. 
Curtiss, John B. 
'Cutler, Jeremiah 

Danforth, George F. 

Davis, Zimri L. 

Delano, Frederick 
'Dewey, Chester P. 

Durand, Frederick L. 

Eastman, Joseph A. 

Elwood, Isaac R. 

Ely, Alired 

Ely, George 

Farrar, Lysander 

Frothingham, Thomas 

tGardiner, Addison 

Gardner, George 

'Gibbons, Washington 
Gregory, James H. . 

Griffin, Ebenezer 

Groscup, Issachar 
Hart, Roswell 

Hastings, Williams & Clum 
Hastings, Albert M. 

Hastings & Newton 

Hastings, Orlando 

Hastings, Trueman 

Hatch & Hatch 

Hatch, James M. 

Hatch, Hiram F. 

Hills, Isaac 

Hopkins, Ethan A. 

'House, Anson 

Humphrey & Humphrey 

Humphrey, Geoi'ge H. 

tHumphrey, Harvey 

Hunter, Henry 

'Huntingdon, Nathan 

Huson, Calvin, Jr. 

Husband, Thomas B. 

Husbands, Joseph D. 

Hyde, Cameron D. 

Ives, Henry C. 

Jelfres, John H. 

Jerome, Hiram K. 

Jordan, Christopher 



King, (leorge E. 
Laing, David 
Latbrop, Alba 
Lee, Charles M. 
Lee, William S. Da. 
*Livingston, James K. 
Loeber, C. G. 
McAlpine, Belden R. 
McAlpine, Bvron D. 
McClure, William H. 
*Mann, Alexander 
Martindale, John H. 
Mather, Elisha 
Mathews, Selah 
*Miller, George W. 
Miller, Samuel 
Montgomery, Thomas C. 
Morgan, Lewis H. 
*Mor3e, Adolpbus 
Mudge, Alfred G. 
Mumt'ord, George H. 
Mumford, George E. 
Mumford & Palmer 
Munger &. Pomeroy 
Munger, George G. 
*Na£h, John C. 
Newell, Thaddeus S. 
*Newton, Aaron 
Newton & Hastings 
Newton, Maitiu S. 
Packard, S. H., Jr. 
Palmer, O. H. 
*Paine, Nicholas E. 
*Pierce, Charles H. 
*Pomeroy, Enos 
Pomeruy, John N. 
Potter, Charles S. 
Rawson, George W. 
Raymond, Edward A. 
Requa, John L. 
*Rochester, Henry E. 
*Sampson. Ashley 
Sargent, Henry 
tSelden, Samuel L. 
*Sherman, E. B. 
Shuart, W. Dean 
Smith, E. Darwin 
Smith, E. P. 

Smith, Hiram C. "^ 

Stebbins. John \V. 
*Strong, Elisha B. 
Storrs," William C. 
*ShurtlitJ', Stephen M. 
^Thompson, John, Jr. 

Townsend, George P. 
Trimmer, Eliphaz 

Tryon, James S. 

Van Epps, John C. 
Warner, Math. G., Jr. 
Wentworth, Delos 
White, Henry E. 
Williams, W. B. 
Whittlesey, Frederick A. 
Wood, Daniel 


* Wheeler, Ephriam B. 
*Woodward, N. A. 


Brown, D. D. S. 
Dorr, John 

Wheeler, Stephen 

*Colby, Eastman, Jr. 

Melvin, A. G. 
Strowger, Charles 

Montgomery County. 

tBelding, Samuel, Jr. 
Corej-, David P. 
Finlayson, James 
Hazelton, G. W. 
Heath, Solomon P. 
Heath <t Hazelton 
Patterson, Culver 
Seldon, Alexander 
Voorhees, Leslie J. 

Ayree, A. H. 
Cook, James H. 
Cummiug, John 
Ely, Sumner S. 
Latlirop, Ralph R. 
Mitchell & Ely 
-Mitchell, Thomas B. 
.Sacia, Charles , 
Smith,- George 

>few York County. 

*Spraker, David 
Spraker, Frazier 
Wetmore, P. & J. F. 
Wetmore, Justus F. 
Wetmore, Pythagoras 
Wilson, Jacob 

Putnam, Cornelius H. 

Fish, H. & F. 
Fish, F. 
Fish, H. 
Van Vechten, Giles F. 

Fort Plain. 
Adams, Henry C. 
Adams, Henry 
Grouse, George 
*Darrow, John 
Center, James 
Holt, Daniel 
Lobdell, Daniel G. 
*S«itz, John L. 
Wagner, Peter J. 
"Webster, Charles W. 
Webster, Peter G. 
Wendell, Jacob 
Yost & Lobdell 
Yost, George 

Cushney, Henry B. 
Cushney & Ferguson 
Cushney, Richard H. 
"Degralt; Jesse D. 
Ferguson, George D. 
Gratt'. Abraham H. 
Sammons, Stephen 
Schenck, Edward T. 
*Van Der Vrer, J. W. [Coun- 
ty Clerk.] 

Palatine Bridge. 
*Frey, John 
Hees, -•\braham 
Loucks, Henry 
Loucks, Henry, Jr. 

St. JohnsviUt. 
Baker, Hezekiah 
Mitchell, John A. 
*Nellis, John 

New York City. 
Abbott, .Austin, 18 Nassau sc 
Abbott, Brothers, " 
Abbott, Benjamin V. 18 Nassau st 
Abbott, Garden, 69 Wall st 
Ackerman, S. B. 13 Beekman st 
Ackley, William B. 18 Wall st 
Adams, Andrew H. 58 Wall st 
Adams, Robert A. 75 Nassau st 
Adams, Francis, 13 Wall st 
Adams &. Luckey, 75 Nassau st 
Adriance, Isaac. 7y Nassau st 
Ahearne, Matthew, 89 Market Slip 
Akin, A. A. llOii Broadway 
Aitken, William B. 21 Wall st 
Aitken, John, 9 Nassau st 
Albertson, Joseph C. 7 Nassau st 
Alden, George F. Ill Nassau st 
Alexander, Henry M. 11 Nassau st 
Alker. Henry, 27 Beekman st 
Allen, William M. U Wall st 
Allen, William M. 128 Nassau st 
Allen, Augustus L. 15 Wall st 

Allen, Hora'io P. 15 Wall st 

Allen & Campbell, 15 Wall st 

Allen, William, 156 Broadway 

.■imerman, Jacob R. 1 13 Forsyth st 

.\raerman, .■ibr'm B. 15 Chambers st 

.\merman, Richard S. 1G7 Broadway 

f Anderson, John jr.. 1 06 B'way [Justice Dis.Ct] 

.\nderson, Abel T. 142 Broadway 

.\nderson, Henry H. 51 Chambers Bt 

.Andrews, John, 161 Broadway 

Andrews, Charles S. 12 Wall st 

.\ndrew6, E. W. 157 Broadway 

Andrews, Robert W. 74 Wall st 

Andrews, Horace, 12 Wall st 

Andrews, D. 65 Chatham st 

Androus, G. P. 71 Wall st 

Andrus, Miles B. 17 Wall st 

Angus. Robert, 1069 Broadway 

Anthon, John, 16 Exchange place 

Anthon, William H, 16 Exchange place 

.Anthon, J. &, W. H. 16 Exchange place 

Appleby, Charles E. 51 Liberty st 

Armstrong, William H. New City Hall 



Armsti-ong, Robert S. 247 Broadway 

Artells, Antonio, 108 Broadway 

Ashley & Macdonough, 71 Nassau st 

Ashley, L. Seymour, 71 Nassau st 

Austin & Campbell, 11 Wallst 

Austin, William, 11 Wall st 

Averill, Horatio F. (55 Wall st 

Bagg, M. D. 76 Nassau st 

Bagley, Sargent V. 2-17 Broadway 

Bancker, Evert A. 85 W. 16th st 

Bangs, Francis N. 61 Wall st 

Bailey, Benjamin, 2 Tyron Row 

Bailey, John F. 232 Broome st 

Bailey, Stratford C. H. 70 Wall st 

Baker, John, 1 Franklin Square 

Baker, Daniel I. 11 Nassau st 

Baker, D. Ira, 11 Nassau st 

Balen, James D. 39 William st 

Baldwin, Daniel A. 9 Nassau st. 

Baldwin, James M. 20 Nassau st 

Baldwin, George, E. 50 Wall st 

Balestier, Joseph N. 11 Nassau st 

Balestier & Lane, 11 Nassau st 

Banks, Henry C. 4 and 5 New City Hall 

Banks, William G. 136 Nassau st 

Banta, Mathijis, 237 Broadway 

Barbour, John M. 50 Wall st 

Barhydt, D. P. 42 &44 Trinity Building 

Barker, Isaac O. 11 Beekman st 

Barker, Smith, 15 Beekman st 

Jiarlow, Samuel L. M. 65 Mer. Exch. 

Barnaby, T. Baldwin, 57 Chambers st 

Barnard, Daniel P. 16 Wall st 

Barnard & Parson, 16 Wall st 

Barney, Hiram, HI Broadway 

Barney, Humphrey & Butler, 111 Broadway 

Barrett, William C. 10 Wall st 

Barrow, Edmund ft 5 Nassau st 

Barrow, Henry P. 101 E. Broadway 

Barrow, James C. 89 Centre st 

Barstow, George, 74 Wall st 

Barstow & Woodman, 74 Wall st 

Bartlett, Henry C. 157 Broadway 

Bartlett, Junius A. 71 Nassau st 

Bayard, William M. 102 Nassau st 

Bayley, William, 56 Walker st 

Beach, Elias J. 19 Beekman st 

Beadle, Delos W. 44 Wall st 

Beadle & Jenkins, 44 Wall st 

Beardsley, Samuel, 90 Broadway 

Beakely, Henry, 4 New st 

Beams, Benjamin J. 19 Centre st 

Beck, Folker J. 62 Wall st 

Beck & McAdam, 62 Wall st 

tBeebe, Welcome H. 76 Wall st [City .ludge.] 

Belknap, Aaron B. 21 Wall st 

Bell, John, 12 Wall st 

Bell, Samuel P. 52 John st 

Bell, William H. 52 John st 

Bell & Coe, 52 John st 

Bell, William H. eManginst 

Bellows, Charles T. 18 Wall st 

Bellows, George G. 39 William st 

Benedict, Robert D. 70 Wall st 

Benedict & Allen, 156 Broadway 

Benedict, Scoville & Benedict, 70 Wall st 

Benedict, Abner, 156 Broadway 

Benedict, Abner, 6 Wall st 

Benedict, Erastus C. 70 Wall st 

Benedict, James L. 49 Wall st 

Benedict, Jesse W. 2 Dey st 

Benedict, Charles L. 70 Wall st 

Benedict & Boardman, 2 Dey st 

Benner, Robert, 75 Nassau st 

Benton, Lewis, 118 Nassau st 

Berbour, John M. 50 Wall st 

Betts & Robinson, 52 Wall st 

Betts, William, 52 Wall st 

Betts, William C. 51 William st 

Betts, George F. 76 Wall st. 

tBetts, Samuel R. [Judge U. S. Dist. Court.] 

Bidwell, Marshall S. 68 Wall st 

Biddle, William S. Ill Broadway 

Biglow, E. Irving, 10 Wall st 

Billinge, Benjamin L. 5 Tyron Row 

Birdsall, Charles E. 90 Wall st 

Birdseye, Lucien, 39 Wall st 

Bishop, Edward W. 9 Chambers st 

Bissell, Edward, 20 South William st 

Bissell, John, 11 Wall st 

Black, Charles N. 39 William st 

Blackmar, Thomas S. 43 Wall st 

Blackwell, William B. 233 Broadway 

Blake, Cornelius D. 38 Wall st 

Blake, James C. 5 Tyron Row 

Blanke, George C. Ill Broadway 

Blankraan, Edmond, 28!) Broadway 

Blatchford & Crosby, 1 Hanover st 

Blatchford. Richard M. 1 Hanover st 

Bliss, Francis C. 140 Nassau st 

Bliss, William D. 14 Wall st 

Bliss, William, 20 Nassau st 

Bloomtield, William, 20 Nassau st 

Blunt, Joseph, 11 Wall st 

Blunf, Nathaniel B. 237 Broadway 

Blunt & Ogden, 11 Wall st 

Blydenburgh, Jeremiah W. 11 Chambei'S st 

Boardman, Andrew, 2 Dey st 

Bogardus, Cornelius S. 7 Clinton Court 

Bogardus, Edwin R. 195 Broadway 

Bogert, Cornelius, 192 Broadway 

Bogert, Horatio, 5 John st 

Bogert, Henry A. 54 Wall st 

Bonney, Benjamin W. 38 Wall st 

Bonney & Roe, 38 Wall st 

Booth, William D. 27 Wall st 

tBoswortb, Joseph S. 9 Nassau st [Judge Su- 
perior Court] 

Bosvvorth, James L.78 Nassau st 

Boughton, Joseph, 52 John st 

Boughton, Ward & Sparks, 52 John st 

Bovee, C. N. 29 Wall st 

Bowdoin, Larocque & Barlow, 65 Mer. Ex. 

Bowdoin, George J. R. 65 Mer. Exchange 

Bowdoin, James, 65 Merchants Exchange 

Bowley, Daniel, 77 Nassau st 

Bowman, George, 4 Hanover st 

Bowman, James F. 9 Nassau st 

Bowne, Bichard H. 61 Wall st 

Boyd, John, 16 Wall st 

Brackett, William W. 27 Beekman st 

tBradibrd, Alexander W. 76 Nassau st [Sur- 
rogate of New York.] 

Bradley, AlvinC. 62 Wall st 

Bradley, Mills & Woodhull, 62 Wall st 

Bradshaw, George, 52 John st 

Brady, Henry A. 37 Wall st 

Brady, James T. 45 Warren st 

Brady, John F. 114 Grand st 

Brady, John R. 45 Warren st 

Brainard &Rice, 130 Broadway 

Brainard, Roswell C: 130 Broadway 

Breed, Enoch P. 70 Wall st 

Breck, Joseph, 12 Greenwich Av 

Breckenbrige, John B. 54 Wall st 

Brewer, Merwin R. 338 Broome st 

Brewster, A. O. Ill Broadway 

Brewster, Henry, 111 Nassau st 

Brewster, Mason S. 75 Nassau st 

tBridgham, Joseph, New City Hall [U. S. 

BrittOD, Alexander T. 195 Bowery 

Bromley, Isaac W. R. 31 Wall st 

Bronson, Charles S. 79 Nassau st 

Bronson, Frederic, 64 Merchant Exchange 

Bronson, Greene C. Lroadway cor. Wall st 

Bronson, Henry G. do do 

Bronson. Theodore B. 61 Mer. Exchange 

Brophy, Stephen B. 2 Dey st 

Brown, Samuel, 232 Grand st 



Brown, Daniel B. 39 William st 
Brown, Elias G. 192 Broadway- 
Brown, Augustus L. 237 Broadway ■ 
Brown, Franklin, T5 Nassau st 
Brown, Charles H. 33 Macdougal st 
Brown, Daniel B. 78 Nassau st 
Brown, Joseph O. 79 Nassau st 
Brown, William, 42 Crosby st 
Brown, Joseph G. B. 43 Wall st 
Brown, Samuel, 374 Madison st 
Browne, Alexander P. 57 Chambers st 
Bi'owue, Caustin, 57 Chambers st 
Browne, Augustus J. 6 Wall st 
Browne, William H. 37 Chambers st 
Bruorton, William. 4 New st 
Bnish, David, 62 William st 
Brush, James H. 62 William st 
Bryan, F. H. B. 23 Chambers st 
Bi-yan, John A. 13 Wall st 
Bryce, John W. 44 Wall st 
Buckham, George, 111 Broadway 
Buckham & Smales, HI Broadway 
Buckley, Thomas C. T. 27 Wall st 
Kulkeley, L. Edwards, 49 Wall st 
Bull, William H, 52 John st 
Bullock, James B. 11 Nassau st 
Burchard, John D. 45 Warren st 
Burger, Timothy P. 37 Chatham st 
Burke, Frederick W. 150 Nassau st 
Burke, Michael, 44 Wall st 
Burke, Michael K. 24 N. William st 
Burke, Kirwan, 203 Av. 7 
Burnham, Frederic G. Ill Broadway 
Burling, Cornelius A. 312 Braadway 
Burlock, Horton H. 75 Nassau st 
Burr, Edwin. 70 Wall st 
Burrill, Alexander M. 142 Broadway 
Burrill, Charles D. 3 Nassau st 
Burrill, John E. 3 Nassau st 
Burrowes, Pliilip, 44 Wall ,st 
Hurt & Breckenridye, .54 Wall st 
Bart, Addison M. 54 Wall st 
Bushuell, G. W. 1 14 Grand st 
Bushnell, William, 167 Broadway 
Bushnell, Charles I. 63 Wall st 
Bushnell, Orsamus, 20 Nassau st 
Bushnell &, Bliss, 20 Nassau st 
Busteed & Wilson, 45 William st 
Buneed, N. W. Ill Broadway 
Busteed, George W. 45 William st 
Bu--teed, Richard, 45 William st 
Butler, Benjamin F. Ill Broadway 
Bu:ler, Chailes, 12 Wall st 
Butler, William A. Ill Broadway 
Butler, Aaron, jr. 23 Chambers st 
Butler, Everts &Southmayd, 2 Hanover st 
Butler, Charles E. 2 Hanover st 
Butterworth, Theron H. 20 Nassau st 
Butterworlh, Samuel F. 88 Mer. Exch. 
Byrne, Francis, 6 City Hall Place 
Cady, Howard C. 29 Wall st 
Cairns, Cornelius, 10 Wall st 
Cahill, Francis, 365 Broome st 
Callaiihan, Patrick, 14V Pine st 
Caler'; Otmar, 191 A v. 1 
Calllcot, T. Carey, 46 Pine st 
Cambreleng, Churchill J. 18 Wall st 
Cambreleng, Stephen, 18 Wall st 
Cambreleng & Pyne, 18 Wall st 
Campbell &. Stevens, 6 Hanover st 
Campbell, Anthony P. 67 Wall st 
Campbell, Brayton A. 11 Wall st 
Campbell, Robert B. 11 Post's Buildings 
Campbell &. Stevens, 11 Post's Buildings 
Campbell, Matthew, 11 Wall st 
Campbell, Samuel, 11 Wall st 
Campbell, James H. 15 Wall st 
tCampbell, Wm, W. [Jud-e Sup. Court[ 
Capewell, Albert B. 37 Wallst 
Cardoz, Albert, 54 Wall 

Carmichael, George S. 80 Nassau st 
Carter, William Lawson, 70 Wall st 
Carpenter, William C. 128 Nassau st 
Carpenter, George, 13 Chambers st 
Carpentier, Edward R. 7? Nassau st 
Carpentier, James S. 19 Beekmanst 
Cary, Jeremiah E. 11 Wall st 
Carr, Horatio P. 10 City Hall 
Carroll, Thomas, 49 Chambers st 
Carter, James C. 66 Wall st 
Carter, William L. 70 Wall st 
Catlin, George, 20 Nassau st 
Catlin & Street, 20 Nassau st 
Chamberlain. Jas. F. W. 42d st b. 7 &8 At 8. 
Chamberlin, Franklin, 11 Nassau st 
Chamberlin & Porter, 11 Nassau st 
[chambers, William P. 14 Wall st 
[chandler, J. Winthrop, 6 Wall st 
Channing, Henry W. 2i52 Broadway 
Chapman, Lebbeus, jr. 33 Wall st 
Chase, Lucien B. 7 New st 
Chase, Nelson, 9 Nassau st 
Chatfield, David 1. 29 Wall st 
Chedsey, Nathan A. 6 City Hall Place 
Cheney, Charles, 202 Fulton st 
Cheseborough, Robert John, 60 E. 23 h 8t 
Chester, George F. 218 Fulton st 
Chester, Elisha W. 218 Fulton st 
Chetwood, John, jr. 25 Nassau st 
Child, Asa, 11 Nassau st 
Christie & Mather, 18 Park Place 
Christie, John J. 49 Wall st 
Christie, William F. 97 Ninth st 
Christie, Robert jr. 18 Park Place 
Churchill, Franklin H. 18 Wall st 
[Claagett, Rufus, 68 Wall st 
Clark, Edward, 8 Wall st 
Clark, Edward C. 61 Chambers st 
Clark, Richard I. 20 Na'ssau st 
Clark & Rapello, 65 Wallst 
Clark, Lot C. 157 Broadway 
Clark, Edward P. 195 Broadway 
Clark & Cornwall, 195 Broadway 
Clark, Gerardus, 111 Broadway 
Clark, Horace F. 65 Wall st 
Clark, D. W. 20 Chambers st 
Clarke, Stewart X. 80 Nassau st 
Clarke, William F. 59 Nassau st 
Clarke, Alexander. 1 Warren st 
Clarke, Henry li. Ill Broadway 
Clarkson, Samuel F. 116 William st 
Clason, Augustus W. jr. 1 Nassau st 
Clason & English, 1 Nassau st 
Cleaveland, Harvey T. 74 Wall st 
Cleaveland, John, 38 Wall st 
Cleaveland, Titus & Chapman, 38 Wall st 
tClerke, Thomas W.[Judi;e Supreme Court. 
Clegg, John C. 54 Wall st 
lift. Smith, 44 Nassau st 
Clift, S. & E. O. Smith, 44 Nassau st 
Clinton, Charles A 5 Wall st 
Clinton, Baldwin &. Ditmars, 50 Wall st 
Clinton, Henry L. 170 Broadway 
Clinton & Mills, 170 Broadway 
Cochran & Donohue,76Wall st 
Cochran, John, HI Broadway 
Cochran & Neilson, 111 Broadway 
Cockroft, Samuel, 13 Chambers st 
Coddington, David S. 17 Wall st 
Coddington, Jetlerson, 40 Wall st 
Codwise, David, 53 Liberty st 
Coe, Frederic A. 52 John st 
Cohen, Israel F. 134 Delancy st 
Coit, Joshurt, 11 Wall st 
Coit, William, 5 Nassau st 
Cole, Jacob, 289 Broadway 
Coles, Edward, 1 Soutli st 
Coles, John B. jr., 79 Nassau st 
Colgate, J. H. 157 Broadway 
Comstock, Nathan, jr., 116 '\^'illiam «t 



Cone, ' dward W. 61 VVnll st 

Conger, Abraham B. 20 Nassau st 

Conklin, William A. 152 Av. 3d 

Cook, .1. K. jr., 79 Nassau st 

Cook, John & Son, 111 Nassau st 

Cook, John, 111 Nassau st 

Cook, George W. 11 Beekman et 

Cooke, George K. 373 Fourth st 

Cooper, John M. 20 Chambers st 

Cooper, Stephen P. fi5 Wall st 

Coppinger, John B. 70 Wall st 

Coren. Alfred E. 293 Broadway 

'Conifll, George J. 69 Wall st 

Coming, Alfred H. 4 Newst 

Cornwall, Augustus, 19.5 Broadway 

Corlies. Alfred W. 50 Wall st 

Clark & Cornwall, 195 Broadway 

Coudert, Frederic R. 38 Broadway 

Cowdry, David M. 13 Chambers st 

Cowdrey, Samuel F. f!7 William st 

Cowles, Edward P. 76 Mer. Exch. 

Cowles, Edward E. 16 Wall st 

Cowles, Henry B. 16 Wall st 

Cowles & Jones, 16 Wall st 

Cowenhoven, William H. 25 Nas?ou st 

Craft, William D. 11 Chambers st 

Craig, Benjamin T) K. 107 Chambers st 

Cram, Henry A. 69 Wall st 

Cromwell, Charles T. 51 William st 

Crosby, John P. 1 Hanover st 

Cudlipp, Pi-euben H. 116 William st 

Culver, Erastus D. 289 Broadway 

Culver & Parker, 289 Broadway 

Cummings, Henry R. 11 Nassau st 

Cummini?s, J. S. Lane, 11 Nassau st 

'iimining- Alexander & Green, 11 Nassaust 

Cunnmcham, Frederic, 10 Spruce st 

Cuppaidcre, James F. 37 Chatham st 

Curtis, Edward, 8 Wall st 

Curtis, William E. 106 Broadway 

Curtis, George, 8 Wall st 

Curtis, George & Edward, 8 Wall st 

Cushman, Archibald F. 49 Chambers si 

Culler, Peter Y. 70 Wall st 

Cutting, Francis E. 72 Wall st 

Cutting, Walter L. 72 Wall st 

Cutting, Owen &. Bctts. 72 Wall st 

tDaly, Cha.s. P. [J. Co. Pi's] 9jSt. Clement's pi 

Dana, Alexander H. 67 Wall st 

Darllnaton. Thomas, 106 Broadway 

Darlington & Scott, 106 Wall st 

Davenporte. George F. 3 Nassaxi st 

Davidson, Morris M. 31 Wall st 

Davies, Charles, 1] Nassaust 

Davies, Henry E. 66 Wall st & New City Hall 

Davies, J. Mansfield, 71 Wall st 

ravie, John C. B. 27 Wall st 

Davisdn, Charles A. 3 Nassau st 

Day, Henry. 82 Merchants Exchange 

Dayton, Isaac, 61 Chambers st 

Dean, George F. 78 Nassau st 

Dean, John, 130 Broadway 

Dean, James J. 11 Wall st 

Dean &, Bosworth, 78 Nnssau st 

Deforest, Henry G. 58 Wall st 

Delfendoif. Georce. 1102 Broadway 

Delancy, Edward F. 65 Wall st 

Delaplaine, Ifaac C 7 Netv st 

Delaplaine, John F. jr. & I. C. 7 New st 

Delavan, Edward C. 43 Wall st 

Demill, Rir hard, 49 Chambers et 

DeMotte, Mortimer, 237 Broadway 

DeMotte & Sutherland, 2.37 Broadway 

Denison, George, 14 Wall st • 

DePeyster, Frederic. 69 Wall st 

Devereau, John C. 76 Na,-sau st 

Dewey, Horace M, 11 Nassau st 

Derry, Edmund. 19fi Prince st 

Develin. John E. 16 Wall st 

Devine, M. W. 56 Wall st 

Dtwitt, Cornelius J. 88 Nassau sj 
Dewitt, Edward, 88 Nassau st 
Dewitt, C. J. & E. 88 Nassaust 
Dey, Anthony, 74 Courtlandt st 
Dexter, J. D. 76 Nassau st 
Dibblee. Thomas B. 76 Nassau st 
Dickinson, Alfred, 70 Wall st 
Dickerson, Edward N. 57 Chambers st 
Diefendorf, Menzo, 157 Broadway 
Dillon, Robert J. 30 Wall st 
Dillon, Romaine. 868 Broadway 
Dillon, John B. 39 William st 
Dillon,& O'Gorman, 39 William 8t 
Dimmick. John C. 80 Nassaust 
Dinnies, Charles F. 202 Fulton st 
Diossy, Addison S. 1 Nassau st 
Dissosway, Cornelius R. 76 Nassau st 
Disbrow, William F. 192 Broadway 
Ditmars, A. D. 50 Wall st 
Dixey, John V, 80 Nassau st 
Dixey, William, 77 Nassau st 
Dixey, George W. Ill Broadway 
Dodge, Nathan D. 51 William st 
Dodge, Henry S. 54 Wall st 
Dodge, Robert, 157 Broadway 
Dodge, William, 72 Wall st 
Doheny, Michael, r. 128 Nassau si 
Doheny & Hurlej', r. 128 Nassau et 
Doherty, John, 563 Av. 8 
Dominic, Francis, 16 Post's Building 
Donaldson, Alexander, 289 Erodway 
Don, Bernard Etienne, 74 Wall st 
Donohue, Charles, 76 Wall st 
Doolittle, Edwin A. 4 New s 
Dorr, Francis O. 34 Libarty st 
Dorr, Henry C. 51 William st 
Dorr, James A. 69 Wall st 
DouL'lass, George 49 Wall st 
Dougherty, Charles H. 41 Wall st 
Dowling, George D. 286 E. 13th st 
Downing, Richard C. 161 Broadway 
Doyle, John 65 Chatham st 
Drake, John 3 Nassau st 
Drew, David F. 18 Wall st 
Dresser, Horace 82 Nassau st 
Drinker, William W. 15 Centre st 
Debois, Jaceb, 88 James st 
tDuer, John New City Hall, [Jud. Sup. Crt4 
Dunlap, Samuel F. 37 Wall st 
Dunn. William H. 25 Nassau st 
Dunning, E. F. (Assistant U. S. District Attor- 
ney), City Hall 
Dunscomb W. E. 31 Vesey st 
Dusen berry, Elias .'",8 William st 
Dusenberry, William H. 8 Clinicn Court 
Dustin, Daniel H. 57 Chambers st 
Dwight, H. O. William c. Beaver 
Dwight, Andrews 6.') Chatham st 
Dyckman. William N. 127 Fulton st 
Dyett, Anthony R 5 Tyron Eow 
Dykers Francis H. 53 Broadway 
Eager, John M. 161 Broadway 
Earle, Francis B. 13 Beekman st 
Eastman, Henry W. 19 Beekman st 
Easton, David T. 17 Wallst 
Eaton, Dorman B. 110 Broadway 
Eckel, Christian G. 11 Wall st 
Edgar, Jonathan. 25 Nassau st 
Edmonds, John W. 80 Lexington Ave. 
Kdson, Clement M. 64 John st 
tEdwards, Henry P. Justice Sujireme Court 
Edwards, Carlton, 13 New City Hall 
Edwards, Charles, 67 Chatham st 
Edwards, Ogden,]8 Paik Place 
Edwards, Walter, 64 Wall st 
Edwards & Man, 64 Wall st 
Egan, Charles C. 35 Wall st 
Eichler, H. G. O. 71 Wall st 
Ellingwood, N. Dane, 18 Wall st 
Elli.-^, Chelseldcn, \i Nassau st 



F.Ilis, Burrell & Davison, 3 Nassau st 

Elmendort", Edmund Jr. 68 Warren st 

Kiting' William H. 79 Nassau st 

Ely, Elias H- 43 Wall st 

Elv, John, 43 Wall si 

Ely, Jonathan S. 43 Wall st 

Eiiibree, Robert C. 79 Nassau st 

Emerson, Rockwell, t>7 Wall st 

Emerson, William, 10 Wall st 

Emerson it Pritchard, 10 Wall st 

Emmet, Richard S. 45 William st 

Emmit. Thomas Addis. 45 William st 

Emmet, Kobeit, 45 William st 

Emmet & Wilson, 45 William st 

Emmet, John T. 45 William st 

English, William C. 1 Nassau st 

Evans, David, 79 Nassau st 

Evan.', Charles D. Trinity Building 

Evarts, William M. 2 Hanover st 

Everett. Nicholas C. 117 White st 

Ewen, Ednard D. 116 William st 

Fnncher, Enoch D. 161 Broadway 

Fancher & Eager, 161 Broadway 

Farr, Elliot T. 11 Chambesr st 

Payerweather, R. 27 Wall st 

Farnham. William T. 1 Warren st 

Fellows, Richard C. 222 Grand st 

Feltus, Lambert M. 61 Wall st 

Fenton David W. 1 67 Broadway 

Ferguson, James, 547 Hudson st 

Fei-guson, Jordan G. 6 Wall st 

Ferguson, James, Broadway cor. Av 7 

Ferris, Francis, 3S Broadway 

Ferris, Benjamin C. 20 Chambers st 

Ferris, Marcus P. 116 William st 

Fessenden, Henry P. 51 Wall st 

Fessendeu, Thomas, 51 Wall st 

Field, Da\'id Dudley. 8 Wall st 

Field, Stephen J. 8 Wall st 

Field Theodore W. 20 Nassau st 

Field, Maunsel B. 66 Broadway 

Field, D. D. & J. S. Sluyter, 8"Wall st 

Fields & Ronalds, 66 Wall st 

Fields, Thomas C. 27 Nassau st 

Fincke. F. Gustave, 35 Wall st 

Fitch, George W. 58 John st 

Fitzgerald, Jerome B. 199 W. 28th st 

Flanagan, John R. 16 Wall st 

Fleetwood, Stanley H. 12 Wall st 

Fletcher, Thomas, 119 8th st 

Floyd, Ira, 25 Chambers st 

Foierty, John B. 73 Cedar st 

Fofsom, George, 10 Wall st 

Fonda, Theodore J. 73 Cedar st 

Foot, Sanmel A 106 Broadwaj' 

Foot & Curtis, 106 Bro.idway 

Ford, G. L. 51 Liberty st 

Forbes, James H. 27 Beekman st 

Forman Henry W. 4 Newst 

Forrest. William, 86 Cedar st 

Foster & Thompson, 69 Wall st 

Foster J. P. Giraud, 69 Wall st 

Fowler, Isaac V. Ill Broadway (Postmaster) 

lowler, John Jr. 247 Broadway 

Franklin. Morris, 10" Broadway 

Eraser, Charles, 161 Broadway 

Fraser, Edward A. 303 Broome at 

Freary, I'homas, 52 Oliver st 

Freeman, William C^ 18 Centre st and 6 City 

Hall Place 
French, John M. 18 Centre and 6 City Hall pi 
French Ulysses D. 128 Nassau st 
Frye, Daniel M. 10 Av. 1 
Irye, Frederick, 39 William st 
Fullerton, William, 61 Wall st 
Furman, George C. 11 Nassau st 
Furniss, William, 78 Broadway 
Gaines. Roval A. 79 Nassau st 
Gaines. S. W. & R. A. 79 Nassau st 
Galbraith, Benjamin, 127 Fulton st 

Gallatin, Albert, 49 William st 

Gardener, Lawrence, 13 Beekman st 

Garrettson, Francis T. 52 John st 

Garr, Andrew S. 43 New st 

Geissenhainer. Fredck. W. Jr. 289 Br'dway 

Genet, E. J. 65 Wall st 

Genet, George C. 65 Wall st 

Genet, G. C. & E. J. 65 Wall st 

Genet Henry W. 29 Wall st 

(jenet & Purdy. 29 Wall st 

Gerard, James W. 27 Wall st 

Gerard James W. Jr. 27 Wall st 

Gerow. Samuel C. 27 Beekman st 

Gibbs, Montgomery, 140 Broadway 

Gifford, George, 17 Wall st 

Gilbert. George. 15 Wall st 

Gilbert, George Y. 5 Wall st 

Gilbert, Jasper W. Ill Broadway 

Gilbert W. Irving, 76 Wall st 

Gilbert & Blanko, 111 Broadway 

Gilchrist, Thomas, Trinity Buildings 

Glover, James, 133 Nassau st 

Gilford, Thomas B 150 Nassau Bt 

Gillen, Robert, 71 Nassau st 

Gillen, Peter, 10 Wall st 

Gillet, Ransom H. 5^ John st ■ 

Gillett & Law, 52 John st 

Girtean J. M. 14 Wall st 

Glover, Charles H. 29 W all st 

Glover T. James, Nassau cor. Beekman st 

Glover John H. 15 Wall st 

Glover, Louis N. 4 New City Hall 

Goddard. George C. 142 Broadway 

Goddard Leonard W. 142 Broadway 

Godfrey, John Thompson, 246 Av. A 

Goodman, Richard, 106 Broadway 

Gordon, George, 11 Wall st 

Gottschalk, Gustavus, I Nassau st 

Gould, David, 27 Nassau st 

Gouverneur, A. N. 16 Wall st 

Gjaham, John, 195 Broadway 

Graham, James Lorimer, 51 Liberty st 

Graham, John Lorimer, 157 Broadway 

Graydon, John W. 59 Pine st 

Gray, John F. 23 Chambers st 

Green, Andrew H. 43 Wall st 

rGreen, James, Justice District Court, 35 

Warren st and 10 Wall st 
Green, J. Wilson. 3 Tyron Row 
Green, Ashbell, 11 Nassau st 
Green David B. 10 Wall ft 
Greenleaf. Joseph, 67 Wall st 
Gridley, Nelson C. 124 Nassau st 
Gi'idley, James, 59 Nassau st 
Grifl'en, Abraham M. 20 Chambers st 
Gritten, Geonje, 65 Merchant's Exchange 
Gritten, Charles A. 21 Wall st 
Griffith H. Warton, 10 Wall st 
Griswold, William H. 118 Nassau st 
Giitwold, Henry A. r. "7 Nassau et 
Guitau, J. M. 237 Broadway 
Haight, Nicholas, 65 Chatham st 
Hale, Alden J. Ill Broadway 
Hale John P. 35 Wall st 
Hale & Starr, 35 Wall st 
Hall. David P. 1 Nassau st 
Hall, J. Prescott, 2 Hanover st 
Hnll, Willis. 14 Wall st 
Hall, A. Oakey, 237 Broadway 
Hallett, William P. 170 Broadway 
Halsted John O. 4 New st 
Halsey, George A. 38 William st 
Hamersley, Lewis C. 55 Murray st 
Hammersiey, A. Gordon, 55 Murray st 
Hammersley, Andrew S. Av. 5 c. E 28th st 
Hammersiey, John W. 5 Nassau st 
Hamilton, Alexander, Jr. 41 Wall st 
Hamilton, Philip, 72 Wall st 
Hammond, John A. 78 Nassau st 
Hamma, Charles, 161 Broadway 



Haines, John h. 68 Wall st 

Hand, John H. 51 Wall st 

Hanrahan, Daniel H. 45 Warren st 

Hardman, John W, 699 Greenwich st 

Hardenbrook, William A. 6i Wall st 

Haring, Clinton, 237 Broadway 

Harned, W. H. 15 Centre st 

Harper, J. Randolph, ti Wall st 

Hart, Felix, 13 Chambers st 

Hart Charles B. 51 William st 

Hart, Joseph C. 51 William st 

Hartt, J. Hammond, 2 Dey st 

Harison, William H. 187 Fulton rt 

Harison, William B. (i5 Merchant's Ex, 

Harrison, David Jr. 75 Nassau st 

Harrison, Thomas, 44 Wall st 

Harrington, Richard M. 42 John st 

Harrington, Madison G. 72 Wall st 

Harrington & Dodge, 72 Wall st 

Harrison, Andrew, 67 Chatham st 

Hart, Judah H. 2 Dey st 

Haskett, W. J. 15 Centre st 

Haskin, John B. 461 Broadway 

Hasting, Sanford B. 29 Wall st 

Haslet, John, 7 Broad st 

Havens, Charles G. 89 Merchants' Exchange 

Hawes, John H. H. 280 Broome st 

Hawkes, Wright, 106 Broadway 

Hawkins, Dexter A. 39 Wall st 

Hawley, David, 15 Wall st 

Hawley & Glover, 15 Wall st 

Hays, James C. 6 City Hall Place 

Hayes, William, 1 Nassau st 

Hayner, H. Z. 25 Nassau st 

Hedley, John H. 59 Nassau st 

Heine, Henry A. 20 Chambers st 

Henry Thomas S. 136 Nassau st 

Henry James Jr. 429 Av. 3d 

Henry, Peter Seton, 36 Bond st 

Herdmen, Horace P. 23 Chambers st 

Herrick, A. R. 7 Clinton Co\irt 

Hermandez, Don Jose El. 104 St. Mark's PI 

Hetcham, William, 183 Av. B 

Hillyer, William A. 163 Bioadway 

Hilton, Archibald, 54 Wall st 

Hilton, Henry, 44 Wall st 

Hinsdale, Tlieodore, 18 Wall st 

Hitchings, Benjamin (i. 27 Nassau st 

Hitchcock, James I. 49 Wall st 

Higenbottani, S. B. 82 Merchants' Exchange 

Higgins, Thomas W. 3 Chambers st 

Hills, James R. 7 Broad st 

Hitchings & Gould, 27 Nassau st 

Hodges, Francis L. New City Hall 

Hobart, Dayton, 11 Wall st 

Hofliuan, Murray jr. 49 WilliaTn 

Hoftinan, Cutler & Townsend, 70 Wall st 

Hofiman, Ogden, (Attorney Gen'l), 70 Wall 

Hottman, Edward, 77 Nassau st 

Hoft'man & Pirsson, 77 Nassau st 

Hoffman, Wickam, 64 Wall st 

Hottman, Francis S. 70 Nassau st 

Hottman, John T. 64 Wall st 

tHottinan, Murray, [.Idg. t^up. Ct.] 49 William 

Hogan, I'homas R. 16 City tiall Place 

Hodden, Horace, 150 Nassau st 

Holden & Thayer, 150 Nassau st 

Holmes, Robert D. 20 Duane st 

Holli.'=ter, Thomp.?on N. 27 Wall st 

Holly, Frederic A. 3 Nassau st 

Hone, John, 69 Wall st 

Hopkins, Peter H. 81. Nassati st 
Hopkins, Charles W. 28 Beekman st 

Hopkins, William, 6.:) Wall st 
Hopper, John, 218 Fulton st 
Hoppin, William J. 64 Wall st 
Horn, William T. 67 Wall st 
Hornfanger, William C. 1 Nassau st 
Hoslord, James, 179 Broadway 
Howe & Treadwell, 195 Broadwap 

Howe, Josiah, 195 Broadway 

Howland, Francis, New City Hall 

Howland, John, 9 Nassau st 

Howland & Chase, 9 Nassau st 

Howai'd, PJchard, 77 Merchants' Exchange 

Hoxie, Nathaniel B. 27 Bcekman st 

Hoyt, Jesse, r. 35 Wall st 

Hoyt, A. D. 54 Wall st 

Hoyt, John D. E. 51st st n. Av. 3d 

Hoyt, Lorenzo, 4 Hanover st 

Hoyt & Mclntire, 1 Chambers st 

Hubbard, Joseph W. 247 Broadway 

tlubbell, George E. 80 Nassau st 

Hudson, Edward H. 2U8 Broadway 

Hudson, Ephraim H. 15 Wall st 

Hudson, George, 13 Beekman st 

Hudson, W. W. 20 Nassau st 

Hutt; Simon P. 13 Beekman st 

Huggins, James S. 58 Wall st 

Hughson, Frederic, 87 Wall st 

Humphrey, James, 111 Broadway 

Hunt, Hiram, 20 Chambers st 

Hunt & Stuyvesant, 20 Cliambers et 

Hunt, Charles H. 76 Nassau st 

Hunt, George A. 142 Fulton st 

Hunt, James, 15 Centre st 

Hunter, J. R. 208 Broadway 

Hurd, John C. 11 Wall st 

Hurley, Thomas H. 128 Nassau st 

Hurley, Timothy, 42 John st 

Hxirst, Lewis, 14 Wall st 

HusEOn, Joseph, 116 William st 

Hutchins, Waldo, 40 Wall st 

Hutchman, W. H. 304 5th st 

Hyatt, James P. 61 Wall .st 

Hyslop, Thomas, 17 Wall st 

Inglish, William, 36 John st 

Ingrahara, Daniel P. City Hall 

Ireland, George jr. 106 Hroadwoiy 

Ireland, John B. 49 William et 

Irving, John T. 7 Nassaxi st 

Irving, Pierre M. 32 Wall st 

Isaacs, Robert N. 127 E. I6th st 

Isham, Giles L. 45 Wall st 

James, Thomas D. 87 Chambers st 

Jan.sen, William H. 52 John st 

Jaques, Eden S. 140 Broadway 

Jaques, David R. 140 Broadway 

.laques, Robert L. 8 Horatio st 

Jarvis, Benjamin H. 195 Broadway 

Jarvis, R. W. H. 71 Wall st 

Jarvis, N. jr. 195 Broadway 

Jay, John, 20 Nassau st 

Jay & Fields, 20 Nassau st 

Jenks, Greenville V. 1 1 Wall st 

Jenkins, Joshua B. 44 Wall st 

Jenness, John S.39 Wall st 

Jenness & Ryder, 39 Wall st 

lessup, James R. 54 Wall st 

Jewett, Otis P. 45 Wall st 

Joachimssen, Philip J. 118 Nassau si 

Johnson, Alexander S. 54 Wall st 

Johnson, Isaac A. 49 William st 

Johnson, William Samuel, 18 Park Place 

Johnson, William Templeton, 51 William 3t 

Johnston, Robert, 78 Nassau st 

Johnston, John T. 5 Wall st 

.lones, Alfred G. 20 Nassau st 

Jones, Charles, 16 Wall st 

Jones, Samuel, 41 Wall st 

.lones & Lyons, 41 Wall st 

Joicc, Rodman L. 90 Broadway 

Jordon, Ambrose L. 61 Chambers st 

Jordon, Clark & Dayton 61 Chambers st 

Jordan, Philip. 14 Pine st 

ludah, S. B Helbert, 70 Wall st 

Judah, George, 70 Wall st 

.ludson, William, 195 Broadway 

Judson, Charles, 68 Fulton st 

Judson, Samuel W. 68 Broadway 



Kane, Cornelius V. S. 79 Nassau st 

Kane, Uelancy, fi76 Broadwaj' 

Kane,' J. Greenville, 7 Nassau st 

Keller, Charles M. Madison Av. b. 31st & 32d 

Kendrick, Chai-les K. 7 Clinton Court 

Kendall, S. Austin, 79 Nassau st 

Kent, William, 110 Broadway 

Kent, James, 110 Broadwny 

Kent, Eaton & Kent, 110 Broadway 

Kennady, John R. 54 Wall st 

Ketcham, Hiram jr. 31 Wall st 

Ketcham, Alfred B. 289 Broadway 

Ketcham, William, Chambers st 

Ketcham, Edgar, 79 Nassau st 

Ketcham, Hiram, 31 Wall st 

Ketcham & Fessenden, 31 Wall st 

Keteltas, Eugene, 62 William st 

Kimball, Elijah H. 49 Wall st 

Kimball, Richard B. 53 Wall st 

King, Frederic W. 52 Grove st 

King, John A. jr. 58 Wall st 

King, Augustus E. 9 Nassau st 

Kingsland, Daniel, 40 Stuyvesant st 

Kinne, Asa, Astor House 

Kinney, Franklin S. 140 Broadway 

Kip, Leonard W. 192 Broadway 

Kip, T. Jefterson, 10 Centre st 

Kirkham, Benjamin W. 140 Broadway 

Kirkland, Charles P. 39 Wall st 

Kirkland & Birdseye, 39 Wall st 

Kissam, Beabury, 82 Wall st 

Kissam, Benjamin T. 61 Chambers st 

Kissam, George, 61 Chambers st 

Kohler, Andrew. 27 Wall 

Kortright, N. Gouverneur, 34 Liberty st 

Kurshecdt, Alexandei-, 142 Broadway 

Knox, K. M. 20 Nassau st 

Knox & Mason, 20 Nassau st 

Krafft, Charles L. 35 Wall st 

Labau, N. Bergrasse, 192 Broadway 

L'Amoureux, iOdwin R. 6 City Hall Place " 

Lamberson, Frederic W. 79 Nassau st 

Lane, Thaddeus H. 52 Wall st 

Lane, Smith E. 27 Wall st 

Lane, Frederic A. 11 Nassau st 

Lapaugh, Henry D. 161 Broadway 

Lapaugh & Andrews, 161 Broadway 

Larocque, Joseph, 65 Merchants' Exchange 

Larocque, Jeremiah, 6.5 Merchants' Exch. 

Lathrop, Leonard, 37 Chambers st 

Latting, John J. 59 Fulton st 

Latson, John W. 179 Broadway 

Latson & Van Vechten, 179 Broadway 

Lawrence, Thos. 8 Clinton Court, Beekman st 

Lawrence, Abraham R. jr. New City Hall 

Law, Stephen D. 52 John st 

Lawrence, John S. 67 Wall st 

Lawrence, William B. 27 Wall st 

Lawrence, William B. jr. 27 Wall st 

Lawrence & Horn, 67 Wall st 

Lawson, Wesley R. 260 10th st 

Lawton, J. Warren, 16 Wall st 

Lawton, Cyrus, 124 Nassau st 

Lawton & Gridley, 124 Nassau st 

Lee, William P. 10 AVall st 

Lee, John H. 15 Centre st 

Leeds, William B. 50 Wall st 

Leete, Editar J. 127 Fulton st 

Leonard, William H. 63 Wall st 

Leonard & Hoftinan, 63 Wall st 

Leveridge, Benjamin C. 67 Chatham st 

Leveridge, John. 67 Chatham st 

Leveridge, John W. C. 67 Chatham st 

Leveridge, J. & J. W. C. 67 Chatham st 

Levy, Ashael S. 14 Finest 

Levings, George S. 54 Wall st 

Lewis, Charles D. 83 South st 

Leyne, Maurice, 14 Wall st 

Lincoln, Henry S. 49 Chambers et 

Litchfield, Edwin C. 74 Beaver st 

Litchtield & Tracy, 74 Beaver st 

Livingston, Cambridge, 17 Wall et 

Livingston, Anson, 52 John st 

Livingston, John, 157 Broadway 

Livingston, John R, jr. 16 Wall st 

Livingston, Livingston,' 85 Nassau st 

Livingston & Whitbeck, 85 Nassau st 

Livingston, John A. 6 City Hall Place 

Livingston, Robert D. 67 Wall st 

Livingston, Walter L. 74 Wall st 

Lockwood, L. Arnold, 15 Beekman st 

Lockwood, Ralph, 14 Wall st 

Loder, Jeremiali, 45 Wall st 

Logan, Adam D. 83 Merchants' Exchange 

Logan, Edgar, 83 Merchants' Exchange 

Lord, Augustus W. 11 Wall st 

Lord, Daniel, 82 Merchants' Exchange 

Lord, Daniel D. 82 Merchants' Exchange 

Loomis, J. V. 49 Wall st 

Lovell, Joseph, 4 New st 

Lowerre, William, 78 Murray st 

Loucks, Samuel, 11 Wall st 

Luckey, Freeborn G. 75 Nassau st 

Ludewig, Herman E. 35 Wall st 

Ludewig, Smith & Fincke, 35 Wall st 

Luft; Martin H. 176 Broadway 

Lux, Joseph, 61 Wall st 

Lyman, Samuel P. 289 Bror.dway 

Lynch, Edward L. 94 Maiden Lane 

Lyons, David J. 41 Wall st 

Lyon, Samuel B. 23 Wall st 

McAdam, James G. 27 Beekman st 

McAdam, Quintin, 62 Wall st 

McCarthy, Flor. [Judge Marine Ct.] City Hall 

McChaill, John, 7 Nassau st 

McCoun, William T. 30 Warren st 

McCoun, Joseph H. 65 Wall st 

McColloh, John L. 37 Wall st 

McClosky, Edward, 7 Na.^sau st 

McCunn, John H. 29 Wall st 

McCunn & Moncrief, 29 Wall st 

McDaniel, William V. 51 Wall st 

McDermot, William, 16 Wall st 

McDonnald, Alexander L. 12 Broad st ; 

McGay, James, 27 Chambers st 

McGown, Henry P. 80 Lassau st 

Mclntire, Alti-ed, r. 1 Chambers st 

McKeag, William, 20 Diiane et 

McKeon, John, 49 Chambers st 

McKinstry, Charles, 5 New st 

McKinstry & Lowell, 5 New st 

McMahon, Dennis, Jr- 13 Chambers st 

McMurry, William, 44 Wall st 

McMurray & Hilton, 44 Wall st 

Macdonough, Augustus R. 71 Nassau st 

Macgregor, John D. 157 Broadway 

Macgregor & Carr, 157 Broadway 

Macgregor, Patrick, 290 Bioadway 

Mackay, Hay S. 18 Park Place 

Mackay, William H. 20 Chambers st 

Maclay, Moses B. 9 Nossau st 

Major, Daniel, 179 Broadway 

Malcolm, James F. 9 Chambers st 

Malone, Bernard J. New City Hall 

Man, Albon P. 64 Wall st 

Man, James B. 64 Wall st 

Mann, Abijah, Jr. 37 Wall st 

Mann, Rodman & Pierson, 37 W^all st 

Manning, John Angus, 61 Wall st 

Marcow, H. 6. 48.3''Broadway 

Marbury, Francis F. 64 Wall st 

March, Francis A. 7 Broad st 

Marselis, Peter T. 39 Chambers st 

Marsh, Edward W. 54 Wall st 

Marsh, Francis A. 7 Broad st 

Marsh, Luther R. 218 Fulton st 

Marsh, Charles C. 43 Wall st 

Martin, Edward, 233 Broadway 

Martin, Isaac P. 56 Wall st 

MartiL, John M. 10 Wall st 



Martin, William R. 61 Wall st 

Martin, Strong, & A. F. Smith, 56 Wall st 

Martindale, Edward, 8 Wall st 

Martine, Theodore, 177 W. 28th st 

Marvin, Dan, 23 Wall st 

Marvin &, Prime, 23 Wall at 

Mason, John L. 20 Nassau st 

Mason, John M. 20 Nassau Et 

Mason, Michael P. 9 Chambers st 

Ma.xten, Myer, 71) Nassau st 

Mather, F. Ellsworth, 74 Wall st 

Mathews, Albert, 54 Wall st 

Matthews, Charles. 57 Chambers st 

Maxwell, Hugh, 195 Broadway 

Maxwell, William H. 195 Broadway 

Maxwell, John S. 195 Broadway 

May, Charles A. ;i5 Wall st 

Mayer, G. A. 49 Wall st 

Maynard, Abra K 49 Chambers st 

Mead, Charles D. 52 John st 

tMeech.Wm.B. (Justice Dist.C't], 14 G'wichAv 

Meeker, David E. 11 Wall st 

Meeker, Samuel M. U Wall sr. 

Meeker, S. M. & D. E. 11 Wall st 

Meeks, WiUiam H. 82 Nassau st 

Melville, Allen, 14 Wall st 

Merrihew, Stephen, 52 Wall st 

Merrill, Nelson, 18 Wall st 

Middlebrook, Grorge N. 157 Broadway 

Middlebrook & Andrews, 157 Broadway 

Millard, Abiathar B. 509 Hudson st 

Millcdoler, William S. 3 Nassau st 

Miller, Jonathan, Id Wall st 

Miller & Develin, 16 Wall st 

Miller, Livingston K. 192 Broadway 

Miller, Sylvanus, 116 E. 17th st 

Mills, Ethelbert S. 62 Wall st 

Mills, Joseph T. 170 Broadway 

Miles, George S. 37 Wall st 
Miller & Davenport, 3 Nessau st 
Miller, John H. 18 Park Place 
Milligan, William T. B. 11 Wall st 

Millspaugh, Philip, 45 Warren st 

Minor, Cornelius, Hall of Records 

Mitchell, Minott, 15 Beekman st 

Mitchell, Clarence G. 75 Nassau et 

Mitchell, J. W. & C. G. 75 Nassau st 

Mitchell, John F. 11 Wall st 

Mitchell, John W. 75 Nassau st 

tMitchell, William, [Judge Supreme Court], 
New City Hall 

Molony, John, 18 Wall st 

Monaghan, John R. 49 Wall st 

Moncricf, James, 29 Wall st 

Monell, Claudms I,. 54 Wall et 

Monell, John D. 167 Broadway 

Monteith, David M. 78 Nassau st 

Moody, John, 208 Broadway 

Mootry, William, 61 Wall st 

Moore, Charles B. 51 Wall st 

Moore & McDaiiiel, 51 Wall st 

Moore, W. H. H. 104 Wall st 

Morange, Henry H. 1 Nassau st 

Morrill, Augustus C. 9 Chambers st 

Morrill & Malcolm, 9 Chambers st 

Morris, Andrew C. 46 Pine st 

Morris, Coles, 39 William st 

Moriis & Bellows, 39 William st 

Mori is, Gerald W. 5 New st 

Morris, Henry M. 5 New st 

Morris, William L. 11 Binaad st 

Morris, John, 142 Fulton st 

tMorris, Robert H. [Judge Supreme Court] 
4 th Av. n. E. 93d st 

Morris & King, 11 Wall st 

Morris &. Stevens, 67 Wall st 

Morrison, Henry, 37 Chambers st 

Morrogh, James, 70 Wall st 

Morton, Washington Q. 41 Wall st 

Morton, Hamilton, 41 Wall et 

Mott, Richard, 11 Wall st 

Mott, Henry A. 7fi Nassau st 

Mott & Murray, 76 Nassau st 

Mount, Richard E. Jr. 11 Wall st 

Mount, Charles D. U Wall st 

Mountfort, N. B. 124 Nassau st 

Moulton, Joseph W. 4 State st 

Mulock, Charles, 80 Nassau st 

Mulock, William, 79 Nassau st 

Mulvey, Peter, '/O Chambers st 

Murray, Washington, 7o Nassau st 

Munn, William H. 503 Broadway 

Myers, P. Hamilton, 90 Nassau st 

Myers, T. Bailey, 20 Nassau st 

Nagle, Cornelius, 140 Nassau st 

Nash, Alanson, 26 Beekman st 

Nash, Stephen P. 46 Pine st 

Nash & Radcliffe, 13 Beekman st 

Nathan, Jonathan, 76 Nassau st 

Neilsoi), Joseph, 111 Broadway 

Nelson John M. 49 Wall st 

Nelson, John W. [Clerk U. S. Circuit Court], 

New City Hall 
INelson, Sam'l, [U. S. Judge], New City Hall 
Nelson, George P. 5 Wall st 
Nesbitt, Nathan, 65 Chatham st 
Nettlaton, Charles, 251 Broadway 
Nevins, William R. 74 Broadway 
Newhouse, John, Irving Bank Buildings 
Newman, Clement D. 80 Nassau st 
Newton, Charles W. 18 Park Place 
Newton & Reed, 18 Park Place 
Nichols, Charles A. 192 Broadway 
Nichols, Effingham H. 7 Nassau st 
Nicoll, Henry, 7 Nassau st 
Nilee, William W. 247 Broadway 
Niles & Bagley, 247 Broadway 
Nisbet, Andrew, 35 Warren st 
Nisbet, Nathan, 65 Chathan st 
Nisbet & Tuttle, 65 Chatham st 
Noble, Solomon C. Ill Nassau st 
Nones, Joseph B. 66 Broadway 
North, Thomas M. 68 Warren st 
Norhtrop, William W. 110 Broadway 
Norton, W. 11 Nassau st 
Nott, Charles C. 61 Wall st 
Noyes, W. Curtis, 50 Wall st 
Noyes. Calvin, 66 Wall st 
tOakley, Thomas J. [Chief Justice Superior 

Court], New City Hall 
Oakley, John, 51 William st 
O'Conor, Chas. [U. S. Attor'y ], New City Hall 
tO'Connor, Bartholomew, [Judge 2d District 
Court], Chambers cor. Centre 

O'Conor & Fullerton, 61 Wall st 

Ogden, Gouverneur M. 71 William et 

Ogden, Richard H. 1 1 Wall st 

Ogden, Aaron, 111 Broadway 

O'Gorman, Riehard, 39 William st 

Olmstead, Dwight H. 18 William st 

01m.stead, A. B. 13 Wall st 

O'Neil, Augustine, 27 Barclay st 

Osborn, Barnabus W. 115 Eldridge et 

Ostrandor, P. W. 1 Hanover st 

Owen, Edward H. 72 Wall st 

Owen, Samuel, 75 Nassau st 

Owen, John, 54 Wall st 

Packard, Wynkoop, 4 New et 

Paddock, Franklin A. 71 Nassau st 

Paine, Williiim H. 47 Wall st 

Palmer, Justus, 75 Nassau st 

Palmer, Joseph E. 65 Chatham st 

Palmer & Taylor, 65 Chatham st 

Palmer, George H. 39 Wall et 

Paris, Irving, 9 Nassau st 

Paik. Fletcher, 289 Broadway 

I'arker, James, 54 Wall st 

Parker, George W. 289 Broadway 

Parker, James U. 17 W. 32d st 

Parsons, George W. 16 Wall st 



Patten, Joseph H. 68 Wall st 

Patterson &. Eastman, 19 Beekman st 

Patterson, Peter E. 78 Nassau st 

Patterson, John S. 29.3 Broadway 

Patterson, Edward, 140 Broadway 

Patterson, Elias J. 18 Park Place 

Pauldins, John, 27 Beekman st 

Paulison, C. M. K. Av. 9 c. 84th 

Payne. Thatcher T. 61 Wall st 

Peabody, Charles A. 77 Merchants' Exchange 

Pearson, Edward, 136 Nassau st 

Peet, William, 192 Broadway 

Peet Sc Nichols, 192 Broadwaj' 

Pell, John A. 43 Wall st 

Pelton, Guy R. 4 New st 

Perry, Andrew J. 9 Nassau st 

Person, Edward, 89 Centre st 

Pert, Luther B. 11 Wall st 

Pettis, Fontaine H. 77 Nassau st 

Pfuhl, Francis De, 37 & 39 Wall st 

Phelps, James L. Jr. 52 John st 

tPhillips, Alfred A. [Judge Marine Court.] 

39 Chambers st 
Philips, Jonas B. 37 Chambers st 
Phillippse, Frederic, 11 Wall st 
Piorpont, Edwards, 27 Wall st 
Pierson, Heniy R. 37 &, 39 Wall st 
Pignolel, Louis H. 187 Greenwich st 
Pike, Robert G. 16 Wall st 
Pinckney, Thomas C. 78 Nassau st 
Pinckney, J. H. Robert, 78 Nassau st 
Pinknsy, John M. 80 Wall st 
Pinuey, Ambrose L. 67 Chatham st 

Piuney & Postley, 67 Chatham st 

Pirrson. John W. 77 Nassau st 

Pitkin, Lucius, 77 Nassau st 
Piatt, James N., 27 Wall st 

Piatt, Gerard & Buckley, 27 Wall st 
Piatt, .John M. 44 Nassau st 

Piatt, John H. 40 Wall st 

Pomeroy, Iseac, 11 Wall st 

Pomeroy, Jenks & Milleken, 11 Wall st 

Porter, Charles T. 11 Nassau si 

Porter, Mortimer, ."il Liberty 

Porter, Ekmund J. 6 City Hall Placo 

Post, Edwin A. 50 Pine st 

Postley, S. Brook, Jauncey Court 

Postley, J. Ross F. 67 Chatham st 

Potter. Clarkson N. 6. Wall st 

Potter, Ellis, 20 Nassau st 

Potter, Howard, 61 Wall st 

Potter, Robert B. 61 Wall st 

Potter, O. B. 94 Chambers st 

Power, John H. 129 Fulton st 

Powers, Thomas J. 50 Wall st 

Powers, William P. 106 Broadway 

Powers & Talmadge, 50 Wall st 

Prentice, Augustus, 167 Broadway 

Prentiss, Charles W. 76 Wall st 

Pritchard, William M. 1 Wall at 

Prime, William C. 25 Wall st 

Prill, Henry. 26 Av. 2d 

Proudfit, Robert jr., Ill Broadway 

Purdy, Stephen M. 29 Wall st 

Purdy, John, 11 Wall st 

Purv-iance, Charles. 163 Broadway 

Pyne, John, 18 Wall st 

Quackenboss, Nicholas, 9 Wall st 

Radclifle, Jacob J. 68 Wall st 

Radclitfe & Whedon, 68 Wall st 

Rankin, Robert, 37 Wall st 

Randell, David, 3 City Hall Place 

Rankin, John, jr , 46 Pine st 

Rausom, Adam G. 5 Nassau st , 

Rapallo, Anthony, 65 Wall st 

Rapallo, Charles A. 65 Wall st 

Ray, Robert, 54 Wall st 

Rayner, Benjamin L. 22 Av. 1 

Reed, Lewis B. jr., 18 Park Place 

Heed, Richard, 82 Nassau st 

Reed, Stephen, 95 Cedar st 

Remsen, Henry R. 18 Park Place 

Remsen, William, 18 Park Place 

Reynolds, Gilbert U. 95 Cedar st 

Reynolds, Philip, 11 Nassau st 

Reynolds & Van Schaik, 11 Nassau st 

Rhees, B. Rush, 52 John st 

Rice, Henry H. 18 City Hall 

Rice, Edwin T. 130 Broadway 

Rico, Frederic, r. 29 Wall st 

Richard, Henry J. 187 Greenwich st 

Richards, William H. 1 1 Nassau st 

Richmond, Thomas A. 195 Broadway 

Ridgway, Joseph S. 1 Nassau st 

Ridgway, James, [asst. U. S. Dist. Attorney 1 
New City Hall ^'' 

Riggs, Marcus C. 10 Wall st 

Riker, Samuel, 150 Nassau st. 

Riker, Daniel, Phcenix, 150 Nassau st 

Riker, John H. 150 Nassau st 

Riker, John L. 150 Nassau st 

Riker, Henry L. 1.50 Nassau st 

Rin?, Jame.-i J. 46 Pine st 

Ringland, David C. 61 Wall st 

Rives, F. R. 41 Wall st 

Robertson, Anthony L. 45 William st 

Robinson, Beverly sr.. 52 VVall st 

Robinson, Beverly, jr., 52 Wall st 

Robinson, George M. City Hall 

Robinson, Hamilton W. 157 Broadway 

Robinson, John O. 39 William st 

Robinson, Lucius, 51 Liberty st 

Robinson, James F. 76 Wall st 

Robinson, Botts & Robinson, 52 Wall st 

Robinson, Edwin M. 142 Broadway 
Rodgers, A. Robertson, 49 William st 

Rodgers & Woodman, 49 William st 
Rodman, Thomas H. 37 Wall st 
Roe, Andrew J. 51 Wall st 
Roe, Alfred, 38 Wall st 
Roe, Charles S. 38 Wall st 
Rogers, Archibald G. 233 Broadway 
Rogers, Columbus B. 14 Wall st 
Rogers, Nathaniel P. 41 Jauncey Court 
Romaine, Charles N. 25 Nassau st 
Romaine, Samuel B. 25 Nassau st 
Romaine, Samuel B. jr., 25 Fassau st 
Romaine, Worthington, 25 Nassau st 
Romeyn, Theodore, 5 New st 
Romeyn & McKinstry, 4 New st 
Ronalds, Reynolds R. 66 Broadway 
Roome, William J. 18 Greenwich Av 
Roosevelt, Clinton, 23 Chambers st 
lioosevelt, James H. 482 Broadway 
Roosevelt, Jas. 1. [Judge Sup. Crt.l 836 B'wbt 
Rocsevtlt, James, 71 Wall st 
Roosevelt, S. Weir, 94 Maiden Lane 
Roosevelt, Robert B. 94 Maiden Lane 
Rose, Henry F. 157 Broadway 
Roseniein, Jacob, 10 Jamesst 
Rowland, William S. 45 Warren st 
Rowley, Robert S 252 Broadway 
Ruggles, Claggett & Chambers, 35 Wall 
Ruggles, Philo T. 20 Nassau st 
Ruggles, Samuel B. 52 Wall st 
Ruggles, James F. 52 Wall st 
Ruggles, Heniy J. 74 Broadway 
Ruggles, Horace M. 14 Wall st 
Russell, Ab'm D 18 G'wich Av. 14 Chmb'rs 
Russell, Stephen P. 18 Wall st 
Russell, William C. 106 Broadway 
Russell &. Ireland, 106 Broadway 
Russell, R. W. 85 Nassau st 
Rutherford, Lewis M. 76 Nassau at 
Rutherford & Embree, 79 Nassau st 
Rutherford, Walter, 79 Nassau st 
Ruthven, James A. 25 Nassau st 
Ryder, Anthony H. 157 Broadway 
-iackett, Clarence D. 34 Liberty st 
.Sackett, Greenville A. 34 Libertyat 



Sackett, C. D. & G. A. 34 Liberty st 
Sackett, Jogeph T. 25 Nassau st 
Sanders, Edward, 111 Nassau st 
Sandford, Charles H. 5 Tryon Row 
Sandford, Charles W. 5 Tryon Row 
Sandford Edward, 51 Liberty st 
■ Sandford, James S. 51 Liberty st 
Sandford, Charles F. 14 Wall st 
Sandford, Addison, 51 Wall st 
Sandfords, Porter & Strieker, 51 Liberty st 
Sanxay, Skelfington, 8 Wall st 
Savage, James W. 106 Broadway 
Sarseaut, George D. 57 Chambers st 
Say're, Francis, 20 Chambers st 
Schell, Augustus, 40 Wall & 2:32 Grand 
Schell & E. Slosson,40 Wall and 232 Grand 
Schenck, Sealey, 27 Beekman st 
Schermerhorn, William C. 68 Wall at 
Schermerhorn, Cornelius P. 17 Wall st 
Schunemaii, James D. 20 Nassau st 
Schieffelih, Richard L. 20 Chambers st 
Scoles, John B. 20 Chambers st 
Scoles & Cooper, 20 Chambers st 
Scott, Richard, 136 Allen st 
Scott, Lauren S. 106 Broadway 
Scott, William H. 80 Nassau st 
Scott, Willis H. 130 Broadway 
Scovell, Harris, 116 William 
Scovell, Charles E. 70 Wall st 
Scudder, Henry J. 66 Wall st 
Seaman, Jaspar F. 241 Avenue 9 
Sears, W. S. 45 Warren st 
Sedgwick, Theodore, 53 Broadway 
Sedgwick, Henry Dwight, 8 Wall st 
Sedgwick, John, 157 Broadway 
Sedgwick & Colgate, 157 Broadway 
Sedgwick William E. 8 Wall st 
Seeley, Ebenezer, 61 Wall st 
Seely, Edward H. 187 Greenvnch at 
Seely, W. A. 202 Fulton st 
Seely, Frederick L. 202 Fulton st 
Seelye, L. P. 14 Wall st 
Servoss, John P. 82 Nassau st 
Sewall, William E. HI Nassau st 
Seymour, Edward, 60 Nassau st 
Shaffer, Chauncey, 75 Nassau st 
Shafer, Eben, 49 Wall st 
Shannon, Robert H. 18 Park Place 
Sharp, Alexander P. 9 Jauncey Court 
Shea, Charles £. 37 Chambers et 
Shea, George, 167 Broadway 
Shea, John G. 13 Chambers st 
Sheldon, William E. 192 Broadway 
Sheldon, Frederick jr., 61 Wall st 
Sheldon, Martin L. 85 Nassau et 
Shelton, Charles T. 14 Wall 
Shepard, Lorenzo B. 71 Nassau st 
Shepard & Vose, 7 1 Nassau st 
Shepherd, Daniel, 14 Wall st 
Shepherd & Melville, 14 Wall Et 
Sherman, Charles A. 5 Wall st 
Sherman, Frederic R. 74 Wall st 
Sherman, James A. 187 Greenwich st 
Sherwood, E. Kellogg, 31 Wall st 
Sherwood, John, 142 Broadway 
Sherwood, John D. 1 Wall st 
Sherwood, Luman, 156 Broadway 
Sherwood. Robert H. 142 Broadway 
Sherwood, Samuel, 142 Broadway 
Sherwood, Thomas D. 5 Wall st 
Sherwood. J. & R. H. 142 Broadway 
Sheys, James B. 435 Avenue 3d 
ShotwoU, Augustus, 52 Wall st 
Shufcldf, George A. jr., 80 Nassau st 
Sickle.-;, George G. Ill Nassau st 
Silkmau, James B. 54 Wall st 
Silliraan, William, 15 Beekman st 
Silliman, Benjamin D. 43 Wall st 
Sinclair, William J. 54 Wall st 
Silberrad, Lewis, [Surrogate'f office] 

Simms, Horatio, 111 Broadway 
Skidmore, John D. 37 Wall st 
SlosEon, Edward, 232 Grand & 40 Wall st 
Slosson & Hutcbins, 40 Wallst 
t.Slosson, John, [Judge Superior Court] 
Sluyter, James S. 8 Wall st 
Smalos, Holbert, 111 Broadway 
Smidt, John C. T. 10 Wall st 
Smidt & Riggs, 10 Wall st 
Smith, Andrew J. 51 Chambers st 
Smith, Augustus F. 56 Wall st 
Smith, Albert, 49 Wall st 
Smith, T. W. & Noble, 111 Nassau st 
Smith & Palmer, 35 Wall st 
Smith, Charles Bainbridge, di William st 
Smith Henry, 27 Nassau st 
Smith, Charles H. 62 William st 
Smith, Charles Henry, 35 Wall st 
Smith, James M. jr. 23 Chambers st 
.Smith, Jesse C. 74 Wall st 
Smith, J. Brice, 35 Wall st 
Smith, J. Lawrence, 7 Nassau st 
Smith, Russel, 54 Wall st 
Smith, Thomas W. 25 Bleecker st 
Smith, Wessel S. 10 Wall st 
Smith, William B. 9 Nassau st 
.Smith, E. Delafield, 44 Nassau Et 
Smith, E. Fitch, 37 Wall st 
Smith, Isaac B. 90 Perry st 
Smith, James B. 13 Leroy Place 
Smith, Nelson, 208 Broadway 
Smith & Woodward, 74 Wall st 
.Smith & Bnish, 77 Nassau st 
Smith & Noble, 111 Nassau st 
Snelby, Chew, 16 City Hall Place 
Sncthen, W. (r. Ill Broadway 
Snitien, Allen M. 20 Centre st 
Sommers, Thomas S. 43 Wall st 
Sommers, J. B. Yates, 39 Wall st 
Southard, John H. 19 Beekman st 
Southmayd, Charles F. 2 Hanover st 
Soule, Charles E. 38 Wall st 
Sparks, Jared, 52 John st 
Speir, Gilbert M. 46 Pine st 
.Speir & Nash, 46 Pine st 
Spencer, Charles S. 289 Broadway 
Spring, Gardener jr., 7 Nassau st 
Spring & Irving, 7 Nassau st 
Springstead, David, 228 W. 32d st. 
St. John, Thomas P. 65 Chatham st 
Stafford, William R. 67 Wall st 
Stalknecht, Frederic S. 14 Wall st 
Stalknecht & Hurst, 14 Wall st 
Staples, Setli P. 142 Broadway 
Staples, John B. 16 Wall st 
Starr, Peter, jr., 35 Wall st 
Stemmler, John A. 35 Wall st 
Stephens, Benjamin, 67 Wall st 
Stephens & Kane, 67 Wall st 
Sterling, William G. 7 Nassau st 
Sterling & Thayer, 7 Nassau st 
Stevens, J. Bancroft, 10 Wall st 
Stevens, Ambrose, 152 Fulton st 
Stevens, George W. 27 Beekman .':t 
Stevens & Hoxie, 27 Beekman st 
Stevens, Albert G. 11 Post's Buildings 
-Stevens, J. B. 67 Wall st. 
Stevens, John, .59 Wall st 
Stevenson, George W. 80 Nassau st 
Stevenson, James D. 2 Wall st 
Stevenson, George, 45 William st 
Stewart, William Pinckney, 61 Wall st 
Stewart, J. Hopkins, 140 Nassau st 
Stewart, Thomas, 69 Wall st 
Stewart, Orlando J. Ill Broadway 
■Stewart, Thomas E. 51 Liberty st 
itewart, Charles H. 59 William n 
Stitt, George S. 52 John st 
Stilwell, B. M. 11 Chambers st 
Stilwell & Swain, 11 Chambers st 



Stone, John R, 27 Wall st 

Stoudill, William H. 167 Broadway- 
Story. William H. 67 Wall st 

Storrs. James 11. 8 ^Vall st 

Storrs & .Sedgwick, 8 Wall st 

Stoughton, Edwin W. 72 Wall st 

Stouftnburgh, John A. 52 John st 

Street, William I. 20 Nassau st 

."^trikpr, Garrit H. jr., 51 Liberty st 

Strong, George T. 68 Wall st 

Strong, Geors;e W. C8 Wall st 

Stronar, Robert M. K. 56 Wall st 

Strona, Charles E. 6d Wall st 

Strong, Bidwell & Strong, 68 Wall st 

Straw, James R. 289 Broadway 

Stuart, Homer H. 54 Wall st 

Stuart, Charles. 18 Nassau st 

Sturtevant & Marsh, 218 Fulton st 

Sturtevaut, Oscar W. 218 Fulton st 

Stuyvesaut, Theodore, 20 Chambers st 

Stuyvesant & Hunt, 20 Chambers st 

Sullivan, Georsre. 5 Tryon Row 

Sutherland. J. L. 237 Broadway 

Southerland, Josiah, 54 Wall st 

Sutherland <fc Monell, 54 Wall st 

Swam, S. E. 11 Chambers st 

Swan, Otis D. 43 Wall st 

Sweeny, Charles, 37 Chambers st 

Sweeny & Shea, 37 Chambers st 

Sweeney, Peter B. 51 Chambers st 

Swords. Robert S. 95 Cedar st 

Taggard, W. H. 80 Wall st 

Tagaard <fc Piuknev, 80 Wall st 

Talcott, Thomas G" 80 Nassau st 

Tallmadge, Frederick A. 37 Chambers st 

Tallmadje James, 5 Washington Sq 

Tallmadge, Frederick S. 50 Wall st 

Tallmadge. Henry F. 61 Wall st 

Talmage, William, 1 Hanover st 

Tallman, Harraan C. 2 Dey st 

Tappan, Abraham B. 51 Chambers st 

Taylor, Charles K. 65 Chatham st 

Taylor, James. 25 Nassau st 

Taylor, John N. 142 Broadway 

Taylor, Daniel B. 136 Nassau st 

Taylor, Thomas J. 25 Nassau st 

Taylor, George, 7 Broad st 

Taylor, Asa P. 95 Madison st 
Teller, Peter W. 80 Second st 
Tenbroeck, Renesalaer, 187 Greenwich st 
Terry, Edmund, 27 Wall st 
Thayer, James .S. 7 Na.^sau st 
Thayer, B. C. 49 Wall st 
Thayer, Stephen H. 150 Nassau st 
Therasson, Louis F. 13 Wall st 
Therassan & Bryan, 13 Wall st 
Thomas, Levris S. 5 Nassau st 
Thomas, John Addison 110 Broadway 
tThompson. Albert A.Judge Marine Court 
Thompson, Andrew, 25 Nassau st 
Thompson, Joseph, New City Hall 
Thompson, .lames, 69 Wall st 
Thorn, William K. 192 Broadway 
Thorp, A G. jr., 192 Broadway 
Thurston, David, 7 Nassau st 
Tilden, Sanmel J. 43 Wall st 
T^Uinghast, John L. Ill Broadway 
Tillinghast & Woodhouse, 111 Broadway 
Tillou, Francis, 1 Nassau st 
tTillou, Francis R. [Recorder New York Citv], 

70 Wall st 
Tillou & Cutring, 70 Wall st 
Timlow, Daniel O. 16 Exchange Place 
Titus, George N. 38 Wall st 
Tomlinson.^Theodore, 57 Chambers st 
Tompkins, Daniel F. 52 John st 
Tompkins, Joseph W. 15 Wall st 
Townsend, Randolph W. 140 Broadway 
Townscnd, Henry D. 44 Wall st 
Townsend, Henry P. 37 Chambers st 

Townsend, John J. 54 Wall st 

Townsend, John, jr., 70 Wall st 

Townsend, John, 131 Water st 

Towner, Henry C. 163 Broadway 

Tracy, Charles, 18 William st 

Travis, E. Forbes, 49 Wall st 

Travis & Nelson, 49 Wall st 

Troy, John P. 237 Broadway 

Treadwell, Edward F. 195 Broadway 

True, Benjamin K. 43 Wall st 

Tucker, Thomas W. 5 Wall st 

Tucker & Crapo, 5 Wall st 

Tuffs, John, 54 Wall st 

Turney. Paschal W. 110 Broadway 

Tuttle, Smith. 65 Chatham st 

Tyler, John 1. 156 Broadway 

Ullman, Daniel, 29 Wall st 

Ulshoeffer, Michael, 9 Nassau st 

Underbill, Abraham, 4 New st 

Underbill, Bailey, 4 New st 

Underbill, Walter M. 50 Wall st 

Upton, Francis H. 72 Wall st 

Vail, John B. 276 West 24 st 

Vail, M. Mortimer, 161 Macdougal st 

Valerino, Juan M. 60 3d st 

Vanantwerp, Peter, 87 Chambers st 

Vanantwerp & James, 87 Chambers st 

Vanbergen, Peter A. 29 Wall st 

Van Buren, John, 157 Broadway 

Van Buren & Robinson, 157 Broadway 

tVancott, William H. (Justice District Court) 

449 4th st 
Vancott, Joshua M 29 Wall st 
Vancott & Cady, 29 Wall st 
Vanderheyden, Samuel D. 57 Chambers st 
Vanderheyden & Vandoren, 57 Chambers 8t 
Van Doren, Charles A. 57 Chambers st 
Vanderpool, Aaron, 11 Nassau st 
Vanderpool, Aaron J. 237 Broadway 
Vanhook, William, 67 Wall st ' 
Vannamee, James, 133 Nassau st 
Vansantvoord, Cornelius, 4 New st 
Vanshaiek, Henry, 11 Nassau st 
Vanshaick, Stephen D. Wall st., c. Broadway 
Vanstantvoord, George, 4.') Warren st 
Vanvorst, Hooper C. 106 Broadway 
Vanvetchen, Abraham Y. W. 46 Pine st 
VanVechten, Philip S. 179 Broadway 
Vanvorhis, Cornelius W. 80 Nassau st 
Vanranken, Nicholas. 39 Chambers st 
Vanvleck, .John, 9 Jauncey Court 
Vanvleck & I'ruyn, 9 Jauncey Court 
Vanwagner. Isaac, 58 William st 
Vanwaggenen, Gerrit G. 71 Wall st 
Vanwaggenen, William W. 16 Post's B'ldin" 
Vanwinkle, Edgar S. 90 Merch. Exchange ° 
Vanwinkle, Isaac, 187 Greenwich st 
Vanwormer, Abraham A. 41 Wall st 
Vanzandt, Peter P. 59 Nassau st 
Varrick, Pachard, 94 Maiden Lane 
Varnum, Joseph B. jr., 110 Broadway 
Venvill, William, 140 Broadway 
Vermilye, Theodore C. 49 Wall st 
Verplanck, Gulian C. New City Hall 
Verplanck, Samuel, Europe 
Vorhees, Richard. 100 Centre st 
Vose, John G. 71 Nassau st 
Vultee, Henry V. 8 City Hall Place 
Wagner, Arnold H. 15 Wall st 
Waddington, W. D. 69 Wall st 
Wagstaff, Joseph H. 15 Chambers st 
Wagstaff, J. Alexander. 8 Wall st 
Waite, Alfred, 167 Broadway 
Waise, W. Howard, 18 William st 
Wakcraan, Abram, 59 Fulton st 
Wakeman & l.atting, 59 Fulton st 
VValden, Daniel T. jr., 57 Chambers st 
Walgrove, Effingham W. jr., 36 John st 
Walker, Frederick W. 11 Nassau st 
Waller, C. C. 14 Pine st 



Wallis, Alexander H. 0:2 John et 
Wallis, John, 52 John st 
Wallis, Joseph, 58 William st 
Wallis & Bradshaw, 52 John st 
Walsh, Augustus H. 61 Wall et 
Ward, Albert, 18 Wall st 
Ward, Klijah, 52 John st 
Ward, Richard R. 58 Wall st 
Ward, Theodore A. 78 Nassau st 
Ward, Sylvester L. H. 78 Nassau et 
Waring, Charles B. G Wall st 
Warner, Henry W. 15 Wall st 
Warren, Henry, 6 Wall st 
Waterbury, Nelson J. 45 Trinity Building 
Waterman, Thomas W. 75 Nassau Et 
Waterman & Palmer, 75 Nassau st 
Waterman, William D. 35 Wall st 
Waters, (Jeorge G. 18 Park Place 
Waters &. Johnson, 18 Park Place 
Watkins, Joseph, 1 Nassau st 
Watkins, David E. 161 Broadway 
Watkins, Joseph, Nassau cos. Wall 
Watkinson, Redford A. 49 Chambers st 
Wation, Alexander, 35 Wall st 
Watson, William, 35 Wall st 
Watson, Robert D. 156 Broadway 
Weber, Jacob, 10 Centre st 
Weed, Harvey A. 3 Chambers st 
Webb, Charles S. 66 Wall st 
Weeks, John A. 58 Wall st 
Westervelt, Harmon C. 52 Wall st 
Westervelt, Isaac Y. 172 West 17 st 
Westervelt, Tompkins. 5 Wall st 
Westlake, Owen E. 156 Broadway 

Wetmore, Charles F. 167 Broadway 

Wetmore, William C. 61 Wall st 

Wetmore &. Bowne, 61 Wall st 

Weeks & Deforest, 58 Wall st 

Wells, Thomas L 71 Wall st 

Wells & Vanwagenen, 71 Wall st 

Welsch, Charles, 71 Nassau st 
iVelsch &; Ashley, Nassau st 

Wendell, John L. 8 West Thirteenth st 

West, Edward C. 29 Wall st 

West & Glover, 29 Wall st 

West, Thomas G. 51 Liberty st 

Westbrook, Frederick E. 20 Chambers st 

Wheaten, Henry G. 4 New st 

Wheaten &, Doolittle, 4 New st 

Whedon, David P. 68 Wall st 

Wheeler, H. Hill, 4 New st 

Wneeler, Clark B. 4 New'st 

Wheeler, David E. 237, Broadv/ay 

White, David L. 51 Wall st 

White, George, 1()7 Broadway 

White, James W. 11 Nassau st 

White, John H. 59 Nassau st 

White, Joseph L. 51 Wall st 

White, John E. 11 Nassau st 

White, John J. 37 Wall st 

■^Vhite, John 8. opposite 154 Wall st 

White, Kenneth G. 51 Wall st 

White, J. L. & K. G. 49 &. 51 Wall at 
White & Prentice, 167 Broadway 
White & Skidmore, 37 Wall st 

Whitbeck, William A. 85 Nassau st 
Whitehead, Thomas G. 54 Wall st 
Whitehead, Charles E. 20 Nassau st 
Whiting, James R. 18 Park Place 
Whittaker, Henry, 30 Wall st 
Whittlesey, Henry M. 121 Nassau st 
Wight, Amherst, 68 Fulton st 
Wight, Amlierst, Jr. 68 Fulton st 
Wightmau, Stilman K. 2 Dey st 
Wightman, F. B. 2 Dey st 
Wightmau, S. K. & F. B. 2 Dey st 
Wilcoxson, M. V. B. 52 John st 
Wilkes, Edmund, 34 Liberty st 
Wilkes, Henry, 16 Exchange Place 
Willard. Ammiel 1. 51 Chambers st 
Willard, Sweeny & Anderson, 51 Chamb. st 
Willett, Edw. M. 67 Wall st 
Willett & Stephens, 67 Wall st 
Williams, Samuel, 111 Broadway 
Williams, Stephen C. 64 Wall st 
Williamson, Richard, Jr. Av. 5 cor. E. 20th 
tWillis, Anson(JusticeDist.Court) 1102 B'waf 
Wilson, Edward J. 45 William st 
Wilson, Harris, 69 Nassau st 
Wilson, J. Wade, 14 Wall st 
Wilson, James \V. 1 Nassau st 
Wiltz, Henry, 52 John st 
Winchell, Henry, 25 Bond st 
Winne, Richard, 8 Wall st 
Winter, Gabriel, 120 W. 14th st 
Winterton, William B. 51 WilUam st 
Winterton & Hitchcock, 51 William st 
Winthrop, Henry R. 51 William st 
Winthrop, Charles F. 1 Nassau st 
Winthrop & Johnson, 51 William st 
VVood, George, 106 Broadway 
Woodbury, Peter T. 18 Wall st 
Woodbury & Churchill, 18 Wall st 
Woodhouse, Daniel, 111 Broadway 
WoodhuU, Caleb S. 153 Nassau st 
Woodhuli, Caleb Smith, 2 Wall st 
Woodman, George, 49 William st 
Woodman, William IJ. 80 ^Vall .st 
Woodman, Aaron, 39 William tt 
Woodman & Black, 39 William st [B'way 
tWoodiuff, Lewis B. (Judge Com. Pleas) 106 
Woodruff, Samuel M. 63 Wall st 
Woodward, John S. 74 Wall st 
Wordsworth, William, 57 Chambers 8t 
Wortendyke, Isaac, 16 Wall st 
Wright, Henry C. 59 Nassau st 
Wright, Augustus D. Ill Nassau st 
Wright, George W. 52 Wall st 
Wright, J. Butler, 61 Wall st 
Wright & Merrihew, 52 Wall st 
Wynkoop, Richard S. 3 Nassau st 
Wyeth, N. J. 1 Nassau st 
Yates, Charles E. 27 Nassau st 
Yenni, Edmund, 14 Pine st 
York, Joseph S. 74 Broadway 
Young, Elisha S. 25 Nassau st 
Young & Ruthven, 25 Nassau st 
Young, Francis G. 11 Nassau st 
Young, Isaac, 192 Broadway 
Zabriskie, Martiu R, 51 Liberty si 

Niagara County. 

Piper, Sherburne B. 
Smith, James 
*ritow, Horatio J. 

Baldwin, James F. 
Bowen, George W. 
tBowen, LeviF. 
Brazee, Andrew W. 
Brown, Charles C. 
Buck, JjhnL. 

Burrell & La Mont 
Burrell, Myron 
*Burrell, Sidney 
Caverno, Sullivan 
"Center, Joseph 
Chase & Farnell 
Chase, Edward I 
*Colton, Isaac C. 
Dayton, Nathan 
Uayton & Murray 
Ely, Phiueas L. 
Farnell, William S. 
Fithian, Freeman J. 
Gardner & Fithian 

tGardncr, Hiram 
Holmes, Alfred 
La Mont, George D, 
Moss, Abijah H. 
Murray, JohuT. 
Murray, S. Cady 
Newton, Erastus 
Nichols, Luman H. 
Numan, John D. 
Parker, Charles R. 
tRansom, Elias 
Southworth & Webster 
Southworth, Mortimer M- 
Webater, Thomas M. 



*\Villiam?. John S. 
Wolcott, Ansou 
Woods, Jouatban L. 
Woods & Mun-ay 

Seaman, Milton 

Niagara Falls. 
Piper, Charles H. 
"Porter, Augustus S. 
^Porter, Peter B. 

Sage, Sparrow S. 

Peck, Linus L. 

Hunting, Moses S. 

*Davis, David H. 
*Dox, Eldert V. W. 

Oueida Coumiy. 

A n nsville. 
*BacOn, Rui'us 

Faulkner, II. D., Jr. 
Smith, G. \V. 

Bridgewater. . 
Randall, Joshua B, 
Ruger, WiUiam C. 

Carroll, K. 
Cromwell, Stephen 
Monroe, Ivers 
Mtinger, J. H. 
Munger & Stevens 
Stevens, Nelson B. 

Bagg, Grove W. 

Avery, J. S. 
Burchard, H. M. 
DvFight, T. W. 
tWilliams, O. S. 

Northrup, A. K. 

Smith, Israel 

Blenis, E. 
Messiuger. O. B. 
Staflbrd, Spencer H. 


*King, Walter 

Oua'da Castle. 
Dodge, E. W. 
Jenkins, Timothy 

Barnes, Wheeler 
Beach, B. J. 
Bennett, Alanson 
Bickuell, George F. 
Boardman, D. L. 


Carpenter, Hiram 
Carroll, C. 
Comstock tt Beach 
Comstock, Calvert 
Dcunison, Charles M. 
Deunison i.t Lahe 
KUvood. James M. 
Elwood, J. M. & J. B. 
Foster. Henry A. 
Fitch, J. P. 
Frost, Thomas G. 
Frost ife Spriggs 
Griswold, A. D: 
Johnion, D. M. K. 
Johnson &. Carroll 
Lahe, George 
Parkhurst, W. S. 
Roberts, Seth B. 
Spriggs, J. T. 

trvkcr, John 
Utley, Heury T. 
Utley & Wager. 
Van Dre.-ar, Stephen 
VVagor, Daniel E. 
Ward, Ch arles i^l. 

Douglass, Samuel 
Yeomaus, George A. 

Anthonv, W. R. 
tBacou." \V. J. 
Bacon & White" 
*Bag:l, Egbert 
''Ba^rg, Matthew D. 
Baker, Ruliis C. 
Baker, William 
*Barne3, 3. W. 
Barrows, S. J. 
Beardsley, Arthiir M. 
Beardbley, Samuel 
*Beebee, Alexander M. 
Benedict, Joseph 
Benedict & Coburn 
Bigelow, Horace R. 
Bo'ud, James W. 
Boyce, A. A. 
*BradLsh, John 
Brayton, Edward S. 
Braytou & Bigelov/ 
'■Bronson, Oliver 
*Claik, Erastus 
Clark, Thomas E. 
Colburn, Alexander 
Cougar, George H. 
Conkling, Roscoe 
Cooper, Benjamin F. 
Coye, iaiou G. 
Crane, C. H. 
Crafts, Willard 
Crocker, John G. 
Dana, WiUiam B. 
Danifjls, llf^nry A. 
*Davie8, Peter 
rDcuio, Hiram ' 
Doolitile, Charles H. 
Edmond.s, John H. 
Fowler, George F. 
French, James G. 
Garvin, Samuel B. 
GiUmore, Dexter 
Graham, Edmund A. 
*Gridley, Philo 
Hackley, Aarou 
Henshaw, J. "S. 
^loyt, John C. 
*Hubbard, Thomas H. 
Hunt, Ward 
Hunt i-V Throop 

^Hurburt, Burton D. 
Hurlburt, Hiram 
Hurd, Theodore A. 
*Juhn;on, A. B. 
Johnson, Charles A.- 
lohnson, AViHiam C. 
^Jones, J. Wvman 
Jones, M. M." . 
Jones & Dana 
Kelloffg & Mcintosh 
Kellogg, O. g; . 
Fvernan, Francis 
Little, .Anson 
.Mann, Charles A. 
Maun & Edmonds 
.Matieson & Fowler 
.Nlatteson, O. B. 
McCarty, Daniel 
Melhinch, .Andrew 
Mcintosh, Andrew J. 
.Miller & Barrow 
-Miller, John B. 
-Miller, Rutger B. 
Mitchell, Morris M. 
Morehouse, Richard H. 
•Palmer, James U. 
*Pomeroy, Theodore, Jr 
Rathbone, Ju.-tus H. 
Richard-on, Eaton J. 
*Root, P. Sheldon 
Seymour, John F. 
-■Seymour & Johnson 
Spencer & Keruau 
*Spat}ord, H. G. 
*Spencer, H. 
Spencer, Joshua A. 
.Spencer, William A. 
.Stoddard, E. J. 
Thompson, A. 
Throup, M. H. 
Timan, John R. 
Tisdale, Daniel 
Tracy, William 
Tripp, Isaac 
* Wager, David 
Walker, Thomas R. 
Walker & Conkling 
W'etmore, Edmund A. 
White, N. Curtiss 
Williams, Elha,nan W. 
'Williams, J. Watson 

Brown, Ira D. 
Mcintosh, Ralph . 

Carpenter, L. D, 
Harris, Andrew 
Lamb, E. H. 
Osborn, Amos O. 

Flandreau, Thomas H. 
.MerrOl, William O. 

Scholefield, C. M. 

Onondaga. County. 

Church (fc Groves 
Groves, William A. 
Kimball, William 
Minard, Isaac T. 
Parker, Sanford C. 
Stansbury, George A. 
Wigent, Edward B. 



Barrett, James S. 
Wheeler, C. B. 

Weaver, Zebulon 

Farnham, Reuben 
Monroe, James 

HaiTis, S. C. 
Sprague, O. L. 

Chapman, N. R. 
*Farnham, D. L. 
Luce, S. D. 
Watson, John 
Warden, Hicks 

Curtis, E. W. 

Porter, William 
Raymond, L. B. 

Morley, J. Spragne 

King, N., Jr. 
Mckerson, E H. 

Edwards, Samuel L. 
Jerome, A. H. 
Van Schaack, H. C. 

Aken, Edmund 
Kennedy, George N. 

*Cos6itt, Rufus 
*Moseley, Daniel 

Onondaga Hollow. 
Foreman, Eugene 
Forgman, Samuel 
Foreman, William P. 

'Furnian, J. S. 
Jewett, Freeborn G. 
Jewett, William H. 
Lee, Benoni 
Mosely, D. T. 

*Alvord, Thomas G. 
Anderson, J. R. 
Andrews, Charles 
*Arnts, J. M. 
Bagg, James L. 
Baily, E. Stillman 
•Baker, Charles A. 
^^Baldwin, Harvey 
Beebe, Z. L. 
Brand, J. H. 
Brown, D. C. 
'Briggs, J. J. 
Burdie, H. 
Clapp, E. A. 
Coats, Damon 
Coats, D. & A. 
Cowles, George D. 
Comstock, George F. 

Comstock & Newcomb 
Dillaye, S. D. 
Davis &L Leach 
*Earll, N. H. 
*Fellows, H. T. 
*Fleminff, George W. 
Fobes, P. W. 
Foot, Z. C. 
Fuller, H. S. 
Fuller & Reiggal 
Forbes & Nye 
Forbes, John G. 
Gardner & Burdock 
Giles, C. S. 
Graves, Nathan F. 
Graves &. Wood 
Gray, Daniel 
Green, W. W. 
Griswold, A. C. 
Gardner, R. H. 
Gott, Daniel 
Gott, Daniel F. 
Griswold, George D. L. 
Giflbrd, W. H. 
Hibbar4, J. E. 
Hickox, J. R. 
Hino, N. 
Hillis, D. D. 
Hillis & Morgan 
Johnson, Q,. A. 
Johnson & Sessions 
Judd, S. C. 
Lawrence, Grove 
Lawrence, J. R., Jr. 
Lawrence, James R. 
Loomis, J. 
Loomis & Clapp 
Marron, Thomas N. 
Merriman, N. C. 
Miles, John J. 
Morgan, Jj. 
Maloy, John 
Newcombe, J. L. 
Noxon, James 
Noxon, B. Da-vis, Jr. 
Nye, James W. , 
Noxon, E. Davis 
*Outwater, Peter, Jr. 
Orcutt, D. A. 
Paige, C. F. 
*Plielp3, D. P. 
Phillips, Burroughs 
tPratt, Daniel 
Raynor, Richard 
Richardson, R. M. 
Ruger, John 
Ruger, Oliver J. 
Sabin, J. F. 
Sedgwick, Charles B. 
Sedgwick, H. J. 
Sedgwick & Cowles 
Sedgwick & Andrews 
Sheldon, H. 
Sheldon & Brown 
Slocum, Barnard 
tSpeucer, Israel S. 
Teall, W. W. 
Terwilliger, George 
Thayer, F. A. 
Trowbridge, J. M. 
Trowbridge, R. F. 
Vanderburgh, Origen 
Vanderburgh & Woolworth 
Walter, George B. 
Wilkinson, John 
Williams, George N. 
Wood, D. P. 
Woolworth, Richard 
Woolworth, J. M. 

Hiscock, L. H. 

Ontario County. 

*Wilder, Myron O. 

Benjamin, Orson 
Bull, James M. 
Chesebro, Henry O. 
Callister, John 
Drury, Leander M 
Fanrot, Jacob P. 
Fanrot & Callister 
Gardner, E. W., Jr. 
'Granger, Francis 
Granger, Gideon 
*Greig, John 
Hinckley, Talleyrand 
*Howell, Alexander H. 
Howell, Thomas M. 
Hubbell, Walter S. 
Lap ham, E G. 
*Lester, Albert 
Mallory, S. V. R. 
Metcalf, Hiram 
Metcalf, Jabez H. 
Parcell, Isaac R. 
*Parrish, Stephen 
*PheIps, Oliver 
*Rankine, John 
Salisbury, Samuel W. 
■iibley, John C. 
Smith, W. H. 
Taylor, Henry W. 
Taylor & Smith . 

Worden & Chesebro 
Worden, Alvah 

East Bloomfield. 
Collins, Laltayette 

Bean, John E. 
Bradford, John M. 
Dox, Peter M. 
tFolger, Charles J. 
Foote, Samuel A. 
Horton, George -M. 
*Hudeon, David 
Kurd, Edgar H. 
Kidder & Bradford 
Kidder, Nathan B. 
Nicholas, Geoi-ge W. 
*Park, Nathan 
Sill, William E. 
Sill & Whiting 
Slosson, Barzillai 
Walker, Silas 
Walker, Calvin 
Whiting, John N. 
Woods, James H. 

Coffin, Andrew B. 

Willson, William A. 

Hart, Seth C. 
M<;Kay, Edward A. 
Pottle, Emory B. 
Torrey, Samuel H. 

Baldvrin, Samuel 
Hobby, Charles E. 



Smith, Thomas 
Stevenson, Dolph n 

Peck, Myron H. 

West Bloomjield. 
Wendall, George A. 

Orange County. 

McKibben, J. H. 
Sutherland, Ebenezer 

*Feagle8, David F. 

Dvu-yea, CenjamiuF. 
Gidney, David F. 
Gott, Joseph W. 
*Grier, George JL 
Hottman, James F. 
Howell, John E. 
Jansen, Asa D. 
McConnell, John C. 
Monell, Charles 
Sharp, William F. 
Sharp & Winfield 
Swezey i: Hotfman 
Taylor, James W. 
Westcott, Nathan 
Wilkin, Samuel J. 
Wilkin & Gott 
Winfield, Charles H. 

Monroe Village. 
Bradford, John M. 

Bull, Hush B. 
Rogers, JD. C. 
Whelan, Joseph V. 

Mount Hope. 
Bradner, Coe G, 

Bate, David W. 
Belknap, Chauncey F. 
*Betts, Frederick J. 
Boice, Daniel B. 
Brewster, Eugene A. 
tBrovm, John W. 
Dickerson, M. 
Eager, Samuel W. 
Fowler, James W. 
FuUerton, S. W. Jr. 
George, Thomas 
Halsted, Robert S. 
Hasbrouck & Boice 
Hasbrouck, WiUiam C. 
Mc Carter, Robert 
McKissock, Thomas 
Mace, Benjamin H. 
Monell, John J. 
Reeve, Nathan 
Reeve & Brewster 
*Sherman, AUea M. 
Southwick, R. A. 
Thayer, John S. 

Port Jarvis. 
Lyon, Thomas J. 
Youngs, Oliver 

Slate HiU. 
Fullerton, Daniel 

Soiuh Middletotcn. 
Beebe, Gilbert J. 
Mcauoid, C. C. 
Pronk, James M. 
tWilkin, John G. 

Orleans County. 

Bessac, Benjamin L. 
Biyant, Reuben 
Butts, Alexander P. 
Church & DaN-is 
Church,Sandfd.E. (Lieu.Gov. 
*Cole, A. Hyde 
*Cole, Dan. H. 
tCurtis, Henry R. 
Davis, Noah, Jr. 
Farwell, Cyrus 
Gott; Hiram S. 
Graves, Nelson A. 
Hard, Gideon 
McAllister, William K. 
Porter, Edwin 
Reynolds, Edwin R. 
Sawyer, John F. 
~niith, Sidney 
Thomas, Arad 
Tucker, Henry D. 
*Ward, Alexis 
Ward & Farwell 
White, John H. 

Garrison, Andrew 

Bowen, Adna 
Burroughs, Silas M. 
Carver, Lafayette 
Garter, Reuben 
Graves, John W. 
Servoss, Archibold 
Sickles, Hiram E. 
Timmerman, Lewis 

Oswego County. 

Randall, C. M. 
Saunders, WilHam 
Vsindenburgh, John 

Burton, Seth 
Clough, Solon H. 
Curtiss, William P. 
Dada, S. Newell 
Esmonds, Joseph 
Hull, Amos G. 
Luddington, A. N. 
Stevens, Melvin T. 
Townsend, J. H. 
Tyler, Ransom H. 
Tyler & Luddington 

Scribner, William W. 

Castle, D. W. C. 
Castle, Gerry 
Johnson, A. S. 

Downing, Levi 
French, George G. 
Higgins & French 
Higgins, John B. 
Smith, Luke D. 

TuUer, William 
Whitney Cj'rus 
*Whitney, "Orla H. 

OsKego. ■ 
Allen, Edwin 
tAllen, WiUiam F. 
Babcock, Leauder 
Babcock & Rhodes 
*Brewster, David P. 
Brown, James 
Burt, Bradley B. 
*Card, Leverett 
Casey, John M. 
Churchill, John C. 
*Clark, Edward 
Cozzens, H. H. 
*Fisher, George 
Grant, Abraham P. 
Grant & Allen 
*Harmon, OrN-ille J. 
Hathaway, J. A. 
Hine, Norman 
Lee, Chai-les 
*I-udlow, Samuel B. 
Marsh, Daniel H. 
Marsh & Perry 
Martin, Robert H. 
Perry, Albertus 
*Rathbun, George W. 
*Richardson, Jacob 
Robinson, Orville 
Robinson, Ward G. 
Robinson, O. & W. G. 
Rhodes, Charles 
Rhodes, John 
Shumway, William H. 
Stitt, John 
Talcott & Churchill 
Talcott, Enoch B. 
Tiffany, William 
*Tiirrill. Joel 
Wright, Joseph C. 

Parsons, Samuel T. 

Getty, Alfred B. 
Gilbert, William 
Weeden, H. W. 

Huntington, S. C. 
King, Don A. 
McCarty & King 
McCarty, Andrew Z. 
Rhodes, Benjamin F. 
Wardwell, Daniel 
Watson, John B. 
Wright & Rhodes 
Wright, Henry N. 

T? illiamstOKn. 
Dodge, William J. 

Otsego County. 

Gorham, George S. 

Bently, William C. 
Sturges, Hezekiah 

Cherry Valley 
Bates, De Witt C. 
Bates, Da>-i8 W. 
Burch, William 
Campbell, Henry I, 



Dewey, James E. 
♦Hammond, Jabez D. 
Lent, David 
Little, David H. 
Morse, Oliver A. 

Bow, Leroy E. 

Averell, William H. 
Averell & Wood 
Burditt, Luther J. 
Cooper, Richard 
tCrippen, Schuyler 
Field, Cutler 
Harris, E. M. 
Lathrop & Rurditt 
Lathrop, Horace 
Palmer, Lewis R. 
Smith, Ezra 

Starkweather, George A. 
Walworth, Lyman J. 
Walworth & Palmer 
Wood, Jerome B. 

Hancock, D. O. 
Pomeroy, Dimiel C. 
Pomeroy & Hancock. 

Brown, Elijah 

Bowne, Charles A. 
■fBowne, S. S. 
Washburn, Henry R. 

Blakesley, Ebenezer 
Estes, Benjamin 

Bundy, L. L. 
Burneson, William G. 
Shaw, Andrew G. 
Wendell, Wilham 

Card, E. M. 

Richfield Springs. 
Andrew, Cornelius 
Davenport, James S. 
Hyde, James 
Hyde, Jay 

Brown, Hamilton 
Kerrey, Elijah E. 
Ferrey & Brown 
Scofield, Byron J. 

Schityler's Lake. 
Brown, Leroy D. 

Sprhigfield Centre. 
Basinger, Sefrenes 

Belknap, Eli C. 
Gregory, Jared C. 
Gregory & Loomis 
Hawea & Belknap 
Hawes, William 15. 
Loomis, D. P. 

West Hartwick. 
Baker, Jacob H. 

Mcintosh, Thomas jr. 

West Springfield. 
Young, Martin 

Becker, Abraham 
Burnside, Samuel S. 
Burnside & Ten Eyck 
Ten Eyck, Abram 

Putnam County. 

Ga Nun, Charles 
Ga Nun & Jordan 
Jordan, P. M. 
Miller, John G. 
tRyder, Ambrose 

Cold Spring. 
Dykman, Jackson O. 
McCoy, L. H. 

Stone, Frederick 

Queen's Couniy. 

Ralph, George W. 
Van Bergen, P. A. 
*Winter, Gabriel 

Griffln, Sidney L. 
Griffin, Aug. R. 

Armstrong, John J. 
Betts, Wiiliani 
Cogswell, William J. 
Lamberson, John G. 
Potter, Pierpont 
Reeve, I. T. 
Sayres, Gilbert 
Smith, Wessell S. 
Stuart, Homer H. 

Ditmars, Abraham D. 
Maurice, James 
Riker, Henry L. 
Riker, John L. 

North Hempstead. 
Onderdonk, H. G. 
Onderdonk, William H. 
Schenck, Selah R. 

McCoun, William S. 
*McCoun, William T. 

Rensselaer County. 

Saunders, Leonard R. 
*Shaw, Hiram 
Snyder, Cornelius 

East Nassa^i. 
Strait, Ebenezer S. 

*Eldred, Aaron 

Greenbush Village. 
Goodrich, Heniy 
Northrop, Richard H. 

Babcock, Benjamin 
Reach, Briggs 
Pine, James 

Hoosick Falls. 
Munsell, Hezekiah 

Lansingh urgh: 
Bleekman & 'I'ownsend 
Bleekman, E. H. jr. 
Bleekman, Hiram 
Filley, Marcus L. 
House, James J. 
*Knickerbocker, J. F. 
Lansing, Charles J. 
tParmelee, Charles C. 
Ransom, Isaac 
Townsend, Martin L. 

Bingham & McClellan ' 
Bingham, Anson 
McClellan, Robert H. 

J ones, John P. 
Van Every, Michael 
White, Joseph D. 

Wooster, Eleazer 

*Knickerbacker, H. 
^Masters, Edward N. 
f-Masters, Nicholas M. 
Ripley & Wales 
Ripley, Thomas C. 
Wales, Henry N. 
Wilbur, Charles J. 

*Schemerhorn, A. V. 

West Sand Lake. 
Casey, Jeremiah G. 
"Thomas, Burton A. 

Albertson, John P. 
Baerman, Phillip H. 
Ball, Marcus 
Banker, Timothy S. 
Beach, William A. 
Seals, Alden P. 
Betts, Harvey 
Blair, George T. 
Brintnall, Charles E. 
Britton & Hadley 
Britton, John G. 
Brockway, Silas W. 
Buel, Clarence 
Buel, David, jr. 
Bull, Archibald 
*Clowes, Thomas 
Davenport, Nelson 
Davis, George R. 
Davis, George R. jr. 
Davis & Whitman 
Day, George 
Denio, Cole H. 
Disbrow, William F. ' 
Edson, Henry 
Fairbanks, Leland, jr. 
Fitch, John 
Forsyth, James 
Freiot, James 
Free, Edwin W. 
Forsyth, Nelson 



Forsyth & Tabor 

(iale, John B. 

Geer, Ashahel C. 

Gould, George 

Hadley, Amos K. 

*Hagen, VVilliaui 

Hall, Daniel 

Holmes, Jacob 

Hunt, Fairbanks & Gale 

Hunt, Hiram P. 

Himtington, Samuel G. 

Jennys, Ilichard C. 

Kellogg, Giles B. 

Kellogg, John B. 

Kellogg & Percy 

King, Eliphalet II. 

King, Harvey J. 

King & Buel 

Lamport, John T. 

Lane, Dorick 

'Lane, Jacob L. 

Lottridge, Robert A. 

l.ottridge & Robinson 

McCouihe, Isaac 

McConihe & Parmenter 

Alann, Francis N. 

Masten, H. V. \V. 

Millard, John A. 

Millard i5c King 

Moran, John 

O'Brien, John 

Olin, Abram B. 

Olln, Job S. 

Olin & Geer 

i'aine, Warren 

Parmenter, Roswell A. 

Percy, John T. 

Pierson, Beach &, Snoith 

Pierson, Job 

Raymond, John 

Raymond & King 

Richards, Charles R. 

Robertson, Gilbert, jr. 

Romeyne, Jeremiah 

Root, Charles \V. 

Seymour, David L. 

Seymour & Vansantvord. 

Seymour, Walter W. 

Sheldon, Ambrose H. 

Sheldon, Cyrus D. 

Smith, Levi 

Smith, Thaddeus G. 

Stow, Gardner 

Stow & Wells 

Stover & Jennys 

Stover, Samuel 

Tabor, C. F. 

Townsend, Martin I. 

Townsend, Rul'us M. 

Towusends & Kellogg 

Tracy, Cornelius L. 

Tracy & Romeyn 

Van Santvord, George 

'Van Schounhoven, Wm. H. 

*Van Schoonhoven, James 

Viele, John J. 

Warren, Mcjses 

Wells, J. Fau-child 

Whitman, Wi,lliam W. 

••Willard, John D. 

Woodcock, Don Carlos 

Bichmoiid Coiuily. 

Boyd, John 
Bradley, Alvin C. 
Buller, Charles E. 
Emerson, William 
KUingwood, N. Dane 

Westervelt, Tompkins 

-, Chelsea. 
White, George 

McCulloch, John S. 
Townsend, Henry D. 
Van Wagener, VVilliam W. 

Neip Brighton. 
Goddard, Leonard M. 
Griffin, Charles A. 
Johnson, W. T. 
Robinson, Beverly, jr. 

Port Richmond. 
Clark, Lot G. 
Degroot, Alfred 

Anthon, William H. 
Hedley, John H. 
Mott, Henry A. 
Vermilye, Theodore C. 

Purroy, John B. 

Catlin, George 
Griffith, H. Wharton 
Hedley, Henry C. 
Street, William I. 
Ward, Albert 

tMetcalf, Henry B. 

Rocklaiid Couuty. 

tFrazer, WiUiam F. 

*Couger, A. B. 
Hoflman. C. P. 
Pye, Edward 
Suttern, A. Edward 

* Blanch, Thomas E. 
*BlanveU, John W. 
Dimiuick. John C. 
Fallon, Andrew 
*Ferdon, John W. 

*Suflfern, Edward 

Sarotoga Couuty. 

Ballston Spa. 
.^bel, Meeker 
Brotherson, John 
Brown, Augustus E. 
Culver, James W. 
Culver & Haight 
Haight, Augustus 
Litch, William B. 
Maxv?ell, David 
Moor, Albert A: 
Odell, William T. 
Scott, George G. 
Thompson, John W. 

Clifton Park. 
*Evert3, Henry E. 

House, James I. 
Mott, John O. 

Saratoga Springs. 

Avery, Hoag & McKindley 

Avery, William L. 

Barbour, Oliver L. ■ 

Bartlett, Alvin L. 

tBrockes, Augustus 

Briggs, Joseph D. 

Carr, John T. 

Cowan, P. H. 

<*Doe, Nicholas B. 

Hay, Henry C. 

Hay, William 

Hoag, Franklin 

Hulburt, John C. 

Knickerbacker, John, jr. 

Lester, Charles S. 

McKean, James B. 

McKindley, William 

■JMaxwell, Amos 

Merrill, Henry W. 

Pike. Lemuel B. 

Pond, Alembert 

Pond, Lester & Bartlett 

Potter, Waldo M. 

Putnam, Gideon 

Root, Frederick S. 

Searing, William M. 
Walton, Cruger 
Walworth, Reuben H. 

Warren, William L. F. 

White, John H. 

tWillard, John 

young, Thomas G. 

Brisben, John B. 
Lewis, John 
Russell, Cornelius A. 

Bullard, Edward F. 
Cramer, Charles 
Kirtland, George W. 
Lawrence, John 
Ormsby, Isaac C. 
Seymour, William F. 
Todd, Joshua M. 
VValdron, F. S. 

Smith, Ezekiel O. 

Schenectady County. 

*Duane, Cornelius 

Banker, John N. 
Bouck, James M. 
Chadsey, Demetrius M. 
Cochrane, Clark B. 
Daggett, Stephen A. 
'Duane, John B. 
Forrest, David B. 
Freeman, Samuel T. 
Fuller, Charles 
Fnller, Henry 
Fuller, James 
Gilbert, George W. 
Irlough, Albert 
tJohnson, Stephen H. 
Linn & Thompson 
Linn, Archibald ly. 
McChesney, John G. 
|*Oothout, G. Lansing 




Paige, Alonzo C. 
Palmer, Thomas 
Potter. Benjamin F. 
Potter, Cochrane & Potter 
Potter. Piatt 
Rosa, Edward 
Smith, David Cady 
Thomson, Alexander J. 
*TomlinEon, Charles H. 
Wright, John C. 
Wright & Rosa 
Yatee, James H. 
*Yates, ■Stephen 

Calkin, Simon 
Sanders, John 
Smith, Daniel 

Schobarie County. 

Salishiiry, John H. 

Roscoe, S. R. 

Clark, Charles G. 
Fox, Jeremiah 
Holmes, Charles 
tLawyer, Demosthenes 
Smith, Henry 

Donaldson, Joshua M. 
Frost, John S. 
Frost &. Donaldson 
Mann, John E. 
*Priesf, George 

Rosekrans, Henry D. 

Beekmjin, William 

Potter, E. B. 

Lawyer svilh. 
♦Lawyer, Thomas 
Lawyer, Tiftiiny 
*Miller, Jederliah 
Ramsey, J. H. 
Young, William H. 

Danforth, Peter S. 
Engle, William H. 
Sanford, Lyman 
Sanford & Danforth 
*Rosseter, N. T. 
Wells, Wellington 

North Blenheim. 
Maham, Stephen L. 

Strain, John B. 

Boughton, S. 
Furguson, T. 

Brewster, Ralph 
Davis William H. 
Goodyear, Charles 
Goodyear & Martin 

*Gebhard, John 
I Houck, Jacob, jr. 

Hou<;-k& Mackey 

Martin, Robert C. 

Mackey, Joseph 
1 Pond, A. B. F. 

Seneca Coimty. 

De Mott, John 

Bodine. Thaddeus 
Finnegan, Thomas 
Gibbs, Charles A. 
Herron, David 
tSeeiey, John E. 

Seneca Falls. 
*Bascom, Ansel 
Bloomer, Dexter C. 
Clark, William 
Foote, Elisha 
Holton, Simeon 
Miller, Josiah T. 
Murray, John B. 
Sackett, Gary V. 
Sackett & Weed 
•Sackett, William A. 
Stanton, Henrj^ B. 
*Tillman, Samuel D. 
Viele, S. S. 
Weed, Charles H. 

Burroughs, William 
PhiUips^ Saron 

Bacon, Joel \V. 
Birdsall, Samuel 
Burton, William E. 
Clarke, George N. 
Hadley, Sterling G. 
Knox, Addison T. 
■■■Knox, William 
Montgomery, Hugh 
*Newcomb, Zach. T. 
Richardson, James K. 
Skaats, Bartholomew 

St. Liawrence Co. 

Brasher Falls. 
*Hurlbud, Calvin T. 

Foster, Aikins 

Baldwin, Silas 
Barker, W. T. 
Barker & Sawyer 
Cooke, William C. 
Goodrich, William B. 
Ray. Orin L. 
Rutsell, John L. 
Russell, Thomas V. 
Sawyer, William H. 
Thatcher, Martin 

Anthony, Charles 
Andrews, William H. 
tDodge, Edwin 
Dodge & Parker 
Lewis. George G. 
Merriam, Orlando C. 
Parker, Cornelius A. 
Rich, Charles 

Bailey, Jeremiah 
Fuller, Benjamin H. 

Conant, George C. 

Crary, Edward 
McClelland, Charles R. 
Rutherford, John T. 

Baldwin, Cyrus W. 
Barter, James H: 
Brown, Anthony C. 
Brown, William C. 
Chapin, David M. 
Chapiu, Gaylord P. 
Clarke, Edwin 
Cooley, Ezekiel E. 
Field, George W. 
Fine, John 
Foote, Henry G. 
Foote, Stillman 
Grant, John W. 
Hasbrouck, Louis 
Havens, George F. 
Hopkins, James G. 
James & Brown 
James, A. B. 
!udson, R. W. 
Judson & Powell 
King, Charles J. 
King, Preston 
Maaone, Daniel, Jr. 
McNaughton, Joseph 
Morris, George 
Morris & Cooley 
Myers & King 
Myers, Charles G. 
Powell, John, Jr. 
Perkins & Field 
Sigourney, John B. 
Slade, Charles 
Stillwell, Isaac G. 
Vary, Bennett H. 
Vary & Clarke 

Allen, Horace 
Baldwin, Benjamin G. 
Chipman, William C. 
Dart & Baldwin 
Dart, Williiim A. 
Dewey, Edward M. 
Dewey & Tappan 
Gordon, S. B. 
Knowles, Henry L. 
•'^Knowles, Liberty 
Knowles, William L. 
Pooler, Charles T. 
Tappan, Charles O. 
Wallace, William PL 

J} addington. 
Montgomery, Charles C. 
Redington, James 

Steuben Connty. 

^Birdsall, Henry H. 
Cornell, F. R. E. 
Cornell & Sherwood 
Dininny, F. C. & J. W. 
Sherwood. Henry 
Sherwood, Benjamin 
Ys,\i Loon, John C. 



Straight, Dexter 

Barnes & Bonham 
Barnes, Washington 
Bonham, William E. 
Camphell & Rogers 
Campbell, Robert 
Campbell, Charles W. 
Donahe, Perry S. 
Ferris, Alfred P. 
*Qansevoort, James 
Howell, Edward &- William 
*Hull, H. H. 
*Lyon, Robert M. 

McCall, Ansel J. 
*McCoy, Robert 

McMaster, David 

McMaster, G. H. 

Nichols, William M. 

Rogers, Sherman S. 

Rumsey &. Van Valkenhurgh 

Rumsey, David 

Van Valkenhurgh, R. B. 

Jimes, William B. 
Hasten, P. 

Adams, A. 
McDowell, C. J. 
McDowell & Spoouer 

Berry, Charles H. 
Berry & Waterman 
Bradley, George B. 
Brown, Daniel F. 
Bnindage, A. J. 
Herron, Joseph 
Herron & Brundage 
Hyde, Henry M. 
Irvine, William 
Irvine, Hyde &. Maynard 

tJohnson, Tliomas A. 

Maynard, John 

Spencer, George T. 

Spencer & Thomson 

Thomson, Charles H. 

Waterman, C. N. 

*Whiting, William B. 

Bennett, Benjamin 
Brown, Morris 
Clark, Bell 
tLarrowe, Jacob 

Bemis, Horace 
Bemis & Patterson 
*Bennett, Hiram 
Brundage, liobert L. 
Finch, Nathaniel 
Hakes, Harlo 
Hale, John K. 
Hawley, William M. 
Hawley & Holliday 
Holliday, Homer 
Patterson, H. A. 
Reynolds & Brundage 
Reynolds, Thomas J. 

Kendall, A. S. 

Ostrander, John 

Babbitt, Joseph F. 

Painted Post. 
Day, John 
"Gilbert, William J. 
Piatt, Cephas F. 

Hotchkin, Sanmel 
Montgomery, A. C. 

1 Baldwin, Curtis C. 

Davis, A. S. 

South DansviUe. 
Brayton, Lyman 
Stephens, James H. Jr. 

Hill, Isaac H. 

Wood ull. 
Edwards, A. J. C. > 

Sufl'olk County. 

I Babylon. 

Schumaker, John G. 

Halsey, Hugh 
Rose, Abraham T. 

Floyd, John A. 
Smith, Egbert T. 

■Floyd, Charles A. 

Boyle, Edward R. 

East Hampton. 
Miller, Jeremiah 
Paraons, Lawton S. 

Payne, Benjamin K. 

*Ludlow, William 11. 

ItButlett, William P. 

I Wickham, William, Jr. 

Craig, SamuefD. 

Sag Harbor. 
Gardiner, Samuel L. 
Hancock, John 
Hedges, Henry P. 

Sanders, Edward 

ItStrong, Selah B. 

Snjfolk C. H. 
I Dayton, Spicer D. 
Miller & Tuthill 

Miller, George 
Tuthill, James H. 

Cady, Francis N. 
Goldsmith, Joseph H. 

Shelt3r leland. 
*Gardiner, Samuel S. 
*Nicoll, Samuel B. 

Smitktown Branch. 
Hunting, Joseph li. 

*Sniith, Charles J. 

Sullivan County. 

Cox, George B. 
Dimmick, Alpheus 
\^an Wyck, Charles H. 

Niven, Duncan C. 

*Fairchild, Eli W. 
Lord, George W. 
Low, Henry R. 
Ludington, C. V. R. 
Niven, Archibald C. 
Norris, John 
Stewart, James L. 
Thompson, John A. 
tWilkin, Westcott 
f Wright, William B. 

Bush, Albert J. 

Mon-ison, James V. 

Tioga County. 

Kewaric Valley. 
Highee, Elisha P. 

rAvery, Charles P. 
Camp, Georges. 
Davis, Nathaniel W. 
Davis &. Warner 
Edmonds, James B. 
Karrington, Thomas ' 
Farrington & Tracy 
■Fay, Frederick J. 
•Gibson, E. G. 
■Guidon, Hewitt jr. 
.Munser, Alanson 
.\Iunger, Charles A. 
Parker, John M. 
•Piatt. William 
Strong &. Camp 
.■strong, Stephen 
.■3weet, Charles H. 
.-;weet, Ezras. 
Sweet, E. S. & C. H. 
Taylor, John J. 
Taylor & Edmonds 
Tracy, B. Franklin 
Wainer, William F. 

Nichols, John A. 

. SmitMoro'. 
Euiapp, Gardner 



Allen, A. G. 
Payne, Hiram 
Wood, George B. 
Wright, F. D. 

Tompkins County. 

Patterson, Alvin A. 

Ashley, Samuel P. 
Hyde, Robert H. S. 
Speed, Jamas R. 

Bouton, Hiram 
Crandall, D. F. 
Goodrich, Milo 

*Ackley, Julius M. 
tBates, Samuel B. 
Beers, George D. 
tBoardman. Dous'las 
Bruyn, William V. 
Bruyu & Williams 
Crittenden, Samuel, jr. 
Gushing, Stephen B. 
Dana, Amas^. 
Dana & Beers 
Day, Charles 'G. 
Dowe, Harvey A. 
Drake, galeb B 
Ferris & Gushing 
Ferris, Benjamin G. 
Finch, Francis M. 
Humphrey, William R. 
*Johnson, Ai-thur S. 
Linn, William 
Love, Samuel 
Love & Rowe ■ 
Mack, Stephen 
Marsh, William 
Rowe, Jerome. 
Walbridge & Finch 
Walbridye, Henry S. 
Wells, Alfred 
Wells & iMarsh 
Williams, John A; 
Wisner, Samuel P. 
Wright, Mo^'e^ R. 
Wright & Dowe 

Benjamin, Suniiuel 

Riggs, Lewis E. 
Ring, Elihu 

Crowell, Moges 
Garfield, Scgvy S. 

Fitch, William R. ' 

Barto, Henry D . 
Barto, Heary D. jr. 
Smith, Nathniiici B. 
Smith & Barto- 

Vlster .County. 

Ferry, J. C. 
Graham, Nicholas R. 

Lyon, John 

Bernard, Reuben 
Brodhead, Henry, jr. 
*Bruyn, Severyn 
Bruvn, Johaimes 
Chipp, Howard 
Cook & Bruyn 
Cooke, Erastus 
Cooper, James M. 
Dubois, Jacob H. 
Bardenburgh, Jacob B. 
Ha.^brouck, Jon. H. 
Kenyoii, Willjain S. 
ILiDderman, James O. 
Miicauley, Robert F. 
0.~trander, Jonathan D. 
Perry, John C.. 
.Sanlord, Mitchel 
Schoonmaker, Augustus , 
richoonmaker, Marius 
Schoonmaker & Kenyon 
Shafl'er, Joseph D. 
Shufeldt, George A. , 
Steele, J.-B. 
Sudam, Harrison 
Van Buren, John 
* Van Gashcek, P. jr. 
Westbrook, Theodore II. 
Westbrook, Charle.'= R. 
Westbrook, T. R. & C. R. 
Westbrook, Frederick L. 
Wright, William B. 

Craft, Isaac L. 

Cole, John 
Noyes, Oscar T. 

Jones, George W. 

Lawton, William 
Woolsey, G. C. 

We.stbrouck, Jacob, jr. 

Bookstaver, Jesse F. 
Gates, Theodore B. . 
Kenyon, John V. V. 
Whi'taker, Egbert 

Graham, James C. 

Davis, John B.' 
Sehrett,- Martin 

Stone Bidge. 
Louusbury, AVilliam 

McKin'ney. Calvin 

De Witt, John T. 

Warren County. 

• Chester. ■ 
Green, William H. ' 

Glenn's Falls. 
Baldwin, L. H. 

Butler, B. C. 
tFei-ris, Orange 
Mott, Isaac 
Paddock, Ira A. 
Ferine, Ira A. 
Perine, Joseph S. . . 
Ferine, Melancthon W. 
Perine, J. S. & M. VV. 
Ro'senkrans, E. H. 
Wing, H. R. 

Richards, George 

Washington County. 

Coon, James S. 
*Dodd, Edward- 
King, William H. 
Milliman, Nathaniel B. 
*Shipherd, Henry 

Martin, John W. 

Fort A7in. 
Jakway, Peltiah 
Pike. Silas P. 
Thorn, George W. 
Thorn, Henry 

Fort Edward. 
Parry, John 
Wait, A. Dallas 
Wait & Parry 

Fort Miller. 
*Shepherd, SamuelT. 

Gra?t ville. 
Agan, Benjamin F. 
Bishop, Isaac W. 
Bishop &. Hopkins 
Burdick, Albert S. 
Hopkins, James C. 
Lee, Martin 
Thompson, Oscar F. 

Boies, David -A. 
Boies, Joseph 
*Gibbs, Leonard 
Ingalls, Charles F. 
Ingalls, Charles R. 
Lowrie, James I, 
Sanderson, E. L. 
*3tewart, George D. 

Brown, Warren II 

North- Graaville. 
Parker. John C. 
Spencer, Fayette L. 

North White Creek. 
Crocker, John S'. • 
Crocker, R,. King 
Crocker & Sha"ri)e 
Howe, Luther J. 
Sharpe, Harman K. 

tAllon, Cornilius L. 
Blair, Bernard 
Crary, Chai'les . , ^ 

Cronin, Timothy 
Fairchild, Marinus 
tGibson, James 



M'Doua:al, Archibald L. 
McFarlancl, ilolm H'. 
*McLean, John 
*Ru8sel, Davii 
Russell, Derick C. 

Sandy Hill. 
*Clark, Orville 
Hughes, Charles 
Hughes & Noithup 
*Martindale, Henry C. 
Northup, Henry B. 
Northup, Lyman H. 
Pari?, Urias G. 
*Rogers, Charles 
Wait, Luther 
* Weston, Frederick 

Church, Leonard 

Wcf!t Hebron. 
Fraeier, Laiison 

Blount. John D. 
Boyd, John H. 
Bush, Alliert T. 
Davis, Egbert E. 
Davis, Oscar F. 
Doig, Robert, jr. 
Gibson, Hrnry 
Gibson & Davis 
Potter, Joseph 
Potter &. Blount 
Wilson, David 

Wayiie County. 

Geer, D. Webb 

tKetchum, Leander S. 
Lawton, Charles D. 
Stow, William S. 
Welling, Joseph 

Adams, W. H. & M. S. 
Adams, William H. 
Ashley, Robert W. jr. 
Benton, Gporge W. 
Clark, John f . 
Clark, William ■ 
Cornwell, Francis E. 
Griswold, E. A, 
Hecox, Will!,am H. 
Levanway, C. A. 
McKenzie, John T. 
Jameson, Hiigb 
Parshall, Do W'iit 
Parshall & Ilecox 
Sherwood & McKenzie 
Sbervi'OOd, Lyman 
*Si8son, Vyilliain 
Sniilh & Cornwell 
.Smith, James C. 
Van Marter, William- 

Culver, Stephen 
Middleton, George H. 
Scott, George W. 
Williams, Stephen K, 

Aldrich !c Nhide 
Aldricb, ^Vimam T. 
Archer, OrnoH 

'■Ouylor, George W. 
Iliirrison, Jnif-d F. 
Mclulyro. simucl B. 
Ninde, Thorpas ■ 
Peddie & M{;lntyre 
Peddle, James 
■Smith, Frederick 
tStroiig, Tharon R. 
Sutphiu, Jofln M. 

Red Creek. 
Decker, Jacob B. 

Fuller, J. L. 

Clark, Chauncey F. 
Tuller, William 

Westcliestei" Co, 

Bates, John Si 
Close, Odle 

Croton Falls. 
'Lee, Thomas R-. 

! Firdham. 
Tappan, A. B. 

, i 

■ Mamaroneck. 
Hopkins, C.'VV. 

Gittbrd, Silafe D. 
Smith, Chauncey 

Moi^rU Kisco. 
Hart, Robert S. 
Hubbel, Zac^oc 

Mount Vernnn. 
McClelan; Pelhani W. 
Pemberton, ^William H. 

Kefi) Castle. 
■Miles, GcoP,ge 

New Rochclle. 
Case, GenrgB 
Coles, Kobett H. .. 
*HarrissOi), David 
llarrisson, lliivid, jr. 
.MrClellan, William W. 
Miller, Leonard P. 

Goffln, Owon T. 
Fro.n, Calvih 
Ferris, J. Il|'nry 
Kerris & Fr^st 
Bunt, William A. 
Nelson, Wiliiapi 
Nelson; WilK.un R. 
NVlson .t Collin 
Travio, Di.vid w! 
Wells, Edwgrd 

PoA^ Chester. 
Beers, Jnmeg E; 
Bmrgei', Tiuiothy P. 
■Dix, John A. 
Haight, Daniel O., 

Siri^ Sing. 
Rrandi-pth, (fcorgo A. 
Cobb, M. L. 
Hyatt, Abraffii. 

Hyatt, A. Jackson ■ 

I^arkin, Francis 
Keynolds, S. F. 
*Ward, Aaron 
Wells, A. H.. 

Tnrrytnwn. ■ 
Paulding, Hiram 
Pauldina: & Purdy ■ ' 
Purdy, William F. 
Yerke, Elijah 

Wesf Farms.- 
Purdy, Samuel M; •' • 

lIliUc Plairis. 
Clapp, John J. 
Cochran & Lockvcood 
Cochran, Robert 
Hudson, E. il. 
Jenkins, John P. • 
Lockwood, Munson I. 
Lyon, Samuel E. 
tMilL, John W.. . 
Mitchell. Mhiott • 
Mitchell, Josiah' S. 
Palmer, Ciirlron - 
Purdy, ChiirlL's A. 
Purdy &. Smith 
Platl, Lewis C. 
Tompkins, J. Warren . 

Robertson, William H. 

Groshon, William H. 
Van Pelt, Reuben W. 
Scrugham, WilljaniW. 

Wyoming Conitty, 

Corlett, Thomas 
Fainham, Moidton 
*Hoyt, James G. : 

Putnam, Harvey 
Purnam & Skiimer 
Skinner, John B., 2d 

China. ■ 
Parker, Charlerf..R.- 
Spring, Leveretl 

Bailey, Charles. W. 
(iilmau, Dnijicl L. ■ 
■Mitchell, Waiiam 
■■Moore, Robert' 
Walker, Gideon L. . 

Floyd, Kellfy ' . 
rPi-all, Marvin 
Windsor, J:unes H, 
Windsor 6c Kclley 

Moffett, Miles 
Smith, Franklin C. 
Smith, Hiram 'W. • 

Comstock, Uarl.jw L. 
Comstock & Wpod 
*Gates, Seth M. ■ 
ilayward, Lloyd A. 
Henshaw, Chhi-les 
McKay, F. C. D. 
Smith, Leonard' W. 



Thayer, Linus W. 
Thayer & Hcnshavv 
Wood, Alunzo W. 

Skinner, John 1). 

Yates County. 

Dox, John N. 

Dunda . 
Hoogland, Edward 
Seely, James L. 

Seely <fe Wolcott 
Sunderlin, Delazon J. 
Wolcott, inland G. 

Penn Yan. 

Briggs. Williiim S. 
Frankhn, Benedict W. 
Franklin & Van Men 
Glover, Justus S. 
Glover & Wolcott 
Harpending, Abraham V. 
Judd, Charles G. 
Judd & Olivir 
tbewis, John L., jr. 
Oliver, Andrew 

*01ivir, William M. 
Parsons, William C. 
I'rosser, David B. 
I'roeser & Briggs 
Smith, Elien jun. 
Stewart, Henry M. 
Taylor, James 
Van Alen, James V. 
Van Buren, Evert 
tWilles, Henry 
Willes, Samuel 11. 
Wolcott, John D. 

Morris, Daniel 


Those not marked are practising Lavi'yers. 
Those marked thus * have retiied trom practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Alamance County. 

*Holt, Samuel L. 
Lancaster, J. W. 
*Ruffin, Thomas 
Ruffln, William K. 

■ Mason Hall. 
Mebane, Giles 

Alcxantlci* County. 

Bogle, Alexander M. 

Anson County. 

Ash, Thomas S. 
Ash & Har^^rave 
Caldwell, 11. A. 
Dargan, Atlas J. 
Hargrave, Johnson B. 
Little, Alexander 
Nelms, Ebenczer 
*Smith, Alcxumler B. 
Winston, Patrick H. 
Winston & Ntdms 

Ashe County. 

*Murchison, Uoderick 
Neal, Quincy F. 

Beaufort County. 

Durham'.'! Creek Mills. 
*Woodward, Isaiah 

"Clark, Henry S. 

Brown, Sylvester T. 
*Clark, William 
Donnell, lUchard S. 
*Demill, WilUaim E. 

Dimock, Henry 
Hawks, John S. 
Joiner, James 
Joiner & Stiibbs 
Latham, John F. 
Long, John S. 
Shaw, Matthew 
Stubbs, Jesse R. 
Satterthwaite, Fenner B. 
Sparrow, Thomas 
VVarren, E. J. 
Woodard, Augustus F. 

Bertie County. 

Spruill, Samuel B. 

"Thompson, Lewis 

The Oaks. 
■'Cherry, Joshua H. 

Bird, Francis VV. 
Hardy, Heitry B. 
Garrett, Thomas 
Gilliam, Thomas 
Outlaw, David A 
Winston, Patrick Henry 
Wortham, George P. 

Bladen CounJy. 

McDugald, John Gillespie 
Richardson, John A. 
■Wright, Isaac 

*Brown, Thomas Owen 
*Lloyd, Saltar 

Brunswick County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Buncombe County. 

Candler, George W. 
Clingman, T. L. (in Congress) 
Coleman, D. 
Edney, B. M. 
Erwin, M. 
Henry, R. M. 
*Henry, Robert 
Merriman, A. S. 
Roberts, Joshna 
Roberts, P. W. 
Vance, Z. B. 
Williams, William 
Woodtin, J. \V. 
Woodfin, N. W. 

Burke County. 

Avery, W. W. 
Caldwell, T. R. 
Gaither, B. S. 
Tate, W. L. 
Tate, S. C. W. 

Cabarras County. 

Barringer, Rufus 
*Coleman, bauiel 
Long, John M. 
McRee Ephriatn F. D. 
Scott, Joseph W. 

Mount Pleasant. 
Love, Robert E. 

Caldwell County. 

Dula, Thomas J. 
*Jones, Edmund W. 
Lenoir, W. W. 

Camden County. 

Camden C. H. 
Hamilton, Zerah 



South Mills. 
Ferebee, D. D. 

Carteret County. 

Thomas, C. Kandolph 

Caswell County. 

Anderson's Store. 
Anderson, Albeit G. 

Locun Hill. 
*Graves, Calvin 

McGehee, Monttbrt 
Palmer, Nathaniel J. 

Graves, John A. 
Hill, Samuel P. 
Kerr, John 
Montgomery, Newton 

Cata-wba County. 

N acton. 
McCorkle, Matthew L. 

Cbatham County. 

Ilouze, Benjamin J. 

Cook, William ' 
Haufrhton, John H. 
Headen, James H. 
Jackson, John J. 
*Jackson, Samuel S. 
Manninff, John 
Smith, Sidney 
Toomer, John D. 
Waddell, Maurice Q. 

Cherokee County. 

Axley, Felix 
Davidson, Allen T. 
*Henry, Robert 
Rolen, John 

CboTvan County, 

Badham' Joljn C. 
Bcnburv, J(jhn A. 
Heath &, Hines 
Heath, Robert R. 
Hines, Elias C. 
Hoskins, Thomas S. 
Hunter, William C. 
Leary, Thomas H. Jr. 
Manninir, Thomas C, 
Moore, William A. 
Paine, Roeert T. 
*Satterfield. George W. B. 

Cleveland County. 

Burton. Augustus W. 
Cabaniss, Harvey De K. 

Columbus County. 

Geoi'ge, Fourney 
Maultsby, John A. 

Craven County. 

Attmore, John S. 
\ttmore, Georce S. 
Bryan, James W. 
Clark. Charles C. 
■Donnell, John R. 
Green, George 
Hubbard, Albert G. 
•Iniies, Heniy Clay 
McLin, Henry 
tlManly, Matthias E. 
Mayhew, William H. 
-Singleton, Thomas S. 
■Stanly, James G. 
.■^teven-on, George S. 
Wasiiinnton, John N. 
Washhllrton, William H. 
Washington, W. H. & J. N. 

Cumberland County. 

Baker, Joseph, Jr. 
Banks. James 
Buxton, Ralph P. 
*Eccles, John - 
*Eccles. John D. 
Fuller, Bartolomew 
Haitrh, William H. 
Hu-ke. Walter, A. 
McDuffie, J. Malcolm 
.McGilliam. Robert R. 
Patterson, Peter 
tPotter, Henry 
Shepherd, Jesse G. 
Smith, Archibald A. T. 
Spears, John A. 
Srranse, Robert 
Warden, Je.=se T. 
Winslow, John 
Winslow Warren 
Wright, Clement G. 
Wright, William B. 

Curritupk County. 

Currituck C. H. 
Baxter, Burwell M. 

Davidson County. 

Lexin oton. 
Bradshaw, J. A. 
Foster, A G. 
Leach, J. M: 
Long, J. A. 
*VViggins. W. R. 

Davie County. 

Clement, John M. 
Fleming, N. N. 
Lillinaton, John A. 

Duplin County. 

Faison'.s Depot. 
Rhodes, Joseph 

Graham, Stephen 
Reid, David 
Hill, William E. 
Houston, William J. 

Edgecombe County. 

.■irrington, Thomas 
Bridgers, Jolin L. 
Bridgers, Robert R. 
*Clark, Plenry T. 
Dancy, William F. 
Howard, George 
Johnson, W. H. 
Lewis, K. H. 
-Nortleet, William 
Pender, Lorenzo B. 

Wilson P. O. 
Hawkins, A. D. 

Franklin County. 

Arendell, W. McK. B. 
Green, William F. 
*Johnson, Samuel 
Lankford, Menalcus 
Lewis, Augustus M. 
Lewis, R. G. 
'•'Person, Jesse 
Solomon, William P. 
?pivey. David W, 
Stone, DeWitt Clinton 
Thomas, Thomas Knibb 
Thomas & Green 

Forsyth County. 

Sheppard, Augustus H. 
Shobei-, Charles K. 
Shober, Francis E. 
Starbuck, Darius H. 
Wharton, Rufus W: 

Masten, Joseph 
Wilson, Thomas J. 

Gaston County. 

Gaston, Larkin B. 

Gates County. 

Baker, William J. 
Bruer, George W. 
•Gordon, George B. 
Lowther, Charles E. 
Riddick, Willis F. 

Grauvill& County. 

.Ibram's Vlains 
Amis, James M. 

Venable, Abraham W. 

Davis, Joseph J. 
Edwards, Leonidas C. 
Gilliam, Robert B. 
Gilliam & Lanier 
Hicks, Edward H. 
Lanier, Marcellus V. 
Lassiter, Robert W. 
Littlejohn & Edwards 
Littlejohn, James T. 
*Taylor, John C. 
Venable, Thomas B. 


'Venable, Samuel L. 

'Hendel-son, Archibald E. 

Greeikc Conuty. 

Snow Hill. 
Forbes, Richard N. 

Guilford County. 

Albright, Thoinas G. 
tDick, John M. 
Dick, Robert P. 
Gilmer, John A. 
Gorrell, Ralph 
Gorrell Julius 
Hill, Wilson- S. Jr. ■ 
McLean, James R, 
Mendenhall, Cyrug F. 
*Morehead, James T. 
*Morehead., John M. 
Scott, Levi M. 
Walker, William R. 

Mendenhall,- George C. 
Mendenhall, James R. 
Mendenhall, William P. 

Ilalifa.x County. 

En field. 
Whitaker, Speir ' 

Conigland, Ed-ward 
"Devercax, Thomas P. 
*Daniel, J. R.J. 
Pope, William B. 
Simmons, B. F'. 

Batchelor, Joseph B. 
McWillianiB, Fredelick N. 

Wiggins, William 

Si/camore Alley. 
Uilliard, Byron 
Nicholsou, ri. T. 

■ Hay-vvootl County; 

Fitzgerald, .Julip Aza Beall 
'Francis, Miehael 

Hen(lel^>^on County. 

Baxter, Jolin ■ 
Bryton, William 
■-'Gullick, John G. 
Jordaji, JofCph P. 

Xlertl'oi-d County. 

Valentine, Willian( D. 

Smith, \V. ji. H. 
'Spiers, B. 'P. 
VaJpcey, A. P. 

Hyde Coiinty. 

Beckwith, Nathaniel 

IredeU County. 

Mowu Mnm. 
Davidson, George F. 
Mellon, John- F. A. 

Allison, Richard A. 
Bell, James F. 
Caldwell, Walter P. 
Campbell, E. M. 
Sharpe, Leailder Q- 

Joliniston'' County. 

Eldridge, Loverd 
Evans, Joseph W. 
candeis, Cla^tidius B. 

Jones County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Licnoir County. 

*Bond, Heni-y F.. 
Strong, William jA. 
VVooten, John F.-^ 

liineoln County. 

Beattie's Ford. 
*Eurton, Alfred 
Bynuni, William ,P. 
rihipp, Bartlett ' 

■Guion, Benjamin S. 
Guion, Haywood W. 
Hoke, John'F. 
Lander, William' 
McBee, Vardry A. 
Slade, Thojnas T. 
Thompson, Leonard E. 
Williamson, William 

McDowell County. 

Davis, Champion N. T. 
DeBerniere, J. Mallet 
Kr-win, Adolphus 

Macon County. 

Siler, David Wimer ' 

Martin County. 

Biggs, Asa 

Carraway, Joseph G. 
Clements, George R. 
Eborn, William C.' 
Ellison, William J. 
Wolts, Samuel ,W. 

Mecklenburg County. 

Barringer, V. C. ■ 
Black, William 

Brevard, A. F. 
Caldweli; G. W. 
Davidson, -E. C. 
Davidson, W. F. 
Davis, Stephen W. 
Fox, Junius A. 
Hotchinson, S. Nye ^ 

.lohnston, William 
lones, Edward P. 
Lowne, S. Jack 
Lowrie, S. M. 
.Myers, W! R. 
(Jsl)orne, James W. 
-Strange, W. F. 
Waving, R. P. 
Williamson, A. C. 
Wilson, Joseph H. 

Montgomery County. 

Gaines, James L. 

Moore County. 

Kelly, Angus R. 
McDonald, Archibald R. 

WatsoH Bridge. 
*Murchison, Kennetli B. 

Nash County. 

'■Arrington, Archibald H. 

Sew HanoTcr County. 

Baker, -Daniel B. 
Bui-r, Talcott, Jr. 
Cantwell, Ed-ward 
Davis, George 
Empre, Adam, Jr. 
Hall, Eli-W. 
Holmes, H, L. 
Holmes, John L. 
London, Maugher 
McRee, GrifflUi J. 
Meares, Oliver P. 
Meares, Thomas D. 
Meares, T. D. &. O. P. 
■Meares, Gaston 
Miller, Thomas C. 
Smith, Moody B. 
Strange, Robert, Jr. 
■Walker, Thoma.s O. D. 
Wright, Jo.shuaD. 
Wright, WUliam A. 

Northampton County. 

Byiium, John B. 
Wilkins, Edmund 

Green Plains. 
'-Moore, Ballsird 

Barnes, David A. 
Bragg, Thomas 
Culvert, Samuel J. 
Uandolph, Jolm 

Onslow County. 

[No reeidcnt Lawyers.1 

NORTH ckkdhmA lawyers. 


Orange ^Joiinty. 

Chapel Hill. 
*Aahe, Richard J. 
tBattle, William H. 
Phillips, Samuol F. 
*Swain, David L. 
VVaddell, Hu;,'h 
Wheat, John T: 

tBailey, John L. 
Bailey, William H. 
Graham, AVilliain A. 
Jones, Cadwall^der 
tNash, Frederick 
Nash, Henry K. ' 
Norwood, tlasell 
Norwood, John W.- 
Turner, Josiah, Jr. 
Waddell. Francis N. 
Webb, Thomas 

Red Mountain. 
Jonee, George W. 

Pasquotank Co. 

Elhaheth City. 
Black, John 
Brooks, GeovgeW. 
*Creecy, R. B. 
Johnson, L. J. ' 
Martin, William F. 
Pool, John 
*Pool, Joseph H. 

Ferquiinons Co. 

Albertson, Jonathan W. 
Cannon, Joseph S. 
Jones, Thomas F. 
Jordan, John P. 

Person County. 

Reade, E. G. 
Winstead, C. S. 

Pitt County. 

J Falkland. 

*Bemard, Gennain 
Marsh, William T. 
.Singletary, Georg^ E. B. 
Yellowley, Edward C. 

*LewLe, Richard H. 

'Raudolpli County. 

Brown, Reuben H. 
Drake, James M. A. 
Worth, Jonathan 

Cedar Falls. 
*Elliott, Henry B 

Johnson, D. W. C. 

Gray's Cross Roads. 
Brooks, Josiah H. 

Long's Mills. 
Long, William J. ' 

Kicliniond County. 

Lavrel Hill. . 
Blue, John G. 

Ro (gingham. 
Camerofi, .lohn W. ■ 
Leak, Walter F. 
Peacock, William M. 
Wetmore, G. Badger 

Kobesen County. 

Dundarrach P. O. 
Davis, James C. 

* Gilchrist, John 


French, Robert S. 
McLean, Neill A. 
McNeill, Williaip 
Morisey, Thomas J. 
Troy, icobert E. 

McLean, Alexander 

Rockingham Co. 

Easle Falls. 
Cater, William F. 
Galloway, Thomas S. 
Galloway, Rawley 

Watt, Robert B. 

Glenn, Chalmers 

Scales, A. M. 

*Courts, Daniel W. 

*Reid, David S. 
tSettle, Thomas 

J WimtiDorth. 
Dillard, John H. 
Ruffin, Thomas, Jr. 
Settle, Thomas, Jr. 

Rowan County. 

Blackmer, Luke 
Boyden, Nathaniel- 
tCaldwell, David F. 
Caldwell, Archibald H. 
-Craig, Burton 
fEllis, John W. 
Folk, George N. 
■JoMison, John S. 
Jones, Hamilton C. 
Kerr, JatoeaE. 
Miller, Gustavus A, 
*Robards, H. L.- 
*Torrenee, Charles 

Rutberford County. 

Baxter, G. W. 
Bynum, John Gray 
"Carson, J. McDowell 

Shipp, Wiliam M. 

Sampson County. 

Cli ■tun, 
Devane, Williiim 
Holmes, 'J'lujiiias H. 
McGary, \y,lli;iin L. 
McKoy, Ailmand A. 
Johnson, .losiah 
Slocumb, William K. 

Spring Vxde.- 
Faison, Sulomon.J. • ,' 

Tnijljr's. Bridge^ 
Murphy, Patrick .. 

Stanley County. 

McCorkle, Ja;ues M. 

Stokes County. 

T) anbury. 
Joyce, Andrew H. 
Stedman, Andrew J. 

Davis, Jasper W. 
Poindexter, John F. 
*Ruffin, Archibald R. 

Surry County. 

Movnt Airy. 
*Graves, Solomon 

Allison, Richard M. 
Brookes, George W. ' • 
Cloud, John M. 
Dobson, Joseph 

Tyrrell County. 

Bird, Francis 
McClees, Joseph 

Union County. 

Walkup, Samuel H. 

Wake County. 

Badger, George E. 
*Bledsoe, M. A. 
*Branch, L. C. B. 
Bryan, John H. 
Busbeo. Q. 
Clark, William J. , 
Clarke & Winston 
■Freeman, E. B. 
Haywood, George W. 
Haywood, Edward Graham 
*Holdcn, W. W 
Husted, H. W. , 
Iredell, James 
*John3on, John 
*Jones, Alpheus.' 
Manly, Charles 
Marriott, Joseph K. 
Mason, Williatn M. 
Miller, Henry W. 
Moore, B. F. 
*Mordecai, George W. 



Rogers, Sion H. 
fSaunders, R. M. 
*Shepard, James B. 
Smith, H. S. 
* Whiting, S. W. 
"Whitaker, Wilson 
Wilder, Gaston H. 
Winston, P. 

Warren. County, 


Eaton, William, Jr. 
*£dwards, Weldon N. 
Hall, Edward 
Jenkins, William A. 
McLean, Nathaniel 
*Plummer, William 
Ransom, Matt. W. 
Ransom, William S. 

Washington County. 

Beckwith, Thomas 
Gilliam, Henry A. 
Jones, Kdmond W. 
Littlejohn, William A. 

Watauga County. 

Ongar Grove, P. O. 
Clevvell, Eugene F. 

Wayne County. 

Uortch, William T. 
Ruiiin, Thomas 
Sherard, John V. 
Strong, George V. 
Thompson, Ervin A. 

Wilkes County. 

Trap Hill. 
♦Stokes, Hugh M. 

Carmichael, Leander B. 
Mitchell, Anderson 
Parkes, Charles A. 

Yancey County. 

Coleman, David 
Coleman, Newton 

Yadkin County. 

Richmond Hill. 
Dodge, James R. 
McMillan, Frank B. 
tPearson, Richmond M. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired trom practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 



Adams County. 

Mahala P. O. 
Collings, George 

West Union. 
Billings, John K. 
Buck, William C. 
Cockerill, Joseph R. 
Collings, John W. 
ColUngs & Collings 
Evans, Edward P. 
Graham, David B. 
Meek & De Bruin 
McCauslen, Thomas 
McFerren, John W, 
tSmith, John M. 

Diabol, Alonzo C. 
Meek. William M. 

Allen County. 

*Bliss, Lester 
Browne, Samual E. 
*Evans, Amos 

Baxter, Samuel A. 
*Bower, Daniel 
Guh'idge, Jaspar N. 
Lamison, Charles N. 
Lamison & Robb 
tMetcalf, Benjamin F. 
Moore, John J. 
Nichols, Matthias H. 
Nichols & Waldor 
Shipley, George 
Waldo rf, A. B. 

Ashland County. 

Allison, William B. 
fCurtiss, A. L. 
*Fulton, A. McL. 
Fulton, J. S. 
Fulton & McCombs 
*Gates, E. N. 
Gates & McCombs 
Hill, G. W. 
Johnson, H. H. 
Johnson, Keuney & Porter 
Kellogg, B. W. 
Kellogg & Allison 
Kenney, T. J. 
McCombs, J. H. 
Osborn, William 
Porter, Alexander 
Parker, George H. 
Sloan, James 
Slocum, Willard 
Slocum & Osborn 
Smith, James W. 
Smith & Sloan 
*Stubbs, J. D. 
*Vanarman, C. S. 

Loudonville . 
Bull, T. J. 

Perry sville. 
*Casey, George W. 
Cowan, William 

Ashtabula C eunty . 

Wight, J. N. 

Booth, Charles 

\*Cook, Joseph R. 
Fitch, O. H. 
*Griswold, Roger W. 
King, Mason 
*Scarsdale, William E. 
Shei-man, L. S. 
Sherman &, King 
Stanton, George W. 

Farmer, J. Q. 
*Keys, H. P. 
Randall, Brewster 
Wilder, Horace 

Edmonds, Aug. M. 
Mattoon, D. N. 

Cadwell, Darius 
Chatfee, N. L. 
Chaffee & Woodbury 
*Giddings, C. P. 
tGiddings, J. A. 
Giddings, J. R. 
Hall, A. S. 
Jones, S. P. 
Jones & Hall 
Oliver, James L. 
Simon ds, C. S. 
Simonds & Cadwell 
Wade, Benjamin F. 
Woodbury, E. B. 

*Plumb, Hiram A. 

Woodbury, Hamilton B. 

Moses, Halsey H. 



Nejo Lyme, 
Lee, Eusebius 

Leonard, Milton A. 

*Gidclings, L. W. 

Athens County. 

*Brj'son, James 

Brown, Archibald G. 
Brown, A. G. & H. T. 
Brown, Henry T. 
Brown, Oscar W. 
Constable, Robert E. 
•^Constable, Robert A. 
*Dana, Joseph M. 
Dana, Daniel S. 
*De j-teiffuer, R. Jr. 
*FroEt, Jacob C. 
Golden, W. Reed 
Jewett, Leonidas 
Johnson, James D. 
Knowles, Samuel S. 
Smith. Lot L. 
Stanley, Jacob T. 
Welch, John 
Wilson Horace 

Auglaize County. 

St. Marys. 
Crane, William M. 
Cowan, C. W. 
Mott, Samuel R. 
Phelps, Edward M. 
Plimkett. Joseph. 

Andrews, George W. 
Barr, Christian 
Caples, J. F. 
Craig, J. B. 
tDumbroff, Michael 
Walkup. John 
Walkup & Caples 
Williams, John S. 

Belmont County. 

St. Clairsville. 
'tAlexander, R. J. 
Arrick, Clilibrd 
Carroll, Carlo C. 
Charlesworth, J. F. 
Cowen, Benjamin S. 
Coweu, D. D. T. 
Davenport &. Charlesworth 
*Frasier, Herod 
*Genin, Thomas H. 
Glover, M. J. W. 
Hatchei-, Mahlon L. 
Jeuninas, D. L. 
*Kelly,''St. Clair 

Kennon, E. E. 

Kennon, Wilson S. 

Kennon, William 

Kennon, William, Jr. 

'Morgan, E. G. 

Newport, John 

Peck, Daniel 

Pennington, Miller 

*Ruggles, Benjamin S. 

Shannon, Wilson 

Simpson, William P. 

Swaney, O. J. 

Tallman, Peter 

Weir, James 
*Woods, William 

Davenport, John 

Brown County. 

Lowry, J. B. 

Evans, S. E. 

*Boyle, William 
JIurray, 8. J. 
Sly, Henry 

Bower, R. Allen 
Devore, David G. 
Ellison, Andrew 
Fishback & Bower 
Johnston, Sanders W. 
King, John W. 
King, G. W. & J. W. 
Kins, George W. 
Lou^don, D. W. C. 
*Martiu, John 
Marshall & White 
Marshall, John G. 
Mullen, Thomas J. 
Penn, Hanson L. 
^ellers. Preston W. 
Wall. William 
White, C. A. 

Baird, Chambers 
Campbell, Charles F. 
*Ligtfett, Archibald 
Wiley, William E. 

Butler County. 

*Beckett, William 
Brown, William E. 
*Campi3ell, Lewis D. 
Chase, Valentine 
Christy, Robert 
Clark & Christy 
Clark, James 
Corwiu, Jesse 
Fxirrow, Lawrence M. 
Hittle, Theodore H. 
Hume, Alexander F. 
Hume & Furrow 
Lewis, John R. 
McFarland, Noah C. 
*Millikin, John M. 
Millikin, Thomas 
Millikin, James D. 
Miller, William H. 
Miller & Brown 
*Richardson, Charles 
'■RigJon, Francis D. 
Robertson, Isaac 
*Ryan, Michael C. 
Scott, Josiah 
Scott & McFarland 
Vance, Elijah 
Vance & \Vhite 
Vanderveer, F. 
tWilkins, Thomas H. 
*Wilson, John K. 
Wilson, John W. 
White, Stephen A. 
* Woods, John 
*Young, William P. 

Doty, Lorenzo Dow 
Heaton, David 
Peck, Homer P. K. 

■^Johnson, Edwin H. 

Smith, William H. 

Moore, Thomas 
Thomas' Allied 

West Chester. 
Cox, A. P. 

Carroll County. 

Atkinson, Robert J. 
Brown, Van 
Crosier, Robert 
Da'i'is, James M. 
Eckley & Davis 
Eckley, Ephriam R. 
Knight, Robert E. 
McLave, Robert 
IMorrison, A. W. 
Pearce, John 
Ramsey, Alexander S. 
Ramsey it Atkinson 
Tripp, John H. 

Cliainpaigne Co. 

tBald'n'in, Samuel V. 
Blanchlbrd, A. R. 
Burnett, John D. 
Corwin, M. B. & L 
Corwin, Moses B. 
Corwin, Ichabod 
*Corwin, John A. 
Deuel, J. 
Geiger, Levi 
James & Deuel 
James, John H. 
Leedom, John S. 
*Lowry, William D. 
Mosgrove, William F. 
Robinson, Samuel H. 
Young, John H. 
Young & Leedom 

Clarke County. 

''Anthony, Charles 
Anthony Si Goode 
Burnett, Alexander 
*Comb.^, A. D. 
Dial, Enoch G. 
*Frey, George H. 
Goode, James S. 
Hauke, John S. 
Hinkle, S. S. 
Hinkle &. Hauke 
Hunt, James M. 
Mason, Rodney 
Mason, S & R. 
Mason, Samson 
tRotrers, W. A. 
Rogers, A. D. 
Shellabarger & Hunt 
Shellabarger, Samuel 
Spence, George 
Thomas, J. H. 
Torbert, James L. 




*Viiial, Harvey 
White, William 
Wilsou, H. B. 

Clermont County. 

*Whitaker, Israel 

Ashburn, Thomas Q. 
Ashburn & Smith 
Clarice, Reader W. 
Clarke & Lewis 
Denison, Geoi-ge W. 
Donham, Perry J. 
Dowdney & Thomas 
Fishback, W. P. 
Fishback, George W. 
Fishback & Swing ' 
Fishback, Owen T. 
Grittith, R. M. 
Griffith, John S. 
Hartman, T. D. 
Hastings, P. H. 
Howard, William 
Jamieson, ^Milton 
Johnston, John ' 
Johnson, Staudish M. 
Jollifle & Howard 
Knowls, A. 
tLee, George S. 
Lewis, Thomas M. 
Logan, R, 0. 
Lowe, John W. 
Mellen, William C. 
*Morris, Johnathan D. 
tNorris, Shepard F. 
Penn, Julius A. 
Penn & Johnston 
*Shields, Thomas L. 
Bwing, George L. 
Swing, Philip B. 
. Talley, Henry N. 
Talley & Logan 
Tritt, J. 
Yost, William 

Carver, L. W. 
Dowdney, S. F. 
Knowles, Alvin L. 

Miller, J. 

Mt. Carmel. 
Temple, Orrjn 

Nero Boston. 
Smith, Dennis 

New Richmond. 
Goodale, Charles 
Johnson, D. W. C. 

Witham, Morris 

Clinton County. 

Baldwin, W..H. 

New Burlington. 
Collett, Daniel 

Corwin & Fisher 
Corwin, Franklin 
Do an, A. W. 

Fisher, W. B. ' } 
Foos, Griffith 

uller, William. : 
Fuller, B. VV. 1 
HiuUiu, Robert B. 
llinkton, Beujaiiiin 
Uinkson & Tulfair 
Linton, David 
Liuton &Doun i " 
IMcKay, A. , 

Tellair, W. B. ' 
White & VVrightJ 
White, Grafton B. 
Wright, Isaac S. ' 

Columbiana^ County. 

Sloan, George Ml 
Smith, J. B. 
Vauutta, S. P. 

New Lisbon. 
Aten, Charles M. 
Blocksom, Fisher A. 
Brewer, Anton L. 
Brewer, Wisden'& Vanetta 
■Clarke, James • 

Clark, John 
Kwing, W. D. ; 
Gaston, WiUiam'K. 
Gilmau, John M. 
Hart, A. 
Lee, George M. 
Lee & Gilman 
Mason, Potter &, Woods. 
*McKenzie, S. B. 
Orr, Samuel \V, 
Potter, Lyman W. 
Smith, James L. ' 
Upham, William' K. 
Vance, Joseph E. 
Vanetta, J. K. 
VVadsworth, Seth L. 
Wallace, Jonathan H. 
Wallace &, Gaston 
*Watt, John 
Wisden, Simon 
Woods, Thomas S. 

Ambler, Henry 
Ambler, H. & J. 
Ambler, Jacob 
Brooks, Joseph J. 
Edwards, J. M. 
Kennett, Thomas 

Battin, Asa H. 
Jenkins, John M. 
Lucy, Jackson 
Rieley, James W. 

Cosliactoh County. 

tCampbell, Thomas 
Beer, liobert 
Uwiaht, Charles C. 
Flagg, Tliomas W. 
Hillyer, Abraham R. 
tIumrickho\ise, Thomas. S. 
Irvine, James . 
Irvine, J. & J..E.. ' 
Mathews, James ' 
Mathews, Stone & Dwight 
Sample, William 
Simmons, J. T. 
Spangler, David 

Spangler, E. T. 
-Spangler, D. & E. T. 
Stone, W. M. 
'ndball, John C; 
Williams, A. M. 

Hoy, Charles 

New Castle. , 
Lee, Benjaniiii S. , 
Leonard, C. C. 
Nichols, Eli ' ' 

West Carlile. 
Lanning, R. 
KlienO; Julius J. 

Cralwford County. 

Adams, Franklin 
Adams & Bui tci field 
Butterfleld, C. W. 
Harris, Stephen Pv,. 
tHall, Lawrence W. 
Kendig, Jacob 
Kerr, D. , 
Kerr & Allen 
Summers, A. 
Swigart, D, W. ■, 
Swigart & Harris ', 

Cuyahoga County. 

Chagrin Falls. 
Ainger, W. W. 
Blakesley, C. T. . 
*Knox, Genl. 

Abbey, Henry G. 
Abbey, William 
Adams, Joseph 
Adams, Samuel E, , ■ 

Adams & BoWen 
Andrews, Sheilock J. 
Axtell, S. B, 
Backus, Franklin T. 
Bacon, W. P. 

B^rr, John 
Beavis, B. K. 
^Binsham, Elijah 
IBingham, F. W. 
Bishop, Backus & Noble • 
Bishop, Jesse P. 
Bolton, Kelley & Griswold 
Bolton, Thomas 
Bowen, J. 
Brown, Thomas 
Briggs, Jarnes, A. 
Cameron, Wiiliana E,. 
Gary, John E. 
Case & Fitch 

Case, Leonard 
Case, Leonard jr. 
Castle, Marshall W. 
*Cleveland, James D. 
Coe, Amos 
Coe & Vail 
Coon, John 
Cross, David W. 
Cross & Parks 
Crowell, John 
Davidson 11. 
bietz, M. J 

"Dodge, Henry H. 
*Erwiu, John 
Estep, E. J. 
Fitch, Charles L. 



Fitch, James 
Fitch, Jabez W. 
Fitch & (jrannis 
Foot, John A. 
Foot &. Hoyt 
Foote, Horace 
Foote <fe Newton 
Granniss, John C. 
■'Gray, Joseph \V. 
Griswold, Hiram 
Griswold, Seneca O, 
Griswold & Paine 
-'Hammond, George C. 
Hay, Thomas H. 
Herrick, G. E. 
Hessenmueller, Edward 
Hitchcock, James K. 
Hoyt, James M. 
*Hurlbut, Heman A. 
Kelley. Moses 
Kingsley, Henry C. 
Lynde &. Castle 
Lynde, George W. 
Maltby, David 
Maltby, CM. 
Maltby, D , & C. M. 
Mason & Estep 
Mason, James 
McClure &. Prentiss 
McReynolds, Anthony 
*Mather, Samuel H. 
"Mather, Samuel L. 
Newton, John T. 
Noble, Charles W. 
Noble, Stephen J. 
Noble, Rowland D. 
*Paiue, Halbert E. 
Paine, Robert F. 
Palmer, David B. 
Parks, Robert 
Parsons, Richard C. 
■Payne, Henry B. 
Philpot, John T. 
Porter, D. M. 
Prentiss, Loren 
Prentiss, S. B. & F. J. 
Riddle, A. G. 
Ross, Samuel 
■Russell, Andrew 
Russell & Van Ness 
Sherman, John 
Sherman Sz, Hay 
Slade, William jr. 
Spaulding, R. P. 
tStarkweather, Samuel 
-Sterling, John M. 
Stetson, Charles 
Tilden, Daniel R. 
'niden & Paine 
Treat, Samuel \V. 
Turner, William 
Van Ness, W. W. 
Wade, Edward 
Wade, James, jr. 
White, Bushnell 
Willey & Cary 
Willey, George 
'Williams, Ellery G. 
Williamson & Riddle 
Williamson, Samuel 
Wilson, Hiram V. 
Wilson, Wade & Wade 
Wood, Reuben 
Wyman, George 

East Cleveland. 
■*Cody, Joseph 

Haight, A. B. 


Ohio City. 
Dennis, R, B. 
* Russell, C. L. 

'■Henry, J. ft. 

Darke County. 

Allen, William 
.\llen & Calderwood 
Beers, David 
fBeers, John 
Beers, Theodore 
Beers, J. & T. 
Bell, Hiram 
Calderwood, A. R. 
Collins, William 
Calkins, C. 
Collins Sz. Calkins 
■*Frizell, Joseph W. 
Lombard, C. L. 
-Meeker, David 
Spayd, M. 
Swisher, Da^vdd K. 
Wilson, William M. 

Defiauce County. 

Carter, William 
*Cheney, James 
*Davison, Hamilton 
*Holgate, William C. 
Leland, Erastus H. 
Lelaud & Wilson 
*Miller, Abijah 
tPalraer, John ^L 
Phelps, Edward H. 
"*Phelps, Edwin 
Sessions, Horace 
Sheffield, William 
Sheffield & Taylor 
Slevin, Patrick S. 
fStillwell, John M. 
*Stroug, Finley 
Taylor, David 
Welles, Woolsey 
Wilson, George H. 

Delaware County. 

Allen, Jedediah 
Barnes, James A. 
Buck, J. E. 
Carper, H. M. 
Carper <& Hubbell 
■Coles, L. H. 
Crawford, James W. 
Critchfield, L. J. 
Eaton, H. J. 
Finch & Critchfield 
Finch, Sherman 
fFullor, D. T. 
Hall, George W. 
*Heim, William D. 
Hubbell, James R. 
Little, L. W. 
Powell & Buck 
Powell, Thomas W. 
Ranney, Isaac 
Reid, William P. 
Sweetzer & Barnes 
Sweetzer, Charles 
Van Deman, John D. 

Erie County. 

Stryker, A. H. 

Homan, Morris 
McLauren, S. H. 
Penfield, J. J. 

tAndrews, Ebenezer 
*Emmons, Benjamin 
*Hopkins, Philip R. 
Pickett, John W. 
Taylor, S. F. 

Beecher, L. S. 
Beecher, John 
Bigelow, J. G..jr. 
Brown, John M. 
Brown &. Finch 
Camp, John G. 
Camp, Jacob A. 
Camp & Leonard 
Cogswell, W. F. 
Converse, Waldo F. 
Converse & Giddings 
*Cooke, Eleutheras 
*Cooke, Pitt 
Finch, John 
Giddings, W. F. 
Goodwin, Homer 
Hendry, Alonzo W. 
Lane, Stone & Lane 
Lane, Ebenezer 
Lane, William G. 
Leonard, C. 
Le'wis, Samuel 
Mackey, John 
McLouth. O. C. 
Miller, John G. 
Miner, A. 
Minor, Samuel 
*Parish, Francis D. 
Root, Joseph M. 
Reber, George 
Sadler, Ebenezer B. 
Sloane, Rush R. 
Stone, Walter F. 
Tucker, William H. 
Tucker & Miller 
Wheeler, Anson G. 
VVildman, Horatio 

Fairfield County. 

Borland, Charles 
Brasee, J. T. 
*Clark, Joshua 
Creed, William P. 
Develling, H. W. 
Dougherty, Michael A. 
Ewing, Philemon B. 
Ewing, Thomas 
Garaghty, John 
Hunter, Hocking H. 
.McVeigh, Alfred 
Martin, Charles D. 
Martin, John D. 
Martin, J. D. & C. D. 
Medill, William 
Medill & Schleich 
Schleich, Newton 
Shaefl'er, Charles F. 
Shaw, Joseph A. 
Shaw, V. E. & J. A. 
Shaw, Virgil E. 



*Tallmadge, Theodore W. 
Van Trump, P. 
♦Weaver, George 
*White, Thokias U. 
tWliitman, Heni-y C. 

Fayette County; 

Briggs, Robert M. 
Dickey & Briggs 
Harrison, D. A. 
Jo nes, David M. 
tKerr, Sam\iel F. 
Rush, Nelson 
*Willard, Lockhart D. 

Franklin County. 

Andrews, Samuel C. 
Andrews, John W. 
Andrews, Sylvester W. 
Adams, A. D. 
Baber, R. P. L. 
Backus, Elijah 
Backus & Geiger 
Baldwin, J. William 
*BaBcom, William T. 
fBatea, James L. 
*Bliss, Albert A. 
Brush, Samuel 
Bryan, John L. 
Butler, Emory 
Buttles, Albert B. 
Carrington, H. B. 
Cradlebaugh, John 
Converse, George C. 
■*Cox, S. S. 
Dennison, William 
Dennison & Carrington 
Dressier, Otto 
English, Lorenzo 
English & Martin 
Gale, F. 

Galloway & Matthews 
(Jalloway, Samuel 
Geiaer, Joseph, 
■^Gillett, Horace 
Harris, S. R. 
*IIayward, Elijah 
■•Heyl, Lewis 
*HeY!, William L. 
•*Hubbard, William B. 
Hunter, T. C. 
Jamison, William 
Jarvis, William B. jr. 
*Kelley, Alfred 
Martin, B. F. 
Matthews, Fitz James 
*Miner, John G. 
♦Morgan, W. D. 
MotteV, H. D. 
Neil, William A. 
Nobe, John W. 
Noble, Henry C. 
Parsons, George M. 
"•Pegg, Joseph 
Perry, A. F. 
Powers, Milton M. 
Poland, R. C. 
Prentiss, W. S. V. 
Pugh. John M. 
tRankin, William R. 
tmitli, James H. 
Smith, J. F. 
Sparrow, Thomas 
Sparrow & Dresser 
S anbery, Charles 
an bevy, Henry 

*Swan, Gustavus 
Swan & Andrews 
Swan, Joseph R. 
Swayne, N. H. 
Swayne &. Baber 
Taylor, Stacey 
*Thomas, Kendall 
Thomas, Wray 
Thrall Walter 
*Tuttle, James R. 
Wasson. — 
Ware, Heath M. 
Weight, James E. 
Wilcox, James A. 
Wilcox, Phineas B. 
Wilcox, P. B. & J. A. 
Wheeler, W. F. 
Wombaugh, A. B. 
*Woods, John 

Webster, Lewis H. 

Shields, Robert 

Larimore, James D. 

Fulton County. 

Leggett, Nathaniel 
Upham, L, H. 

Carmichael, A. 
Hill, Amos 
*Huyck, S. M. 
Handy, Michael 

Gallia County. 

Albin, David 
Gushing, Alonzo 
Gushing, Frank 
Drouielard, Simon B. 
Firor, V. M. 
*Hebard, D. B. 
Menager, E. S. & C. J. 
Meneger, G. J. 
Nash, Samuel A. 
tNash, Simeon 
Perry, Lemuel 
■Vance, Alexander 
■■Wilson, John 

Bradbury, Joseph 

Clark, JohnN. 
LewLi, Joshua 
Strait, David B. 
Strait, Francis T. 

Halcomb, Anselm T. 
Halcomb, Edward T. 

Geauga County. 

Uollister, Alfred 

Ford, Seabury 

Chardon. ' 
Bissell & Durfee 
Durfee, Lucius E. 
Forrist, William O. 
Hathaway, J. N. 
tPheips, Alfred 
Riddle & Thrasher 
Rider, L. J. 
Thrasher, A. H. 
*Wilber, William 

Abell, Benjamin F. 

Green County. 

Barlow, Moses 
Body, John 
*Drake, Elias F. 
Ellsberry, William 
Ellsberry & Sexton 
*Galloway, Albert 
Gatch, Moses D. 
Gest. Joseph G. 
Graham, David B. 
Howard, Roswell F. 
Howard & Munger 
'•*Liggett, Jamea D. 

Morris, William E. 
Munger, E. H. 
Nesbitt, penoni 
Partington, Piichard 
Sexton, Joseph A. 
Stewart, B. C. 
Stewart & Gi'aham 
Winans, James J. 

Wright, Thomas Cook 

Yellow Springs. 
'■Harlan, Aaron 

*Buck, Abner S. 
Buck, Samuel 

'■■Randolph, Richard 

Guernsey County. 

Bushfield, John M. 
Buchanan, William R. 
■'Campbell, Thomas W. 
CreightoD, Francis 
tDelong, James 
Evans, Nathan 
Farrer, William JL 
Ferguson, John 
Gaston, Matthew 
Grimes, James J. 
Grimes, James O. 
Morton, John 
*Peacock, Thomas W. 
*Ross, James, 
Skinner, Hiram 
Tingle, Joseph D. 
Wagstatt; William R. 
White. Joseph W. 

Ferrill, Joseph 

Rhinehart, James 
Thompson, James 
Wishard, John B. 

■Linn, Cyrus 



Hamilton County. 


Abraham, Joseph, Hart's Buildings 

Applegate, John W. cor. Wall and Fourth St 

Anderson, Charles, 23 w. Third st 

*Anderson, Larz, cor. Pike and thymines st 

Antes, M. K. 115 and 117 Main St. 

Antes &. Goodwin, 115 and 117 Main st 

*Armstrong, E. L. 

Ball, Flauien, Chase's Buildings 

Bassford, T. Jr. 40 w. Fourth^l 

Bateman, VV. M. cor. Court and Main st 

Bates, Joshaa H, 8 and 9 Law Buildings 

Bates & Scarborough, 8 and i) Law BuUdingf 

*Bell, Peter, Court between Main and Wal- 
nut sts 

Bimey, James, cor. Third and Syciunore st 

Blackburn, Jno. n. e. c. Fourth and Walnut st 

Bontfe, J. H. C. cor. Third and Sycamore sts 

Boyle, James, cor. Ninth and Western Kow 

Bradstreet, J. M. 73 w. Third st 

Brooke, Hunter, 2 Law Buildings 

*Brooks, Moses 

'Brown, D. L. 227 Vine st 

Brown, H. B. 10 w. Third st 

Brown, Oliver, cor. Main and Court st 

Bryant, Charles S. cor. Court and Main st 

Bryant & Probasco, cor. Court and Main st 

Burnet, Jacob, 148 Main st 

*Burnet, Isaac G. 

*Burnet, Staats G. 

Burrows, W. S. 1 Court Square 

Bushnell, Buel, 141 Main st 

Butler, A. T. 148 Main st 

Caldwell, John W. 1 Court Square 

Caldwell & Burrowes, 1 Court Square 

tCaldwell, William B. 

"Carneal, Louis 

Carpenter, S. S. 23 w. Third st 

Carroll, K. W. 282 Main st 

(■Carter, A. G. W. 348 Itace st 

*Cary, Samuel F. 

Chase, S. P. Chase's Buildings 

Chase & Ball, Chase's Buildings 

Chambers, F\ T. 14 Law Builaings 

Clark, Stephen, Court st. west ol Main st 

Clemmer, J. H. cor. Main and Seventh st 

Coeniter, Joseph H. 

Coffin, Charles D. 117 Main st 

Coffin & Mitchell, 117 Main st 

Collelt, J. 141 Mainet 

CoUier, David L. 

Collins, Isaac C. 23 w. Third st 

Conable, S. C. 

Conable & Willard 

Conklin, Oliver M. 123 Walnut st 

Conklin, T. cor. Ninth and W. Kow 

Conover, J. F. 25 Main st 

Colton, F. 101 Main st 

Coombs, M. B. 

Corwine, li. M. 379 w. Sixth st 

*Corry, Thomas F. 69 e. Third st 

"Corry, W. M. 

Cox, Joseph, cor. Walnut and Filth st 

Cranch, Edward P. Commercial Court 

Crap-sey, J. T. cor. Walnut and Court st 

Cross, Nelson, cor. Third and Hammond st 

Cross &, Leake 

Curwen, M. E. Chase's Buildings 

Dengler, F. X. 

Dennis, J. J. Lee's Building 

Dickson, W M. Third between Main and 
Sycamore st 

Dobmeyer, Joseph T. Eagle Buildings 

Dodd, E. D. 14 e. Second st 

Douglass, John G. cor. Fourth and Wal- 
nut 6t3 

Douglass, Peter, Broadway 

Dutton, A. E.. 13 Law Buildinns 

Eaton, John B. 10 Law Buildings 

Edwards, Edwin, 39 w. Third st 

Egly, J. E. Eagle Buildings 

Egly & Dobmeyer, E a ule Buildings 

Emerson, Wilham D. Clerk's Office, com. ct. 

Fales, Stephen, 117 Main st 
Faran, J. J. cor. Third and Main st 

Ferguson, E. A. Conrt House 

FeruTisun, William 

Force, .M. F. Lee's Buildings 

Forrest, VV T. Eagle Buildings 

fFlinn, Jacob, Vine between a'hirteenth and 
Fourteenth sts 

Fox, Cliarles, 3 and 4 Manchester Euildinss 

Fox & i^'rench, 3 and 4 Manchester Buildings 

■Frazer, John, Reading Iload 

French, Ira D. 3 and 4 Manchester Buildings 

French Lewis, Bacon's Buildings 

Freon, Jo.-eph, cor. Main and Eighth sts 

Frost, G. W. b Manchester Buildmgs 

Gaines, Henrj-, Walnut and Filth sts 

Gaines .!i French 

Gaines, Tiioo. Third between Main and Syca- 
more sts 

Gallagher, Thomas J. Law Buildings 

Garard, \V. H. 

Garrard Israel, Reeder's Building 

Garrard, Lewis 
Gazlay, J. W. 

Getzendanner, J. H. Commercial Buildings 

Gholson & Miner, 12 Manchester Buildings 

Gholson, Wm. Y. 12 Manchester Buildings 

Gibbons, Joseph G. 10 Law Buildings 

'Gilbert, A. W. Third between Main and 
Sycamore sts 

Gitchell, James M. 28 w. Sixth st 

■Goodman, H. H. n. e. cor. Fourth and 
Vine St. 

Goodwin, S. A. 

Grant, Charles 

*Greene William, Fourth between John and 
Smith sts 

*Groesbeck, J. B. 

Groesbeck 6c Thompson, 23 w. Third st 

Groesbeck, \Vm. S. 23 w. Third st 

*Guilford, N. cor. Baker and Vine st 

Gwynne, A. E. Pike between Third and 
Fourth sts 

Gwynne, L. M. cor. Main and Seventh sts 

Haines, Todd & Lytle, 57 w. Third st 

Haines, Ezekiel S. 57 w. Third st 

Hamilton, R. S. 144 Walnut st 

Handy, Robert D. 13 Law Buildings 

^Harris, S. W. Hart's Buildings 

Harris, C. C. n. w. cor. Court and Main sts. 

Harrison, John P. 

Hart, Samuel M. Hart's Buildings 

Hartwell, Shattuck, 95 Walnut st 

Hartz, Anthony, Lee's Buildings 

Hayes, R. B. 6 Law Buildings 

Henderson, T. J. n. w. corner Main and 
Third sU 

Henry, Evan J, s. w. cor. Third and Syca- 
more sts 

Headington, N. Hart's Buildings 

Heron, John W. 23 w. Third at 

Hill, A. P. Court st. between Main and Wal- 
nut sts 

Hilton, G. H. cor. Walnut and Court st 

Hilts, Charles, Lee's Buildings 

Hoadly. George, Jr. 

Holcombe, T. B. 120 Main st 

HoUister, George B. n. w. Court and Main sts 

Hclt, Robert S. n. w. Main and Third sts 

Hopkins, W. H. 6 e. Fifth st 

^Hopple M. Third st. between Main and Syc- 
amore £tE 

Hoy, John F. 28 w. Sixth st 

Hubbard, E. S. 7 Manchester Buildings 

Irvine, J. C. 120 Main st 



James, Charles P. Chase's Buildings 

James & Cur wen. Chase's Building 

Johnson & Carroll, 28^ Main st 

Johnson, William, 28v! Main street 

Jones, VV. D. 23 w. Third st 

Jones, J. H. 11 e. Third st 

Jones & Eaton 

Jones, Talbott, 103 Main st 

Jones & Ware, 103 Main st 

Joliffe, John, 130 Main st 

Jolitfe & Gitchell, 120 Main st 

Kebler, John 

Ketchum & Headington, Hart's Buildings 

Ketchum, George H. Hart's Buildings 

Key, Thomas M. 

Keys, Samuel B. 

Kiniberland, Wm. 8 and 9 Law Buildings 

Kirby, Clinton 

Kirby, Byron 

King, Anderson & Herron, 23 w. Third st 

King, Rufus 23, w. Third st 

Ladd, P. B. 

Leake, J B. 7 Law Buildings 

*Leavitt, J. M. 

Lewis, A. H. 148 Main st 

Lewis & Butler, 148 Main st 

*Lewis, Samuel 

Lincoln, F. D. 

Lincoln, Timothy D. 8 e. Second st 

Logan, Thomas A. Law Buildings 

"Longworth, N. 

Long, Alex. 250 Main st 

Lord, Henry C. 23 w. Third st 

Lord & Wright, 23 w. Third st 

*Lovell, O. S. 

Lowe, D. P. 

Lynd, Staughton 

Lytle, Wm. H. 57 w. Third st 

MacElroy, George W. Lee's Building 

McClymon, J. B. 10 w. Third st 

McCormick, A. 

McCormick, Joseph, 141 Main st 

McDougal, Joseph Jr. n. w. cor. Third and- 
Sycamore sts 

*McDougal, H. 

McDowell, W. C. 6 Law Buildings 

McGroarty, Patrick 

McGroarty & Brown 

McGutl'ey, A. H. 1'20 Main st 

t.VIcLean, John, Rooder's Building 

*McLean, N. C. 

Mallon, Patrick 

'Man.'tield, E. D. 

Mathews, Stanley 

*McMicken, A., Jr. 

*Meline, James F. Third between Race ant 
Vine sts 

Miller, F. W. 57 w. Third st 

Mills, Edward, 2 Law Buildings 

Mills & Hoadly, 2 Law Buildings 

Miner, John L. 

"'■'Mitchell, Ormsby M. 

Mitchell, Thomas G. 

Moore, Robert 

Moorman. J. B. 18 w. Ninth st 

Morris, Tilden & Rairden, n. e. cor. Cour 

and Main sts 
Morse Edward 

Murdoch, Charles C. Lee's Buildings 
Mussey, John, 8 Manchester Buildings 
Nesniith, T. A. Hart's Building 
Nesmitli & Pugh, Hart's Buildings 
Newhall, Edward R. Meline's Buildings 
Newton Eben 

Nixon, John S. 43 w. Third st 
Norton, E. P. Meline's Biulding 
Oliver, A. L. & M. W. 57 w. Third st 
Paddack, Alexander, 23 w. Thir4 st 
Parker, James, 7 Manchester Buildings 
Parkhurst, Daniel 

Parkhurst & Still, 95 Walnut st 
Peat, James 

Pendry, John L. 57 w. Third st 
Pendleton, George H. 23 w. Third s 
Pendleton, Edmund, 8 Manchester Building 
Pendleton, N. G. 
Philips, William, Jr. Sixth st. bet. Main and 

Walnut sts. 
Piatt, J. \V. 6 w. Sixth st 
Piatt, Don, 6 w. Sixth st 
Pierce, Charles C. n. w. cor. Third and Syc- 
amore sts 
Pierce, Edward L. 
Pomeroy, Charles S. Law Buildings 
Probasco, William B. 
Pruden, A. J. Court House 
Pugh, George E. Hart's Buildings 
Puiih, Job, Eagle Buildings 
Pugh & Pendleton, 8 e. Third st 
Quinn, David 
Ray, Daniel G. 

Rairden, N. B. n. e. cor. Court and Main st 
Renz, Augustus 
Reddington, D. s. w. cor. West Row and 

Seventh st 
Richardson, Wm. M. Chase's Buildings 
Riddle, Adam N. 256 Main st 
Kiddie & Roll, 25(i Main st 
Riley, James, 59 Main st 
*Roedeter, Henry 
Roll, E. C. 256 Main st 

Rogers, W. K. n. w. cor. Court and Main st3 
Scarborough, Wm. S. 2 Law Bui dings 
Saffin, James, Lee's Buildings 
Sage, Geo. R. Manchester Buildings 
Scott, John L. 141 Main st 
Scott & Buslmell, 141 Main st 
Selden Charles 
Seward, D. M. 
Skinner, Ralston n. w. cor. Third and Sysa- 

more sts 
Slough, J. P. 256 Main st 
Smith, C. B. 
Smith, Fayette 

Snow, Henry, St. John's Buildings 
Smith, Corwine & Holt, n. w. cor. Main and 

Sycamore sts 
Spencer, H. E. 

Spencer, O. M. 39 w. Tldrd st 
ISpooner, W. L. 
tStallo, J. B. 

Stewart, John M. 28 w. Sixth st. 
Still, George W. 

Stone, R. H. Court st near Main st 
Storer, Bellamy, Hart's Building 
;torer & Gwynne, Hart's Building 
Strait, T. J. 
trait & Hollister, n. w. corner Court and 
Main sts 
Sullivan, A. S. 

Sullivan, P. J. n. w. cor. Third and Syca- 
more sts 
Sullivan & Holcomb, 3 Law Buildings 
Tafr, Alphonso 

Taft, Key & Mallon, 1 &2 Manchester Ruild'g 
Tapscott, J. M. Eagle Building 
Thresher, ThomasF. Chase's Buildings 
Thompson, Egbert A. 25 w. Third st 
Thompson., Samuel J. 
Thorpe, W. Coleman, 128 Walnut st 
Tilden, M. H. 

Todd, Alexander, 39 w. Third st 
*Torrance, George P. 
Van Hamm, Alex. Bacon's Buildings 
Van Ham, Wash. 7 Law Buildings 
Van Matre, Daniel, 232 Main st 
Vossler, Otho H. 

Walker, Kebble & Force, Chase's Buiilding 
*Walker, E. 
Walker, T. 



Warnock, James 

Ward W. Wallace 

Ware, T. C. 

tWarren, J. B. 

Warden, W. Wallace 

White, .lames S. St. John's Building 

\Vhite, Oliver s. e. cor. Ninth and \Vest Row 

*Williamson, M. T. Eaa;le Buildincs 

*Williamson, G. T. n. e". cor. Fourth & Wal- 
nut sts 

Willard, C. F. 

Williams, Peter T. n. e. cor. Fifth and Wal 
nut sts 

Wiseman, John A. n. w. cor. Court and 
Main sts 

Woodbury, George W. Lee's Building 

Woodbury, O'Connor &Hartz, Lee's Build'g 

t Woodruff, Edward 

Woodruff, T. cor. .Sixth and Walnut sts 

*Worthinn:ton, John G. 

Worthington, J. T. 

Worthingtoa, V. 

Worthtneton <fc Matthews, Worthington 

-•Wriffht, C. J. 
Wright, D T. W. Third st 
'Wright J. C. 
*Wright, Nathaniel 
Zinn, Peter 
Zinn & Bateman, cor. Court and Maine sts 

Hancock County. 

Eigelow & Patterson 
Bigelow, Aaron H. 
Blackford, Aaron 
*Brown, Ezra 
Brown, Henry 
Brown & Blackford 
*Carr, Jacob 
Coffinl)erry, Andrew 
Coffinberry, A. & J. M. 
Coffinberry, James M. 
Goit, Edson 
Goit & Parker 
Gribbcn, William 
HenderfOn, W. L. 
Morrison, John H. 
Morrison & Gribben 
Munsren, William 
O'Neal, Charles W. 
Parker, Abel F. 
Patter-on, Wilham M. 
Rosette, John E. 
Rosette & Mungen 
Whiteley, Machias C. 

Hardin Conuty. 

tBain, James 
Coulson, S. 
*Dodds, A. 
*Fisher, E. 
Gatch, C. H. 
Hurd, L. C. 
*Spelman, E. G. 
Stevens, J. C. 
Stillings, E. 
Thompson, D. 
Thompson & Gatch 
Walker, William L. 

Harrison Coiinty. 

Bingham, John A. 
Bostwick, Samuel W. 
Bostwick & Peppard 
Cowen &, For sy the 
*Dewey, Chauncey 
Forsythe, Levi C. 
Gaston, W. C. 
Lemmon, Amon 
Lewton, Lewis 
*McCall, John A. 
McMath, Jese H. 
Peppard, Samuel G. 
Rowles, Thomas C. 
Scott, Josiah 
Scott & Bingham 
Sharron, Joseph 
Shotwell, Stuart B. 
Thomas, Joseph S. 
Turner, A. C. 

Henry County. 

Haly, James G. 
Moe, William H. 
SheiBeld, Edward 
Sheffield &. Morrison 
West, Charles L. 

Highland County. 

Beach, Thomas 
Dickey, Alfred S. 

'Arthur, William R. 
Barrere, Nelson 
Rari-ere & Smith 
Bell, John W. 
Collins, William O. 
Collins & Sloane 
.Milley. liobertD. 
McDowell, Joseph J. 
McDowell & Matthews 
Matthews. Albert G. 
*Nelson, U. T. 
Price, John Winston 
Price & Beach 
Scott, Daniel 
Scott, William 
Sloane, James 
Smith, John A. 
Thompson, James H. 
Thompson & Lilley 
'Trimble, William 11. 

Beeson, Ruel 
Irion, Silas 
Rees, David 

Torrie, John 

iVctc Petersburg. 
Elias, Thomas 
Hewitt, Allen O. 
Holmes, E. 

Rhoadcs, Henry 

Hockius; County. 

Browne, John A. 
rCase, Flavius 
Groghan, J. R. | 

Gobeits, W. C. 
Saunders, H. R. 

Giesey, Emanuel 

Holmes County. 

Stillwell, Asher 

Anderson, Robert 
Ankeiiy, Peter D. 
.Armor, Thomas 
Armor <fc Welker 
Barcroft, John R. 
"larcroft i: Given 
Enos, Robert K. 
Evereti, George W. 
GUbert, T. S. 
Given, Jusiah 
Hoagland & Gilbert 
HoaLiIand, M. 
Huston, John 
*Leadbetter, Daniel P. 
McKinley, Davis M. 
Reed, William 
Taggart, Charles D. 
Taneyhill, William S. 
Voorhes & Ankeny 
Voorhes, C. F. 
tWelker, Martin 
Welker, Robert C. 

Cain, James 

Huron County. 

VVmslow, H. W. 

Hunt, Benjamin T. 

Hayncs, George G. 
Sadler, William 

*Beardsley, John 
Bishop, Charles 
*Boalt, Charles L. 
Brailey, Moses R. 
*Brown, Henry 
Curtis, Alfred S. 
Kellogg, O. E. 
Kennan, Jairus 
Lntimer, C. L. 
Latimer & Bishop 
Osborn, John R. 
Patrick, Jay 
Pennewell, C. E. 
Salsbury, Mortimer E. 
Stafford, G. H. , 

Sawyer, Franklin 
Stewart, G. T. 
IStickney, Charles B. 
Stone, E. M. 
Stone & Patrick 
Strong, Timothy R. 


Sutton, Alfred G. 
Sutton, Schuyler 
Whitbeck, John 
'Williams, James 
Worcester & Pennewell 
Worcester, S. T. 

Nem London. 
r.ingham, Lafayette 
Powers, R. C. 
Sauford, Ephraim H. 

Jackson County. 

Bundy, H. S. 
Dungan, Levi 
Hastings, W. K. 
Hoflman, J. J. 
Johnson, Elihu 
Hoft'man, R. C. 
Stanley, T. R. 
Stanley & Starkey 
Starkey, Abner 

Oak Hill. 
Mackley, Davis 

Jefferson County.. 

»Buchanan, William S. 
'Carroll, A. J. 
Collier, Daniel L. 
*Collier, James 
Elliott, James, Jr. 
Forsythe, Levi 
Jewelt, Thomas L. 
Leavitt, H. H. 
Lloyd, William R. 
McCook, George W. 
^McGrew, Thomas F. 
Marsh, Rosvifell 
Mason, George W. 
Mason & Trainer 
♦Means, Joseph 
Means, Thomas 
Meredith, John R. 
Miller & Sherrard 
Miller, Jolih IL 
Moodey, Roderick S. 
Moodey & Elliott 

Sh'ane, John 

Shelley, E. S. 

Sherrard, Robert, Jr. 

Stanton & McCook 

Stanton, Edwin M. 

Stokely, Pamuel 

Stokely & .Shane 

tSutherland, John K. 

*Tappan, Benjamin 

Tappan, Eli T. 

Trainer, J. H. L. 

'Urquhart, Moses H. 

Webster, George W. 

McCleary, Joseph C. 

Knox CoMiEty. 


tGilchrest, S. F. 

Harle, J. E. 
tHurd, It. C. 
Israel, Hammd 
Israel & Galusha 
Irvine, Clark 
Jackson, Philip 
Lockwood, S. 
Lockwood & Mclntire 
McClelland, William 
McClelland & Sapp 
Mclntire, S. 

Morgan, J. W. & J. C. 

Miller, J. K. 

Mitchell M H 

Norton, A. Banning 

Shatter, Sydenham 

Stockton, J C. 

Vance k. Smith 

Vincent, S. M. 

Windom & Norton 

Lake County. 

*Smyth, Charles B. 

Branch, William W. 

Bissell, Benjamin 
Bissell (t Tinker 
Doolittle, John T. 
fHitchcock, Reuben 
*Mathews, Stephen 
Mathews, William 
*Osboru, S. S. 
tPalmer, Jerome 
Perkins, William L. 
Tinker, Alvin L. 
W ilder, E. T. 

Howe, John H. 

Komar, C. J. 
Sterling, Lord 

L,awience County. 

Calvin, S. P. 
Fletcher, (iolden 
George, John S. 
iHawley, C. C. 
iJohnson, W. W. 
Leet, Ralph 
Nich, Elias 
Nigh & Johnson 
Sprigg, Singleton 
*Stimson, R. M. 
*VVillard, George W. 

Licking County. 

Smith, Seth P. 

Mount Vernon. 
Adams, John 
-Cotton, E. W. 
Curtis, H. B. & Scribner 
Curtis, Hosmer & J. C. Devm 
Davis, J. S. 
Dunbar, William 
Dunbar & Adams 
Galusha, Julius B. 

Jones, Frederick 
La Dow, J. 
"Richards, William 
Rodgers, A. E. 

Brooks, John G. 
Hancock, George W. 

Newark. \ 

Arven, William B. 
Blackman, Harvey C. 
Buckin;;ham, Jerome 
Buckingham &. White 
Case, Lucius 
*Dille, Israel 
Follett, Charles 
Green, James 
tHumphrey, Daniel 
Johns, George W. 
Kibler, Charles H. 
King & Woods 
Kin:r, Samuel D 

King, William A. 
/'Sherwood, Samuel B. 
Ismythe & Sprague 
jSmytho, George B. 

Sprague, Henry D. 

Stanbery, Wright & Kibler 

Stanbery, James Pi.. 

Ten Eyck, Henry B. 

White, James 

Wintf-rmute, John 

Woods, William B. 
Wright, George B. 

-Stanbery, William 

Logan County. 

Belle Centre. 
Beatty, William W. 

Allison, Charles W. B. 
tBennett, Ezra 
*Canby, Richard S. 
Casad, Anthony 
Howard, J. P. M. 
Hubbard, William 
Hubbard & Kernan 
Kernan, James 
Lawrence, William 
Lawrence & West 
Pollok, John 
^niith, Ypsilanti A. 
Stanton & Allison 
Jtanton, Benjamin 
Underwood, J. B. 
Walker, James 
'Warren, Marvin 
West, William H. 

I Zanesfield. 

*Smith, Luther 

Lorain Count?'. 

Bags, Sylvester 
Bagg & Olmsted 
t Bliss, Philemon 
Boyntoii, Elbridge G. 
Brown, Frederick 
Burke, Stephenson 
Burke & Lake 
*Chapman, B. B. 
Coon, John V. 
Dickson, Joseph H. 
Doolittle, Charles H. 
Hamhn, Lorenzo F. 
Lake, George K. 
*Lockwood, William F. 
Myres, Joshua 
Olmsted, George 
*Parker, Elijah 
*Pentield, A. C. 
Putnam, Schuyler 



^^hftldon, Lionel A. 
Smith, George T. 
Smith & Washburn 
Vincent & Sheldon 
Vincent, John M. 
Washburn, George G. 

Blakeslee, D. L. 

Norris, Amos 

liUcas Coimtf . 

Mmimee City. 
^Anderson, Alexander 
Cook, Daniel F. 
Young, Samuel M. 
Young & Waite 

Abbott, Caleb F. 

Allen, Edson 

Brayley, A. F. R. 

Brayley & Glidden 

Baker & Latimer 

Baker. William 

Bassett, Edward P. 

Bassett & Kent 

'Bennett, Henry 

'Bissell, Edward 

'Bissell, Edward, Jr. 

Clark, Albert G. 

Commager & Lemmon 

Dodge, Charles 

Dorr, Charles M. 

*Dunlap, Thomas 

Espy, John C. 

Fitch <fe McBain 

Fitch, John 

Galpin, Philip G. 

Glidden, Henry A. 

Hall, William H. 

Hall & Hosmer 
'Harris, Ahiel C. 

Hill, Charles W. 

Hill, Perigo & Pratt 

Hosmer, Hezekiah L. 

Kent, Charles A. 
Latimer, Peter E. 
Lee, Ira E. 
Lemmon, R. C. 
*Lownsbury, Levi S. 
Manor, John J. 
•'Mason, Hezekiah D. 
McBain, Daniel 
Morton & Lee 
Morton, Daniel O. 
Myers, Jerome 
Nye, E. D. 
Otis, Charles 
Perigo, Charles E. 
'Potter, Emery D. 
Pratt, Charles 
Robinson, George F. 
'Rouse, Birdsey W. 
*Scott, Jesfiup W. 
'Whitney, James M. 
Waite, Morrifon R. 
Young & Waite 

'Lambert, Lewis 

'Steedman, James B. 

lUadisou County. 

F isher, Z. T. 

Freeman, J. F. 
Harrison, R. A. 
Lacy, J. T. 
Smith, H. W. 

Mahouing County. 

Blocksom, James B. 
Cantield, Edward G. 
Church. John VV. 
Edwards &. Blocksom 
Edwards, John M. 
Estep, E. J. 
Gilson, Samuel W. 
Gilson & Birchard 
Lewis, John H. 
Newton & Estep 
Newton, Eben 
Ranney & Canfield 
Ruggles, Charles 
Stevens, Henry H. 
Wilson, Da^id M. 
Wilson & Church 
Young, G. I. 



Furguson, William 
Hutchinson, F. E. 
Jacobs, A. D. 
King, John H. 
Moo're, WiUiam G. 
Powers, R. J. 
Sanderson, Thomas W. 
Tayler, R. W. 

Marion County. 

Bartram, John 
Bartram, J. & S. H. 
Baitram, Samuel H. 
Bowen, Ozias 
Bowen &Durfea 
Bunker, Peleg 
Bunker & Godman 
*Burt, Ebenezcr 
*Davids, John E. 
Durfee, Bradford R. 
* Fisher, William 
Godman, H. Clay 
*Godman, James H. 
Hume, John F. 
R.aichley, Louis F. 
Williams, John J. 
Williams &. Hume 

Medina County. 

Hibbard, Henry 

Moore, William F. 

Lake, C. A. 

Medina C. H. 
Bostwick, Nathan H. 
Canfield, Herman 
Cantield, William H. 
Canfield &. Kimball 
Castle, Charles 
Castle it Reynolds 
Floyd, Hiram W. 

Hills, Chester T. 
Hills &, McElhinney 
Holt, Newton W. 
tHumphreville, Samuel 
Kimball, Francis D. 
McElhinney, Henry 
Mead, Whitman 
^Olcott, Charles 
Reynolds, E. W. 
Young, John B. 

Barnard, S. 
Johnson, James C. 

Dickinson, Abel 
Pardee, Aaron 
Pardee, WiDiam E. 

Meigs County. 

* Hamlin, Nathaniel 
Montague, Theodore 

Cartwright, John 
Earhart, Jacob S. 
tHeckard, Martin 

Horton, Valentine B. 
Irvin, Thomas 
Plants, T. A. 

Van Horn, R. T. 

Williamson, Edward 

Merrell, Arthur 
Simpson, Nathan 

Salem Township. 
Hutton, Ehjah 

Mercer County. 

tBlocher, WilUam L. 
Hunter, William 
Le Blond, Francis C. 
Le Blond & Riley 
Riley, James W. 

Miami County. 

Ewing, Joseph M. 
Hart, James H. 
Janvier, James T. 
Johnson & Jones 
.Johnson, Stephen 
Jones, M. H. 
Mc Kinney, Samuel S. 
McKinney, J. F. 
*Raisbeck, S. M. 
WObur, N. F, 
Wood, Seth H. 
*Young, Robert 
*Young, Jos. G. 

Aylesworth, George H. 
Barrett, Thomas S. 
Burgess. George D. 
Gibbs, David 
Grosvenor, Daniel 
Grosvenor & Aylesworth 
Miller, A. 

Morris, Charles, Jr. 
Morris & Smeltzer 
Munson, Mai-vin M. 



Parsons, Ebenezer 
tPowers, Benjsimin E. 
■ Riley, Z. 
Ilos3, William F. 
Sellers, Harvey G. 
Smeltzer, Henry B. 
^Thomas, William J. 

Monroe County. 

Clark, Daniel 
*Milligan, William 

*Masters, Benjamin F. 

Nao Castle. 
*McMahon, John 

Rocky Narrows. 
Headley, Eliel 

Archbold, Edward 
Archbcld & Davenport 
Davenport, Sajnuel 
HoUister, Nathan 
Hollister, Simpson 
Hollister, David M. 
Hollister, Okey & Hollister 
*Hunter, WilUam F. 
Kirkbride, John M. 
Livingston, William W. 
*Morris, James R. 
*Mitchell, James 
Okey, John W. 
Okey, William 
Richardson, W. P. 
Sinclair, John 
Wire, Daniel H. 

Montgomery County. 

Ackerman, John J. 
Baggott, James H. 
Bartlett, WiUiam C. 
Booth, Eli 
*Brown. Robert P. 
*Compton, Charles 
Conover, Wilbur 
Cqnover & Craighead 
Crane, J. G. 
Craighead, Samuel 
Davies, Edward W. 
Davies & Crane 
"Dubois, B. P. 
'Ells, George W. 
Forsyth, EH J. 
'Gebhart, Simon 
Gunckel, L. B. 
Gunckel & Strong 
*Hart, Ralph S. 
Haynes, Daniel A. 
Haynes & Howard 
Holt, George B. 
Houk, George W. 
Howard, John 
Heusman, Lewis 
*Iddings, Daniel W. 
Jeffords, E. 
Jordan, Jackson H. 
Kelly, Patrick 
Kennedy, Gilbert 
Knox, A. P. 
Knox & Lyman 
Lovell. Josiah 
Lowe, JohnG. 
Lowe, Peter P. 

Lowe & Booth 
Lyman, O. R. 
McCracken, J. W. 
McKinney, William S. 
Malambre, George W. 
Nead, D. P. 
Odlin, Peter 
Odlin & Lowe 
Piper, William H. 
Parrott, M. J. 
Parrott & Baggott 
*Schenck, Robert C. 
Scott, A. M. 
Smith, Thomas J. S. 
Smith & Jefibrds 
•'Stoddard, Henry 
Strong, Hiram 
Sullivan, Stith M. 
Vallandigham, L. 
'■'Van Cieve, John W. 
Walker, Moses B. 
Walker & Bartlett 
tWood, Youngs V. 
-Young, James H. 
Young, Stafford 

Bolton, Samuel 
Clay, Adam 

Mor£;au County. 

Davis, H. M. 
Evans, E. E. 
Glenn, William 
Hanna, John E. 
"Hanna, J. L. 
Linn, D. B. 
Pai-rish, Isaac 
Pond, F. B. 
Robertson, H. S. 
Rich, Virtulon 
Rich & Tipton 
Shivel, D. B. • 
Tipton, T. W. 
Tompkins, C. B. 
nVallar, G. W. 
Wood, ¥. W. 

Morrow County. 

McCoy, Thomas W. 

Mount Gilead. 
Brumback, Henry C, 
Beebe, Judson A. 
Beebe & Burns 
Burns, Ross 
Dali-ymple, Thomas H. 
Dalrymple & Olds 
Dunn, Andrew K. 
Dunn & Gurley 
Gurley, John J. 
Irvine, Kirkwood & Burns 
Irvine, W. Smith 
Mitchell, Robert B. 
Mitchell & Miller 
Olds, James 
tPeterson, Hiram 
Stinchomb & Brumback 
Stinchomb, James W. 

Andrews, Bertrand 

Muskingum County. 

Ball, William H.-' , 

Blocksom, A. P. \ 

Brush, Edmund 
Buell, J. M. 
Chapman, Samuel 
Convers, Charles C. 
Copland. H. 
Drake, Thomas M. 
Eastman, Ezra B. 
Goddard, Charles B. 
Goddard & Eastman 
Gullle, N. A. 
Harper, Alexander 
Harper, James R. 
James, George 
Jewett, H. J. 
Jewett & O'Neill 
Marsh, Lucius P. 
O'Neill, John 
Seaborn, F. A. 
Searle, C. W. 
tStilhvell. Richard 
Taylor, Thomas J. 

Noble County. 

Belford, Jabez 
Belford & Parrish 
Casey, J. K. 
Frazier, William H. 
Ferguson, John 
Ferguson & Priestly 
Hollister, Nathan 
Hollister, Simpson 
Kain, W. M. 
McGarry, Samuel 
Okey, William C. 
Okey, William 
Okey Hollister, Oakey &. Hol- 
Parrish, Isaac 
Pettay, Daniel 
Priestly, William 
Spriggs, B. F. 
Taneyhill, R. H. 

Otta^va County. 

Port Clinton. 
Carpenter, C. W. 
Kreamer, Adolphus 
Magruder, James H. 
Wilcox, Sergeant N. 

Paulding County. 

Snook, J. S. 

Ayres, J N. 

Latty, A. S. 

Perry County. 

New Lexington. 
Roling, M. A. 
Hanna & Muzzy 
Muzzy, L. F. 
Smith, Eli 
Veach, P. D.. 
Worley, Jesse 
Woi'ley & Beach 

Binkley, P. H. 
Costigan, Jacob 
Finck, William E. 



Galligher, Thomas J. 
Hickman &, Wilson 
Hiclcmau, K. F. 
Maqinnis, T.J. 
Olive, David 
O'Neill, John H. 
Shevrard, James 
Spencer, Eli A. 
Spencer, William 
Wilson, E. R. 

Pickaway County. 

*Atwater, Caleb 
fBierce, William W. 
Bremigan, William 
*Clarke, Edward C. 
Grouse, Charles B. 
"Denny. Samuel S. 
Doan, "George W. 
Doan, Guy W. 
Doan, Guy W. & Son 
*Groom, John C. 
Hall, Jeremiah 
Hedges, Henry N., Sr. 
Jones, Thomas C. 
Jones & Smith 
*Knox, Thomas J. 
Miller, Joash 
Olds, Chauncey N. 
Page, Henry F. 
Rennick, Jonathan 
Rennick & Page 
Smith, Palmer C. 
Wyman, Julius L. 

Pike County. 

Collings, James 
Heaton, David H. 
McCauslen, A. Wray 
Reed, William H. 

Portage County. 

*Eggleston, Nelson 

Birchard & Tyler 
Tyler, Joel W. 

Millard, H. H. 

Biercc & Jeti'ries 
Bierce & Conant 
Brown, O. P. 
Conant, Philo B. 
tDay, Luther 
*De Wolf, John G. 
*HaIl, Lyman W. 
Jackeon, Andrew 
Jetlries, N. L. 
Lyman, Darius 
Rauney, John L. 
Ranney & Taylor 
*Sloane, Jonathan 
*Spalding, Ebenezcr 
Strawder, Samuel 
Strawder & Brown 
Stuart, Michael 
Tappan, Francis W. 
Taylor, Ezra B. 

••Singletary, John C 

Preble County. 

Banta, Solomon 
Bolens, Eugene B. 
Chadwick & Drayer 
Chadwick, Marctis B. 
Drayer, John B. 
Foose, Jacob 
Gans, George W. 
Gilmore, William J. 
tHaines, Abner 
Hubbard, Benjamin 
Harris, Joel 
Hubbard & Foose 
Larsh, Benjamin F. 
Marsh, Felix 
Miller, George W. 
Mitchell, Vincit 
*Stepheus, Jesse B. 
Thompson & Harris 

Freeman, Irvin E. 

Putnam County. 

Day, El am 

Budd, Azariah 
Mackenzie, James 
Monroe, Alonzo 

Bicliland County. 

Allen, Isaac J. 
Allen & Richart 
Rartley, M. 
tBnrtley, Thomas W. 
Bowman, VV. B. 
Briukerhoff & Geddis 
Brinkerhoti', Jacob 
Brinkerhoft", RoeliflF 
Burns, B. 
Carhart, H. C. 
Carpenter, G. F. 
*Cox, James E. 
*Colby, Hubbard 
Davis, Henry P. 
Ford, Thomas H. 
Gass ii Davis 
Gass, Isaac 
Geddi^!, George W. 
Hildreth, Joseph 
Hedges-, Henry C. 
Johnston, William 
Kirkwood, Samuel J. 
Kirkwood & Burns 
May, John M. 
May, J. M. & M. 
May, Manuel 
McLaughlin & Carpenter 
McLaughlin, William 
t.VIyers, Joel 
*Parker, Jacob 
Poe, A. 
Purdy, James 
Purdy & Johnston 
Richart, William J. 
Schrack, John 
Sherman & Hedges 
Sherman, Charles T. 
Sherman, John 
Shuke, Walter 
Shuke & Chrack 
Smith, Rol^ert C. 
Stevens, William 
tStewart, James 

Tidball, William D. 
Young, Downing H. 
Young & Brinkerhoft' 

Beekman, John W. 

Ross County. 

Teter, George D. 

Adams. Edward 
Allen, William 
Andei-son, W. Marshall 
Boys, Alexander S. 
Boys & Gilmore 
Clark. Milton L. 
Cooke, Selden S. 
'■"Dolan, John 
Douglas, Liike 
Gilmore, Charles W. 
Gilmore, William E. 
Grimke, Frederick 
Gray, William C. 
tGreen, John L. 
Hanson, Amaziah 
Hurst, Thomas P. 
Keith, John H. 
Lewis, Edward 
Lewis & Satlbrd 
McClintick & Smith 
McCIintick, William T. 
tMcCoy, Samuel F, 
McLain, James S. 
Massie, Henry 
Miller, Joseph 
Sattbrd, William H. 

cott, Thomas 
Scott, Thomas T. 
Sherer, Theodore 
.-^ill, Joseph 
Smith, Amos 
Taylor, John L. 
Taylor & Massie 
tThurman, Allen C. 
Wallace, Samuel L. 
Wallace & Yaple 
VValke, Thomas 
Yaple, Alfred 

Richmond Vale. 
Lawry, H, P. 

Sandusky County. 

Bartlett, Brice J. 
Baitlett, J. R. 
Bartlett, Brice J. & Son 
■Auckland, Ralph P. 
■Dickinson, Edward F 
Edgerton, Chester 
Everett, Homer 
Finefrock, T. P. 
Glick, George W. 
Glick, Charles S. 
Glick & Glick 
Greene, John L. 
Haynes, George R. 
Heaton, .lohn 
Heaton & Ward 
*Mugg, Charles G 
fOtis, Lucius B. 
Price, J. F. 
Price & Finefrock 
Ward, J. A. 



Scioto County. 

■*Conway, B. F. 
Crichton, A. jr. 
Davis, James 
•*Glidden, Joseph M. 
Glover, Eli 


Hutchins, W. A. 
Johnson, George 
Jordan, E. W. 
Moore, O. F. 
Nabb, George W. 
Nabb & Hirst 
tPeck, W. V. 
tRamsey, Benjamin 
*Robinson, Joshua 
Tracy, Charles O. 
Tracy, S. M. 
Turner, George 

Seneca County. 

Lamareux, John L. 

Welch, J. W. 

Tiffin City. 
Cronise, Charles 
Dildins, David D. 
Gibson, William H. 
Gibson & Tunison 
Hall, Luther A. 
Hall & Seney 
Hedges, William C. 
Hord, John K. 
*Huber, Horace 
Johnson, William M. 
tLang, VVilliam 
Lee, John C. 
Noble, Harrison 
Noble, Wari-en P. 
Noble, W. P. & H. 
Patterson, James M. 
Pennington, Robert G. 
Pennington & Lee 
Pillars, Isaiah S. 
Pillars, James P. 
Pittenger, John H. 
Rawson, Abel 
Seney. George E. 
"Seney, Joshua 
Stem, Leander 
Tunison, Thomas G. 
Watson, Cooper K. 
Wilson, Joel W. 
Wilson & Johnson 

Shelby County. 

Conklin, Jacob S. 
Goode, P. G. 
Martin, William J. 
Smith, Edmund 
Thompson, Hugh 
Walker, S. B. 

Cook, James 

.Stark County. 

tBelden. George W. 
Beirce, Alexander 
Beirce &. Pease 

Brown, James D. 
Brown & Meyer 
Dunbar, Horace P. 
Evans, William F. 
Frease, Joseph 
Freese, William S. 
*Goodman, Thomas 
* Grant, Elijah P. 
Griswold &. Hazlett 
Harris, John 
Harris, John, jr. 
Hazlett, Isaac 
Lahm, John 
Lahm, Samuel 
Leiter, Benjamin F. 
Leiter & Pool 
Meyer, Seraphine 
Pool, Joseph 
tRatt; George W. 
Reynolds, Madison 
Shaefer, Louis 
Starkweather, David A. 
Starkweather & Evans 

Canal Fulton. 
Cunningham, William M. 
Rinehardt, Charles 

Morse, John G. 

Bradshaw, David M. 
'Carter. David K. 
*Cecil, Jonn R. 
*Jarvig, Dwight 
Folger, Robert H. 
"Hurxthal, Lewis, jr. 
*Karthaus, John F. 
Keith, Fordyce M. 
Keith & Underbill 
Pease, Anson 
*Peaee, Samuel 
Underbill, James W. 
Wales, Arvine C. 

Mount Union. 
Stallcup, Moses D. 

Smith, Jacob W. 

Summit County. 

Azard, Benjamin F. 
Berry, AbelB. 
Bierce, Lvicius V. 
Bierce & Voris 
Bliss, George 
Bliss & Pleasants 
tBryau, Constant 
Carpenter, James S. 
Dodge, William M. 
Kdgerton, Sidney 
Goodhue, Nathaniel W. 
Green, Edward P. 
Hadley, Daniel B. 
Hammond, Roland O. 
Humphrey, Upson& Edgerton 
King. Henry W. 
Nash, Frederick A. 
Nash & Goodhue 
Otis, William S. C. 
Otis & Wolcott 
Oviatt, Edward 
*Pickands, J. D. 
Pleasants, John A. 
Schuyler, Philip N. 
Upson, William H. 

Voris, Alvin C. 
Wolcott, C. P. 

Cuyahoga Falls, 
McClure & McKinney 
McClure, Samuel W. 
McKinney, Henry 
"Tuiner, Grant B. 
Wolcott, A. E. 

Humphrey, Van K. 
Wheedon, Harvey 

Hand, Seneca L. 

Humphrey, Isaiah 
McNeil, William 

"Humphrey, N. M. 

Trumbull County. 

Dray, EU W. 

Barnum, Hiram 
Humphrey, N. O. 

Harrington, Charles A. 

Young, Warren 

Bright, William J. 
Jones, Lucian 

Tyler, A. R. 

*Aben, Azor 
*Adams, George 
Asper, J. F. 
Beldtn, D. D. 
Birchard, Matthew 
Birchard & Sutliff 
Brown, George F. 
Cox, J. Dolson 
Curtis, F. B. 
tFuller, I. L. 
Hottman, B. F. 
Hotlman & Ratliff 
Hutchins, J. 
Hutchins & Curtis 
*Ingersoll, Jonathan 
Leggett, M. D. 
Leggett & Cox 
'McConnell, Alexander 
McLain, T. J. 
■Morgan, Orlando 
PalmT J. 
Porter, John 
Ranney, Henry C. 
fRanney, R. P. 
Ratlitt; Robert W. 
Smith, Charles W. 
Stull, John i\I. 
Sutliff, M 
Sutliff & Tuttle 
Sutliti; Levi 
Tuttle, G. M. 
Webb, Thomas D. 



Tuscarawas County. 

Hardesty, Philip W. 

Canal Dover. 
Robiuson, Jolin J. 
Stockwell, Hosea T. 
"Warner, Wriglit 

Xew Coiiurstoicn . 
Davis, L. C. 

• New Philadelphia. 
Bartlesoii, M. H. 
Beldeii, Seymour 
Beldeii & Haag 
Haag, P. H. 
Bailee, Joseph C. 
Helmick, Jacob C. 
Helmick, Williiuu 
Mcllvaiiie & Stainbaugh 
Mellvaine, George W. 
tMoiKt, James 
Mitchener, Cliaries H. 
Ready, A. T. 

Barnliill, J. 11. 

Union County. 


Allen, Isaac B. 
Clark, Ransom C. 
Coats, John B. 
Cole, Philander B. 
Cole & Porter 
Curry &. Robertson 
Curry, Otway 
Doughty, Jackson C. 
Porter, John L. 
Robinson, James W. 

Van Wert County, 

Barr, James M. 
Browne, Samuel E. 

Van Wert. 
Du Puy, Perriu 
Edsoii, Charles P. 
Gilliland, Robert 
''Roberts, Caleb 
Rose, W. E. & O. W. 
Rose, \V, E. 
Rose, Obadiah W. 
t'pears, Richard C. 

V^iutou County. 

Bingham, E. F. 
Bratton, E. A. 
Ulewitt. B. P. 
Piylej-, John P. 

Selby, Thomas 

Warren County. 

Ritchey, Daniel 

*Collett, Joshua 
*Collett William R. 
*Corwin, R. G. 
Corvvin, Thomas 
fDunly, J. C. 
Duulevy, A. H. 
Dunlevy & Thompson 
Hunt, Morris 
McBurney, A. G. 
Mickle, ^Villiam S. 
O'Neall, John Kelly 
Probasco, John 
*Ross, Thomas R. 
Sabin, James C. 
Smith, G. J. & J. M. 
Smith, J. M. 
Smith, John E. 
Smith, Lauren 
Stokes, G. W. 
Stokes, Horace JI. 
Thompson, Thomas F. 
*Van Harlingen, F. S. 
Ward, J. Durbin 
Williams, J. Milton 

Hutchinson, Ebenezer 
Van Dyke, David H. 

Wallace, James D. 

Janny, Jesse 

Washington Co. 

Robinson, Samuel B. 

Barber, David 
■Putnam, David 

Buell, Charles F. 
Chuk, Melvin 
Clark &. Ewart 
Ewart, Thomas W. 
tOreen, Davis 
Millard, Charles E. 
Nye, Alius 
Nye, William S. 
Rhodes, C. R. 
"Skinner, William P. 
Tuwne, Henry A. 
Welch & Rliodes 
Whittlesey & Towne 
Whittlesey, William A. 

Wayne County 

*Avery, Edward 
Bonewitz, S. R. 
Cox, Levi 
Dean, E. & E. V. 
Dcpuye, R. G. 

Flattery, Lucas 
Flattery & Lehman 
Foreman & Johnson 
Given, William 
Given & Jeffries 
Harris, John H. 
Jeffries, John P. 
Johnson <k Rex 
Jones, Ohio F. 
Lehman, Henry 
McSweeney i: Jones 
Orr, William 
Pardee, Eugene 
Pardee & Pearsons 
Parsons, C. C. 
Pvex, George 

Taylor, James 

Williams County. 

BhUveslee, S. E. 
tDobbs, Joshua 
Foster, Edward 
Foster & Pratt 
Lautz, John P. 
Morrow, John R. 
Pratt, A. M. 
Simons, John A. 
Smith, W. A. 
Treat, Samuel A. 
Wyat, James B. 

De Wolf, John G. 

JFcst Unity. 
Hunter, William A. 
Morrissoii, T. S. C. 
Willett, M. R. 

Wood County. 

tCook, Asher 
*Creps, John 
Jefferson. Sylvanus 
Mtfford, David M. 
Murray, James 
Reid, J. H. 
Reid & Meflbrd 
Spink it Murray 
Spink, John C. 
Way, Willard \\ 

Wyandot CoiiiiSy. 

Smith, Benjamin P. 

McCiUchcnviUe. . 
Brackley, Michael 
Tyler, Peter A. 

Upper Sandu.i/.-y. 
.Atkinson, Mattbew J. 
Beery, George W. 
Beery <fc Denuison 
tDenuiton, NeUon W. 
Kirby, Moses H. 
tMcKelly, Robert 
Maddux, Henry 
Molt, Chester 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked tlius t are on the Bench. 

Clackamas County. 

Oregon City. 
Culver, C. P. 
Elliott, Milton 
Elliott & Prescott 
liolbrook, Amory 
Kelly, James K. 
Lovejoy, A. L. 
Matlock, William T. 
Prescott, James N. 
Preston, John B. 
Skinner, Alonzo A. 
Wait, Aaron E. 

Clark County. 

aark a H. 
Chenowith, F. A. 
Lancaster, C. 

Clatsop County. 

*Adair, John 
Anderson, John A. 
*Callender, P. 
Gibbs, George 

Jackson County. 

Jackson C. H. 
Brennan, D. B. 

Cosby, John D. 
Kice, L A. . 
Skinner, A. A. 

J. inn County: 

Brock, William S. 
.Smith, Delazon 
Smith, J. N. 
Thornton, J. Quinn 

DIarion County. 

tBush, Asaliel 
Barnum, E. M. 
Davidson, A. F. 
Grover, L. F. 
Hardin? &, Grover 
Harding, B. F. 
Nesmith & Wilson 
*'01ney, Cyrus 
*Parker, Samuel 
Patton, T. McF. 
Sheil, George K. 
Williams & Patton 
Williams, Elijah 
*Williams, George H. 
Wilson, Joseph G. 

Polk County. 

Boise, R. P. 
Wood, A. B. P. 

Umpqua County. 

Chadwick, Stephen F. 
Gibbs, Addison C. 
Gibbs & Stratton 
Stratton, R. E. 

Washiugton County. 

Chapman, W. W. 
Campbell, Alexander 
Hamilton, E. 
Logan, David 
Marye & Logan 
Marye, S. B. 
Marqnam, Philip 
McCabe, James 
Mosher, I. F. 
Pratt, O. C. 
tWaterman, J. C. 

Yarabjll County. 

La Fayette. 
tDeady, M. P. 
Parrett, William F. 

*Corrected up to 1st January, 1854, by Addison C. Gibb.*!, Esq., of the Umpqua County 
bar, and C. M. Perry, Secretary of State for Oregon. — J. L. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired fi om practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Adams County. 

Buehler, Edward B. 
McClean, Moses 
McClellan, William B. 
MeConaughy, David 
McCreary, Robert G. 
Reed, James G. 
Stevenson, William H. 

McSherry, William 

Allegliany County. 

Alden, T. J. Fox 
Alden, F. 

Appleton, George E. 
Arthurs. Robert 
Atchison, Marcus C. 
*Baird, Thomas H- 
Bailey, John D. 
Bakewell, William 
Bakewell & Campbell 
Barton, John 
"*Beeson, Richard 
Bell, D. W. & A. S. 
Bell, Algernon S. 
Bell, David W. 
Black & Washington 
Bingham, Thomas J. 
Black, Samuel W. 
Brady, Jasper E. 
*Breckenridge, A. 
*Breckenridge, H. M. 
Bruce, David D. 

Buchanan, James W. 
*Buckmaster, N. 
Burgwin, O. H. 
Burke, Andrew 
*Burns, A. M. 
Callen, James 
Campbell, Benjamin B. 
Carnahann, Robert B. 
*Christy, James M. 
Cochran, James T. 
Collier, Frederick H. 
Cossett, D. C. 
Courtney, William S. 
Courtney & Leslie 
Cowen, Richard 
Coyle, John 
Craft, James S. 
*Craig, N. B. 
*Curry, Daniel N 



-Dallas, W. W. 
'D;iiliiigton, William M. 
Darragh, Cornelius 
Darrairh & Mellon 
*Denny, W. H. 
Dunlevy, Jaines A. 
Dunlop, James 
Durbmrow, A. J. 
Ewing, William D. 
Ewing & Hazen 
Eyster, Christian S. 
Fetlennan, Gilbert L. B. 
Fetterman. N. P. 
Flanegiu, Francis P. 
Flanesin, Hasbrouck 
Foster, A. W. 
Franklin, James S. 
Frew, Samuel 
Friend, William C. 
*Gazzam, Ed. D. 
Gill, S. B. W. 
Gilmore, George F. 
Glenn, John 
Guyer, Stephen H. 
Hale, James VV. 
Hall. James W. 
Hamilton, George P. 
Hamilton, John S. 
Hamilton, J. S. & T. B. 
Hamilton, Thomas B. 
Hampton, John H. 
tHamptoii, Moses 
^Harper, Leekey 
Hasbrouck, Cicero 
Hays, Charles M. 
Hazen, U. H. 
Heidelberg, Ernest 
Hepburn, C. 
Hepburn, Hopewell 
Be^lep, John D. 
Hopkins, John H. 
Howard, Thomas 
Howard, William, Jr. 
Irwin, \Villiam W. 
*John3, Leonard S. 
*Johnston, Frank 
Jones, Edward P. 
Jones &. Stowe 
Keenan, Thomas J. 
Kennedy, James K. 
Kennedy, Thomas 
Kerr, James F. 
Kirkpatrick, John M. 
Kirkpatrick &. Robb 
Knox, .loseph 
Kuhu, James I. 
Large, John R. 
Leslie, William O. 
Loomis, C. O. 
Loomis, Andrew W. 
tLowrie, Walter H. 
Magee, C. L. 
Mahon, J<ihn D. 
*Marks. Alti-ed W. 
Marshall, Thomas M. 
,*McBride, Michael 
McCarthy, James 
McCandless, William 
McCandless, Wilson 
McCalmont, A. B. 
McCalmont & Keenan 
McConnell, Thomas 
McClowry, John N. 
tMcClure, W. B. 
McGregor, James 
McKnight, Robert 
'Mc Master, Andrew 
■'Markle, Lafayette 
Mellon, John 
Mellon & Neglcy 

Mellon, Thomas 
Miller, Alexander H. 
Mitchell, John S. 
Mitchell & Palmer 
Morrison, J. S. 
Naylor, Charles 
Negley, William B. 
Palmer, Samuel 
Patrick, W. W. 
Penney, J. P. 
Penney & Sterrett 

Porter, Robert 
Reed, David 
Riddell, John W. 
Rippe}-, Oliver H. 
Robb, Charles W. 
Robb, Robert 
Robb & McConnell 
Roberts, Richard B. 

Roberts, Samuel A. 

Robinson, George L. 
Robinson, William O. H. 
Rodgers, Dani'l 
Ross, Samuel P. 
Rotrock, J. W. 
Ritchie, David 
Rutzer, A. W. 
Sawyer, James B. 
Scully, Chailes B. 
Selden. George S. 
Sew^U, James H. 
Shaler, Charles 
*Shaler, Clarence 
Shaler, Charles & Co. 
tShannon, Peter C. 
Shinn, Thornton A. 
Shinn, William M. 
Sliker, Joseph 

Sliker & Heslep 

Slagle. J. F. 
*Simpson, Edward 
*Smith, Charles G. 
Smith, C. B. M. 
nowden, Edmund 

Stanton, Edv?in M. 

Sterritt, James P. 

Stewart, Matthew J. 

Stewart & Gill 

Stow, E. H. 

Sweitzer, Jacob B. 

*Tassey, William D. 

Todd, E. Bradford 

Todd & Smith 

Umbstaetter, Tbeobold 

Washington, Augustus 

Washington, Reade 

Watson, Alexander JL 

* Watson, George 

Watson, George, Jr. 

*Watson, Robert 

Weaver, Joseph 

White, J VV. F. 

Whitesell, J. 

Wilkius, Hu-h Brady 

'■Wilkins, William 

fWilliams, Henry W. 

Williams, Thomas 

Wills, John A. 

Wilson, William 

Woods, Robert 

Woods, Stephen 

Armstrong County. 

Freetly, Joseph 

Fullerton, James B. 
McCulloch, James A. 


oggs, Jackson 
*Brown, Robert E. 

Buffingtoii, E. 
Buffington, Joseph 
Cantwell, L. S. 
Calhoun, J. K. 
Donnelly, James 
Fulton, J. Alexander 
Golden, Edward S. 
Golden, James C. 

Harrison, Samuel 
Lee & Golden 
Lee, Horatio N. 
Mcllhenny, Thomas 
Mechling, Franklin 
Phelps, Darwin 
Reynolds, Jefferson 

Rodgers, George 
Rohrer, John W. 
Sherwell, Samuel 
Smith, George W. 
Smith, Robert W. 
Stewart, James 
Turney, Thomas T. 

Beaver County. 

tAgnew, Daniel 
Allison, James 
*Allison, John 
*Elos6, C. W. 
Clarke, William B. 
Coughey, S. W. W. 
'Cunningham, N. W. 
Cunningham, Thomas 
'Dunham, Sylvester 
Gaither, Samuel 
Oliphant, E. P. 
Roberts, Richard P. 
Shannon, John R. 
Welch, Moses B. 
Wilson, Joseph H. 
Wilson, Samuel B. 

New Brigkton. 
Chamberlin, Brown B. 

Bedford County. 

Ake, Samuel 
Blodget, John A. 
Boyd, Thomas A. 
Cessna, John 
Cessna & Shannon 
Hall, William M. Jr. 
Jordan, Francis 
King, Alexander 
King & Jordan 
Lyon, William 
Mann, Job 
Mower, John 
Reed, John P. 
Russell, James M. 
Russell, Samuel L. 
Russell & Boyd 
Schell, W. P. 
Shannon, Oliver E. 
Tate, Samuel H. 

Berks County. 

Baird, William M. 
Banks, John 
Banks, John A. 
Barclay, George G. 
|Bell, J. Bowman 



*Bell, Samuel 
*Betz, William 
*Boas, Augustus F. 
Boyer, Michael P. 
Clymer, Kdward M. 
*Darling, William 
Davis. Charles 
Davis, De Puy I. 
Donagaii, James 
Dunn, James L. 
Filbert, Peter 
Filbert, William F. 
*Getz, J. Lawrence 
Gordon, David F. . 
Green, Albert G. 
Hagenman, J. 
Hennershotz, A. Lucius 
Hiester, William M. 
Hofiman, Jacob 
*Hubley, E. B. 
Jones, J. Glancy 
tJones, J. Pringle 
*Keim, George M. 
Keim, George De B. 
Livingood, Jacob S. 
McKenty, Jacob K. 
Mengle, Matthias 
Miller, Anthony F. 
Miller, Franklin B. 
Morris, Thomas 
Muhlenburgh, H. A. 
*Pearson, Edv^ard P. 
Richards, John S. 
Rhoads, Ilenry 
Robeson. Charles K. 
Sallade, Andrew M. 
Sallade, Jacob M. 
Schoener, William B. 
Smith, Edmund L. 
Smith, Ilenry W. 
*Smith, J. Bright 
*Spayd, Joseph H. 
Strong, William 
Swartz, A. Jordan 
Van Reed, Henry 
Wagner, C. Oscar 
Wanner, Joel B. 
Young, Samuel L. 
Zimmerman, E. R. 

Blair County. 

Banks, Thaddeus 
Belch, J. E. 
*Bell, James M. 
Blair, Samuel S. 
Erotherline, John 
Calvin, Samuel 
Ci-esswell, John, Jr. 
Coflfey, George A. 
Hammond, E. 
Hofius, David H. 
Hofius & Belch 
Kemj), Joseph 
KemiJ & Coffey 
*Leet, Jonathan D. 
Lowrie, Jonathan R. 
McDowell, Thomas C. 
McMurtrie, R. Alison 
Thompson, John W. 
Wallace, Robert 
* Williams, William 

Bradford Connty. 

Baird, H. C. 
Canfield, J. E. 
Evans, Isaac 
*Herrick, Edward 

Greenman, M. H. 
McAlpin, H. 
Overton, De Alanson 
Patrick, H. W. 
Reeve, J. B. 
Tozer, Ralph 
*Welle3, J. H. 
Williston, Horace 

Case, M. H. 

Bullock, Darius 
Pierce, L. H. 

Smead, Thomas 

Kellum. Charles 

Adams, John C. 
Baird, E. W. 
Barstow, D. F. 
Booth, Plenry 
*Ca8h, David 
Elwell, William 
Madill, H. 
Mcfarlano, James 
Mercur, Ulysses 
Morrow, Paul 
*Myer, Hiram 
Overton, Edward 
*Patton, William 
*Sandereon, George 
*Ward, C. L. 
Watkins, William 
Watkins, G. H. 
tWilmot, David 

Parsons, E. B. 
Peck, William H. 
Pierce, Stephen 
Smith, Francis 

*Elsbre, Nathan 

■*Scott, William 

Bucks Connty. 

Gilkyson, A. W. 
Swain, A. 

Carver, Elias 
*Chapman, A. 
Chapman, Henry 
DuBois, Ch. E. 
Gilkeson, A. W. 
Gilkyson, James 
Hart, George 
James, N. C. 
Lear, George 
Lloyd, E. M. 
Michener, G. H. 
Pugh, John B. 
Roberts, S. L. 
Ross, Thomas 
Watson, R. 
Yardley, M. 

Fackenthall, B. Franklin 

New Hope. 
Mellin, Robert 
*Murry, Thomas S. 

Thompson, Lewis B. 

Bntler County. 

Blakeley, Archibald 
Bredin, Edward M. 
Bredin, James 
Bredin, James M. 
Foetz, Samuel M. 
Gilmore, Alfred 
Gilmore & Graham 
Graham, John 

Haslett, William 

McBride, Francis 
McJunkin, Ebenezer 
McLaughlin, Dunlap 
' Mechlin g. Christian 
Mitchell, Lewis Z. 
Negley, John H. 
Purviance, John N. 
I'urviance, Samuel A. 
Smith, George W. 
Smith & Mitchell 
Sullivan, Charles C. 
Sullivan, John M. 
Tumblin, William 
'■Ziegler, Jacob 

Cambria County. 

Albright, Charles 
Fenlon, John 
Fenlon & Heyer 
flasson, Michael 
Heyer, Charles H. 
Hutchinson, Ed. Jr. 
Johnston, Robert L. 
Kittell, William 
Magehan, Michael Dan. 
McDonald, Joseph 
Reed, George M. 
Webster, Charles W. 
Wingard, Samuel C. 
Wingard, Charles W. 

Barnes, J. F. 
Canan, Moses 
Heyer. Theophilus L. 
Kopelin, Abraham 
McCormick, S. B. 
Pershing, Cyrus L. 
Potts, James 

*Burn6, Henry A. 

Carbon County. 

Beaver Meadow. 
Boileau, Thomas L. 

Mauch Chunk. 
Burnham, H. B. 
Bntler, William H. 
Foster, Thomas L. 
Siewers, J. H. 
Struthers, James R. 
Wheeler, O. H. 

Centre County. 

Blanchard, Edmund 



Eoal, Dai-id C. 
Brown, William W. 
fBurntide, James 
Currin, Andrew G. 
Durbam, Robert G. 
Hale, James T. 
Linn, Samuel 
Lourimore, A. V. 
McAllister, H. N. 
MacManus, James 
Petriken, E. Rush 
Rankin, James H. 
Reynolds, Samuel H. 
'Valentine, Bond 
Wilson, William P. 

Chester County. 

New London Cross Roads. 
♦Wheeler, William 

Kimes, Levi 

West Chester. 
Baily, John P. 
Bell, Thomas S. 
Bell & Waddell 
Bowen, John S. 
Brinton, John H. 
Bull, James H. 
Butler, William 
Darlington, 'William Henry 
Darlington. William 
Everhart, James B. 
Futhey, J. Smith 
tHaines, Townsend 
Hemphill, Joseph 
Hickman, John 
James, Francis 
*Kjnnard. James M. 
Lewis, E. J. 
Lewis, Joseph J. 
Meredith, James M. 
Monasjhan, Robert E. 
Pearce, George W. 
Pennypacker, Uriah V. 
Pettit, John D. 
Pyle, B. Franklin 
Pyle, Isaac D. 
♦Roberts, John F. 
Rush, Samuel • 
Rutter, John 
Smith, P. Frazer 
Thomas, Samuel B. 
♦Townsend, Washington 
Waddell, W. B. 
WOliamson, William 
Wilson, Joseph P. 

Clarion County. 

Barker, A. S. 
Ban, W. W. 
Boggg, James 
Campbell, James 
Campbell & Lamberton 
Corbett, William L. 
Corbett & Sutton 
Knox, James 
Lamberton, C. L. 
Lathy, George W. 
Lathy & BosTt's 
tMcCalmont, John S. 
Myers, Amos 
Sutton, Robert 

Clearfield County. 

I Barrett, George R. 

Crans, Lewis Jackson 
Cuttle, John L. 
Gordon. J. Bid die 
♦Hurxthall, Ferdin P. 
McEnally, Joseph B. 
Smith, Josiah W. 
Wallace, William A. 
* Weaver, John F. 

Clinton County. 

Lode Haven. 
Atwood, N. L. 
Beardsley, H. T. 
Flint, Henry M. 
Luik, D. M. 
Mackey, L. A. 
.Mackey & Abrams 
Mayer, Charles A. 
Morrison, B. W. • 

White & Quiggle 

Coiumbia County. 

*Headley, Samuel F. 
Jackson, M. E. 
Little, E. M. 
Stewart, Franklin 

Buckalew, Charles R. 
Clark, Robert F. 
Freeze, John G. 
Hurley, William G. 
Kahler, Oliver G. 
Weaver, Reuben W. 

Thompson, Elisha G. 

Cravrford County. 

BilUngs, H. A. 
♦Power, C. B. 

Bridgen, J. W. 
Brooks, Thomas N. 
Church, Gaylord 
CuUum, Arthur 
Davis, William H. 
♦Derickson, Charles 
Derickson, Dai-id 
Farrelly, D. M, 
Finney, D. A. 
Hecker, George W. 
Huidekoper, Alfred 
Pettis, S. Newton 
♦Reynolds, John, Sr. 
Reynolds, William 
Richmond, A. B. 
Richmond, Hiram L 
Williamson, George 
♦Van Horn, Thomas 

Cumberland County. 

Biddle, Thonl«s M. 
Biddle, William M. 
Bonham, J. Ellis 
♦Brown, William T. 
Cole, George B. 
Colwell, James S. 
Colwell, & McClure 
GuUagher, Hugh 
tGraham, James H. 
♦Hamilton, James 

Henderson, Robert M. 
HeiJburn, Samuel 
Hepburn, S. <Sc. W. 
Hepburn, William 
"Lvon, George A. 
McClure, Robert P. 
♦Metzear, George C. 
MillerT William'H. 
Moore, Carson C. 
Parker, John B. 
Penrose, William M. 
Penrose Sc Cain 
♦Porter, William M. 
Ritner, Jacob 
Sharp. A. B. 
Shearer, W. J. 
Smith, James R. 
Todd, Lemuel 
Watts, Fredeiick 
♦Warts, William M. 
Watts & Parker 

Cain, George E., Jr. 
McClure, Robert P. 

Dauphin County. 

AUeman, Samuel 
Alricks, Hamilton. 
Alricks, Hennen 
Ayres, William 
Berryhill. John H. 
Bishop, \Villiam T. 
Boas, Frederick C. 
Briggs, John H. 
Brooks, De Witt C. 
Brown, John W. 
Carson, Francis G. 
Dimick, L. G, 
Emerson, George F. 
Etter, B. F. 
Fisher, John Adams 
Fleming, Dai-id 
Forster, John M., Sr. 
Forster, John M., Jr. 
Fox, James 
Graydon, H. Murray 
Hamilton, William A. 
Harris, George, W. 
Herr, Andrew Jackson 
Jordan, Thomas J. 
Johnston, William Y. 
Kunkel, John C. 
Knox, George W. 
Lamberton'Robert A. 
Lawrence, Wilham C. A. 
McAllister, Richard 
McComiick, James 
McKinney, Morddcai 
Mumma, David, Jr. 
Parke, Benjamin 
Rawn, Charles C. 
Roberts, John 
Sedgwick, P. C. 
Seller, George A. C. 
Shell, Cornelius M. 
Wood, H. B. 

Delaware County. 

Broomall, John M. 
Hannum, Robert E. 
Maddock, Thomas H. 

Bishop, Jesse 
Darlington, Edward 



Levis, Ezra, Jr. 
Manly, Charles D. 
Morris, J. 11. 

■*Palmer, George 

1 Griffith, Jesse W. 
■'Leiper, Thomas 

Elk Coimty. 

Chapin & Mickcl 
Chapin, S. C. 
*Horton, Charles 
Mickel, Reuben 
Pattieon, H. A. 
Souther, Henry- 

Erie County. 

Phelps, Mortimer 
Terry, H. R. 

Babbit, Elijah 
Babbitt & Kelso 
Caughey, A. H. 
*Douglass, John W. 
Dunlap, James D. 
*ElUott, George A. 
tGalbraith, John 
Galbraith, William A. 
Graham, Carson 
Grant, Benjamin 
Gunnison, Jonas 
Johnson, J. B. 
*Kelley, William 
Kelso, Charles W. 
Kelso, William C. 
Laird, Wilson 
Lane, William S. 
McCreary, Daniel B. 
Marshall, J. C. 
Marshall & Vincent 
*Reed, C. M. 
Reid, James C. 
*Sill, Thomas H. 
Sill, James 
*Smith, S. Mervin 
Spencer, S. S. 
Thompson & Grant 
Thompson, James 
Vincent, John P. 
Walker, John H. 
♦Wallace, Irvin M. 
Wetmoro, J. W. 
Whallon, Murray 

Cutler, George H. 
Woodruti; S. E. 

Benson, William 

Fayette County. 

Dawson, John L. 
Hurd, Seth T. 
Krapps, Joan B. 

Davidson, Thomas B, 

Mc Clellandtown. 
Parehall, William 

Fuller, John, Jr. 

U iiiontown. 
* Austin, John M. 
*Beeson, Charles H. 
Bierer, Everhart 
Dawson, Ellis B. 
Dawson, John 
Deford, John H. 
Downer, Daniel 
*Evans, Samuel 
Ewing, John Kennedy 
*Ewing, Nathaniel 
Fleniken, Robert P. 
Fuller. Amzi S. 
Galloway, Robert T. 
tGilmSre. Samuel A. 
Hopwood, Rice G. 
Howell, Alfred 
Howell, Joshua B. 
Howell, J. B. & A. 
Kaine, Daniel 
McLean, James 
Miller, Jacob B. 
*Morris, James A. 
Oliphant, Samuel D. , 

Patterson & Kaine 
Patrick, J. N. 
Patterson, Alfred 
Piper, James 
Searight, Thomas B. 
*Stewart, Andrew 
Veech, James 
Wells, William P. 
Wilson, Alpheus E. 

Forrest County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Franklin County. 

Adams, William 
Bonner, B. B. 
Brewer, George W. 
Carlisle, Thomas M. 
^Chambers, George 
Clarke, Lyman S. 
Cornyn, A. K. 
Crooks, Washington 
Douu'las, J. N. 
Fletcher, Thomas L. 
Forrey, Samuel 
Kennedy, Thomas B. 
McCauley, Isaac H. 
McClinlock, James 
McLanahan, James X. 
McLellan, William 
Nill, James 
Pteilly, Wilson 
Robinson, Lavid F. 
Ross, James S. 
Sharp, John McDowell 
Smith, Frederick 
Smith, A. H. 

Rankin, A. N. 

Rice, Perry A. 

Fulton County. 

Mc Connell-hurg. 
Boggs, J. B. 

Cline, Andrew J. 
Filler, J H. 
Mason, Solomon 

Greene County. 

Babbitt, William H. 
Bird, Rhoderic Dhu 
Black, Charles A. 
Black & Phelan 
Burson, Thomas, Jr. 
Buchanan, James A. J. 
Crawford, David, Jr, 
Downey, Robmson W. 
Downey & Rowe 
Flenniken, John C. 
Flennilien & Crawford 
*Ingram, Arthur 
Rhelan, John 
Purman, Andrew A. 
'Roberts, Lewis 
Rowe, Lewis D. 
Sayers, Ezra M. 
Wells, John H. 
VVyly, George L. 

Huntingdon County. 

*Green, S. Miles 

♦Anderson, John P. 
Blair, David 
Campbell, Thomas P. 
'Cremer, Theodore H. 
Dorris, William, Jr. 
Fisher, Isaac 
*Glasf;ow, Samuel 8. 
Miles^John G. 
Mile.'? & Dorris 
Orbi^^on, William P. 
"Orbison, William 
Petriken, R. Bruce 
Prowell, John N. 
Reed, John 
Scott, John, Jr. 
Scott & Swoope 
*Setle, James 
Stewart, J. Sewell 
Swoope, H. Bucher. 
tTaylor, George 
Wharton, S. S. 
Williamson, John 
WiUon, Andrew P. 
Wilson &, Petriken 

Brovm, Samuel T. 

Indiana County. 

Bonnin, George W. 
McCabe, R. R. 

Banks, William 
Carpenter, Ephraim 
Cofl'ey, Titian J. 
Douglas, Samuel 
Drum, Augustxis 
Myers, John 
Paige, Edmund 
Reed, G. P. 
*Stannard, Daniel 
Stanard, John 
Stewart, William M. 
Taylor, A. W. 
Taylor, Alexander 




Todd, William A. 
White & Coffey 
White, Thomas 
Young, Joseph J. 

Wier, Hu-h W. 
Drum &, Weir 

Jeffersou Coimty. 

Andrews, lieorge W. 
Anhers, Richard 
Bishop, Samuel B. 
Brady, Hu<,'h 
Gordon, Isaac G. 
'Heath, Elijah 
Jenks, William P. 
Lucas <t Itod^eis 
Lucas, BenJHiiun F. 
McCachan, James 
Rodgers, Lorenzo D 
*Shippen, l-.dward 
Wise, William W. 
Zeiger, George W. 
Zeiger & McCachan 

Barclay, David 
Coxson, John K. 

Juniata Count}-. 

Christy, Jacob A. 
Doty, E. S. 
Hench, Samuel E. 
Mathers, John H. 
Pai-ker, Andrew 
Sharon, J. D. 

I^ancastcr County. 

Elder, William H 
Gossler, Phillip 
''Houston, John F 
North, H. M. 
Pearce, Cromwell 

Gross, Jacob L. 

Lancaster City. 
Amwake, Jacob B. 
Amweg, William S. 
'Bachman, Jonas D. 
Baker, Daniel G. 
Black, James 
Brown, William W. 
Burrowes, Thomas H. 
Champneys, Benjamin 
Champneys, Edward 
'Dennes, Charles 
Dickey, Oliver J. 
Ditmars, A. D. 
Donnelly, Patrick 
Ellmaker, Isaac N. 
Ellmaker, Nathaniel 
Eshleman, Da\-id G. 
Eshleman, John J 
Ford, George 
Fordney, William B 
Franklin, Emlen 
Franklin, Thomas E. 
Prazer, Reah 


*Hackenburg, J. E. 
Hayes, Alexander L. 
*Herbst, Charles 
Herr, Benjamin 
Hiestand, John A. 
Hi ester, Isaac E. 
Hood, Alexander H. 
*Kauffman, Edward M. 
Keenan, Francis 
Kline, Geoige M. 
Landis i Bfack 
Landis, Jesse 
*Lefevre, Christian H. 
tLewis, Ellis 
Lightner, Isaac N. 
Livingston, John B. 
tLong, Henry G. 
Mathiot, WilUam 
Meckley, John W. 
*Montgomery, J. R, 
Myers^ Henry S 
Neti; A. J. 
Parke, Samuel 
Patterson. David W. 
Reigart, Emanuel C. 
Reigart, James H. 
Reynolds, James L. 
Shaefiej-, BartramA. 
Slaymaker, Amos 
Smith, Abraham Herr 
Stevens, Simon 
Stavens, Thaddeus 
Swarr, Hiram B. 
Swope, Zuricl 
*Thompson, John L. 
tVondersmith, D. B. 
I Wade. Henry A. 
Walker, John S. 
Whiteside, William 
Winel, H. A. 
Wilson, William R. 
*Withers, George B. 

McPhail, William Y. 

Lawrence County. 

Ayres, Jonathan 
Craig, David 
Dana, S. W. 
Gilleland, Robert 
Hoffman, John 
Johnston, James W, 
Johnson & Dana 
McCombs, R. B. 
McGuflin, L. L. & J. N. 
McGuffin, John NafiF 
McGuflin, Lawrence L. 
Picket, Benjamin B. 
Pollock, James 
Taylor, Lewis 
Watson, George W. 

iSew Bedford. 
Rodgers, Alexander W. 

Liebanon County. 

Boughter, .Amos R. 
Funk, Josiah 
Killinger, John W. 
Kline, Levi 
Mish, John W. 
Ulrich, John W. 
'Weidman, Jacob B. 
Weidman, John 

Lehigh County. 

Bridges, Samuel A. 
Forrest, Elisha 
King, Henry 
Lonsnecker, H C 
Mohr, E. J. 
Keese, J. S. 
Runk, C. M, 
Stiles, J.D. 
Wright, R. E. 

Cooper, Charles W. 

Luzerne County. 

Byrne, Peter 
Bush, £. Silliman 
Cannavan, Jlaitia 
Dart, Alfred 
Gritman, P. C. 
Jones, Lewis 
Lathrope, Dwight N. 
Lathrope ifc Jones 
"Meredith, Thomas 

Miller, Seward E 
Wurts, William 

Wilson, Amzi 

Hyde Park. 
Alexander, J. M 
Ward, W. G. 

Pittston Ferry. 
"Chapman, Charles J. A 
Turner, Edwin M. 

Providence Borough 
Koon, David S. 
Randall, David 
Rankin, Daniel 

Hodgdon, Samuel 
rLeavenwoi th, F. J, 
Peckham, Danforth L. 


Beaumont, William F. 

Kennett, Charles 

Bowman, Caleb F. 

Brundage, Asa S. 

Collins, Oristus 

*Conyngham, John N. 

Covell, Edward M. 

Dana, Edmund L. 

Denison, Charles 
Dyer, Thomas 

Fuller, Henry M. 

Hakes, Lyman 

Harding, Garrick M. 

Harvey, E. B. 

Hoyt, Henry 
Jackson, Angelo 

Jenkins, Steuben 
Ketcham, Wiuthrop W. 
Kidder, L. 
*Lee, W. 

Loveland, George W. 
Maxwell, Volney L. 
McCarragher, Samuel 
McClintock, Andrew T 
*Mill3, John B. 
"^Miner, William Penn 
Nicholson, George B. 
Patrick, David L. 
Pettibone, Henry 



Pike, Charles 
Stout, Asher M. 
Sturdevant, Eben. W. 
Shoemaker, Lazarus D. 
Slocum. Jonathan J. 
'Wells, George H. 
*Wells, Henry H. 
Wright, Caleb E. 
Wright, Hendrick B. 
Wright, Harrison 
tWoodward, George W. 
Woodward, Warren J. 

liycoming County. 

Jersey Shore. 
Gamble & Hepburn 
Gamble, James 
Hepburn, Huston 
Laporte, Charles M. 
Morrison, Samuel G. 

Boal, George F. 
Cummings, Henry J. B. 
Emery, Charles D. 
Ellis, William C. 
Hawley, Kobert 
Johnson, Henry 
Petrikin, John M. B. 
Petrikin & Hawley 

*Anthony, Daniel'G. 
Armstrong, J. 
Campbell, Francis C. 
Eldred, Charles D. 
Fleming, Robert 
Heiseley, John W. 
Hughes, John 
Lloyd, Clinton 
Maynard & Willard 
Maynard, John W. 
McClure, Hepburn 
McKlnney, John M. 
Piatt, Robert F. 
Scates, Charles W. 
Watson, Oliver 
White, George 
Willard, William W. 
Wilson, Adolphus D. 
Younginan, George W. 

McKean County- 

Aldrich, Mason W. 
Backus, John B. 
Curtis, Charles B. 
Goodrich & Aldrich 
Goodrich, N. W. 
Hamlin, O. J., & Brother 
Hamlin, O. J. 
Hamlin, B. D. 
Williams, W. A. 

Mercer County. 

Cook, Archibald 
^Cunningham, Thomas S. 
De Camp, George W. 
Defrance, Robert M- 
Griffith, Samuel 
Griffith & Trunkey 
Hoge, John 
Holstein, Samuel 
Mason, Samuel R. 
Maxwell, William 
McDermitt, A. 

McGill, John D. 
McKnight, William 
Mourer, D. J. 
Pearson, Johnson 
Pvankin, Robert C. 
Snyder, Abraham H. 
Stephenson, William M. 
Stewart, William 
Trunkey, John 

Buchanan, William P. 

McCoy, D. C. 

West Greenville. 
Baskin, Benjamin F. 
Carskiiadden, G. W. 
Gillespie, A. D. 
Waugh, William 

Mifflin County. 

Alexander, Joseph 
Banks, Ephraim 
Benedict. E. L. 
Candor. David 
Elder, G. W. 

Irwin, William H. 
Jacobs, Andrew P. 
Jacobs, William J. 
Parker, Joseph W. 

haw, John W. 
Spotswood, Charles C. 
Walters, II. J. 
tWilson, Abraham S. 
Woods, Samuel S. ' 

Monroe County. 

Barry, Abraham 
Burnet, Samuel C. 
Davis, William 
Dimmick, Milo M. 
Dimmick & Dreber 
Dreher, Samuel S. 
Walton, James H. 

Montgomery Co. 

|*Neide, Joseph 

Weaver, Abram 

Browne, G. Blight 

Boyd, James 
Boyer, B. M. 
Breitenbach, J. R. 
Chain, B. E. 
Fox, G. R. 
*Freedley, Henry 
Gait, Z. T. 
Garber, C. H. 
Hancock, B. F. 
Hancock, H. B. 
Hobart, J. H. 
Hunsicker, Joseph W. 
Kraus^, David 
McNair, John 
*Mulvany, D. H. 
Potts, Benedict D. 
Powell, B. 

Powell, William 
Rich. S. N. 
Stinson, C. H. 
"Thomas, Israel 

Montour County. 

Baldy, E. H. 
Comly, Joshua W. 

Cooper, John 

Frick, George A. 
Galbraith, Tliomas J. 
Jobnfton, William C. 
Leidy, Paul 
Montgomery, John G. 
Rhodes, Benneville K. 

Northampton Co. 

Baldy, Peter 
Broadhead, Charles 
Brodhead, Richard— (U. S. 

Brown, Alexander E. 
Brown, Robert S. 
Browne, William J. 
Cook, S. C. jr. 
Cooley, Samuel L. 
*Davis, Josiah 
Fox, Edward J. 
Goepp, Jlax 
Green, Henry 
*Hackett, William 
Ihrie, Peter 
Johnson, Philip 
Jones, M. H. 

tMcCartney, Washington 
Maxwell, Henry D. 
Michler, Frank 
Mutchler, H. M. 
Mayers, O. H. 
Porter, James Jt. 
Porter & Goepp 
Reeder, Andrew H. 
tSebring, William 
Sherwood, John M. 
[Shimer, Sylvanus 
Sitgreaves, Charles 
Sitgreaves, Edwin 
Steckel, H. W. 
Stout, C. M. 
Stout, George W. 
Waysandt, Jacob 
VVolt; Horace E- 
Yates, George W. 

Northumberland Co. 

Guffy, A. J. 

Brown, L Woods 
Franklin, B. 
"Hepburn, Samuel 
Kutz, Charles A. 
Lawson, William C. 
Pollock, James 
Porter, John 
Tharp, C. W. 
Woltinger, John F. 

Taggart, David 

Bellas, Hugh 
Bruner, Charles J. 



*Dewart, William L. 
Bonncl, PleiiiT- 
Greenouuh, William I. 
tHegins, Ciiarles W. 
t.Iordan, Alexander 
Masser, Henry B. 
Packer, John B. 
Peale, Samuel R. 
Pleasants, Charles 
Rockefeller, William M. 
8hindel, M. L. G. 
Wolverton, Horatio J. 

Youngman, John 

Perry CotiMty. 

*Devor, James H. 

*Leonard, E. B. 
Nob Bloomfiel'l. 
Anderson, A. B. 

Philadelphia CoiiiUy. 


Comyn, Paul 
Gaiilt, Daniel 
lunkin, B. F. 
McClintock, J. 
Mclntire, B. 
Mclntire, Charles J. 
Mclntire & .Son 
Miller, W. H- 
Spousler, \V. A. 

Carlisle, J. D. 

Abbott, William H. Iti North 7th st 
Abrams, Joseph, 4:i North 5th st 
Adams, Frederick M. 162 Pine st 
tAllison, Joseph, n. e, cor. ~th and Noble sts 
Anable, Courtland \V. 3') t^outh 5th st 
Ange, Clinton 

Arey, Henry W. 153 South 9th st 
Armstrong, Edward, 1(J8 South 4th st 
Arundel, George W. 1 52 Walnut st 
Arundel, James M. 89 Sassafras st 
Arundel, Robert J. 89 Sassafras st 
Ash, George W. s. w. cor. 7th & Wood sts 
Ash, Michael W. 47:i N. 10th st 
Ashmead, George L. 11(5 Walnut st 
Ashmead, John VV. 155 Walnut st 
Austin, Samuel H. 63 S. 7tli st 
Badger, Edmund R. 110 S. 3rd st 
Badger, William, 110 S. 3rd st 
Baker, William D. 131 Vine st 
Bald, J. Dorsey, 24 S. 5th st 
Banning, William L. 24 S. Sch st 
Barclay, James J. New Atheueum 
Barry, Joseph B. 93 S. 3rd st 
Baugh, Franklin, 3 Morgan st 
Bayard, James, 159 Walnut st 
Bayard, R. H. 159 Walnut st 
Beard, D. A. 

Beers, James D. 44 N. 5th st 
Belsterling, John F. 294 N. 3rd st 
Bennett, James D. 49 N. 6th st 
Benton, Stephen 

Bethell, Robt. 33 S. 5th st, below Chestnut st 
Biddle, Chapman, 47 S. 5th st. 
Biddle, Charles J. 57 S. 7tli st 
Biddle, Clement, jr. 8 York Buildings 
Biddle, Craig, 57 S. 7th st 
Biddle, George VV. 30 S. 5th st 
Biddle, J. Williams, 177 Walnut st 
Biddle, Thomas, jr. 6 Merchants Exchange 
*Binney, Horace, 85 S. 4th st 
Binney, Horace, jr. 61 S. 6th st 
Binney, William, 26 Washington square 
Black, Samuel 
Bleight, John D. 24 S. 5th st 
Bohlen, Jolin, jr. n. w. bth and Walnut'st 
Boone, William F. 556 Vine st 
Borden, E. P. 104 S. 5th st 
Bradford, Vincent L. 5 Sansom st 
Brewster, Benjamin H. 130 S. 3rd st 
Brewster, Enoch C. 48 S. 6th st 
Brewster, Francis E. 50 S. 6th st 
Brewster, Frederick C. 48 S. 6th st 
Brewster,* Joseph S. 65 S. 5th st 
Brighlly, Frederick C. 1 Goldsmith Hall 
Brinckle. Joshua G. 12 N. 7th st 
Brinton, John F. 22 N. 7th st 
Brock, J.B. 152 Walnut st 
Brodhead, John, 155 Walnut st 
Broom, Jacob, Crammond st, (W. P.) 
Brown, David Paul, 249 Walnut st 
Brown, David Paul, jr. 45^- S. 5th st 
Brown, Nathaniels. 430 N. 11th st 
Brown, Robert E. 45^ S. 5th st 
Brown, William Linn, 50 N. 7th st 

Browne, Gi'or^re B. 

Browne, N. B.'33 S. 5t!i st 

*Browne, Peter A. 331 Walnut st, 

Budtl, .1. D. 169 Walnut st 

Budd. Thomas A. 169 Walnut st 

Hulkl.-y- Chauncey,- 20 Prune st 

Bull. \Villiam M. 55 S. 4th st 

Bull i It, .1. C. 37 S. 3rd st 

Bullitt &. l<'ai!thornp, 37 S. 3rd et 

Burton, Arthur M. 101 S. 5th st 

Byrrlv, Edward. 30 S. 5th st 

Cadwalader, John, 114 S. 4th st 

Campbell. Edward S. 207 N. 6th st 

Campbell, Georire, 2U3 Midberry st 

Campbell, James, 49 S. 6th st 

Campbell, John H. 188 N. 6th st 

Camjiliell, St. George T. 94 S. 4th tt 

Canning, M. s. e. 5th and Library sts 

(Carver, Samuel, B. w. Uth and Filbert sts 

L'ais, Patrick 

Casaday, Lewis C. 130 S. 3rd st 

Ca.¥tle, James H. 33 S. 5th st 

Chapron, John B.49 S. 6th st 

Chase, Edwin T. 30 S. 5th st 

Chauncey, Nathaniel, 89 Walnut st 

Clarksou, Joseph G. 

Clay & Jones, 47 S. 5th st 

Clay, Jos. A. 47 S. 5th st 

Clayton, John, 179 W^alnut st 

Cohen, Jos. S. 7 State House 

Colahan, John B, 78 S. 8th st 

Coleman, Henry '!'. 56 S. 6th st 

Collins, George C. s e. 6th and Locust sts 

Collins, J. M. 35 S. 6th st 

(Conrad, Robert T. s. e. 10th and Morgan sts 

Coult, J. H. 

(voxe, Edmund S. Walnut above Cth st 

Coyle, Alexander C. 92 N. 6th st 

Crabbe, William H. 197 Walnut st 

Craig, J. N. 

Cramond, Henry, 149 Walnut st 
Crans, Peter, 300 S. 5th st 
Crowell, Thomas E. 57 Prune st 

Cuyler, Theodore, 3 York Buildings 

Dallas, George M. 259 Walnut st 

Dallas, Phillip N. 55 S. 5th st 

Davkl, E W. 

Davis, O. Wilson, 103 INIer. Library Buildina 

Dean, William F. 103 Walnut st 

De Havilaud, J. Von S. 196 Spruce st 

Diubl, Thoma.s J. 134 S. 6th st 

Devereux, John J. 

Dickerson, Joseph R. 74 S. 6th st 

Dickerson, William R. 47 S. 6th st 

*Dilliugham, William H. 385 Mulberry st 

Donnelly, Ignatius 

Donagau, Pilchard, 74 S. 4th et 

*Donath, James A. 8 S. 7th st 

Doran, Jos. M. 289 S. 3rd et 

Dougherty, Daniel, 68 S. 6tli st 

Dougherty, George L. 32 S. Dth st 

Drayton, William H. 92 S. 4th st 

Duane, William 138 Walnut tt 

Duffield, Thomas W. 

*Duane, William J. 138 Walnut st 



Dunlap, Thomas, 32 Washington square cor. 
Locust St 

Earle, George H. 74 N. 5th st 

Eastburn, Charles 

Eckstein, John, jr. 

Elder, William, Washington above 9th st 

*Eldrecl, Nathaniel B. 

England, James B. 61 S. 4th st 

Erety, George, -288 N. 3rd st 

Erickson, C. F. 

Evans, R. E. 417 Mulberry st 

Eyre, Wilson, 72 S. 6th st 

Fairlamb, Jonas P. 7 Sansom st 

Fairthorne, Frederick, 37 S. 3rd st 

Fallon, C. & J. 142 Walnut st 

Findlay, John K. 12 N. 7th st 

Finletter, Thomas K. 

Fish, Asa J. 5th and Library sta 

Fisher, S. F. 76.i Walnut st 

Fisher, J. F. 255 Walnut st 

Fisher, Sidney G. 11 Sansom st 

Fling, Henry, 95,V Walnut st 

Foulke, William P. 34 Sansom st 

Fox, Danic-1 M. 339 N. 3rd st 

Frazer, Puobert, 141 Walnut st 

Freeman, Charles D. 6 Library st 

*Freeman, H. G. 34 Girard st 

Freeman, James B. 203 Mulberry st 
Freno, Jacob C. 16 S. 6th st 

Gerhard, B. 100} S. 4th st 

Gest, John B. 45J- S. 5th st 

Gibbons, Charles, 79 Walnut st 

GUpin, Charles, Walnut st 

*Gilpin, Henry D. 382 Spruce st 

Gobrecht, Charles J. 220 Walnut st 

Goepp, Charles, 112 Walnut st 

Gossler, Jacob L. 99 S. 5th st 

Gowen, James E. 48 S. 4th st 

Graeft; Edw. C. Richmond above William st 

*Graham, George R. 134 Chestnut st 

Grayson, Frederick W. 

Greene, W. F. 

Greenbank, Thomas, 151 Walnut st 

tGrier, Pi,obert C, 532 Spruce st 

Griscom, George. 119 Walnut st 

Grout, Henry T. 12 N. 7th st 

Guillou, Constant, 145 Walnut above (ith st 

Hagert, Henry S. 98 Walnut st 

Harailtuu, John, jr. 70 S. 6th st 

Hanbets, T. P. 76 S. (ith st 

Hanna, John, 35 S. 6th st 

Harding, George, 90 S. 4th st 

tHare, J. J. Clark, 63 S. 6th st 

Harvey, A. E. 

Havilaud, J. Von S. 

Haviland, Edward, 77 ^3. 6th st 

Hazlehurst, Isaac, 132 Walnut st 

Heilig, George W. 316 N. 8th st 

Helttenstein, E. 114i Mulberry st 

Helmuth, H. Spruce bel. Schuylkill 8th st 

Henderson, J. W. Marshall above Brovcn st 

Henry, Alexander, Walnut above Gth st 

Henry, Morton P. 48 S. 4th st 

Heyljerger, J. M. 47 N. 2nd st 

Hiebkell, William B. 46 S. 6th st 

Hepburn, James, 98 S. 4th st 

Higgins, Thomas W. 77 S. 6th st 

Hir<,t. Henry B. 55 S. 7th st 

Hirst, Leon B. 57 Prune st 

Hirst, Lucas, 64 S. 7th st 

Hirst, William L. 45 S. 6th st 

Hood, Samuel, 48 S. 4th st 

Hopkins, H. 50 S. 4th st 

Hopkinson, Fra. 134 S. 6th st 

Hopkinsou, Oliver. 134 S. 6th st 

Hopper, Edward, 325^ Mulberry st 

Horn, Henry J. 24 S. 5th st 

Horn, James H. 46 6th st 

Husbands, C. M. 33 S. 5th st 

Husbands, J. L. 4 Sansom st 

Husbands, William A. 8 Sansom st 

Hubbell, Horatio, 61 Prune st 

Hubbell, Wm W. 4th st. Harmony Court 

Hurst, Edward, 5 Library st 

Ingersoll, Charles, 136 Walnut st 

*Ingersoll, Charles J. 130 Walnut st 

Ingersoll, Edward, 34 S. 5th st 

Ingersoll, Jared, Walnut above 6th st 

*Ingersoll, Joseph R. 77 S. 4th st 

Ingrahani, Edward D, 6 York Buildings 

Ingram, Harlan, 30 Queen st 

Jackson, W. Artliur, 33 S. 5th st 

Jermon, J. Wagner, 31 Sansom st 

Johnson, Benjamin, 151 Walnut st 

Johnston, James F. 94 S. 4th st 

Jones, Horatio G., jr. 47 S. 5th st 

Jones, Joel, 131 Walnut st 

Junkins, George, 98 Walnut st 

Juvenal, William W. 2 Mercantile Library 

(Kane, John K. 

Kane, Robert P. s. e. 6th and Walnut sts 
tKelley, William D. Myrtle and Clinton sts 

Keene, Henry E. 1.52 Walnut st 
Kennedy, William M. 24 S. 5th st 

Keyser, Charles S. 33 S. 5th st 
Kline, William O. 4 Sansom st 
*King, Edward, Filbert above Sch. 7th st 

Kneass, Horn R. 61 S. 7th st 
Knight, Robert B. 113 Sassafras st 
Kreider, Henry, 320 N. 3rd st 
Kreider, Frederick C. 309 N. 3rd st 
Kuhn, Charles, jr. 
Kutz, H. C. 

Lambert, John, 112 Walnut st 
Latimer, George A. 103 Walnut st 
Latimer, Thomas, s. e. 5th and Library sts 
Lancaster, C. 77 S. 6th st 
Law, Edward E. s. e. 6th and Walnut sts 
Lawrence, Edward S. 59 S. 7th st 
Laycock, J. C. 98 Mulbery st 
Lea, M. Carey, 112 Walnut st 
Lee, Robert M. 49 N. 6th st 
Lehman, William E. jr. 21 Prune st 
Leiper, Thomas, s. y Uth and Callowhill sta 
Leland, Charles E. 306 Walnut st 
Lewis, Ellis, 126 S. 4th st ' 

Lewis, Saunders, 1.'33 Walnut st 
Lex, Charles E. 51 N. 6th st 
Lincoln, C. S. 116 Walnut st 
Little, William 
Longstreth, J. C. 1 Sansom st 
Longhead, Jo.-eph P. 79 S. 5th st 
Love, Benjamm, 16 Sansom st 
Lowber, Henry S. 99 S. 4th st 
Ludlow, James R. 128 Walnut st 
Lynd, James, 24 N. 7th st 
Mallery, Garrick, 57 S. 6th st 
Mallery, Garrick, jr. 

Manley, Reuben, jr. n. w. 3rd & Chestnut sts 
Mann, WiUiam B. 318 N. 3rd st 
Mann, Benjamin 
Markland, John H. 51 S. 5th st 
Martin, J. H. 90 S. 4th st 
Marsh, Moses C. 79 Walnut st 
Maull, John T. 
McAlister, W. G. 30 S. 5th et 
McCall, Henry, 102 S. 3rd st 
McCall, Peter, 100 S. 4th st * 

McElroy, W. J. 145 Walnut st 
McEwen, Charles, 7th below Coates sta 
McFadden, T. 12 Montgomery st 
McGlaughlin, J. H. l4rWalnut st 
Mcllhenney, W. 223 Mulberry st 
Mclntyre, John, Walnut above Gth st 
McKinley, Alexander, 98 S. 4th st 
McLaughlin, Daniel, 32 Prune st 
McMullen, William J. 
McMurtrie, Richard C. 48 S. 4th st 
Mench, Ed. A. 94 S. 4th st 



Meredith, William M. 9 York Buildinss 

Micheney, John G. 2 Mer. Library Buildings 

Micheson, M. Joseph 

jVIiles, John 

Miles, T. J. 

Miller, Andrew 30 S. 5th st 

Miller, E. Spencer, 97 ri. 4th st 

Milligan, Charles W. 134 S. 6th st 

Miner, Joseph W. 

Miner & Goepp. Hi Walnut st 

Mitchell, John C. 4 York Buildings 

Montgomery, John P. 47 S. 5th st 

Montgomery. John T. 30 S. 5th st 

Morris De Witt C. 189 Walnut st 

Morris, E. Joy, oil N. 8th st 

Morris, George C. 

Morris, P. Pemberton, 2 Prune st 

Mundy, M. 104 S. 4th st 

Murray, J. jr. n. e. Lebanon & Christian sts 

Musgrave, Edward 

Neal, Charles, 03 ri. fitb st 

Newbold, John L. 63 Walnut st 

Newbold, William L. (i3 Walnut st 

Newcomb, Bayse, 14 Washington square 

Nicholson, William, 96 N. 5th st 

Nippes, John C. 6th and Coates sts 

*Norris, Isaac, 147 Walnut st 

Norris, J. P. jr. 147 Walnut st 

Northrop, George, 1U4 Walnut st 

Norton, George. 30 S. 5th st 

Nunes, Joseph A. 6 Sansom st 

O'Brien, John, 77 8. 5th st 

O'Neill, Charles, 141 Walnut st 

O'Neill, C. B. F. Phoenix and Hancock sts 

Olmstead, Edward, 53 S. 5th st 

Otterson, James, 10 N. 7th st 

Owens, John P. 141 Walnut st 

Palmer, Edward 

Page, James, 101 Walnut st 

Pancoast, Charles 8. 48 8. 4th st 

Parrish, Robert, A. jr. s. w. 4th & Walnut sts 

Parsons, Anson V. 101 S. 4th st 

Paul, James W. 98.V S. 4th st 

Paul, S. W. 33 S. 5th st 

Paxson, Edward, 61 j S. 4th st 

Paxton, J. R. 73 S. 4th st 

Peace, W. 

Peale, A. R, Walnut above 6th sts 

Perkins, Samuel C. 14U Walnut st 

Perkins, Samuel H. 141.} Walnut st 

Pierce, William 8. 

Pennington, Henry, 59 Prune st 

Penrose, Charles B. 148 Walnut st 

Peterson, Horace L. 5 State House Row 

"Petersen, Robert E. 

Petit, Edgar A. 70 South Sixth st 

Philpot, F. Curran, 113 South Filth st 

Phillips, Henry M. 58 South Sixth st 

Phillips, J. Altamont, 56 South Sixth st 

Plankinton, Jos. Franklin, below Green st 

''Pleasantou, A. S. 10 Portico Squaro 

Poalk, Edward L. 64 South Fifth st 

Porter. William A. 151 Walnut ab. Sixth st 

Potts, Howard N. 34 Spring Garden 

Potts, Nathan R. 34 Spring Garden 

Poulson, Charles A., Jr. \.~i South Front st 

Price, Eli K. 30i) Mulbei-ry st 

Price, William S., 8 E. Fifth & Library sts 

Pulte, C. A. 135 Walnut st 

Quin, Edward C. Walnut above Sixth st 

liae, R M. C s. w. 6tli Jt Pine sts 

Randall, Josi^h, Washington Sq. n. Walt, st 

Randall, James H. 51 North Sixth st 

Randolph, P. P. 

Rawle, William, 51 South Sixth st 

Rawle, William Henry. 103 South Third st 

Read, John M. 85 South Sixth st 

Reed, William B. 98 South Fourth st 

Remak, Gustavus, 183 North Sixth st 

Renahaw, R. 

Rice, T. R, 

Richards, George W. 50 South Fifth st 
Risler, William" T. 141 Walnut st 
Robb, Charles E. 1.55 South Fifth st 
Robh, J. H. 33 South Filth st 
Robb, James M. 33 South Fifth st 
Robb, Samuel 

Robbins, James J. 61 South Fourth st 
Rockhill, Thomas C. Jr. 126 South Third st 
Rogers, Molton C. 

Rush, Benjamm, S. W. Ninth & George sta 
Rush. J. Murray. 25 Sansom st 
Samuel, John, 30 South Fifth st 
Sanderson, J. Jr. 134 South Sixth st 
Sargent, Winthrop, 48 Soutli F<jurth st 
Scott, John M. Washing. Sq. beluw Locust st 
Scott, L. Allaire, Sq. below Locust st 
.->cott. Robert K. 30 South Si.xth .st 
Seckel, George L. rear 392 Sassafras st 
sergeant, Henry D. 74 South Fourth st 
Sergeant, J.Dickinson, 47 South Filth st 
Sergeant, Thomas, 377 Spruce st 
uM-geant, William, 89 & 91 South Fourth st 
Serrill, Isaac S. !42 W'alimtst 
tSharswood, George, 3 Dugiin's Row 
Sheppard, Furman, 57 South Sixth st 
Shippen, Edward, 72 South Sixth st 
Shippen, W'illiam, Jr. 30 South Fifth st 
Sims, J. M. 

Small, William F. 89, South Fifth s t 
Smith, Aubrey H. 53 Souih Fifth st 
Smith, George R. 42 Mulberry sc 
Smith, G. Roberts, 61 South Fourth st 
Smith, R. Rundle, 65 South Fourth st 
■•'Smith, James S. 65 South Fourth st 
Smith, Thomas D. Fifth and Library sts 
Smith, Sidney V. 

Smith, Thomas S. 30 South Fifth st 
Smith, William G- Ninth, above Federal st 
Smucker, Samuel M. 10 Sanson st 
Snowden, Jiuues Ross 
Soby, D. 8. 68 South Sixth st 
Speakmaii, Thomas H. 22 North Seventh st 
Spencer, J. A. 45-1 South Fifth st 
Sprogell, Marshall 
Stapler, J. W. 
Stephens, William A. 
Stevens, Henry A. 89 South Fifth st 
Siille, Charles J. 152 Walnut st 
Strong, Nathan, 141 W"alnut st 
IStroud, George M., R. Road, near College st 
Sulser, Isaac, 161 Mulben-yst 
Swaby, J. H. 

Tarr, A. De Kalb, 69 Locust st 
Taylor, E. 71 North Sixth st 
Taylor, Franklin, 152 Walnut st 
Taylor, Thomas B. 

Tener, Hugh W. 214 South Fourth st 
Tennery, Jos. S. 

Thayer, M. Russell, 101 Walnut st 
Thomas, Joseph T. 77 South Sixth st 
Thompson, A. 1.V2 Walnut st 
Thompson, John G. 55 South Fifth st 
IThompson, Oswald, 218 Pine st 
Thorn, George W. Fifth & Green sts 
Tilghman, W. M. 32 Sansom st 
Titus, John, 8 Sanson st 
I obias, Thaddeus, 45 South Sixth st 
Todd, James, 12 North Seventh st 
Townsend, Joseph B. .311 Mulberry st 
Townsend, Henry C. 309 Mulberry st 
Troubat, Francis J. 172 South Eleventh st 
Tschudy, M. 62 South Sixth st 
Tyler, Robert, 42 South Sixth st 
Tyson, Job R. 2 Pnine st 
Van Bell, S. C. 66 South Sixth st 
Van Buren. T. G. 
Vanderveer, J. M. 116 Walnut st 
Van Dyke, J. C. 140 Walnut st 
Vaux, Richard, 32 South Sixth st 



Vincent, Frederick, 104 South Third st 

Vodges, .Tinnes C. 60 South Sixth st 

Vodges, John R. 60 South Sixth st 

Vodges, William, 335 Sassafras st 

Wanner, C. M. 223 North Sixth st 

Walhice. Henry E. 4 Lodge st 

Wallace, John W. s. e. Sixth & Walnut st 

Wallace, J. Wilson, 44 North Fifth st 

Wallace, William B. 

Wain, Edward, 2 York Building 

Watts, Hcni-y M. 148 Walnut st 

Webster, David, 62 South Sixth st 

West, J. E. 

Westcott. Thompson, 24 Snnsoni st 

Wetherell, S. 29 Samson st 

Wharton, Henry, 150 Walnut st 
Wharton, Francis, 1 52 Walnut st 
Wharton, George M. 13 Prune st 
Wharton, Thomas I. 150 Walnxit st 
Wheeler, Charles, s. e. Fifth & Library st 
White, John J. 2U6 Mulberry st 
White, William, Broad & Locust sts 
Whitman, William E. 49 South Fifth ft 
Wickersham. C. 24 South Fifth st 
Williams, C. 

Williams, Henry J. 7 York Buildings 
Wilson, Alexander, 33 South Fifth "st 
Witnier, T. B., s. w. Fifth & Walnut sis 
Wollaston, G. W., s. e. Fifth & Library sts 
Zellin, John K. Juniper, below Pine et 

Pike County. 

*Dimmick, Oliver F. 

Barnes, Liicien S. 
Smith, William 
Eldred, Edwin B. 
Eldred, Richard 
Laforge, John B. 
Salmon, William C. 

'Shouse. John 

Potter County. 

Benson, Isaac 
Buttcrworth, Wales C. 
-Cole, L. B. 
Ellis, Crosby W. 
Knox, F. W. 
Mann, John S. 
Maynard, Lemuel F. 
GlmBted, Arthur G. 

Harrison Valley. 
Robinson, Zalmon F. 

* Smith, C. M. 

Scbuylkill County. 

Fall. S. D. 
Clement, J. K. 

^Adfim, John H. 
Banman, John 
Bannan, Thomas R. 
Bancroft, L. G. 
Ba^-tholomew, Benjamin 
Campbell, James H. 
Clymer, Heister 
Cooper, James 
Gumming, B. W. 
Fisher, Howell 
Graeft', James H. 
Haughariout, George D. 
Hegins, Charles W. 
Hobart, J. P. 
Hobart, Robert H. 
Hughes, F. W. 
Hughes, John 
Kutchin, T. T. 
Lewis, James 
Loeser. Christopher 
Neville, J. C. 
Neville &. Richards 
Nice, D. E. 

Palmer, Robert M. 
Parry, E. O. 
Palmer & Kutchin 
Potts, William B. 
Roseberry, John W. 
Richards, M. E. 
Shoener, John T. 
Tower, C. 
Walker, T. H. 
Wells, W. B. 
Wells & Hughes 
Whitney, William L. 
Williamson, John 
Williamson & Cooper 

Schuylkill Haven. 
Matchin, G. W. 

Hendricks, J. 
[^eyburn, A. W. 
Mc'Cabe, Isaac 

Somerset County. 

Baer, William' J. 
Baer & Benford 
Bcnford, George 
fBlack, Jeremiah S. 
Brook, Thomas 
Coffroth, A. H. 
Edie, John R. 
Kdie & Stutzman 
Forward & Stewart 
Forward, Ross 
Hugus, Isaac 
fKimmell, Francis M. 
Koontz, Williain 11. 
Postlethwaite, William H. 
Roddy, John D. 
Schell, H. F. 
Scull, Edward 
Stewart, Robert L. 
Stutzman, Joseph J. 
Weyand, Daniel 

Sullivan County. 

Metcalf, Henry 

Eagles Mere. 
Jones, John Richter 

Dietrick, A. J. 
Linn, Jo. n B. 

SnsqueJianna. County. 

Phinney, Thomas P. 

Great Bend. 
Chase, J. B. 
Fish, John C. 

Tiffany, William C. 

Grow, Galusha A. 

Lyman, G. C. 

Bentley, Benjamin S. 
Bentley & Filch 
*Carr, Ariel 
Case, Benjamin T. 
Chamberlin, Albert 
Chase, Ezra B. 
Fitch, Lafayette 
Frazier, Franklin 
Frazier, Homer H. 
Jessup, William 
Jessup, William H. 
Jessup,William& William H. 
Little, Ralph B. 
Little & Chase 
Newton, Naham 
Turrell, William J. 

Susgudtanna Depot. 
Davis, A. J. 
Hinds, Leonard P. 

Tioga County. 

Rathbone, Clarendon 

Geer, SethW. 

Bowman, Charles O. 
Monroe, A. J. 

Brooks, Samuel B. 
Damon, Pardon 
Ryon, John W. 

Allen, Henry 

Greene, Calvin C. 


Garretson, William > 
Ournsey, John W. 
Seymour, C. H. 
Smith, Frederick E. 



Allen, Thomas 
Bache, John N. 
Brewster, Alexander S. 
Cone, Albert P. 
Emery, Josiah 
Lowrey, James 
Lowrey & Wilson 
Maynard Edward 
Sherwood, Henry 
.Sherwood, Julius 
Sherwood, H. & J. 
Williston, L. P. 
Wilson, S. F. 
[White, Robert G. 

Strang, B. B. 

Union County. 

Lirnestone, Totoiship. 
'Barber, Robert B. 

Fnck, George A. 
Hickok, Henry C. 
Linn, James F. 
Linn, J. F. i: J. B. 
Miller, George F. 
Robinson, John 
Welch, Clinton 

Fisher, A. C. 

Aew Berlin. 
Casey, Joseph 
Merrill, Churles 
Slenker, Isaac 
Swineford, Absalom 
Van Gezer, William 
Weirick, Samuel 
Woods, David W 

Selin's Grove. 
Hill, George 
Simpson, A. C. 

Venango County. 

Allison, Thompson 
Bushnel^ Nelson R. 
'Cochran, Alexander 
Kerr, james K. 
Kinnear, Francis D. 
Lamberton, William H. 
Lamberton, Henry W. 
McCatmont, Alexander 
McCalmont, Samuel P. 
McCoi-mick Robert S. 
McCormick &- Kerr 
Myers, James S. 
Myers & Kinnear 
Plumer, Samuel 
Raymond, Charles F. 
Riddle, Robert 
Wilson, Edwin C. 
Wilson & Plumer 

Warren County. 

Stacy, Edwin C. 

Brown, R. 
Brown, William D. 
Curtis &; Miles 

Curtis, Carlton B. 
Edwards, Theodore D. 
'James. Joseph Y. 
Johnson & Brown 
Johnson, S. P. 
^Merrill, Gillman 
Miles, John N. 
i'armlee, Lothrop T. 
Scotield & Brown 
Scotield, G. W. 
■Struthers, Thomas 
Spencer, Theodore C. 
■'ritus, Darius 
tWetmore, Lansing 
Wetmore, Lansing D. 

Washington Co. 

Ea.--t Pike Run. 
Johnson, Job 

Ten Mile. 
McGiffin, Thomas 

Acheson, Alexander W. 
Acheson, & Wilson 
Braden, John D. 
Rrady, John S 
Cooper, Robert F. 
""Ewing, John H. 
Gibson, Robert M. 
(iow, John L. 
Gow & Murdoch 
Hart, George S. 
Henderson, Joseph 
Hopkins, Andrew 
Judson, Lawrence 
Koontz, Robert H. 
Leet, Jonathan D. 
Leet & Moore 
Linn, William 
Miller, Georse W. 
Moore, William S. 
Murdoch, Alexander 
Montgomery, William 

McFarland, Samuel 
McGiffin, George Wallace 
McKennan, WilUam 
Vankirk, Harvey 
Watson, James 

Waugh, William 
Wilson, Alexander 
Wilson, David 3. 

Wayne County. 

Richardson, E., Jr. 

*Beard?lee, Howkin B. 
Blois, Hiram 
Crane, Frederick M. 
Dimmick, W. H. & S. E. 
Dimraick, Samuel E. 
Dunmick, William H. 
Drake, Francis 
Grenell, Rufus M. 
Hamlin, Edward O. 
Minor, Charles S. 
Peet, Henry 
Throop, Simon G. 
Waller, C. P. & G. G. 
Waller, Charles P. 
Waller, George G. 
Wheeler, Earl 
Woodward, Jackson 

Westmoreland Co. 

Armstrong, John 
.Armstrong, John, Jr. 
Armstrong, Thomas 
Barclay, Thomas J. 
IBurrell, J. M. 
Clark, J. C. 
Clark, &Markle 
Cook, W. A. 
Cowan, Edgar 
Cowan & McKinney 
Coulter, Richard, Jr. 
Foster &. Woods 
Foster, H. D. 
Kuhns, J. H. 
Kuhns, H. B. 
Kuhns, J. H. & H. B. 
Laird. H. P. 
McKinney, Alexander 
Marchand, Henry C. 
Markle, W. H. 
-Stokes, W. A. 
Turney, Jacob 
Todd, James 
Tress, James 
Woods, J. F. 
nVilliams, W. J. 
*Wise, Jacob M. 

McCormick, Samuel 

Campbell, John 

West tfewton. 
Hazzard, T. R. 

Wyoming Connty. 

Brisbin, John 
Dana, Milton 
Little, R. R. 
Little & Osterhout 
Osterhout, P. M. 
Peckham, A. K. 
Piatt, William M. 

s, F. C. 
Ross, R. P. 
Ross, F. C. & R. P. 
.Smith, Elhanan 
Tutton, George S. 
Winchester, S. S. 

Tcrk County. 

Naille, Jame= J. E. 

Bamitz, David G. 
Barnitz, George A. 
Barnitz, Samuel M. 
Buchanan. James E. 
Campbell, John G. 
Chapin, Edward 
Cochran, Thomas E. 
Durkee, Daniel 
Durkee & Weiser 
Evans, John 
Evans & Mayer 
tFisher, Robert J. 
Fisher, H. L. 
Gaullagher, Michael 
Gibson, John 
Keesey, Vincent K. 
Kurtz, W. H. 
I Mayer, John L. 



Potts, Thomas P. 
Rosenmiller, Josiah F. 
Stable. Jacob S. 

.Wallace, C. B. 
Weiser, Erastus B. 
I Weiser, Horace S. 

(Welsh, William H. 
Wilton, Richard P. 
I Zeigle, Thomas A. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked tliust are on the Bench. 

Bristol County. 

Blake, Joseph M. 
Bullock, Nathaniel 
Bullock, Jonathan Russell 

Bosworth, Alfred 
tHaile, Levi 
Randall, Samuel 

Kent County. 

East Greenwich. 
Bowen, William G. 
Winsor. Joseph 

tBrayton, George A. 

Newport County. 

Bailey, William G. 
Cranston, Henry Y. & Son 
Cranston, William H. 
Gilpin, William 
*King, Cieorge G. 
Lawrence, William Beach 
Perry, Christopher G. 
Sheffield, William P. 
Turner, George 
Vanzandt, C. G. 


Cady, S. 

Providence County. 

Brown, George H. 

North Scituate. 
Titus, Jonah 

King, Thomas K. 
Moggett, Alexander 
Weeden, John H. 

■•Aldrich, Eeeck 
*Allen, Zachariah 

Ames, Samuel 
Ames & Payne 
Angell, Joseph K. 
Anthony, Thomas S. 
*Arnold, Samuel G. 
Ashley, Samuel 
*Barnes, George L. 
Bowen, Henry L. 
*Bowen, Henry 
Bradley, Charles S. 
Burgess, Thomas 
Burges, Walter S 
*Burge3s, Thomas M. 
Carpenter, Thomas F. 
Carpenter & Thurston 
Clarke, James M. 
*Clarke, John H. 
*Cowcl], Benjamin 
Cozzens, Benjamin 
Currey, Samuel 
*Danforth, Walter R. 
*Dexter, Samuel 
Dickman, Franklin J. 
*Dorr, Thomas W. 
Durfee, Thomas 
Dwight, Gamaliel L. 
Eames, Benjamin T. 
Eddy, John 
Greene, Albert C. 
Greene, Albert G. 
Greene, Charles W. 
Greene & Peck 
tGreene, Richard W. 
Greene, Thomas C. 
Hart, Charles 
Hazsard, Edward H. 
Hayes, Wingate 
Hoppin, Augustus 
Hoppin, Francis E. 
Hoppin & Howard 
Hoppin, William W. 
Howard, Henry 
*Ives, Moses B. 
*Jackson, Charlet, 
Jenckes, Thomas A. 
Knowles, John P. 
Knowles, Willi;nn 
Lapham, Benjamin N. 
Larned, George 
Man, George F. 
Manchester, Horace A. 
Martin, Edward S. 
Mason, Charles H. 
Mathew.-on, Rollin 
Metcalf, Edwin 
Pabodie, William J. 

*Patten, William S. 
Payne, Abraham 
"Pearce, Edwaid D. 
*Peck, Allen D. 
*Peck. George B. 
Peck, William E. 
Peckham, Samuel W. 
fPitman, John 
*Pitman. John T. 
Pitman, Joseph S. 
Porter, Nathan 
Potter, William H. 
Randall, Dexter 
Randoph, John R. 
Richmond, William E. 
Rivers, George 
Salisburv, Levi ■ 
Sayles, Willard 
Sayles, Lycurgus 
Sanford, VVilliam 
Scott, Joseph A. 
Scott, Philip C. 
Searle, Nathaniel 
Smith, John W. 
*Smith, William H. 
tStaplcs, William R. 
Steere, Asel 
Thurston, Benjainin F. 
Tillinghast, Charles F. 
Tillinghast, James 
Tillinghast & Bradley 
Updike, Ceesar A. 
Updike, Walter W. 
Vinton, Elifha D. 
*Watson, William R. 
Westcott, Amasa S. 
'Whipple, John 

Ballou, Sullivan 
Borden, Bailey E. 
Jenckes, Elias M. 
Robinson, Christopher 

Washiu£;ton Co. 

Potter, Ehsha R. 
Updike, Wilkins 

Dixon, Nathau F. 

If ickfirrd. 
Shearman, Sylvester G. 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Tiiose marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Tlaose marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Abbeville District. 

Abbeville, C. H. 
Baskin, John G. 
*Burt, Armistead 
Burt & Parker 
tCochran, James N. 
'Calhoun, John A. 
Davis, \V. C. 
Fair, R. H. 
Jones, H. .\. 
Lee, VV. A. 
Lomax, L. H. 
*Lesley, David 
*Martin, J. J. 
Mabry, Samuel W. 
Marshall, J. F. 
McGovven, Samuel 
McGowen & Porriu 
Noble, E. 
Parker, \V. H. 
'Perrin, T. C; 
Perrin, James M. 
Thomson, Thomas 
Thomson & Farr 
tWardlaw, D. L. 
Wilson, John H. 
Wilson & Lomax 

Anderson District. 

Anderson, C. H. 
Broyles, Aug^ustus 
Harrison, James W. 
Harrison & Bioyles 
Moore, John V. 
Orr, James L. 
Orr & Wilkes 
Reed, Jacob P. 
Reed & Vandiver 
Rice, I. J. 
Sloan, Joseph B. 
Vandiver. Peter S. 
Whitefield, J. Tvlcr 
tWhitner, Joseph N. 
Wilkes, S. JI. 

Pendleton Village. 
Burt, Francis 
Young & Burt 

Barnwell District. 

, Ailien. 
Torre, Thomas 

Barnwell, C. H. 
Aldrich, A. P. 
Aldrich, J. T. 
Aldrich & Aldrich 
Bailey, S. J. 
Bellinger, E. jr. 
Bellinger & Hutson 
Brown, J. C. 
Gantt, R. A. 
Graham, W. 
Hagood, Johnson 
Hay. C. C. 
Hay & Bailey 
Hutson. J. M. 

Owens, W. A. 

*Patterson, Angus 
Patterson, James 
Peeples, D. 
*Thomson. W. \l. 
Trotti, S. W. 

Biiford's Bridge. 
Ayer, L. M. 

Four Mile Branch. 
*Wilson, James J. 

*Carroll, C R. 
*Simms, W. Gilmore 

Beaufort District. 

Bell, Charles E. 
*Joliuson, Benjamin J. 
Pope, Joseph Daniel 
Rhett, Edmund 
*Rhett, H. S. 
Sams, Horace H. 
Treville & Pope 
*Verdier, John E. 

Davant, Richard J. 
Fickling, Francis W. 
Tillinghast, Robert L. 
Tracy, C. C. 

Colcock, William F. 
Colcock & Currell 
McCarthy, Frederick J. 
Morrall, Edward F. 
Screven, John H. 
Strobhart, James A. 

Currell, William 
Hutson, William F. 

McKensie, Lawrence 
McKeusie & Tison 
Tison, Juhn H. 

Charleston District. 

Aiken, J. D. 
*Alston, Charles 
.-illeraong, A. A. 
Anderson, Edward J. 
Bailey, David 
* Barker, S. G. 
Beckmaun, J. F. 
Bostick, Edward 
Blanding, William 
Brewster, C. R. 
Brewster & Dunkin 
Brown & Porter 
Bryan, George S. 
Buist, Gi orge 

Buist, Henry 
Bui^t, C. B. 

^Caldwell, William S. 
Campbell, J. B. 

Carew, J. E. 
Carroll, B. R. 
Conner, James 
Cooper & Rivers 
*Crafts, G. J. 
*Crouch, C. W. 
Cunningham, John 
Cunningham & Robertson 
Cuthbert, George B. 
Davega, Isaac 
Davis, T. G. 
*Dawson, A. V. 
De Saussure, H. A. 
De Saussure, W. G. 
De Saussure & Son 
De Treville, E. 
De Treville, R 
Dukes, Joseph H. 
Dunkin, A. H. 
IDunkin, B. F. 
Esleston, G. W. 
*Eire, Robert 
Elliott, T. O. 
Evans. Thomas 
*Fiuley. W. P. 
Fla-e, Charles E. B. 
Ford", F. A. 
tFrost, Etlward 
Frost, Thomas 
"Gadsden, Thomas 
Gibson, D. C. 
tGilcbrist, R. B. 
Gilchrist, R. C. 
Gourdin, T. S. 
Gray, H. Y. 
Gray, J. W. 

Grayson, W. J. 
Gyles, J. A. 
Hanckel, T. M. 

Hanckel, C. F. 
Hayne, L W. 
Hayne & Peroneaii 
Hopkinson, George 

Horlbeck, Daniel 
tHuser, D. E. 
Hume, R. W. 
Hunt 6l Son 

Inglesby, W. H. 
Jervey, William 
Kanapaux, C. E. 
Kins;, H. C. 

King, M. 
*Kirkpatrick, J. D. 
Kunhardt, W. VV. 
*Legare, J. B. 
Lesesne, H. D. 
Lockwood, Thomas P. 
Logue, William 
Lord, Samuel, jr. 
Macbeth, Charles 
Maajrath, A. G. 
Maijrath, E. 
McCrady, Edward 
'McHugh, Q. 
'Martin, Thomas 



Martin, W. E. 
May, J. \V. 
Mazyek, Isaac 
Memmiiiger, C. G. 
Memmiiiger & Jervey 
Mitchell, Nelson 
Miles, C. R. 
Moise, Abraliam 
Mowry, E. C. 
Munro, Robert 
Northrop, C. B. 
Northrop & Allemong 
O'Connor, M. P. 
'Peroneau, H. \V. 
Petigru & King 
Petigue, James L. 
Petigu, D. 
Phillips, John 
Phillips, John E. 
Pinckney, H. 
Pope, J. W. R. 
Pope, J. J. 
Porter, W. D. 
Pressley, B. C. 

'Pringle, B. G. 
Pringle, VV. A. & E. J. 
Raymond. H. H. 
Rhett, J. S. 
Rhett, R. B. 
Rhett, R. B. jr. 

Rhettj William 
tRice, William 
Richardson, F. D. 

Robertson, Lewis F. 

Roper, B. D. 
Rutledge, B. 11. 

*Schnierle, John 

Schroder, H. W. 

Seabrook, E. M. 

Seymour, R. W. 

Shaffer, K. J. 

Siegling, John, jr. 

Simons, James 

Simons, T. Y. jr. 

Simonton, C. H. 

Spratt, L. W. 

*Taber, William R.jr. 

Taveau, A. L. 

Torre & Hayue 

Tobias, V. J. 

Tnpper, James 

Walker, Henry P. 

Walker, James M. 

Walker & Seabrook 

Whaley,B- J. 

Whaley, William 

Williman, Jacob 

* White, J. B. 

'Wilkinson, J. W. 

Yeadon, Richard 

Yeadon, Macbeth & Ford 

Chester District. 

Chester, C. H. 

Eaves, Nathaniel R. 
McAliley, Samuel 
McAliley & McLnre 
McLure, John J. 
Melton, C. Davis 
JtHemphill, James 
Patterson, Giles J. 
Patterson & Herndon 
Walker, William A. 
Walker & Williams 
Williams, Matthevir 
Williamson, James A. 
"Wilson, John S. 

Chesterfield District. 


Al«obrook, L. H. 

Blakoney, James W. 

Cash, Ellerbe B. C. 

Coit, John C. 
Gillespie, James 
Inglis, John A. 
Inglis & Moore 
Kollock, O. H. 
Mclver, Henry 
Macfarlan, Allan 
Maci'arlan & Mclver 
Moore, Henry T. 
Prince, William L. T. 
Wallace, Thomas S. 

Colleton District. 

Cain, M. E. 
Edvi^ards, John D. 
*Godfrey, William 
Henderson, D. S. 
Perry, J. B. 
Tracy, Carlos 
Williams, O. P. 

Dariingtou District. 

Darlington, C. H. 
Dargan, C. A. & J. A. 
Dargan, Charles A. 
fDargan, George W. 
Dargan, Julius A. 
Erviu, Samuel J. 
Evans, Thomas C. 
Haynesworth, Thomas B. 
Kennedy, William J. 
Lav?, E. A. 
Lavs' & Warley 
Moses &. Haynesvporth 
Norwood, James H. 
Spain & Norwood 
Warley, Frederick F. 
Wilkins, Samuel B. 

Society Hill. 
*Evans, Josiah J. 
Evans, W. H. 
Wilson, Isaac D. 
Witherspoon, John D 

Edgefield District. 

Edgefield C. H. 
Abney, Joseph 
Adams, W. W. 
Bacon & Carrol 
Bonbam, M. L. 
*Brooks, P. S. 
Butler, A. P. 
Key, Thomas G. 
Landrimi, G. W. 
Moragne, W. C. 
*Pickens, F. W. 
Seibels, Emet 
Spann, H- R. 
Tillman, G. W. 
tWardlaw, F. H. 

Gray, Mat. 

McGriith, Thomas P. 
Styles, C. W. 

Fairfield District. 

*Allston, William J. 
Boylston, R. B. 

Bratton, William M. 

Boyce, William W. 
Buchanan, John , 

Cook, B. B. 
Elliott, David A. 
Hammond, John Z. 

Hudson, James W. 

Hunter, George Pt. 
McCall, John B. 
McCants, James B. 

McDowell, David 
Mickle, Jonathan B. 
Moore, William A. 
■Palmer, Edward G., Jr. 
*Palmer Edward G. 
*Pearson, William F, 
Robertson, William R. 
Rutland, James M. 

Georgetown District. 

^Alston, T. P. 
'Alston, Charles Jr. 
Atkinson, Samuel T. 
Dozier, R. 
*Dozier, A. W. 
*Middleton, J. J. 
■Read, J. H. Jr. 
Shaw, A. J. 
Wilson, Benjamin H. 

Greenville District. 

Greenville, C. H. 
Butler, Thomas P. 
Campbell, William 
Choice, William 
F.asley, W. K. 
Elford, C. J. 
Jones, E. P. 
tMeBee, Luther 

McBee, Pinckney 
Perry, B. F. 
Powell, Joseph 
Sullivan & Stokes 

tokes, John 
Thompson, Waddy 
Thompson & Easley 
Thompson, William B. 
Townes, G. F. 
Townes, Samuel A. 

Horry District. 

Anderson, Julius 
Gillespie. Thomas F. 
Hewie, Thomas J. 
Monroe, Robert, Jr. 

Kershaw District. 

Baskin, A. G. 
Caston, W. Thurlow 
*Chesnut, James, Jr. 
*Dessaussure, John M. 
"Grant, W. J. 
Kershaw, J. B. 
Shannon, W. M. 
tWethers, Thomas J. 
*Workman, J. J. 
Workman, W. H. R. 

Lancaster District. 

*Clinton, Irvin 
Clinton, M. 



Clinton & Secrest 
Cooke, J. \V. 
Crawford, Martin P. 
*Ma8sey, S. B. 
*Mittag, John F. G. 
Moore, W. A. 
Secrest J. C. 
Williams, John 
*Witherspoon, George McC. 

Lianrens District. 

Campbell, Benjamin R. 
'Farley, William R. 
Harris, W. C. 
Henderson, William B. 
Hunter, James O. 
Irby, James H. 
Irby & Henderson 
McGowan, Samuel 
McGowan Sc Harris 
Moore, Hewlet S. 
Simpson, J. Wistar 
Simpson, William D. 
Sullivan, Charles P. 
Sullivan & Moore 
Williams, S T. H. 
Young, Henry C. 
Young & Simpson 

liCxlngton District. 

Lezinston, C. H. 
Boozer, Lemuel 
Caughman. Henry J. 
Meetze, Henry A. 

*Sunimer, A. G. 

Mariou District. 

Gilrkrift Bridge. 
Mulling, William S. 

*Hamer, Lewis 

Marion C. H. 
Evans, C. D. 
Evans, Tho nas 
Oricp, A. E. 
Harllee, D. S. & J. J. 
Harllee, James J. 
Harllee & McDuffie 
Harllee, William W. 
Inglis &, McClenaghan 
McClenaghan, Cunng'm. 
McDuffie. A. Q. 
Miller, C. W. 
Philips, N. 
Wheeler, E. B. 

Reedy Creek P. O. 
sellers, William W. 

Marlborough District. 

David & McLaurin 
David, James E. 
Dudley, C. W. 
Dudley & Johnson 
Ervin, E. P. 
Harllee, D. 8. 
Johnson, W. D. 
Mathescn, D. 

MoGilvray, B. F. 
McLaurin, P. B. 
■McQueen, John 
Thornwell, Charles A. 

Xe^vberry District. 

Ncwbennj C. H. 
Baxter, James M. 
*Caldwell, John 
'Caldwell, P. C. 
*Calmes, John lilcM. 
Crosson, James M. 
De Walt, George G. ' 
Fair & B 'Xter 
Fair, Simeon 
Gailington, A. C. 
*Higgings, Francis B. 
Fliga-ings, John C. 
fli^Lriiigs & Sullivan 
Mulinston, Job 
Johnston, Silas 
Johnston & Suber 
Jones, Lambert J. 
*Nance, Drayton 
tO'Neall, John Bflton 
*Ramage, Burr J. 
Slider, Thomas P. 
Suber, Christian U. 
Hummer, Henry 
Summer & Slider 
Williams, James H. 

Orangeburg District. 

*Dantzlar, O. M. 

Ornngehitrg C. H. 

■Buchanan, J. M. 
Ellis, Henry 
Ellis & Brewster 
*Felder, J. H. 
*Felder, Paul S. 
Glover, Thomas J. 

Glover, C. H. 
tGluver, T. W. 
Hutson, Willifim M. 
*Jamiton, D. F. 
*Keitt, L. M. 
Lary, P, H. 
Maher & Bellinger 
Alaher, John J. 
Kowe, A. G. 
\Vhalev, T. B. 
VVhaley & De Treville 

Picltens District. 

CJantt, AV. J. 
Keith, E. M. 
Nori'is & Harriton 
Norris, Jesse W., Jr. 
Perry &. Keith 
Ross, Joseph W. 

Suthetland, J. B. 

Rielilaud District. 

Adams, James P. 
Arthur & Tnlley 
Bftuskett, John 
Black & Black 
Black, A Joseph 
Black, James A. 
Bryce, C. R. 
Dessaussure, W. F. & W. D. 

Goodwyn, John T. 
Gregg, Maxey 
Herbemont. Alex., Jr. 
Miller, Daniel B. 
*Moore, John A. 
Pearson, J. H. 
Seymour. E A. 
Talley, William 
Talley, S. Olin 
Treadwell, James D. 
^Wallace, William 

Spartanburg District. 

Leitner, E. C. 

Limestone Springs. 
Jodnson, David 

Mountain Shoal. 
*Farrow, J. W. 

Old Cedar Springs. 
*Sniith, Isaac 

Spartanburg C. H. 
Bobo, Simpson 
Bobo & Edwards 
Choice, Jefferson 
Dean, H. J. 
Dean & Trimmier 

Edwards, O. E. 
*Farrow, John W. 
Farrow, James 
Henry. E. J. 
*Hunt, William 
* Johnson, Harmon 
*Leitner, E. G. 
*Smith, Isaac 
Thompson, H. H. 
Thompson &. Choice 
Trimmiei', J. V. 
Tucker, J. VV. 
Tucker & Farrow 

Vernon, T. O. P. 

Sumter District. 

Blanding, James D. 
Blandiug <fc Dessaussure 
Dessaussure, Wm F. 
Frazer, L. L. 
Frazer, Thomas B. 
Frazer, T. B. & L. L. 
Green, John T, 
Hammet, Jared N. B. 
Haynsworth, \V. 
Haynswortb, W. F. B. 
Mayrant & Richardson 
Mayrant Samuel 
Moses, Montaoraery 
Moses, F. J. & M. 
Richardson, James S. G. 
Spain, A. C. 
Sumter, Francis 

"English, Thomas R. 

*Dyson, Jeptha 

*Benbow, M. M. 

Mechanicsv illc. 
*Kennedy, W. G. 



^Richardson, W. E. 

Union District. 

Arthur, Benjamin F. 
Boyce, Robert 
Gulp, B. D. 
"Dawkins, J. B. 
Dawkins, T. N. 
Dillard, C. H. 
•'Farr, R. G. H. 
Gadberry & Gulp 
Gadberry, J. M. 
Gist, J. F. 
Goudelock, Davis 
Herndon & Gist 
Herndon, Z. P. 

Jeter, T. B. 

Reid, B. F. 

Rice, B. H. 

Rogers, James 

Sims, J. Starkes 
Thomson & Jeter 
Thomson, A. VV. 

Williamsburg District, 

Dar<;an & I'orter 
*Dozier, Anthony W. 
*Footman, William G. 
McKnight, A. Isaac 
Porter, Edward J. 
Rich, N. G. 
Rich & McKnight 

York District. 


Beatty, W. G. 
Bell, Thomas J. 
Chambers, G. 
ClawEOn, W. J. 
Clawson & Jackson 
Jackson, J.B. 
Miller, John L. 
Moore, Edward 
Smith, J. B. 
Walker, J. F. 
Williams, G. W- 
Williams & Beatty 
Wilson, W. B. 
VVitherspoon, J. D. 
1 Witherspoon & Wilson 


Those not marked are practicing Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Anderson County. 

Whitson, J. G. 
Young, David K. 

Bedford County; 

Buchanan, George W. 
Buchanan & Keeble 
Coldwell, Thomas H. 
Gooper, Edwin 
Gooper, E. & II. 
Gooper, Henry 
Dashiel, Robert H. 
tDavidson, Hugh L. 
Davidson, Robert B. 
Gilleland, Robert E. 
Neil, James ii. 
Roan, Thomas J. 
Ross, W. T. 
Ross & Gilleland 
Scuddcr, James L. 
Steel, John P. 
Steele & Roane 
Tillman, Barclay IM 
Tillman & Ready 
Whiteside, Thomas G. 
Whiteside & Davidson 
Wisener, William H. 
Wisener & Scudder 

Benton County. 

Davidson, John W. 
Pavatt, Stephen C. 
jgfc*Sims, Jordan G. 

Bledsoe County. 

*Frazier, Thomas N. 
Northrup, Calvin M. 

Blount County. 

*Bicknell, Samuel T. 
Lemons, I. W. 
*Love, James R. 
McReynolds, S. J. 
McGinley, William D. 
Purley, B. D. 
*Sattell, H. G. 
Toole, John E. 
^Wallace, Jesse G. 

Bradley County. 

Blizzard, Archibald 
Edwards, Richard M. 
Elliott, John 
Gaut, John G. 
Gaut, Jesse H. 
Gaut & (laut 
Rowles, George W. 
Smith, Samuel A. 
Trewhitt, Andrew J. 
Trewhitt, Levi 
Underwood, William 

Campbell County. 

Fleming, Byrd M. 
Pebly, William T. 

Cannon County. 

Burger, A. 
Davis, C. B. 
Fare, J. L. 
Thompson, George W. 

Carroll County. 

Allen, B. S. 

Allen & Jones 
Hawkins, Alvin 
Hawkins, Isa^c R. 
Jones, L. M. 
Jones, A. C. 
*Prist, N. 

Carter County. 

Carter, James T. 
Love, Robert 
Nelson, Carrick W. 
Taylor, Alfred W. 
Taylor, Nathaniel M. 
*Taylor, Nathaniel G. 

Claiborne County. 

Dickinson, James D. 
Evans, Walter R. 
Fulkerson, F. M. 
Garrett, Lewis A. 

Cumberland Gap. 
Evans, N. A. 

Cocke County. 

Fletcher. Andrew J. 
Randolph, James H. 

Coffee County. 

Anderson, George W. 
Emerson, Hiram S. 
Hickerson, William P. 
Isbell, P. G. 

Richardson, Robert H. 
Wileman, Levi R. 



Davidson County. 

Allison, Samuel P 
* Barrow, Washington 
tBaxter, Nathaniel 
*Bell, John 
tBrien, John S. 
Brien, W. G. 
Hrien & Halbert 
*Brown, Aaron V. 
Brown, Neil S. 
Brown, R. W. 
Brown, \V. L. 
fCatron, John 
Childress, Thomas B. 
Claiborne, Duncan R. 
*Clark, James P. 
■*Cockrill, S. R. 
Cooper, William F. 
Cowan, George W. 
Cox, Herman 
Demoss, Abram 
Dimick, Carlos 
East, E. H. 
Ewing, Andrew 
Ewing, Edwin H. 
Ewing, John O. 
Ewing, Samuel A. 
Ewing & Cooper 
Ferguson, John G. 
Finley, Sylvester L. 
Fogg, Francis B. 
Fogg, Henry M. R. 
Fogg, Godfrey M. 
Foster, Ephraim H. 
'Foster, Robert C, 3d 
Fostei-, Turner S. 
Foster & Fogg 
*Gleaves, John E. 
Glenn, W. A. 
Halbert, J. B. 
Hickman, E. W. 
Houstoun, William Y. 
Houstoun, Russell 
Hickman & Dimick 
tHumphreys, \V. H. 
*Lea, John M 
Lindsley, A. V. S. 
McCampbell, J. A. 
McDonald, J. H. 
McEwen, John A. 
*McGavock, Jacob 
iMcGavock, R. W. 
McKee, George R. 
McMurray, James A. 
Maney, George 
Maney, Henry 
Maney, James D. • 
Maney, Thomas 
Maney, T. & J. D. 
Meigs, R. J. 
Moseley, Thomas D. 
Parker, Oscar F. 
Reid, John 
Rice, J. L. 
Shane, John 
SmUey, Thomas T. 
Smiley, R. G. 
Smiley & Maney 
Smith, Baxter 
Smith, John Hugh 
Temple, L. M. 
Thompson, John C. 
Thompson, Philip H. 
Thompson, William 
Trimble, John 
Trimble & Brown 
tTurner, William K. 
Underwood, Eugene 

Venable, Simeon 
Washintrton, Thomas 
Welcker, De Witt C. , 
■White, J. B. 
Wilkin, D. Flavel 
Williams, R. N. 

Decatur County. 

Doherty, James W. 
McElrath, D. E. A. 
McElrath & Taylor 
Taylor, Jesse 

Dc K.alb County. 

Crowley, William G. 

Brien, M. M. 
Brien & Wade 
Cantrell, R. 
Cheatham, J. E. 
■Savage, John H. 
Savage, A M. 
-Tubb, J. B. 
Wade, W. M. 

Dickson County. 

Collier, Henry C. 
Collier, John C. 
Leech, Jacob 
McNeilli . Robert 
McNeilly, Thomas 

Dyer County. 

Chesnta Bluffs. 
Oldham, Samuel 

Barker, Israel M. L. 
Hau'kins, John C. 
Hill, Egbert G. 
Hill & Richardson 
Moss, Charles C. 
Richardson, Thomas E. 
Sampson, Francis G. 
Sampson, Isaac 
Sampson & Son 

Fayette County. 

Anderson, James A. 
Sneed, John L. T. 

Anderson & Ballard 
Ballard, A. B. 
Dortch, William B. 
Finney, W. P. 
*Gibson, William E. 
Glenn, P. B. 
Goodall, John D. 
Good all & Logwood 
Harris, A. B. 
Harris, John W. 
Harris, J. W. & J. A. 
[Humphreys, John C. 
Jarmon, William R. 
tJones, Calvin 
Jones, h. P. 
Logwood, Thomas H. 
*Motfby, Joseph R. 
Moseley, William W. 

Parham, R. S. 
Parham & Whitmore 
•^Potts, John J. 
Pulliam, Joel L. 
Reeves, Gtorge W. 
Reeves, Willis G. 
Rivers, Thomas 
Rivers & J armon 
Scott, Lewis M. 
Scott & Finney 
Shelton, D. C. 
Shelton, E. Henry 
Sneed, John L. T. 
Sneed, J. L. T. & J. G. 
Sneed, Jimius G. 
*Turner, William A. 
Whitmore, C.H. 
Whitthouse; Samuel A. 

Fentress County. 

Myres, J. L. 
Northrop, Solyman B. 

Franklin County. 

*Blanton, Charles L, 

Arledge, Jesse 
Bright & Arledge 
Carter, Joseph W. 
Colyar, A. S. 
Colyar & Carter 
■Decherd, P. S. 
Estill, F. T. 
Francis, Hugh 
Garner, M. W. 
Metcalf, Le^wis 
Turney, H. L., Peter & M. 
Turney, H. L. 
Turney, Peter 
Turney, M . 
Venable, William E. 
Venable & Garner 

Gibson County. 

Caldwell. Robert P. 
Carthel, Thomas J. 
Clay, Marion J. 
*Currey, Algernon S. 
Freeman, Thomas J. 
Hill, Monson R. 
Levy, Henry C. 
*McDearman, James A. 
*Moore, James M. 
Rains, RollaP. 
Rains & Freeman 
Williams, Samuel 

Frazier, Julian 

Giles County. 

Adams, Nathan 
*Ballentine, John G. 
Bramlitt, Lunsford M. 
Brandon, Thomas S. 
Brown, John C. 
Carter, Benjamin F. 
Chambhss, William P. 
Clack, Calvin J. 
Eldridge, Thomas D. 
Jones, Thomas M. 


Jones &, Clack 
Houston, William 
Lester, James H. 
Richardson, Amos R. 
Walker, Jolm C. 
Walker & Brown 
Ward, Hillery 
Wheeler, H. C. 

Grainger County. 

AustiiL's Ferry. 
Gocke, John 

Bean's Station. 
*Lafferty, James 
Shields, James T. 

Red Wood. 
Cocke, William M. 

Smith, C. C. 
Turley, Thomas W. 

Malone, W. U. 


Green County. 

Arnold, Thomas D. 
Barton. Robert M. 
Britton, James, Jr. 
Crawford, RobertA. 
*Farnesworth, Alfred 
Hawkins, WilUam 
* Jones John 
tiMcKinney, R. J- 
Milligan, Samuel 
Patterson, David T. 

Grnndy County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Hamilton County. 

Brabson, Reese B. 
Burch, John C. 
Ellis, Richard 
Gold, Joseph C. 
^Henderson, Richard 
Hicks, George W. 
Key, D. M.. 
Hopkins, John L. 
Lyle, George W. 

Lyle &Gold 

Minnis, John A. 

Minnis & EUis _ . 

Montgomery, Benjamin R. 

Welcker, A. G. 

Welcker &. Key 

White, John W. 

Whiteside, James A. 

* Anderson, James H. 
Beard, Napoleon B. 
Rlacknall, Felix G. 
%acknall & McCreary 
Shirley, N. B. _ 
Trewhitt, Daniel C. 

Hancock Cotinty. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Hardeman County. 


Averill, Thomas W. 
*Feiitress, David 
Fentress, John R. 
Miller, A. 
Miller & Wood 
-■Neely, Jolm J. 
*Polk. Edwin 
Robertson, Alexander T. 
Robertson & Hardin 
.Smith, Thomas R. 


Hardin, George W. 
Hardin & Robertson 

Hardin County.. 

Broyles, L. H. Jr. 
*Casey, Joel 
Hamilton, GeorgeJM. 
Jones & Bi-oyles 
Jones, T. A. 
McDougal, A. G. 
Moody, William F. 
Smith, J ames H. 
Street, D. A. 
fWalker, Elijah 

Hawkins County. 

"Alexander, Dicks 
*Aston, Edward J. 
*Carmichael, H. 
Clarkson, W. N. 
Hall, C. W. 
Heiskell, Joseph B. 
Kyle, A. A. 
McKinney, J- A. 
Netherland, John 
Netherlaud & Heiskell 
*i'owel, George R. 
Powel, Samuel 
*Rogan, James.W. 
Shields, John 
Walker, F. M. 
Walker & Hall 

Red Bridge. 
*Cocke, Sterlihg 

Haywood County. 

Balch, Robert M. 
Campbell, L. M. 
Freeman, De G. 
Freeman & Turner 
Gause, John Peter 
I Grove & Rogers 
Grove, William B. 
'■Loving, William H. 
Read, Edward J. 
Read & Shapard 
Rogers, H A. 
Shapard, Yancy B. 
Smith, Thomas G. 
Smith, William M. 
Smith, T. G. & William 
*Strother, James W. 

1 Turner, H. J- 
Wilson, William 

Henderson County. 

Belvate, William D. 
Jones, John, W. G. 
McKii-ick, Lewis D. 
Shrewsbury, Albert G. 
Williams, C. H. 
Willia ns &. Wright 
Wright, Henry 

Henry County. 

"Chambers. John A. 
Wall, Henry W. 

Broswell, Solomon C. 
* Brown, Benjamin C. 
Dunlap, J. H. & J. T. 
tFitzgerald, William 
Greer, A. P. 
Lamb, Benjamin F. 
_ McCampbell, Andrew 
Porter, J. D. 
Williams, Isaac B. 

Travis, William E. 

Hicltinan County. 

Bateman, T. P. 
Broadus, W. J. 
Campbell & Bateman 
Deshazo, A. C. 
Duncan, John C. 
Easley, J. D. 
Hushes & Easley 
"Montgomery, John 
Williams, J. J. 

Humphreys County. 

Allen, V. S. 
Harris, James M. 
"Little, J. N. 
"Nichols, Harvey 
Saunders, A. J. 
Saunders, F. P. 
1 Simpson, Joel M. 

Jackson County. 

Botts & Savage 
Botts, William H. 
Denton, Holland 
De Whitte, Allen W. 
Draper, Jameii 
Hall, Littleton C. 
McWhirter, George M. 
Murry, John P. 
Quarles, James T. 
Swope & Washburn 
Spurlock, James A. 
Washbuni, Benjamin B. 

Jefferson County. 

Bradford, William M. 
"Branner, John 
"Carson, James H. 
Caswell &Swann 
1 Caswell, William R. 
Hynds, Robert M. 



Layman, Griffith, W. 
Swann, James P. 

Mossy Creek. 
Hubbard, Henry H. 

tAnderfon, Robert M. 
*Anderson, William F. 
Peck, Jacob 
Thomburg, Montgomery 

Oak Grave. 
♦Tumley, John C. 

Strawberry Plains. 
Meek, James Alonroe 

Jobnsou County. 

*Murphy, Hawkins P. 

Smith, Hamilton C. 
Smithpeter, William 

Knox County. 

lAlexanJer, Ebenezer 
*Armstrong, Drury P. 
Armstrong? Robert H. 
Baker, Park 
Barnes, Azro A. 
Boyd, Samuel B. 
Boyd & Rogers 
'Campbell, James W. 
*Churchwell, George W. 
*Churchwell, William M. 
Cooke, James 
Crozier, John H. 
Cummings, DsLvid H. 
Hall, Lea 
Hall, M L. 
*Helms, William E. 
Kain, William Claiborne 
Lewis, Joseph 
*Luttrell, James C. 

Lyon, Thomas C. 

McAdoo, John 

JIcAdoo William G. 

McMullen, Robert B. 

Montgomei-y, William M. 

Maynard &, Barnes 

Maynard, Horace 

*Moses, John L. 

Nelson, David W. 

Nelson, John R. 

*Parsons, Joseph 

Ramsey, John C. 

Reese, William B., Jr. 

Rodgers, Samuel B. 

*Sevier, Elbert F. 

Sneed, William H. 

Sneed <fc Temple 

Swan, William 

Swan, William G. 

Temple, Oliver P. 

*Wallace, Wayne W. 
Welcker, James M. 
White, Moses 
t Williams, Thomas L. 

Lauderdale Co. 

*01dham, James 

'Conner, William 
'Glass, P. T. 

Mailey, Josiah C. 
Richardson, Henry H. 
Stefle, Isaac M. 
Sutherland, John 

Lawreuce Co. 

Burkett, Henry L 
Bentlpy, L. M. 
Hentli'V, Milton L. 
Neale,"W. T. 
Mxon, George H. 
Rose, Robert H. 
Roi=e. S. E. 
Smith, W. B. - 
Tiunon, J. A. 

liSwis County. 

Coleman. William W. 
Greer, William 
Hunter, John 

Lincoln County. 

Bright James R. 
Briiht, John M. 
Bright, J. M. & J. R. 
Davidson, James M. 
Farqiiharson. R. 
French, Charles A. 
Fulton, John S. 
Fulton, Francis P. 
Fulton, James 
Harris, Joel M. 
Kercheval, William F. 
.Martin. William B. 
McKiuney, C. C. 
.McKinnev & Maitin 
Ross, Wiiliam T. 
Ross & Davidson 

Gillespie, Jacob 
Greer, Andrew A. 

Macon County. 

AUon Hill. 
Claiborn, John 

Alexander, M. N. 
Claibourn, D. D. 
De Witt, W. H. 

Madison County. 

*.4dam=on, Greenberry 
Brown, Harvey 
Brown, M. & H. 
Brown, Milton 
Bullock, M. 
Bullock & Scurlock 
Campbell, A. W. 
Caruthers, William 
*Chester, Robert J. 
Clark, Thomas 
Davie, A. F. 
Freeman & Caruthers 
Freeman, J. B. 
Hays. R. J. 
Hays & Morrill 
McClanahan, Samuel 
McClanahan & Son 
McClanahan, H. 

'McCorry, Henry W. 
Morrill, John M. 
tRcad, John 
.•^curliR-k, T. P. 

tephcns, William & James K. 
.-tephcns, William H. 
Stephens, James K. 
Tomlin, John L. A. 
tTotten, A. O. W. 

Marion County. 

Conalser, James H. 
Havron, J^mes S 
Hopkins, Thomas H. 
Hyde & Frazier 
Hyde, A. A. 
.Stone, .-Spencer C. 
Stone & Havron 

Marshall County. 

*Huggans, James H. 

Black, Gideon P. 
Black & Venable 
Davis, Wilson P. 
Davis & Cooper 
Jones, Joel J. 
Kerchavel, Robert K. 
McGregor, William F. 
Payne &. McGregor 
Ross & Jones 
Williams, Robert C. 
Wisner, William H. 
Whiteside, Russell P. 

Maury County. 

*Brown. Allen 
Campbell, John P. 
Campbell, Collin M. 
Cochran, J. T. L. 
Childress, Stephen W. 
*Dickerson, Caleb J. 
Dunnington, F. C. 
*Erwin, William E. 
Fleming, J. W. & W. S. 
Fleming, William M. 

Fleming, William S. 

Flippin, William S. 

Frierson Sc Myers 

Frierson, Madison S. 

Frierson & Dunnington 

Gantt, George 
Herndon, Joseph 

Hughes, Looney & Campbell 

Hughes, Archilaus M. 

'Kennedy, WilUam E. 

Looney, A. M. 

'Mack, Robert 
Martin, Barkley 

tMartin, WUliam P. 

Myers, Leonard D. 

McRady, Joseph A. 

Payne, Robert G. 

Payne & Gantt 

'Pillow, Gideon J. \ 

Polk, William H. 

Rainey, Winlield S. 

'Smiser, James 

Sykes, William J. 

Thomas, James H. 

Thomas & ^Vliitthorne 

Whitthome, Washington C. 



McNairy County. 

*Cro6S, Macklin 
Houston, Arch. K. 
Hurst, F. 
Jimerson, J. C. 
Mc Kinney, James F. 
McKinney & Wright 
Wood, Moses 
Wright, John V. 

McMinn County. 

Ballew, David W. 
Blackwell, Wilham T. 
Bridges, George W. 
Campbell, Thomas J. 
Campbell & Vandyke 
Cook, James B. 
Jarnagin, Milton P. 
Jarnagin & Keyes 
tKeith, Charles F. 
Keith, William F. 
Keyes, Alexander D. 
Vandyke, T. Nixon 

Elliot, John 

Meigs County. 

Adams, William L. 
Collins, Jacob B. 
Stewart, John G. 

Blonroe County. 

Brown, George 
Eakin & Wright 
Eakin, W. L. 
Stephens, H. H. 
Wright, J. 1. 

Montgomery Co. 

Bailey, J. E. 
Beaumont, T. W. 
Dudley, N. B. 
Henry, G. A. 
Henry & Shackleford 
Hornberger & House 
Hornberger, J. G. 
House, John F. 
Humphreys, R. W. 
*Irwin, F. G. 
King, Thomas W. 
*Johnson, Cave 
*Kimble, H. S. 
Northington, E. W. 
Poindexter, G. G. 
*Poston, Richard 
Quarles, J. M. & W. A. 
Robb, A. 
Robb & Bailey 
Shackleford, J. O. 
Wisdom, Thomas W. 


^^ Palmyra. 

Allen, N. H. 

Obion County. 

Davis, Jaines 

super Top. 
-■Warner, Samuel A. 

Tottens Wells 
Gibbs, George W. 
Gibbs, William B. 

Cochran, Solomon W. 
Cochran & Enloe 
Enloe, A. B. 
Harris, W. S. S. 
McAllister, Charles 
Somers, John 

Overton County. 

Bledsoe, B. F. 
*Cullom, Alvin 
Cullom, James J. 
Cappo, A. E. 

Goodpasture, J. D. & W. W. 
Jones, VV. E. B. 
Jones & Cullom 
McHenry, J. W. 
Swope, Archibald A. 

Perry County. 

Brasheer, Thomas M. 
Jones, Thomas M. 
Maxwell, William S. 
Williamson, F. H. 

Polk County. 

Buchanan, James R. 
Hoyle, Jolm B. 
*Parks, James 

Shea County. 

Locke, Frank 
SteXvart, John G. 

Roane County. 

Campbell, John A. 
Center, Thomas C. 
Childress, Samuel L. 
Clark, Thomas N. 
Fleming, J. M. 
Patterson, N. A. 
*Sevier, Elbridge G. 
*Smith, John Y. 
Smith &L Patterson 

Baker, Isaac 
Blair, W. W. 
Hurley, A H. 

Robertson County. 

Cross Plains. 
*Paterson, Robert C. 
"Payne, Benjamin F. 

MuUoy, Edward S. 

Binkley, Colimibus C. 
Draughon, Miles S. 
Gamer, John E. 

Lowe & Woodard 
Lowe, Washington 
Pepper, Wesley W. 
Pepper, Lemuel 
Stark & Draughon 
Stark, Joseph C. 
Woodard, John 

Rutherford f^ounty. 

tRidley, Bromfield L. 

Mnrfreeshoro' . 
*Andcrson, Samuel 
Avent, James M. 
Bell, David W. 

Burrus, William J. 
Burton, John W. 

Childress, John W. 
Currin, Xiobert S. 
Ellis, Radford G. 
Ellis & Hancock 

Herd, Thomas 
Hancock, E. D. 
Jones, Theodorick G, 
Keeble, Edwin A. 
Keeble, Horace P. 
Keeble, E. A. & R. H. 
Maney, David 
Mc Knight, William G. 
Palmer, Joseph B. 
*Phillips, Joseph 
Ready, Charles 
Ready, Charles E. 
Reves, Levi W. 
"Spence, Joseph 
Wade, Joseph D. 

VauglDi's Valley. 
Rucker, Samuel R. 

Scott County. 

[No resident lawyers.] 

Servier County. 

Duggan, Wilson 
McCown, George W. 
McNutt, John S. 

Shelby County 

Ayres, T. S. & S. W. 
Bailey, Sylvester 
Blythe, W. A. 
Bond, Rice 
*Brinkley, Robert C. 
Brown, William F. B. 
Brown & Canithers 
Butler, James 
Caruthers, John P. C. 
Carmack, John 
Carr, William C. 
Coleman &. Felton 
Coleman, Walter C. 
Currin, David M. 
Davidson, A. H. 
Davidson & Ray 
Duncan, William 
Dupree, L. J. 
Farringtoii, John C. 
Felton, H. F. F. 
Finnie, John G. 
Fowlkes, L. P. 
Foster, Frank 
Frazer, C. D. 



Frazer & Lamb' 
Harris, Uaaui G. 
Hulbert, il. T. 
Jones, JaaiJs C. 
Jones, M.uiford&Dupree 
Karr, K. L. AI. 
King, K. VV. AI. 
King, Hu.loriic &. Karr 
Kortrecut, Caarles 
Lamb, Jiuujs 
Leath, Ja-ues L. T. 
Leath & ..oauson 
Leatheraiau, D. M. 
Loonay,ii, F. 
Loonay oc j-aiith 
Massey, li.A. 
McKieniau, B. F. 
McLemo;v. A J. 
Munford, Ed. VV. 
Pope, Lciioy 
'Perrin, i:,invard O. 
Poston, William K. 
Ray, John iC. Li. 
Richard-ou. R. \V. 
Sale, Jouu F. 
*rfaunder:, N. Bonaparte 
Searcy, G. D. 
Searcey ^ Pope 
Small, J. r. 
Smitli, Hcury G. 
Stanton, Frederick P. 
Swayue, J. 'l\ 
Temple, J ames E. 
Thompson A: Duprec 
Thornton. James B. 
Thornton & Massey 
*Topp, Robertson 
Trezevant, John T. • 
Turley, Tiiomas J. 
Turnage, Rufus K. 
Vollinnue, Henry 
*\Vheatley, Seth 
Whendey, William W. 
Wickersnam, James 
Williamson, J. A. 
Williams, C. H. Junior 
Wright & Turley 
Yerger, Ed, M. 
Merger & Blythe 

*Bayne, W. 


Henderson, William H. 
*Dunlap, William C. 
McLemore, J. 
*Taylor, Fletcher 

Smith County. 

Allen, D. H. 
Cullum, William 
Campbell, Da\ad II. 
Caruthers, William A. 
Comwell, Pleasant M. 
Debow, James R. 
Dillard, H. D. 
*Furgusson .-Vdam 
Fite, Samuel ^M. 
Frazer, Jesse P. 
'Hallum, W. V. R. 
Hart, William 
McClain, Andrew 
McDonald, Henry B. 
Moores, James B. 
Montgomery, F. F. 
*Over ton, Archibald W. 
Pickett, Edward B. 
Pichett, Joseph G. 


Ward, W. VV. 
Williams, D.xon C. 
Williams, T. H. 

Ste^vart County. 

Davis, H. G. 
Doyle, Jouu N. 
Duncan, J. T. 
Dunlap, J. P. 
Martin Jc Duncan 
Martin, S. W. 
Rice, Jiiinec E. 
Rice & Dunlap 
Roberts, James 
Scarborough. J. M. 
Rcarboruu^h iSi Robarts 

Snllivan Couuty. 

Bnrkhart, Gideon 
Davis, F. .M. 
Haynes, M. T. 
Rhea, James D. 

Sumner County. 

Allen, George W. 
Baldridge, S. \V. 
BaiTy, Thomas 
Bradford, George J. 
Guild, J. C. 
Hall, John 
Head, John W. 
Moss, John W. 
McMiirray & Stalker 
Trousday, ^Villiam 
White, J. J. 
Winchester; G. W. 

Bennett, Robert A. 

Tipton County, 

Bate, Humphrey R. 
Bate & Slaughter 
*Byars, James, jr. 
Coodj", William 
Holmes, Samuel A. 
Morrison, Isaac 
Morri-ou &. Sanford 
Sant'ord, Henry 
*3omervell, Richaid B. 
Slaughter, Gabriel J. 

Tan Buren Connty. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 
Warren Connty. 

Blank, Jamea A. 
Black, John 
Britton, Washington 
*Campbcll, Robert A. 
tMarcEbanks, A. J. 
*Rowau, Stokely D. 
Spurlock, John L. 
Stubbletield, George J. 
Thompson, James P. 

Washington County. 

Blue Plumb. 
Haynes, Landou C. 

Jonesboro ugh. 
Aiken, John A. 
■Cliester. Wiiliam P. 
Deaderick, James VV, 
Graham, Albert G. 
Harris, E. T. 
Jackron, N. T. 
■Lukcy, Seth J. VV. 
McLin, John B. 
.Maxwell, William Henry 
Murphy, Jame^? E. 
NeUou, Thomas A. R, 

Wayne County. 

Hill, Robrrt A. 
Jones, William K. 
McDougal, John 
Moore, John F. 

Weakley Connty. 

Bell, W. N. 
Cardwell, M. D. 
Edwards, B. v!c JT. 
Etherldge, E. 
Gardner, John A. 
Gibbs, William B. & C. N. 
Ralston, George H. 
Rogers, John A. 
Wasson, A. S. 
Wasson, Hii-am 
VV^asson, A. S. Jc. Hiram 

A^Tiite County. 

Colms, S. H. 
Gardenhire, E. L. 
tGoodall, Jotm L. 
Murray, T. B. 
Mitchell, Thomas 
Nelson, William E. 
Powell, F. T. 
*Rogers, John B. 
Turney, Samuel 

Williamson County. 

Andrews, Ephraim Y. 
*Alexander, Richard 
*Bostick, R. W. H. 
Campbell, David 
Campbell «&. McEwin 
Cook, Edmond C. 
Ewing, R. M. 
*Figuers, Thomas N. 
Foster, Robert C. 
Foster & Cook 
Hill, Robert F. 
Marshall, John 
Marshall & Ewing 
*McCurdy, Jonathan A. 
McEwen, John B. 
McEwen, John L. 
McConnico, VV. La Fayette 
McLemore, William S. 
*Stuart, James A. M. E. 



Wilson County. 


*Campbcll, William B. 
*Carutliers, Abraham 
tCaruthers, Robert L. 
Frazer, Henry S. 

Giilladay, E^ I. 
*Green, Nathan 
Green, Nathan, jr. 
Hatton, Robert H. 
Hatton & Green 
Howard, John K. 
Martin & Mottley 
Martin, William L. 

Mottley, Joseph T. 
Pittman, John B. 
Stokes, Jordan 
Sypert, William L. 
Tarver, BenJHmin J. 
Tarver & Golladay 
*Thompson, Robert E. 


Those not marked arepractising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thnst are on the Bench. 

Anderson County. 

*Alexander, Thomas C. 
Alexander, William 
Cravens, John E. 
Cravens & Gooch 
Fowler, Andrew J. 
Gooch, John G. 
Horrell, Edward H. 
Mallard, JohrfB. 
Mallard & Alexander 
Moore, Lewis W. 
Perry, James M. 
tReagan, John H. 
Reeves, Reuben A. 
Reeves & Mills 
*Tannehill, Pleasant T. 

Amgelina County. 

Bradshaw, Josiah 
ilorgan, Henry Clay 

Austin Connty. 

Holland, N. 
Hunt, Z. 

Lipscomb, Frank 
Osterhout, J. P. 
Portis, David Y. 

Rock Island. 
Grace, L. W. 
Kirby, J. E. 
' White, .Thomaa M. 

San Felipe. 
Hunger, N. H. 

Bastrop County. 

Armington, Horace 
Blanton, S. C. 
Blanton & Rose 
*Bunton, John W. 
*Caldwell, John 
Claiborne, Phil. 
Claiborne & O'Conner 
*Cunningham, L. C. 
*Gazley, ThomsiB J. 
Jones & Armington 
Jones, G. W. 
Larkin, Warren 

McGinnisp, C. C. 
McLester, Harry 
Marshall, A. F. 
O'Conner, Joseph 
Petty, E. P. 
Petty & McLester 
Poage, James A. 
Rose, Augustine J. 
Rutherford, Robt. A. 

Bell County. 

Chamberlain, D. T. 
Chamberlin & Flint 
Flint, John T. 
Pendleton, Frank 
White, Wiley S. 

Bexar County. 

San Antonio. 
*Alsbury, H. A. 
Anderson, M. G. 
Buckncr, E. F. 
Clevphind, Wilham H. 
Crump, William G. 
tDevine, Thoiijas J. 
Edwards, Benjamin E. 
Edwards & Cleveland 
Egan, [''rank 
Greene, N. O. 
Henson, R. A. 
Hewitt &. Newton 
Hewitt, Ira L. 
Howard, Russel 
Howard, J. G. 
Huston, E. G. 
lonns, Ira P. 
Lewis, Henry M. 
*Maverick, Samuel A. 
Newton, S. G. 
Paschal, J. A. 
Pashals & Stribling 
Pryor, J. F. 
Riutti, N. C. 
Sanders. George 
StriblinL', Thomas 
Superville, A. 
Thom|.kins, W. H. 
Vanderlip, D. C. 
Vanderlip & Jones 
Waclder, Jacob 
Waelder & Henson 
Weeks, W. F. 
Wood, W. C. 

Bowie County. 

^Callihan, N. 
*Ellis, N. D. 
Lindsay, R. M. 
Moore, William 
Pirkey, S. H. 
Peters, J. J. 

Brazoria County. 

^ Bailey's Prairie. 
Munson, M. S. 

Bell, James H. 
Fowler, Samuel L. 
Harris & Pease 
Hansbrough, Joseph S. 
*Jones, B. C. 
MacGreal, Peter 
Megginson, J. C. 
Pease, E. M. 
Terry, Clinton 
tTownes, Robert J. 

Cone, Horace 

Wharton. John A. 

Burleson County. 

Chance, E. J. 
Chance i. Davia 
Davis, B. H. 
Davis, William 
Davis &. Norris 
Lewis, S M. 
Norris, James M. 

Brazos County. 

Booth, De Witt C. 

Caldwell County. 

Berry, Walker W. 
Cowan, William R. 
"Hamilton, John C. 
*Leroy, Gilbert 
Porter, Robert B. 



Price. Charles A. T. 
Rogan, Theodore 
Rogan & Cowan 
Shinn, Richard M. 
Teel, Travaiiian T. 

Calhoun Couuty. 

Beaumont, Henry 
Howerton, James 
Lytle, James T. 
Ogden, Wesley 
Seawell, S. T. 
Simpson, James A. 
Stockdale, Fletcher 
Woodward, William H. 

Cameron Couuty. 

tArrington, A. W. 
Basse, Elisha 
Basse & Hord 
Bigelow, Israel B. 
Cummins. Franklin 
Bunlap, W. W. 
tGarland, Rice 
Hord, Robert H. 
Parker, F. J. 

Point Isabel. 
Powers, Stephen 

Cherokee County. 

Ragsdale, Edward B. 
Rushing, Joseph C. 
Wooten, Richard A. 

Taylor, William 

Anderson, James M. 
Anderson & Hood 
Boniier, Fitz William 
Bonner, Micajah H. 
Cannon, B. B. 
Daniel, William C. 
Davis, William B. 
Donley, S. P. 
Dougherty, William 
Erwin, S. A. 
Everett, Jo. 
Guinn, Robert H. 
Henry, William C. 
Henry & Wiggins 
'Hogg, J. L. 
Hood, Azariah J. 
Sellers, John 
Shanks, A. H. 
Shanks & Bonner 
Taylor, John 
Wiggins, W. R. 

Caiis Couuty. 

Banners, E. G. 
Benners & JMoseley 
Dubose, V. M. 
Everett, J. C. 
Ferris, J. W. 
Lewis, Granville 
McKenny, E. D. 
Moseley, Samuel F. 
Poiudexter, John, Jr. 
Rogers & Ferris 

Rogers, J. H. 
Rogers, M. D. 
Ilogers, T. J. 
Rogers, T. J. & J. H. 
Westmoreland, Charles 

Collin County. 

Berry, Alexander 
Easton, John C. 
Harberger, J. Henry 
Harberger & Mann 
Martin, Leonidas 
Mann. Henry R. 
Martin, Aug. H. 

Cooke County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Colorado County. 

Allen, Vincent 
Darden, W. J. 
Griffith, James A. 
Jones &, Rivers 
.iones, William J. 
*Payne, Donald F. 
Rivers, R. J. 
Robson, John H. 
Sigsler, R. B. 
Smith, George W. 
{Walker, Kidder 

Comal County. 

New Braunfels. 
Dooley, M. A. 
Jones, Gus. 
Jones, William E. 
*Judson, G. H. 
Shei-wood, G. H. 

Dallas Couuty. 

*Bryan, John N. 
Burford, N. M. 
Crockett, J. M. 
Crockett & Good 
Eakin, J. J. 
Good, 1. 1. 
tLatimer, J. W. 
McCoy, J. C. 
.Marshall, L. L. 
Nicholson, P. H. 
Stone, B. W. 

Denton County. 

Cannon, Alexander P. 

De Witt Couuty. 

Cunningham & Rcid 
Harris, Buckner 
Reid, George M. 
Waters, Thomas J. 
Williams, Robert E. 

El Paso County. 

San Elicario. 
tAnkrim, Joel L. 
Crosby, Josiah I. 

Hart, Simon 
Hendree, Esler 

Fannin County. 

Burkett, William 
Dixon, Miller H. 
Everts & Henricks 
Hunt, Richard S. 
Lane. Roljert H. 
*Pace, Albert G. 
Roberts, Samuel A. 
Taylor, Robert H. 
Thomas, Oliver 

Fayette County. 

La Grange. 
Burns &. McAshan 
Burns, J. R. 
Chandlrr, John W. 
Chandler & McFarland 
Dancy, John W. 
Gates, A. R. & W. T. 
Harcourt, John T. 
McAshan, Edmund V. 
■McFarland, Isaac B. 
Price, L. F. & W. B. 
Price, Larkin F. 
Price, Wilham B. 
Shropshire, Benjamia 
Tate, Frederick 
Webb, William G. 
Webb & Harcourt 

Round Top. 
*Hill, Isaac L. 

Fort Bend County. 

Hodgss Bend. 
Marshall, Benj amin G. 

Atkins, Benjamin F. 
Harwood, Thomas M. 
*Herndon, John H. 
Sullivan, James S. 
Waller, Hiram B. 
Waller & Young 
Young, Overton 

Freestone County. 

Campbell, John 
Daniel, W. F. 
Daniel & Grayson 
*F'riend, Joseph 
Grayson, William S. 
Gregg, John 
Linn, Benjamin F. 
.Moody, William L. 
.Simmons, S. C. 
Walker, James C. 
Walker & Campbell 
Whitt, John 
VVhitt & Moody 

Oalveston County. 

Galveston City. 
Alexander & Atchison 
Alexander, William 
Allen, Ebenezer 
Allen Si, Hale 
♦Andrews, Henry B. 
Ashe, John B. 
Atchison, D. D. 



Ballibger, William P. 
*Butler, Jonas 
"■Cole, James P. 
Cage, Kulus K. 
Di-ew, Josiali 
Franklin, lienjamin C. 
Goddard, William H. 
Hale, VVilhain G. 
Hartley, U. V. & R. K. 
Hartley, Oliver C- 
Hartley, Hulus K. 
Howard, Robert H. 
Hughes, Robert 
Jones & Bidlinger 
Jones, Gustavus A. 
Jones, John 13. 
Jones, John S. 
*Jones, William J. 
'■Joseph, Tliomas M. 
*Love, James 
Manley, John H. 
McQueen, Hugh 
Merriman, Franklin H. 
Potter, Heniy 
Potter, H. & M. M. 
Potter, Milton M. 
Remick, Jacob G, 
Sherwood, Lorenzo 
Sherwood & Goddard 
Tucker, Philip C, Jr. 
Thompson, Algernon P. 
Van Vacter, Owen 
fWatrous, John G. 
tWheeler, R. T. 
Yerger, Samuel 

Gillespie County. 

Freder icksburg. 
Cooley, A. O. 
Martin, Leonard 

Goliad County. 

Lea, Prior 

McCampbell, John S. 
McKenney, John F. 
Phelps &. Dowden. 

Gonzales County. 

Conley, Solomon B. 
Jones, William Hess 
Marshall, A. F. 
Stewart, William H. 
'Waul, T. N. 
Weir, A.. H. 

Grayson County. 

Everts, G. A. 
"Gray. A. S. 
Hendricks, H. G. 
*Head, James M. 
Harberger & Mann 
Mann, Henry R. 
Saunders, J. R. 
Sqjith, Burrell P. 
*Rulon, Morrison 
Towns, N. W. 
Williama, Mil wee & Towns 
Young, William C. 

Grimes County. 

DariB, B. F. 

Kennard, John R. 
Lawrance, James 
McDonald, J. G. 
McAlpin. William K. 
iMc Donald & Kennard 
Neblett, William H. 
Scott, James 

Guadalupe County. 


Creigh, C. L. 
*Elliott, Samuel N. 

Ertkine, Michael 

Gage, J. R. 
Greenwood, T. C. 
Ireland, John 
Ireland & I'ennyman 
Janes, Gus. 
Leigh, William B. 

Navarro, J. A. 
Neill, Andrew 
Pennyniau, H. A. 
ThorutoM, James J. 
Thornton & Elliott 

Harris County. 

tAllen, Harvey H. 
Allen & Sabin 
tBuckley, Const. W. 
Castanie, .lu.-tiu 
Darden, William J. 
Gray, Peter W. 
Green, John, Jr. 
*Hadley, Thomas B. J. 
Harrison, Thomas 
Henderson, James, W. 
Jordan, A. N. 
Lubbock, Francis R. 
Palmer, Edward A. 
Palmer & Jordan 
Perkms, Henry E. 
*Reily, James 
Sabin, Chauncy B. 
Tankersley, Benjamin F. 
Thompson, Algernon P. 
Tompkins, Stephen S. 
Tompkins & Thompson 
Walker, James C. 

San Jacinto. 
*Burnet, David G. 

Harrison County. 

Elysian Fields. 
Field, Drury 

Whitmore, George W. 

Adams, C. M. 
Anderson, John S. 
Askew, Casey 
Benners, Mosely & Hall 
Bristow, William H. 
Clark, Edward 
Clark, Walton P. 
Clark, E. & W. P. 
Clough, J. M. 
Clough & Lane 
Evans, Lemuel D. 
Frazer, C. A. 
Greer, Elkanah 
Hall M. J. 
Hill, William P. 
Hyde, S. M. 

Jennings, D. S, 
Lane, George 
Marshall, J. 
Morphis, James M. 
Murrah, Penelton 
fPatillo, T. A. 
Stansbury, R. N. 
Uigfall, L. T. 
Wilton, N. H. 
Williams, John F. 

Woodson, William 

Hays County. 

Sa?i Marcos. 
Campbell, Archibald G. 
Johns, Clement R. 

Henderson County. 

Howard, M. C. 
Martin, Bennett H. 

Hidalgo County. 

McClelland, A. J. 

Dougherty, Edward 
*Knapp, L. 

Hopkins County. 

Bolin, Malcomb 
Beaver, Shadrick 
McKenney, E. D. 
Russell, Hiram C. 

WhUe Oak. P. O 
"Ci'aig, John B. 
Gray, AbnerS. 
Mathews, Mansel W. 

Houston County. 

Hayes, John R. 
Miller, S. A. 
Moore, George F. 
Randolph, C. H. 
Taylor, W. M. 
Wiseman, W. C. 
Voakam, H. 
Yoakum & Taylor 

Hunt County. 

Howell, Alfred T. 
Wilson, John E. 

Jackson County. 

Barton, S. C. 
Grosland, D. E. 
Haynes, Thomas 
Holt, James J. 

Jasper County. 

Brenan, T. U. 
Clark, Walker & Brenan 



Foster, J. J. 
!• oster & Hicks 
Hicks, Henry C. 
Scarboroush, J. E. 
White, Seymour 

Jefferson Conuty. 

Gray, E. A. M. 
Lewis, Williaiii 
Ogden, Frederick VV. 

Clayton, Joel H. 
Myers, William 

Kaufman CoJinty. 

Kaufman. P. O. 
Morris, James E. 
tReagan, John H. 

Lamar Conuty. 

Bonner, W. J. 
*Cross, Homer 
iloiman, C. K. 
Milhvee, W. H. 
Peacock, Wilson, N. 
Williams William N. 
WOUams, Millvvee & Towns 

Lavaca County. 

Harris, L. T. 
"Hinckley, Walter 
Rogers, Wiley T. 
Rogers & Walker 
Tate, William 
Walker, B. B. 
WDliamson, George N. 

Willis, W. R. B. 

Leon County. 

Durant, John W. 
Durant & Wood 
Gould, Robert S. 
Gregg, James W. 
Holinan, William 
Holman & Gre?g 
Mortimer. Thomas V. 
Wood, William D. 

Blake, Thomas W. 
f Jewett, Henry J. 

Liberty County. 

Anderson, James H. 

Cedar Bayou. 
Mills, William J. 

Chambers, Thomas J. 

John's P. O. 
Chambers, William 

Abbott, William C. 

Abbott Sz, Lum 
*Brauch, Edward T. 
Perkins, Henry E. 
Lum, Jesse D. 

Liiuestone County. 

Clancey, J. E. 
Love, J. T. 
.McCutchau, J. D. 
McDonald, J. R. 
Preudergrast, D. M. 

McLennan County. 

JVa/:o Village. 
Battle, Nicholas W. 
Blocker, R. F. 
Coke, Richard 
Davis, J. F. 
t;vans, A. J. 
Gurley, Edward 
Nowlin, J. W. 

Marin Conuty. 

San Rafael. 
Shelton, J. Harper 
-kidmor, Walter 
liarney, Ai 

Matagorda County. 

Braman, D. E. E. 
DenUon, James 
"Hardeman, Samuel 
Hams, J. W. 
"Junes, John H. 
Lewis, li a R. 
McGonigal, J. C. 
-JcGouigal & Thorp 
"Pilkingcon, Samuel 
Powell, H. J. 
'Kugeley, Edward 6. 
^■~artwell, William L. 
Stewart, W. W. 
i'horp, Henry 
W^ilion, James C. 

Medina County. 

Nooiian, George H. 
Paul, James 

Milam County. 

Buckholts, Charles 
Buckholts, John A. 
'uukholts, C. & J. A. 
Cuiiey, A. J. 
liiucuck, John A. 
tlill, Frederick A. 
iiiU & Corley 
SriL-ed, Alexander W. 
White, William H. 

Sullivan's Port. 
Font Le Roy, F. T. 

Montgomery County. 

"Lewis, John M. 

Bradbury, L. L. 
Davis, N. Hart 
Hemphill, A. 
Lewis, John M. 
Lyon, William H. 
*PowelI, Henry 
Smyth & Bradbuiy 

Nacogdoches Co. 

Clark, Amos 
Pollock, W. C. 
Clark & Walker 
Hancock,C. H. 
Hyde, William F. 
fennings, Thomas J. 
Ochiltree & Jennings 
Ochiltree, WilUam B. 
*Rusk, Thomas J. 
Taylor, Charles S. 
Walker, John 
Walker, Richard S. 

Navarro County. 

Beaton, Alexander 
C oft, Willinm 
Cross, Sterling C. 
Eliot. Jacob 
Henderson, William F. 
Loushridge, J. R. 
Mnrnn, G~. L. 
Miller, John L. 
Mills, Roger Q. 
Reeves & Mills 
Tarrant & Henderson 
Winkler, Clinton M. 

Newton County. 

Lawhon, John C. 

Nueces County. 

Corpus Christi. 
Browder, B. M. 
Enoch, J. T. 

Mann, J. C. 
Merriman, Walter 
Neal, B. F. 

Webb, James 

Panoia County. 

Dulany, H. 1'. C. 
Fyke, Hendersonf 
F3'ke & Dulany 
Johns, Wicajah 
Ma=on, Irving P. 
Poag, William R. 
Talbert, J.C. 

Polls Co;;uty. 

Cold Spring's. 
Davis, James 

Gee, William f . ' 

Middleton, Arthur 
Moore, William Reid 
Palmer, William FL 
Wilson, Sanmt 1 A. 

*Wood, George T 



Red River Countf. 

Dickson, Joseph J. 
Dillahunty, Harvey 
Epperson, Benjamm H. 
Hudgens, Thomas D. 
*Latimer, Albert H. 
Mills, John T. 
Mills & Moore 
Morgan, Simpson H. 
Morrill, Amos 
Morrill & Dickson 
Murray, James A. N. 
*Stout, William K. 
f Todd, William S. 
Young & Morgan 

Refnsiio County. 

Norton, Milford P. 

Robertson County. 

Banton, Glover W. 
Barziza, Francis L. 
Miller, W. D. 
*Reed, Henry 

Busk County. 

Taylor, Isaac 

Armstrong, James R. 
Armstrong & Parsons 
Bagley, Nathan G. 
Bagley & Woore 
Casey, Martin 
Dansby, Isaac 
Ector, Matthew D. 
Estill, William H. 
Flanagan, James W. 
HoUinsvv'orth, S. P. 
Jones, James H. 
Lewis, Charles 
Lewis & Flanagan 
*Likens, Thomas M. 
Likens, James B. 
*McClarty, Charles F. 
'McClarry, John 
Moore, W. Douglas 
Morris & Jones 
tMorris, William W. 
Parsons, J. H. 
Pitner, Thomas R. 
Robinson, John C. 
Smither, Bi* 
Smither, B. Y. 
Stedman, William 
Swan, S. G. 
Turner & Ector 
Turner, Wash B. 
Ward, William E. 

Nails, - 

Mt. Enterprise. 

Sabine County. 

Burks, Ben. G. 
Burks, James 
Burroughs, James M. 
Horton, Stephen W. 
McLo.'key, Burtrand 
*McRae, Colin C. 

*Robinson, Jesse J. 
Speights, Joshua H. 

San Augustine County 

San .4ugustine. 
Anderson, William G. 
Anderson, Macolm G. 
Ardrey, James M. 
Ardrey & Sexton 
*Benton, Jesse 
*Brooke, John C. 
Evans, Alexander H. 
Henderson, James Flnckney 
*Hu!rton, Almonzon 
Kinsey, H. M. 
Lewis, B. J. 
Payne. Charlton 
Sexton, Franklin B. 
Sublett, Franklin B. 
*Wallace, Benjamin R. 

San Patricio County. 

SaiL Patricio. 
O'Docharty, Patrick 

Shelby County. 

Casey, L. F. 
Herring, Marcus D. 
tHicks, Archibald W. O. 
Houston & Herring 
Honston, Forbes J. 
Micherson, T. A. 
Roberts, O. M. 
Short, Daniel M. 

Smith County. 

Barrow, W. H. 
Bowdon, F. W. 
liowdon & Chilton 
Carter, William H. 
Chilton, George W. 
Cleveland, David B. 
Davenport, William 
Davis, Jack 
*Earle, Samuel L. 
Jones, John A. 
Lewelling, Thomas 
McLemore. Daniel J. 
Parsons, William Henry 
Reaves, Stephen 
Rosinbaum, George 
Selman, B. T. 
Spencer. W. P. 
*Taylor C. C. 
Turney, James 
Turuey & Davis 
Wells, Robert B. 

Starr County. 

Rio Grande City. 
Brashear, W. B. 
Hord, E. R. 

Titus County* 

Musgrove, B. W. 
Rogers, Thomas J. 

Mount Pleasant. 
Rolin, Malciilm 
Gray, Byrd W. 
Hill, John P. 

Johnson, William H. 

Johnson & Bolin 
*Turner, Solomon W. 

Mount Vernon. 
* Johnson, J F. 

Tairant County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Travis County. 

City of Austin. 
Allen, J. T. 
Anderson, T. S. 
Ashley, John 
Brown & Griffin 
Brown, J. D. 
Bostick. W. C. 
Caruthers, B. F. 
Chalmers, A. H. 
Cook, H. C. 
tCosta, John B. 
De Normandie, W. P. 
De Normandie & Peck 
Duval, Thomas H. 
Duval, William P. 
Duval, W. P. & T. H- 
Fisk, Josiah 
Graves, J. T. 
Qildart, E. W. 
Green, J. A. & Robert 
Griffin, Thomas 
Grooms, AUi'ed 
tlamilton & Walton 
Hamilton, A. J. 
fHancock, John 
Henderson, William H. 
[Hemphill, John 
Hughes, G. S. ' 
Lawrence, J. W. 
Lee, Joseph 
Marshall, John F. 
Mann, C. L. 
McGonigal, J. C. 
Meggins-bn, J, C. 
Megginson & Rohards 
OliUiam, Marshall & Terrill 
Oldham, William S. 
Paschal, George W. 
Peck, Edward R. 
Raymond & Grooms 
Raymond, N. C. 
Robards, W. L. 
Smith, James W. 
>need, Sebron G. 
Sublett, H. W. 
Taylor, J. 
Terrill, A. W. 
Walton, W. M. 


Byrd, W. 

Tyler County. 

Pedigo, H. C, 
Pedigo & Work 
Pi-ies"t, M. 
Priest & Willson 
Rock, Thomas 
Willson, P. A. 
Work, P. A. 

Town Bluff. 
Sapp, B. W. P. 



Upshur County. 


Baker, James D. 
Camp, John L. 
Dixon, Robert W. 
Everett, John C. 
Everett, J. C. & J. 
Galloway. C. C. 
Martin, William L. 
Stinson, David 
Stinson & Baker 
Van Sickle, Bt-ujamin R. 
Williams. E. C. & F. E. 
Williams, B. F. 

Red Rock. 
Halbert, C. D. 

Van Zaudt Connty. 

Austin, J. L. 
Henderson, J. R. C. 
Sigler, R. B. 

Victoria County. 


Allen, James W. 
Cunningham, Abel S. 
'Edgar, James M. 
Glass, William S. 
tJones, Fielding 
Mitchell, I. N. 
Palmer, George W. 
Phillips, Alexander H. 
Phillips, A. H. Jr. 
PhUlips & Phillips 
Rundell, J. 

White, Samuel Addison 
*\Viggington, Alfred M. 

Walker County. 

Baker, James A. 
Branch, A. M. 
'Campbell, Duncan G. 
Hay, Samuel D. 
Houston, Samuel 
Leigh, William A. 
McCreary, John 
Wiley, Andrew P. 
Wdey & Baker 
Yoakum, Henderson 
Yoakum & Branch 

Washington County. 

Barber, M. C. F. 
Berlin, J. J. 
Giddings, D. W. C. 
Giddings & Giddings 
Giddings, J. D. 
Gray, James 
Higgins, William A. 
Horton, George W. 
Houston, J. N. 
Lewis, Asa M. 
Lewis & Barber 
Sayles, John 
Shepard, C. B. 
Shepard, James E. 
Willie, Asa H. 
Willie, James 
Willie, WUlie & Houston 

Chappdl Hill 
Applewhite, Isaac 
Baker, M, W. 
Handlin, W. W. 
Wilson, M. P. 

rBaylor, Robert E. B. 

Jenkins, James R. 
^Lipscomb, Abin-r S. 
'Lipscomb, W. B. 
Williamson, R. M. 

Barton, James 
McFarland & Sayles 
McFarland, Wilson Y. 
Rogers, W. P. 
Rogers & Searcy 
Searcy, J, G. 
Scurry, William R. 
Scurry & Barton 
Shappard, Thomas P. 
Shappard & Horton 
Tarver, B. E. 
Vinson, William H. 

Wharton County. 

Field, Wilham 
Quinan, George 
Quinan&, Wilson 

Williamson County. 

Armstrong, James 
Houghton, J. A. 
Huirhes, T. P. 
'McGattey, Neil 
Strickland, A. J. 
Vontress, Ed. H. 
Vontress & Hughes 
Walker, Alexander S. 

Wood County. 

nood C. H. 
George, E. B. 
Norton, D. O. 
Saxon, T. S. 
Steel, John M. 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Addisou County. 

'Solace, Cahin 

Bradley, Joseph C. 
Copeland, Martin 
Needham, Horatio 


Barber, Edward D. 
Barber & Bu,~huell 
'Barrett, Joseph H. 
'Batteil, Philip 
Beckwith, Julius A. 
Bushnell, Jedediah S. 
Linsley, Charles 
'Myrick, Cyrus G. 
Phelps, Samuel S. 

Phelps Sc Stewart 
■Seymour, Horatio 
Seymour, Ozias 
*Slade, William 
Starr, Peter 
*Stewart, Dugald 
Stewart, John W. 
'Swift, George S. 
'Swift, Samuel 
Wooster, Dorastus 
'VVooster, Orlando 
Wright, Emerson R. 

Prout, John 

'Holley, Samuel H. 

Hawkins, Ansel M. 

Grandy, George W. 
f ierpoint, John 
■Seymour, Edward 
Tuckei-, Philip C. 
Woodbridge, Frederick E. 

Bennington County. 

Canfield, Harman 

Davis, Enoch • 

Hall, Nathaniel B. 
'Harman, George W. 
'Lyman, Alanson P. 
Stark, James L., Jr. 

Bennington Centre. 
Blackmer, Samuel H. 



Gardner, Abram B. 
Huling, A. M. & T. 
Huling, Alexander 
Huling, Truman 
tisham, Pierpont 
Kellog. Henry 
'Merrill, Orsamus C. 
Uobinson & Sibley 
Robinson, John S. 
*Robinson, David 
Robinson, David 
Robinson, U. M. 
Sibley, Tarrant 

Bliss, Alexander M. 

Factory Point. 
Myers, Robert 

Burton, Elias B. 
Burton & Burton 
Burton, Seward S. 
Fovs'ler, Harvey K. 
Miner, A. L. 
Roberts, Daniel 
Roberts & Fovyler 
Sargeant, Leonard 
*Swift, Serenus 

Brizee, George W. 

*Hi4rton, Nathan 

Caledonia County, 

Uale, Mordecai 
Heath, Richard H. 
Potts, Joseph 

Chadwick, David 

Stone, George W. 
*McLean, John 

*Burbank, Gustavus A. 
*Dana, Charles S. 
Davis, Bliss N. 
Davis, Charles 
Howard, Tlieron 
*Mattocks, Samuel B. 
*Wetherbee, Asor 

Hale, P. Harvey 


Bartlett, Henry S. 
Bartlett & Roberts 
Bartlett, Thomas, Jr. 
Cahoon, Kdward A. 
Cahoon, George C. 
Roberts. George W. 

■'Chandler, Samuel A. 
Mattocks, William 

St. JohnsJjury E. 
Brown, O. T. 
Cobleigh, E. R. 

St. Johnsbury. 
Fairbanks, Joseph P. 
Paddock, Ephriam 
tPoland, Luke P. 
Slade, Samuel W. 
VVillard, A. J. 

Beckwith, John 

Stoddard, Jonathan D. 

Ciiittcntlen County. 


Adams, J. S. 
Adams, Charles 
Bailey, Geor^re F. 
*Baxter, Cf.rlos 
tBennett, M. L. 
Blodgett, Amos 
"Buckley, D. B. 
Chittenden, L. E. 
Cummings, Lyman. 
Davey, c: F. 
Englesby, L, B. 
Kdmonds, George F. 
■Follett. Timothy 
*Foote, Alvan 
Hard, E. R. 
Hickok, J. W. 
*Hill, F. G. 
*Hollenbeck. John B. 
Leavenworth, H. 
*Lymbn, I'hineas 
Lyman, Wyllys 
*Lyon, Nt well 
Maeck, Jacob 
*Noble, William 
Noyes, Carolus 
tParsons, S. M. 
tPeck, Asahel 
Peck, William W. 
Phelps, Edward J. 
Phelps & Chittenden 
*Pomeroy, John N. 
*Richardson, Israel P. 
Rixford, Bradford 
Rixford & Adams 
Russell, Charles 
*Saxe, John G. 
*Sliaw, George B. 
Shaw, William G. 
Smalley, D. A. 
Underwood, Levi 
Underwood & Hard 
'Warner, Isaac 
Woles, Torrey E. 
Weston, William 

Peck, Nahum 
Tobey, H. 

Hodges, A. P. . 
Ilibard, N. 

Smith, H. B, 

Maynard & Mead 
Maynard, A. B. 
Mead, E. F. 

Brown, S. S. 

Hoxie. Warren 

West Milton. 
Adams, Hector 
*Onion, W. W. 

French, David 

Winooski Falls. ■ 
Allen, J. W. 
'Carpenter, Jesse 
'Read, David 

Essex CoHjiiy. 

Hartshorn, William H. 
Hey wood, William, Jr. 
'Steele, J. 

Benton, R. C. 

Franklin County. 

Wilson, William C. 

Chaffee, A. B. 
Nutting, Jackson, B. 
Rand, Jasper 
Royce, Homer E. 
Royce, Stephen 
'Smith, Joseph 

'Mansfield, Theophilus 

Hubbell, Homer E. 
Soule, Anson 

Burt, Henry A. 
'Barber, Joel 

Deavitt, Jonathan J. 
Tenney, J. E. 

'Cutler, Joseph A. 
Pelton, Lyman E. 
Royce, Heman S. 

'Sherman, Ezra W. 

Royce, J. S. 
Safford, Henry M. 


Burt, Augustus 
Burt, James S. 
Hall, Bryant 
Searles, Alonzo E. 
'Sheldon, J. W. 

St. Albans. 
Aldis, Asa O. 
Beardfley, Herman R. 
Brainard, Joseph H. 
Davis, Jnmcs 
Edson, Henry G. 
Hayden, Chauncey H. 



Iloyt, Komeo fT. 
Uoyt, William H. 
Hunt, George G. 
'Hunt, Luther B. 
Houghton. George F. 
Sawyer, Daniel G. 
Seymour, Henry E 
Smalley, Benjamin H. 
Smith, J. & J. G. 
Smith, John 
Smith, John G. 
Stevens, Orlando 
Stevens <!c EiUon 
Young, Augustus 

Adams, Henry 
Bowdish, Isaac B. 
Paddock, Robert L. 
Peake, Benjamin 
Whittemore, Norman L. 

Grand Isle County. 

Harrington, Giles 
*Harrington, Henry 
Hazen, Frederick 

IHe Lamotte. 
Fisk, Julius 

Smith Hero. 
Dixon, David G. 

Liaiuoille Conuty. 

Law, W. H. 
Miner, R. E. 
*Reld, Nathaniel 
Stowell, Hemy 
Stowell, Henry J. 

Hyde Park. 
Child, John A. 
Sawyer, J. <t E. B. 
Small, L. S. 

Ferrin, W. G. 
Pike, S. S. 

Robinson, Charles 

Bingham, W. H. H. 
Burk, A. W. 
*Butler, O. W. 
Churchill. Stillman 
Perkins. R. L. 
Wilklns, George 

Gleed, Thomas 

Orange County. 

Austin, Seth 
Morris, Lewis R. 
Ormsby, R. McK. 
Parker, J. W. D. 

Hemenway, S. W. 

Clark, C. W. 

*Flint, .Samuel M. 
Hebard, William 
Hebard & Martin 
Jones, Perley C. 
*Jones, Thomas 
Martin, Burnhara 
'Smith, J. W. 

-Spencer, WilUam 

Berry, Joseph 


N'uiting, Chaiies 
Nuttin<:, William 
Nutting, W. & C. 
Perriu, Philander 

Cobb, Daniel 

Howard, Abijab, jr. 
Short, Simon 

tBatchelder, John W. 

Rolfe, Gustavus 

Bowles, Deuison 
\Vhite, H. A. 

Wells River. 
Dickey. A. M. 
Leslie, Charles B. 
Leslie & Dickey 
Underwood, Abel 

If est Randolph. 
Hutchinson, John B. 
Kidder, Jeft'erson P. 
Weston, Edmund 

Orleans County. 

Kimball, John H. 
Sartle, John P 

Barton Landing. 
Willard, Samuel A. 

Dickerman, William M. 
Frost, Henry H. 

Colby, John 
Hill. Nathan S. 
Paddock, James A. 

Derby Centre. 
Camp, David M. 
Edwards, John L. 

Derby Line. 
Prentiss, Henry F. 

Holbrook, A. M. 

Bartlett, Don A. 
Cooper, Jesse 
Cooper & Bartlett 

Cushman, Isaac N. 
Prentiss, John H. 

North Troy. 
Wilson, H. C. 

Dickerman, J. E. 
Summer, Samuel 

West Charleston. 
Hopkins, H. 

lEutlrand Connty. 

Kellogg, Loyal C. 

Brail don. 
Briggs, Ebenezer N. 
Briffgs & Conant 
Briggs & 
Conant, Samuel M. 
Davenport, Barzillai 
Hyatt, L H. 
June, Ezra 
Marsh, Rodney V. 
Nicholson. Anson A. 
Parker, Nathan D. 
Parker &. Nicholson 

rHowe, Zimri 
rLsngdon, Benjamin F. 
fWarner, Almon 
Wright, Isaac T. 

Cook, Morris H. 
Green, Spencer 

Kittridge, William C. 
Willard, Cyrenus M. 

Buell, Roswell 
'Clark, Jonas 
Frisbie. Barnes 
Ross, Elijah 

Mount Holla. 
Randall, Ira V. 

ifewell, Gordon 
.\ewell, James R. 
Newell, John G. 

Bromley. Jerome B. 
Potter, Fayette B. 

Allen. Horace 
*Hrown, Ambrose L. 
Edgertun, Ed%vin 
l'"dgerton, Henry 
Edgerton & Alhn 
Everts, .Martin (i. 

Kent, Solomon 
Hall, Henry 
Harrington. Caleb B. 
Hodses, Silas H. 
Nichols, William T. 
Ormsbee, Edgar L. 

Ormsbee, Thomas J. 
tPierpout. Robert 
Smith, Warren H. 
Strong, George W. 
Thrall, Reuben R, 



Williams, Cliarles L. 
Wing, Samuel D. 

Shrewsbury, CiMingsville, P.O. 
Fisher, Eben, jr. 

tButton, HHiv,jy 
Nicholson, David E. 

Beaman, Juhu B. 
Harris, James S. 

WashiiigtoiB County. 

Dodge, Willuuii A. 
French, E. C. 
*Kinsman, Newell 
Smith, Deniu^un K. 
Smith & Djd-e 
Wheelock, Langdon C. 

Fay, David B. 
*VVheeler, Siiubael 


Colby, Stoddard B. 
Heaton, Hoiner W. 
Heaton &. Reiui 
Loomis, Charles 
Merrill, Ferrand F. 
Peck, Lucius B. 
Peck & Colby 
Prentiss, Joseph A. 
tPrentiss, Samuel 
Redtield, Timothy P. 
Reed, Charles 
*Reed, Hezekiah H. 
*Reed, Thomas 
Smith, Oramel H. 
Spalding, A/.f\ 
'Thompson, Daniel P. 
Vail, Jack.^ou A. 
Willard, Charles W. 

*Buckley, Ro^er 

Carpenter, Hemau 
Joyce, C. H. 
Randall, Francis V. 
Randall & Joyce 

Chamberlin, Lewis 
Wing, Joseph A. 

Durant, Lxither 
Sessions, Alilan H. 

Demmon, Jared S. 
Dillingham, I'aul 
Dillingham & Demmon 
Henry, Luther 
Sherburne, John G. 
*Smith, Rufus C. 

Windham Co. 

Bellmcs Falls. 
*Baxter, Horace 

*Baxter, John N. 
Bri Igman, Jabez D. 
Campbell, Alexander S. 
Dean, B. W. 
Stoughton, Henry E. 


Bradley, Jonalhan D. 
Clarke, Rensselaer W. 
tlowe, George 
Keyes, A. 
Keyes & Howe 
Kirkland, Edward 
Mead, Larkin G. 
■■'Tyler, Roy all 
* White, Pliny H. 


Field, Charles K. 
Miller, Marshall 

Stoddard, Abiohai 

Stark, J. L. 

Butler, John E. 

North Wardsboro. 
Smith, Richard VV. 

Kimball, John 

Saxton's River. 
Kellogg, George B. 
Kellogg. Daniel 
Kellogg, D. &. G. B. 

Roberts, John 

Soutk Halifax. 
*Stark, James L. 

Bradley, William C. 

West Townshend. 
Phelps, James H. 

Follett, William H. 
Roberts, John, Jr. 

Flagg, Stephen P. 
.Shatter, Oscar L. 

Windsor CounJy. 

Hunton, Augustus P. 
Morgan, Isaac T. 

Deane, John F. 
Dutton, Salmon F. 

Adams, Luther 
Hutchinson, Oramel 
Leonard, Spencer H. 

Stoughton, Henry E. 

Hawkins, Josiah Q. 

Wales, George E. 

Chapman, Clark H. 
Fullain, Sewall 
Fullam, Volney S. 
Heald, Daniel A. 
Robbins & Chapman 
Robbins, Frederick C. 
Washburn, Reuben 

Burton, Harvey 
Loveland, Aaron 
Wright, John 

Pingry, William M. 

Andrews, Rulus T. 
French, Calvin 
French, Charles M. , 

Webber, Sumner A. 

Dennison, Dudley C. 
Marcy, John S. 

French, Warren C. 

South Royalton. 
Lamb, Charles M. 
Stiles, Baxter B. 

Closson, Henry 
Porter, Samuel W. 
Ward, John 

Belcher, William C. 

White River Junction. 
Lund & Morris 

. Windsor. 
Chase, Dudley T. 
Coolidge & Satiord 
(Joolidge, Carlos 
Currier, Warren 
-Hale, Thomas 
Sattbrd, Noah 15. 
Sargeant, Jabez 

Barrett, James 
Chandler, Oliver P. 
tCollamer, Jacob 
Converse, Julius 
Hutchinson, Edwin 
*HutchiQson, Tilus 
Marsh, Charles P. 
*Marsh, Lyndon A. 
Peirce, David 

Tracy, Converse &. Barrett 
Tracy, Andrew 
Washburn & Marsh 
Washburn, I'eler T. 
William, Norman 




Those not marked are practising Lawyers. 
Those marked thus * have retired from Practice. 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Acconiac County. 

Accomac. C. H. 
Bayly, Thomas H. 
Bell, Lorenzo J. 
Cropper, Thomas T. 
Duffleld. Charles B. 
*Joynes, Thomas R. 
*AfelviE, Samuel 
I'arramore, Thomas 0. 
Parker & Dultield 
*Smith, Mease 
Riley, William G. 
Wise & Bell 

Locust Mount. 
Mapp, Edwin T. 

Giinter, Benjamin 1'. 

Modest Totcn. 
''Nock, Littleton 
tPitts, Edward P. 

Finney, Louis C. H. 
Johnson, Abel T. 
Parker, Jolin \V. H. 
"Poulson, Robert J. 
Snead, Edward K. 
Wise, Henry A. 

Albemarle Coanty. 


Cochran, John L. 
Conthrall, S. V. 
'Davis, Eugene 
Duke, Richard T. W. 
Early, William T. 
Gordon, William F., Jr. 
McCarty. Wiiliam T. 
Massie, Nathaniel H. 
Magruder, Allen B. 
Rives. Alexander 
Rives it Watson 
Robertson & Gordon 
Robertson. William J. 
Saunders, James W. 
*Southa]l, James C. 
Southall, Valentine W. 
Southall, V. W & .S. V. 
Tnieheart, Georse W. 
Watson, Esrl)ert R, 
Wood, Drury 
Wood, Thomas 

Spiece, John B. 

aiickie. A. II. 

Jones, J. 
Tomkins, S. G. 
Wade, W"illiam M. 

Magruder, Benjamin H. 

University of Virginia. 
Minor, Jolin B. 
Holcomb, John P. 

Brown, William W. 

Alexandria Comity. 

Beach, S. Ferguson 
Berry, Benjamin H. 
Brent, George W. 
Brent & Kenzer 
*Cazeuove, William G. 
*Dixon, Turner 
Funsten, David 
Gordon, Georire L. 
Green, James VV. 
Hansborough, John C. 
*Hanson, Thomas H., Jr. 
Johnston, Reuben 
Kinzer, J. Louis 
Lee, Charles H. 
Meade, William F. 
McFarlan, Archibald 
McLaughlin, Hugh C. 
Monroe, Thomas hi. 
Monroe it Funsten 
Neale, Christopher 
*Ramsey, Jesse T. 
Smith, Francis L. 
Smith, Robert, J. 
Smith & Beach 
*Snoyvden, Edgar 
Stewart, C E. & A. 
"Stewart, Charles T. 
Sullivan, John H. 
Tavenner, George A. 
Taylor, Lawrence B. 
Taylor, W. Arthur 
Tebbs, A. Sidney 
Wattles, C. \V. 
Wharton, William 
Yeaton, William C. 

Alleghany Connty. 

Damron, Chriitopher 

Damron, Andrew 

Sweet Springs. 
*Boothe, William 
Damron, Joseph 

Amelia Connty. 

Amelia C. H. 
Botton, Thomas E. 
Masters, L. 

Weisiger, S. S. & T. K. 
Weiseger, S. S. 
Weiseger, T. K. 

Farrar, Fernando R. 

Booker, William L. 

Gregory, William F. C. 

*Crenshaw, Thomas A. 
Miller, John M. 

Amherst Connty. 

Amherst C. H. 
Brown, Robert M. 
Brown &. Whitehead 
Coleman, James P. 
*Gar]and, S. M. 
Henry, Samuel H. 
Quaries, Henry W. 
Thompson, L. B , Jr. 
Tompson, John, Jr. 
*Tompson, William W. 
Tinsley, Roljert 
Whitehead, Thomas 

Elk Creek. 
Dillard, Terisha W. 

Robertson, James M. 

New Glasgow. 
*Claiborne, Charles B. 
Coghill, R,obert A. 

Rose Mills. 
Claiborne, Sterling 

Appomattox County. 

Appomattox C. H. 
Bocock, Thomas S. 
Bocock, Willis P. 
Bocock & Flood 
Flood, Henry D. 
Fuqua, George S. 
Isbell & Wafkins 
Isbell, Lewis D. 
Jones, Crawford H. 
8nell, Noble 
Woodson, John W. 

Angn»>ta Connty. 

Farrar, Tucker VV. 

Mount Sidney. 
Myers, J. William' 

Baldwin, John B. 
Baylor, Geon;e 
Baylor, Willi'sim H. 
Baylor & Koiner 
Bell, Henderson M. 



Christian, Bolivar 
Clarke, Samuel 
Cochran, George M. 
* Crawford, James 
Frazler, William 
Fultz, David 
Harman & Bell 
Harman, William H. 
HendreD, J. N. 
Hill, Reuben D. 
Imboden, John D. 
Imbodeu &Mi;Cue 
Johnson, Chapman 
*Johnson, William B. 
Johnson, Breeze 
Kayser, William B. 
Kinney, Robert P. 
Kinney, William 
Koiner, Absalom 
McCue, John H. 
Michie & Robertson 
Michie, Thomas J. 
Price, James C. 
Robertson, Henry H. 
Sheffey, Hugh W. 
Skinner, James H. 
*Stribbling, Erasmus 
Stuart, Alexander H. H. 
Stuart, Briscoe A. 
*Stuart, Thomas Jet!'. 
tThompson, Lucas P. 
Trout, Nicholas K. 
*Waddell, J. Addison 
Watts, John B. 
Young, David S. 

Albertson, K. Thomas 

Barbour County. 

Anvil, D. M. 

Berlin, Frederick 
Dayton, Spencer 
Hall, Charles S. 
Reger, Albert G. 
Talt, Nathan H. 
Woods, Samuel 
Zin, John 

Bath C(>unty. 

Bath C. H. 
Byrd & Haas 
Cochran, James A. 
Haas, C. E. 
Terrill, William H. 
*Mayse, George 

Bedford County. 

Board's Store. 
Wingfield, William 

Forrest Depot. 
*Radtord, William 
Trible, Austin M. 

*Allen, Robert 
Burks, Edwards C. 
Claytor, Archibald A. 
Dickinson, H. C. 
Goode, John, Jr. 
Johnson & Dickinson 
Johnson, James F. 
Jordan, William V. 

Pattison, Nelson A. 
Sale, John F. 
Wharton, John A. 
Winglield, Gustavus A. 
Wingo, Edmund T. 

.\Ianson, Robert E. 

Otter Bridge. 
Goggin, William L. 

Berkeley County. 

Conrad, David H. 
Faulkner, C. J. 
Hoge, John R. 
Hunter, E. P. 
Miller, Norman 
Norris, John E. 
Pendleton, Edmund 
fPendleton, P, C. 
Thomas, Franklin 
W'eller, John 

Boone County 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Botetourt County. 

Blue Ridge. 
lAUen, John J. 

Anderson, Francis T. 
Anderson, John T. 

Bowyer, Henry M. 

Carrington E. C. Sr. 
Glasgow, William A. 
Gray, Oliver P. 
f Hudson, Robert M. 
.(ames. Green 
'Kyle, Robert 
Logan, James T. 
Mays, Fletcher 
Miller, Fleming B. 
*Radtbrd, William M. 
*VVilson, George W. 

Anthony, William H. 
Boyd, William W. 
Boyd & Martin 
Lackland, William M. 
Martin, Frederick A. 
Wood, James S. 

Braxton County. 

Braxton C. H. 
Adams, Preston M. 
Koiner, Jonathan 
Newlon, William 

Bull Town. 
McLaughlin, Addison 

Brooke County. 

Ewing, Henry 


Decamps, William 

Jones, William 
Kuhn, Adam 
Langtiu, Obadiah W. 
Nicholls, J. D. 

"Nicholls, Robert 
Steen, Isaiah 
White, N, W. 

Brunswick County. 

Vaiden, H. M. 

*Claiborne, J. G. 

Claiborne, D. J., Jr. 
Dromgoole, Edward- 
Hicks. David S. 
Hicks, E. B. 
Lewis, B. A. 
Poynor, David T. 
Shell, John E. 
Turnbull, R. D. 

Meade, R. E. 
Field, G. W. 

Buckingham County. 

Buckingham C. H. 
Bocock, Nichubis E. 
Darneille, Benjamin J. 
Gillian, John B. 
Haskins, John W. 
Hill, John 
Irving, Robert K. 
Leach, James P. 
Meredith, Jolin S. 
Shepard, William B. 
Spencer, Henry 
Tompkins C. G. 

Gills, Robert H, 
Moseley, Alexander 
Moseley & Gills 

New Canton. 
-Fontaine, Walter L. 
Fuqua, Joseph 
Woodtin, David 

New Store. 
McKinney, Philip W. 
Saunders, George D. 

Cabell County. 

Cabell, C. H. 
.McComas & Samuels 
McComas, William 
Samuels, Henry J. 

Laidley, John 

Campbell County. 

Beaver Creek. 
*Cobbs, Robert Lewis 

Campbell, C. H. 
Boiling, Edward 
Marr, Daniel 
Murrell, John C. 
Page, Edwin R. 
Reid, Alfred S. 

Hat Creek 
Clark, John P. 



Authony, Abuer, Jr. 

Bocock & Flood 
Booker, Samuel I. 
* Brown, Henry J. 
Campbell, Nathaniel H. 
*Chalmers, James 
Christian, Edward D. 
*Chrisian, Henry A. 
Clay, D. C. 
Dabney, Chiswell 
Davis, Robert J. 
*Edley, David R, 
Flood, Henry D. 
Garland, James 
Garland, .-^amuel 
Garland, Samuel, Jr. 
Garland, J. Al S. 
Garland ii. Slaughter 
*Glass, Robert H. 
Goggin, John O. L. 
Gogiin tt Page 
Gordon, .1. Newton 
*Holc.oriibe, J. Royall 
Kent, Robert L. 
Kirkpatiick, Thomas J. 
MansOM, Nathaniel C. 
Manson, Robert E. 
Manson, R. E. & N. C. 
*McDonald, James 
Mosby, Charles L. 
Mosby & Speed 
'Otey, Dexter 
Page, F. \V. 
*Reid, Williams., Jr. 
Roane, Wdliam B. 
Slaughter, Charles R. 
Slaughter, John F. 
Spence & Slaughter 
Speed, John M. 
*Spence, David E. 
*Tribble, A. M. 
Whitehead, Samuel 
-Wills, Creed T. 
Wilson, Daniel A. 
Yancey, William T. 

Dabney, John B. 

New London. 
Austin, Octavus 
Lemmon, George H. 

Yellow Branch. 
Leftwich, Joel B. 

Caroline County. 

Bowling Green. 
Coleman, Richard H. 
Hudgin, R. 
Peyton, B. 
Smith, Fountain 
*3tevenson, William L. 

Central Point. 
Brooks, H. B. 

Guiney's Depot. 
Washington, John 

Port Royal. 
Fitzhugh, George 
Fitzhugh, & Peyton 
Peyton, Randolph 
*Smith, C. M. 

Riaher Glenn. 
Scott, F. W. 

Scott & Broaddus 

Broaddu.5, A. S. 
Chapman, James 

Carroll County 

Carter, Mailison D. 
Cook, Wdliam H 
Hanly, G^ibnel D. 
Kyle, William 
Leonard, M. W. 

Charles City County. 

Charles City County, C. H. 
Ghri:jtian, Isaac H. 
'Christian, James H. 
Furgns.-on, Austin H. 
Harrison, Henry 
itoane, James E. 
*Tyler, John 
Willcox, Thomas H. 
Willcox & Pierce 

Cliarlotte County. 

Ch-irlotte, C. H. 
Bouldin, James W. 
Bouldin, Powhatan 
Bouldin, Robert C. 
Bouldin, Wood 
Collins, William B. 
*Green, William E. 
Henry, William W. 
Jordan, William O. 
Marshall Hunter H. 
Marshall, John 
*Read, George W. 
*Read, William W. 
Watkins, Charles W. G. 

Red House. 
Bailey, Joseph R. 

Rough Creek. 
*Bouldin, Thomas T. 

Chesterfield County. 

Chesterfield, C. H. 
Ambers, William 
*Cogbill, A. E. 
Jones, A, 
Poindexter, P. 

Coal Mines. 
Howard, Thomas 
Woolbridge, A. S. 

Cock, William A. 
Day, William W. 
Flournoy, R. W. 
*French, S. B. 
McRae, C. C. 
Rhodes, Holden 

Petersburg City. 
Darden, J. M. 
Dunn, Thomas 
Smith, T, G. 

Proctor's Greek. 
'Burfoot, J. M. 

Clarke County. 

Berry'.s Ferry. 
*McGuire, David II. 

Berry i-ille. 
Bradfield, C. W. 
McCormick P. 
McConniek & Bradfield 
Kean, K. G. H. 

Page, John E. 

Culpepper County. 

Culpepper C. H. 
Barbour, Jnnies 
•Barbour, Juhn S. 
*Barbour, .lohnS,, Jr. 
Bell, John W. 
Field, James G. 
tField, Richard H. 
fFreeman. Edward A. 
Gibson, 'J'homa.* C. 
Gray, George D, 
Green, John C. 
(Ireen, William 
Hill, Thomas T. 
HUl & Barbour 
Latham, Fayette M. 
"'Lighttbot Philip 
*Mauzy, Fayette 
*Rixey, John H. 
Shackeltbid, Henry&JohnL. 
Shackelford, .lohn L. 
Shackelford, Henry 
Slaughter, Philip W. 
Stall ard, David P. 

Halsey, Joseph J. 

Jameson, James H. « 

Stringfellow, James L. 

Cnmberland County. 

Ca Ira. 
Matthews, George H. 

Carrington, MayoB. 
Irving, Francis D. 

Cumberland C. H. 
Coleman, Creed D. 
Cooke, William M. 
Wilson, John R. 

Raine's Tavern. 
Johnson, Richard W. 
Johnson, Watkins 
WUsou, John W. 

Stony Point Mills. 
Palmore, George W. 

Doddridge County. 

Jfest Union. 
Maxwell, Edwin 
Morris, James 
Stewart, C. J. 

Dinwiddle County. 

Dinwiddle C. H. 
Boisseau, James 



Keeler, Isaac Smith 

*Allisoii, John 
ArchiT. F. H. 
Batre, Peter P. 
Bollina:, < ieorge VV. 
Butts, Au,'ustine C. 
Collier, Robert R. 
Dodsou, John 
Donn m, Alexander 
Donnan, James M. 
Foster, Roljert B. 
Gholson & Jones 
Gholson, Thomas S. 
*Hanno!i, John S. 
Jones, Jiimes Alfred 
Joynes & Donnans 
Joynes, William T. 
Lyon, John 
Mann, Robert H. 
Maun, John 
May, David 
May, John P. 
May, D. & J. P. 
Meade & Robertson 
Meade, Richard K. 
*Morton, A. C. 
Paul, Samuel B. 
Pegram, Richard G. 
Robertson, William Jr. 
Robertson, John T., Jr. 
*Robertson, William 
Smith, T. G. 
*Syme, John W. 
Spooner, A. B. 
Spooner & Collier 
Townes, W. W. 
Wallace, Thomas 
Watkins, Wash. L. 
Watson, James E. 

Elizabeth City County 

' Hampton. 
Hope, James B. 
Hope & Willis 
Jones, Gary S. 
Jones, John A. 
Lee, Baker P. 
Mallory, Charles K. 
Peek, Thomas C. 
Peek & Lee 
*SeE:ar, Joseph 
Willis, William R. 

Essex County. 

Wright, George T. 

Centre Cross. 
Eubank, Richard S. 
Seward, William B. B. 

Cauthorn, KthelbertG. 
Garnett, Louis H. 
Garnett, Muscoe( 
Garuett & Son 

Garnett, M. R. H. 
*Himter, R. M. T. 
Rennolds, Rul'us S. 

Loreth P. O. 
Baylor, Richard 

Bramham, P. A. 
Croxton, Thomas 
Daingertield, H. W. 
.Matthews, James M. 
Wri-ht, David A. 
Wriiht, William A. 
Wright, William A., Jr. 

Fairfax County. 

Fairfax C. H. 
Chichester, John C. 
Chichester, John H. 
Dulany, W. H. 
Edwards, William Lee 
Hunter, G. W. 
Love, T. R. 
Moore, Thomas 
Moss, Alired 
Murray, Thomas J. 
Thomas, H. W. 

Fauquier County. 

Oak Hill. 
*Randolph, W. F. 

Manasses Gap. 
*Ha!l, Thomas S. 

*Smith, Jacquelin E. 

Latham, Thomas N. 
*Van Horn, John W. 
Yerby, Abner N. ^, 


Ayres, Charles R. 
Blackwell, James D. 
Brooke, James V. 
*Byrne, John S. 
*Campl3ell, A. S. 
Green, Charles T. 
Horner, Inman 
Horner, Joseph 
*Leary, John 
Marshall, John 
*Marshall, A. J. 
Moore, Thomas L. 
Payne, Rice W. 
Payne, Richard 
Payne, William H. 
Philips, John P. 
Philips, WiUiam F., Jr. 
Scott, Robert E. 
Scott & Turner 
Shackletbrd, Benjamin H. 
Shackelford &, Spilman 
Spilman, Edward M. 
Tebbs, Charles B., Jr. 
Turner, Zephaniah 
tTyler, John Webb 
Tyler, D. 
Tyler, Nathaniel 
Ward, Berkeley 
Weaver, Richard A. 

Fayette County. 

Fayette Ville. 
tBailey, Edward B. 
Coleman, John J. 
Jones, Beuhring H. 

Floyd County. 

Floyd a H. 
Banks, P. S. 
Lane, Henry 
Merritt, John 

Fluvanna County. 

Cocke, Richard Ivanhoe 
Pettit, William B. 

Fork Union. 
Snead, Burwell W. 

Boston, Deane S. 
Fontaine, Walter S. 
Poore, Robert 
Tutwiler, Thomas H. 

Franklin County. 

Glade Hill. 
Street, William A. ^ 

Pocky Moimt. 
*Claiborne, Ferdinand L. 
Claiborne, Nathaniel C. 
*Claiborne, Nathaniel H. 
Early, Jubal A. 
Irvine, Edmund 
Nelson, Hugh 
Saunders, Peter, Jr. 
tTaliaferro, Norborne M. 
Taliaferro, Wiliiam T. 
Wingfield, William A. 
Woods, Robert T. 

Frederick County. 

Baker, J. C. 
Barton, D. W. 
Barton & Williams 
Brent, C. Lewis 
Brookinu, Robert L. 
Byrd, Richard E. 

Carson, James H 
Chipley, L. E. J. 
Clark, J. P. 
Clark, W. L., Jr. . 

Clark, WilUam L., St 
Conrad, Robert Y. 
Conrad & Tucker 
Fauntleroy, T. T. 
Holliday, F. W. M. 
Lee, H. H. 
tMagill, J. S. 
Marshall, James 
Mason, George 
Mason, J. M. 
Mason, G. & J. M. 
Moore, L. T. 
tParker, Richai'd 
Riely, Thomas A. T. 
*Sherrard, J. H. 
Singleton, W. J. 
Tidball, Joseph 
Tucker, John R. 
Ward, G. W. 
Williams, Philip 

Giles County. 

Giles a H. 
*Chapman, Henley 
♦Chapman, Manilius 
English, James W. 



Johnston, James D. 
Ppndleton, Albert- G. 
Pendleton & Johnston 
Wade, John J. 

Gilmer County. 

•Beall, George H. 
French, James H. 
Hays, John E. 
Linn, Robert 
Speiiy, Warden W. 
Withers, Enoch T. 

Gloucester County. 

GloiKcster C. H. 
Davis, Walter T. 
Donovan, John B. 
Jones, Warner T. 
Kemp, Wyndham 
Montague, Charles W. 
*Robins, Augustin W. 
Seavi'ell, John T. 
Seavs'ell,JM B. 
* Taliaferro, Wm. B. 

Hayes' Store. 
Hayes, Joel 

Hickory Fork. 
Catlett, John W. C. 
'Taylor, Fielding L. 

Goochland County. 

Beaver Dam. 
Fleming, John S. 
Woodson, John 

Goocldand C. H. 
Cosby, William W. 
Guerrant & Cosby 
Guerrant, Peter 
Leake, Walter D. 
Pope, Charles F. 

Rntherford, John C. 

Greene County. 

Beazley, Wyatt S. 
Garth, Thomas G. 
Mills, William R. 
Poore, Robert H. 
Pritchett, Benjamin A. 
■Stephens, Arthur 

Grayson County. 

Grayson C. H. 
Leonard, Martin 
McCamant, Samuel 
Mathews, Granville H. 

Greenbriar County. 

Alexandei-, Robert A. 
*Calwell, Johtf B. 
Dennis, Robert F. 
McPherson, John W. 
Miller, John F. 
Price & McPherson 
Price, Samuel 
Reynolds & Dennis 
Reynolds, Johnson 

*Smith, Ballard 
Smith, William 
Wethered, P. B. 

Greensville County. 

Chambliss, John R. 
Claiborne, D, A. 
*Cook, James W. 
Goodwyn, Stephen A. 
Goodwyn, W. S. & S. A. 
Goodwyn, William S. 
Lundy, William T. 
'•Turner, Joseph 

Halifax County. 

Bla^h Walnut. 
Blane, William 

Halifax C. H. 
Carrington, Charles S. 
*Clarke, Charles 
* Edmunds, John R. 
Flournoy & Carrington 
Flournoy, Thomas S. 
Garrett, Benjamin E, 
Green, Nathaniel 
Green, Thomas J. 
Green, Thos. J. & N. 
Howerton, William M, 
Hughes, Eneas J. 
Hughes, Woodson 
LeiL;h, Thomas 
tLelgh, William 
Logan, Henry C. 
Logan, Richaid 
Pui'kins, George W. 
*Sims, William 
Thornton, Richard 

Barksdale, Elisha 

Hampshire County. 

Armstrong, James D. 
"Kercheval, Andrew W, 
Kercheval, Robert C. 
McDonald, A. W., Jr. 
McDonald, Angus W., Sr. 
Ogden & Moore 
Perry, William 
Streit, Philip B. 
White, Alfred P. 

Hancock County. 

New Cumberland. 
Brown, Robert C. 

Nmo Manchester. 
*Donehoo, Daniel 
Melvin, Thayer 
Scott, George M. 

Hanover County. 

Cooke, Charles 
Page, John 

Morris, Edmund T. 

Hanover C. H. 
Richardson, Geo. Wm. 
Taliaferro, Lewis W. 

White, C. 

White, Wm, L., Jr. 

Dabney, Charles W. 
Morris, Edward W. 
Morris, Charles 

McDowell, Charles F. 

Hardy County. 

Allen, James W. F. 
Casein. John H. 
Ogden, W. H. 
Seymour, William 
Williams, Edgar M. 
*Williams, John F. 

Harrison County. 

tCamdeii, Gideon D. 
Carlisle, J. S. 
*Chapin, Phineas * 

Davison, Edgar M. 
Despard, Burton 
Duncan, Edwin S. 
Harrison, Charles T. 
Harrison, Thomas W. 
Harrison, William A. 
*Holden, A. S. 
Hoflman, John S. 
Jackson, James M. 
*Kineheloe, Daniel 
tLee, George H. 
Lewis, Charles 
Lewis, Charles S. 
^'Lurty, Beverly H. 
Lurty, Geoi'ge W. 
*McCally, James 
*Moore, Richard W. 
Smith, Augustine J. 
Turner, Uriel M. 
Wilson, Benjamin 

Henrico County. 

August, Thomas P. 
August & Randolph 
Bayley, Samuel T. 
Botte,"F.everly B. 
Brent, G( orge L. 
Brooke, Henry I. 
Brooke & Tucker 
Eurr, DuvidJ. 
Cabell, Henry C. 
Cannon, Edward Y. 
Cannon, Henry G. 
Carringion, Joseph M. 
Caskie, John S. 
Claiborne, Herbert A. 
Cooke, John E. 
Cooke, JohnR. & John Esten 
Cooke, John R. 
Crane, A. Judson 
Crump. William W. 
Daniel, Peter V., Jr. 
Daniel, Raleigh T. 
Davis, John N. 
Davis, William F. 
Day, Wm. Wallace 
Day & Williams 
Evans, Thomas J. 
Flournoy &. Poindexter 
Flournoy, Richard W. 
Giles, Thomas T. 



Gilmer, John H. 
Grattan, Feachy R. 
Gregory, JoUu M. 
Griswold, C. O. 
Griswold ii. (Jlaiborne 
Guigon, Alexander B. 
Hancock, VVdliam 
Harrison, Walter H. 
Harvie, William W. 
Heath, Ro.-coe B. 
Howard, John 
Howard & fjands 
Howell, A. T. 
Howison. Robert R. 
Hughes, A. A. 
Hughes, RubcrtW. 
Irving &, Joanson 
Irving, Heuiy P. 
Jackson, Jost ph, Jr. 
Johnson, Gjorge N. 
Johnson &. Johnston 
Johnson, ivlinmaduke 
Johnston, Andrew 
Lee, James K. 
Lee, Charles Carter 
Lee & Bayley 
Lyons, James 
Macfarlaiid & Rhodes 
Mact'arland, Wm. H. 
Mason & Heath 
Mason, John Y. 
*Mayo, Joseph 
Mayo & Botls 
Mayo, Abel U. 
tMeredith, John A. 
Minor, Benjamin B. 
Morson, Arthur A. 
McRae, Sherwin 
Munford, John D. 
Myers, Gustavus A. 
Nance, Eaton 
Nicholas, Robert C. 
Patton, John M. 
Patton, John M., Jr. 
Patton & Patton 
Pleasants, James 
Poindexter, Park 
Randolph, George W. 
Rhodes, Holden 
Robertson, Judge John 
Robertson, Powhatan 
Robertson & Robertson 
Robinson, Conway 
Sands, A. H. 
*Seddon, James A. 
Shelton, Robert B. 
Spilman, L. R. 
Stanard, Robert C. 
Starke, Boiling W. 
Steger, John O. 
Tabb, John P. 
Thompson, John R. 
Tucker, St. G. 
Ward, R. D. 
Warren, John D. 
Watkins, Isaac R. 
Watson & Hughes 
Watson, William F. 
Whittle S. Decatur 
Wickham, John 
Wickham, Maclurg 
Wicker, Robert Tate 
Williams, John G. 
Wooldridge, W. B. 
Young, John B. 

Henry County. 

Leaiherwood's Store. 
Gravely, George D. 

Dillard, Hughes 
Redd, Hill C. 
Thomas, Christopher Y, 
Wootton, John T. 

iooker, George W. 
Hairston, John T. 
.Martin, VVilliam 

Highlanil County. 

McPherson, John 

Isle of Wight County. 

Andrews, John U. 
Atkinson, Archibald 
Atkinsnn, George R. 
Day, William H. 
Hrtyden, Charles B. 
'Smith, Artliur 
Thomas, Joseph N. B. 
Todd, Everett M. 
Whitehead, Alger. A. 
Whitfield, Robert H. 
Wills, James P. 

Jackson County. 

Fitzhugh, Henry, Jr. 

Jackson C. H. 
Hindsman, O. L. 
*Lowther, Robert 
McComas, D. & E. W. & 

Smith, Fleet W. 
Smith & Smith 
Smith, Joseph 
Thaw, Clermont E. 
Thaw & Turner 

James City County. 

Burnt Ordinary. 
Branch, Cyrus A. 

Armistead, R. H. 
Bowden, Lemuel J. 
Cosmahan, Joseph B. - 
[■Clopton, John B. 
Christian, John B. 
Garrett, Alexander C. 
McCandlish, Arch. C. 
McCandlish, Robert 
Peachy, William S. 
Peachy & Scarbui-g 
Saunders, Robert 
Saunders & Cosmahan 
Scarburg, George P. 
Smith, Sydney 
Sweeney, Talbot 
Waller, Mercer 

Jefferson County. 

Botts, Lawson 
Cooke, Edward E. 
Gibson, John T. 
Green, Thomas C. 
Hunter, Andrew 
Kennedy, Andrew 

Kennedy, John W. 
Lee, Richard H. 
Lucas, William 
White, Nathan S. 
Worthingtou, William C. 

Harper's Ferry. 
Daugherty, William T. 
Foxike, l.^aac 
Harding, C. B. 

Kablc Town. 
Butcher, R. Hume 

Berry, Henry, Sr. 
Berry, Htniy, Jr. 
/ewitt, John M. 
Kennedy, ,i. W, 
Lee, Edmund J . 
Towner, Thomas H. 

Summit Point. 
'Griggs, Thomas 
■Moore, Samuel J. C. 
Thompson, John A. 

Kanawha County. 

Kanawha C. H. 
Broun, Jame.-j U. 
Broun, Thomas L. 
Carr, George W. 
Carr, James L. 
Doddridge, C. E. 
Dunbar & Fitzhugh 
Dunbar, Matthew 
Fitzhugh, Nicholas 
Fry, Joseph L. 
Gillison, VVilliam E. G. 
*Goshorn, Jacob 
Hendrick, James 
Kenna, Edward 
Laidley, James M. 
Laidley & Brown 
List, C. H. 
McComas, David 
McComas, Elisha W. 
McComas, D. & E. W. 
McComas & Newman 
*Miller, Samuel A. 
Mosely, John L. 
Parks, Andrew 
Quarriei', WUliaHi A. 
Read & Carr 
Read, Isaac 
Smith, Benjamin H. 
Smith, Isaac N. 
Smith & Son 
tSummers, George W. 
Swann, J. & T. B. 
Swann, Thomas B. 
Thompson & Gardner 

Kanawha Salines. 
Hedrick, Charles 
Warth, John A. 

King George County. 

* Alexander, Gustavus B. 

King George C. H. 
Mason, Wily Roy 

Port Conway. 
*Fitzhugh, AuguBtine 



King & Queen County, 

Bruington P. O. 
Jones, James H. C. 

Carlton's Store. 
*Gregham, Edward 
Motley, John 

Haynes, Thomas, Jr. 
Smith, James 

Kinff Sf Queen C. H. 
Dudley & Harwood 
Dudley, Alexander 
Harwood, S. Fauntleroy 
Howser, James R. 
Tyler, Thomas Walker 

*Boulware, William 
'Dew, Benjamin F. 

Shachtlford's P. O. 
*Bland, John R. 
Evans, Andrew B. 

'Gresham, Thomas Robert 
Jetines &. Motley 
Jefl'ries, James M. 

King William County, 

Aylett, P. H, 
Dabney, T. O. 
Douglas, B. B. 

Hawes, Richard 

King WiHiam C. H. 
Douglas & Gregory 
Gregory, F. Jr. 

'Robinson, Samuel 

*Fontaine, William S. 

Lancaster County. 

Hall, Addison 

Lancaster C. H. 
Downing, Samuel 
Gresham, Samuel 
Bobinson, Benjamin H. 

Lively Oak. 
*Bramham, John B. 
*CunT.e, A. H. 

liCe County. 

Lane, Michael B. D. 
Sharp, John D. 

Waln-utt Hill. 
Ely, WiUam S. 

Iie\<ris County. 

Bennett's Mills. 
Holt, Jonathan 


Arnold, G. J. 
Arnold, William E. 
Bennett, James 
Bennett, J. M. 
Boggess, Caleb 
Brannon, John 
Camden, J. N. 
lEdmiston, Matthew 
Harrison. W. A. &, M. W, 
[rvine, Robert 
Maxwell, Lewis 
McWhorter, John 
■■paldiug, Joseph C. 
Swayne, Benjamin P. 

IjOgau County. 

Logan C.H. 
Evermont, Ward 
Ferguson, James H. 
Feraruson & Spurlock 
MeComas, P. K. 
ripurlock, Leander 

liOndoun County. 

Ball, Charles B. 
*Edwards, T. W. 
*Gray, W. H. 
Harrison, B. W. 
Harrison, Matthews 
Janney, John 
■Mclntyre, Robert 
Orr, John M. 

^hreve, Charles 
Tebbs i Ball 
Tebbs, Charles B. 

*Luckett, Robert T. 
Noland. Buit P. 
*Powell, H. B. 

^Carter, John A. 
Smith, Seth 

liouisa County. 

Ambler's Mill. 
Ambler, William M. 

Long CreeJc. 
Nelson, William 

Louisa C. H. 
Conner, Paul W. 
Gordon, James L. 
Murray, H. W. 
Jones, Charles S. 
Lane, Edward H. 
ilmor, Lucian 
Morris, Starke W. 
Pendleton, Joseph K. 

•'Trice, George W. 

Mechanic sville. 
*Watkins, Robert B. 
Watson, Thomas S. 

Poindexsters Store. 
Hackett, George W. 
Overton, William 

Tliompson' CrossRoads. 
Waddy, Robert Bums 

liunenburg County. 

Neblett, William J. 

Lunenburg C. H. . 
Lee, H. L. 

Stockdell, William E. 
Woodson, T. 

Barnes, Euos H. 

3Iadison County. 

Madison C. H. 
Blakey, Angus R. 
Early, William L. 
Humphreys, Thomas J. 
Kemper, James L. 
Leake, Shelton F. 
Smoot, Theophilus 
Welch, Thomas N. 

Marion County- 

Hall, Ephraim B. 
Hayden, Albert S. 
Haymond, Alpheus F. 
'Kid well, Zedtkiah, jr. 
Neeson, James 
Newcomb, George W. 
Peirpoint, Francis H. 
VVilley, U S. 

Marshall County. 

Caldwell, Elbert H. 
Cockayne, Alexander 
Holiday, R. C. 
Hoge, Isaac 
Hoge, James JL 
'McConnell, Rol)ert 
McConuell, William 
Morris, James D. 
Oldham, Wylie H. 

Mason County. 

Graham Station. 
*Palsley, Daniel 

Point Pleasant. 
Couch, James H. 
Fisher, Heury J. 
Hutchinson, James 
McComas & Ne\vman 
Newman, John G. 

-Matthews County. 

Christian, John 
Jarvis, John W. 
'Moody, Woodson C. 
'Tabb, George E. 

Korth End. 
Foster, Daniel H. 
Roy, William H. 

Jlecklenberg ConntT, 

Chambers, Edward R. 
Cogbill, Benjamin D. 
Daly, John J. 
*Goode, William O. 



Goode, John 
Goode, Thomas F. 
Jones, Beverly 

Boyd, John G. 
Lee, A. S. 
■*Shelton. David 
Tazevirell, Littleton 
Wood, Henry 

St. Tammany. 
King, John W. 

Mercer County. 

Hall, David 
Mahood, Alexander 

Middlesex County. 

Woodward, P. T. 

Christian, Joseph 
■"■Montague, Erastus T. 
Montague, Robert L. 

Monongalia County. 

Morgan Tuicn. 
Allen, Guy li. C. 
Berkshire, Ralph L. 
•■'Gay, Matthew 
Hough, Lycurgus S. 
Keck, Philip H. 
McDonald, Andrew 
*Ray, George S. 
*Thompsou, David G. 
Willey, Waitinan T. 
Wilson, Edgar C. 

Monroe County. 

Rocky Point. 
Wallace, William W. 

Salt Sulpher Springs. 
Harrison, Nathaniel 

Caperton, Allen T. 
Ohapman, Augustus A 
Echols, John 

Montgomery County. 

Hoge, Daniel H. & J. F. 
Hoge, James F. 
*Preston, William B. 
Ronald, Charles A. 

Barnitz, William M. 
Jidmondson, James P. 
Eskridge, Alexander P. 
Fowlkes, H. M. 
PhJegar, Eli 
Preston, James F. 
Preston & Staples 
Staples, Waller R. 
Taylor, James C. 

Morgan County. 

Berkeley Springs. 
lEvme, Henry A. 

Duckwall, Joseph S. 
Gustin, Robert C. 

Nanseinond County. 

Jenkins, James E. 
Kilby, John R. 
Prentis, Peter B. 
Prentis, Robert R. 
Riddick, Richard H. jr. 

Nelson County. 

Dawson, Hiram W. 
Fitzpatrick, Alexander 
Loving, C. M. 
*Loving, Orville 
Loving, William S. 
Perrow, Charles 
Whitehead, Robert 

Moisies Mills. 
Fitzpatrick, Thomas P. 

Tye River Warehouse. 
Cabell, William M. 
Cabell, Wm. M. & David S. G 

New Kent County. 

New Kent C. H. 
Crump, Edward G. 
Lacy, Richmond T. 
Pierce, John P. 

Nicholas County. 

Nicholas C H. 
Alderson, Joseph A. 
Dunlap, Robert 

Norfolk City County. 

Baker, Bichard H., jr. 
Barrand, Otway B. 
Blow, George, jr. 
Chandler, L. R. 
Chandler & Ellis 
Cooke, Mordecai 
Davis, William W. 
Dunbar, William G. 
Ellis, W. C. 
Francis, John T. 
Hendren, William T. 
Hubard, James R. 
Leonard, Abram F. 
Lovett. John S. 
Mayo, Peter. P. 
McLane, Edward E. 
Millson, John S. 
Pollard, George L. 
Robertson, Harrison 
Sharp, Charles 
Sharp, William W. 
Smelt, Miles M. 
Stubbs, Simon S. 
Tabb, Thomas C. 
Taylor, Robert E. 
Taylor, Tazewell 
Tatem, Thomas 
Woodis, Hunter 

Norfolk County. 

Cassells, V. O. 
Cowper, L. C. P. 
Doughtry, P. H. 
Holladay, James G. 

*Langhorne, M. B. 
Murdaugh, Claudius W. 
Murdtiuuh, James 
Schooltiekl, William D. 
Stubbs, John S. 
Wheeler, Simeon 
Wilson, Samuel M. 

Northampton County. 

McKown, George W. 

Brickhouse., James M. 
Costen, Roberts. 
Fisher, Miers W. 
Fisher, Nathaniel R. 
Fitchett, William T. 
Harmanson, James R. 
Harmanson, Lafayette 
Neale, Hamilton S. 
^Nicholson, James M. 
Spady, Edgar J. 
*Upshur, William S. 
*Wilson, Henry P. 

'■■■Christian, William S. 

Northumherland Co. 

Blackwell, Ferdinand 
Claybrook, Richard A, " 
*Hudnall, WilUam B. 
*Leland, Samuel A. M. 
Straughan, Samuel L. 

Nottaway County. 

Blacks ff Whites. 
Bland, WiUiam R. 
Booth, Edwin G. 
Jones, Richard 

Jeffress' Store. 
Jett'ress, William C, 
Knisrht. John H. 
Knightj William C. 

Jenning's Ordinary. 
Robertson, Abner H. 
Smith, Charles 

Nottaicay C. H. 
Bould'in, Louis C. 
Campbell, Thomas H. 

Ohio County. 

iVest Liberty. 
*Curtis, Salathiel 

*Arnisti'ong, F. R. 
Black, Samuel F. 
Caldwell, Alfred 
♦Campbell, John C. 
Clemens, Sherrard 
Crammer, Gibson L. 
Eicaelberger, J. M. 
Edgington, Daniel M. 
*Eoff, Beverly M. 
Fitzhugh, E. H. 
Fry, Joseph L. 
Fry & Paull 
Good, M. C. 
Hoge, John J. 
Jacob, Z. 
Jacob & Pendleton 



Jones, A. C. 
*Lamb, Daniel 
McClure, David 
'3IcFerran, John 
'McMechen, James H. 
Marshall, Charles 
'Martin, William B. 
Minor, E. H. 
Nelson, Morgan 
Nelson, William J. 
Paull, James 
Pendleton, J. H. 
Kussell, Charles W. 
Russell, John 
Russell &, Fitzhugh 
Steen, Isaiah 
^Steenrod, Lewis 
rThouipsou, G. W. 
Turner, Edward 
Wheat, James S. 
"Woods, Edgar 
'Yamall, Zachariah S. 

Orange Couu^. 

Orajige C. H. 
Chapman, James 
Chapman, John M. 
Chapman, Richard 
'Lee, John H. 
Welch, John 
WUliams, Lewis B. 
Williamson, Joseph A. 
Woolfolk, John 

Raccoon Ford. 
Halsey, Joseph 
PanniU, George 

•Clarke, Reuben T. 

Page Connty. 

Baker, Jacob 
Barbee, WUliam R. 
Borst, Peter B. 
Cave, William A. 

Patrick County. 

Stuart, Archibald 

Patrick C. H. 
Burwell, Wilham A. 
Campbell, Benjamin J. 
Cheatham, John D. 
Lane, Henry 

Pendleton Connty. 

Masters, Henry H 
McCoy, WOliam, jr. 
Moomau, John B. 
Norment, Alexanders. 

PittiiylYania County. 

Berger's Store. 
-' Coles, Walter 

'Jones, Samuel C. 

Buford, A. S. 
*Uarland, James 

'Grasty, Thomas 
Lester, Sterling H. 
Lyles, Richard'W. 
Smith, John R. 
Tredway A: Terry 
Tredwaj-, Wm. M. 

Banks, Williajn G. 
Carnagton, Isaac H. 
tGilmer, George H. 
Gilmer, John 
Martin, Joseph, jr. 
Terry, Joseph M. 
*To«Ties, George 
Whittle, James M. 

Pocalioutas County. 

Bradford, Thomas A. 
*Skeen, William 
Stot'er, D. A. 

Po^vliatan County. 

Booker, A. L. 
Brown, E. S. 
Burwell, William P. 
Gordon, Samuel A. 

Finney, Benjamin W. 
Markham, Vincent D. 

Hopkins, Heni-y L. 
Weisinger, Thomas K. 

Powhatan C. H. 
Dabney, William P. 
Dance, WiUis J. 
-MUler & Dance 
Nash, Benjamin 
f-Nash, John W. 
Old, William, jr. 
Scott, William C. 

Smith's Cross Roads. 
Cocke, WUliam R. 
Stratton, Jerman L. 

Lay, John F. 
Porter, George N. N. 
cott, Edward, jr. 

Preston County. 

Hetherington, James 

Brown, John J. 
Brown, Thomas 
Brown, William G. 
Brown, W. G. & Co. 
Bunker, Edward C. 
Cresap, Gustavus 
Cresap & Cowan 
Carroll, James H. 
Dille, John A. 

Prince Edward County, 

Prince Edward C. H. 
Anderson, Samuel C. 
Dickinson, Asa D. 
Price, Creed H. 

*Taylor, Don Pedro 
*Watkins, Henry C. 
Watkins, Richaid H. 

Princess Anne County. 

Princess Anne C. H. 
Coke, William W. 
Peters, John 

Prince George Conntj-, 

Prince George C. H. 
Daniel, Thomas H. 
Rives, Timothy 
Scarborough, J. W. 

Prince William County. 

Gibson, John F. 
Hunton, Eppa 
Jasper, Daniel 
Sinclair, Charles E. 
Sinclair, M. B. 
Sinclair & Tyler 
Tyler, Douglass 

Minor, Gilbert S. 

Pulaski County. 

Baskerville, John B. 
Poage, Thomas 
Wysor, B. F. 
Wysor Sc Poage 

Putnam County. 

Putnam C. H. 
Hale, Philip W. 
Young, George W. 

Kaleigh County. 

Raleigh C. K 
Gillaspie, Henry L. 

Raudolpli County. 

Bever y. 
Brown, Bernard L. 
Crane, Samuel 
GoU; Da^-id 
Hart, Joseph 
Hughes, John N. 

Rappaliannock Co. 

Flint HiU. 
Morrison, John H. 

Hackley, Walter B. 
Heterick, R. M. 
Menefee, J. Y. 
Motiett, H. G. 
Spindle, R. H. 
Scrother, J. F. 

Richmond County. 

Braxton, £. M. 

Jones, Thomas, jr. 
Lomax, P. T. 



Ritchie County. 

Ritchie C. H. 
Blair, Jacob B. 
Cunningbam. N. B. 
Hall, Cyrus 
Jackson, ^. W. 
Jackson, J. E. 
Phelps, Lewis A. 
Porter, Robert 
Skelton, E. A. 
Stinchcomb, T. 
Stinchcomb & Jackson 

Roanoke County. 

Big Lick. 
*Peyton, William M. 
* Watts, Edward 
Watts, William 

Blair, Henry E. 
Cook, William M. 
Edmundson & Blair 
Edmundson, Henry A. 

Rockbridge County, 

tBrockenbrough, J.' W. 
Curry, D. P. 
Davidson, James D. 
Dorman, James B. 
Doyle, John 
Doyle, Robert L. 
Letcher & Curry 
Letcher, John 
Letcher, Samuel H. 
Massie, James H. 
Massie & Paxton 
McCampbell, E. J. H. 
McLaughlin, Wm. M. 
Moore, David E. 
Moore, Samuel McD. 
Jloore & McCampbell 
Paxton, Elisha F. 
* Paxton, James G. 

Steele, Joseph G. 

Sterrett, John D. 

Sterrett & McLaughlin 

Natural Bridge. 
Baldwin, Comelius C. 

Kockinghani County. 

Conrad's Store. 
Walker, John C. 

AUen, James N. F. 
Bryan, Allan C. 
Bryan & Woodson 
ByVd, Sylvanus A. 
Ettinger, Jacob P. 
"Gray, Charles D. 
*Gray, Robert 
*Gray, Robert A. 
tKenney, John 
Keuny, John, Jr. 
Kenny & Brother 
Kenny. J ames 

Liggett, Jacob N. 

Shands, Elverton A. 

Shandfl & Suimners 

Strayer & Allen 

Summers, Samuel 

Warren, E. T. H. 

Woodson, John C. 

Gilmore, Thomas K. 

Russell County. 

Lebanon. , 

Aston, Wm. B. 
Carter, D»le 
Dickenson, Wm. J. 
McElhenney & Aston 
McElhenney, J. E. 

Scott County. 

Fulkerson, Samuel V. 
Kane, Henry S. 
Logan & Fulkerson 
Morison, Henry A. 

Kane, David R. 

Rye Cove. 
Stallard, Jokn W. 

Slienaudoali County. 

Mount Jackson. 
*Pcnnybacker, Joel 

New Market. 
Rice, Lewis G. 
Summers, S. M. 

Anderson, Alexander 
F,ird, Mark 
Brettell, J. C. C. 
tSamuels, Green P. 
Samuels, Joseph H. 
Walton & Allen 
Walton, Moses 
Williams & Bird 

Smythe County. 

Cecil & Poston, 
[Crockett, Madison 
Gilmore, 'James H. 
Jones, George W. 
Littwick & Crocket 
Poston, John 
Shelley, James W. 
Smyth, Alexander 

Southampton County. 

Prince, Joseph H. 

Fredericksb urg. 
Barton, Thomas B. 
Barton, William S. 
Bernard, A. H. H. 
Botts, Thomas H. 
Browne, R. T. 
Caldwell, John S. 
^Chew, John James 
Conway, Eustace 
Conway & Herndon ^ 
*Daniel, Samiael G. 
Fitzhugh & Little 
Fitzhugh, W. H., Jr. 
*Goodwin, Arthur 
Herndon, Charles 
Herndon, John M. 
Little, A. Alexander 
Little, W. A. 
tLomax, John T. 
Marye, John L. 
Marye, John L., Jr. 
Marye, Robert B. ■ 
Metcalf, William A. 
Minor, John 
JMoncure, John C. 
tMoncure, R. C. L. 
Rowe, George H. C. 
Wellford, Bev. R., Jr. 

*Lacy, J. Horace 

Stail'ord County. 

Ford, James W. 
French, William T. 
Moncure, John C. 
Suttle, John H. 
Waller, Withers 

Rose, Charles A. 

Surrey County. 

Cabin Point. 
Ruffin, Francis, Jr. 

Surrey C. H. 
Graves, Joseph A. 

Sussex County. 

Mason, Littlebery, W. 

Parham's Store. 
Harrison, Thomas A, 

Andrews, John V. 
Chambliss, John R. 
Chambliss & Massenburg 
Kindred, John J. 
Massenburg, Edward W. 
.Shands, William B. 

Pope's Store. 
^Myrick, John 

Cobb, WiUiam W. 

Spottsylvania County 

Chancellor, L. 

Sussex C. H. 
^Wynne, Allen 

Taylor County. 

Despard & Smith 
Johnson, Leonidas S. 
Johnson, M. H. 

Tazewell County. 

Tazewell G. H. 
Cecil, Samuel W. 
Cecil, William P. 
Johnston, John W. 
Kelly, John A. 
Stras, Joseph 
Strother, Wade Dabney 



Watts, Ster, Bletcher 

Tyler County. 

Boreman, William I. 
Hornor, Jotin W. 
Stealey, Thomas I. 

Upslinr County. 

Bassel Benjamin 
Berlin, G. W. 
Byrne, B. W. 
Brown, Richard L. 

Warren County. 

Front Royal. 
Cook, Giles 
Jackson, John R. 
Turner, R,obert H. 

Warwick County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Washiugton County. 

Bekem, Charles 3. 
Bekem & Campbell 
Campbell, John A. 
Campbell, Jos. Trigg 
Campbell, J. A. & J. T. 
Campbell & Trigg 
Cummings, Arthur C. 
Cummings, Charles J. 
Cummings, C. J, &. A. C. 
Davis, Archimedes 
Floyd, John B. 
Pulkerson, Samuel V. 
Gibbons, Henry C. 
Gibbons & Naff 
tHopkins, George W. 
Johnston, Beverly R. 
Johnston, Peter C. 
Logan, Samuel 
Logan & Fulkerson 
Natl, George E. 
Preston, James T. 

Preston, John P. 
Preston, Walter 
Trigg, Connelly F. 

Glade Sirring. 
Earnest, John Henry 

Wayne County. 

Wayne C. H. 
Fergu.-;on, Milton J. 
Mansfield, Joseph J. 

Westmoreland County. 

Beale, Richard, L. T. 
Cox, F. W. 
Mayo, Robert, Jr. 
*Newton, Willoughby 
Newton, W. B. 

near Kinsdale P . O. 
Critcher, John 

Baker, C. C. 
Bowcock, J. J. 
*Chandler, Hannibal 

Oak Grove. 
Lewis, George W.. 

Rice's Store. 
Berkley, Landon C. 

Wetzel County. 

New Martinsville. 
Hall, Leonard S. 
Lauck, Richard W. 

Wirt County. 

Wirt C. H. 
Brown, Robert S. 
Hall, Thomas J, 

Wood County. 

Amiss, Milton P. 
Amiss &, Loomis 

Boreman, Arthur L 
Brown, William J. 
Jackson, B. W. 
Jackson, James M. 
Jackson, John J. 
Jackson, John J., ||r. 
King, Ashbury 
Loomis, George 
*Mayberry, John P. 
*Morris, Isaac, 
Phelps, Henderson H. 
Rooker, West B. 
Snodgrass, John F. 
Spencer, J. & J. C. 
Spencer, John C. 
Spencer, Joseph 
Stephenson, James M. 
*Sterrett, Alexander McD 
Thaw &. Turner 
Turner, F. B. 
Wells, George O. 

Wyoming County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Wythe County. 

Red Bluff. 
■Moore, A. C. 

Speedwell. • 
"Piper, James H. 

Boyd, Thomas J. 
Brown, A. S. 
Buckingham, P. S. 
Floyd, Ben. Rush 
tFulton, A. S. 
Kent, Robert C. 
Leftwich, Isaac J. 
Smythe, Henry B. 
Terry, William 
Winn, Thomas 
Winn & Terry 
Yost, James L. 

York Couuty. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 


Those not marked are practising Lawyers, 
Those marked thus * have retired from jjractice 
Those marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Pacific County. 

St. Helens. 

strong, William 

Thurston County, 

Brooks, Quincy A. 
Brooks &. Byrd 
Ebey, J. N. 







j| Those 

Adams Co«inty. 

Adams C. H. 
JBigelow, D. A. 
Mason, Thomas 
tMiner, E. S. 

Brown County. 

Baldwin, Samuel E. 
Ley, Joseph F. 

Green Bay. 
tAgry, David 
Baird, Henry S. 
Cotton, Stephen R. 
Doty, Baron S. 
*Eastman, H. Eugene 
Ellis, Eleazer H. 
*Fisk, JoelS. 
Haynes, Silas B. A. 
Howe & Haynes 
Howe, James H. 
tHowe, Timothy O. 
Last, John 
Lindsley, Myron P. 
*Martin, Morgan L. 
Wood, George H. 

Buffalo County. 

tPierce, Marvin 

Calnmet County. 

Chilton Centre. 
Hamilton, William H. 

Baldvrin, George 
Deuel, J. B. 

Chippewa County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Clarke County. 

(No resident Lawyers.) 

Columbia County. 

Cook, Amasa G. 
*Lewis, James T. 
Robinson, Isaiah 

De Korra. 
Soule, LeviL. 

Earle, Jonathan W. 

Portage City. 
Abbott, W. S. M. 
Barden, L. W. 
Condon, John 
Delaney, John 
Dewitt, William R 
Dixon, Luther S. 
Dixon & Prentiss 
tGuppey, Joshua J. 
Hand, Alvah 
Haskell, H. S. 
Ketchum, Asa C. 

not marked are practising Lawyers, 
marked thus * have retired from practice, 
marked thus t are on the Bench. 

Ketchum & Hand 
Loop, D. G. M. 
Prentiss, G. C. 
Pulling, D. J. 
Pulling & Stewart 
Pettibone, H. R. 
Stewart, Alvah 

Kellogg, W. W. 
Vaughan, S. K. 

Crawford County. 

Prairie du Chein. 
*Brunson, Alfred 
Cadwell, James 
Cowden, Samuel 
Hutchinson, Buel E. 
Johnson, D. H. 
tKnowlton, Wiram 
"Lockwood, J. H. 
Wright, Hiram A. 

Dane County. 

Mason, Thomas 

Brown, Isaac S. 

Abbott & Clark 
Abbott, Chancey 
Allen, Benjamin 
Atwood, J. P. 
Baltzell, J. R. 
Bird, Ira W. 
Bjornson, Gabriel 
Botkin, A. 
Botkin & Hood 
Braley, A. B. 
Bush, D. C. 
Clark, Julius T. 
Collins, A. L. 
Collins, Smith & Keyes 
tEddy, Nathaniel B. 
Frink, Henry E. 
Hood, Thomas 
Ingham, A. C. 
Jarvis, William B. 
Keyes, E. W. 
Knapp, J. G. 
Knapp it Frink 
*Lixm, Charles 
Orton, H. S. 
Orton, Myron H. 
Orton, Atwood & Orton 
Petherick, William 
Remmington, Henry W. 
Roys & Braley 
Roys, S. H. 

''Seymour, William N. 
Smith, George B. 
Vilas, LeviB. 
Vilas & Remington 
Welch, William 

Pheasant Branch. 
*Whittlesey, T. T. 

Sun Prairie. 
Reeves, William 

Dodge County. 

Beaver Dam. 
Green, (Jeorge W. 
Lander, Henry W. 
Montgomery, Milton 
Ordway, David S. 
Patch, Horace D. 
tRose, Samuel L. 
Rose & Lander 
Smith. Edwards P. 
Smith & Ordway 

Connit, Horace E. 

Baird, Samuel 
Billinghurst & Baird 
Billinghurst, Charles 
Jones, O. F. 
Lewis, Eli C. 

Bowen, Ezra B. 

Pf aushara. 
Banta, A. 
Davis, John W. 
Pulling, D. S. 

Fond du Liac Couuty. 

Eaton, Rufus P. 

Fond du Lac. 
Bragg, Edward S. 
Chapel, Jared 
Crary, L. P. 
Dodge, Wilham C. 
Drury & Dodge 
Drury, Erastus W. 
Eastman, John A. 
Ebbetts, William H. 
Eldridge, Charles A. 
Eldridse & Wait 
Flint, Robert 
Gillett, James M. 
Gillett, M. E. 
Gillett, Truesdell & Tyler 
Hodges, E. 
Paine, Albert W. 
Reed, Amos 
Rose, Henry F. 
Stanchfield, S. D. 
Talmadire, Isaac S. 
*Talmadge, N. P. 
Tompkins, Charles JL 
Truesdell, John C. 
Waite, F. H. 
Winslow, Robert F. 
tWood, D. E. 

*Beall, Samuel W. 
*Stow, A. W. W. 

Hills, L. B. 
Hooker, Eli 
Vaughn. S. K. 

Grant County. 

Hazel Green. 
Hemiup, N. H. 


Barber, Joel A. 
*Colter, Hugh R. 
* Dewey, Nelson 
Horner, William 
Mills, Joseph T. 

Chapman, William H. 
Clark, Isaac S. 
Eastman, Benjamin C. 
Lakin, George W. 
tPaine, Stephen O. 

Cole, O. 
Hull, William 

Green County. 

Brown, Hiram 

Mack, I. F. 

tBingham, John A. 
Burchard, H. C. 
Dexter, George E. 
Dunwiddie, Brooks 
Dunwiddie & Dexter 
*FUlebrown, William C. 
Gardner, E. T. 
'Poyer, H. B. 
Priest, D. B. 
Priest & Stevens 
Stevens, Hiram 
Stewart, John W. 
Stewart & Burchard 

Iowa County. 

Cobb, Amasa 

Mineral Point. 
Boyden, N. B. 
Cobb, Amasa 
Cobb & Messmore 
tCothren, Montgomery M. 
tCrawford, Samuel 
Eaton, Almanson 
Eaton, Parley 
Eaton & Sou 
Gray, James C 
Jackson, Mortimer M. 
Messmore, J. E. 
Read, R. L. 
*Smith, William R. 
*Strong, Moses M. 
tThomas, Philip W. 
Washburne, C. C. 
Washburne & Woodman 
Woodman, Cyrus 

Jackson County. 

Black River Falls. 
Cramer, Howard 
tPrice, William T. 

Jefferson County. 

Fort Atkinson. 
Caswell, L. B. 
Writer, S. C. 

*Blake, Winslow 
Burlingim, Henry 
Holmes, John E. 

Holmes & Weymouth 
Weymouth, Daniel F. 

Lake Mills. 
Dobbs, Jeremiah, Jr. 
Hebard, George 
Seeber, Daniel A. 

Dutcher, William 

McLaughlin, Daniel 
Skinner, Jacob 

Moshier, John 

Boomer, Lyman E. 
I-Butler, William T. 
Emmons, Wales 
Euos, Jacob J. 
Enos & Hall 
Foote, J. J. 
Hall, Daniel 
Prentiss, James 
Prentiss, Theodore 
Prentiss, T. & J. 
Williams, Myron B. 

Kenosha County. 

Kenosha City. 
Bond, J. 
*Bullen, J. 
Dana, O. F. 
Evans, E. W. 
French, V. 
Head, O. S. 
Head & Lee 
Hodder, A. J. 
tJilsun, J. B. 
Joy, N. H. 
Lee, G. L. 
Lovell, F. S. 
*MansIield, J. 
Pettit, J. J. 
Pettit & Stoddard 
Schoff, H. F. 
Schott; S. S. 
Sharpstein, J. R. 
Slocum, AV B. 
tStoddard, S. N. 
Towslee, H. B. 
Tuttle, H 
Walker, C.H. 
Webster, I. W. 
Whitlock, F- J. 

Stevens, William 

La Crosse County. 

La Crosse Village. 
Flint, Edwin 
Flint & Jansen 
French, Joseph K. 
tOale, George 
Hanscome, E. G. 
Hubbard, H. E. 
Jansen, Chai-lesT. 
La Due, Albert D. 
Lord, Cyrus K. 
Lord & Hanscome 
Stevens, Chase A. 
Stoddard, Thomas B. 

tVan Ptensaelaer, R. C. 

Liafayette County. 

Dunn, Charles 

Robinson, Eli , 

Gray, Hamilton H. 
Rose, James S. 

Hollister, Marvin 
tKnowlton, James II. 
Marvin, Jonathan J. 
*Overton, A. A. 
Simpson, P. B. 
Williams, John K. 

Burton, John L. 

Lift Fointe County. 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Manitowoc County. 

Colby, J. H. W. 
Kyle, J. L. 
Reed, George 
tRicker, Ezefciel 
Wood, S.A. 

Marathon County. 

Calkins, Hiram 
Cate, George W. 
Gate & Calkins 
tGoocJrich, H. C. 
Kennedy, William H. 
tLarrabee, Charles H. 
Stevens, W. L. 

Marquette County. 

Benham, D. W. C. 
Beuham, Norman 
Bugh, W. A. 
Bugh & Meriam 
Kimball, M. L. 
Meriam, Horace 
Rogers, J. N. 
Silver, O. F. 
Sweeting, J. V. 
Truesdale, M. L. 
tWheeler, Ezra 
Wheeler & Sweeting 

Eraser, H. B. 
Hamilton, A. B. 

Green Lake. 
Clark, Satterlee 
Horner, John S. 
Pomeroy, George Q. 

La Cote St. Marie. 
Kissam, Peter B. 
Webb. H. G. 
Webb; W. C. 


Aiken, Charles 



Butterfield, W. H. 
McCracken, Samuel 
Seely, M. W. 

HolmeB, S. W. 

Milwaiikie Connty. 


Arnold, J. E. 

Austin, Robert N. 

Aiistin & Dunn 

Basen, Francis 

Beverung, Henry C. 

•Blossom, Levi 

Bode, Charles F. 

*Bonesteel, J. N. 

Brigham, J. R. 

Brown, E. D. 

Brown, James 8. 

Brown &. Ogden 

Butler, A. R. R. 

Cameron, D. E. 

Chandler, Daniel H. 

Chandler, Robert 

Goe, J. M. 

Coon, S, Park 

Coon & Hunter 

Cotton, G. C. 

'Crocker, Hans 

Cross, James B. 

Dawson, Allan 

Day, George E. H. 

Dietze, Moritze 

Doran, John L. 

Downer, Jason 

Dunn, J. Davis 

Ebert, Frederick J. 

Enwnons, N. J. 

Emmons & Van Dyke 

Finch, Ashael, jr. 

Finch, H. M. 

Finch & Lynde 

Flanders, W. P. 

Foots, Erastus 

Gatling, William J. 

Garvey, E. C. K. 

Graham, W. W. 

(jriswold, B. W. 

Gunnison, H. W. 

Hamilton. Francis 

Hathaway, J. L. 

Holland, William 
IHubbell, Levi 

Hunter, E. M. 

James, Charles 
James & Mariner 
tJenkins, Charles E. 

Kern, C. J. 

Knox, Thomas M. 

Lakin, George W.' 

Lakin & Steever 

Lathrop, J. B. 

Lewis, Allison 

Lewis & Dawson 

Lorenzen, Charles 

Lynde, William P. 

Mallory, James A. 

Mariner, E. 

May, Alpha C. 

May, Newhall Sl Spangcnbert 

Mc Arthur, A. 

McGregor, John P. 

McGregor & Tenney 

Merrick. Levi J. 

Merrill, J. D. 

Mcssinger, Riley N. 

fMilier, Andrew G. 

Miller, B. K. 

Millerd. Noi-man A. 

Newhall, Benjamin 

Ody, Joseph 

Ogden, David B. 

Ogden, Thomas L. 

Orton, John J. 

Paine, Byron 

Paine, H. J. 

Paine, James H. 

Paine, J. H. & Sons 

Palmer, Henry L. 

Palmer & Foote 

Peckham, George W. 

Powers, Haven 

Prieger, Ernst 

Randall, Francis 

Randall & Griswold 

Ripley, F. jr. 

Ryan, Edward G. 

Seaton, A. S. 
Shelley, John 
Silkman, C. A. 
tSmith, Abram D. 

Smith, Albert 
Smith, John E. 
Smith, Winfield 
Smith, W. Riley 
Spangenberg, E. 
Stark, Joshua 
Starkweather, J. C. 
Steever, M. 
Stowe, A. W. 
Tenney, H. W. 
Townsend, John G. 
Tucker, W. A. 
Tucker &l Garvey 
*Tweedy, John H. 
Upham, Don A. J. 

Van Dyke, J. H. 
Waegli, Samuel 
Waldo, O. H. 
Waldo & Ody 
tWalworth, C. 
Warren, J. M. 
Watkins, Charles K. 
Watkins & Stark 
Webster, W. E. 
Wells, C. K. 
tWells, Horatio N. 
Wells & Brighain 
White, Henry Kirke 
Worthinston, Ellis 
Wright, William H. 
Wyman, Leander 
Yates, Peter 

Outagamie County. 

Ballard, Anson 
Myers, George H. 
Packard, Frederick 
Sanborn, A. S. 
Smith, P. H. 
Smith & Ballard 

Ozaukee Cojinty. 

Horn, Fredenck W. 

Coit, Clinton 
Turner, E. S. 
tTurner, Harvey G. 

Port Washington, 
Ozaukee P. O. 
Blair, Andrew M. 
Foster, George W. 
ILarrabee, Charles H. 

*Stewart, Wilson F. 
Towsley, Lafayette 
White, S. Austin 

Piei'ce County. 

Copp, William J. 
Wise, P. V. 

Polk County.- 

[No resident Lawyers.] 

Portage County. 

Conneaut Meadows. 
*Lamareux, William 

Alban & Park 
Hanchett, L. 
Park, G M. L. 
Strope, M. 

Stevens' Point. 
Gate, George W 
Mcintosh, b. S. 
Sharpstein, B. F. 

Racine County. 

Barnes, Caleb P. 
Barnes &, Lyon 
Cole, Albert G. 
Lvon, William P. 
VViltsie, David 

Bush, Chester 
Bush & Sanders , 
Butterlield & Chase 
Butterfield, Moses B. 
Cary, John W. 
Chase, Champion S. 
tDoolittle, James B. 
Dooliltle, Cary & Morgan 
Emerson, Thomas J. 
I'Imerson & Marshall 
Fuller, Henry T. 
Hall, Shelton L. 
Janes, Lorenzo 
Manuel, Henry 
Marshall, W. C. 
Millett, Nelson 
*Moody, William J. 
Morgan, Peyton R. 
Northrop, George C. 
Paine, Ira C. 
Paine & Millett 
Royce, Lewis 
Sanders, Horace T. 
Streeter, Seb'n R. 
Strong, M. M. 
Strong & Fuller 
tWording, William E. 
Wright, Thomas 

Cole, William 

Chapman, S. E. 

Bicliland County. 

Miller, Robert Emmet 
Thompson, A. P. 
Rodolph, Charles F. 



Richland City. 
fCoffinberiy. Jacob \V. 
Telfair, W. T. 

White, George C. 

Richland Centre. 
Hasletine, Orien 
Haseltine, Ira S. 
Haseltine, Hascal 
Strickland, David 
tSlaughter, A. B. 

Eastland, Archibald C. 
Eastland. Asa 
Sexton, E. M. 

Rock Connty. 

*Butler, H. C. 
Carpenter, JI. H. 
Cheny & Carpenter 
Cheny, H. 
Crozier, W. M. 
Gardiner, G. A. 
'Hackettr, John 
Keep &. Todd 
Keep, John M. 
Pasco, W. V. 
Rockwell &!■ Pasco 
Rockwell, William S. 
Spaulding & Crozier 
Spauldinsr, W. C. 
Todd, S. "J. 

Messenger, O. B. 
Mills & Sayre 
Mills, D. L. 
Sayre, D. F. 

tArmstrong, James 
*Bailey, A. C. 
Bennett, J. R. 
*Budd, J. H. 
Case, John M. 
Case & Deyo 
Deyo, D. L. 
Eldridge, B. B. 
Eldredge & Pea^e 
Ely, George B. 
Gray, A. T. 
Hudson, S. A. 
Jordan, C. S. 
King, Chancv, P. 
Kimball, D. F. 
Nichols, John 
Niel, James 

Nogsle, Prichard & Pric 
Noggle, D. 
Norton, Charles 
Parker, C. H. 
Patten, L. F. 
Pease, J. J. R. 
Prichard, M. S. 
Prichard, A. P. 
Sleeper, J. A. 
Smith, A. Hyatt 
Tidlman. W. M. 
Truesdell, William 
Truesdell, Jordan i- Bei 
Taylor, Hiram 
Tavlor <fc Patten 
tW'hiton, E. V. 
Whiton, Henry K. 
Whiton &. Kinar 

Waodle, Isaac 

Sauk County-. 


*Brown' William 
*Camp, Ralph G. 
*Clark, James M. 
Clark, WilUam H. 
Cook. La Fayette 
■Hoxie, William 
Noyes, David K. 
Pratt, Joseph H. 
Remington, Cyrus C. 
Stevens, G. 
Tiipp, J. S. 
Tripp & Stevens 
Waite, Marvin C. 
Wheeler, N. W. 

Bowman, J. 

t Wheeler, E. G. 

Prarie du, Sac. 
Harvey, R. J. 
Leland, Cyrus 
Northrop, J. H. 
Ostrander, Alexander 
Quinby, John B. 

Sheboygan County. 

Green Busk. 
Lombard, Solomon 

Chase, Henry 
Chase & Hobart 
Cook. E. Fox 
Gorsline, William R. 
Hiller, Cyi-us P. 
Hobnrt, Harrison C. 
tMorris, Charles E. 
Ross, H. North 
Shatter, James Mc M. 
Taylor, David 
Taylor &. Hiller 
Williams, Eille 
Williams & Gorsliiie 

Sheboygan Falls. 
Elwell, Edward 
Graves, George S. 

St. Croix County. 

Allen & Gray 
Allen, B. 
Catlin, F. P. 
Foster, Joel 
Fuller, S. S. N. 
Gray, A. D. 
Hughes, Jnmes 
Semmes, W. H. 

Walwortli County. 


Scrl, Calvin 

t Allen, Waiiam C. 
Barlow, S. S. 
Barlow & Stevens 
Brailey, A. B. 
Kelsey, Milo 

Menzie, R. R. 
Spooner, A. S. 
Stevens, J. Andrew 

East Troy. 
Babcock, A. O. 
Cousins, Henry 

Elk Horn. 
Cowdery, Lyman 
Elderkiu, Edward 
Golder, Peter 
Meacham. U. D. 
Pettit, WilUam H. 
Smith. H. F. 
Spooner, Wyman 
Winsor & Smith 
Winsor, H. S. 

Baker, Charles M. 
Estabrook, Experience 
Foote, E. 

Webber, A. B. 

Burlingame, Henry 

Cravath, Prosjaer 
Millard, N. A. 
Wakeley, Eleazer 
Winneck, John 

Waukesha County. 

*McLane, George R. 
Parks, Rufus 
Randies, A. Samuel 
Smith, Richard 

IField, Martin 

Carpenter, Joel R. 
Hurl but, E{l\vin 
Small, D. W. 

Prof pert Hill. 
McCulloh, .lohu 

Barron, H. D. 
Chesley, Norman 
Cook, Alexander 
Gallagher, John E. 
Gallagher & Hascall 
Ha.-=cail, William S. 
Hawkins, William S. 
Randall, Alexander W. 
Randall, A. W. & E. M. 
Randall. Edwin M. 

oper, William 
Pichenor, \'ernon 
White & Hearu 
Wright, Rol;ert W. . 

Washiiiofton Countv. 

Coxe, Hopewell 
tWilliams, Geor?e C. 




West Bend. 
Frisby, Leander F. 

Wanpacca County. 

Hobart, C. E. P. 

Wanpacca Falls. 
Browne, E. L. 
Browne & Cooper 
Cooper, W. G. 
Dmitzer, 0. E. 
Thayer, L. \V. 
tWare, S. F. 

Allen, H. M. 
Fordice, John 
La Dow, George A. 

Winnebago County. 

Black Wolf 
Greenwood, William M. 

Potter, John 
Smith, Elbridge 

*Cronkhite, A. T. 
Hamilton, J. B. 
Wheeler, Edwin 

Sneeden, Daniel B. 

Austin, A. A. 
Bashford, Coles 
tBlodgett, D C. 
Bouck, Gabriel 
Bouck & Washburne 
Boynton, R. H. 

Brown, Jedediah 
Buttrick & Bashford 
Buttrick, E. L. 
Coolbaugb, C. 
Edmonds, M. A. 
Edmonds & Boynton 
Eighme, Richard P. 
Eighme & Kennedy 
Kennan, T. "L. 
Kennedy, W. R. 
Lane, Obadiah L. 
*Miller, L. M. 
Rowley, Edwin A. 
Sraalley, Jedediah H, 
Washburne, G. W. 
Weisbrod, Charles A. 
Whit acre, D. B. 
Whitney, J. D. 
Wolcott, Charles 

Brush, A. K 

EXECUTIVE govern:ment. 



Term Be. 

1. George Washington, Virginia, April 30, 

2. John Adams, Massachusetts, March 4 

3. Thomas Jefferson Virginia, March 4, 

4. James Madison, Virginia, March 4 

5. James Monroe, Virginia, March 4 

6. John Quincy Adams, Massachusetts, March 4 

7. Andrew Jackson, Tennessee, March 4 

8. Martin Van Buren, New York, ...March 4. 

9. William Henry Harrison,* . . Ohio, March 4 

10. John Tyler, Virginia, March 4 

11. James Knox Polk, Tennessee, March 4 

12. Zachaiy Taylor,* Louisiana, March 4 

13. Millard Fillmore, New York, July 

14. Franklin Pierce, New Hampshire, March 4, 


Term Ended. 

), 1789, 

March 3, 1797 

t, 1797, 

March 3, 1801 

i, 1801, 

March 3, 1809 

1, 1809, 

March 3, 1817 

I, 1817, 

March 3, 1825 

J, 18i5, 

March 3, 1829 

1, 1829, 

March 3, 1837 

1, 1837, 

March 3, 1841 

I, 1841, 

April 4, 1841 

, 1841, 

March 3, 1845 

, 1845, 

March 3, 1849 

I, 1849. 

July 9, 1850 

, 1850, 

March 3, 1853 

1, 1853, 


The 17th Presidential teiin of four years, since the establishmeut of the government 
of the United States under the Constitution, began on the 4th of March, 1853 ; and it will 
expire on the 3d of March, 1857. 


FRANKLIN PIERCE, of New-Hampshire, President, $25,000 

Vacancy,! Vice President, 8,000 


The following are the priacipal officers in the executive department of the government, 
who form the Cabinet, and who hold their offices at the will of the President. 


WILLIAM L. MARCY, New York, Secretary of State, $8,000 

JAMES GUTHRIE Kentucky Secretary of the Ti-easury, , 8,000 

JEFFERSON DAVIS, Mississippi, Secretary of War, 8,000 

JA3IES C. DOBBIN, North CaroXmA,.. Secretary of the Nanj, 8,000 

ROBERT McCLELLAND,.-Michisan Secretary of t!ie Interior, 8,000 

JAMES C AMPBELL, Pennsylvania Postmaster-General, 8.000 

CALEB CUSHING, Ma^sachiissetts, . .Attorney-General, 8,000 


WILLIAM L. MA iCY Secretary. 

A. DUDLEY MANN, Assistant Secretary, salary, $3,000. 


William Hunter, adef Clerk, $2,000 

Abel French, Claims Clerk, 2,000 

Francis Markoe, Principal Clerk, 2,000 

Robert S. Chew, Consular Bureau 2,000 

Alex. H. Deirick, Clerk, 1,600 

James S. Mackie, " 1,500 

John P. Polk, " 1,400 

Georse J. Abbott, " 1,400 

Robert S. Chiltou, " 1,400 

V/m.C. Reddall,Cier/i:, Domestic Bureau.$l, iOQ 

George Chiijman, 
Charles Lanman, 
George Hill, 
Charles V. Gordon, 
Henry D. J. Pratt, 
George Bartle, 

Edward SVxbhs, Disburs. Affent 1,450 

Louis Fitzgerald Tasistro, Translator,. . .1,600 

. 900 
. 800 

*Died in office. 

tHon. William R. King, of Alabama, the Vice-President of the United States, died on 
the 18thof Apri, 1853. 



JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary. 

Assistant Secretary. 

Peter G. Washington, $3,000 

Gilbert Rodman, Chief Clerk, 2,200 


Elislia Whittlesey, 1st Comp., 3,500 

James M. Ramsey, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

John M. Brodliead, 2d Comp.,\ 3,000 

Tobias Purrington, Cliicf Clerk, 2,000 


Thomas L. Smith, Xst Avditor, 3,000 

David W. Mahon, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Phihp Clayton. 2a! Auditor, 3,000 

William Mechien, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Francis Burt, 3d Auditor, 3,000 

Samuel S. Rind, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Aaron O. Dayton, ith Auditor, 3,000 

A. J. O'Bannon, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Stephen Pleasanton, 5th Anditor, 3,000 

Thomas Mustin, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Wm. F. Phillips, Auditor of Treasury 

for P. O. Depart., 3,000 

Thomas J. Johnston, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Commissioner of Customs. 

Hugh J. Anderson, 3,000 

Thomas Feran, Chief Clerk, 2,00U 

Appraisers at Large. 

George F. Emery, 

G. W. Pomeroy, 

H. C. Loudilin, 

Wm. P. PouHer, 

S. J. Bridge, Appraiser-General for the 

Pacific Coast, $6,000 

Treasurer's Office. 

Samuel Casey, Treasurer, 3 000 

W. B. Randolph, Chief Clerk 2,000 

Asssistant Treasiirers. 

Isaac Davis, Boston, 2,500 

John J. Cisco, iVcro York, 4,000 

Dan'l Sturi'eon, Philadelphia,, .x 2,500 

"!. C. Pressly, Charleston, 2,500 

ames Brewer, New Orleans, 2,500 

Isaac H. Sturgeon, St. Louis, 2,500 

Jacob R. Snyder, California. 

Register's Office. 

Finley Bisger, Register, 3,000 

Charles T. Jones, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Solicitor's Office. 

Ferris B. Streeter, Solicitor, 3,500 

B. F. Pleasant, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Coast Survey. 
Alex. D. Bache, Superintendent, 6,000 



Salary Salary- 

Arch. Campbell, aiief Clerk, $2,200 

Adjutant-General's Office. 
Samuel Cooper, Col., Adjutajit-General. 
Lorenzo Thomas, Lt.-Col., Assist. Adj. 

J. F. Brown, Chief Clerk, 1,800 

Quartermaster- General's Bureau. 

T. S. Jesup, Brev. Maj.-Gen., Quarter- 

Charles Thomas, Brev. Lt.-Col., Quarter- 

WilUam A. Gordon, Chief Clerk, 1,800 

Pay Bureau. 

N. Towson, Brev. Maj.-Gen., Paymaster- 

B. F. Larned, Lt.-Col., Deputy Paymaster- 

VV. D. '&eht. Chief Clerk, 1,800 

Subsistence Bureau. 
George Gibson, Brev. Maj.-Gen., Com.- 

Gen. of Subsistence. 
A. E. Shiras, Capt. ith Art., Asst. Com. 


Richard Gott, Chief Clerk, §1,800 

Medical Bureau. 
Thomas ljiiM'eon,Brev.Brig.-Gen .Surg.- 

H. L. Heiskell, Surg. 6,- Assist. Surg.-Gen. 
R. J ohnson. Chief Clerk, 1 ,800 

Engineer Bureau. 
J. G. Totten, Brev. Brig.-Gen., Chief En- 

_ ineer 
F. A. Smith, Capt. and Assist. Chief 

F. N. Barbarin, Chief Clerk, 1 ,800 

Topographical Bureau. 
John J. Abert, Col., Chief Topographical 

T. J. Lee, Capt., Assist. Chief Topograph. 

George Thompson, Chief Clerk, 1,800 

Ordnance Bureau. 
Henry K. Craig, Col, Chief of Ordnance. 
\V. Maynadier, Capt. and Assist. 
George Bender, Chief Clerk, 1 ,800 


JAMES C. DOBBIN, Secretary. 


Charles W. Welsh, Chief Clerk, $2,200 

Joseph Smith, Chief of the Bureau of Docks and Navy Yards, 3,500 

Charles Morris, do. do. Ordnance and Hydrography, 3,500 

John W. Lenthall, do. do. Construction, Equipment a?id Repairs, 3,500 

Charles W. Skinner, Inspector of Ordnance, 3,500 

William Sinclair, Chief of the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, 3,500 

William Whelan, do. do. Medical and Surgical Instruments, 2,500 

Lieut. M. F. Maury, Superintendent of Observatory at Washington, 3,000 

Samuel Hartt, Chief Naval Constructor. 
D. B. Martin, Evgincer in Chief. 




George C. Whiting, Chief Clcrh §2,20O 

General Land Office. 

John Wilson, Commissioner, 3.000 

Charles S. Frailey, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Joseph S. Wilson, Principal Clerk of 

Private Land Claims, 1,S00 

Jno . N. ^loore,Principal C'crk of Surveys,.l.80Q 

Julias X. Granger, Pecordtr, 2,000 

Sydney Webster, Secret, to Pres. to sign 

Land Patents, 1,500 

Indian Office. 

G. W. JIanypemiv, Commissioner, 3,000 

Charles E. Mix, Chief aerk, 2,000 

Pension Office. 

Loren P. Waldo, Commissioner, 3,000 

Samuel Cole, Chief Clerk, 2,000 

Patent Office. 

Charles JIason, Commissioner, 3,000 

L. T. Shujert. Chief Clerk, 2,000 

George C." Schafler, Examiner, 2.50i 

Henry Baldwin, do 2,500 

Leonard D. Gale, 
Jonathan H. Lane, 
Titian R. Peale, 
T. J. Everett, 



Examiner §2,500 

do 2,500 

do 2,500 

do 2,500 

R. W. M. Johnston, Assist. ExamiJicr, .. .1,500 
Daniel Breed, do 1,500 

J. U. Henry, do 1.500 

Alfred Herbert, do 1,500 

Edward Foreman, do 1,500 

W. C. Langdon. do 1,500 

A. L. Mclntire, Draughtsman, 1,500 

D. J. Browne, Agricultural Clerk, 1,500 

William Slicer, Machinist, 1,250 

William W. Turner, Librarian, 1 ,200 

Superintendejit of Cettsus. 
. D. B. DeBow, ■. 2,500 

Public Buildings. 
>. B. French, Commissioner, 2,000 


Thomas Thornley, Warden, 1,.500 

Harvey Lindsley, Inspector, 100 

Richard Jones, do 100 

Samuel Pumplirey, do 100 


Alpheus Felch, of Michigan, 8,00C|John H. McKune, Law Agent. 

Robert A. Thompson, of'Virginia, 8,000 Robert Greenhow, Assistaiit Laic Agent. 

Thompson Campbell, of Illinois, 8,000|George Fisher, Secretary. 


JAMES CAMPBELL, Postmaster-General. 


Selah R. Hobble, 1st Assistant Postmaster General, Appointmerit Office, 2,500 

Wm. H. Dundas, 2d do do do Contract Office, ; . . .2,500 

JohnMarron, 2d do do do Finance Office, 2,500 

John Oakford, Chief Clerk P. O. Department, and Cldef of Inspection Office, 2,200 

WilliamF. Phillips, Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office, 3,000 

T. J. Johnston, Chief Clerk of the Auditor, 2,000 


(Corrected in the Post Office Department, January 7, 1854.) 


Augusta, Me 

Bansor. Me 

Bath, Me 

Brunswick, Me 

Calais, Me 

Castine. Me 

Eastport, Me 

Hallowell, Me 

*Poitland, Me 

Robbinston, Me 

Saco, Me 

Thomastown, Me . . 

Waterville, Me 

Charlestown, N. H. 

Concord, N. H 

Dover, N. H 

Exeter, N. H 

Hanover, N. H 

Keene, N. H 

Manchester, N. H. . . 

Nashua, N.H 

Portsmouth, N. H. . 
Bennington, Vt 

.Wm. S. Badger. 
.Isaac C. Haynes. 
.Joseph C. Snow. 
-Robert P. Duulap. 
.Edgar Whidden. 
.Charles Rogers. 
.W. Hathawar. 
-T. W. Newnian. 
-N. L. Woodbury. 
-J. W. Cox. 
..Charles Nutter. 
. -A. Lemiond. 
.H. Barrett. 
. -C. Messinger. 
.Jacob Carter. 
.B. F. Viltam. 
.D. Melcher. 
-D. F. Richardson 
-J. D. Colony. 
-Thos. P. Pierce. 
.Georae Bowers. 
.G. H.'Rundlett. 
.Truman Hulins. 

Cities. Postmasters. 

Brattleboro', Vt Samuel Dutton. 

Burlington, Vt D. A. Danforth. 

Middlebury, Vt E. R, Wright 

Montpelier, Vt Chas. G. Eastman. 

Rutland, Vt John Cain. 

Windsor, Vt P. G. Skinner. 

Amherst, Mass Seth Nims. 

Andover, Mass Hobart Clark. 

*Boston, Mass E. C. Bailey. 

Cambridge, Mass Wm. Caldwell. 

Charlestown, Mass... Chas. B Rogers. 

Dedham, Mass Elisha Thayer. 

Fitchburg, Mass John Todd. 

Greenfield, Mass D. N. Carpenter. 

Lawrence, Mass Benj. F. Watson. 

Lowell, Miiss F. A. Hildreth. 

Ljmn, Mass J. C. Stickney. 

Nantucket, Mass Charles P. .Swain. 

New Bedford, Mass... Joseph C. Kent. 
Newburyport, Mass. ..J. M. Cooper. 
Northampton, Mass. ..Amos H. Bullen 

Pittsfield, Mass Phineas Allen, Jr. 

Plymouth, Mass £phraim Spooner. 

The offices marked thus (*) are the distributing offices. 


Cities. Postmasters. 

Salem, Mass Geo. B. Loring. 

Sandwich, Mass Charles B. Hall. 

Springtield, Mass A. W. Chapiu. 

Taimton, Mass A, M. Ide, Jr. 

Ware, Mass Addison Sanford. 

Williamstown, Mass.Keyes Danforth. 

Worcester, Mass Ed. W. Lincoln. 

Newport, II. I Joseph Josleu. 

Pawtucket, R. I Joseph T. Sisson. 

*Providence, K. I W. B. Sayles. 

Bridgeport, Conn E. B. Goodsell. 

*Hartford, Conn W. J. Ilamersley. 

Litchtield, Conn G. H. Baldwin. 

Middletown, Conn. ..Norman Smith. 
New Haven, Conn...L. A. Thomas. 
New London, Conn.. James B. Lyman. 

Noi-wich, Conn John W. Stedman. 

'■Albany, N. Y John H. Reynolds. 

Auburn, N. Y E. P. Ross. 

Batavia, N. Y Wm. Seaver. 

Binghampton, N. Y . . .Virgil Whitney. 

Brooklyn, N. Y D. Van Voorhis. 

*Butt"alo, N. Y James G. Dickie. 

Canandaigua, N. Y-..N. G. Cheesebro. 

Catskill, N. Y J. Joesbury. 

Cooperstown, N. Y...C. J. Stillman. 

Elmira, N. Y Daniel Stephens. 

Geneva, N. Y S. H. Parker. 

Hudson, N. Y J. S. Anable. 

Ithaca, N Y A. S. Johnson. 

Lockport, N. Y Asher Torrance. 

NewburgjN. Y Jos. Casterline, Jr. 

*NewYork, N. T Isaac V. Fowler. 

Ogdensburg, N Y Luke Baldwin. 

Oswego, N. Y 3. II. Beardsley. 

Owego, N. Y H. A. Beebe. 

Plattsburg, N. Y Chas. S. Mooers. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y..A. S. Pease. 

Rochester, N. Y ff. S. Allis. 

Rome, N. Y A.J. Rowley. 

Saratoga Sp., N. Y Lewis P. Close. 

Schenectady, N. Y-.-Luke Dodge. 

Sharon, N. Y I?avid Sharp. 

Syracuse, N. Y H. J. Sedgwick. 

Troy, N. Y W. W. Whitney. 

Utica, N. Y Isaiah Tifl'auy. 

Watertown, N. Y W. H. Sigourney. 

West Point, N. Y Mary Berard, Jr. 

Whitehall, N. Y Athertou Hall. 

Burlington, N. J B.B.Antrim. 

Newark, N. J Charles T. Gray. 

N. Brunswick, N. J. ..Henry Sanderson. 

Paterson, N. J WilUam D. Quin. 

Princeton, N.J Robert L. Clow. 

Trenton, N. J W. A. Benjamin. 

Carlisle, Pa John B. Bratton. 

Chambersburg, Pa... John Noel. 

Easton, Pa John J. Herster. 

*Erie, Pa B. F.Sloan. 

Harrisburg, Pa John H. Brant. 

HoUidaysburg, Pa...W. G. Murray. 

Kensington, Pa Peter Rambo. 

LancabCer, Pa H. M. Reigart. 

Meadville, Pa J. E. McFarland. 

*Northumb'rlnd, Pa. .Jacob Ulp. 

*Philadelphia, Pa John Miller. 

*Pittsburg, Pa Robert Anderson. 

Pottsville, Pa John Clayton. 

Reading, Pa Lewis H. Wunder. 

Uniontown, Pa A. Hadden. 

Wilkesbarre, Pa John Reichard. 

Dover, Del G. Stevenson. 

Newcastle, Del J Duncan, Jr. 

Wilmington, Del John McClung. 

Annapolis, Md Aug. Gassaway. 

*Baltiniore, Md Jacob G. Davies. 

Cumberland, Md Wm. A. Taylor. 

Frederick, Md J.J. Smith. 

Hagerstown, Md Samuel Ridenour. 

Cities. Postmasters. 

Georgetown, D. C H. W. Tilley. 

'Washington, D. C. . .James G. Berret. 

Abingdon, Va Leonidas Baugh. 

Alexandria, Va T. W. Ashby. 

Charlottesville, Va...Twyman Wayt. 

Clarksburg, Va B. S. Griffin. 

Fredericsburg, Va...R. T. Thom. 
^Kanawha C."n.,Va..D. H. Snyder. 

Lynchburg, Va Robert H. Glass. 

"Norfolk, Va Alexander Gait 

"Petersburg, Va Wm. N. F'riend. 

Richmond, Va Thos. B. Bigger. 

* Wheeling, Va Geo. A. Cracraft. 

Winchester, Va Geo. B. Graves. 

*A6hville,N. C W. L. Hilliard. 

Fayetteville, N. C Josiah E. Bryan. 

Greensboro', N. C B. C. Graham. 

Hillsboro', N. C J. M. Palmer. 

Newbern, N. C J. C. Stevenson. 

*Raleigh, N. C Wm. White. 

Wilmington, N. C Daniel Dickson. 

Camden, S. C J. N. Gamewell. 

'■Charleston, S. C Alfred Huger. 

Columbia, S. C James B. Glass. 

Georgetown, S. C Wm. McNulty. 

*Yorkville, S. C Samiiel Melton. 

Athens, Ga John Crawford. 

*Augusta, Ga J. M. Smythe. 

Columbus, Ga R. C. Forsyth. 

Darien, Ga A. A. DeLorme. 

Macon, Ga J. A. Nisbett. 

Milledgeville, Ga Thomas M. Cook. 

'■'Savannah, Ga Solomon Cohen. 

Apalacbicola, Fa B. F. Simmons. 

Key West, Fa J. C. Whalton. 

Pensacola, Fa Dillon Jordan. 

Tallahassee, Fa Miles Nash. 

Florence, Ala Geo. W. Sneed. 

Greensboro', Ala John Fife. 

''Huntsville, Ala C. D. Kavanaugh. 

Mobile, Ala T. L. Toulmin. 

''Montgomery, Ala...M. P. Blue. 

Tuscaloosa, Ala Wm. D. Marrast 

*Tuscumbia, Ala John L. Bunch. 

Jackson, Miss C. R. Dixon. 

"Natchez, Miss Richard El ward. 

Pass Christian, Miss.. Sarah A. Hiern. 

Port Gibson. ISIifis J, C. Melchior 

*Vicksburg, Miss Wm. B. Pryor. 

Baton Rouge, La Jos. McCormick. 

Donaklsonville, La... A. Gingry. 

•'■'Natchitoches, La Timothy Lacoste. 

•'■'New Orleans, La Wm G. Kendall. 

Austin, Tex Benj. F. Johnson. 

Corpus Christi, Tex..C. Cahill. 

•'Galveston, Tex John B. Root 

Houston, Tex O. L. Cochran. 

Fort Gibson, Ark Wm. P. Denckla. 

Little Rock, Ark Wm. F. Pope. 

Columbia, Tenn L. H. Wilcox. 

Knoxville, Tenn J. E. Helms. 

"Memphis, Tenn Wm. H. Carroll. 

Murfreesboro', Ten..J.F. Leatherman. 

"Nashville, Tenn S. R. Anderson. 

*Cumb'd Gap, Tenn.. J. G. Newle. 

Frankfort, Ky Benj. F. Johnson. 

Lexington, Ky Squire Bassett. 

•'Louisville, Ky J. W. Brannon. 

"Maysville, Ky William S. Pickett. 

Chilhcothe, Ohio John Hough. 

Cincinnati, Ohio John L. Vattier. 

Cleveland, Ohio J. W. Gray. 

'■Columbus, Ohio Thomas Sparrow. 

Dayton, Ohio Edward A. King. 

Marietta, Ohio Nathaniel Bishop. 

Newark, Ohio Wm. P. JMorrison. 

Sandusky, Ohio John M. Brown. 

Steubeuville, Ohio... Thos. Brasbeaiu 
"Toledo, Ohio John E. Hunt 



Cities. Foetmasters. 

Zanesville, Ohio John B. Roberts. 

Adrian, Mich. C. B. Backus. 

Ann Arbor, Mich H. D. Bennett. 

'Detroit, Mich T. F. Brodhead. 

Jacki?on, Mich R. S. Cheney. 

Kalamazoo, Mich Wm. H. De Yoe. 

Lansing, Mich V. S. Murphy. 

Pontiac, Mich S. W.Denton. 

Evaus^-ille, Ind Benj. Stinson. 

'Indianapolis, Ind W. \V. Wick. 

Lafayette, Ind Jacob Walker. 

Madison, Ind Rolla Doolittle. 

New Albany, Ind F. M. Gwin. 

Terre Haute, Ind Joseph O. Jones. 

' Vincennes, Ind James Dick. 

Alton, 111 R. W. English. 

*Chicago, 111 Isaac Cook. 

Galena^ 111 Bernard Gray. 

Jacksonville, 111 Samuel Hunt. 

Kaskaskia, 111 Ferd. linger. 

Peoria, 111 Peter Sweat. 

Quincy, 111 Austin Brooks. 

Cities. Postmasters. 

*Shawneetown, I11...G. W. McKeaig. 
Springtield, 111. . .^. . .Isaac R. Diller. 

Independence, Mo W. F. Deweber. 

JeSerson Bar., Mo E. Thompson. 

Jellersou City, Mo...W. H. Crawford. 

*St. Louis, Mo Archib. Gamble. 

Muscatine, Iowa Henry Reese. 

Burlington. Iowa James Tizzard. 

Madison, Wise John N. Jones. 

Milwaukee. Wise .T. A. Noonan. 

St. Pauls, Min ' W. H. Forbes. 

Santa Fe, N. Mex Wm. A. Miller. 

Salt Lake City, Ut-..Willard Richards. 

Beuicia, Cal James Aliller. 

Monterey, Cal A. Randall. 

Sacramento City, Cal. Ferris Foi-man. 

San Diego, Cal George Lyons. 

San Francisco, Cal. ..Thomas J. Henley. 

San J os6, Cal John AV. Patrick. 

Stockton, Cal John S. Evans. 

Astoria, Oregon T. P. Powers. 

Oregon City, Or W. W. Buck. 


[Corrected in the Treasury Department, January 7, 1854.] 

Ports. Collectors. 

Bangor, Me George P. Sewall. 

Bath, Me Chas, N. Bodfish. 

Belfast, Me E. K. Smart. 

Castine, Me R. H. Bridgham. 

Eastport,Me Bion Bradbury. 

Ellsworth, Me Thomas D. Jones. 

Kennebunk, Me John Cousens. 

Machias, Me., Dan. W. Dorman. 

Portland, Me Ezra Carter, Jr. 

Saco, Me Nath. M. Towle. 

Waldoboro', Me Edmund Wilson. 

Wiscasset, Me John Babson. 

York, Me Luther Junkins. 

Portsmouth, N. H Zenas Clement. 

Barnstable, Mass S. B. Phinney. 

Boston, Mass Chas. H. Peaslee. 

Edgartovm, Mass Jos. T. Pease. 

Fall River, Mass P. W. Leland. 

Gloucester, Mass W. H. Manning. 

Marblehead. Mass Wm BartoU. " 

Nantucket, Mass E. W. Allen. 

New Bedford, Mass. .-C. B. H. Fessenden. 
Newburyport, Mass.. James Blood. 

Plymouth, Mass E. P. Little. 

Salem, Mass Ephraim F. Miller 

Bristol, R. I G. H. Reynolds. 

Newport, R. I George Turner. 

Providence, R. I Gideon Bradford. 

Burlington, Vt D. A. Smalley. 

Fairfield, Ct Wm. S. Pomeroy. 

Middletown, Ct Wm. D. Starr. 

New Haven, Ct M. A. Osborne. 

Lew London, Ct Henry Hobart. 

Stonington, Ct Ezra Chesebro. 

Buffalo, N. Y John T. Hudson. 

C.Vincent, N Y Alfred Fox. 

Lewiston, N. Y A. V. E. Hotchkiss. 

New York, N. Y -. Heman J. Redfield. 

Ogdensburs, N. Y Thomas Bacon. 

Oswego, N.'Y E. B. Talcott. 

Plattsburg, N. Y Henry B. Smith. 

Rochester, N. Y Jas. C Campbell. 

Sacket's Harb., N. Y..Thomafi S. HaU. 

Ports. Collectors. 

Sag Harbor, N. Y S. L. Gardener. 

Bargaintown, N. J Thomas D. Winner. 

Bridgetovm, N. J Wm. S. Bowen. 

Lamberton, N. J John A. Sherrad. 

Newark, N. J Edward T. Hillyer. 

Perth Amboy, N. J...Fr. W. Brinley. 

Tuckerton, N. J .'Stephen Willets. 

Erie, Pa James Lytle. 

Philadelphia, Pa Charles Brown. 

Wilmington, Del Jesse Sharpe. 

Annapolis, Md James Sands. 

Baltimore, Md P. F. Thomas, 

Oxford, Md R. B. Willis. 

Vienna, Md G. A. Z. Smith. 

Georgetown, D. C Robert White. 

Alexandria, Va Edward S. Hough. 

Eastville, Va John S. Parker. 

Norfolk, Va Samuel T. Sawyer. 

Petersburg, Va Lewis Lunsford. 

Richmond, Va John Lynch. 

Tappahannock, Va-..Geo. T. Wright. 

Y'orktown, Va P.J. Barziza. 

Beaufort, N. C J. E. Gibble. 

Edenton, N. C Edmund Wright 

Elizabeth City, N. C . . L. D. Starke. 

Newbem, N. C T. S. Singleton. ' 

Oeracoke, N. C Oliver S. Dewey. 

Plymouth, N. C Joseph Ramsey. 

Washington, N. C H. F. Hancock. 

WOmington, N. C W. C. Eettencourt. 

Beaufort, S. C B. R. Bythewood. 

Charleston, S. C Wm. F. Colcock. 

Georgetown, S. C Thomas L. Shaw. 

Darien, Geo Woodford Maybry. 

Savannah, Geo John Boston. 

St. Mary's, Geo J. A. Baratte. 

Apalachicola, Fa Geo. S. Hawkins. 

Jackson\-ille, Fa J. D. Dell. 

Key West, Fa John P. Baldwin. 

Pensacola, Fa Joseph Sierra. 

Port Leon, Fa Hugh Archer. 

St. Augustine, Fa Paul Arnau. 

Mobile, Ala Thad. Sanford. 



Porte. Collectors. 

Natchez, Miss Edward Pickett. 

dhieldsboro', Miss U. W. Johnston. 

Vicksburg, Miss D. Walker. 

Franklin, La R. N. McMillan. 

New Oi'leans, La Sol. W. Downs. 

Galveston, Texas Hamilton Stuart 

La Salle, Texas Alex. Sumerville. 

Point Isabel, Tex Stephen Powers. 

Cleveland, Ohio Robert Parks. 

Toledo, Ohio Josiah Riley. 

Sandusky, Ohio James A. Jones. 

Chicago, 111 W. B. Snowhook. 

Detroit, Mich. ... John H. Harmon. 

Ports. Collectors. 

Michil'ck, Mich Alexander Toll. 

Milwaukee, Wise John White. 

Pembina, Min. T Philip Beauprie. 

Benicia, Cal L. B. Mizner. 

Monterey, Cal Isaac B. Wall. 

Sacramento C, Cal.. -Charles C. Sackett. 

San Diego, Cal O. S. Witherby. 

.San Francisco, Cal...R. P. Hammond. 

Stockton, Cal.. James M. Scofield. 

Astoria, O. T John Adair. 

Gardiner, O.T A. C. Gibbs. 

Olympia, W. T J. N. Eby. 


(Corrected January 1, 1854. 

Names. Districts. 

John McClintock Portsmouth, N. H. 

Nicholas Brown Newburyport, Ms. 

Charles Millett Salem, Ms. 

Charles G. Greene Boston, Ms. 

Silas A. Comstock Providence, R. I. 

Milton Hall Newport, R. L 

J. Romeyn Brodliead New York, N. Y. 

Nath. B. Eldred Philadelphia, Pa. 

Names. Districts. 

John Kettlewell Baltimore, Md. 

C C. Robinson Norfolk, Va. 

William N. Peden Wilmington, N. C. 

Henry M. Howard Charleston, S. C. 

Thomas L. Hamilton ...Savannah, Ga. 

Joseph Genois New Orleans, La. 

William B Danieron . . . San Francisco. 


Names of Registers and Receivers, corrected January 7, 1854. 





James Magoffin 

Eldridge Gardiner 

James H. Ware 

Monroe Donoho 

E W Martin. 


William W. Fambro. 




Willis Darby. 
A. M. McDowell. 


Lewis B. McCarty 

Thomas 0. Glasscock.. 

J. Cunningham 

WiUiam W. Lewis 

Robert A. Watkins 

Benjamin P. Jett 

L. C. Blackemore 

Hen.y L. Biscoe 



Nimrod E. Benson. 

Little Rock 

B. F. Danley. 
Charles B. Rf itchel. 
De Witt C. Yell. 
James C. Tappan. 







Los Angelos 

William J. Owen 

H. P. Dor.sey 

William T. Sergeant. 
Andreas Pico. 

William W. Gift 

Theodore W. Brevard.. 

James M Gould 

L. Wilson 

Charles Loring. 


St. Augustine .... 

Newnansville '.... 

John W. Argyle. 
F. P. Ferriera. 
S. Russell. 

Samuel K. Cassey. 
E. C. Cofley. 
Wm. A. J. Sparks. 
Daniel Gregory. 
Robert C. Wilson. 

Daniel P. Roberts 

Michael G.Dale 

Andrew J. Gallagher... 

Harman Alexander 

John Connelly 

Richard S. Molony 


Ed wards vlile 






Edward Connor. 
WdUam E. Russell. 




James Long 

Eli B. WilliamB. 



Michigan . 

Miisovri . 


Wisconsin . 

Minnesota . 






Win amac 


Fairfield ..\ 

Iowa City 

Fort De^moines 




Missouri River 


New Orleans 









Sault Ste. Marie... 







St Louis 







Milan. ..t 


Defiance , - 

Mineral Point 

Menasha .' . . 


.-Btevens Point 

La Crosse 

Willow River 

till water 

Sauk Rapids 


John F. Read 

John R. Jones 

James Talbott 

W S. Galey 

Daniel A. Farley 

George McHenry 

J ames Thompiion 

John Clark 

R. L. Tidrick 

L. W. Babbitt 

Robert Coles 

George L. Nightingale. 

J. H. D. Street T 

Wilham Shannon 

Louis Palms 

James G. Fitzgerald. . . 

a. O. McEnery 

A. Kent 

John B. Cloutier 

Daniel J. Campan 

Thomas 3. Atlee 

William M. Fenton 

.Alexander F. Bell 

Ebenezer Warner 

Thomas W. Newman. 

Drury Bynum 

Joseph Bell 

Samuel M. Hawkins. . . 

William Dowsing 

\. J. Edmonson 

D. C.Tuttle 

Leland Wright 

William P. Harrison . . . 

Samuel A. Hill 

.4sa C. Marvin 

tiichard M. Jones 

James H. Birch 

Jacamiah Seaman 

James S. McGinnis 

Nathan M. Landis 

Joel C. Squires 

John A. Bryan 

Jacob H. Kimball 

Abraham Brawley 

Cyrus K. Lord 

John O. Henning 

Fhomas M. FuUerton. 
George W. Sweet 

Georce W. Carr. 
Johnt. Heberd. 
Calvin W. Ruter. 
John Baird. 
William M. Patterson. 
Patrick Quigley. 
J. W. Culbertson. 
Gilman Folsoni. 
Thomas A. Walker. 
Enos Lowe. 
-V. G. Sales. 
Eliphalet Price. 
S. M. Ballard. 
Peyton G. Kin». 
Henry W. Palfrey. 
Henry L. Garland. 
John H. Driukgrave. 
John M. Vernon. 
J. B. O. Buard. 
Elisha Taylor. 
L. Van de Walker. 
Russell Bishop. 
Frederic Hall. 
William A. Pratt. 
Wm. N. Whitehurst. 
A. R. Carter. 
Wm. M. Gillaspie. 
Robert H. GoUaday. 
George R. Clayton. 
James W. Drake. 
Richard B. Dallam. 
E. E. Buckner. 
Joseph P. Ainent. 
George M. Beattie. 
Nathauiel B. Holden. 
Henry Fulbright. 
William Brown. 
Wesley Hallibm-ton. 
Theodore Sherer. 
Reuben H. Gilson. 
Henry Plowman. 
Benjamin H. Mooers. 
Jonas Whitney. 
Albert G. Ellis. 
Thomas Rodolph. 
Otis Hoyt. 
William Holcombe. 
William H. Wood. 


Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. 

Illinois and Missouri 



Wisconsin and Iowa 



Oregon Territory 

Na?nes of Surveyors. 

Leander Chapman 

John Loughborough 

William J. McCuUoh 

George Milbourne 

Warner Lewis 

John Westcott 

John C. Hays 

Charles K. Gardner 

Detroit, Mich. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Little Rock. 
Dubuque, Iowa. 
St. Augustine. 
San Francisco. 
Oregon City. 

Recorder of Land Titles. 
Adolphe Renard St. Louis, Miaeouri. 

D. D. Owen for Wisconsin aud Iowa 

J. W. Foster and J. D. Whitney for Michigan 

John Evans for Oregon. 





(Corrected at Bureau of Indian Affairs, Jamftry 7, 1854.) 


Superintendency. Supetintendent. Salary j Supcrintendency. Superintendmt. Salary. 

Northern F. Huebschman $2,00( |. Southern Thomas S. Drew 2,000 

Central Alfred Cummings 2,000 IMinesota W. A. Gorman ez officio. 


Designation of Agency. 

Chickasaw Agency. 
Choctaw " 

Creek " 

Cherokee " 
Upper Platte " 

Pottawatimie '• 
Sac and Fox " 

Upper Missouri 




Osage River 


Great Nemeha 
Council Bluffs" 
Saint Peters " 

Tribes in each Agency. 





Indians, Upper Platte anci 

Pottawatimics and Kanzas.. 

Sacs and Foxes, Ottawas, 
Swan Creek & Black Riv- 
er Chippewas 

Indians on the Upper Mis- 

VVinnebagoes and Monomo- 

Chippewas of the Mississippi 
and Lake Superior 

Indians in Michigan 

Osages, Quapaws, Senscas 
andShawnees and Senacas 

Weas, Piakshaws, Kaskas 
kias, Peorias, and Miamief 

Shawnees, Delawares, Man 
sees, Stockbridges, and 
Wyandots and "Christian 

Kickapoos, lowas, and Sacf 
and Foxes of the Missouri 

Ottoes, Missoiirias, Omahas, 
and Pawnees 

Sioux of Minesota 

Name ot Agent. 

Andrew J. Smith.. 
Douglas H. Coopei 
Wm. il. Garrett.. - 
George Butler 

Thos. Fitzpatrick. 
John W. Whitefield 

Burton A. James . . . 
Alfred J. Vaughan 
J. E. Fletcher 

Da\-id B. Herriman 
Henry C. Gilbert . . 

Andrew J. Dorn. . . 

Eli Moore 

Benj. F. Robinson 
Daniel Vanderslice 

Jas. M. Gateweod 
Richard G Murphy 

Bond. Salary 






















Robert S. Neighbors, George T. Howard, and George W. Hill, are Special Agents for 
Indians in Texas. Their bonds are $5,000, and their salary $1,700 per annum. 


David Merri wether Governor and ex-officio Superintendent of Indian Affairs. 

Agents. Salary. Bond. | Agents. _ Salary. Bond 

Christopher Carson $l,5o0 

Henry L.Dodge 1,550 

$.5,000 James M. Smith $1,.'5.50 $5,000 

5,000 I Edmund A. Graves 1,550 5,000 


Bri"ham Young Governor and er-officio Superintendent of Indian Affaira. 

Salary. Bond. 

Edward A. Bedell, A^mt $1,550 $5,000 

Stephen B. Rose, sub-Agent , "'^^ 2,000 


Edward F Beale Superintendent of Indian Affairs. 

galary !!!!!!.!'.'.!!.'. ...$4,000 ! Bond $20,000 



Joel Palmer Suptrintcndent of Indian Affairs. 

■Salary - $2,500 | Bond $20,000 

Agents. Salary Bonds. 

Samuel H. Culver §2,500 $5,000 

Robert R. Thompson 1,500 5,o00 

Joseph M. Garrison 1,500 5,000 

Josiah L. ParUh, of -Salem; P. F. Thompson, of Lafayette ; and W. W. Raymond, of 
Astoria, sub-Agents, with a salary each of $750. 

Sub- Agents East of Rocky Mountains and North of New Mexico and Texas. 

i,laTcus H. Johnson, sub-Agent for I?idians in Neic York Salary $750 Bond $5,000 

John V. Suydam " " " at Green Bay " 750 " 10,000 

Bryant H. timithson, Seminole sub-Agency " 750 " 2,001) 

Isaac J. Steyena. 

Governor and ez-Ofjicio Superintendent of Indian Affairs 


(Corrected, January 7, 1854.) 



William E. Woodruff.. .Little Rock, Ark. 

W. P. Denckla Fort Gibson, •' 

William H. Moore HuutsviUe, Ala. 

JamesII. Dearinj; Tuscaloosa, " 

James Perrine Mobile, " 

Charles L. Weller San Francisco, Cal 

Seth Belden Hartford, Conn. 

Jacob Alrichs Wilmington, Del. 

Arthur M. Reed Jacksonville, Fla. 

J-'rancls H. Flagg Tallahassee, '• 

James S. Morel Savannah, Ga. 

J. W. Chapman Madison, Ind. 

B. C. Kent New Albany, Ind. 

David Raleigh E vansv.ille, Ind. 

Isaac B. Curran Springfield, 111. 

Isaac Caldwell Louisville, Ivy. 

Leon Chatiert New Orleans, La- 

■<ieorge F. Emery Portland, Me. 

Wm. C. Anderson St. Louis, Mo. 

Franklin Haven Boston, Mass. 

John S. Gittings Baltimore, MJ. 

I>. N. Barrows Jackson, Miss. 

Ed. N. Fuller Portsmouth, N. H. 

George Minot Concord, N. H. 

P. M. Irving New York, N. Y. 



Thomas W. Olcott Albany, N. Y. 

J. F. E. Hardy Ashville, N. C. 

.lames Huske Fayetteville, N. C. 

Phil. Dickmson Trenton, N. J. 

Joel C. Green Cincinnati, Ohio 

E. Hessenmueler Cleveland, Ohio. 

D. Sturgeon Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Grayson Pittsburg, Pa. 

Paris Hill Providence, R. I. 

John C. Cochrau Charleston, S. C. 

C. C. Aberuathv Pulaski, Tenn. 

J. L. H. Tomlin Jackson, " 

William K. Blair Jonesboro', " 

Isaac Lewis Knoxville, " 

Joel M. Smith Nashville, '■ 

VV H. H. Bingham Montpelier, Vt. 

William J. Odell Burlington, Vt, 

M. D. Nev>'man Richmond, Va. 

G. S. Thompson Whaeling, Va. 

Elisha Taylor Detroit, Mich. 

C, H. Larkin Milwaukee, Wis. 

P. C. Jeti'ries Ottuniwa, Iowa. 

R. W. Latham Washington, D. C. 

Archibald McKinlay Oregon City, O. T. 


(Corrected to January 7, 1854.) 

Name, Place. 

(Tcorge F. Emery Portland, Me. 

Nehemiah Moses Portsmouth, N. I'l. 

Isaac P. Davis Boston, Mass. 

Paris Hill Providence, R.I. 

Seth Belden Hartford, Ct. 

Conrad Swackhamer New York, N. Y. 

P. Dickinson Trenton, N. J. 

Alfred Day Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Grayson Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jacob Aldrichs Wilmington, Del. 

Name. Place. 

JohnH Briscoe Baltimore, Md. 

George Loyall Norfolk, Va. 

B. D. Heriot Charleston, S. C. 

Walker Anderson Pensacola, FIa._ 

Isaac Caldwell Louisville, Ky. 

JoelC. Green Cincinnati, O. 

Elisha Taytor Detroit, Mich. 

W. C. Anderson St. Louis, Mo. 

Albert G. Allen Washington, D. C. 

Charles L. Weller Sau Francisco, Cai 




(Corrected to January 7, 1854.) 
Salary $1,500 each, and reascnaMe travelling expenses. 


William Burnett, of Boston, 
Chas. W. Copeland, of New York 

John S. Brown, of Baltimore 

W, E. Iiluir, of New Orleans 

Davis Embree of St. Louis 

John Shallcross, of Louisville 

Benjamin Crawford, of Pittsburg 
Isaac Lewis, of Monroe (Mich.). . 

Augustus Walker, of Buffalo 


Maine to Connecticut, mciusive 

Ncv/ York to Delaware Bay and tributaries, 
and the Hudson River as far north as Troy. 

Delaware Bay to Cape Sable, Florida. 

Cape Sable to the Kio Grande ; Mississippi 
Kiverto Baton Houge ; California&Oregou. 

The Misfissipppi above Baton Rouge and its 
tributaries, excluding the Ohio, and in- 
cluding the Missouri River. 

The waters of the Ohio River to the Ken- 
tucky River. 

Waters of the Ohio above the Kentucky River 

The waters north and west of Lake Erie, in- 
cluding the Illinois and Mississippi, above 

The waters of Lake Erie, Ontario, and the 
St. Lawrence to Champlain. 


JAMES GUI IIRIE Secretary] of the Treasury, President ex officio. 

William B. Shubrick, U. S. N. 
Samuel F. Dupont, U. S. N. 
.loseph G. Totten, U. S. Eng. Corps. 
James Kearney, U. S. Topog. Eng. 

i A. D. Bache, 
Joseph Heniy. 

1 Thornton A. Jenkins, U. S. N. 
|e. L. F. Hardcastlc, U. S. Top. Eng, 


Corrected to January 7, 1854. 

WixFiELD Scott, Major-Gcneral, (commissioned June 35, 1841,) General-in-Chief 

llead-qiiarters at New York. 

'.lohn ¥.. Wool, BrigadierGcnei-al, commissioned June 25, 1841 

-David E. Twiggs 1 June 30. ] 84f. 

Samuel Cooper, Colonel and Adjutant-General July 15. 1852 

liOreuzo Thomas, Licut.-Coloiul and Assi:tant. Adjutant-Genered. 

ISylvpster Churchill, Colonel and Inspector-General June 25, 184 1 

J. K. F. Mansfield, Colonel and Inspector- General May 28, 185:1 

*Thomas S. Jesup, lirigadicr-Gciicral and Quartermaster-General May 8, 1813 

^George Gibson, Colonel and Commissary-Ge^ieral April 18,1818 

iThomas Lawson, Colonel and Surgeon-General Nov. 30, ]83() 

*Nathan Towaon, Colonel and Paymaster General .. ^ May 8, 1822 

f Colonel Joseph G. Totten, Chief Engineer Dec. 7, 18?8 

Colonel J. J. Abert, Chief Topographical Engineer July 7, 1838 

GolonelHenry K. Craig, Chief of Ordnance July 10, 1851 

Brevet-Major J. F. Lee, Judge Advocate Mar. 2, 184f 

Maj Gen. by brevet, t Brig -Gen, by brevet. 



tColonel Joseph G. Totten, 
JLieut Colonel Sylvanus Thayer, 

r! E. De Russy, 
JMajor Joliu L. Smith, 
" William H. Chase, 
" Richard Delafield, 
" Cornelius A. Ogdeo 


Topographical Engineers. 
Colonel John J. Abert, 
Lieut-Colonel James Kearney, 
§Major Stephen H. Long, 

'• Hartman Bache, 
§ " James D. Graham, 
I " William Tuinbull, 

Ordnance Department. 
Colonel Henry K. Craig, 
Lieut.-Colonel Rufus L. Baker, 
§SIajor James W. Ripley, 

" John Symington, 

" William H. Bell, 

" Edward Harding 

Firf:t Dragoons. 
Colonel T. T. Fauutleroy, 
{Lieut-Colonel E. V. Sumner, 
4Major Benjamin L. Beall, 
" G. A. H. Blake. 

Second Dragoons. 
tColonel William S. Harney, 
Lieut-Colonel Philip St G. Cooke, 
Major Marshall S. Howe, 
" Enoch Steen. 

Mounted Rificmcn. 
*Colonel Persifer F. Smith, 
{Lieut-Colonel W. W. Loring, 
Major George B. Crittenden, 
" J. S. Simonson. 


First Artillery. 
Colonel I. B. Crane 
jLieut-Colonel J. L. Gardner, 
Major Ju.?tiu Dimick, 
" Allen LowJ. 

Second Artillery. 
tColonel James Bankhead, 
Lieut.-Colonel John Erviug, 
{Major John Munroe, 
{ " Harvey Brown. 

Third Artillery. \\ 
Colonel William Gates, 


{Lieut-Colonel F. S. Belton, 
" Charles S. Merchant. 

Fourth Artiyert/. 
tColonel J. B. Walbach, ' 
{Lieut-Colouel M. M. Payne, 
Major Giles Porter. 
§ " L. B. Webster 

First Infantry. 
Colonel Joseph Plympton, 
Lieut.-Colonel Henry Bainbridge, 
Major Edgar S. Hawkins, 
§ " Thompson Morris 

Second Infantry. 
tColonel E. A. Hitchcock, 
Lieut-Colonel J. J. Abercrombie, 
Major Hannibal Day, 
§ " Wilham R. Montgomery 

Third Infantry. 
Colonel Thomas Stamford, 
Lieut-Colonel Dixon S. Miles, 
Major Gouverneur Morris, 
" Electus Backus. 

Fourth, Infantry. 
Colonel William Whistler, 
Lieut-Colonel B. L. £. Bonneville, 
{Major George Wrisrht, 
" Gabriel J. Rains. 

Fifth htfantrij. 
Colonel Gustavus Loomis, 
{Lieut-Colonel Carlos A. VVaite, 
Major T. P. Gwynne, 

" Joseph H. La Motto. 

Sixth Infantry. 
tColonel Newman S. Clarke 
{Lieut-Colonel Francis Lee, 
§ Major William Hoflman, 
" Albemarle Cady. 

Seventh Infantry. 
Colonel Henry Wilson, 
l-ieut.-Colonel Pitcairn Morrison, 
Major George Andrews, 
§ " Joseph R. Smith, 

Eighth Infantry. 
tColonel John Garland, 
Lieut.-Colonel W. Seawell, 
§Major Edmund B. Alexander, 
" Thomas L. Alexander. 

Department of the East. 
The country east of the MissL-sippi River; head-quarters, Baltimore, Md. Brevet 
Brigadier General James Bankhead, Commander. 

Department of tJtc WcM. 
The country west of the Mississippi River, and East of the Rocky Mountains, except thr 
Departments of Texas and New Mexico ;. head-quarters at St Louis, Mo. Brevet Major 
General David E. Twiggs, Commander. 

Department of Texas. 
The State of Texas, except the country north of the 33il degree of north latitude : 
head-quarters at Corpus Christi, Texas. Brevet Maj.-Gcn. Persifer F. Smith, Com. 
Department of New Mexico. 
The Territory of New Mexico, except the country west of the 110th degree of wes! 
longitude ; head-quarters at Alburquerque, New Mexico. Brevet Brigadier Genera! 
John Garland, Communder. 

* Maj.-Gen. by tirevet. t Brig.-Gen. by brevet { Col. by brevet. § Lieut-Col. by brevet. 
II A majority in this regiment is vacant caused by the death of Brevet Colonel Wash- 
ington while on his passage to California in the steamship San Francisco. 


Department of the Pacific. 
The country west of the Rocky Mountains, except the Territory of Utah and the 
Department of New Mexico ; headquarters at San Francieco, California. Brevet Maj Oi 
General John E. Wool, Commander. 



State or Territory. Office. 

Permanent Comtnanders. 

and Corps. 


Watertown. . . 
West Troy. . . .' 

New York 




Old P. Comfort 

Bvt. Capt. F. D. Callendci 
Maj. Edward Harding. . . 
Major John Symington.. 
Bvt Mai. W. A. Thornton 

Major W.H. Bell 

Bvt. Maj. P. V. Hagner. . 
let Lieut. S. V. Ecnet,... 

Bvt. Maj. A. Mordecai 

Bvt. Maj. G. D. Ramsay.. 
Bvt. Maj. G. H.Talcott.. 
Capt. R. U. K. Whiteley. 
•2nd Lieut. J. W. Todd . . . 
Ut Lieut. A. H. Dearborn 
IstLt. R. A. Wainright.- 
Capt. J. A. J. Bradford... 
IstLt. C. P. Kingsbury.. 

Bvt. Capt. A. B. Dyer 

1st Lt. John McNutt 

Bvt. Capt. C. P. Stone... 



New York 




New York 

New York 



Dist. of Columbia 




Baton Rouge 

Mount Vernon 




North Carolina.. 
South Carolina.. 

Baton Rouge.. 
Mount Vernon 
Dearborn ville 


Little Rock . . . 
San Antonio- - 


North Carolina... 


Little Rock 





Theie is a national armory at Springfield, Mass.. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. 
Ripley, Commander, and one at Harper's Ferry, Va., Brevet Colonel B. Huger, Com- 
mander. The Champlain Arsenal and Ordnance Depot at Vergennes, Vt. ; the Rome at 
Rome, N. Y. ; the Apalachicola, at Chattahoochee, Fla. ; the St. Augustine, at St. Angus- 
tine, Fla. ; and the Santa F6, at Santa Fe, New Mexico, are under charge of military 
store-keepers. The Bellona Arsenal is not used at present. An Ordnance Sergeant is at 
the post ia charge of the buildings and grounds. 


(Corrected January 7, 1854.) 



Fort Sullivan 

Fort Preble 

Fort Constitution . 

Foi-t Independence 

Fort Warren 

Fort Adams 

Fort Wolcott 

Fort Trumbull. ... 

Fort Hamilton 

Fort Columbus. .. 

Fort Wood 

Fort Lafayette 

Fort Niagara 

Fort Ontario 

Madison Barracks . 

Plattsburg Bar- 

Fort Mifflin 

Carlisle Barracks.. 

Fort McHenry 

Fort Washington. . 

Fort Monroe 

Fort Johnson 

State or 'P^i'ri 

Maine . 

N. Hampshire. 

\ Rhode 

5 Island 

Connecticut - . 

New Yorli .... 
J New York 
\ Harbor, 
S N. Y.... 

New York. . .. 

Pennsylvania , 

Newport - . , 
New London. 
New York 


North Carolina 

Post Office. 

Eastport. - . - 





Jacket's Harbor 


Philadelphia .. 



F. Washington 

Permanent Commanders. 

. Garrisor 

Bvt. Maj. ^cott, 4th art.- 


Bvt. Maj. Morris, 4th art. 


Capt. McCown, 4th art.. 


Bvt. Col. Gardner, 1st art, 


Old Pt. ComforllCol. Crane, 1st art 

Smith ville Garrison, 


-tth artillery 
Not garris'd 


4 th artillery 

1th artillery 

1st artillery 
1st artillery 




btate or Terri- 

Post Office. 

Permanent Commanders. 


North Carolina 

! " 




!> " 









iMiuesota Ter. . 

" Via 
Nebraska Ter. 

Oregon Route 

Santa Fe Routt 
Texas ;. 


New Mexico.. 

Fort Moultrie 

Castle Pinckney . . 


I " 

Bvt. Col. Dimick, 1 art. . 

1st artillery 

Fort Sumter 

Oglethorpe Bar- 



ndian River 

Key West 

Via, Tampa 

^vt. Maj. Haskin, let art. 

Capt. Vogdes, 1st art 

Capt. Pratt, 2d art 

3vt. Maj. Arnold, 2d art. 
Bvt. Col. Munroe, 2d art. 


Fort Capron 

Key WestBarrackt 

Fort Myers 

Fort Meade 

Lst artillery 
Ist artillery 
2d artillery 
2d artillery 
2d' artillery 


;- 2d artiU'ry 

Fort Pickens 

Barrancas Bar- 




Fort McRee 


New Smyrna 




Baton Rouge Bar- 

Baton Rouge 

Fort Pike 

Lieut. Col. Erving, 2d art. 

2d artillery 

Fort Pike 



New Orleans Bar- 


Newport Barrackt 

Fort Brady 

Fort Mackinac 



Sault Ste. Maria 


Fort Gratiot 

Capt. Clarke, 4th art 

Bvt. Maj.Williams,4thart. 

[th artillery 
4th artillery 


F"ort Gibson 

Fort Smith 

Fort Towson 

F'ort Washita 

Fort Arbuckle 

Fort Leavenworth 
Fort Scott 

"ort Gibson 

:^ort Smith 

"ort Towson 

Fort Washita. .. 

'"t. Leavenworth 
Fort Scott 

Bvt. Lt. Col. Bragg,3d art 

Col. Wilson, 7th inf 

Bvt. Maj. Whiting, 7th inf 
i5vt. Maj. Holmes, 7th inf 
Capt. Simmons, 7th inf.. 
Col. Fauntleroy, 1st drag. 

3 art. (t 7 inf. 
7th infantry 
7th infantry 
i art. & 7 int 
7th infantry 

Fort Dodge 

Fort Ripley 

Fort Snellmg 

Fort Ridgely 

^'ort Ripley 

Fort SnelUng... 

Prav. de Sioux.. 

Via Fort Leaven- 
worth, Mo 

Via Independ- 
ence, Mo 

Via Austin, Iowa 

rja Fort Leaven- 
worth, Mo 

Capt. Todd, 6th inf 

Bvt. Col. Lee, 6th inf 

Bvt. Maj. Woods, 6th int 

Major Cady, 6th inf 

Lieut. Garnett, 6th inf. . . 
Capt. Wharton, 6th inf.. 

Sth infantry 
tith infantry 

Fort Laramie 

Fort Kearny 

Fort Atkinson 

6th infantry 

Jth infantry 
6th infantiy 


M'ted rifles 
M'ted rifles 
4th artillery 
8th infantry 
.jth infantjy 
1st infantry 
1st infantry 
M'ted rifles 
2d dragoons 

tth infantry. 

.3d infantry 

Fort Belknap 


Fort Merrill 

Fort Ewell 

Fort Brown 

Ringgold Barracks 
Fort Mcintosh 

FJa Waco, Texas 

Via Corp. Christi 


Rio Grande City 

Major La Motte, 5th inf. 

Capt. Duncan, rifles 

Brt. Col. Loring, rifles... 

Maj. Porter, 4lh art 

Lt. Col. Seawcll, 8th mf. 

Col. Loomis, 5th inf 

Lt. Col. Brainbridge,! inf 

Capt. King, ] st inf. 

.Maj. Crittenden, rifles... 
Bvt. Col. May, 2d drag. . 
Capt. Grainger, 1st int.. 
Bvt.Lt Col.Bomford.SinI 
Bvt.Lt. Col.Hardee,2drag 

CapR Sibley, 5th inf. . . 
Bt. Lt.Col. Aiexander,8 inf 

Capt. Macrae, 3d inf 

Bvt. Maj. Brooks, 3d inf . 
Maj . Backus, 3d inf 

Fort Duncan 

Fort Clark 

Via San Antonio 

Via Waco 

Via San Antonio 

Via Indep'ce,Ho. 

Fort Mason 

Fort Terrett 

Fort McKanett.-.. 
Fort Chadbourne.- 
C'lear F"ork of Bra- 

El Paso del Norte. 


F'ort Union 

Fort Marcy 

Fort Conrad 

Fort Fillmore 




State or Terri- 

Post Office. 

Permanent Commanders. 


Fort Webster 

Fort Defiance 

Fort Massachusetts 

I, as Lunes 


Cantonment Burg- 

New Mexico.. 

Wash'tow Ter. 

Wash'ton Ter. 


Via San Diego . . 

San Diego 

Via San'Diego.. 

.San Francisco . . 

Maj. Steen, 2d drag -. 

Bvt. Maj. Kendrick, 2 art 

Maj. Blake, 1st drag 

Capt. Ewell, 1st drag 

Bvt. Brig. Gen. Garland 

Lt. Ransom, 1st drag 


Capt. Benton, 3d art 

Capt. Lovell, 2d inf 

Bvt. Maj. Wessells, 2d inf 

Capt. Keyes, 3d art 

Maj. Day, 2d inf 

■3 art.&3int. 
1st dragoons 

1st dragoons 


Fort Yuma 

Mission Of San 

M infantry 
1st & 3d art. 

Rancho de Jurupa 

Fort Miller 

Presidio of San 

>d infantry 
id infantry 

:3d artillery 

Fort Keadiug 



Maj. Wright, 4th inf.... 

Capt. Judah, 4th inf 

Bt.Lt.Col.Buchanan,4 mi. 
Lt. Col. Bonneville, 4 inf 

Maj. Rains, 4th inf 

Capt Smith, 1st drag 

Bvt. Maj. Lamard, 4 inf. 

,'d & 4th inf 

Fort Humboldt.... 
Fort Vancouver. . . 

Fort Dalles 

Fort Orford 


Via S. Francisco 


Dalles of Col'bia 

Fort Orford 


Ith infantry 
4th infantry 
4th infantry 
1st dragoons 
4th infantry 


West Point 

New York 

West Point 

Bvt. Col. Lee, Engineers 



Fort Columbus — 

New York 

New York 

.leflerson Barr'ks 

Bvt. Maj. Sprasrue, 8th inf 
Bvt. Maj. Rntr; md. rifles 
Bvt.Lt.Col.Hoflfman,6 inf. 

Newport Barracks. 








■20 cents 

•$8 p. mo. 

Pay, &c. 

for each 

tor each 

of a 





Rank and Classification of Officebs. 

3 ^ 


A aJ 




















" "3 


- H 





s s 














Senior Aid-de-camp to General-iu-chief 


Aid-decamp, besides pay of Lieutenant, 

24 OC 














Aid-de-camp, besides pay of Lieutenant, 


7.5 0( 








Assistant Adj.-General, — Lent. Colonel, 













" " Captain, 


Judge-Advocate, — Major, 









Inspector-General, — Colonel, « 









Quartermaster-General, — Brigadier- Geners.l 







46 5!- 

246 50 

As.sistant Quarterm-General, — Colonel, 









Deputy CJuarterm Gen., — Lieut.-Colonel, 







31 0(1 


60 0( 









Assistant Quarter-master, — Captain, 

98 50 

Commissary-Gen. of Subsistence, — Colonel, 







33 00 


Assiat. Commissary-Gen., — Lieut.-Colonel,.. 















20 centi' 
for each 

3 S 

$8 p. nio. 
for eacli 

Pay, etc. 

of a 


p ^ 



:.:> > 





3 p 


Commissary of Subsisteuco, • 




Assistant Comm'y, besides pay of Lieutenant, 

Paymaster-General, |2,500 per annum, 

Deputy Paymaster-General 


Surgeon-General, $2,500 per annum, 

Surgeons of ] years' service, 

Surgeons of less than 10 j'ears' service, 

Assistant-Surgeons of 1 years' service, 

" of 5 years service, 

Assist. Surg, of less than 5 years' service, 

Engineers, Topog. Engineers, and Ord 
NANCE Department. 





First Lieutenant, 

Second Lieutenant (Brevet the same), 

Mounted Dragoons and Riflemen. 





First Lieutenant. 

Second Lieutenant (Brevet the same), 

Adj. & Reg, Q'rm'r, besides pay of Lieiit 

Artillery and Infantry. 





First Lieutenant, 

Second Lieutenant (Brevet the same), 

Adj. and Reg. Q'rm'i-, besides pay of Lieut, .. 

Officers when commanding by Brevet receive the pay of 
On the 1st of January, IS-W, the whole number of commi 

nrmy was 964 ; that of non-commissioned officers, musicians, 

total,, 10,248. 























































J 6. 50 



16 50 

.33 00 


their Brevet rank, 
ssionad officers in the r 
artificers, and privates, 

14 LOO 













10 CO 

145 00 

9,284 ; 


Corrected in the Navy Department January 7, 1854. 

John T. Newton, 
Wm. D. Salter, 
Bladen Dulany, 
Silas H. Stringham, 
Isaac Mayo, 
Matthew C. Perry. 
Cadwalader Ringgold, 



Home Squadron. 

Coast of Brazil. 

Pacific Ocean. 


Coast of Africa 

East Indies. 

North Pacific Expedition. 

Joseph Smoot, Portsmouth. | Hiram Paulding, 

F. S. Gregory, Boston. ^. L. Breese, 

Charles Boarman, New York. losiah Tattnall, 

Charles Stewart, Philadelphia. I Charles T. Piatt, 




David Geiflinger, 



L. M. Goldsboroiigh. 


Annapolis, MU. 

Charles Stewart 
Charles Morris 
John Downea 
Stephen Cassin 
Georgo C. Read 
H. E. Hallard 
Jesse Wilkinson 
T. Ap C. Jones 
W. B. Shiilnick 
Lawrence Kearny 
Foxhall A. Parker 
David Conner 
John D. Sloat 
Mattliew C. i^erry 
C. W. Skinner 
John T. Newton 
Joseph Smith 
Lawrence Rousseau 
George W. Storer 
F. H. (Gregory 
Philip F. Voorhees 
David Gei:dnger 
Isaac McKeever 

Joshua R. Sands 
John J. Young 
Charles H. Bell 
Abraham ISigelow 
Frederick Varnam 
Joseph R. Jarvia 
Samuel W . Le Compte 
Charles T. Piatt 
William M. Armstrong 
William F. Sliiclds 
G. J. Pendcrgrast 
William C. Nicholson 
James B. Cooper 
Edward W. Carpender 
John L. Saunders 
Joseph B. Hull 
John Stone Paine 
Joseph Morehead 
Thomas Pettigru 
John S. Cliauncey 
John Kelly 
William ii. Gardner 
David G. Farragut 
Richard S. Pinckney 
Stephen B. Wilson 
T. Aloysius Dornin 
Robert B. Cunningham 
James Giynn 
Joseph Meyres 
Thomas R. (icdney 
Victor M. Randolph 
Frederick Engle 


J. P. Zantzinger 
William D. Salter 
Charles S. McCauley 
T. M. Newell 
E. A. F. Lavalette 
John Percival 
John H. Aulick 
W. V. Taylor 
Bladen Dulany 
S. H. Stringham 
Isaac Mayo 
William Mervine 
Thomas Crabbe 
Thomas Paine 
James Armstrong 
Joseph Smoot 
Samuel L. Bieese 
Benjamin Page 
Thomas W. Wyman 
VV. K. Latimer 
Hiram Paulding 
Uriah P. Levy 
Charles Boarman 

John Rudd 
Robert Ritchie 
William W. McKean 
Franklin Buchanan 
Samuel Mercer 
Charles Lowndes 
L. M. Goldtborough 
George N. Hollins 
Duncan N. Ingraham 
John Martton 
Henry A. Adams 
William S. Walker 
George F. Pearson 
James T. Gerry 
John S. Nicholas 
Samuel F. Du Pont 
William L. Hudson 
George A. Magruder 
John Pope 
Levin M. Powell 
Charles Wilkes 
Ehsh . Peck 
Thomas J. Manning 
Thomas O. Selfridge 
Andrew K. Long 
G. J. Van Brunt 
William M. Glendy 
George S. Blake 
Z. F. Johnston 
William Green 
Samuel Barron 
Timothy G. Benham 

French Forrest 
William Jameson 
Charles Gauntt 
William Ramsey 
Henry Henry 
Samuel W. Downing 
Henry W. Ogden 
Thomas A. Conover 
John C. Long 
lohu H. Graham 
James Mc Mcintosh 
Josiah Tattnall 
Hugh N. Page 
WiUiam Inman 
Stephen CUaniplin 
,loel Abbot 
Lewis E. Simonds 
Harrison II. Cocke 
William J. McCluney 
John B. Montgomery 
Horace B. Sawyer 
Cornelius K. Stribling 

Oscar Bullus 
Charles H. Jackson 
.Andrew A Harwood 
Theodorus Bailey 
Hugh Y. Perviance 
George Adams 
Cadwalder Ringgold 
William F. Lynch 
Henry W. Morris 
isaac S. SterPtt 
Francis B. Kllison 
Edw. B. Boutwell 
Sidney Smith Lee 
William C. Whittle 
Thompf on D. Shaw 
Robert D. Tborburn 
Samuel Lockwood 
Lloyd B. Newell 
William S. Ogden 
Frederick A. Neville 
Charles C. Turner 
John Manning 
James L. Lardner 
Robert G. Robb 
John Colhoun 
Thomas T. Craven 
Andrew U. Foote 
Amasa Pame 
VVilham W. Hunter 
Edg. G. Til ton 
Jan'ies H. Ward 
Henry K. Ho ft" 


One ration per day only is allowed to each officer when attached to vessels lor sea 
service, since the passage of the law of the 3d of March, ISliS, regulating the pay of tho 

Captains, 68, the senior one in eervice.$-l,.500 

" " " on leave :i,500 

Captains of squadrons 4,000 

Other captains on duty 3,500 

" on leave y,50U 

Commanders, 97, in sea service 2,500 

" at navy yards, or on other 

duty 2,100 

" on leave, &c 1,800 

Lieutenants, 327, commanding '. . .1,800 




Lieutenants:, on other duty 1,500 

'• waiting orders 1,200 

Surgeons, 69, 1st •'■ years in com 1 ,000 

" in navy yards, &c 1,250 

" in sea service 1,333 

" of the fleet 1,500 

•' 2d 5 years on leave 1,200 

" at navy yards, &c 1,50(' 

" in sea ser\'ice 1,000 

ofthetieet ],f00 

" 3d 5 years on leave 1,400 

" at navy yards, &c 1,759 

" in sea service I,8fi6 

ofthefleet 2,100 

" 4th 5 years, on leave l.fiOO 

" at navy yards, &c 2,000 

" in sea service 2,133 

ofthefleet 2,400 

" 20 years and upwards on 

leave l.POO 

" at navy yards, &c 2,251' 

" in sea service 2.100 

ofthefleet 2,700 

Passed Assistant Sur^'eons, 40 

Assistant Surg-eons, 37, waitins; orders.. 6o0 
" after passing, &c. . . S-iO 

Assistant Surgeons, at sea S 950 

" " after passing.. 1 200 

•' at navy yards 9.30 

" " after passing!. 150 

Pursers, 63, from $1,500 to 3,.5C0 

Chaplains, 24, in sea service, or at navy 

yards 1,500 

" onli-ave. &c 1,000 

Professors of Mathematics, 12 i,500 

Passed Midshipmen, 197, on duty 750 

" ■' waiting orders 600 

Midshipmen, 198, in sea service 400 

" on other duty 350 

" on leave, &c 300 

Masters in the line of promotion, 14 1,000 

" ou leave, &c 750 

Second Master, 1, in sea service 750 

'■ " on other duty 500 

" " on leave 400 

Master's Mates, 2, on duty 450 

" " on leave 300 

Boatswains, 44 ~1 of a fhip of the line, ) gQg 

Gunners, 46 [ ^^^ ft <■";«;" y="^d8, 5 

_ ^_ ^ on other duty '00 

Carpenters, 47 ^^^ j^^^^g^ ^^^\q years. . 500 

S/iilmaJicrs. 4\ j " 2d 10 years... 600 

Chief Engineers, 13, on duty 1st 5 years . 1 ,500 

" '" " after 5 years.. 2,000 

" " on leave, 1st 5 years. .1,200 

" " " after 5 years.. 1,400 

1st Assistant Engineers, 18, on duty 1,000 

" " on leave 850 

■2d Assistant Engineers, 34, on duty 600 

" " on leave 600 

Zd Assistant Engineers, 24, oia duty 600 

" " on leave 400 


[The officers marked (*) have the rank of Commanders ; thus (t) Lieutenants ; the rest are 


jS'ame and Rate — Guns. 

Ships of the Line. 11 

Pennsylvania 120 

Franklin 7-1 

Columbus 74 

Ohio 74 

North Carolina 74 

Delaware ...■. 74 

Alabama 74 

Vermont 74 

Virginia 74 

New York 74 

New Orleans 74 

Independence, Raiee.54 

Frigates, 1st Class. 12 

United States 44 

Constitution 44 

Potomac 44 

Brandy wine 41 

Columbia 44 

Congress 44 

Cumberland 44 

Savannah 44 

Raritan 44 

Santee 44 

Sabine 44 

St. Lawrence 44 

Frigates 2d Class. 
Constellarion 36 

Sloops of War,.. 20. 
Macedonian, raze£. . .Gfi 

Saratoga 20 

John Adams 20 

Vincennes 20 

Falmouth 20 

Vandalia 20 

Where and when built' 

Philadelphia 1837 


Washinston 1819 

New York 1820 

Philadelphia 182'' 

Gosport, Va 18iC 

Boston 1848 

Boston 1814 

Philadelphia 1797 

Boston 1797 

Washington 1821 


" ie;ifi 

Portsmouth ].'41 

Boston 1842 

New York 1842 

Philadelphia 1843 

Norfolk 1847 

Baltimore 1797 

Portsmouth. . . . 1842 
Charleston, S. C.1799 

New York 1826 

Boston 1827 

Philadelphia.... 1828 

Commanded by 

■John Manning .. 


in ordinary 

*Andrew K. Lona 

*F,lisha Peck 

In ordinary 

In Ordinary. 

In ordinary. 

In ordinary. 

*John Rudd 

In ordinary 

In ordinary 

*G. J. Pendergrast. . 

In. ordinary 

*A! A. Harwood 

*Samuel Mercer. . . 
In ordinary 

W. W. Hunter. 
In ordinary 

Joel Abbot 

*Wm. S. Walker.... 

In ordinary .« 

f Henry Rolando 

In ordinary 

*John Pope 

W/urc stationed. 

Rec'ff ship, Norfolk. 



Rec'g ship, Boston 

" N. York 


On stocks, Portsm'th 
On stocks, Boston. 

" Norfolk. 

" Sac. Har. 

New York. 


Coast of Africa. 


New Yoi-k. 

Homo Squadron. 

New York. 


Coast of Brazil. 


On stocks, Portsm'th. 

N. York. 
Pacific Ocean. 


Fast Indies. 

East Indies. 


N. Pacific Expedition 


East Indies. 



DIame and Kate. — Guns 

St. Louis 20 

Cyane 2U 

Levant 20 

Por smouth 20 

Plymouth 20 

St. Mary's 20 

Jamestown 20 

Albany 20 

Germantown 20 

Ontario 18 

Decatur ] f! 

Preble IC 

Marion 16 

Dale 10 

Brigs 4. 

Dolphin 10 

Porpoise 10 

Bainbridge 10 

Perry .-' 10 

Schooners 4. 

Wave 1 

Phoenix 2 

Petrel 1 

Fennimore Cooper. 3 
Steam Frigates, 5. 

Mississippi 10 

Susquehannah 8 

Povyhatau 10 

Saranac 6 

San Jacinto 6 

Steamers, 1st Class, 4. 

Princeton 10 

Fulton 4 

Michigan 1 

Alleghnny 2 

Less than 1st Class, 6. 

L'nion 4 

Vixen 3 

Water-Witch 2 



John Hancock 3 

Storeships 4- Brigs, 6. 

Warren 20 

Relief 6 

Lexington 6 

Southaiiii)ton 4 

Supply 4 

Fredonia 4 

John P. Kennedy . . 

IV/ure and. iclien built. 

Washington 182*- 

Boston 1837 

New York 1837 

Portsmouth 1843 

Boston 1813 

Washington lS-14 

Norfolk 1844 

New York 1846 

Philadelphia... -1846 

Baltimore 1813 

New York 1839 

Portsmouth 1839 

Boston 1839 

Philadelphia 1839 

New York 1836 

Boston 1836 

" 184- 

Norfolk 1843 

Tranf d from W. D. 

H. W. Morris.... 

G.N. HoUins 

C. C. Turner 

T. A. Dornin 

John Kelly 

T. Bailey 

S. W. Downing 

*James T. Gerry. . 

W. F. Lynch . . . . 

George Adams. . . 

L. S. Sterett 

tT. Craven 

Hugh Purviance. 

W. C. Whittle... 

Purchased 1846 

Purchased 1853 

Philadelphia.... 1841 

Philadelphia 185(' 

Norfolk 11^50 

Portsmouth 1848 

New York 1850 

( New York 1845 

l Boston, rebuilt.1851 

New York 1837 

Erie, Pa 184;.- 

Pittsburg, Pa.... 1846 

Norfolk 184^ 

Purchased 1841 

VVa3hina;ton 184! 

Transfdfrom W.D 

Purchase d I84i 

Boston 1850 

Boston 1826 

PhiladelDhia 1831 

New York.. 182 

Norfolk 184.5 

Purchased 184.' 



t'o-mmauded by 

In ordinary... 
tA. B. Davis... 
to. (-J. Hunter 
tR. L. Pa"e... 

In ordinary. .-. 
fH. K. Stevens. 

*Hcnry A. Adams.. 

"F. Buchanan 

Wm. J. McCluney. . 

lolin C. Long 


^*H. Eagle 

"James Watson. 

-'A. Bigelow 

In ordinary 

H^'here statiuwed. 

"Frederick Engle... 
fSamuel Swartwout. 

fThomas J. Page 

ft. W.Meade 


(■John Rodgers 

Fabius Stanley.. 

A. B.Fairfax 

[John J. Glasson . 

M. J. Boyle 

(Arthur Sinclair.. 

iF. Chathard 

fN. Collins , 

Home Squadron. 
Pacific Ocean. 
East India. 
Pacific Ocean. 
Coast of Brazil. 
Home Sqiiailron. 
Coast of Brazil 
Rec'gship Baltimore. 

Naval School Ship. 
Coast of Africa. 
Coast of Africa. 


N. Pacific Expedition 
Coast ot Brazil 
Coast of Africa. 

Coast Survey. 

New York. 

N. Pacific Expedition 

East Indies 
Kast Indies 
East Indies 
Home Squadron 

Home Squadron 

Home Squadron 


Recv'g ship, Philadel. 

Home Squadron 

River La Plata 

Fitting for sea, Norf k 


N. Pacific Expedition 

Pacific Ocean 


East Indies 

East Indies 

East Indies 


.N'. Pacific Expedition 


The Marine Corps has the organization of a brigade. The pay and allowances of the 
officers of the Marine Corps are similar to those of officers of the same grades in the infan- 
try of the Army, except the adjutant and inspector, who have the same pay and allow- 
ances as the? paymaster of the Marines it namely, al)0ut $2,800 per annum. The Marine 
Corps is subject to the laws and regulafions of the Navy, except when detached for ser- 
vice with the Army by the order of the President of the United States. The head-quar- 
ters of the Corps are at Washington.* 

t Archibald Henderson, Colonel- Commandant. 

Gena'al Staff. 

I Parke G. Howie, adjutant and Inspector. 

X William W. Russell, Paymaster. 

X Aug. A. Nicholson, (Quartermaster. 

§ George F. Lindsay, Assistant Quartermaster. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Samuel Miller. 

Majors, John Hai-ris, James Edelin, VVilliam Dulany, Thomas S. English. 

* There are 15 Captains, 20 First Lieutenants, and 20 Second Lieutenants. The num- 
ber of non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates varies; it ma}' average 1,100 

t Brigadier-General by brevet. X With the rank of Major. § With the rankol Captain, 



Residence. Appointed. SaJiiry- 

Roger B. Taney Baltimore, Md Cldef Justice 183() $5,000 

John McLean Cincinnati, Oliio Associate Justice 1829 4,500 

.lames M. Wayne Savannah, Ga '' ..IfeS'i 4,500 

John Catron Nashville, Tenn " 1837 4,500 

Peter V. Daniel Richmond, Va " 1641 4,500 

Samuel Nelson Coopcrstown, N.Y " 1845 4,500 

Robert C. Grier Pittsburg, Pa " 18*i 4,500 

Benjamin Robbins Curtis. Boston, ftlass " 18.')1 4,-500 

John A. Campbell Mobile, Ala " ..1853 4,500 

C. Gushing, of Mass Washington, D.C Attorney-General 1853 8,000 

Benjamin "c. Howard ....Baltimore, Md licponcr 1843 1,300 

William T. Carroll Washington, D.C Ckrk Fees, &c. 

The Supreme Court is held in the city of Washington, and has one session annually, 
commencing on the 1st Monday of December. 

The United States are "divided into the following nine Judicial Circuits, in each of 
which a Circuit Court«is held twice every year, for each State within the Circuit, by a 
Justice of the Supreme Court, assigned to the Circuit, and by the District Judge of tha 
State or District in which the Court sits. 

Presiding Judge. 
1st Circuit, Maine, N. Hampshire, Massachusetts, & Rhode Island.. Mr. Justice Curtis. 

2d " Vermont, Connecticut, and New York Mr. Justice Nelson. 

3d " Nev7 Jersey and Pennsylvania Mi-. Justice Grier. 

4th " Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia Mr.Chf. Justice Taney. 

5th " Alabama, Louisiana, and KaiUucky Mr. Justice Campbell. 

6th " North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Mr. Justice Wayne. 

7th " Qjio, Indiana, Illinois, and Jlichigan Mr. Justice McLean. 

8th " Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri Mr. Justice Catron. ' 

yth " Mississippi and Arkansas Mr. Justice Daniel 

The States of Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California, have not yet been 
attached to any Circuit, but the District Coui-ts have the power of Circuit Courts, and the 
District Judges act as Circuit Judges. There is a local Circuit Court held in the District 
of Columbia, by three judges specially appointed for that purpose. The Chief Justice of 
that Court sits also as District Judge of that District. 

Places and Times for holding the Circuit Courts. 

Maine Portland, 23d April and 23d September. 

New Hampshire Portsmouth, 8th May ; — Exeter, 8th October. 

Vermont Windsor, 21st May ; — Rutland, 3d October. 

Massachusetts Boston, 15th May and 15th October. 

Rhode Island Newport, 15th Juno ; — Providence, loth November. 

Connecticut New Haven, 4th Tuesday in April ; — Hartford, 3d Tueedayin Sept. 

New York, South Dist. ..New York, 1st Monday in April and 3d Monday in October; and 

a special terra for crhninal cases and suits in equity on the last 

Monday in Frebruary. 
New York, North Dist. ..Albany, 3d Tuesday in October and 3d Tuesday in May; Co- 

7iandaigna, Tuesday next after 3d Monday in June. 

New Jersey Trenton, 4th Tuesday in March and September. 

Pennsylvania, E Dist. . .Philadelphia, 1st Monday in April and October. 

Pennsylvania, W. Dist. .Pittsburg, 2d Monday in May and November ; — Will iamsport 3d 

Monday in June and September. " 

Delaware Newcastle, 3d Tuesday in June and October. 

Maryland Baltimore, 1st Monday in April and November. 

Virginia, E. District Richmond, Ist Monday in May and 4th Monday in November 

Virginia, AV. District Lewisburg, 1st Monday in August. 

North Carolina Raleigh, 1st Monday in June and last Monday in November 

South Carolina Charleston, Wednesdry preeeding the 4th Monday in March • 

Columbia, 4th Monday in November. ' 

Georgia, North District .Marielia, 2d Monday in March and September. 
Georgia, South District .Savannah, 2d Monday in April; — Milledgeville, Thursday after 

Ist Monday in November. 

Alabama Mobile, 2d Monday in April and 4th Monday in December. 

Mississippi Jackson, 1st Monday in May and November. 

Louisiana New Orleans, 4th Monday in April and 3d Monday in December 

Tennessee Nashville, Ist Monday in March and September; Knoxville 3d 

MondayinApril and October ;—JncA;son, 2d Monday in October 

and April. 

Kentucky'' Frankfort, 3d Monday in May and October. 

Ohio Columbus, 3d Tuesday in April and October. 

Michigan Detroit, 3d Monday in June and 2d Monday in October. 

Indiana Indianapolis, 3d Monday in May and November. 

Illinois Springfield, 1st Monday in July and 3d Monday in Decemljer • 

Chicago, 3d Tuesday in April and 1st Tuesday in October. ' 

Missouri St. Louis, Ist Monday in April and (special) October. 

Arkansas Little Rock, 2d Monday in April. 



(CoiTRcted at the office of the Attorney-General, January 7, 1854.) 



N. Hampshire, 


[Ihode Wand, 
Connecticut, . 

^■^■{H Dist., 
New Jersey," - 

Pa 'i^- '^'^'^' 
' ^- \ W.Di.t , 

Delaware, .. . . . 


,. fE. Dist.,. 

^^- \ VV.Dist.,. 

Nortli Carolina 

^outli Carolina, 

^„„ f N. Dist.,. 

^^°iS. Dist.;. 


( N. U 
r\la. < M D 

(s. r 


N. Dist.,. 

... V N. Dist., 
^^''•^S. Dist., 
, C E. Dist, 
^^- \ W.Di-st, 


C W.Dist., 
\ M. Dist., 
(e. Dist., 


Ohio, ..! 





v.. Dist., 
N. Dist.,. 

loa. { M. Dist., . 
S. Dist.,. 


N. Dist.,. 
a Dist.,. 




Ashur Ware, 

Matthew Karvey, .. 
Samuel Prentiss, . . . 

Peleg Sprague, 

lohn Pitman, 

Charles A. Injrersoll, 

Nathan K. Hall, 

Samuel R. Betts, . . . 

John K. Kane, 

Thomas Irwin, 

Willard Hall, 

William F. Giles, .. 
Jas. D. Hallyburton 
J. W.Brockeubrough 

Henry Potter, 

Robert B. Gilchrist, 

|.Iohn C. NicoU,.. 

Isaac H. Bronson, . 
William Marvin,.. 
> John Gayle, 

\ Samuel J . Gliolson, 

Theo. H. McCaleb,. 

Henry Boyce, 

John C. Watrous, . . 

> W.H.Humphreys, 

Thomas B. Monroe, . 

H. H. Leavitt, 

E M. Huntington, . . 

T. Drummond, 

Robert W. Wells,.. 
Ross Wilkins, 

Portland, .. 
Concord, . . 


NewHaven, . 
Rutt'alo, .... 
New York, . . 
Paterson, . . . 
Pittsburg, . . . 
tJaltimore, . . 
Lexington,. - 
Charleston, - 

Savannah, - - 

St. August'e,. 
Key West, -- 


> Daniel Ringo, 

(john S. Dyer, 

.4ndrew G. Miller, . . 

> OgdenHoffman,Jr 


N. Orleans,.. 
Alexandria, . 
Galveston, . . 

Nashville,. ' 
Frankfort, . . 


JeU'son City, 

LittleRock, ^ 

Dubuque, . . . 

iMilwaukce, . 
S. Francisco, 

George F. Shepley, 
John H. George, . . 
Lucius B. Peck,. .. 
Benj. F. Hallett, . . 
George H.Browne, 
W. D. Shipman, . . 
Saml. B. Garvin,. . 
Charles O'Conor, 

G. S. Cannon, . 

JohnW. Ashmead. 
Charles Shaler, . . . 
Thos. F. Bayard,.. 
Wm. M.Addison,.. 
John M. Gregory,. 
FleminsrB. Miller, . 
Robert P. Dick,... 
Thomas Evans, . . . 

George S. Owens, . 

Chandler C.Yonge, 

Wm. R. Hackley, . 
f Geo. S. Walden, 

( A. J. Requier, . . . 

i Nathl. S. Price, . 

I H. J. Harris,-... 
E. Warren Moise, . 
J. H. Kilpatrick, .. 
Sanmel D. Hay, .. 
Richard J. Hays, . 
Thos. B. Childress, 
J. C. Ramsey, .... 

C. C. Rogers, 

Daniel O. Morton.. 
Benj. M. Thomas, . 
Thomas Hayne, . . 
Thos. C. Reynolds, 
George E. Hand, . . 
.1 . W. M'Conaughey 
Alfred M. Wilson, . 

Joseph C. Knapp, . 

J. R. Sharpstein, . . 

(, S. W. Inge, 

\ Isaac S. R. 0.2ier, 

Kast Haddam 
N'ew York 



Key West 




New Orleans 










St. Louis 






m Francisco. 

(Corrected, January 7, 1P54.) 








George W. Stanley, 



William Preble, 




Samuel Tilton, 



Albert R. Hatch 




Charles Chapin, 



Edw'd H. Prentiss,. 

Montpelier, . . 



Watson Freeman, 



Seth E. Sprague,. .. 




Francis C. Gardiner,. . 

Providence, . . . 


John T. Pitman, 




Curtiss Bacon, 

Middletown, . . 


A. A. Burnham 

New Haven,. 



John M. Mott, 



Aurelian Conkling, . 




Abraham T. Hillyer,... 

New York, 


George W. Morton, . 

New York,.. . 



George H. Nelden, 



Philemon Dickerson 




Francis M. Wynkoop,. 

Philadelphia, . 


Thomas L. Kane,... 




Westlcy Frost, 



R. Eiddle Roberts, . . 




William Morrow, 

Wilmington, . . 


L. E. Wales, 




John W. Watkins, 


Thomas Spicer, 

Baltimore,. . . 



John F.Wiley, 

Amelia C II 


Richmond,.. . 






Wesley Jones, 


John M.Jones, 




Thomas D. Condy, 

Charleston, . . . 






> John R. Johnson, . . . 


^ George Gleen, . . . 

\ W. H. Hunt, 

rw. K. Beard 

1 C.N.Jordan 

■j Joseph S.May,... 
(.R. B.Smith, 

Savannah, . . . 


TallaUasse, .. 



Elias E. Blackburn, . . . 

Monticello, .... 


Pensacola, . . 


Tallahasse, .. 











F. J. Moreno, 

Key West, 



T. A. Pinkney, 


Key West,. .. 



Benjamin Putteson 


Cade M Godbold, 


Jotin Ft^s; 




Charles R. Jordon, 

Ash Creek,.... 

R. W. Edmundson,. 




Richard (iriffith, 



W. H.Brown, 



Mandeville Marisny, . . 

New Orleans, . 


X. R. Jennings 

Xew Orleans. 



William M. Smoot, 



R. J. Willson, 

St. Joseph's,. 



Benjamin McCulloch.. - 



James Love, 




Robert J. Chester, 



James L.Tiilbott,... 




Jesse B. Clements 







William M. Lowrey,... 

Greenville, — 


James W.Campbell. 




Thomas J. Youns, 



John H. Hanna 

Frankfort, . . . 



(abez W. Fitch, 



William Miner, 




John L. Robinson, 

[ndianapolis,. - 


Horace Bassett, 




Harry Wilton, 


Jefferson Citv,. 


WUliam Pope, 

Jason Harrison 

Spriuglield, .. 
Jctt"er.?on Ci;y 


Thomas S. Bryant, 


• 1 


Georse \V. Rice, 



Wm. L). Wilkins,... 




John Quindley, 

Samuel M. Hays, 

Little Rock,. . . 


\ William Field, . . . 

Little Rock,. . 


^ Laurel Summers, — 

La Claire, 


T. S. Parvin, 



3. V. R., 



George S. Vv'est, .... 

Milwaukee, . . 



Wm. H. Richardscn,.- 

J^an Francisco, 




.*nn Jose 



JIaine Wiscassct, 1st Tuesday in September ; — Portland, 1st Tuesday in 

February and December ; — Bangor, 4th Tuesday in June. 

New Hampshire Por?smoi;fA. 3d Tuesday in March and September; Exeter 3d 

Tuesday in June and December. 

Vermont Rutland. 6th October ■,— JVind.s;r. Stth May. 

Massachusetts Boston, 3d Tuesday in March, 4th Tuesday in June, Sd Tuesday 

in September, and 1st Tuesday m December. 

Rhode Island, Newport, 2d Tuesday in May and 3d Tuesday in October ; 

Provideucj;. 1st Tuesday in Febiuary and Ausiist. 

Connecticut, ?icw Haven, 4th Tuesday in Febniary and Aiig^ist ; — 

— Hartford, 4th Tuesday in May and November. 

New York, S. District, .. .i\>TO York, 1st Tuesday in each month. 

New York, N. Dist., Albany, 3d Tuesday in January : — Vtica, 2d Tuesday in July ■ 

Roche.stcr, 3d Tuesday in May; — Auburn, 3d Tuesday in Ausiist; 

Buffalo, 2d Tuesday in November; — one term annually^in the 
county of St. Lawrence, Clinton, or Franklui, at such rime and 
place as the Judge may direct. 

New Jersey, Trenton, 3d Tuesday in January, April, June, and September. 

Pennsylvania, E. Dlst., . .Philadelphia, 3d Jlonday in February, May, August, and November. 

PennsyhaniajW. DUt., ..Pittsbitro', 1st Monday in May and "3d Monday in October; TFii- 

Uamsport, 3d Monday in June and 1st Monday in October. 

Delaware, Ncwc/istle, on the Sd Tuesday of January, April, June, and Sep- 

Maryland, Baltimore, 1st Tuesday in March, June, September, and December. 

Virginia, E. Dist, Richmond, ISth May and 12th NovenJber ; — Norfolk, 30th May and 

1st November. 

Virginia, W. Di^st., Staunton, 1st May and 1st October; — Wytheville, Wednesday after 

3d Monday in "April and September;— CTar?e.^io?(, Wednesday- 
after 3d Monday in April and i^e^temher ;— Clarksburg, last 
Monday m March and August ;— Wheeling, Wednesday after Ist 
Monday in April and September. 

North Carolina, Edenton, 3d Monday in April and October; — Kewbem, 4th Monday 

in April and October;— 07ZmJ«o-to7i,l8t Monday after 4th Mon- 
day in April and October. 

South Carolina, E. V)\st.,Chnrleston, 3d Monday in March and September, Ist Monday in 
July, and 2d Monday in December. 

South Carolina, W. Dist.,ia«re«-s Court House, the next Tuesday after the adjournment of 
the Circuit Court at Columbia. 

* Fees, &c. t And Fees. 

X The Clerks of the Circuit Courts, where they are not also Clerks of the District Courts 
me as follows : — Portland, Me., George F. Emery. Boston, Mass., Henry W. Fuller. New 
York, N. Dist., A. K. Boyce; S. Dist., John W. Nelson. Pennsylvania, E. Dist Georee 
Plitt; W. Dist, Henry Spurl. Virginia, W. Dist, R. Moore. North Carolina, w! H.Hay- 
wood. Louisiana, E. Dist., J. W. Genly. Kentucky, John A. Moore. Michigan John 
Winder. Missouri, B. F. Hickman. Florida, S. Dist., T. A. Pinkney. Californfa, Samuel 


Georgia, N. Dist, Marietta. 2d Monday in Marcli and September. 

Georgia, S. Dist., Savannali^ 2d Tuesday in February, May, August, and November. 

Florida, N. Dist, Tallahasse, 1st Monday in January ; — Apalarkicola, ] st Jlonday in 

February ; — Pensacola, 1st Monday in Marcli ; — St.A^igustine, 1st 

Monday in April. 

Florida, S. Dist., Key West, 1st Monday in May and November. 

Alabama, N. Dist., Huntsville, 2d Monday in May and November. 

-Alabama, Jlid. Dist., iLontgomcry, 4tli Monday in May and Novejnber. 

Alabama, rf. Dist., iluhilc, 4th Monday in April and 2d Monday alter 4th Monday in 


Mississippi, N. Dist, Pontotoc, 1st Monday in June and December. 

Mississippi. S. Dist, Jackson, 4th Monday in January and June. 

Lousiana, E, Districl.-.-iVcw Orleans, 2d Mon. in December and 1st Mon. in January. 
Lousiana, W. District, ...OpeZoBsas, 1st Monday in August; — Alexandria, Ist IMonday in 

September ; — Slircceport, 1st Monday in October ; — Monroe, 1st 

Monday in November ; — St. Joseph's, let Monday in December. 
Texas, Galveston, 1st Monday in February, and once in each year at 

Austin, Tyler, and Brownsville. 
Tennessee, E.'District,. .,Knoxville, 3d Monday in April and October. 
Tennessee, M. District, ..iVas/iKzMc, 1st Monday in March and September. 
Tennessee, W. District, ..JacAsow, 2d Monday in October and April. 

Kentucky, Frankfort, 3d Monday in May and October. 

Ohio, Columbus, 3d Tuesday in April and October. 

Michigan, Detroit, 3d Monday in June and 2d Mc.nday in October. 

Indiana, Indianapolis, 3d Monday in May and November. 

Illinois, Springfield, Ist Monday in July and 3d Monday in December ;— 

Chicago, 3d Tuesday in Ajji-il and 1st Tuesday in October. 

Missouri, Jefferson City, 1st Monday in March and September. 

Arkansas, E. District, Little Rock. IstMonday inApril and October. 

Arkansas, W. District, ... P'a?i Buren, 2d Monday in May and November. 

Iowa, N. District, Dubuque, 1st Monday m January and July. 

Iowa, Mid. District, Iowa City, 1st Monday in May and October. 

Iowa, S. District, Burlington, 3d Monday in May and October. 

Wisconsin, Milwaukee, X&t Monday in January; — Madison, 1st Monday in 

California, N. District,... -Sara Francisco, 1st Monday in June and December; — San Jose, 1st 

Monday in Ayril ; — Sacramento, 1st Monday in September ; — 

Stocktu/i, 2d Monday in October. 
California, S. District,«cre(/, 1st Monday in June; — Los Angelas, 1st Monday in 


The pay of Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary is $9,000per annum, as 
salary, besides $9,UU0 outfit The pay of Charges d'Afl'aires is $4,500 per annum, with the 
same amount for outfit ; of Secretary of Legation, $2,000 ; of Ministers Resident, $6,000 

The United States are represented by Ministers Plenipotentiary at the courts of Great 
Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chila, Peru, and Central America ; 
and by Charges d'AlFaires at the courts of most of the other foreign powei's with whi;h 
this country is much connect;ed by commercial intercourse. 


[Corrected in the Department of State, January 7, 1854.] 

Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Flenipotentiary. 

Appdinted. Foreign States. Capitals. 

James Buchanan Pa 1853 Great Britain London. 

Thopias H. Seymour Conn 1853 Russia St Petersbnrg. 

John Y. Mason Va 1853 France Paris. 

Pierre Soule La 1853 Spain Madrid. 

Peter D. Vroom N. J 1853 Prussia Berlin. 

James Gadsden S. C 1853 Mexico Mexico. 

Solon Borland Ark 1853 Central America... 

William Trousdale Tenn 1853 Brazil Rio Janeiro. 

Samuel Medai-y Ohio, 1853 Chili Santiago. 

John R. Clay Pa. 1853 Peru Lima. 

Ministers Resident. 
Appointed. Foreign State. Capital. 

Carroll Spence Md 1653 Turkoy Constantinople. 

Theodore S, Fay Mass 1853 Switzerland Berne. 


Appointed. Foreign States. Salary. 

Robert M. McLane" Md 1853 China, Canton $5,000 

Davifl L. Gregg Ill 1853 Hawaii, Homilulu 5,000 

Chargis d' Affaires. 

August Belmont N. Y ]85:j Netherlands Hairuc. 

John M. Daniel Va. 1853 Sardinia Turin. 

Henry Ecdiuger Va 1853 Denmark Copenhagen. 

Henry R. Jackson Ga 3853 Austria Vienna. 

J. J. Seibels Ala 1 853 Belgium Brussels. 

Robert D. Owen Ind 1853 Naples Naples. 

■Francis Schroeder R. 1 1849 Sweden Stockholm. 

-Charles B. Haddock N- Y 1853 Portugal Lisbon. 

Lewis Cass, Jr Mich 1848 States of the Church Rome. 

John W. Dana :Me 1853. .' Bolivia Chuquisaca. 

Philo White Wise le.'jS Ecuador Quito. 

John S. Pendleton Va 1851 Argentine Confederacy. Buenos Ayres, 

James S. Green Mo 1853 New Granada. 

J.. Nevett Steele Md 1845 Venezuela. 

Daniel E. Sickles England. 

Li. A. Erving Russia. 

Peter Parker (and Oiinesc 

Interpreter'), China Salary $2,500 

Henry S. Sanford France. 

O. J. Wise Pnissia. 

Secretaries of Legation. 

Horatio J. Perry Spain. 

Thomas E. Massey Chili. 

(Vacant) Brazil. 

John Cripps Mexico. 

F. A. Beek-n Central America. 

James C. Marriott Peru. 

John P. Brown, Dragoman, Turkey. Salary 62,500. 

Commission, binder Convention witti Great Britain o/1853, on the Subject qfClaim.r. 
N. G. Upham, of New Hampshire. Salary not to exceed $3,000 per annum. 
John A. Thomas, of New York, Agent to Commission. ' Salary not defined. 


Corrected in the Department of State January 7, 1854. 

Those marked thus * are Commercial Agentf. 

Agaxt on the Coast of Africa, under Act of 

Congress, March3, 1819. 
*Ja8. W. Lugenbuel. ..Liberia 

Argentine Republic, or Buenos Ayres. 

Joseph Graham Buenos Ayres 

William H. Smiley Rio Negro 


George W. Lippett Vienna 

Wyndhain Robertson. .Trieste 
Donald G. Mitchell Venice 

John Scherfi'. Mannheim 

Barbary States. 

George V. Brown Tangier, Morocco 

Tunis, Tunis 

M. S. Gaines Tripoli, Tripoli 

Charles Obcrmcyer. . . .Augsburg 
Philip Geisse Nuremberg 

Alois D. Gall Antwerp 


Henry B. Dewey Para 

William Lilley Pernambuco 

Robert (i, Scott Rio de Janeiro 

Roberts. Cathcart St. Cathajinc's Isl. 

George F. Upton Rio Grande 

.1. S. Gilmer Bahia de San Sal v. 

Ale.xander Thompson . . Maranliam Isl. 

Central America. 

A. Folliu \ P"^°^ >*"/ Truxil- 

( lo (Honduras) 

*Jos. W. Fabens .... J ^^^ •'"''° '^'^ ^'i''"" 

J ragua 

* William F. Boone Realejo 


Reuben Wood Valparaiso 


Samuel F. Haviland. . .Coquimbo 


Paul S. Forbes Canton 

rhomas H. Hyatt Amoy 

Charles W. Bradley Ningpo 

Caleb Jones Fou'chou 

Robert C. Murphy Shanghai 

Costa Rica. 
.\r. L. Iline San Jos6 


Charles F. Ryan Copenhagen 

II. T. A. Rainals, Flsineur 

D. Kohlsaat Altona 

West Indies. 

Oavid Rogers Santa CIruz 

Charles J. Helm St. Thomas 

M. P. Game Guyaquil 




Egypt, Packalic of. 

Edwin D. Leon Alexandria, Consul- 



Duncan K. McRae Paris 

William H. Vesey Havre 

Levi H. Bowen Bourdeanx 

Samuel Pinsmore Marseilles 

.t. B. C. Antoine Sedan 

C. S. J. Goodrich Lyons 

Hypolite lloquea Nantes 

Levi K. Bowen La Rochelle 

.Tohn P. Sullivan Bayonne 

C. Audouy Napoleon Vendee 

TVest Indies. 
I u 1TI- T?- 1 < Pointe-a-Pitre, 

John W. Fisher, | Gaudalonpe 

*Greorge Hughes St. Pierre Martin'e 

Alexander Campbell. .. St. Pierre Miquelon 
Henri Stuckle Algiers 

Great Bkitain. 


George N. Saunders London 

Nathaniel Havftliorne. -Liverpool 

Francis B. Ogden Bristol 

llobert W. Fox Falmouth 

Thos. VV. Fox Plymouth 

, X, T> r-i 1 < Southampton and 

Joseph R. Croskey....^ ^^^^^/ 

Albert Davy Leeds 


James McDowell Leith 

Philip T. Heartt Glasgow- 
Thomas Steere Dundee 



John C. O'Neil Belfast 

John Higgins Cork 

John Duffy Galway 

In and near Europe and Africa. 

Horatio L Sprague Gibraltar 

William Winthrop, Island of Malta 

G. S, Holmes Cape Town, C. G. H. 

*George W. Kimball. ..Isl. of St. Helena 

Ti /--..iffiti,, J,, I'oi't Louis, Isle of 

H. Griffiths, .4c« pj.^j^pg 

Iforih America. 

Israel D. Andrews 5 St Johns, N. B. & 

( Canada 

Robert W. Fraser Halifax, N. S. 

K. H. Norton Pictou, N. S. 

William S. H. Nev/man St. John, N. F. 

ff'est Indies. 
William T. Tucker, ^cJ.Bermuda 

John F. Bacon Nassau, Bah. Isl. 

John L. Nelson Turk's Island 

Robert M. Harrison Kingston, Jamaica 

'^William T. Thurston. St. Christopher's 
*R. S. Higginbotham.. Antigua 

Noble Towner Barbadoes 

Edward 15, Marache. ..Isl. of Trinidad 

South America. 

C. W. Denison Demarara, B. 6. 

♦William H. Smiley. ..Falkland Isles 


James H. Williams Sydney 

E. Hathaway Hobart Town 

James M. Tarleton Melbourne 

East Indies. 

Edward Ely Bombay 

Charles Huffnagle Calcutta 

'■John Black Island of Ceylo:* 

James Keenan Hong Kong. 

Ionian Republic. 
Amos S. York Z ante 


Jonas King, Actg Athens 

Hansealic or Free Cities. 

S. M. Johnson Hamburg 

William Hildebrand. . .Bremen 
Charles Graebe, .-Jcto-.. Frankfort 
Hayti, or St. Domingo. 

* Joseph N. Lewis Port Au Prince 

*Sidney Oaksmith Aux Cayes 

*John L. Wilson Cape Hay tien 

^Jonathan Elliott ^ pj^tT"'°° ^ ■^°"°" 


Charles Graebe Franfort-on-the-Maine- 

Hesse Cassel. 

J. B. M. Melchoirs Mayence 

Hesse Darmstadt. 
J. B. M. Melchoirs Mayence 

Mexican Republic. 

John Black Mexico 

James F. Waddell Matamoras 

Franklin Chase Tampico 

John T. Pickett Vera Cniz 

Robert R. Gatton Mazatlan 

James A. Pleasants Minatitlan. 

Charles L. Denmari Acapulco. 

G. W. P. Bissell San Bias. 

John A. Robinson Guayamas. 

David R.DifFenderfer. ..Paso del Norte. 

Charles R. Webster. J ^'t^|'j'^f'=P^'= ^ ^^""^^ 

Modena, Duchy. 
William Walton Carrara. 

Morocco, Empire of. 

*S. S. Levy I'etuan. 

*Merod Abecasis Larache and Arzila. 

Muscat. Dominion of the Imaum of. 
William McMullen Island of Zanzibar. 

The Netherlands, or Holland. 

R. G. Barnwell Amsterdam. 

Wm. S. Campbell Rotterdam. 


Francis W. Cragin Paramaribo. 

'James H. Young Curacoa. 

'"Alfred A. Reed Batavia, Java. 

'■H. O. Claughton Island St. Martins. 

New Granada. 

John A. Bennett Bog:ota. 

Ramon L. Sanchez Carthagena. 

Thomas W. Ward Panama. 

George W. Fletcher... Aepicwal!. 


William F. Boone Realejo. 

Loomis L. White San Juan del Sud', 

Pacific Islands, Independent. 

Benjamin F. Angell Honolulu, .Sand. Isl 

George M. Chase Lahaina. 

Thomas Miller Hilo. 

John B. Williams Lan- ? Bay of Islands, Now 
thala 3 Zealand. 



1 T> ^T7ii- <i Lanthalla, Fejee Is- 

-J. B. Williams ^ ,^^^^' 

David Whippy ^ g^^^ ^ove, Fei! Isl. 

. , ,. „ « • ( Navijators'ifc Friend- 

'A. Van Camp. Apia ^ jy j^i^^^^ 

Wm. H. Kelly, Tahiti.. Society Islands. 

Edward A. Hopkins... Ascension. 


•Tames W. Green Lima. 

F. M. Ringgold Paita. 

Samuel J. Oakland Tombez. 

Nicolas Pike Lisbon. 

Charles W. Dabney ...Fayal, Azores. 

John H. March Funcbal, Madeira, 

Robert P. Desilver Macao. 

George R. Dwyer Mozambique. 

»J. G.Wills C St. Paul's dc Loando. 

X W. Africa. 


Isaac C. Bates Aix-la-Chapelle. 

Fred. Schillow Stettin. 

Rome, or Pontifical States, 


William Walton Carrara. 


William H. Ropes St. Petersburg. 

-•ilex. Schwartz Riga. 

Edmund Brandt Archangel. 

J ohn Ralli Odessa- 
Reynold Frenckell Helsingfors. 

Sandwich Islands. (See Pacific Islands, Inde- 


E. Felix Foresti Genoa. 

J. B. Wilbor Nice. 

Saze-Mein. Hildburghaiisen. 
LouisLlndner Sonneberg. 

John J. Flugel Leipsic. 


William L. Giro Alio.ante. 

Ma?, de Aguirre Bilboa. 

Alexander Burton Cadiz. 

John Moraad Denia. 

John S. Smith Malaga. 

Pablo Anguera Barcelona. 

Manuel Barcena Vigo. 

Thomas Trenor Valencia. 

Spiridion Ladico ) 

Port Mahon, Island 



Edward Worrell Matanzas. 

S. M'Lean Trinidad de Cuba. 

Stephen Cochran Santiago de Cuba. 

Puerto Rico. 

James C. Gallaher Ponce. 

Geosge Latimer St. John's. 

Otlicr Spanish Islands. 


A. H. P. Edwards Manilla, Philippine 


*Robert R. Purvis Padan. 

Sweden and Nonsay. 

C. D. Arfwedson Stockholm. 

.41ex. Barclay Gothenburg. 

Helmich Janson Bergen, Norway. 


Daniel S. Lee Raise. 

George H. Goundie Zurich. 


E. S. Offley Smyrna. 

J. Hosford Smith Beyrout 

Merino de Mattey Cyprus. 

George Mountfort Candia. 


J. A. Binda Leghorn. 

*Hiram Powers Florence. 

Ttco Sicilies. 

Alex. Hammett Naples. 

Julius C. Kretschmar . .Palermo. 
-Alex. H. Clements Messina. 


Uruguay, or Cisplatine Republic. 
Robert M. Hamilton.. .Monte Video. 


Southey Grinalds Puerto Cabello. 

Isaac T. Golding Laguayra. 

Roland Dubs Maracaibo. 

.Adol. H. Wappaus Ciudad Bolivar. 

Max. Stettheimer Stuttgart. 

The only Consuls who receive salaries are those for London, Tangier, Tunis, and Tri- 
poli, each of which have $2,000 per annum, the Consul for Beyrout, $500, and for Alex 
audria, $.5,000. .The Consuls for the live treaty ports in China receive $1,000 each for 
judicial duties. 


Foreign States. Envoys Ex. and Min. Plen. 

Brazil The Commander F. J. de Carvalho 


Secretaries, tfC. 

Chili Not represented 

Costa Rica Senor Don Felipe Molina. 

France M. le Comte de Sartiges. . 

F. V. daC.Aguiar de Andrada, 
Attache of first Class. 

. .M. G. deBoilleau, Secretarif. Gilibert, GhanceUor. 


Great Britain John F. Crampton, Esq Philip Griffith, Sec. of Legation. 

Edwin Corbett, Attache. 

Guatemala Senor Don Felipe Molina. Min. Plen. 

Mexico Senor Gen. Don. J. N. Almonte Don J M. Gonzalez dela Vagat 

Secretary of Legation. 

Antonio Sierra, '2d Secretary. 

Gregorio Baranrliaran, Ati. 

Nicaragtia Fenor Don Jose do Manoleta Don .Top§ Luiz, Sec. Leg. 

Russia Alexander do Bodisco Mr. M. Cramer, ^st Secretary. 

Mr. Cataiazes, 2rf Secretary. 

San Salvador Senor Don Felipe Molina, Min. Plen. 

Venezuela Seuor Don Lucio Pulido, Min. Plen. 


Bremen R. Schleiden Sen. F. F. de la Figaniere, AU. 

Porugal Cora. J. C. de Fisjaniere 6 Morao Ben. G. Ferreirados Santos,.^;/. 

Prussia Baron Fr. Von Gerolt Baron Grabow, Sec. Leg. 

Count R. Goschutz, Attachi. 

Count Renaud, Attache. 

Austria Chevalier Hulsemann. 

Belgium Henry Bosch .'Spencer A. T. Kieckhofl'er, Chancellor. 

Denmark M. Steen de Bille, and Consnl-Gcneral.M. Torben de Bill§, Attache. 

Ecuador Senor General Don Jose de Vilamil. 

Netherlands Chevalier F. M. W. Baron Testa. 

New Granada Senor Don Victoriano de Diogo Paredes. 

Parma Don Jose Maria Magallon. 

Peru Senor Don Juan Y. de Osma. 

Sardinia Marquis do Taliacarue. 

Spain Don Jose Maria Masallon, ^st Secretary of Legation, Charges d' Affaire